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Gator Grant had been a wrestler for over nineteen years and was even the champion of the Worldwide Wrestling League at one time. He had become increasingly agitated by the successful UCWF league and its super-powered "freak" wrestlers. After the Thing stated on national television that he was going down in the record books as the greatest wrestler of all time, Gator became infuriated. He called a studio where an interview was taking place with the Thing, but was berated by the host and was called a jealous has-been. The host told the Thing that Gator was forced to retire from the ring because of too many head shots during his career. 
Gator Grant later appeared at Ed Garner's office, demanding that he be allowed to join the UCWF. Garner refused to let him join because of his lack of super strength. Gator confronted the Thing in Garner's office but Vance Astrovik used his abilities to throw Grant outside the building. Gator promised that everyone in the UCWF would pay, especially the Thing for humiliating him. He went to the Bayou country of New Orleans to seek out a witch woman named Jamala. Though the witch woman warned Gator that her magic comes from cruel and impersonal forces, he was undeterred. Grant consumed a potion that started to transform him and make him stronger. The next night he appeared during a tag team match with the Thing and various UCWF wrestlers. The Thing noticed that Gator was bigger, stronger and had scaly skin. Gator punched the Thing and the rest of the wrestlers in the ring started to beat down the green intruder. The Thing wanted his guys to back off because of Grant's health but they refused. Gator started to rapidly morph into a reptilian during the fight. The crowd loved the match and some even praised Gator after he tossed the Thing outside the ring. Gator ran outside the building and totally changed to an alligator. The Thing managed to subdue Gator and place him in the local zoo.  
Recently, Gator Grant was manipulated by the demon Mephisto into attacking Nightcrawler at a Florida carnival. Mephisto was attempting to obtain the Soulsword with his minions. Gator's mutation had apparently reversed itself, and he was once again in a scaly, humanoid form.

Powers & Abilities

Gator was a skilled wrestler and fighter. The potion he consumed granted him a degree of superhuman strength and durability.

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