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Like the other Children of the Vault, Fuego (Spanish for 'fire) was not a Homo superior (mutant) or Homo sapiens sapiens (regular human being) but the member of a completely different human species that had evolved biologically, culturally, and technologically over the course of six thousand years. His people's advanced technology allowed him to have superhuman abilities in the form of a special suit he wore; once the battery ran out, however, he'd be powerless.  

Fuego was one of the first Children of the Vault to experience the outside world. A part of the group that encountered Sabretooth and attempted to kill him, Fuego's error allowing Sabretooth to escape. Despite his brash impatient personality Fuego's powerful and useful fire skill set meant he was a constant presence with the main group of Children tracking and hunting Sabretooth. Whilst traveling to the X-Mansion to confront the X-Men Fuego and Aguja further demonstrate their powers by destroying a squad of America Fighter Jets casually. Fuego also has a very impressive moment against Iceman in battle, dispersing and seemingly killing the Iceman, explaining the process between why and how their powers interact and why Fuego is superior. Later on however Fuego's impatience backfires when Lady Mastermind tricks him into slaughtering Aguja. Even more unfortunate is that Iceman reforms, inside Fuego. This violent action, killing the Children of the Vault member. 


Fuego was created by Mike Carey and Chris Bachalo and first appeared in X-Men Vol 2 #188 (2006) alongside the rest of his team the Children of the Vault. Like his fellow Children of the vault Fuego, has Spanish influences, his alternative name Fire.  

Powers and Abilities

He was able to create and manipulate fire. He took great pleasure in burning people alive. Although he'd previously absorbed Iceman's energy, apparently "killing" him, Fuego froze to death when Iceman pulled himself back together and froze him.

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