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My one and only WW graphic novel is JLA League of one and I love it! Are there any others that people can recommend?

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The ones which are usually mentioned are

  • Gods and Mortals (80s origin story for the character)
  • Challenge of the Gods
  • Eyes of the Gorgon
  • The Hiketeia
  • Spirit of Truth
  • The Circle

These are from the three most liked Wonder Woman writers

Perez wrote "Gods and Mortals" & Challenge of the Gods" He worked on Wonder Woman in the 80s, is very popular, and was important in defining the character how she is now. His stories have more of a classical mythology feel (like the old stop motion fantasy movies such as Clash of the Titans, or Jason and the Argonauts).

Greg Rucka wrote Eyes of the Gorgon, and The Hiketeia, he's a much more recent writer and his work is more mass-market and accessible, there's still some Greek myth stuff there, but its mostly the normal comic book storylines with emphasis on fights and action and such.

Gail Simone wrote the Circle, and supposedly has more of a humour focus than the others.

I've read all of these but "The Circle" which I intend to read soon, personally I most enjoyed the Perez stories.

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