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Just Imagine... Vista City U.S.A., 54 years into the future. A city of giant theme parks, an endless beach and endless summer, where the halcyon days of the 1960s never left town. Imagine that you're member of the Thrashers Hot Rod Club, the hottest thing on the Beachside Boulevard strip. You spend your carefree days and nights hotrodding, over surfing, and hangin' out at the Greased n' Gassed Diner.Until that fateful day when a stranger appears out of thin air, to change your life forever! Suddenly you're fugitives in your own town, pursued relentlessly by the agents of a sinister conspiracy that threatens you, your family, your friends, the entire world with destruction! No one believes you, they're everywhere, yet invisible, these ruthless destroyers, these berserkers from beyond! And they have come cream truck men?!!! What will you do? Embark on an inter-dimensional quest to save planet Earth and perhaps the Known Universe, or tune up your hemi, buff your hover-board and cruise on down to the beach?







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