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Geki was one of the 100 orphans selected by Mitsumasa Kido to become Saints.  He trained in the Rocky Mountains, where he learned to choke grizzly bears to death with his bare hands.  He fought Pegasus Seiya in the first round of the Galaxian Wars tournament, and it seemed that he had won when he got a grip on Seiya's neck.  Seiya knew that he had to destroy Geki's most powerful weapon--his hands.  Just before he blacked out, Seiya managed to use his own grip to break through Geki's Cloth and crush his arms.  He then shattered Geki's entire Cloth with a single attack. 
Geki appeared two more times throughout the story, along with Unicorn Jabu, Wolf Nachi, Hydra Ichi, and Lionet Ban, once to protect Athena during the siege of the Twelve Temples, and again to protect Seiya's sister Seika from Thanatos' attack from Elysium.

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