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History and Origin

From all corners of the time-lines, they come!
This cadre of former  heroes from different timelines, brought together by Proctor to destroy Sersi in every timeline. The original members included Cassandra, Sloth, Magdalene and the Swordsman(Philip Jarvett). Each one along with Proctor had their timeline destroyed by the Eternal Sersi. Proctor manipulated his members to do his bidding. 
Proctor later recruited more members Tarkas, Rik and the Anti-Vision after the defection of Magdalene and Swordsman.

After multiple clashes with the Avengers, two team members: their alternate reality Swordsman and Magdalene would at one point switch ranks and join the Avengers (though Magdalene was never a full fledged, card carrying member; just an honorary one).  Nonetheless, both Swordsman and Magdalene would be called upon in the early issues of Avengers v3 to band together with all other living Avengers to battle Morgan Le Fay in the Morgan Conquest story arc. 


The Gatherers were created by Bob Harras and Steve Epting in 1992 and first appeared in The Avengers # 355.

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