How many times..

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 Oops.. there goes another one..
 Oops.. there goes another one..

Seriously, how many times has Grievous had his hands cut off? Because i've been watching a Clone Wars episode where his hands were cut off by Kit Fisto, then i remembered the movie Episode 3 where his hands were cut off by Obi-Wan, and i'm pretty sure it happened in other stories/comics/series etc as well. 
Anyone got any idea? Maybe we can sum up some occassions on which that happened to get to the total amount of chopped off hands.
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Cutting hands off is like a sacred ritual or something in Star Wars. It'd be nice to see a cut off leg once in a while, just for variety.

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@AtPhantom:  darth maul got cut in half and the droids get cut up on a regular basis

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