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this RPG is about supers confused you can be at xaviers learning how to control your powers, with magneto trying to take over the world or on the street traviling.

Located at 1407 Graymalkin Lane in Salem Center, New York, the Xavier Mansion has been home to the X-Men since their inception, and has always been a school and safe haven for any mutants in need. This mansion had been inherited by Charles Xavier and has been in his family for 10 years.


The mansion is actually the shape of a "X". In the middle, there is the courtyard, where mutants can pay respects to the deceased Jean Grey. Mutants can train in the Danger Room, and the Professor X may use Cerebro in a high secruity room. There is a basketball court where the mutants hang out, and is also an opening for the hangar, where many vehicles are parked. The mansion itself acts as a school (see the students page) and safe haven for mutants everywhere. Its role as a safe place for mutants has extended to all mutants, including former enemies of the X-Men, since M-Day.


The teachers currently teaching are:

  1. Beast teaches science and mathematics, and also overseas the academic side.

  2. Emma Frost is the co-headmistress of the school, and teaches ethics. She is also the new leader of X-Men, teaching them teamwork with the help of senior members including Colossus.

  3. Cyclops is the co-headmaster of the school. He also teaches elective leadership and tactics.

4, Iceman teaches Business.

  1. Karma teaches French and takes care of mutants who are too young to join the New Mutants.

  2. Nightcrawler teaches Drama.

7.Northstar teaches Flight and Economics.

  1. Jean Grey teaches Telekinesis.

  2. Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat) teaches computer science classes.

  3. Wolverine teaches Self-defense and survival classes.

  4. Arrow teaches english and Hand-to-hand combat.

this is basically an x-men RPG were your in school except you can be more free or on the street picking fights or with magneto trying to take other the world.

if you know what x-men is like it will be easier.

normal RPG rules applyhttp://www.comicvine.com/message/official-rpg-rules/8030/&c=7&7


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Arrow sat in the court yard, The air was sothing to him, Running his pale hand into his snow white hair he laughed as he hread the new children pass, They all had gifts that would need to be honed and trained, Arrow would teach them english, Oscar Wilde shakespear and also Hand to Hand combat, Mui tai , Judo and Weapon handling, For this was no ordinary school.

This was Xaviers School for the gifted,

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Scott walked the streets of london he tried to cover his face he could tell every eye he passed stared at him, according to "them" scott was a freak, when scott first saw what he could do he thought that to, but now he knows they wouldn't be laughing if they could see what he could do, but this new "power" Scott had no idea about controlling it, he looked down at his unhuman hand, Scott had watched go from his hand he hd used for 15 years turn into one of a mythical beast what would appear to be a dragon hand, Scott quickly put it in his pocket before anyone saw it. Scott hated the unpowered people, all the times these mutants called the X-men save the humans lives all the humans do was shout and throw stuff at them, scott wanted a place wear he could learn were he would be free of people judging him to be with people like him.

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Oliver sat on a bench in the courtyard. This was weird, this was really fricken weird. People were phasong through walls little explosions were going off left right and center.

Gamma sat alone on the bench, his ruffled mohawk poking out over him. He had a pile of books on his lap. He felt alone the other kids back at home hadnt wanted him to go, he hadnt wanted to leave. But this was Xaveirs School for the Gifted.

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The location: Xavier's School for the Gifted, a dormroom. Time: 11:23 AM.

Scott Wolfman, A.K.A. Cryo-Wolf, dodged a punch by ducking down. He tried an uppercut, but Nicholas Gleason, A.K.A. Wolf Cub, jumped back. As he jumped back, he spun around for a kick, which Cryo blocked with his forearm. Cryo brought his other arm around for a punch, aiming for Wolf Cub's stomach. Wolf Cub pushed it away, and slashed with his claws. Cryo dropped down, allowing the slash to go over him. As he came back up, he spun aroun for a kick, but it sailed straight over Wolf Cub's head. Both Cryo and Wolf Cub reared back for a punch, but stopped when they hea a knock on the heard. They both looked back at each other an fled to their beds, each on the other side of the room.

Wolf Cub dove onto his stomach, grabbing a comic book and pretending to be lost in it. Cryo jumped onto his own bed, typing randomly on his laptop. The door opened to reveal Beast coming through the door. "Oh, Hello, Gentlmen." Beast said. "Good Morning, Professor McCoy." They said in unison. Beast turned to Cryo. "Scott, you volunteered to be my lab assistant this week? Just reminding you." Cryo smile and went back to his laptop. "Very Good!" Beast said," Well, Good Day Gentlmen, don't forget your test coming up on Friday on molecules!" Beast left the room, closing the door.

Nick put down his comic. "Lab Assistant? You are such a dork." Scott got up off his bed and snatched the comic book out of his hands. "Says the kid reading a comic upside down?" Scott held it up to show it had been upside down. Nick hadn't even realized it. He laughed and got up off the bed. "So, are you getting hungry? The last thing I had were those chips about 20 minutes ago. I'm starving."

Scott rubbed his stomach. "Yeah, let's go. Maybe they have cheese fries today." Scott licked his lips as they left their room, heading for the Cafeteria.

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Scott walked down when he felt a hand grab his shoulder, he turned round his hands alight with fire, he stared up into the mans face he was quite tall he had red glasses on, light brown hair and a black coat with a yellow x on it, behind him was a brutal looking man smoking a cigar with rigid black hair.

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Danny Cassidy walked through the hallways of the Xavier Institute. He was looking for his best friend and teammate, Match. "How hard can it be to find someone whose head is on on fire?" he thought to himself. Danny's appearance didn't bother him at all, he actually liked the way he looked. He had grown scales and his skin turned green at the age of 15. He once said, "I've always had a thing for reptiles." When he got to his friend and team leader, Cryo wolf's room, he saw Prof. McCoy talking to him and his roommate, Wolf Club. "How are they gonna get out of this one?" someone said. He turned around and saw that it was Match. The heat radiated off his body and made Danny feel warm and good. " So what do you think he's saying to them?" said Match. I don't know, but I'm sure they can fake there way out of it. I'm sure Nicholas is just acting he was reading a comic book the whole time." "Probably," said Match. "And Scott is kind of a teacher's pet." As they walked down the hall, they were stopped by Emma Frost. "Match", she said, "someone burned the curtains in the main office." It was no use lying to a teacher who could read your mind. "Whoa, man you're on your own" Danny immediately ran down the hall as fast as he could, to his next class, drama.

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Xaviers mansion,Economics Class

Joseph was bored in Northstar's class most of the time,not because he was stupid,but because he was a top student and the class really began to bore him.Class was almost over but Joseph never managed time well,he was throwin paper clips at other students instead of reading.The bell rang and Joseph dashed out as soon as fast as he could,he was always on the move,flirting with the girls,causing havoc in the halls of the mansion,he looked up to all the cool kids especially the one called Hellion,he could have joined any squad he wanted but choose the Dreamers,beacuse thats what he was,a Dreamer,he dreamed of fighting Sentinels and Evil mutants.He headed to the Cafeteria,his favorite place in the whole mansion,the aromas got to him,He saw his friend Scott and headed over to him,"Hey scott!"

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Cryo left the room, only to see Match being yelle at by Ms. Frost. He leaned over to Cub, and whispered,"Let's move!" They began power walking down the hall toward the cafeteria, when a voice inside their minds said,"Hold it, Furballs!" The two of them turned aound simultaneously to find Ms. Frost walking up to them.

"Why, Ms. Frost!" Cub began,"How wonderful it is to see you! And, might I add, how ravishi-" "Stop right there, Nicholas," She looked at both of them,"I found this in the Danger Room and I was wondering if you two knew anything about it?" She held up a Dog Bone. Cryo looked at Wolf Cub, who looked back at him. They knew what to do during times like this.

"He did it!" They yelled in unison, each pointing to the other. Then they turned to each other,"What? Me!? No, you did it!" They yelled again. "Stopped lying!" They were sure to keep their minds only on one thing, That they did it. That way, she didn't really know did.

They continued their act for a good two minutes and Ms. Frost finally said, waving her hands,"Whatever, just make sure this doesn't happen again." She walked away, And Cryo and Wolf Cub slammed their fists together, smiling.

"So, what's on the menu today?" Wolf Cub said, walking with Cryo to the Cafeteria with his hands on his head. They arrived in the Cafeteria. Apparently Economics class just got out, because he saw alot of kids from that class entering the cafeteria. One came up to them.

"What's up, Joseph?" Cryo said.
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"Sup Cub,Scott,whats on the agenda today?"

Joseph always was friendly,espically with others like him.Xaviers mansion was the best for him,he could practice his special skills and meet others,he enjoyed the thrill of the danger room,it was his favorite place besides the cafeteria,his next class was with Logan,the local badass as everyone calls him.

"I heard our squad gets to face you guys in the danger room"

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Cryo smiled, revealing larger than average canines. "Well then, I look forward to it." He and cub walked over to the food line, grabbing different snacks as they went by. "Cheese Fries! Yes!" Cryo yelled, grabbing two things of cheese fries for his own.

Cub an Cryo walked over to their table and sat down opposite each other. "Hey, thanks for the thing with Ms. Frost." Cryo said. Cub shook his head, his mouth full of chicken tenders. "No Probwem. I know you were the only one here hoo wood actuawy leave a bone lying awound." He swallowed the food and reached for his drink. "Oh God! They din't even refrigerate them this time!" He looked over to Scott. "Would you?"

Cryo took the bottle and blew over the top of it, cooling the insides and causing frost to appear outide it. "Thanks." Cub said before clinking their bottles together.

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Danny ran all the way down the hall until he got to the cafeteria. He figured he could lose himself in the crowd in case any other teachers decided to stop him. Then he thought again, "Heh, lose myself in a crowd, I have greenskin and a spiked carapace instead of hair." He saw that Cryo and Wolf Club were also on their way to the cafeteria. "I knew that they could get out of it," he thought. "I wonder how Match managed?" he said quietly. He saw his teammate Pixie sitting at a table and he decided to sit next to her. "So i guess you're the only one who hasn't had a close call today?" "What did you guys do this time?" she asked. Being the only girl in the Supernaturals squad meant that she felt she had to keep order. Cryo Wolf was our field and combat leader, and Pixie was more like a mother or big sister, always trying to keep us in line. Danny decided to dive right into the conversation. "So is there anyone you have a crush on at the Institute?" Danny knew that Scott had always had a crush on Pixie and he decided to do him a favor. "Um... I don't really have a crush on anyone really." "Well what about Scott?" Chameleon asked. "Well Scott is more like a brother, he's a good leader, but I don't know about a crush. Why does he have a crush on me.?" This was not what danny had expected to hear he said the first thing that came to mind. "Scott uhh no never, uh no , wh- Scott, uh, hey there's Match, gotta go." Danny did not want to give the news to Scott.

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"Me too"With that he walked off it was almost time for his next class,the Danger room,he grabed a bag of chips and heade it to the Danger room to get his squad outfit on,it was thirty minutes to class but he liked being early.As soon as he was done getting ready it was time for class,he walked out into the hall and headed down the elevator which took him to the Danger Room.He had heard there was a new teacher,who was hard on his students,the name passed him but he knew he would be in for a surprise when he meet the teacher,he reahed the danger room and waited for the rest of the kids

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All 4 boys of the Supernaturals and Joseph were sitting together, If they had been eating anywhere else they would have looked like two wolves eating a lizard over an open fire, but at the Institute it was alright. "So what did Frost do to you Match?" Match was in a bad mood, his temper went with his appearance, hot. "Shutup I don't wanna talk to you. I got bathroom duty for 2 weeks." "Sorry man, I didn't want to get busted too. Hey, I tell you what, I'll help you, we all will. "Whaft?" said Wolf Club with a mouth full of food. "Yeah friends gotta stick together." "Speaking of friends sticking together," said Wolf Club, "where's Pixie?" Danny choked on his food. " CoughCough Pixie? She uh had to uh ummmm. I gotta go.... to the uh... bathroom.... yeah." Chameleon ran down out of the cafeteria into the bathroom. "What's his problem?" asked Cryo. "When you gotta go, you gotta go." said Wolf Club.
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Scott shoved a cheese fry into his mouth, marveling at the delicious taste of it. "You need help, dude." Cub said, sipping his Soda. Cryo laughed,"Maybe I do." Cryo smiled and looked behind Cub, but his smile soon faded. "Oh God..." H said, putting down his head and hiding his face behind his hand.

"Wht? What is it? Did the Dominant Species return!?" Cub looked behind him, looking for any werewolves. Cryo hit his arm, causing Cub to look back at him. "No, you idiot. She's here! Sitting at the table behind you, one to the right." Cub looked behind him, seeing Megan Gwwyn eating her lunch. Chameleone had just left the table. Cub smiled slyly and looked back at Cryo,"I think someone's fur is turning red."

Cryo growled at Cub before looking back at Megan. Her pink hair shimmered, as did her rainbow wings, neatly tucked on her back. Cryo would go weak at the knees each time they got close in a fight, but always seemed to keep it in check. Megan looked up from her lunch and Cryo looked away, pretending to take in the sights outside.

"You have got it bad, dude." Cub said. Cryo looked to Cub. "Is it that obvious?" Cub stared back at him. "Does this answer your question?" He asked. "Does what answer my question?" Cryo said. "Oh hey, Megan!" Cub said. Cryo turned fully to his left, crossing his legs and resting his head on his hands.

"That." Cub said. Cryo looked back at him,"Oh, finish your chicken!"

Cub laughed,"Don't mind if I do, Don't mind if I do."

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The danger room was empty and all Joseph could do is wait,he was getting bothered he never liked being the first and only one in a class he had,he was about to walk out if non one showed.

Sigh I guess people arent coming"

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Kitty cam and sat next to Arrow she had changed alot over the years , She had cut her hair short It just came to her neck and no more, But her eyes where still soft, She was dressed in a navy skirt and white shit, With a red tie only just done up and hanging down by the middle of her blouse, Her top to buttons where undone, Also small high heeled shoes , Arrow smiled "I thought you hated high heels" , She ran her hand over a strand of hair that had come lose, "Miss Frost wanted us all to wear suits and Look good for the students first day.

Looking Arrow up and down then liffting an eye brow "Take it you didnt get the Email" Arrow was sitting in a pair of navy jeans and a black fox racing t-shirt "No I got it " Kitty let out a luagh "How on erath did I marry you" Turning arrow stood and put his arms round her waist "It was the Carm and the red eyes, Chicks dig the red eyes" Giving each other a loving kiss "Well They are pretty, But we should haed to class, Before you get us in to toruble".

Arrow watched her walk away, Everytime it made his heart sink , She brought joy to his life, He rembered the old days what he was , The shadow death that followed him, But yet she still found him and loved him, She was a great women , But as normal she was right his English class will be starting soon, Tuning he took one lat look at the Court Yard, Some kids where still talking and playing , Turning back to the main door.

It opened As he steped in a stair case stood in front of him, It was a double stair case in the middle sat an old grandfathers clock , On the foolr was a crimson carpet, If only people knew what sat below that carpet he thought to himself, His class was on the top floor class room 101 , It always made him laugh 101 HA .

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"is your name scott?" said the man with red shades "um yes" Scott recognised the men as the had been on T.V "hang on are you....the X-men" Scott asked "yes can you come with us please" they stepped into an abandonned house and Cyclops told Scott all about the Xavier institute.

"okay" scott said "do you have all your things?" asked cyclops "no there at my house" Scott took the two proffesers to his house were Scott told his parents he was going to a prep school he packed his bags and came outside on his road there stood a huge jet waiting they climbed inside and sat down "this is wolverine or logan" cyclops pointed at the man with th cigar "and im cyclops or proffeser summers".

After about an hour the jet stopped about to land on a basketall court Scott had never been on a jet before and had never been to america, he followed Cyclops out and into an elevator when the elevator stopped they stepped out onto an old looking corridor, Cyclops shgowed scott to his room he pointed to a desk with a pile of papers on saying it was his timetable and a helper "if you need help on wolverine is down two rooms"

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Cryo burped at the sight of his finished cheese fries. He held his stomach like it was going to fall off any minute. Cub stared at him wide eye, his jaw had dropped. "You ate so much in so little time."

Cryo looked over at Cub,"Yeah, my advice, don't do it unless you've had the proper training." Cryo got up and began walking to the doors of the Cafeteria, glancing at Megan as he passed. "So," Cub said, catching up with him,"Who's class do we have now?"

Cryo tried to remember. "I think it's Professor Arrow. English. Room 101." The twp ofthem laughed as they left the Cafeteria and headed for English. "So who did you really have training from for that eating thing." Cub asked. Cryo couldn't help but smile. "People, dude, people."

"Ya think they could train me?" Cryo shrugged,"Don't know."

"Why not?" Cub asked. "They don't exist." The two of them laughed all the way to English class.

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Oliver waked up the stairs. He hadnt been here long but it was hard trying to make friends, he felt like an outsider, strange being where he was. He looked at the timetable in his hands, English, room 101,

"Ironic" He thought to himself. He liked English, he wasnt praticulary good at it but he didnt mind it as a subject. In his old class he was the joker the kid who always cracked the jokes, but here it was diferent he was a small fish in the big pond.

He waked up the stairs. He wondered if hed be on one of those specail teams like the X-men, he doubted it but still, maybe.

He stopped and stood in the hallway, a thought struck him. Holding out his hand he tensed it. A small explosoin went off around it. It resided and his hand was in perfect health no burns or marks. He had practiced plenty in the orphange seceretly in his room but now, here he could do it un noticed. The students busled by with out batting an eyelash to the strange activites going on with Oliver. He smiled he had gained control over the explosoins all was going well,

"So far so good" He thought.

Arriving at the classroom, he looked he waited outside the door, unsire weathyer to go in, this was his first class, the Professer had allowed him time to settle in before getting down to classes. He couldnt hear anyone inside so he waited outside, books still in hand.

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"I guess ill just leave,room 101 is where this new teacher is,ill go see him"

He left the Danger and heade up the elevator,"Room 101" he thought,it seemed so intriguing,there was even a red carpet leading to the class,he saw Gamma in the front door,and wonder what was holding things up,nevertheless he continued on to the class until he reached Gamma,he asked"So what'cha waiting for?"

Joseph hated asking questions especially with people with fire for a mouth

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Scott watched Cyclops leave, he then sat on the bed it was very comfortable and bouncy. He stood up and looked at the papers on the desk, he saw his first class for tommorow was Drama with Proffeser Wagner, he saw who hi danger room teacher was, he was with Iceman

"kid" a gruff voice came, Scott turned around and saw Wolverine, he was holding two bags, "i believe these are yours "he said throwing the two bags on the bed "thanks" Scott said as wolverine put a cigar in his mouth and lit it "see ya around kid" he said as he walked off, Scott felt a strange feeling he looked at his dragon hand then it started changing again he walked over to the front of a mirror and stared at himself as he changed from him to wolverine and back.

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Danny looked at his watch and was shocked to realize that he was going to be late for English. He darted down the hall, and would have run right into Miss Pryde if she hadn't made him phase right through. He made it to class, but it was too late. "Nice of you to join us Mr. Cassidy," said Professor Arrow. Danny took his normal seat with the rest of the Supernaturals and between Match and Cryo Wolf. Danny was an average student, getting by with a C+ or a B-. He decided to let Cryo Wolf be the smart guy in the squad, which is why Danny sat next to him, especially during tests. The food Danny had just eaten made hime tired. He had to fight it, he couldn't fall asleep now, especially not after being late to class. Cryo Wolf gave Danny a chill to wake him up. "thanks man," said Danny. Just another day at Xavier's

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Arrow walked to his door Seeing a young boy outside , He laughed "Am I late for my own class again, in you go son" He waited for the boy to make the first move then followed behind him "So your new here, Dont worry im pretty easy going wait until you meet Professor Logan , Now thats a nut job."

Arrow lend on his desk and waved for the kid to take a seat, "So the rest of the class will be along soon A good bunch by all accounts, So tell me a bit about yourself, I take it im teaching for english and hand to hand combat, Sorry I do rant on at times, My wife says it is my biggest down fall, So back to you."

Arrow smiled the warmest smile he had, Hoping the child in front of him opened up, Many people knew of Arrows past in fact, the whole world maybe but charles had given him a chance and he would not blow it .

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Cryo and Cub walked into English Class. Not realizing that Arrow was already there, he leaned to Cub and whispered,"So, like, I ear the new English Teacher is-" Cryo finally saw Arro at his desk,"THe absolute best in the world!" Cryo smiled fakely and sat down, Cub sitting next to him and laughing hysterically.

He sat down next to Danny. Cryo was always the smart one. Beast would vouch for that. He always participated in Beast's class and was the first to raise his hand. He pulled his books out of the his messenger bag and placed them on the desk. He leaned back in his chair, waiting for Arrow to begin.

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"Well Im sure I am Scott, But hey lets take the class outside, I hate being in a room on such a nice day, Scott I will see you after class" Arrow walked to the door, He smiled and looked at them "Well lets go ".

He was half way down the hall , Martching outside the sun hit him in the face , It was a wonderful day , He sat on a large patch of grass on the east wing, Using magic he teleported soda and sweets to the grass, "So lets start, each of you tell me abit about yourself and Then I will tell you abit about me, Then we can talk about books and boring stuff " He laughed alittle.

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Scott kept the fake smile up until Arrow left the room. Then he hung his head and got up, walking toward the door. Nick was behind him laughing. "Nick,I know where you live, so stop." Nick continued to laugh,"I live in our room!"

Scott turned an smiled,"Exactly."

He followed Arrow out onto the grounds and sat down on the grass. Then he smelled the aroma of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. He looked around and grabbed an package, opening it and nibbling on the Peanut-butery chocolatey goodness. Cub sat down next to him and grabbed a soda. "Thank you Professor Arrow." The two of them said in unison. They had done that quiet often, ever since enrolling at the school.

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Oliver was abuot to open his mouth when the boy called Scott and the other boy walkedin. He was quiet immeadatly whent hey walked in. He was about to continue the conversation with the teacher when he briskly jumped up and walked out side proclaiming to take the class outside.

Oliver sat next to two girls he had never seen before. It was his turn to speak about himself. He began shakily,

"Well, hi, my names Oliver Stone, Ollie is what my friends call me. mmmmm" He stoped running out of things to say, he looked at the can of soda in his hand, "i really like soda" he laughed "Thanks very much MR. Arrow sir." He stoped againnn after no one else laughed at his joke. "I can do this" He held a full soda can in his hands. His finger tips began to glow and the soda can exploded sending soda flying over veryone there. The class arupted in laughter, Ollie laughed aswell, what else could he do,".

He liked Mr. Arrow he was nice and kind. Ollie hoped hed notice him and not get to preocupied with the other louder members. He looked over at the two boys who had walked in after him, one was named Scott.

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Post Deleted.

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Arrow noded at Oliver "thanks for the shower " Litting out a laugh the class followed " And scot thank you for going first, Now as i said I will tell you abit about me, Just so we are all clear on who I am and what I was " He shot a glance at Scot "Some of you seem to have made your minds up about who I am before I could tell you all".

Waving his hand the kids clothes dried of the soda , then he picked upa can f pepsi and sat back, letting out a humph, he gave a nervous smile "My Name is Christopher Lockhart, Many people know me as Last Arrow and it, seems to have stuck So that why you call me Arrow, But im going of subject, I was once a very evil man I did extremly bad things some of you know about them some of you dont, At one point I was Magnetos right hand man " Everyone was looking at him , "And well lets say I saw some evil and did some stuff im not proud of, So im as much a pupil here as you."

Letting out an easy smile he rubbed the back of his head, "I came to the school about 3 years ago and joined the X-men, Charles or Profesor Xavier was the only guy to see me for what I was and gave me a chance, My fisrt year was abit bumpy, Me and Logan where always clashing about something, But well it got better, Mrs Pyrde showed me that I had more to give and well after my 2nd year we where married and well I have been teaching and training you guys ever since" Shaking himself of he looked at the class "Um well any questions"

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Oliver llaughed a litle more after the soda incident. When he heard what Arrow had said ,he didnt really mind. He asked abrubtly,

"Whos Magneto" Some girls sniggered at the question. He looked at his feet againn. It seemed like a stupid question now, bu the had no idea what or who anyone was here. It was an entirely new community.

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"Magneto was and is a monster." Scott said abrubtly. "He is everything the X-Men fight against. He kills people, and doesn't even do it for the right reason." Scott was looking down at the ground with his knees up against his chin. Cub was surprised at his remarks. He usually wasn't this grim.

His eyes looked up and realized people were staring. "Fine, I'll go. On my first day of high school of was freezing. I tried to wash my hands but the water froze instantly. That's when I realized my ice powers. I embraced the cold, and felt warm, even hot, the rest of the day." He began inconspicuously sending out waves of cold to add extra depth to his story.

"As for this," He said, holding up his hand and baring his claws,"That was the work of science. S.H.A.R.P. It means Super Human Animal Remolecularization Pod. I know, mouth full. I got trapped in it and it infused my DNA with a wolf's. Hence the furball you see in front of you today. I still don't know who authorized its production, but it was supposed to be used on the military to make super soldiers."

"There. That's my story." He bit into another Peanut Butter Cup.

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Silence followed Scotts story. Ollie loved to break the silence.

"Hard asct to follow," He laughed. It sounded harsh on Scott but it wasnt meant to. It was just meant to move away from the him, he obiusly didnt talk alot about it. Some girls giggled across from Ollie. He didnt blush. He was a self proclaimed ladysman.

The class moved on Ollie making sly eye contact with the girl across form him. She had short brown hair and a preatty face.

He was growing to like it more and more here.

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"Alright I'll go, we've got to follow our fearless leader after all. My story is simple. I just woke up one morning with green skin and a spiked carapace instead of hair. I wondered why my mutation couldn't have made me look like everyone else, but I'm used to it now. My parents were shocked at first, and so was I which was understandable, but they learned to accept me for who I was and didn't treat me any different. I learned to love my new abilities, especially camouflage and wall crawling, who knows I might be the next Spiderman," Danny laugghed at the thought of running around the city in tight spandex and a mask."Then, my parents found out about Xavier's so here I am now. I have a lot of friends and, I'm on a good team. Uhhh I guess that's it,"

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Chameleone waited for the next person to tell their story. Danny didn't really know Oliver and was kind of curious about his past. He wasn't going to ask, he would just wait for him to bring it up.