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Nebular wears the 2 crescent moons & Galaxoid has 2 stars.

Calvin & Hobbes They become friends of Calvin & Hobbes over the course of Bill Watterson's final season. They arrive suddenly from a distant planet while Calvin is procrastinating about collecting leaves for a school project, seeking to establish relations with planet earth on behalf of their leader from an unknown planet. They are from a planet less than one light year's travel away.

Threat of World Destruction

They are fooled by Calvin, the "SUPREME EARTHLING POTENTATE" as being the one they seek. The two visitors are prepared to first negotiate, but to conquer earth by force, if necessary. Opportunity knocks when Calvin offers the entire planet to them if he does not have to complete his first-grade project to collect 50 leaves. The duo seizes the opportunity, flies back to their homeworld at light speed, deliver the news, and return the next day with a book sealed with 50-types of alien fauna exhibited. Calvin presents this collection to both Susie Derkins & Miss Wormwood, and it is labelled in Galaxoid's native language.

Planet not up to code

In the wintertime, Galaxoid & Nebular make their return to claim title-possession for the planet earth from its leaders, Calvin and Hobbes.

Angered and prepared to use high weapons technology, the aliens threaten to destroy the planet if its axial tilt is not stabilized by Calvin,but Calvin refuses to return the leaves. Hobbes offers them wisely a turn-about, clothing each one in Calvin 7 Hobbes' stocking. This has an added benefit for Calvin and Hobbes, as it is recorded as the official and sole "good deed" that Calvin could offer to Saint Nicholas in exchange for the gift. Galaxoid & Nebular return home happy.

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