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I didn't want to keep making the other thread longer so i'll just finish the story in this one. I'll update the other one with a comment to let readers know when a new part is up. Thanks for reading!!!

Pt. 8 Nature Within You

“You have all seen this stone, gazed at its beauty. Do any of you have any pieces of it?” He asks calmly looking over workers and other men.

No one speaks up. Caston Fear sweeps through their emotions and finds one person with an unusual amount of nervousness compared to the other men. He increases their fear and makes the person panic. He can’t pin point who the person is but he has methods capable of getting them out. He increases the panic in the man. Out of the blue someone takes off running through the crowd of workers. Caston instantly changes the panic into submissive obedience. The person stops running and stands still shaking. He creates a box around the man then levitates it in front of him and in front of the crowd. He dissolves the box exposing a teenage boy.

“Do you know who I’ am?! Give me my stones.” He demands.

The young man pulls two big pieces from his pockets ad places them into Caston’s deep black hand. Caston kicks him to the dirt in front of all the others.

“It seems I have not made enough examples.” He says creating two black knights.

One holds the boy down and the other draws a sword and decapitates the boy for all to see.

“I care not for age or marital status. Disobey me and you will die! Now get back to work.” He announces before wiping their memory of the stone. They immediately get back to working on the palace in fear of being killed.

Just as he is about to walk back into the palace, for a brief moment the sun dims then returns to normal. Caston Fear looks into the sky like so many others around the world and wonders what just happened…

Out in space Storm burns hot then cold. She pulls gravity then releases it. Streams of plasma leak from her eyes instead of tears. She is screaming in pain but she can hear herself over hearing a multitude of vast oceans and winds, wild live and plants. She can feel energies dying and some being born, stars and galaxies. Her body cracks like ceramic tile nearly exposing what lies beneath. She can feel her body pulling apart. Her mind feeling and gathering, expanding. Her eyes seeing far and wide, changing perceptions, seeing energy then molecules then atoms and back to normal. She struggles to keep her body together. Storm wont let it go, not if she can help it. Storm fights with all that makes her to hold her shattered body together. Suddenly the process ends causing her to pass out…

Storm wakes up once again in the oasis she’s decided to call Ni’Zora. She stands up adorned in a blue halter gown that flows into the water her hair long but pinned up. She doesn’t know who she will meet next but she waits to be greeted.

“You deny me.” A voice echoes from the waterfall behind her.

She turns looking for the person behind the voice.

“Who are you for me to deny, show yourself?” She calls out.

For some reason she is stricken with a dose of fear. This presence is like none she has ever encountered before...

“You deny me, Why?!” The voice asks again.

“Deny you?”

“Have I not waited long enough to be set free? Has enough time not passed for me to finally be embraced by you?”

Storm remains quiet questioning herself. Then a figure emerges from the waterfall almost as if taking form from the falling water. Storm watches on as the figure forms a body and slowly becomes an image. An image Storm knows all too well, herself.

This new Ororo flies down from the waterfall her body filling in with color naked yet her private parts are cover by small clouds. Her hair is flowing white clouds going down her back. Her eyes bright like a blue star.

She lands at the foot of the spring. The water circles around her foot and up her leg creating a high heel.

“Impossible” Storm says gazing in amazement at this version of herself.

“You have yet to see impossible.” The new Ororo says holding up her hand then balling it then unballing it releasing a small bird.

Storm is speechless. This must be her scorce of power. Is this where she draws power from or why she is connected to weather?

“Nature is life and life is nature. All things live and breathe through nature. Nature is all around near, far, high and deep and even when absent I can create it… Embrace me Ororo. Let the power that is rightfully yours take you.”

“I will never be a victim to power. “ Storm says.

“You’ve learned nothing. I will be embraced by.”

“Not in my lifetime. Now let me out of this place.” Storm demands getting offensive.

The Other Ororo smiles as the winds take her into the darkening sky. The water fall stops running and dries up. The trees and plants wither away leaving behind dieing wood. The lush beauty quickly turns to a dead land. Storm second guesses whether she should fight to be free or not. She will however because she refuses to become someone she is not. The second Ororo’s clouds turn dark. The hair clouds spiral upward creating a storm with small lightning bolts sparking out. He eyes turn yellow and red like the sun. Her voice becomes thunder.

“Come now. Deny me in battle. Defy the power of nature.”

Pt. 9 Vs Ororo

In the blink of an eye Storm brings down a tornado upon her enemy but just as the tornado hit the other Ororo, she fades into the spiraling winds becoming a part of the tornado. Her face can be seen standing out in the winds laughing. Storm dispels the tornado hoping to ride herself of the other Ororo. Storm turns to find out how to escape Ni’Zora. To her surprise she turns to see the other Ororo right in her face. Storm strikes at her physically taking the fight from powers to hand to hand. As she strikes the other Ororo disappears and reappears in flashes if lightning. Storm gets frustrated as she feels she is being toyed with. Storm starts a pattern of punches and kicks to get the other Ororo to where she wants her. She punches differently to get her to appear behind her and it works. Storm swings around with a backhand punch and hits the other Ororo but her fist and arm pass through her body like water. The other Ororo turns the water on Storm’s arm into hard, dry, compacted mud. Storm’s arm brings her down to the ground as the stone is heavy. The other Ororo takes to the skies again. Storm softens the stone around her arm by soaking moisture into it then she breaks it off with her other hand. She looks the other Ororo in the eyes.

“I will not become a monster. I have seen so many.” She says thinking of Magneto and Scott.

“A monster is only as evil as their intentions… You are not Scott Summers. You are not Magnus… And you are not Jean Grey. I’ am no mere entity. I’ am no device. I’ am no weapon… I’ am life, living and natural. I ‘am power, infinite and vast. I’ am everything and everything lives and breathes through my will.” The other Ororo explains.

“What are your intentions then?” Storm asks.

“To be embraced by the only being fit to wield such power.”

“And if I were to refuse?”

“Then you will continue to hurt innocent people.” The other answers.

“You mean you will continue to hurt them!” Storm corrects freezing the air in the other Ororo’s lungs.

The other Ororo chuckles at the jester then grabs Storm with the air and launches her into the sky… The air becomes still. The sounds absent… Storm can’t fly or move. Her breathing becomes still as if the absence of air is preventing her from it. Suddenly a pull of gravity yanks her towards the other Ororo but just as she reaches her she is pushed back and yanked again.

“Listen to the words of those you trust most. Understand them and believe them.” The other tells her.

Storm wakes up still floating off in space her clothes burned away. She takes a moment to think about her decisions. Rejecting the power will only lead to her powers raging out of her control like it already is. But if she accepted it then she would be taken over by it and no longer be herself. Storm heads back to earth.

Storm flies over the Atlantic with and unknown destination. Her mind is wrecked with questions. All this time she thought she had her powers under control yet this dark side of her wants to take over. Maybe holding back was the problem. Maybe she should have let her go when she had that chance too. But what would have happened to her friends? Would she have killed Doom?

“Ororo.” T’Challa calls in on her radio.

All of her clothes were destroyed yet this device hung in for the long haul. Storm smiles partly to hear T’Challa’s voice.

“Yes T’Challa.” She answers.

“Ororo, where have you been? Your little hairy boyfriend was looking for you.”

“T’Challa not now.”

“Then when Ororo?”

“You know what, now is a fine time.” She tells him changing course and heading to Wakanda...

Pt. 10 Witch and black cat

T’challa walks into the field outside of Wakanda. He looks into the sky and can see the dark clouds forming. He knows she’s mad. This is where he questions if he should have pressured her or not… Storm flies down to meet him.

“How did you know to meet me here?”

“I know that stride against the winds from any man.”


“Stop T’Challa, this is not about Logan. This is about you and me.”

T’Challa remains quiet. He needs to know what she thinks and how she feels. She has always sheltered her emotions keeping them caged and hidden. T’Challa hands Ororo a nano fiber cloak. Storm Looks at it then at him.

“What T’Challa, am I not beautiful to you anymore? You wish me to cover my body? I guess you’ve had the chance to look at a new wife’s body. Is she younger? Is she prettier?” The winds pick up speed and power.

“Ororo, it isn’t that.” T’Challa says calmly.

“Then why do you wish me to cover myself?”

“Because you are beautiful… More beautiful than any woman I have crossed.”

“Yet you are searching for a new wife.” Storm says taking his compliment with short notice.

“You have logan, Ororo. Take responsibility for your part in this.” T’Challa defends.

“Logan was after I saw you sizing up your next wife. Logan and I aren’t a new marriage. You however have taken steps to have another by your side.”

“This is not my choice to be re-married.”

“T’Challa, I was your wife, your queen yet you can so quickly find another to love. Another too, too hold and kiss when you should have done that with me more!” Storm raises her voice as tears fall from her eyes and the rain soaks the field.

“It was out of my control.” T’Challa tells her.

Storm looks at him in disgust.

“Let me guess it was a decision made by your people. Your people want to see you married and happy. Your people annulled the marriage… What use are you T’Challa?”

“I’ am a king.”

“You are not the king of Wakanda T’Challa. You are their weapon. An image to rely on, to hide behind.”

“I fought for you Ororo. You don’t know the feeling of having a wife with more power than you. I was embarrassed. If I was distant that is the reason. How do I run a kingdom with a wife no one likes? Dammit Ororo I tried, I fought for us, for you.”

“You fought against me…I do not care for what people think of me. You were my concern. I would never let harm befall you. Death would face my wrath as I rip you from his clutches. Your enemies would have crumbled upon touching you… Years ago I let a man go. He proposed to me and I said nothing. I let him go… Logan was always an option but how can I be with a man that stands against everything I’m opposed to. He makes me sick yet he is strong and I need that.” Storm explains.

“Then what are we doing Ororo?” He asks.

“You tell me because you seemed to have so much to say not too long ago.”

The lightning strikes hard in the sky and the thunder pounds behind the clouds. The air around them gets colder… T’Challa sorts through his mind to find another excuse to blame but he stops himself. He looks Storm in her blue eyes. He’s made her cry. He’s made her hurt. It is time to end the excuses. It is time for him to stand up and make the choice to be happy.

“… I’m sorry. Ororo I’m not used to this. It’s not easy to be a husband, a king and a chosen hero. Though I should have looked to you, I should have watched you as you were a wife, an x-man and a queen. I love you.” He admits walking towards her.

“Stop T’Challa.” Her heartbeat races.

“I love you, Ororo.” He steps closer reaching for her hand.

“T’Challa, I said stop.” She wont be able to resist him.

He pulls her to him and holds her close looking deep into her eyes.

“No. You want a man. I will give you the man you want. The man you deserve and you will take it.” He kisses her.

And in the blink of an eye a hurricane surrounds them concealing the act while the weather rages on effectively expressing the passion behind the veil…