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Started in 2007 by artist Carlo J. Capara and others OFW Super-Stories and other titles were their attempt to revive the once vital comics industry of the Philippines.

The story in this komik tells the story of Bino and his companion a friendly giant spider.

Bino’s life is transformed when Zandro, the warden of a gate that leads to Tierra Higanta, a land made up almost entirely of giant intelligent insects and arachnids but in which a few human, who in order to survive must be pure of heart, also live, comes wounded to the human world to look for just such a pure hearted young person after his former disciple Abresia becomes evil gives Zandro his fatal wound and goes thought the gate to spread terror and discord.

Before he dies Zandro finds Bino judging he has what it takes to be the next keeper of the medallion of Abresia shows him where the cave that leads to Tierra Higanta is.

Dashing though it (Bino wants more than anything to obtain superpowers) he does not know he is being followed by five of his friends.

His friends not being as pure of heart as Bino the 6 are soon under attack by a masses of giant insects, one of his friends dies and they look to be doomed as well until they are saved by a giant spider whom Bino finds he can communicate with.

Lead by the Spider back into the human world Bino soon finds that his time in Tierra Higanta connection to Gagam the spider has given him spider like abilities so that he had fantastic strength, the ability to crawl up walls and leap and dig tunnels like a trap-door spider. (Bino however can’t spin webs… but Gagam can.)

Bino also finds himself an orphan, his parents having been killed by Abresia, and the person being blamed for the death of his friend who died in Tierra Higanta.

Running to the mean streets of the poorest part of Manila Bino takes what odd jobs he can find while hunting for Abresia.

Things become better for Bino when a policeman named Dindo sees him using his new found abilities and takes him under his wing.

Soon Bino and his eight-legged friend are fighting evil as Gagambino

Meanwhile back in the village from which Bino fled, his surviving friends who found themselves in Tierra Higanta with him are also starting to develop abilities super powers.

One named Harold has beetle-like powers, giving him the ability to fly, destroy walls, and deflect bullets. A girl named Lucy gains the powers of a praying mantis so she can leap great distances, and possesses large blades on her arms, another girl Leah gains bee-like powers: flight, sting and a voice that can be used to disarm enemies. Lastly, Bernadette takes on scorpion like attributes .

Harold and Lucy soon come to the aid of Bino, Leah however become a hero / assassin for hire and Bernadette, who hates what has happened to her blames Bino.

The series however ended before all the ramifications of the changed in the 5 children, Bino and Harold’s rivalry for the same women or Abresia could be brought to justice.

However a conclusion was reached on the television series based on the comic.    

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