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Fusion Dance

The Fusion Technique (or Fusion Dance) was learned by Goku in Other World by the Metamerese. He was never able to perform the dance with anyone because none were compatible with him.

The Dance

Two beings of equal size and power must perform the dance in order for it to work. Their power levels must be identical.

The dance must be performed in perfect symmetry. Movements and breathing must be exact or the fusion will fail. A failure usually results in a failed fusion, a powerless or sickly version of a proper fusion.

Time Limits

The fusion will only last 30 minutes, sometimes less depending on how much energy is used. Once the fusion is over, the beings cannot fuse again for one hour.

Fused beings

The only ones to do the fusion in the manga were Goten and Trunks. Their fusion resulted in the being known as Gotenks.

In non-canon appearances (movies and Dragonball GT), Goku and Vegeta performed the dance to become Gogeta.

Potara Fusion

This fusion requires no technique. It is the secret of the Supreme Kai's. Their earrings can be taken and one put on the right ear of one person and on the left of another. This will draw the two together to create an incredibly powerful being. Once this is done it is permanent and cannot be undone.

Known Potara Fusions

  • Old Kai- Old Kai was tricked by a witch and forced to combine with her forever. It gave him a shriveled appearance but vast magical powers.
  • Kibito-Kai- The combination of the Supreme Kai and Kibito.
  • Vegito- The Potara Fusion of Goku and Vegeta.

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