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I wanna how did Storm become a White King and why did she accept it when she knows that the Hellfire Club is an enemy?

How was the title being shared with Magneto?

Did Storm actually do something as a White King?

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It happened in New Mutants #51


Storm and Magneto joined the Hellfire Club as a sort of ceasefire i guess. This way they could keep tabs on the Emma and Sebastian while getting some extra protection for the New Mutants. Storm i think just attended the initiation but Magneto would represent them both. Also shortly after this Storm and the X-men were presumed dead after the whole Adversary story and Cypher was killed, so I am sure Magneto wasn't feeling like a winner and got seduced by the dark side again.

Storm ruled. No matter what the title was.

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Because she was a bad bad girl.

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