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Name: Frigga. Also Frigg, Frig and Frycg.

Symbols: The main symbol of Frigg was a hawk-plumage.

Area Of Control: fertility, love, marriage, prophecy, magic, nature, war, wisdom, motherhood and death.

Usual Image: Frigg was thought of as a mature woman.

Holy Books: The Edda, as well as poems and sagas.

Holy Days: Friday (Frigg's Day).

Place Of Worship: Temples, forests and household altar.

Relatives: Fjorgynn (father), Odin (husband), and Balder (son).

Synodeities: Isis and Mut (Egyptian), Saraswati (Indian), Asherah (Sumerian), Hera / Juno (Greek-Roman.)


Frigga first met Odin at a feast, where she competed with other women for his attention for a night. The two soon married and they gave birth to her son Balder the Brave. Frigga soon learned that Balder would be the catalyst for Ragnarok after his death. Thus to prevent his premature murder, Frigga cast spells upon her son, making him invulnerable to all, except mistletoe. When Balder eventually died, Frigga sent Hermod, another of Odin's sons, in vain to Hel, in an attempt to regain her son with a ransom. Since Ragnarok, Frigga has not been seen and is suspected to have either not been brought back or has yet to make an appearance.

Powers and Abilities

Asgardian Power

Like other Asgardians, Frigga possesses immense superhuman abilities, including strength, being capable of lifting 25 tons, speed, endurance, being capable of performing at peak condition for at least 24 hours before tiring, reflexes, durability to impact and extreme temperature. These abilities are accompanied with a regenerative healing factor at a rate of slashes and punctures healing in a few hours and broken bones setting and healing within a day. This power is limited, however, being incapable to regenerate missing limbs or organs with out a magical aide. Frigga is also capable of changing her appearance, transforming matter and a numerous amount of different energies.

Other Media



In the 2011 Thor film, Frigga is portrayed by actress Rene Russo. Frigga is still the wife of Odin and mother to both Loki and Thor, though there is no mention of Balder or of Loki assassinating him. While still a secondary character like in the comics, Frigga plays a more important role, especially concerning Loki.

Frigga at Odin's bedside during his Odinsleep.
Frigga at Odin's bedside during his Odinsleep.

In the original script, the first scene in Asgard transpires between Frigga and Odin hours before Thor's coronation ceremony. While preparing, Odin and Frigga are discussing if Thor is actually ready for the responsibilities he'll inherit. While Odin is understandably doubtful, Frigga has complete faith in Thor, and that Loki would assist him in counsel if needed. In the midst of their discussion, Odin notices that his hand is shaking and appears to be out of sync with the rest of the world, leaving a kind of astral trail in its movements. These are the effects of his putting off his Odinsleep. While Odin insists he'll be able to continue putting off the Odinsleep, Frigga admonishes him against the efforts. Later in the movie, when Odin finally succumbs to the Odinsleep, Frigga stays consistently at his bedside, leaving the throne and control of Asgard to Loki as Thor had earlier been banished. At one point, Frost Giants have invaded the palace and are intent on killing Odin while in his vulnerable position. One of the Jotun swats Frigga across the room, and just when Laufey, king of the Frost Giants, was going to kill Odin, Loki blasts the Frost Giant with Gungnir. Frigga manages to recover quickly enough to jab a sword into the back of a Frost Giant about to kill Loki. As a wife, Frigga's character seems to come more from the original Norse mythology rather than the comics.

Frigga protecting her family.
Frigga protecting her family.

As a mother, Frigga seems to have even more of an influence. In the movie, Loki discovers that he is actually a Frost Giant and the son of Laufey. Frigga tells of how Odin saved Loki as an infant in order to return home to raise him as his own son. While Loki still feels the need to earn Odin's approval, Frigga's bountiful and unconditional love is the catalyst that inspires Loki to attempt the horrible feats he does. Frigga's love also extends to Thor, who uses the given affection to guide him to make better choices.

Thor: The Dark World

Frigga in Thor: The Dark World
Frigga in Thor: The Dark World

Frigga is present in the trial against Loki, making some visits to him in jail. It´s is implied that some of loki´s tricks were learned from Frigga. When Jane Foster is infected by the Aether, she is transported to Asgard for her safety, who eventually falls under the attack of Malekith and Algrim, searching for the Aether and Foster, and Frigga is killed while protecting Jane.

Renee Russo reprise her rol as Frigga.


Marvel: War of Heroes

Marvel: War of Heroes
Marvel: War of Heroes

Dust appears in several cards in the mobile card game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

  • [King and Queen of Gods] Odin & Frigga

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