Dead Galactus in FF #583

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Am I correct in assuming this is the Galactus from the future timeline of the New Defenders?
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#2 Posted by Jake Fury (21939 posts) - - Show Bio

Anyone else read this issue?
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I'm pretty sure that's the Galactus it is. The old Galactus Engine from the future.

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Nope. It was the actual Galactus. 
Guess who killed him. 
That's right, Shang-Chi. He wasn't even in the issue, either. That takes skill. 
In all seriousness, it was most likely the Defenders/Fantastic Force's Galactus Engine [which brings me to the thought that using Galactus as a flipping engine/power source is becoming an overused concept], though it's weird that the Silver Surfer only just now responds to that and makes me wonder what significance this is supposed to have in the upcoming issues.

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@iLLituracy: If its the REAL 616 galactus then i say bad writting because if big G was REALY dead (which shouldent be the case unless he fought untill he died of starvation) then Abraxas would have been unleashed agian f***ing shit up and drinking all the watcher's beer. 
and besides what about galactus appearin in Thanos imperamitive? (did i spell that right?) is that story jsut set before this or something?
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That Galactus lost to heroes of an alternate reality (or maybe alternate time-line (so that would mean it was 616 Galactus, but from the future)). It took all the heroes of earth to take him down. Only a few survived.

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