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Frank is the star of many of Jim Woodring's comic books, including Frank and Jim.


Frank was created by Jim Woodring. The artist claims that Frank was named by a friend, and he does not consider this to be the character's real name - only a nickname of sorts.

Character Evolution

Frank with Fran
Frank with Fran

Frank lives in a surreal and colourful world occupied by all manner of odd creatures. His stories follow a certain internal logic, and can often appear nonsensical or random to the reader. Woodring has said that the character's inconsistency of behaviour is due to Frank's tendency to react to every situation in the manner which most amuses him - as a result of this he can be a very difficult character to predict. Frank is an archetypal fool, an innocent, and never learns anything.

Frank has a girlfriend, a female counterpart who is almost identical to him in appearance - the biggest differences being that she has longer, floppier ears and long eyelashes. Her name is Fran.

Powers and Abilities

Frank does not appear to have any special powers or abilities.

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