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Leader of "Transient" genetic movement, and later the Church of Christ religious movement. Fred began as a manager for several small-time rock bands, but later became a figurehead among "Transients," inter-species body modification fetishists who were in the process of transforming their own DNA into that of an alien species from a colony called Old Vilnius. Taking up residence in the Transient-heavy slum of Angels 8, Fred turned the Transient movement into a cult of personality centered around himself, and announced the intention of Angels 8 to secede from The City to Old Vilnius. However, Fred made a deal with The Smiler to start a riot that would leave many Transients killed or wounded by the police, in order to damage the Mayor's reputation.

After the riots ended, Fred set up the Church of Christ, continuing his cult with the Smiler's backing, in exchange for certain favours for Callahan and members of his administration. Fred, who already had a reputation for being extremely lecherous, prostituted the female converts of his Church (known as "Brides of Christ") to Callahan and his staff, and paid for a "massive wetware upgrade" for Josh Freeh, the Smiler's straw man running mate, who was in fact grown in a cloning tank to specification so that Callahan's vice-presidential nominee would have a clean record. He is repeatedly interviewed by Spider, under escalating violence. During the rioting following the Smiler's declaration of martial law, Fred and most of the other Transients were shot and killed by National Guardsmen.

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