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I didn't think it was a great movie, but I don't understand why people treat it as an infamously bad movie.

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I didn't hate it either. It could of been better. I didn't like killing off Scott so early. And Juggernaut was portrayed as a complete idiot.

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#3 Posted by Doctor_Whovian (29 posts) - - Show Bio

Two words: Bryan Singer.

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#4 Posted by Jorgevy (5165 posts) - - Show Bio

Two words: Bryan Singer.

boom goes the dynamite, someone hit the jackpot

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They completely ruined all the Phoenix setup Bryan Singer did, Shi'ar empire, ancient crystal, phoenix force.................... No turns out she was always the Phoenix and uhh Prof X made her not Phoenix.

In a film full of guys with metal bones and laser eyes ratner thought the Phoenix force was 'not realistic.'

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Two words: Bryan Singer.

Bryan Singer wasn't involved with it....unless you're saying thats the reason it was bad

They completely ruined all the Phoenix setup Bryan Singer did, Shi'ar empire, ancient crystal, phoenix force.................... No turns out she was always the Phoenix and uhh Prof X made her not Phoenix.

In a film full of guys with metal bones and laser eyes ratner thought the Phoenix force was 'not realistic.'

They just had Jean Grey become the next level of evolution...essentially she was the full potential of humanity realized. I actually didn't have a problem with the way they handled that. Bryan Singer planned to do some weird starchild thing like in 2001 a Space Odyssey.

The Phoenix story in the comics is so convoluted, long and has a lot of unnecessary plot points...I couldn't imagine seeing that actually being in a movie

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Yeah they did need it to be realistic. Phoenix Force is too cosmic.

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They killed Cyclops and Professor x for no reason. And too much Wolverine.

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I didn't really hate it, but it's not my favorite superhero film. Here were some problems I had with it:

1. I didn't like how they portrayed the Phoenix Force as Jean Grey just having dark glazed over eyes.

2. It seems like they just threw any character from the comics into this movie and didn't give any of them (with the exception of Jean Grey, Magneto, Wolverine and Storm) any important screen time.

3. I didn't like how almost everyone was killed off in this movie, especially Professor Xavier and Cyclops.

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Because it flat out sucked in my opinion. Death of Cyclops? REALLY?

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I didnt like it for a few reasons,that it killed off basically the main character and also in X-men 2 when mystique is sat in the bar with the prison guard, you see hank mccoy on the tv in the background, then in X3: The last stand "boom" hank mccoys is beast, doesnt really tell you any thing about how he became beast, it could of done a little cut scene like at the beginning of the movie where they showed you angel attempting to cut off his wings, i know this is about X3: The last stand but the whole saga had holes in it, so many missing characters or if they are in it, they are bit parts.

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One reason and one reason only, The casting of Jean was horrible. While being in the 2 before, she was the negative aspects of those 2 as well, but then in this her awfulness as Jean exploded and the horror of X-Men Last Stand was born.

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i hate this movie so much i cant discribe how much i hate it.

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Cyclops was killed. The leader of the X-Men. Killed because he couldn't handle losing Jean. The most stoic of all mutants and he was a blubbering baby.

Rogue might as well have been killed.

Storm was portrayed as less than half the powerful mutant she is.

As much as I love Wolverine -- and Hugh Jackman -- too much Wolverine and Hugh Jackman.

I donned on alternate reality glasses and was able to enjoy it much more the second time around. I didn't expect a true-to-form story but the death of Scott pretty much set the tone from the beginning. Still loved having the X-Men on screen though.

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It was an incoherent mess that went nowhere and killed good characters along the way.

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#16 Posted by PhoenixoftheTides (4667 posts) - - Show Bio
@fodigg said:

It was an incoherent mess that went nowhere and killed good characters along the way.

Pretty much. Honestly, if you treat one of your ensemble cast members having to work on another movie (i.e. schedule conflict) as a reason to eliminate the character in the most off-hand way possible without it affecting the story, you probably messed up very badly when developing characters in the prior two movies.

And Vampire Psycho Jean sucked.

No Caption Provided

So did her ugly costume.

No Caption Provided

Just a very weird movie that felt like they were trying to up the ante, but couldn't do it while being entertaining.

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#17 Posted by joshmightbe (27428 posts) - - Show Bio

I didn't hate this movie, it was worse than that. This movie made me not care about it or any of the characters in it at all.

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#18 Posted by Aiden Cross (15726 posts) - - Show Bio

I didn't hate it. I just didn't enjoy it as much, but i just pick out the parts i do like, remember those and forget the bad :p

Like Magneto lifting the bridge, Multiple Man on screen, Fastball special, wolverine fight in the woods. It wasn't all bad ;)

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#19 Posted by jloneblackheart (7403 posts) - - Show Bio

It was better than the third Spider-Man or Batman movies. And yes, I mean The Dark Knight Rises.

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#20 Edited by Vitality (1879 posts) - - Show Bio

I liked it.

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#21 Edited by The_Diamond_Prince (73 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't think it was a horrible film, it could have been whole lot worse, but witht that said...It didn't feel like a natural follow up to the other two films before it, there were a lot of dropped and or underdeveloped plot points, a lot of emotional beats weren't played...And why the hell would they kill off Scott Summers 20mins into the damn movie!!! That is where the movie skidded off the rails, sucks that it pretty much started the film. Overall, it seemed as though the creators threw together a bunch of ideas and tried to make them seamless. I really think it all goes back to the series veering too far from the comics basic groundwork. Singer started the series with his own vision, a bit different from the comics, but it was his. Ratner tried to follow the way he thought Singer's flow was going, but he failed and made an unfocused mess of a movie.

At least they were smart enough to "try" and use Joss Whedon's first Astonishing arc to be the main conflict in the film.

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#22 Posted by Extremos (74 posts) - - Show Bio

I didn't hate it, and the movie wasn't that bad, please ...

But there are the problems :

- Again, too much Wolverine.

- Prof.X was killed.

- Jean has always been the Phoenix & Xavier just block her powers.

- They made Jean look like a baby-phoenix who's in an identity crisis and destroys eveything.

- Scott was too sentimental (his death is basically a suicide for me).

- Juggernaut, Iceman, Storm have been weakened

  • I was expecting Jug' to burst OUT everyone, but instead : Wall, wall, wall, wall, boom. (this is not Juggernaut for me.)
  • Iceman was like "ICE KAMEHAMEHA" and we never see him again.
  • Storm : Wind, wind, hand-lightning. ( It's thats all ? REALLY ? WHERE IS THE HURRICANE ? )

- Rogue is so dumb.

But ! :

- Magneto's scene with the bridge was awesome.

- Love the Phoenix destruction scene (this was amazing to see it on a screen).

- And I also loved the fight at Jean's house. ONLY THE FIGHT.

The film was poorly written, it is true, but special ffects have caught my in the eye

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#23 Posted by XsPectre28 (760 posts) - - Show Bio

the deaths of scott & xavier plus the use of an almost ultimate version of jean grey/phoenix. but didnt hate the movie overall

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#24 Edited by PunyParker (15622 posts) - - Show Bio

@malonius: Me neither.....i liked it!...in fact i enjoyed it!

I enjoy movies people hate,for some reason.....I liked Origins:Wolverine,i didnt have a problem with Iron Man 2....well,i hated Spidey 3,cause it's close to my heart,but still i've watched it a million times.

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#25 Posted by PunyParker (15622 posts) - - Show Bio

@extremos said:

I didn't hate it, and the movie wasn't that bad, please ...

But there are the problems :

- Again, too much Wolverine.

Thats a good for me.....guess i'm just a Logan fanboy!

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#26 Edited by havoc1201 (569 posts) - - Show Bio

Ratner is to X-men movies as Schumaker is to Batman movies he should have stuck directing rush hour movies. and Fox should have waited for Singer to direct.

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#27 Posted by BewilderingBeing (72 posts) - - Show Bio

Because it flat out sucked in my opinion. Death of Cyclops? REALLY?

Especially given the fact that everyone knows Cyclops and Jean are literally soul mates. It was Cyclops's love for her that ultimately gave her temporary control allowing him to kill her. They ruined a total Romeo and Juliet moment. The Phoenix had a reason for being with Jean, this film just made her pissed off with no particular motivation.

They made Juggernaut a mutant who had his powers taken away by leech, who by the way never had the ability to permanently take away anyone's power. They would have to keep injecting someone with it in order for it to have lasting effects and even then it would wear off if they stopped dosing people. Yea I thought this was hands down the worst of the series but then along came Wolverine: Origins. They really outdid themselves with that one. It probably can't get any worst but Days of Future past is around the corner.. *sigh*

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#28 Posted by ScarletBatman (377 posts) - - Show Bio

It introduced many well known and much beloved characters and reduced them to mere cameos. Then, the film had the gall to kill many of them off.

Also, the movie was a poorly written version of one of the most renowned comic story arcs of all time.

Phoenix wasn't really Phoenix.

Cyclops was killed off because the actor decided it would be a better career move to be Lois Lane's boyfriend.

Charles Xavier was murdered fairly needlessly.

Jugernaught wasn't magic.

It was the sequel to, what was seen at the time, as one of the best Superhero movies ever made. Last Stand did not live up to its namesake or its potential. It was a steaming pile of worthlessness.

The only good thing about that movie was Kelsy Grammar cast as Beast. Oh my stars and garters, that was good casting.

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#29 Posted by slimlim (309 posts) - - Show Bio

Not a terrible film. But it was a terrible X-MEN film.

It's difficult to achieve perfection with a comic adaptation (Dark Knight). It doesn't need to be a faithful adaptation of the comic stories, and certain levels of reinterpretation are to be expected. But they got more wrong than right.


Young Charles & Eric - Before First Class gave the world "McBender", X3 gave us the first onscreen viewing of a young Xavier and Magneto friendship.

Beast - Kelsey Grammer!

Iceman - He finally gets his ice-form (would have been better if the movie version of Bobby Drake had his "jokster" attitude and that his not realising his potential was an actual plot point)

Magneto bends the bridge - that was pretty cool


Cyclops - death was utterly pointless.

Angel - Irrelevant. Take out his character and the film is exactly the same

Rogue - Felt like the character was just thrown away after getting "cured"

Wolverine - The film might as well have been named after him.

Juggernaut - What could have been a really menacing character was wasted and laughable. Relegated to cheap chuckles thru an internet meme reference.

Storm - I'm sorry, Monster's Ball aside, Halle just isn't a good actress. Perhaps she just can't do this particular role. 3 films (and again in DOFP) and i'm still not convinced.

Character Cameos - While the majority of movie goers wouldnt have noticed, many X-characters were featured in the film with alterations to their looks, allegiances and powers. While not making or breaking the film, it was still very jarring for me as someone who knows the X-universe. If a character isn't important to the plot or structure of the film, why mess with him/her in the first place??? What was the point of getting fans to sit up and notice a character only to question themselves because the character has been changed so much. It may be fan service to stick to the source material, but totally disregarding it feels like a slap in the face. The first two films got it right. Fans seeing the student painting at the x-mansion and thinking "COLOSSUS!", thats how u reward the fans with cameos.

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#30 Posted by kiss_lamia (1284 posts) - - Show Bio

Hmmm i think its coz it strayed from the other two in style and also there was too much going on at once, they should have picked either the phoenix storyline or the cure story;ine not both and it seemed like it was just mushed together, also phoenix power style did not match up with the way the other two movies (original phoenix) protrayed her powers and made her something totally different in the last one. Also Rogue getting cured isn't what happened she turns it down originally but again since it seemed to be temporary from the ending it could be forgiven if it was used as a way for her to get her actual Ms. Marvel Powers lol but that probably won't happen so waste of space.

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#31 Posted by LordOfAllHumans (5843 posts) - - Show Bio

As far as Jean/Phoenix was concerned in the movie they were apparently using pieces from the pre-retcon story, which was Phoenix just being Jean using her full power and then being seduced and allowing that power to make her go dark. IMO they only killed Scott because they wanted Wolverine to be the hero to reach Jean with his love giving him a chance to kill her, the real story was Scott getting through to her and her offing herself. Outside of stopping Jean, Wolverine was basically doing nothing but getting thrown around by Magneto and Juggernaut and acting like the death of Xavier meant more to him than Storm, so they needed something big for him to do as we was basically the star of all 3 films.

What's crazy is I'm watching it right now on FX.

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#32 Posted by Farkam (8875 posts) - - Show Bio

Most, if not all, of it's characters are written/directed/and sometimes acted in a piss-poor fashion. The story itself was alright though.

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#33 Posted by Xhan56 (9 posts) - - Show Bio

I didn't think it was that bad, probably because it was the first superhero movie i watched, when i didn't know anything about the comics. but i do think that they put in too many pieces of different stories in the comics, but it was that bad

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#34 Posted by MistressOfTheElements (545 posts) - - Show Bio

Guys, please look at my version X3 script..It might be long but it will make you laugh AND NO DEATH OF CYCLOPS AND MORE SCREEN TIME TO ICE MAN/STORM AND SCARLET WITCH IS IN THERE!

Link: http://home.comcast.net/~djmarcus/X_Men_3.pdf

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#35 Edited by lykopis (10868 posts) - - Show Bio

@mistressoftheelements said:

Guys, please look at my version X3 script..It might be long but it will make you laugh AND NO DEATH OF CYCLOPS AND MORE SCREEN TIME TO ICE MAN/STORM AND SCARLET WITCH IS IN THERE!

Link: http://home.comcast.net/~djmarcus/X_Men_3.pdf

If there is ever a time I wanted have an audio-capable GIF, it's now.


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I liked the film.

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I actually re-watched this movie last night and for me, it was never as bad as people said it was. But I didn't like how they did Phoenix: I mean she just quietly stood there for a huge portion of the movie, she destroyed people into dust (where's the fire? where's the PHOENIX?), I didn't like how they didn't give Cyclops enough screen time (but then again, that happened to with every other X-Men movie).

But there were some cool moments and Professor X didn't really die, so it's okay. I'm fine with a ton of Wolverine screentime, imo

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#38 Posted by MistressOfTheElements (545 posts) - - Show Bio

@batmannflash: Can you PLEASE read this it's my version of X3 script and I fixed everything that you guys hated like scott dud not have enough screen time!And also my script provides Phoenix actually doing something not just standing there..Enjoy and tell friends :)

Link : Link: http://home.comcast.net/~djmarcus/X_Men_3.pdf

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#39 Posted by novi_homines (1468 posts) - - Show Bio

Never hated it. It was decent.

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I set it to record one night on my DVR thinking maybe I'd like it if I watched it again with my expectations severely lowered but boy was I wrong! The first half was good. The flash back, Stan cameo, the danger room, Wolverine taking out a Sentinel but then Cyclops killed by...who knows what quickly reminded me why I could not stand the movie. They just offed characters for no reason. Even when Xavier was ripped to physic shreds I was shocked but wondered why that had to happen because it really didn't effect anyone in the movie. Nothing mattered in the movie. Why was Dark Phoenix going along with Magneto and why was Magneto not pissed off the she killed his oldest friend??? And where did Dark Phoenix get that all red outift out in the woods? Why where all the mutants out in the woods for??? I thought Juggernaut got his powers from his mystical helmet, why was Leech able to stop him?!?! And why could Wolverine withstand Dark Phoenix attacks but Xavier could not??? ARRRghhh...it was so infuriating to watch the movie! I hated it!!!!

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#41 Posted by MistressOfTheElements (545 posts) - - Show Bio

To be honest the total amount of reasons I disliked it would be too hard to list, as there were so many, but in general I just thought it was a poor story which poorly utilised its characters.

Cylops, Rogue, Angel, Colossus and Mystique were all wasted, Xavier, Jean/The


, Juggernaut and Pyro all had hardly anything to do as well. I just also felt the characters were just totally different from the previous movies and not in a good way. I dont want to see Wolverine as the straight guy, he is an anti-hero, a loveable loner, not a leader, that should have been Cyclops' job. I thought X3 just sucked all emotion out of the characters as well, the amount of people who died in the movie, and I didnt care one bit, yet at the end of X2 I was close to tears despite knowing Jean was coming back.

I didnt mind Ratner before X3, so there was no grudge there, but him making the movie 99 mins long because he has a short attention span was amazingly idiotic. I also didnt find the action sequences 'amazing' either, possibly because I didnt care about the characters involved in them because they had changed from the previous movies so much. I could go on, but I think you get the reasons I hated it.

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#42 Posted by MistressOfTheElements (545 posts) - - Show Bio

I hear you guys but to me X3 kind of had loop holes and several missed opportunities.

A 3rd film should always go back to the 1st film, something that was missed or possibly shadowed the events for the 3rd film. I feel like w/Phoenix character nothing was fully explored. This could've been the perfect time to explain the Anne story and how Jean's powers developed thus leading to the Phoenix persona, usually Multiple Personality Disorders comes from a traumatic event. Also they could've explained that when Jean used Cerebro or Magneto's machine is slowly released the barriers Xavier placed. The whole point of Phoenix is that she's an unstable creature and for majority of the film she just stood there silent, what's her motive? what does she want to do after being "imprisoned?" Why does she care to join Magneto and his war? To many loop holes for her character

Scott's death was underplayed and not neeeded. They could've recasted his role and made him more relevant to the Jean's arc.

Xavier's p.o.v of the cure would've been nice before he "died."

For Beast to be a former student it seemed like the only person he knew was Storm, there was no connection w/Jean or Scott nor w/anyone else of the team. I always thought that scene w/Rogue when she leaves for the cure would've been great if they replaced Logan w/Hank. He could've explained to Rogue how he can sympathize w/her and when he accepted who he is. To me Beast's character was underdevelop.

Far as Rogue & Colossus is concerned I think the writer's didn't know what to do them in terms of action or character. A Colossus vs Juggernaut fight would've been epic & Rogue should not gotten cured! It sends the wrong message to ppl but honestly I think they removed her from the final battle because they didn't know what to do w/her.

The Omega's should've been called the Morlocks and how they just went along w/Magneto was just like ok "follow the leader!" We could've seen the contrast between Xavier's school and how they live, in shadows underneath society. Magneto could've promised them that after his "war" they can live on top and rule by his side(which is a lie) and also Leech should've have been a Morlock who was missing, & Mags promised to bring him back but eventually he wanted him dead after he found out he's the cure.

I like X3 in terms of action, but the story is short of blah...

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Why are there so many topics about this movie? blah

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I liked the Last Stand.
1) Storm kicked butt-- and made me forget about her fight scene with Toad.
2) Kelsey Grammar as Beast
3) Ellen Page as Kitty
4) I liked Jean and Storm's updated looks. Their hairstyles and outfits seemed much better to me.
5) The fight as Jean's house was the best fight scene in the whole series.
6) The cliffhanger ending was a nice touch.
7) I love the stories: The Cure, The Phoenix Saga, and Storm Vs Callisto & her Morlocks.

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I loved it.

I loved the last battle scene. I was OK for Prof dematerializing, his mind is likely intact somewhere.

The killing of Scott was brutal though, however it gave the movie a will of it's own and it would not be tied to a comic book.

Jugs and Phoenix were depowered, otherwise they'd of just dominated the movie and Jean especially, would be hard to contain in any plot.

I prefer it to X2

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#47 Posted by BullPR (3493 posts) - - Show Bio

I was expecting a cross-over between X2 and SW with the introduction of the Sh'iar empire...

Instead it was a movie with a lot of short cuts and underdeveloped characters.

Very disappointing.

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@jorgevy: @doctor_whovian:

@oscars94 said:

@doctor_whovian: Wasn't it Bret Ratner?

Ya, I think I remember reading somewhere that Bryan Singer was not happy with the direction Bret Ratner took it. I think he was trying to set up the films to have the Shi'ar empire and a more comic resembling pheonix force in X2. I think (or hope is more like it) Singer will do a better job with Days of Future Past.

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They killed off the most important character in the X-men, Cyclops.

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How could you even ask such a question?