Free Comic Book Day 2011 Haul

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Free Comic Book Day was decent this year.  Kinda upset I missed out on a couple of books.  I should've gotten to my lcs sooner.  But I did grab plenty others and took advantage of the sale they had.  Back issues were 50% off.  I really wish I could've gotten more.  Some of the free books were older ones just thrown out there.  Here is the entire haul.

FCBD 2011 HAUL PT. 1
FCBD 2011 HAUL PT. 2
FCBD 2011 HAUL PT. 3

Green Lantern Heroclix (would've been cooler if it was Thor, since his movie opened this weekend)
Uncanny X-Force/Planet Red Hulk 2-sided mini-poster

FCBD and other free books

Amazing Spider-Man
Captain America/Thor
Marvel Sneak Peeks January
Batman: The 12-cent Adventure
Young Justice/Batman: Brave and the Bold
Darkness II: Confession
Locke & Key
Darkstalkers/G.I. Joe/Defex

Purchased books
Captain America 616, 617
Fear Itself 2
Mighty Thor 1
Moon Knight (Vol. 4) 1
Spider-Girl (Vol. 2) 6
Criminal: Sinners 1-3
Detective Comics 876
Supergirl 45, 48, 60, 63
Wonder Woman 2-5, 40
Invincible 50
Witchblade 104, 106-111, 113, 115
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Nice haul!

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@THALASTDRAGON: Nice collection of books there. Either my LCS had the same sale, or we go to the same store.
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@The Dark Huntress: Thanks.  I was looking thru the shelves for a while.  I mostly filled in some holes, but a couple books were new to me.  I really wanted to buy a ton more, but had to restrain myself.

@Mechanical_Ape: Thanks.  Lol, we just might.  Who knows, we could've been standing next to each other lol.

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