Miss Sinister?

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I am one to hope that Rogue and Gambit can make it as a couple, BUT with Sinister now in the body of a female. I ask what are the odds that he will turn Death Gambit and have a really weird relationship with Miss Sinister? (or something along those lines) I mean they have always had a weird connection to begin with that has never been fully understood (unless I have missed a certain comic). But I feel like this is a possiblity.

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This beginning of his connections to Sinister were detailed in his ongoing series. It goes back to the 19th century and involves Sinister getting his shapeshifting abilities, and eventually Sinister limiting Gambit's powers so that they would not go out of control and become the New Son.
As for Gambit and Miss Sinister, I definitely hope that never happens. I would hate that more than I hate seeing Rogue and Magneto together. It certainly wouldn't surprise me if someone decided to do it though. Although, Miss Sinister may not be around much longer, depending on what happens in the next few issues of X-23.

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I am still collecting so missed that storyline. I am hoping they don't go down that road. But with her first appearing I had a feeling and now throwing both them in the same storyline...I just feel it coming. Especially with Death Gambit hiding inside. I think it would be interesting to see how that personality interacts with Miss Sinister, but I only want to see that in a fight scene not a love scene.

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