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According to this article posted on Bleeding Cool, today is very likely Superman's Birthday!

While the cover clearly states a date of JUNE, 1938, the article goes into greater detail about why April might be a more appropriate month to honor the birth of the Superhero.

@Bleeding Cool said:

What’s the deal? The cover says June 1938, right? Well, yes, but that was an indication for newsdealers as to when unsold copies of the publication were to be removed from the newsstands. The comic arrived at newsstands prior to that. A monthly publication might arrive on the newsstand roughly a month before its cover date. A debut issue might arrive even earlier to attempt to give it a slightly longer sales window.

Superman means a lot of different things to a lot of different people and after 75 years, he's still a polarizing character who represents the best of us in theme and conscience as well as the foundation for a whole genre of entertainment.

Happy Birthday Superman!

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Happy Birthday Supes!

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Happy Birthday to my favourite superhero and a shining example of how good humanity can be! Here's to 75 more years of Superman fighting for truth and justice!

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A very Happy Birthday indeed! And hopefully to many more successful years and popularity growth with the upcoming film! :D

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Happy 75th to Superman and Lois Lane!!!

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Happy 75th Superman! Helps that your in an awesome video game (Injustice) and have a new movie coming out to celebrate!

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What can I say, Happy Birthday to one of the first and most definitely one of the greatest superheroes ever.

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Happy Birthday to the greatest idea we've had as a species!! and one that keeps us looking up!

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Happy Birthday Superman. You where my favourite childhood hero and still are :)

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happy birthday to my favourite character of all time,to the daddy of all the super-heroes!

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Happy birthday, Superman!! I love you!

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Happy birthday Supes!

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Great, great super hero.

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Happy Birthday Superman. May your cape never wrinkle.

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Happy Birthday to us Supes, as we apparently share the greatest Bday EVER 04/18.

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