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it's the most obvious answer to the problem. Do you get a musclebound weightlifter to play the S-man and explain why Clark is so muscular? Or do you get a Superman with a swimmers' build?

Neither and both. Get twins. One is 225 lbs. the other 180. One plays Clark, the other Kal El. One is how we see him, the other how he sees himself.

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And we also get to realize this is not gonna happen in the near future cause that's not exactly what they're doing right now.

Not to mention it's going to be difficult to find Superman-looking twins. Much less with the weight discrepancy of 225 lbs and 180 lbs.

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Christopher Reeves was the better Superman.

No question. No doubt.

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Did you even ask that question? Was Routh even an actor or just the guy with the huge wang that Bryan Singer was banging that month?

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Christopher Reeves is the quintessential Superman for me now and probably forever. He just had so much charm and charisma. He really did look and act like a big, nice guy that you could root for.

And the twin thing is a pretty crazy idea, a little too crazy. To differentiate Supes from Clark is easy: Supes wears a form fitting suit, dress Clark in oversized clothes; Supes always stands tall with his chest out, make Clark slouch and deminish his size; and Superman has a deep commanding voice, have Clark increase the pitch of his voice and stammer. Just basic acting tricks that Superman actors have been using since his radio days.

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I would just find someone who looks like superman simple as that. In birthright him and his mother acknowledge he is a lumberjack tank, so she tells him never ever wear tight fighting clothes. I don't know why you would need someone smaller to be superman, just do what they did in that comic. Baggy clothes, slouch a lot, when at work trench coat and cheap suits.

He is a farm boy, it's not hard to believe a farm boy grows up big and strong. So it all comes down to his clark kent persona to seal the deal.

In man of steel when he is in that dress shirt, tie and on a bicycle I was in awe.