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- Phillip Broyles: head of Fringe Division. Agent of the US Department of Homeland Security.
- Olivia Dunham: lead investigator. FBI Inter-Agency Liaison.
- Peter Bishop: consultant. Son of Dr. Walter Bishop.
- Dr. Walter Bishop: head scientist. Expert in Fringe Science.
- Charlie Francis: Agent Dunham's partner until he was killed and replaced by a shape-shifter (deceased).
- Astrid Farnsworth: Dunham and Dr. Bishop's assistant.  Junior FBI Agent.
 The ALTERNATE version of FRINGE DIVISION from the B-Universe is a special adjunct branch of the Department of Defense. They answer to Secretary of Defense Walter Bishop.
Fringe Division Logo (B-Universe)
Fringe Division Logo (B-Universe)

- Phillip Broyles
- Astrid Farnsworth
- Lincolin Lee
- Olivia Dunham (Bolivia)
- Charlie Francis

- Walter Bishop (Walternate)

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