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if clark ever lost kara would it destroy him sinse she is all he has from krypton. i feel without kara clark is truly alone.

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New 52 Kara no i don't think so.

Pre-52 Kara, It would devastate him but he would get over it with time.He still has Krypto and Superboy.

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@loganrogue24: E-1 Kara died during COIE. Kal sucked it up, kicked ass, and saved the world. That's just how Superman roles.

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He'll still have krypto. Though it would be extremely saddening I don't think it would really destroy him, but I don't even wanna think about that situation,I love Kara!

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If she died peacefully or sacrificed herself to save the world I think he would be fine - if not proud in the latter scenario.

If she was killed by one of his enemies and he couldn't stop it - then ya, he would be pretty broken for awhile imo.

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He'd still have Krypto, but ya...he'd probably be saddened if he lost her. But then she would come back later anyway, cause that is how comics work! :D

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I think he'd keep on - but depending on the scenario it might be used as a way to send him over the edge for a bit. More devastating for him is to lose Lois (maybe not in N52 though since they're not together).

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I'm not sure

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This reminds me of Peter David Supergirl. Can't believe that lasted. Man the 90s.

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New52 Kara and Clark aren't really that close, so I doubt it would be as devestating as losing her pre52. I hope they regain that familial relationship like they had then, I really enjoyed seeing Clark as the protective older-brother type guy. But Kara has spent the last 23 issues of her book in denial and has yet to accept Earth as her new home.

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@rdclip: i agree i hope they start building her relationship with kal-el.

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I think at this point though, he'd be more devastated if he lost Krypto.

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It'd be a Batman and Damian thing