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Rice Field Country

This type of Fuuma clan is from the Rice field country. There jutsu style is the secret hiddan technique. The best jutsu that is well known to the Rice Field Country Fuuma clan is the Chakra no Ito.

Rice Field Country Story

Years back Orochimaru visited the village in search of Sound ninja to work for him. During that time the Rice Field Country Fuuma clan was doing poorly and they just came back from a war. To help the lives of there loved ones most of the brave ninjas came to serve Orochimaru for the sake of there family. Orochimaru also vowed that if they join his Sound ninja Orochimaru would restore honor back to the Rice Field Country Fuuma Clan.


  • Arashi Fuuma

  • Hanzaki Fuuma

  • Sasame Fuuma

  • Jigumo Fuuma

  • Kagerou Fuuma

  • Kamakiri Fuuma

Rain Country

They have no special power that helps them in battle. Also they have no special jutsu's.

Rain Country Story

The Fuuma's are well known around the Rain country. The appearance of this Fuuma Clan was when Jiraiya was exploring around by himself he deafeted them all but the leader wasn't there.


  • Pien

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