Who is the most powerful character Gambit could beat?

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#1 Posted by Park (2990 posts) - - Show Bio

No New Sun. As he is now who could he beat and how would he do it?

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#2 Posted by samuel_larson_10 (303 posts) - - Show Bio

iron man. possibly

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#3 Posted by illegal (38 posts) - - Show Bio

Captain America,iron fist and maybe iron man if it's a random encounter

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#4 Posted by Jotham (4577 posts) - - Show Bio

Depending on circumstances, I could see him beating Cap.

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#5 Posted by guttridgeb (4881 posts) - - Show Bio

It depends on the circumstances. For instance, if he could touch Iron Man's armour then he would win.

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#6 Posted by _slim_ (16513 posts) - - Show Bio

Iron Man... really? People think Gambit could beat Iron Man... wtf?

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#7 Posted by illegal (38 posts) - - Show Bio
@_slim_: if it's a random encounter then yes
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#8 Posted by stumpy49er (1171 posts) - - Show Bio

Wolverine. Charge his skeleton. Possibly anybody, if he were playing for keeps. If he charged a dagger, threw into their eye, head goes boom.

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#9 Posted by _slim_ (16513 posts) - - Show Bio

@illegal said:

@_slim_: if it's a random encounter then yes

No. Not even in a random encounter.

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#10 Posted by Park (2990 posts) - - Show Bio

I see him beating Danger.

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#11 Posted by Twentyfive (3057 posts) - - Show Bio

Anybody, given the wrong writer...

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#12 Posted by Tone702 (135 posts) - - Show Bio

I like Gambit, but I don't see him beating Iron Fist either, especially after Danny's power upgrade. Yes Gambit can throw things at him, but Danny has dodged bullets before. And though Gambit is an excellent martial artist and good hand to hand fighter, Danny murders him in those areas as well.

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#13 Posted by deactivated-5791595859013 (1157 posts) - - Show Bio

Captain America - maybe

Iron Fist - maybe

Iron Man - not a chance in hell

Wolverine - unlikely

Danger - unlikely

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#14 Posted by SarahB (54 posts) - - Show Bio

The only reason Gambit couldn't beat Iron Man or Cap or Iron Fist is because Marvel wouldn't let him.  I'm not saying they couldn't beat him given the right circumstances but the same hold true the other way.  Gambit can charge Iron man's armor easily if Marvel would let him or Iron man could hit him even though Gambit is way faster than Wolverine and is a much better hand to hand than he's been given credit for in years.  They all have the ability to take the other depending on how and why they meet and who gets the drop on who and Gambit easily is the dirtier fighter of most of them.

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