If Gambit got his own comic, who would you want to write it?

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It's easy to say the popular names like Ed Brubaker and (my personal favorite writer, Geoff Johns) but my problem with that is wether they would want to write it. Also, Geoff Johns won't be writing anything related to Marvel (like ever), so no point bringing that up. My 2nd favorite writer is Ed Brubaker, but I'm not sure if Gambit fits his style, nor am I sure he would want to write Remy. I want a writer who is not only good, but who is a fan of Gambit. Someone who wants to write him.
My top choice is Mike Carey. He gives Remy a lot of love in X Men Legacy. He seems like he would give Remy a lot of depth and go into his history. Plus, I love the rifle he introduced in Age of X, which he brought to mainstream continuity in X Men Legacy 252. 
Carey teamed up with Mike Choi, Scot Eaton or Clay Mann would be great.
I'd love to know everyone's thoughts on this and who you would all like to have as the creative team for a Gambit solo.

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To the Mods:
I know this thread is similar to other threads, 'Who is Gambits best writer' and 'Gambit needs his own comic how can we make this happen' but this one is more styled as a 'what creative team do you want on a Gambit solo comic' thread. 
Kind of a combination of the two. 

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I disagree that Gambit "gets a lot of love in Legacy", but maybe if Carey focused all of his efforts on Gambit the character it would be good. 
Personally if Carey wrote it i can imagine Rogue turning up showing how she's better then Gambit in every way, theif, charmer, cajun etc. 
My best option would be Marjorie Liu as she actually understands the character and then puts it on the pages, Carey hasn't shown to me that he cares about Gambit too much other then an accessory and plot point to Rogue.

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@natejoseph09: A lot of people on this forum give Marjorie Liu a lot of love (yeah, sorry, it's a saying I like to use). I haven't read that that much of her stuff, I think I have one or two of her Daken comics. I'll have to check out more of her comics.
 I like to think that Carey casts Remy as a bit of an underdog.  I almost thought Carey cast Rogue as a plot point to Gambit. Either way, it does kind of diminish both characters.
Good thoughts man.
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Me :P but in case I am not available, well, Alan Moore. Realistically, either Rick Remender or the Kyle & Yost team, with art by Joe Madureira or Alvin Lee.

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Scott Lobdell with art by Chris Bachalo or Larry Hama with art by Jim Lee.

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Fabian Nicieza

Jim Lee back with Marvel... we can dream can't we? =^-^=

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@Tigerstriper said:

Fabian Nicieza

Well, he already did, but, to be honest, it wasn't a legendary run.

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Kyle Higgins

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Kyle Higgins

This or Marjorie M Liu.
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Mark Waid is doing great things with Daredevil and could be good on a Gambit title as well. Mike Choi would be ideal on art.
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Marjorie Liu with art from who ever.

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Maybe Jeph Loeb or Chris Claremont... but I know that's not going to happen anytime soon. As for artist... Salvador Larroca or Gabriele Dell'Otto.

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Rick Remender or Cullen Bunn

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@Mercy_ said:


Kyle Higgins

This or Marjorie M Liu.
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@RazielWraith said:

Maybe Jeph Loeb or Chris Claremont...

It's who do you want to write Gambit, not who do you want to kill all interest in Gambit.

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Compared to what's been written now and seeing what Chris Claremont him self thinks


Both Jeph Loeb or Chris Claremont's work would be a masterpiece to what Mike Carey and Gaga have wrote.

But I gave my choices and opinion... so deal with it... I mean if you're going to criticize my choices then don't be a hypoactive, do so with the others. Not everyone here has picked the perfect person to write about Gambit. I wasn’t going to say anything… but… do we really want Rick Remender? He doesn't even like Gambit, he just added to Psylocke’s bad taste in men, he seems to think that when a woman says "no"… she really means "yes". This is also someone who couldn’t even write such characters like the Punisher correctly.

Mike Carey gives Remy a lot of love in X Men Legacy?????

I don't know who I hate more... Rogue or her fans...

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