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Posted by Zardu (367 posts) 2 years, 10 months ago

Poll: Just a question (5 votes)

Speed of light 0%
Multiple speed of light 20%
Wormhole (two connected black holes, extent: about 50 light years) 60%
A portal between two dimensions 0%
Travel far below the speed of light (travel time: centuries or millennia) 20%

Which explanation for Superman's journey to Earth is the most convincing?

A few details:

Krypton: 50 light years away

Light-year: 9.46 trillion km

Speed ​​of light: 300,000 km/s

Travel at light speed: 50 years

Please do not think as a fanboy, leave everything aside that might influence your opinion, such as: suspension of disbelief or "come on, it's a comic". The question is comic-independent. It's not about what sounds cool or what would be more practical, faster or easier. It's just about what sounds most believable or convincing.

Please share your views.

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My understanding of physics is the theoretical Einstein rosenbridge, of wormhole is a hole is the fabric of space, it's plausible that if he bent the fabric of space somehow, then travel would be simple and quick no matter what speed, but I voted for the wrong thing

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Wormhole. It's directly stated in various origin stories & makes everything work cleanly.