Is Matt Kindt's series good?

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I read Frankenstein agent of shade vol 1 by Jeff Lemire and thought it was fun but now Matt Kindt takes over. Is his run also good?

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His run is very confusing. You see the series wasn't selling enough, this was due to the book not being properly advertised by DC, so even though Jeff Lemire made the book quite fun to read it was decided around Frankenstein: Agent of Shade Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #7 - The Siege of S.H.A.D.E. City, Part Two, that the book would be dumped either with the next wave or the next one. They gave Jeff a notice probably around 8, but he already had most of it written up to 10 so he wrote till 10 till the move his talent somewhere else and put someone else on the book. Matt Kindt's run is not horrible. I am currently reading the series again and I was harsher on it before, but have enjoyed the first three issues. However my problem with the run is plainly that at this point Frankenstein is being thrown around everywhere. He has so much potential, but DC had done little to show him off. For example we don't know where he got his giant sword from, we barely get anything from the other creature commandos, besides short quips about there pasts, and Frank in Kindts run is only rage; he barely sites poetry.

The First issue is a weird one I know, but its like Katana's soul taker sword or Green Lanterns ring. He constantly say's he obtained this sword from the Ark Angel Michael, but how does an unholly creature like himself obtain a holy sword? I makes no sense and the book does nothing to clear this up.

The second issue is that there is no bigger evolution of characters. That is that Frank, while we do get a little back ground of his past from the 0 issue, we get known from any of the creature commandos. They are introduced in Jeff Lemire's run, but only Khalis or Nina make any significance at all. At the end of the book it is left dry with little of no knowledge of any of there pasts, and Kindt's run does nothing to explore this. He even makes a point of barely using griffith or Velcoro in his run. This isn't helped with DC tying Frank into the cross over known as Rot-World. It basically takes Frank and puts him in a new adventure right after the first Story arc; this is Satans ring (if you didn't know).

Third Issue is that the lack of poetry siting. The Frank in Lemire's run would constantly site poetry lines in battle. This while strange in a giant un-dead monster made this Frankenstein his own. It was awesome seeing a goliath rushing head first into battle with his holy blade and siting poetry as he cuts through enemies. This is not seen in Kindt's run, which makes it boring. His Frank is all rage and no fun; instead of making Frank unique in his own way he dulls him down and makes him boring to read.

If you like the Lemire Frankenstein I think you wont be really excited with this series. It is inexpressive of anything deeper then dump jokes from side characters and Frankenstein being a rage monster. It is not entirely Matt Kindt's fault though. DC put him in the position for failure. He had to finish a story arc that another writer, who in my opinion is better, had started and I feel that the ending was disappointing because maybe Lemire had something better in stored. Also, he was forced into a story arc in a way that wasn't really fair. Rot world was a story between Animal man and Swamp thing, so instead of making his own story and really getting to give one last good arc for Frankenstein he was tied into this event, which only confused me to tell you the truth.

So in my opinion get the run if you can find it at a really cheap price. Like you would save 5 or 10 dollars on it deal.

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