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Described as being a "gentle-giant" during his youth he obtained his trademark “Fuckface” during an incident shark-fishing. Which probably left his mind scarred as well.

Fuckface was a perfect soldier: loyal, strong, silent, efficient and a fearful opponent.

He was a very tall man, a trained soldier with incredible strength and a very accurate gunman, he was even considered a low-level superhuman.

Colonel Gagarin uses him both as a boy guard and as a method of torture: whoever delouse him gets to “sleep” with Fuckface. It’s unknown if he literally rape his victims, but the effects are pretty clear: after a night with Fuckface, one of his subordinates is in a catatonic state, severally injured both arms and legs broken.

Fuckface gets killed by Nick Fury with a special projectile that makes his head explode. This, not before the warrior his able to kill the SHIELD agent Li.

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