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I am a huge superman fan and I just recently got into the New 52 comics and i am enjoying them thoroughly. I understand this is a reboot of the DC franchise. I just finished reading #24 of The New 24 Superman, allowing to find out there is another New 52 series of Superman called Action comics. So please help

me understand the difference between the two

I am extremely confused!
If i come across as ignorant...please forgive me

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There's no real difference. The beginning of Action Comics (When Grant Morrison was writing it) mostly focused on Superman's early days, now however, it's in the present. The Superman title is also in the present, though, it tends to crossover more with the other "Super" titles, i.e, Superboy and Supergirl. I recently dropped Superman, cause it's mediocre, so I don't know what it's doing now.

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@kenshima15: action comics is a must read. Grant Morrison's run 1-12, 0, Annual, 13-18 is phenomenal, its collected in 3 volumes as well.

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If possible also try to get Superman Unchained but it will be ending this April since its a limited series comprising of only 9 issues. The comics must still be available in stores though.

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Just read Action Comics, issues 0,1-18, the annual and then start again at issue 25.
Drop Superman cause it s..cks from issue 1.

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Have not read any of the New 52 Action Comic or Superman series, but Unchained is excellence. Hope Synder returns to the character sometime down the road.