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New creative team!


(No Spoilers)

I have been very eager for this new creative team and I think we got a decent issue from them.   A little disorienting, but decent nonetheless.   First off, we get a nice “Status Report” on the first page which acts as a “Previously on…” for this issue.   And we also get a roll call of each of the characters so this issue is very new reader friendly.   Muchos kudos on that!   Also, each of the Gen 13/14 kids get to show off their powers, another plus for new readers.   The story (without giving too much away) is what disoriented me a little.   When I first saw the double-page spread of the opening battle, I was intrigued and taken aback (in a good way) by what I was seeing.   Immediately I thought this was possibly the aftermath to Gage’s final Wildcats arc (finishing in #18 at the end of Dec.).   But when we got the explanation for it, I actually felt a little disappointed.   Just a little.   But I am glad to know that at least one of the characters is an old Wildstorm character we haven’t seen in a while, and I’d love to hear the story of how they’re still alive after what happened to them once upon a time.   Unfortunately, we don’t get that explanation here.

Another bit that I had a hard time following the reasoning was in the final scene with the bomb (can’t say more without spoiling).   I just didn’t follow the setup although I did understand the resolution.   But more than anything else, I was really looking forward to seeing newcomer artist Cruddie Torian.   And I think he did a great job!   He’s definitely got a J. Scott Campbell vibe with a touch of Ed Benes I think.   And I think his style fits Gen 13 perfectly.   I can tell I’m really going to like him on this title.   Too bad this title is still bi-monthly.   I hope this new creative team draws in some new readers so they can switch the title back to monthly.   Adam Beechan wrote this issue and is writing the next and I think he did a good job mixing up the action, story, and humor.   It felt like a Gen 13 book.   Phil Hester is supposed to take over after #34 but I guess we won’t know for sure until the solicit for #35 hits.   If you haven’t been following Gen 13, this is a good jumping on point.

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