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 Cold water dripped down the walls, the only light a dim bulb that hung from the ceiling swaying gently in the slightest breeze wafting in through the slit in the brick wall. A lone figure sat on the compact soil floor her knees drawn to her chest, the hands limp against the thighs blood congealing along the splits in the woman’s nails. Scrapes on the wooden door shaped perfectly to match her hands and nails, hours spent trying to dig her way out of the cesspit of a prison cell. Voices were faint in the distance, the gap under the door allowing them to hit her tired ears.

The Champions had been betrayed, the people who had kidnapped their leader were not part of the Government system, and at best Sarah could faintly guess that these people worked for some big bad, who she could not work out, Gambler? Not his style too underhanded even for him, Daggerklutz? Never, far too well orchestrated, which left out Darkchild or any of the other big bads she had faced in her long time as a hero. It seemed directed at her and her family more so than the Champions, why did they target her? Why not Eclipse? These same questions and so many more had held her attention while she sat in the cell they had dumped her in.

She had no idea exactly where she was, her fingers ached from the hours spent peering out the slot in the wall, she knew it was somewhere in the East, the cherry blossoms outside were bare in the winter weather, snow spread all around, she could barely make out that the walls were made of a thick granite but it was discoloured somehow, an almost faint red behind it as if the side of the building she could just see was once something else.

They had drugged her the minute they put her in the car, she had no concept of how long she had been out, but she knew that they had dug out the tiny tracker imbedded in the top of her arm, each and every member of the Champions had recently had these injected in their arms after the recent Skrull event, all members were not traceable. 

Whoever this was, they had extensive information about the Champions and they knew just how to get Sarah to trust them. Sarah never allowed anyone to pass her without dong extremely extensive research into their background, Sarah had run the agencies involved in the questioning through EVE more than a few times, every time getting the same information, which in itself had triggered her distrust, but she allowed them through anyway.

 She blamed the pregnancy for this lack of real thought and security breach.

The camera in the corner moved slightly focusing on the woman in the corner as she raised her head, dirt and blood smeared across her cheek as she lifted her left hand, flashing the middle finger at the camera.  Her hand dropping down to grab the mound of her belly, once again trying her best to stay calm and keep herself and her unborn child safe.

“Please hurry Mike” she whispered as a single tear slipped down her face.

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 A saddened air filled the briefing room in the C.O.P's tower, Mike stood before his team and the Young Champions. With his wife missing and ECLIPSE and the main team dealing with an off world threat, so it fell to him to lead the teams. Mike stood before them; to his immediate right sat Crazy, followed by DH and the rest  of the Shadow Squad who where all looking more menacing then normal, the team was minus Talon who was being shadowed by Mdnightst. On his left sat the Young Champions. Mike had placed a file in front of each member of the respective teams, files which he had taken from his wives hard drive; It seemed as if Sarah had here own issues with the interviews something that sparked her instant distrust of them. She had rung every organisation and got the same information, she had begun building a database but before everything had finished ;she was taken.  Mike ran the remaining test, the voice analysers comparing it to everything MR had already had in place for him and it all lead to more questions. They lost her tracer just as she entered Asian air space which meant she could be in numerous different places within that territory, Mike had checked and double checked the list of enemies which would have targeted them and who had the funding and skill to pull this off. 
"In front of you sits all the information we have and to put it bluntly all we really know is that Sarah is in Asia somewhere, I would have preferred to keep this to a Shadow Squad mission and in truth this is just to big a job for a small team like this, without the main force of the C.O.P's being present this task falls to you." Mike looked directly at the Young Champions, Lets get a few things straight from the start, if a member of Shadow Squad tells you to do something, you do it. This is not a negation, if your told to get down, you bloody do it, or you answer to me." Mike locked his eyes onto  Hesperus when he said the last statement, before continuing "In order to get this done, the teams will be splinting up, each team will be lead by a member of SS and who will answer directly to me. Also each member of SS has been fitted with a teleporter, if you are a flyer or teleporter let your team leader know before we set out." He looked at Cellphonegirl "I will look to you, for splitting up your team, as MR second  you should know them better then I do and how they work.  I would request that  Hesperus be on mine but I will look to your team expertise.  
"we have various leads, that we will need to check out, I have an idea of who may be behind this and have being following her actions over the past few months, she dropped of the radar about two months ago in Aisa, we will be checking the following areas, DH will taking Northern Mongolia, Crazy will be taking Nepal and I will be moving on China, You are not to engage unless you are sure that MR is there. Stay in radio contact and if you find her wait until back up arrives before moving in, I can not stress how dangerous are target maybe". Mike looked around the room "Any questions?" Mike waited for any reply of either side and wondered if he had been to blunt with the younger members.    

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 Having MR gone from the team was pretty much the worse thing that has happened since Blair couldn't find the remote to change the channel when Eclipse had left something stupid on t.v, and it'd be good to include the whole Alien Invasion mess that had been going on. Also when Blair had discovered a thing of cheese that was in the couch cushions, people would be amazed what they'd find in a couch that was in the C.O.P. Tower, it's like going into an adventure, never knowing if you'll be fighting for your life or not. That basically sums up how badly this was on the team, also it was sad to see how both Sov and Eclipse were so very stressed out with running the team. Nobody wasn't really sure how MR was able to keep everyone in peace without there ever being chaos, that's how important she was to everyone. 
Blair sat in the room along with the Shadow Squad, and the other Young Champions, she listened to Sov as he explained what had happened to Mistress Redhead while they kept a tracking device on her.. however it stopped working once she got to Asia. He continued to tell everyone that they must listen to whatever the members of SS told them, or he wouldn't be too happy. Looking at Blair he told her.   "I will look to you, for splitting up your team, as MR second  you should know them better then I do and how they work.  I would request that  Hesperus be on mine but I will look to your team expertise."  
Blair took his advice, and opened up a blue notebook that sat on her lab. Opening it she reached down with her right hand to open a package of colored markers that for some reason she brought with her which made it easier for her to plan. Looking at everyone in the room Blair looked at them once, then twice, and then a third time. Thinking about all of their abilities, and each other their own personalties. She then drew a picture of all of them in their new teams. Getting out of her seat she walked over towards Sov to lend him the picture as she grabbed everyones attention by making the lights in the room flicker.
"Okay, Everyone.. Was a little different adding a few members to the usual team rosters i put the Young Champions in in our training exercises. So here are the teams. Dark Huntress, Despair, and Hesperus. Second team will have Sovereign Son, Honour Girl, and Tempest. Odd, i'd like to see how this one turns out. Last but not least Crazy, Chevie, and the amazing Cellphone Girl. Any problems? I hope not because this is gonna be fun, trust me"

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To everyone else, they looked like the regular training robots used by all of the Champions. Six of them, circling around their target, reading to strike. But in the mind of Hesperus, they were something else entirely. Each cold, menacing drone bore the face of his hated foe, Eclipse, sneering and laughing at him. This was a technique taught to him by his mother, Surreal SaDiablo. Picture the faces of those you despise most and you will fight that much harder. Two blades hung on his belt, one a katana, shorter than most to account for his height, but no less deadly. A wakizashi, an even smaller blade, rested on his other hip. They were untouched, however, as the boy's arms were handcuffed together behind his back. Standing in the centre of the circle of laughing robots, Damian crouched low, his brow furrowed as he licked his lips, waiting until one of them made the first move. 
The nearest robot lunged in, they were surprisingly athletic condsidering what they were made of, and moved just like real people. He began with a simple punch aimed at the Young Champion's face, but Damian swiftly executed one of his oldest moves, lifting his left leg up and using it to push the blow out of the way, then wrapping his leg around the robot's arm and pulling him in, lifting up his right leg and delivering a harsh kick that knocked Eclipse's head off its shoulders. Letting go of the metal arm and continuing to spin for another 360 degrees, Hesperus landed steadily on his feet and immediately countered the next move, a sweeping kick aiming to knock his feet out from beneath him. He used his great reflexes to lift up his right leg and then bring it crashing down at the perfect moment, slamming into the robot's leg and crushing it against the floor. He then used his other leg to push the torso of the android away, punching a hole in its chest and tearing the leg off in the process. 
The third and fourth made their moves simultaneously as one of them wrapped his arms around Hesperus, holding him up in the air for the other to make his move. Tucking his feet behind the legs of his opponent, Damian wrenched himself down, out of the grip of the robot and went sliding out behind it, somehow maintaining his balance. The other robot had no time to stop his assault at this point, so instead his punch went right through the base of the third's throat. Sidestepping forwards, Damian lashed out with his feet once more and kicked the back of the third, so the fourth robot's arm went all the way through and got trapped, as it was knocked onto his back, pinned to the ground by its partner. Looking behind him, Hesperus spotted the fifth had already started to make its move by jumping high into the air, and was now partway through his decent, leg outstretched like a hammer to smash into the boy's skull. Pointing his leg straight into the air and keeping his foot horizontal, Damian braced himself, twisting his torso away from his opponent's kick at the last second. Missing its own attack, the robot was unable to escape as it plummeted down, and Damian's reinforced boot cleaved an axe-like hole in the space between its legs. 
There was one left now, which was keeping its distance, having learned from the actions of its companions. So, deciding he'd had enough practice at countering, Damian went on the offensive and charged down the sixth robot, who stood its ground. Leaping into the air a few feet before he reached his enemy, Damian brought one leg forward for a kick. The robot, anticipating this, crossed his arms over each other to block the move. But this was just the bluff, and as his left leg crashed against the block, Hesperus brought his right leg swinging forwards and diagonally upwards, smashing into the side of its head and sending another laughing Eclipse flying away. And yet, the laughing didn't end. Peering over his shoulder, Damian noticed that the fourth robot had freed itself by tearing its own arm off and was running towards him, Eclipse's mouth open in a hysterical scream. Gritting his teeth, Damian waited until the bot was close enough and then flung himself forward, rotating head over heels forward and causing the back of his feet to collide with its chest. He landed, upright, on its chest as the robot was pinned to the floor once more. 
Lifting his leg up, he aimed for Eclipse's nose and brought it crashing down into the blank face of the robot. Then lifted it up and repeat the action again. And again. Over and over until he was screaming in rage at the shattered remains of the automaton. Using his powers at last, he telekinetically ripped his bonds apart and freed his hands, now kneeling down on the bot's chest and smashing his fists against it over and over again. With each punch his rage only increased, as the laughing of his foe never ended... Over and over, he pummelled the lifeless fake, letting his emotions take over completely... Until he noticed someone behind him. Turning his head to face the door with, panting with a feral look in his eyes, Damian was surprised to see his team-mate, the Dark Huntress watching over him from the entrance. With a hint of panic, he remembered that she was a telepath, and wondered how much she had seen or heard... Standing up and resuming his dignified manner, Hesperus sniffed and strode towards the entrance. As he was about to pass Cass, he felt something sliding down the side of his face. Quickly realizing what it was, Damian's hand shot up to his face and wiped away the single tear. He tried to cover his humiliation with a snide comment, but it was an instinctive reaction... He wasn't even sure what it was he had said to her, he just kept walking. 


Hesperus cursed his luck, as Blair, the CellPhoneGirl, paired him up with the one person he was hoping to avoid. He was to be partnered with Despair and the Dark Huntress for Mistress Redhead's rescue mission. Excellent. "Let's just get this over with." Damian muttered, leaning back in his chair and hiding beneath the shadows of his hood. "... The sooner we get Sarah back, the better." He added, avoiding eye contact with everyone in the room.

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The days since Sarahs kidnapping, Crazy spent hours upon hours doing to separate things. Using his sources to try and find his sister. She wasn’t family by blood but she was the closest thing he had to a sister, he was pushing 84 hours straight of nothing but searching. Using every old debt he had in his pocket he called upon everyone who ever owed him, one particular person owed him quite a bit. The phone call lasted all but few minutes once the other person found out who he was looking for “I cant help you, I know whose got her. Me even talking to you Im risking everything.  Everyone I love is at risk, Zeek I cant help you.” Crazy screamed “I saved your ass, don’t you remember? Save the planet from an alien and I will do anything for you. I risked my life for you, to kill that f#cking Illiku guy. I never asked for any kind of reward when I did it, I simply said I would in the future call for you when I NEEDED you. Now you tell me you cant locate one woman for me!!” The other line hung up as soon as he was finished screaming at them.   Tearing the phone from the wall he tossed it across the room, his tiny room turned into one miniature tornado as he went berserk. Lifting his desk then tossing it across the room, slamming his fists into the walls.

His personalities not saying a word they simply let him use their powers without even a murmur, he tore through every phone he had. Calling everyone he could think of, not one single soul would help him and down he let out all the pent up anger. From the moment Callisto came into their lives he knew something was going to happen “What did I tell them? This twats going to be the death of us, and now it very well will be for one of us. But god help me Im going to find those bastards and they will pray when I find them.” He slams his fist through the wall, his hand almost punching someone on the other side. The said person knocks on his door “What!” Without replying Mike opens the door and walks into the room, looking around he looks to Crazy “Having a tantrum are we?”  Crazy glares at him “Mike…not now.” He nods slightly then he moves to the side letting a small figure walk into the room. Chevie walks into the room, her eyes swelling with tears as she heard her Uncle screaming “Crazy definitely suffices for your name.” She had gone through so much the last few months, Crazy had been by her side since the kidnapping of her Sarah. This was the only other thing he did hours on end, he had forgotten their time together that day. They were supposed to go out and get ice cream, his eyes well up with tears he holds them back and he bends down “Come here Chev.” She runs into his arms an cries, he looks up to Mike who walks out of the room with a nod and a smile. He knew the only sure fire way to shut Crazy up was his daughter, his world revolved around her. Stopping anything he was doing to please her, she was his god daughter and he would do anything for her. After she finished crying she pushed away from him slightly then looked up to him “Find mom?” He chuckles “Nope, but if the walls had anything to do with her kidnapping they will be talking soon enough.” She giggles then spoke “What are you going to do when we find her?” He smiles patting her head, Grendal taking control his voice raspy and deep. Most people were afraid of him but little Chevie liked him the best of all Crazy’s personas. “When we find her, we save her.” Her eyes narrow “Then what?” he smiles wide knowing full well what she wanted to do “We kill every last one of them who hurt her. Your daddy and I will kill them all.” She stomps on his foot, he rephrases what he just said “We all will kill them all.” She smiles wide “Ice cream?” he nods taking her hand then leaving his room, hoping tomorrow is a better day.

The next day Mike got everyone who was still within the COP base together, the Young champions were called for as well. Crazy didn’t much like the team of youngsters; they were brash and untrained for most part in the field of fighting let alone fighting. Why he was bringing them into the meeting along with the rest of the Shadow Squad was beyond him. Mike told everyone that they had found some form of trail on MR, she was last tracked over Asia. But no one knew where exactly where she was, he split the room of COP members into teams. Luckily Crazy was paired with Chevie, a wide grin came to both of their faces looking to each other giving each other high fives. They stood up Crazy looked to Chevie “Come with me little one, got to get you geared up.” He looked to CPG “You….prepare yourself. Nepal’s long ways away get something warm.” He liked CPG but at the same time he didn’t know her, so he disliked her as well.  Mike glared at Crazy “Do not give my daughter any of your guns, gear her up with the SS uniforms and that’s it.” Crazy blew a raspberry at him then taking Chevies hand they left.

He took her to the armory then pressed in his password a secret room opened up, they walked in the wall closing behind them. This was his stash of weapons, he looked to his little angel “Dad said I wasn’t to be given any of your weapons.” Crazy smiled, taking a set of daggers from the wall. Each tipped with adamantium and Vibranium, he wrapped it around her waist. Then he took a device from the wall, holding it in his hands he pressed a button. Suddenly the daggers disappeared from sight, Chevies eyes widened “What daddy cant see, wont hurt him.” Smiling wide he gave her a small pistol “Do not! Use this unless every other possible option is gone. Do you understand, I don’t want you to have to use this. But if something happens to me….I want you to run first. Then if running gets you no where, use this okay?” He looks at her seriousness in his eyes she nods “But nothing’s going to happen right? We aren’t going to act until Daddy gets their right?” Crazy fastens another strap of bullets and guns to his chest, then slipping a arm band of knives to himself he answers without looking at her “If we find her…I’m not waiting. If your mother’s life is in danger, then I will act accordingly and so shall you.” He loads a third duffel bag of weapons then zips it shut “alright little one, let’s go.” He presses the device in his hand again turning on the image inducer on, and then he tucks it into her pocket “Don’t push it by accident or your dads going to kick my ass.” She giggles with the thought then follows him, they load onto the plane he inputs the coordinates then he presses his comlink “Come on CPG, let’s get going. “ he barks into the com link. 

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3 Hours Ago 

She was standing in the middle of the armory that Shadow Squad had put together, looking a little lost. The room was bright white, very high tech looking, with weapons mounted all over the place. There were special ones locked up with codes that only three people in this world knew. She was one of them. There were weapons that went beyond the scope of anything that mere men were able to imagine. There was a relic or two. This room, it was one of her favorite rooms. Weapons lining the walls, a gun range off to the side and comfy chairs that seemed out of place in the middle of the room, placed around a table. She had sat curled up in one of those chairs, playing with her knives, cleaning her guns. This room was like a second home to her, it made her happy. She was a girl with a thing for weapons, this room was a dream to her.  
Her eyes were bright red and there were large dark circles underneath them. Cass looked like the teenager that she was, young and emotionally fragile. She hated that she had been brought to this state, she felt weak, she felt useless. All she wanted to do was find who had done this and kill them in the most brutal way imaginable. No cost, no measure, no effort would be spared in tracking them down and ending their life. She stood there, looking lost and forlorn. Jumping half a foot in the air as she heard somebody type in the pass code and opened the door, she looked over her shoulder to see Crazy. The man, well, he lived up to his codename in every sense of the word but he was steadfastly loyal and had already risked himself to protect her on at least two previous missions.  
He may be insane in the membrane, but he was a good friend and he was, for the most part, dependable and in his own little way, predictable. "Cassie." She looked down at the floor, her chin hitting her chest. She didn't want to talk. She didn't want anybody to see her like this, ever. Being strong, or at least giving off the appearance that she was, it was one thing she had going for her. Appearing weak, that had been beaten out of her at a young age, she had learned that showing any sign of weakness would get you killed and emotions left you open, they made you weak. But his voice was soft and tender, two qualities she rarely heard it have."Cassie." He said it again. Not many people called her that, it was always Huntress, some form of that or Cass. Cassie had an oddly endearing tone to it when coming from him, though. He walked around her so that he was facing her head on and tried to make eye contact with her. When she just let her head hang there, he took another step forward and placed a finger under her chin, lifting her head up.  
"Let it out." It was a rare moment of tenderness from Crazy. He was usually the coarse and sarcastic arse of the team, always making ridiculous and insensitive jokes in the midst of disaster. She knew that he had a protective side, it was evident whenever he looked at Chevie or said her name, but she never thought she'd see a tender side, not applied to her, anyways. Looking up at him, she felt the tears begin to brim in her eyes, all the emotions being brought forth. "It's not fair." She spoke, her voice quiet and slightly choked up. "I just found her. I knew I was adopted, but I never had any hope of finding my birth mother let alone...let alone this. I thought that Jean had killed everybody in this world who I would ever know as family, but he didn't. I found..I found my mom and she found me." The tears started streaming down her face as Crazy wrapped his arms around her. Her body was wracked with sobs, tears streaming down her face. She pulled away from him and started beating on his chest, her small fists making little to no impact despite the fact that she was hitting him as hard as she could. "It's not fair!" She screamed the words over and over until they ran together, becoming incomprehensible. She knew that she was safe breaking down with him, that he would let her work it out on her own.  


She sat at the table listening to the brief and silently fuming. If she were a cartoon, there would be steam coming out of her ears. Her fingers tapped impatiently against the top of the wooden table and if you paid close attention you could see the unease written all over her features; it was taking it's toll. There were dark circles under her bright green eyes and her hair had lost it's sheen due to lack of eating regularly. She tried to keep her teammates from seeing how badly she was taking it, but they more than likely noticed and allowed her to live with the belief that they hadn't. The only thing about her that appeared normal were her weapons. She had been too busy worrying about the sudden arrest and subsequent disappearance of the woman she had just found out was her mother to be worried about how she looked.     
She sat in the briefing room, trying to keep all her attention on Mike. He was taking everything that he was feeling and he was using it to motivate himself. She should be doing the same and she knew it. Taking a deep breath she tried to get herself back on track. Looking around the table, her eyes rested for a second on each and ever person. Mike giving orders as usual, he was, well he was magnificent at what he did. Crazy who was crazy in every sense of the word, but who would die to protect those he deemed worthy and was always ready for a fight. There wasn't much more she could ask for in a teammate. Blair she didn't know very well. She know that the girl fought hard and tried to lead as normal a life as she could. Despair, there was a lot to be said about her. She was immensely powerful and from what Cass had read and studied about her did not have full control over her powers by any means. Which meant that she'd be keeping a careful eye on her. Cass had empathy of her own, her's wasn't on par with Despair's by any means, but she could...empathize with her. She knew what it was like, how hard it was to have to feel everything that was going on around you. Continuing to look around the room, her eyes landed on Tempest. He was one of the two whom she knew the least about. She wouldn't be working with him this time so there were no issues and he seemed to be a genuinely good person. That didn't always bode well in battle, though. She knew better than most that sometimes you had to get dirty. Noticing Honor Girl next a small smile crossed her face. Her mother had chosen this girl as her newest apprentice, had seen something in her that spoke to her as had Honor Guard. She had amazing potential and Cass was excited to see what she could do.  
Chevie.....there weren't enough words. Her heart sped up as she looked at her sister. Cass had always felt a kinship to this girl and now that she knew there was more than just the feeling of the kinship, that they really were family...it was going to be fun. She was going to have so much fun with this girl. Chevie was one of the most genuine people she had ever met. She was at times wise beyond her years and at other times acted exactly how young she was. But she always held this massive potential. She had both her parent's skills and her father's powers and putting the two of those together and adding youthfulness and inexperience into the mix was almost a guarantee for disaster at one point or another, but it seemed that she was doing a great job of keeping a rein on things. Looking at Hesperus dead on, there was something about him that raised a red flag in her mind. She could swear that she had seen him somewhere before and it was on the tip of her tongue. He was quite easily the person she trusted least. She knew his history and she knew who had raised him. She had been brought up by Gambler, in the midst of the League of Assassins. She lived every day knowing that she was a highly trained killer, that it was what she did best. He had the same knowledge, the same upbringing. He was socially awkward at times. He was easy to relate to. But he seemed to be going down a darker path than her, if that was possible. He warranted close watching.   
After Mike had finished talking and all the others had left the room, she caught Despair and Hesperus by themselves for a moment. She didn't speak often, she was more about action than talking, doing things rather than talking about them, but she was leading this team and it was her responsibility to have them fully briefed. Pulling out two comm-links she placed them on the table, one in front of each of them. "These are specially designed comm-links that Sarah drew the specs up for herself. You keep them in and on at all times. If you find Sarah, if you think you see her, if you think you so much as smell her, you alert me immediately and then we call in to the rest of the team. You DO NOT try and apprehend our unknown target without the rest of the team being there. Sov already said it and I'm saying it again. The only people you should be engaging are guards and others who will give you away. You engage nobody that you don't need to in order to keep this as quiet as possible" She gave Despair a long gaze and then briefly met Hesperus' eyes. "You may call yourself heroes and that's all well and good. You may follow a code. If you do, I don't know and I don't care. If we happen to come across where she is, then we're in for a hell of a fight. It doesn't matter who's holding her. Every possible suspect has a good amount of forces backing them up, some more dangerous than others." She already had an idea as to who it was. She had been doing some hacking and calling in of favors of her own and most signs seemed to point in the same direction. The person who she was almost entirely sure was the culprit, they would be incredibly hard to take down. "There is every likelihood that you will be killing people today and that is something that you're just going to have to come to grips with. If you don't think you can do that, if you can't stomach killing some bastard in order to save your leader, then you speak up now. Because if either of you is going to choke out there and become more than useless to me, I need to know now. If either of you has issues with my authority on this mission," she stressed the word as she gave Hesperus a knowing look, "then I need you to tell me right now so I can set you straight. Because this isn't what you may normally do. This is dark and it's dirty and it's not for everybody. And if I tell you to fire a weapon and kill somebody or use your powers and incapacitate somebody, I need to know that you're going to step up and do it. Out there on that mission I am the closest thing you know to god. My orders are not up for discussion no matter how questionable they may be. I need you to trust me to do my job, trust me to know what is best in order to successfully complete this mission and most of all, I need you to trust me to have your backs. Because this mission isn't going to work without that trust. So again, if you take issue with anything that I've said, then feel free to stay here. I don't need people hindering me." She turned around and walked out of the room, looking over her shoulder as she did so. "We're wheels up in twenty minutes. We meet at the jet then. Be there or not, it's up to you."
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Two Hours ago

Nicole sat back in her chair while 'studying' at the library. Since she started school over at Champion City's Academy for Girls, joined Champions of Peace and became Mistress Redhead's apprentice, her life became busy. She was either studying for a test, going on patrol with the Young Champions or training with Mistress Redhead. She was lucky to have an older brother who wasn't nosy, as long as she didn't ask questions, he wouldn't either. Turned out the living arrangements that Mistress Redhead managed to get for her, worked out quite well.

'Mistress Redhead... where are you?' she thought to herself as she closed her eyes and began rubbing the temples of her head, more recently her mentor and the team leader of COPS, Sarah, was kidnapped right under the teams nose, no one knew who exactly was responsible, everyone had their suspicion but no one knew for sure. Just thinking about where she could be, or her well being kept Nicole up for endless nights, and made her feel so useless, she didn't know what to do or what she COULD do. The teenager felt like she was letting the very woman who took her under her wing... down. Looking down at her book 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' she knew she should be reading... but studying right now just seemed so... insignificant compared to what was going on back at the COP's HQ.

Standing back up she closed her book, shoved it in her backpack, she couldn't study, not like this. In a couple of hours Sovereign Son would be having a meeting with Shadow Squad AND Young Champions about what's going on and whats going to happen, and Nicole wasn't about to miss it.


Dressed in her Honor Girl outfit, Nicole sat silently, her blue eyes looking around the room. On one side was the secretive and deadly Shadow Squad, the other side... the future of the team Young Champions. The tension was high in the room, Nicole didn't need to be an empath to know that, or to see the worry in every one's eyes. It seemed she wasn't the only one who hadn't gotten much sleep since the kidnapping.  Her fingers then slowly picked up the couple of sheets of paper that sat in front of everyone, her blue eyes looked down at it, reading what was on it only to not make much sense out of it.

"In front of you sits all the information we have and to put it bluntly all we really know is that Sarah is in Asia somewhere, I would have preferred to keep this to a Shadow Squad mission and in truth this is just to big a job for a small team like this, without the main force of the C.O.P's being present this task falls to you." This gaze fell upon the Young Champions, causing Honor Girl to readjust herself in her seat. "Lets get a few things straight from the start, if a member of Shadow Squad tells you to do something, you do it. This is not a negation, if your told to get down, you bloody do it, or you answer to me." All Nicole do was nod her head, there was no way she wanted to get on ANY of the Shadow Squads bad side, they looked like they could take her out in less than half a second, without even lifting a finger, damn they were so cool... "In order to get this done, the teams will be splinting up, each team will be lead by a member of SS and who will answer directly to me. Also each member of SS has been fitted with a teleporter, if you are a flyer or teleporter let your team leader know before we set out." Fly? Teleport? Nicole chuckled to herself, she could GLIDE... as long as she was on top of a tall building... or mountain ... or... something tall. Mike's eyes then fell upon Cellphone Girl,."I will look to you, for splitting up your team, as MR second  you should know them better then I do and how they work.  I would request that  Hesperus be on mine but I will look to your team expertise." 

Honor Girl mentally crossed her fingers, praying to a God that she hoped existed, that she wouldn't get teamed up with Crazy or Hesperus. There was a reason why Crazy Eights had CRAZY in his name, as for Hesperus... he was just... well she just didn't want to have to put up with THAT kid.

"We have various leads, that we will need to check out, I have an idea of who may be behind this and have being following her actions over the past few months, she dropped of the radar about two months ago in Asia, we will be checking the following areas, DH will taking Northern Mongolia, Crazy will be taking Nepal and I will be moving on China, You are not to engage unless you are sure that MR is there. Stay in radio contact and if you find her wait until back up arrives before moving in, I can not stress how dangerous are target maybe Any questions?" Nicole sat silently, she wasn't sure if that last part was really meant to be a question or not. But then not a second later, Cellphone Girl stood up and handed over a sheet of paper to Mike.

"Okay, Everyone.. Was a little different adding a few members to the usual team rosters i put the Young Champions in in our training exercises. So here are the teams." 

'OhGodpleasedontletmegetonCrazy'steam!' she thought to herself over and over again.

"Dark Huntress, Despair, and Hesperus." YES! She didn't have to work with Hesperus! But crap! That just meant there was a 50-50 chance of her having to work with Crazy! "Second team will have Sovereign Son, Honor Girl, and Tempest." Wait... Sovereign Son?! SERIOUSLY!? She was going to work with THE Mike Lockhart?! Maybe she heard wrong... she had to make sure what she heard was right, so she waited for the last team to be announced.  "Last but not least Crazy, Chevie, and the amazing Cellphone Girl. Any problems? I hope not because this is gonna be fun, trust me"

OMG! She did hear right! She was teamed up with Sovereign Son! This was going to be seriously an awesome experience... or a painful one... she wasn't too sure which one was going to outweigh the other just yet. That was besides the point thought, the point was, now she was going to work with ANOTHER Lockhart, omg she could just die from excitement right now. But she managed to keep her cool in front of everyone as she looked over to her fellow Young Champions Teammate that was also on the team, Tempest. Great... super powers like his ability to control the weather, and something about... probability powers... and then his diamond skin! And her powers? She had none! No x-ray vision, no super speed, no super strength, OH! But one thing she COULD do is stop a bullet! But just once... MAYBE twice if it doesn't kill her the fist time, but point is, she's not super powerful like the others on the team, just had a fancy suit and knew how to throw a good uppercut!

Shaking the thoughts out of her head she stood up from her seat and made her way to Mike, according to him, the trio team was about to head off to China, somewhere she's never been to. Even though this IS a mission, she couldn't lie, she was super excited to travel out of the country for a mission, well that and she's always wanted to try a some REAL sushi... or was that in Japan? She then turned to Tempest, gave him a small smile and nod her head at him in acknowledgment as she waited for Sovereign Son's orders.
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1 hour Ago

*Focus.....you can do this......you know you can...just concentrate* miles above Champion tower hovering between the clouds there was a boy not much older than 16 or 17 by the looks of him just floating there not moving, not flinching, completely still. CRACK-BOOM the sound of Thunder the perfect pillow soft clouds shifted to dark angry clouds moving faster and faster until they created a perfect Thunderstorm and it that moment  he felt free of all the worry and stress that had been building the last few days. But like everything in the world all good things must come to an end and just a fast as it was created the Storm dispersed back to the sunny skies that the weatherman had forecast. "Sigh" taking a breath Michael swooped down onto the Champion's of peace tower landing with a gentle thud "Still haven't got the hang off landing yet better work on that" Michael spoke out loud. All the stress and worry that had escaped him flooded back hoping Mistress Redhead was fine *Nahhh it's Misttress Redhead of course she'll be fine...Still* masking his worried expression Michael made his way down the stair's to a meeting that he had been called to for whatever reason. 


Sitting in a what looked like a boardroom him and the other member's of the Young Champion's listened to Sovereign Son's plan on how they were going to save Mistress Redhead they weren't alone though sitting across the table from Michael sat the Shadow Squad just like the Young Champion's they were a sub team with there own ways of working things the Shadow Squad though were the most brutal part of the Champion's of Peace they were secretive, dark, and willing to kill their enemies. Shifting his attention back to the plan CellPhoneGirl rose to her feet and spoke. 
Okay, Everyone.. Was a little different adding a few members to the usual team rosters i put the Young Champions in in our training exercises. So here are the teams she spoke" 
The Tension in the Room was Horrible everyone at the table was on the edge's of their seat clearly Mistress Readhead has a special place in all there hearts including his own she introduced him to the team made him feel at home he was very grateful to her for all that she had done for him.

Dark Huntress, Despair, and Hesperus You guys will be heading for Northern Mongolia"

"Second Team will be made up of Soveregin Son, Honor Girl and Tempest you guys will be heading for China" 
And Finally Crazy, Chevie and the amazing CellPhoneGirl will be hitting up Nepal" 
Hmmm Soveregin Son and Honor Girl nice i've never really got to know them but Soveregin's a legend and from what i hear Honor Girl's a Legend herself but my fighting skill's nothing on them im just a fancy circus act  with my Gymnastics....Mental note Get better at fightning* pulling him out of his thoughts he noticed Honor Girl smiling at him she seemed confident about the whole situation infact she looked a little excited but then again so was he this was his first mission and he was going to china if this hadn't been life and death he could have enjoyed himself. Sitting back in his chair he waited until Soveregin Son gave him his order wondering what laid in store for them all.
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 Contrary to common believe there were actually good days for Despair. Days when her anti-depressiva worked. Days when the feelings of people did not ground her down as much as they usually do. Days when the oppressing weight that life had heaped upon her was almost bearable. Then she wandered through life, an invisible but feelable barrier between her and the others. Almost like a glass window making her the spectator watching the story of life happening around her. Life on that side of the glass evolved around her in a slightly faster way than it did for her. So there was no other option for her than to watch events around her unfold slightly faster than she was able to react to it. Separated from everything. But still those were the good days.             

Today was not a good day.

While desperately trying to listen to Sovereign Son she sat in the CoP briefing room her head resting in her hands. Each of his words made her want to peel her face off. Rip it off. Tear down that artificial façade that prevented the world from seeing her like she really was. Get rid of the allegedly oh-so-beautiful face her parents had cursed her with. Enjoy the pain when it was disconnected from her skull fibre by fibre. Finally show the world what she was really like. Like a grave covered with marble she was rot being covered by something adorable. She felt it, wanted to do it.

Yet she did not.

Still her perfectly manicured black nails dug into the skin on her head beneath her silken black hair. A tiny bit of blood poured out from the scratches she caused herself. But she was not able to do it. The combined force of the emotion of her teammates condemned her to passiveness. So she just sat there hidden from her companions through the veil of her own hair that hung down infront of her face. The urge to reveal her skull and revel in the pain was mixed with the conflicting emotions around her. Sorrow. Hate. Pain. Regret. Compassion. Disgust. Helplessness. Despair…

The words flew at her in a vortex of shrouded meanings, drowning her. She who was stranded in this world that made no sense at all. That was one thing that had to be said about hell: At least it made sense. It was all about suffering. Now that she was back in the so-called “reality” sense was all lost to her. People spoke differently from what they believed, from what they really felt. For her as an empath it was only the worse. And as she finally had found a point to relate to, a person who she could trust… This person was taken from her.

She had only heard tales of what the others called the “Inquisition” but it had indeed been to e a torture. And the sight of the redheaded strong woman in chains being led out of the magnificent CoP building was not less than heartbreaking. Broken like legendary hero with hanging head. An era had ended.

Then, out of the sudden, the whole situation had inversed again. Callisto had been revealed to be a traitor, a criminal. But that had not brought back their revered Mistress. It had changed none of their feelings. Where Despair had enough to do with her own depression caused by her current loss it had been amplified by the collective pain of her peers.

Echoes of Mike’s and Blair’s words still resonated through her mind as she stood up and staggered through the room behind her two new teammates, Dark Huntress and Hesperus.

Woefully, silent and waiting she listened to Cass’s briefing. How confident the young woman was. How strong and how focussed on her mission. How much she made clear that nothing would stop her from recovering her mother, not even those working with her. Desperately Despair took a breath of that conviction, let the emotion fill her whole body and let it infuse and reinforce her like iron. Her spine stiffed, he posture became more upright. Blue fire began to light up in her eyes again. From Hesperus she took the cold strength of a killer, the security that her abilities were enough.

Slowly she lifted her head again, her eyes glowing through her hair like fires in the darkness. For a short moment her and Cass’s eyes met. Blue and green steel. A fight of willpowers was fought. Forth and back it went not about the reason for this mission for both of them agreed on it. No, it was a test of Despair’s own will. If she was able to do what was necessary, if she was able to grow beyond her own morals to free the woman who had been like a second mother to her. And as Dark Huntress asked the deciding question Despair had only one thing to answer in a cold, raspy voice:


And there was a new Witch Of Light. The changed Despair, infused by the strength of her co-fighters… Strength or maybe something different.

Several hours later: 
Regally and upright Despair exited the CoP-jet like a queen. Their first location on list with a number of places to look after MR was a small Mongolian town. People sat on open street, parodies of starved cows ran past them, houses not even worth the name roofed with some cheap metal lining the raw earth they called streets here… She detested it from the first moment. It was about time they found somebody and let him regret he made them coming here in the first place. In her was only the cold, somehow distanced hatred on the world that owed her so much that she had absorbed from Hesperus and Dark Huntress. Somebody would pay for that. Inside her the forces of Light Magic welled up and created a typhoon of conflicting principles. It pushed to the outside, urged her to burn all that taint away with the purifying power that was under her control.


Oh yes, Despair had changed. If it was to the better was still the question.

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 “You….prepare yourself. Nepal’s long ways away get something warm.” Crazy had told Blair, she wasn't exactly sure what kind of guy he was, since she never really spoken to him before, but something told her that she needed to keep on eye on him. "Okay.." She said quietly, then looking to Chevie she couldn't help but smile. "Hi there Chevie, isn't this gonna be exciting huh? Well i'll meet you two in a few minutes while i go get ready myself, okay?"  
With that Blair walked away from the rest of the team heading towards her room, when walking in she headed right towards her closet opening it up to reveal tons of clothes, shoes, and more clothes. Extending her arms she pushed the clothes away to reveal behind it a wall of Rocket Launchers. "You could never ever go wrong with ones of these.. and that reminds me.. whatever happened to the one i gave Chevie?" Shrugging, she took this new shiny red one that she had been wanting to play with for some time.  
 After a few minutes she gathered some pairs of black clothing, and an extra costume just in case. Hearing a vibration going off on her bed she noticed that someone must have texted her, looking at her phone she saw that it was Overkill, one of Champion of Peace's newest recruits. It was obvious by the way he looked at Blair that he was smitten with her, kinda cute that someone was crushing on her. She thought for a second what to say, then pressed the buttons quickly sending the message.

Well this is gonna be fun I bet, but... Peter.. be careful with your mission.. you still owe me that date you know.. 


 Yep. He asked her out on a date, and she did in fact accepted. Blair wasn't too big on the whole dating thing, since she was far to busy with being a superhero, MR's second in command for the Young Champions, and even a Counselor for the heroes on the team. The last boyfriend she had was Percy Jackson, a demi-god, they sadly went their own separate ways when this team had formed. He didn't agree with her and the others in wanting to form the Vine Titans with other hero teams to become one. So he left, joining some villain team, that was the last she had heard of him. 
Before that Blair dated another guy while in High School, he tried to kill her and her best friend Chloe. Instead he killed her father, he was a Cop, not knowing that his daughter was able to protect herself from him. He did what any good father would do and tried to fight Blake, he also didn't know that the kid had control over lightning. Tragic.   
 “Come on CPG, let’s get going. “ Blair heard from her comlink. "I'm right here." She told him herself as she was making her way into the entrance of the the plane. Sitting down she opened her cellphone back up to see Overkill sending her another message.  

Don't you worry babe.  Nothin is gunna stop me from getting to that date.  xD  But, you take care out there.  And keep your head down and safe.  I'll see you when you get back.  Meeting is about to start, I gotta go.  See ya later!   

  Blair excited out of the message, annoyed by the fact he called her babe. She's not his girlfriend, so why should he really say it. As the plane lifted off heading towards Nepal, Blair looked back at her phone for a second time staring at a picture of her best friend Chloe. "Where.. are you?.." She quietly whispered.

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Five Years Ago...

"The League of Assassins is training ground for people like you and I." Surreal told her student, as they walked through the halls of the League's headquarters, where killers lived and learned. "Your father forbade me from bringing you here for training when I first began instructing you. But times have changed and I suspect he will not allow me to teach you for much longer, so I decided now was the perfect time to defy his orders. I suppose he didn't want you to mingle with humans too much, he would have much preferred it if I were your only human ally. Or perhaps he was afraid of what you would become?" 
"A killer, you mean?" The child replied, arching his brow and widening his eyes, so alien for one of his age. So full of hate, fear, pain and desperation, longing for freedom from his curse. He spoke always with a spark of cynicism and a sneer of superiority tattooed upon his face. "Doesn't the old fool realize that's exactly what I am?" Damian Rayne was five years old and yet he spoke with eloquence exceeding that of most adults. Around a year and a half ago he had taken his first life, as part of his training under Surreal SaDiablo, an expert assassin who, unbeknownst to her student, was in fact his mother. 
"You slit the throat of that criminal, yes." Surreal nodded, resting a hand on the boy's shoulder as they walked, recalling the bizarre situation when her three year old son bested a knife wielding thief in combat. "But that does not make you one of these people, Damian. Many of them thirst for blood and the thrill of inflicting death, but not you. You have not taken a life since that day, despite many opportunities." The young killer stiffened and averted his faze, pretending to observe the passing scenery. His teacher smiled."That is not a bad thing, child. You do not kill without cause or reason. You have respect for even the most insignificant life. That is not a belief to be ashamed of." 
"It is a weakness." Damian spat in reply, his hands curling into fists. "I am a fundamentalist, a chosen son, no less. I am superior to all humanity by my very nature, their lives to me are like the lives of cattle." 
"You sound like your father." Surreal replied coldly, now averting her own gaze and removing her hand from his shoulder. The Rayne heir continued, unaffected by this interruption.
"If I am presented the opportunity today, I promise you, I will not hesitate. My blades shall taste blood again, I will not even require the use of my powers to eliminate these animals you intend to test me against." Surreal remained silent, allowing her student time to reflect on what he had just said. As usual, a few moments later Damian's face softened and he opened his mouth, as if to retract his statement. Then he thought better of it and swiftly closed it again, shaking his head and muttering to himself. His teacher smiled again, but quickly hid the look of maternal pride upon her face. The boy was not to know of their relationship, as much as it pained her. 
The two then entered the Great Arena, a circular room with no doors, only two archways on either side. The floor was a smooth, cold stony texture, a dark orange, which turned to deep red as it ran up the walls, and then to white when it reached the ceiling, which was decorated with black symbols and phrases designed to teach the students lessons and the code they were bound to uphold. In the centre of the large room, taking up the majority of the space, was a disc, comprising of a wooden floor. It was about an inch lower than the regular flooring and seemed as though it had recently been replaced, though the stench of blood and death still permeated the air around it. Equal distances from each other, positioned around this wooden circle were thick poles. Judging by the metal cage suspended above the arena, these poles were for holding the cage in place when it was in use. 
Surrounding the perimeter of the room were assassins, dozens of them, who stood tall and still, ready to strike like a cobra at a moment's notice. Surrounding the inner wooden circle were the mask-less apprentices and students. They were of various ages and heights, though all looked at least twice as old and tall as Damian was. When Surreal strode in through the archway, leaving her son to wait at the entrance, the learners seemed to be gripped by a sudden fear. They all knew of the great SaDiablo and the prospect of facing her scared them witless. Ignoring this, Surreal spoke to a senior-looking assassin. "These are the best you have? I thought Grand Master Le Beau would be here to greet us?" 
"The Master is occupied at this time." The assassin replied in a quiet, dignified tone, bowing his head to Surreal before speaking. "But he has assured me that these are his most promising students." Hushing his voice even more, the assassin whispered in a voice that Damian couldn't quite hear and said. "Particularly the red headed girl." 
"Hm." Surreal eyed the girl with the fiery hair, who was standing with her back to them. She nodded "Thank you." and headed back to her son. She led him to the centre arena, where he walked through a gap in the students, right into the very middle of the circle. As soon as he passed them, the look of fear of the faces of the students turned to looks of bemusement, shock and smugness. Damian had now lost his swagger, instead he stood straight, with his face the very picture of determination. His usual smirk was gone, his face looked almost impassive, but his eyes burned with focus and intensity. His loose fitting black training gear had red highlights along the edges and his belt carried his two weapons, his daisho, a katana and a wakizashi. The boy gripped the hilts of his dual weapons and slowly removed them from their sheaths, rotating on the spot as he cast a piercing glare over his many opponents. "You shall face him last." Surreal whispered into the ear of the red headed girl, not even considering the possibility that her son might not survive his encounter with the other students. She then straightened up and pointed to a boy on the other side of the arena, wielding an odachi at the ready. "You shall face him first. Begin!" 

The Present Day... 

After Lockhart finished his brief and the suspiciously-happy-girl had organized them into teams, Hesperus found himself and the silent-emo-girl pulled to one side by the Dark Huntress. Damian had spent some time with Happy, Emo and the others on his squad during Young Champions training exercises, though the group had yet to be sent on an actual mission yet. He hadn't gotten to know them particularly well, forgetting Happy's name as soon as he was told what it was and not really caring to remember the true name of Emo. Still, Emo never seemed to talk back, so Damian probably talked to her more than anyone else on his squad, she just never said anything back. Which was just the way he liked it. Also on his squad were his 'cousin' Chevrolet, ditzy-blonde-girl and weather-fairy-boy. The Shadow Squad, however... Hesperus idolized them. 
He knew all of their codenames, their real names and as much about their history as he possibly could, he even admired his adopted uncle, Michael, despite the relationship Sovereign Son shared with his mother. His respect for Talon was affected negatively by her relationship with Andferne Jr, but the rest of them were like Gods to him. He felt stifled on the Young Champions, being treated like a child who still required training and being taught moral lessons and how to be a hero. His training was completed when he was five years old and he was smarter than everyone else on his squad, so naturally Hesperus would much prefer to be on the Shadow Squad, where his talents could be put to better use. So when Cassidy O'Rourke, daughter of Mistress Redhead and student of Gambler, opened her mouth to speak, for once Hesperus shut his own mouth and paid attention. 
Her speech completely captured his attention, the confidence with which she spoke, the ice-cold passion in her eyes and the finality of her statements... Damian was reminded of his own mother. He found himself nodding in agreement with everything Cassidy said, a gleeful grin growing on his face with each word she said. Perhaps if this mission proved enough of a success, he would be permitted to transfer to Shadow Squad. Hesperus made a mental note of that, cherishing the very idea of it, having had more time with weather-fairy-boy than he could stand. When Cassidy was finished, she commanded her two partners to meet her at the jet in twenty minutes and walked away. "Finally, kiddy-time is over." Hesperus grinned, talking to Emo (who he'd heard Happy call 'Despair' when they were grouped together) and not really expecting an answer, as usual. However, he was quite taken aback when his not-so-talkative team-mate replied with a creepy, rattling voice. 
"Yes..." Despair said quietly, though it was clear that she wasn't talking to Damian. The boy resented this fact, he much preferred Despair when he didn't know for sure that she was ignoring him, he liked to think she was in a stunned silence whenever she didn't reply. He was also a little disconcerted at how much her expression seemed to reflect his own. Walking away cautiously, he made his way to the armory. 
"I really need to apply for a change in squad..." He muttered once he was out of earshot of Despair. Damian eventually got to the armory, in time to see Crazy Eights and Chevrolet disappear behind a secret door. That was where Jacob kept his own secret store of weaponry. Guns, mostly. Hesperus wasn't such a fan of guns, but that was partly due to his powers providing the only long-range weapon he needed. But even though he could tear a man in half with a thought, Damian had come to love the thrill of fighting hand-to-hand. He found his own section of the armory, marked with his H-shaped dual-crescent insignia. Bending down to the lowest shelf and pulling out his box of weapons, Hesperus began to suit up. Removing his usual colourful costume, he decided that a more stealthy look would be appreciated here. He had designed this costume himself, with the intention of using it if he were ever put on the Shadow Squad. The usual black leggings remained, but instead of his chest being covered by a red tunic, the material from his leggings continued upwards, covering his arms and torso. The torso was decorated with a large white version of his usual logo, with the upper points stretching down his arm as dual white stripes. Next came the boots and gloves, black instead of green, and a dark, mossy green cloak, substituting the bright yellow. His new gloves also had hard spikes embedded in the knuckles. He switched his green domino mask for a black one and then began armoring himself up. 
Firstly, he put on his belt, carrying his daisho weapons in their sheaths. Next, he set about weaponizing the rest of his body. Attached along the outer side of his sole was a thin, but very sharp, metal blade, which extended just past his toes. With one of these on both boots, his kicks became even more deadly. On his forearms he placed similar gauntlets, but with a slightly thicker blade, which stopped just short of his wrist. If he were to become disarmed somehow, he could use these to deflect attacks and counter without having to resort to his powers. Pushing the box back into place, Hesperus made his way to the jet. He stamped both feet on the floor, causing the blades to retract, and then ensured that he could hide his other weapons beneath his cloak effectively. Damian wore no actual armor, he never felt the need for it as he was rarely ever hit by an opponent's attack. 
Making it to the jet well in time, Hesperus spotted Dark Huntress standing next to it. He felt a peculiar sensation in his stomach that he had never felt before, and reminded himself to eat something from the mini-bar on the jet on the journey. He smiled at Cassidy as he passed her, an actual, genuine, sympathetic smile. It was quite out of character for him; and probably looked a little odd to anyone who had spent any amount of time around the young Rayne before. Once sitting down on the jet with a bag of potato chips and a sandwich in hand, Damian wondered why exactly he had smiled at Cassidy. He couldn't remember the last time he had smiled and it wasn't a smirk... 

Several Hours Later...

 It was a long flight. The trio hadn't spoken to each other at all since take-off and Damian had spent most of his time playing around with his powers, levitating empty food wrappers and plotting the death of Eclipse. At one point he even used his powers to affect the flight of the jet, causing it to wobble precariously for a moment before he released it. He had to stifle his laughter after he saw the look on the pilot's face. When they landed, Despair immediately got to her feet and strode out, holding herself like royalty. Frowning at this behavior, Damian shuffled forwards out of his seat, and his feet touched the floor for the first time since they had departed from the Tower. Pulling his cloak tightly around himself to conceal his blades, but not so tightly that it looked suspicious, Hesperus also exited the jet. Keeping his distance from his creepy team-mate, he looked up at Dark Huntress after casting a distasteful look over their surroundings. "Please tell me we're here for interrogation. I'd rather not waste too much time in this..." He sniffed in disgust. "... Sty. And I doubt they would be holding Sarah here. Besides," he glanced at the 'new' Despair "I think all of us are in the mood for beating information out of whatever scum we can find."
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One Year Ago

 Fear. It's what my life is like most of the time. Never wanting to ever come home, to want to escape something that shouldn't be a nightmare. Parents are supposed to love you.. they are supposed to care for you. They aren't supposed to make you feel like the most worthless person in the world. My dad.. tells people that he is proud of me. Big lie. He isn't, tells me how bad of a child i am, how he doesn't want anything to do with me, how i could be so much better than what i already am.     
My best friend Blair left to go to Vine City to become the super hero she wanted to be, mainly because she didn't want to try it here and put her friends in danger. I miss her. Without her our whole little group of friends fell apart, just when we were about to become our own little family this happens to have us all go our separate ways. Jennifer went to college in Raccoon City, Colorado. West still is around, but him and i never really were that close. Phoebe went into a rehab center for her.. problem, and then Blake.. He's in Prison for what he did to Blair.. Damn that ***hole.  
Sometime after those things happened it got worse at home, i watched my father talk more aggressively towards my mother. She doesn't deserve it, neither do my siblings and i. They are more younger than i am, so they just think he's a jerk, nothing more. It's also best if they knew nothing more than that, for their own sake. 
Last week i ran away from home, i couldn't deal with the stress of being scared of my father anymore, i'd rather just live on the streets, risking my life out here would be more easier. I'll feel better alone, away from that house. I miss Blair.. i really do miss her.. I need her.. 

As Chloe sleeps behind a dumpster a cloaked figure comes out of the shadows, grabbing her by the mouth with a towel in their hand knocking her out. What she didn't know was about a week later Blair returned to Chicago looking for her, searching for her best friend.      
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Mike stood saying nothing to the two team mates, he signaled for them to follow and he made his way to the transporters. He listened as each of his team gave a smaller speech re-emphasizing what had already been said. They exited the briefing room and entered the white halls of the cops towers, each step seemed to echo down the hall as if trying to remind them of the silence that sat in the air. Honor Girl was one of MR students and seemed to always be in a state of somewhat hyperactivity and Tempest was still getting used to his powers, everything about this was wrong, they where going to save MR and fight against some of the worlds greatest assassins and these kids would have to hold their own. He wondered if any of them had truly seen death or killed and watched a life be taken because of them, they made it to the room which hummed with energy which made the hairs on the back of their necks stand up. In the center of the metallic room four glowing red disc’s. Mike knew he was going to have to say something, keeping his eyes on the disc’s in front of them forcing himself not to look at them he spoke “Stay close and keep your heads down, if I act you act. Don’t freeze don’t be scared, I will do everything I can to make sure you do not get hurt or killed, all I ask is you do the same for me.” Mike stepped into the transporter and his body vanished in a sparkle of red particles.

The cold air hit him as he landed at their destination, the snow broke under his weight and he instantly looked for cover. He placed them half a mile from their target; most people would need binoculars to see the warehouse in the distance, let alone the men guarding it. But mike was one of the single greatest marksmen in the world; he picked out the crimson guards and their patrols. This was one of his sisters many hide outs, it looked like a harmless storage ports above, but beneath was a different story. He heard Honor Girl appear behind him, her breathe heavy in the sudden change of temperature, something else shifted, something fast. Mike span at the sudden change in the air, he caught Honor Girl by the top of her cape and threw her to the side, She fell onto her bum as a thin blade passed where her face was moments before. Mike had removed his combat knife and was staring at their attacker. A sinister smile looked back at him; the man hid his face behind the smiling mask and stood wearing white samurai attire. His blade pulled and prepared for another attack and Mike moved forward, his knife meeting the next blow. Mike used his free hand to catch the mans wrist and tried to twist, but the samurais foot caught the back of mikes leg and tried to force him to the ground, both of them broke of their attacks and pulled away preventing both grapples.

“Hello Mr Lockheart” the man spoke with a thick Asian accent, Mike had never met him, but knew of him. This was Gamblers body guard, Little Sparrow a fearsome warrior and deadly silent. Honor Guard was back on her feet and about to enter the fray when Tempest appeared as well. Sparrow looked from Mike to the two youngsters and back to Mike, his eyes where steel raveling nothing. His hands moved to his side and Mike stepped forward “I hope your friends are having fun…see you soon Mr Lockheart” he threw a scroll to the floor and vanished in a puff of smoke. Mike turned to the other two, “You ok?” his eyes resting on Honor Girl, he waited for her to reply before he spoke again “MR is here, Little Sparrow is one of the best in the world, Gambler would not have let him be here unless he was really needed by Surreal. it seems they knew we where coming, nothing we can do about that now, lets hope the rest of the teams are okay and can get here soon.” Mike turned and made his way towards the target.

Nepal .

One Shot Whistled while waiting for is targets, he was not sure who they where, but when that women ask you to do a job you do it. Surreal was known throughout the mercenary world as simply the best. Hell if she asked him to do this for free he probably would have, to be owed a favor by her and her little army would be a massive bonus. But the cash she offered was enough to allow him to retire for a couple of years. He looked down his sights to see no other then Crazy Eight’s appear at the other end, he had not seen the nut Job since he had taken MR and him and Michael Lockheart had blown up half the place to free her. No this would have to be more personal then a bullet to the head. One Shot stood from his sniper point and smiled, his short blonde hair was shaggy and a large scar went across his face from the top of his forehead to the left hand side of his chin, brushing the dust off his camouflage uniform he pulled the pin from a grenade and vanished.

One of his hands appeared in front of Crazy giving him the finger as his other hand appeared dropping the grenade and then both the hands vanished again just as the rest of Crazy’s team appeared. One Shot Waited for the bang before heading in again this time with his gun ready and a sickening grin across his face.

Mongolia .

It had been so long since he had been in this world so long since he had even seen someone he would have considered a hero. His name was Peter Marxism, most knew him as Nano, once a hero and former member of the NAO, now a hired killer, a lot had changed for him in the last few years, he wore a skull mask that covered his face and protected his head phones. Nano’s power came from music, the music changed should would his fighting skill, rock would maker a brawler, classical would make him more technical and agile. He was almost impossible to read when he had his music on shuffle and even without it he was dangerous, a former British SAS member, Nano was a man of little words.

First to appear was DH and her team and he flew into action, two guns firing hopefully forcing them into the nearby cover, which he had buried c4 under, he had to make this quick.

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Champion Tower

Chevie watched her dad speak to the group with a combination of awe and boredom, his familiar voice boomed through the room commanding all that would listen and she simply could not help herself from pulling faces at him. Everyone was upset at the loss of her mother, but no one would tell her exactly what was going on, she knew that mummy had been arrested for being naughty but outside of that Chevie simply did not get it.

Being raised by mercenaries Chevie was not always the most… normal of kids, her one and only friend a daughter of a Ninjan, her godfather a psychotic weirdo and her newly found sister a disturbed killer. She could hear Annabels claws padding around outside the door of the meeting room, her pet dragosaur her constant nanny and protector. Snapping back to the room as she heard her name mentioned she grinned at her godfather, enacting their special air “hi five” hand shake. She was also teamed up with Blair, her mums second at the Prodigies academy and one of the best teacher/counsellors on campus, the kids all loved her.

Her father’s eyes lingered on her slightly as he began to leave the room; a slight wink at her was his only acknowledgement of their bond, poking her tongue out at Dark Huntress as she followed her dad made her big sister laugh and point at her heart to the child. Her way of telling Chevie she loved her, the last to glare at her was Hesperus, Aunty Surreal’s son, he was a nasty boy who loved to torment Annabel, Chevie frowned and glared at the hooded boy as he strutted out with the main crowd she really did hate him.

Her godfathers face appeared in her line of vision as he whistled at her, nodding his head at the door, she ran to catch up with him as CPG spoke to her and exited out to her own room to get herself ready for the trip. Before they could leave the room her father stopped and turned back to Crazy “Do not give my daughter any of your guns, gear her up with the SS uniforms and that’s it” she giggled as her uncle blew a sound at her dad and waved at him looking back at the brief moment of sadness that crossed his face before turning back to his mission, poor dad she thought. Crazy led them down the hall and out the back down to Crazy’s special weapons room, a place she was never allowed to go. Annabel bobbed alongside her as they walked, quiet as her large eyes kept glancing at Crazy and back to Chevie, and mewing slightly as she bumped her nose against Chevies hand “Easy girl, its ok” she whispered in the language of the creature. Following through to the large room her eyes lit up at the sight of all the shiny, shiny toys against the wall, grazing over each and every weapon she could list each one of in her mind, her talent and memory for weapons something that comes from a father who has no idea about fairy tales.  Excited she got about getting geared up by her godfather, the whole time worrying about what her dad would be saying once he found out, and what CPG would say about the missing Rocket Launcher which had mysteriously been sucked into a portal that her and Magic had been playing with.

Annabel the whole time watching carefully her scaled face almost frowning at them.

After an extremely embarrassing situation for Crazy, involving a vinyl suit, a child chucking a wobbly at the colour and refusing to wear it until her godfather pinned her to the ground and forced it on her, the whole time getting bitten and kicked til himself and Chevie sat there in matching uniforms with Chevie screaming at the top of her lungs til Crazy allowed her to change into her pink costume that matched her mum and Honour Girls. With Crazy wiping blood off the claw marks on his arm, and dragging her happily along the floor by her pink cape, they finally boarded the plane.

 Chevie promptly fell asleep after their meal and loudly snored the whole trip to Nepal, only waking when Blair carefully nudged her wiping the drool from her shoulder where Chevie had slept.


Chevie watched as the large crate holding Annabel was lifted off the private plane, CPG and Crazy discussing their next move, Chevie glanced at CPG wondering why she kept checking her cell phone. Shrugging she flipped the latch on Annabels cage and was bowled over by the large dragosaur licking her face as Crazy called out to them to get their asses in the truck, the two of them climbed into the back of the truck watching the world go by as they drove out to their first destination.

Nepal smelled funny, she watched as the city stretched out around them, the people wore clothes different to anything she had seen and the air was hot with spice, it began to get colder as they drove higher into the mountains, the adults in the front discussed their plan, plotting routes and talking about people Crazy would speak too.

The truck stopped at the base of a large mountain, at the top a temple stood, a place where Crazy had a contact with one of the monks who could lead them to where the bad people had taken her mummy. She could not help but wonder what the fuss was, she had such faith in her parents she held no fear that anyone could hurt them, though she had no idea that her mother was pregnant.   Jumping out of the truck her godfather placed his hand on her shoulder “we can’t take Annabel up there babes” glaring at him Chevie sat on the back of the truck and crossed her arms, the pair of them getting into a massive screaming match involving much swearing and “im soo gonna tell on you” from Chevie before finally with tears in her eyes she kissed Annabels nose and gave her over to stay with the truck and their guides. Stopping to give the guides in depth information on how Annabel likes to play she was once again dragged by her cape to the re-join the group that was gearing up to climb the long stretch of mountain above.

Climbing the cliff Chevie enjoyed the way her breath made puffs and was busy puffing out her cheeks and trying to make rings with her breath when a man appeared in front of her godfather who was standing about 10 feet from Chevie and dropped a grey ball at his feet.

 Chevie stood their gaping like a guppy with her breath, her eyes popping  as the man made a rude gesture at her uncle “OI” she yelled at the top of her lungs but the funny looking man just grinned at her and disappeared angry she ran at top speed, her speeder legs kicking up the dust of the snow as she picked up the grenade and raced after the man, zooming across the snow she spotted him at a hiding spot above the top, speeding up to stand behind him, she dropped the grenade at his feet and grinned “Think you dropped this” turning away from him, looking over her shoulder she mimicked her mum putting her hand on her hip “Don’t mess with the Lockhearts mister” before zooming back to the spot where the others stood in shock, the boom and fire ball exploding in the distance. 

  Grinning wide at her godfather who stood their gaping at her before laughing and patting her head.

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The flight to Nepal it was long and boring, for the first few hours Crazy stood to the knowledge he should be flying he plan. Being the only one to know how to and is willing to kill without mercy for the other, he is the commanding officer in his mind. Something that was washed away the moment he thought it an Chevie laughing for a good ten minutes before she said “Your no one’s boss Uncle, not even the ones in your head listen to you.”   Mary and Zeek chimed in with a smile “The girls right none of us listen to you, not even Marv and hes an invalid.” Crazy grumbles to himself before putting the plan into autopilot. He smiled to his goddaughter but looking to   CPG he leaned whispering into her ear “We get to Nepal and find something, you will do everything I tell you. Sarah is second priority to Chevie, we get into fire fight we get her out of it fast. Understood.” CPG didn’t know what to tell him she simply sat there. Knowing full well if something happened out there Chevie would throw one hell of a tantrum in hopes of staying, he simply wanted to watch CPG try an get her out of the fight.


Once they landed Crazy watched each person who unloaded the contents of the plane carefully, one went to another who dialed a number. Crazy noticing this took out a paper clip and walked towards him only for CPG to stop him asking what they were going to do. Before he could reply to her the man finished his phone call and booked it Crazy sighed with a smile on his face “We follow my lead, my buddy is more than trustable.” CPG looked at him with reluctance “Hes a f#cking monk for Christ sakes, what’s he going to get out of ratting on us? Just follow my lead.” With that he gestured for the truck that would escort them to the mountain. The crate carrying Chevies pet was loaded onto the truck and they took off, Chevie sitting behind CPG an Crazy she giggled playing with her pet through the holes in its crate. The roads winded an curved every which way, every few minutes Crazy would turn to Chevie an smile then look to the little lizard she had somehow gotten her parents to agree on keeping. He sighed before turning to CPG “We cant bring the thing.” She looked to him “Let me take care of it.” As soon as they stopped at the base of the mountain he leaped out an spoke with Chevie. Her screams could have brought down the entire mountain, Crazy tried silencing her with soft words but soon she was throwing an all out tantrum an he screamed “CHEVIE!!! STOP!” She looked at him her lip quivering as if she was holding back tears, he had never yelled at her before today. He felt horrible but the beast would only get in the way, soon she spoke with the beast an leaped off the car. The two girls went ahead Crazy staying behind “You guys take off or get this thing hurt….shes going to kill me. But trust me before she does Im going to come back down this mountain an shove this stick up your asses, making your death very uncomfortable.” The two guides wide eyed nodded before watching Crazy an his team trek up the mountain.

The air was slightly less colder than he had expected, Marv in control of the body so that his rock skin would keep Crazy warmer. They climbed the mountain Crazy behind the girls until they reached the summit, the temple standing in front of them. Suddenly from the snow walked someone Crazy had never met before, along with him was the smell of blood. Looking behind him he saw his friend tied to a chair. Crazy grabbed Chevies hand “Stay put.” He said looking to the man who stopped momentarily before dropping a grenade, Crazy’s eyes widened as he reached for the grenade but it was gone as soon as it hit the ground an so was Chevie. Suddenly she was back at his side, a scream was heard before the grenade went off, Crazy looked to Chevie an burst into a fit of laughter. Only for his laughter to stop as the sound of gunfire filled the air, he ducked over Chevie shielding her with his rock skin. The bullets bouncing off his skin he spoke to her “Chevie, when I stand up use your hoodoo to take out the second wave okay. That man pointing to the one who had tossed the grenade, one of my personalities Zachariah said he was more than a normal man, he was like us.” He stopped listening to the rate of gunfire an CPG tossing her own volley of attacks at the men. “Protect the newbie alright, I will be right back.” He wanted Chevie safe but knew it was beyond that now, Mike told them to not to engage the threats if they found them unless provoked an even then to call for back up. With a wide smile he kissed Chevies forehead before standing an kicking her behind a large rock. Turning to the threat bullets embed themselves into his skin, he runs full tilt into the first group of men. Tossing fist after fist he cleared an opening for himself he saw Oneshot standing behind the bound monk “Well well, looks as if Im not getting paid enough. Your lot, there slaughtering my men was told you three would be the easiest.” With another smile One Shot pulled the trigger, executing his friend with no remorse. Crazy looked behind him as the second wave at the mouth of the cave was being dealt with. He walked closer so One Shot could hear him speaking softly “Shes not here is she?” One Shot shook his head “Divide an conquer they told me, we take your team out apart one by one. We can have more fun with her, such a pretty little thing when I saw her. Now I doubt shes got any beauty left, hell shes probably in some ditch…” Crazy was done listening, he just needed to know if she was here. The mans voice didn’t waver he was telling the truth which meant one thing. The whole temple is gone now, he sent his thoughts to Chevie “Hunny, your mums not here. But these men, they hurt her in someway by not telling us where she is.” He told her this for one thing, he was planning on wiping these men out. They hurt her, he could smell her on him. They were near her at some point, her perfume was something he got irritated with it covered you head to toe if you were within five feet of her.  

Smiling he removed most of the heavy weaponry attached to his body, it all fell to the ground with a thud. Pulling out two daggers he spun them in his hand before tossing them in the air an catching them, he held them tight getting into a stance. This man in front of him was someone good, someone so good bullets would only be dodged. This had to be up close an personal, take his head right off his shoulders. With a smug grin he called for him “You going to just stand there gloating, or are you going to make this easy for me?”. 

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 Nothing was spoken, not a single word, it was just... an awkward silence between the three. She should have known Mike wasn't in the talking mood, but damn not even a 'Lets go'? He simply walked off, as he waved at two Young Champions to follow him, and the two did, they followed. Staying silent she looked over to Tempest, to see if he was just as nervous as she was, probably not... with powers like that, she bet not a whole lot scared the fellow hero. She watched as the other two teams got little mini speeches, but Mike was that of few words, which is why he was so bad @ss in Nicole's mind, he let his actions speak.

Continuing walking through the halls of the building she began to wonder what her two teammates were thinking... Mike was probably thinking about Sarah a nd Tempest was probably thinking about... well to be honest she had no clue what he would be thinking about, she really didn't know much about him at all. 'Guess this would be a great time to get to know him.' she thought to herself as the small group reached the room where the teleporter was. A low vibrating hum could be heard as she to ok in a deep breath and let it out slowly. She looked downward at the glowing red discs, and the trio stood silent, without even a glance at the two teens their leader spoke.

“Stay close and keep your heads down, if I act you act. Don’t freeze don’t be scared, I will do everything I can to make sure you do not get hurt or killed, all I ask is you do the same for me.” Even though the teenager knew he couldn't see her, she nod her head, her eyes focused on the teleporter. Without another word Sovereign Son stepped through the portal, and then... was gone.

Stretching out her arms she turned to Tempest and gave him an encouraging smile. "Ladies first!" she jumped forward, standing right in front of the teleporter, hesitating for just a second, who knew what the hell was on the other side... turning back to her teammate she gave him a thumbs up. "See ya on the other side!" with that she jumped through the teleporter, she was engulfed in a red light for just a split second just before her feet hit the white powdery snow that covered the land. "Ack!" her body shivered for a moment at the instant cold, and it was REALLY cold, much colder than she hoped it was. 'Keep focus, keep focus, this is for Sarah.' she said to herself over and over again as she wrapped her black insulated cape around her body to try and keep her body heat inside. But before she could feel the effect of her cape keeping her warm, Mike moved so quickly, she didn't see it coming at all. All she heard was a whistling noise as he yanked downward hard at her cape, forcing her down to the ground, landing hard on her butt. "UMPH!" a small wave of snow covered her body from the sudden fall. "Awww man." she didn't even realize what had just happened yet, with an annoyed lo ok on her face she was going to get ready to tell Mike something when she then saw exactly WHY he threw her to the ground.

“Hello Mr Lockheart” It was a man dressed in what looked to be samurai armor, and a white mask. He and Mike were at a stalemate right now. She had NO idea who this guy was... but he knew who they were, or at least Sovereign Son. Quickly standing back up she dust the snow off her body as she quickly pulled out her bo staff in her right hand, extending it as she held a couple of honor- rangs in the other hand, ready to throw them upon order. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she held her breath, waiting to see if Mike would give them the clear to attack.

“I hope your friends are having fun…see you soon Mr Lockheart” throwing something on the ground a puff of smoke engulfed the strange Asian man, and by the time it cleared, he was gone. 

"You ok?" He turned to the two Young Champion members.

"Y-yeah, thanks." Honor Girl sighed in relief as she put her staff and honor- rangs away back in her belt. She couldn't believe it... she could've been killed! Just two seconds into the mission and she was already getting blades thrown at her head, ugh... it was NOT going to be a good day for her. "Who was that?" she to ok a couple of steps forward so that she was caught up with him.

“MR is here, Little Sparrow is one of the best in the world, Gambler would not have let him be here unless he was really needed by Surreal. it seems they knew we where coming, nothing we can do about that now, lets hope the rest of the teams are okay and can get here soon.”

Nicole took a deep breath, letting out slowly as she saw her own breath in a white puff of smoke. She turned to Tempest again, making sure he was alright too, then turned back and began shuffling her way through the snow behind Mike as the trio made their way to the temple.

Her blue eyes wondered along the land, as the three continued to walk, no sign of anyone around. " hhmm..." Pressing on the right side of her helmet yellow lenses covered her eyes as she activated the binoculars. "Zoom times five." she spoke softly as her lenses began to zoom in as she looked around, and there it was, what she figured the three were going to, a Chinese temple of some sort. "Sweet." she whispered as she to ok another step forward only to have a black figure stand in her way.

"Hey!" she blurted out, her lenses shifting back to the top of her helmet as she realized the trio were surrounded by ninjas... wearing black... how unoriginal! "Oh... er... hi." she mumbled to herself as she saw Sovereign Son go in for the first kill, she watched him actually... KILL a person, the ninjan's crimson blood stained the pure white snow as Nicole froze for a second, her eyes widen. Sure... she's SEEN murder scenes with Honor Guard... but someone ACTUALLY taking someone's life... 'Don't freak out, dont freak out, dont freak out.' she thought to herself over and over again as she saw Tempest already on the attack as well. Shaking her head she tried to clear her mind, it was time to suck it up and get on the attack, if she wanted to live that is.

Launching himself forward the Ninja pulled out a blade, Nicole quickly ducked out of the way and in a quick spin threw out a honor-rang at the black dressed man's hand, knocking the blade out of his hand. Thinking she had the upper hand, she was proven wrong as she felt a roundhouse kick to her face, forcing herself down to the ground as she accidentally bit her own tongue, a warm, metallic and salty tasting fluid filled her mouth. Spitting it out she gagged a bit at the taste of her own blood as she whipped the blood off her lips. Pushing herself to the side she watched as a blade smashed into the ground where her head once was, great, thats TWO times she almost died! Throwing her foot upward her boot made contact to the Ninja's crotch, forcing him to heave forward as she preformed an uppercut, sending the Ninja into another one, and knocking one out. Yanking her bo staff out and extending it she turned to Tempest, he was holding his own, seemed almost effortlessly as she then heard a Ninja coming to her at her left. The assassin threw a kunai at her, and using her bo staff she managed to block it, causing it to ricochet off of it and sending it to the ground. With a smirk she threw out an electric honor-rang, not knowing it was one though, the Ninja caught it between his fingers, only to get a surge of electricity coursing through this body before dropping to the ground unconscious. Looking over at Mike she watched as Ninja's began to enclose around him, her body tensed for a moment as she took a leap forward. Doing a leap frog jump over one Ninja as she did a mid-air kick at one of the Ninja's ribs that were behind Mike. She then felt an arm wrap around her neck as she felt one of them trying to get a choke hold on her. Pushing back a bit she then heaved forward, tossing the Ninja over her back and slamming his back into the snow, kneeling down she slammed her fist into its face as she quickly rolled off of him and threw a explosive honor-rang at another attackers back, the explosion was small, but big enough to knock down a couple of other Ninja's to the ground. Taking a moment to breath she jumped up and turned around to see a Mike throw a blade right towards her! Covering her face in fear she felt the wind of the blade pass her face, then heard something gargle behind her. Turning around she saw the last Ninja with Mikes blade in its neck, dropping to the ground as it bled to death, sending chills down her spine, and it wasn't because it was cold.

Moving her now REALLY sore jaw, that she swore must have been either one, broken, or two, dislocated, she wench in pain as she spat out a little more blood, her tongue still bleeding. Stupid ninja's... couldn't wait till we at least GOT to the damn temple, noooooooo they had to attack now. Yanking his throwing knife out from the Ninja's neck, Mike looked at the two making sure they were still standing and breathing and then to ok off walking yet again. Her eyes then looked over at Tempest, making sure that he was indeed alright as she gave him a small smirk and a nod before she followed their leader once again. It wasn't too much longer as the small group now stood just outside the temple, guards stood all along outside of it and who knows how many Ninja's were hiding around it, THEN there was that samurai dude and that Surreal woman. She looked over at Mike, his eyes were focused and intense. "You really think she's in there?" All she could do was pray that Sarah was ok, and that they weren't too late to save her. 
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*Clink.....Clink.....Clink* the noise from there boots was all that was heard through the silence as Tempest and his team mates Nicole Murdock better known as  Honor Girl and Mike Lockhart AKA Sovereign Son walked through the deserted halls of Champion Tower towards the teleporters then would be taking them to china. The atmosphere was still tense just like it was back in the meeting room no surprise there Mistress Redhead was Mike's wife obviously he was worried for her. Honor Girl on the other hand seemed exicted in a way "  Stop callin', stop callin', I don't wanna think anymore! I left my head and my heart on the dance floor.Stop callin', stop callin', I don't wanna talk anymore! I left my head and my heart on the dance floor. Oh God why did i have to watch glee last night thats gonna be stuuck in my head all day it was a good episode though and why does Nicole keep looking at me" Out of the corner of Michael's eye he noticed her she actually seemed nervous.

Snapping out of his thoughts Mike caught his attention standing in front of a glowing red disc without turning round he spoke "Stay close and keep your head's down. if i act you act Don't freeze don't be scared.I will do everything i can to make sure you do not get hurt or killed all i ask is you do the same for me" and without another word he stepped in the teleporter and vanished in a blinding red light.
Looking towards Honor Girl she jumped forward and happily said "Ladies First" smirking Michael started to bow and said "Of course my lady" gesturing with both his arms to the teleporter this made her smile. Honor Girl walked forward towards the teleporter but stopped just before entering she spun round and gave Michael a thumbs up "See ya on the other side" and with that she also disappered in the same form as Sovereign Son. For the first time he was alone, taking a breath and steadying himself Michael stepped forward into the teleporter and in an moment he appeared landing in snow that was up to his shins. Looking forward he saw Honor Girl and Sovereign Son in battle positions instinct took over him and he ascened into the air hovering just above his teammates heads arms folded his cape flowing in the wind looking down at this man in what appeared to be Samuri armor small bolts of lighting crackled around his eye's daring the man to attack. But under a smokescreen the man vanished with a few last words "I hope your friends are having fun....see you soon Mr lockhart "and by the time the smoke dispersed there wasn't a trace of him.
Floating above his team mates Mike asked both " You ok"  "y..yeah thanks" "Yeah im fine too" they both replied  turning his back to them again Mike spoke " MR is here, Little Sparrow is one of the best in the world, Gambler would not have let him be here unless he was really needed by Surreal. it seems they knew we where coming, nothing we can do about that now, lets hope the rest of the teams are okay and can get here soon.” 
Rising into the air above there heads he followed them through the snow up the mountain towards what appeared to be a palace of some sort but before Michael could even take another breath he was shot out of the sky landing on his back. Looking up Michael saw ninja's circling the three hero's. Sovereign Son was already in combat jumping to his feet two ninja's attacked Michael simultaneously kicking him in the stomach and then a uppercut to the jawwinding him"cough cough" "ENOUGH" an with that his hands shot towards his attackers lightning crackled between them and a gust of wind blew one of the Ninja's off the mountain. Seeing the fear in the now alone ninja Michael saw his chance and threw a lightning bolt at is attacker knocking him out and ever so slighty singeing his clothes.
Spitting blood on the ground Michael walked back towards his team mates Sovereign Son passed unharmed but Honor Girl was spitting up blood and lots of it but now wasn't the time to worry they were so close he could feel it. Sovereign Son was already making tracks and Honor Girl and Michael followed loyally. Turning towards Honor Girl "are you sure your ok" she just nodded her head and smiled as usual "cause i may be able to heal that jaw for you if you let me try" noticing her disbelieving look he explained "My probabilty powers can cause something unexplainable to happen from bad luck to good luck but it's 50/50 so it may do nothing...Hey still worth a shot" with a nod of approval Michael placed his hand gently on her jaw and concentrated a blue aura covered the area being healed and with that the blood flow stopped and the wound healed. Smiling at her Michael heard Sovereign Son shouting from a Distance "This is it". Running up the last small hill a large complex meet his gaze.
"You really think she's in there" turning towards the other's he saw there grave faces staring towards the building. The outer wall was covered with guards and in the center stood the Samuri they had seen eariler and a woman along with them "Any bright idea cause know would be a good time to share them if she's in there then what are we waiting for lets go" Michael asked Sovereign Son. 
Rising into the air arms outstreched, Lightning split the sky and Thunder clouds rolled in. In the blink of an eye a Hurricane was formed and in the center flew a teenage boy molding this fiercesome force of nature to his will headed straight towards the outer wall that was keeping them from Mistress Redhead.......BOOM...Anyhting or anyone caught in its path was destroyed trees were uprooted from the grounds and lay scattered among the debris and dust. Landing beside the now destroyed wall Michael searched for the Samuri and the mysterious woman that had accompanied him were nowhere to be found giving up Michael watched Honor Girl and Sovereign Son follow swiftly climbing through the gapping hole in the wall left by this feircesome attack. His team mates walked towards him "Which way" Michael asked his team leader.

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A While Ago

 Hope. Waking up i find myself in a pitch black room. I feel an ache in my right shoulder, moving my feet i could feel a cold metal wrapped around them. The last thing i remember was sleeping in the alley, and now i'm here.. Where am i? I hear a metal lock getting opened, next thing i know i see a blinding light entering the room. Instinctively i cover my eyes with my left arm, but slightly leaving some of it uncovered to see who was walking in. 
Two women walked into the room, one extended her hand out towards me to grab it, while the other one unlocked the chains. Grabbing the women's hand she pulled me off the floor, i followed them into what revealed to be a huge training ground. All over i saw teenagers around my age training.. It was weird..  

 5 months ago

 From what i have learned from this short time was that this is a place for kidnapped teenagers to be trained into becoming assassins, who better to kidnap them children who have nothing? Children that feel that no one is there for them? They treat us very well actually, and if you do that then they'll grow trust with them, and if they do that then they'll become one of their slaves. 
I'm not falling for the crap.. or at least i don't want to.. Sometimes it seems to me that one day someone will be themselves, then the next they'll be.. different. I want to get out of here.. They have something special planned with me.. i could feel it, the way the look at me compared to the others.. It makes me wonder what they'll do to me..   
 Today they gave me a Blindfold to cover over my eyes, as i fought with this sword.. I'm.. the only one that they have done this to.. which is odd. I overheard them talking about me, saying that i can easily observe many things, and that i have very excellent hearing. Maybe they want to test to see how much better they can make someone senses become.. 

 4 months ago 

 In the past month they've noticed me become very well at using sound to hear what is around me. They are interested at how i could look exactly where someone would be standing, and how i could hit someone with me wooden sword. Now they tell me to leave the Blindfold on all of the time, except for when i sleep of course. 
Right now they are taking me somewhere.. I'm scared.. One thing Blair told me was to always have Hope when you are at your lowest.. She's brave.. I really am missing her, I Hope to see her soon.. I'm scared to where they are taking me.. I'm afraid i might lose myself like the others..


A young lady walks down a corridor hall, she strides along feeling the walls with her left hand feeling the cold cement. Her hair is very long, black like tar. She wore a yellow blindfold that covered her eyes, while she wore a black leather suit, and had a few yellow accessories to go with the blindfold. Like a yellow belt, yellow boots, and even some gloves. She had a sword that was on her back, while she carried grenades on her belt. She was a threat.
Her job as of right now was to give food to the newest inmate, her master didn't approve to well of the inmate, disliking her very much. This girl went by the name of Boom Boom, the name that was lost to her was Chloe. Walking into the room she saw a woman with red hair. "Here is your food Miss."
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Five Years Ago 

She stood outside the Great Arena, speaking to him before the fighting started. They were standing in the hall, surrounded by decadent fixtures and art. Cass had grown accustomed to this life. She worked hard, she fought hard, she trained on an almost constant basis and was always trying to improve. Trying to find ways to best her "father" in their sparring matches. She never seemed able to overcome his mixture of skill and his ability to duplicate any move that she had previously exhibited. She was a natural with weapons, if you gave her one she instinctively knew how to use it and hand to hand came somewhat easily, but she would never be the master that he was.
"You go out dhere and you fight. Do you hear me chere? You show everybody who you are. You show dhem what you are. You are dee heir and today, you begin earning that title." He was always pushing her, making her better, making her the best and she was thankful, because she wanted to be the best. She thrived when she was given challenges because she felt she always had something to prove and putting grown men on their @sses gave her this unbeatable sense of triumph and accomplishment.  
"Have I ever not shown who I am?"
 Her tone was smug and sure and her posture conveyed her confidence as she stood as tall as she could. She had grown maybe a little too confident in herself. "I train with everybody you send me to, everybody you bring in and I do a damn good job." She was twelve, but she was precocious. She had been in the habit of keeping things to herself for a long while and was finally starting to break that habit. She was starting to share how she felt in small ways, she didn't keep it bottled up as much anymore. Although keeping things bottled up seemed to be a tactic that worked for her. She gave off the appearance of being a calm well-mannered child and then when it was time to fight, she let rip all the feelings and she expressed them through the way she moved, she let them all loose and let them fuel her.  
His eyes narrowed in displeasure as he looked down at her. "Do not go getting too cocky dhere, Chere.  They will use it against you and take opportunity of your every weakness and opening. Here, with the League you are protected. We aim to teach you and to help you improve. Out dhere..." He let his voice trail off. "...out in the real world you will not have dat luxury. You will be fighting people without having us here as a safety net. People who don't want to help you become better, people who want to kill you." 
Nodding her understanding she spun around and walked into the room. She had only seen the inside of it once or twice and each time it had astonished her. The grandeur yet simplicity of it always struck her as a beautiful and intimidating combination. There was a feeling of doom permeating the room, she could feel it as she stepped in and took a glance around. Making sure to keep her stance confident she surveyed her surroundings. There was a cage hanging from the ceiling. She had watched fights take place in it, it was always something to behold. The floor was a rusty orange color, the slate getting gradually darker as it ran up the walls and then again turning white as it reached the ceiling, contrasting to the black symbols.  
Making her way deeper into the room, Jean by her side she could hear the whispers. They were wondering what had taken him, what could possibly be worth his time. They were stupid if they didn't know that the answer was her. She realized how arrogant that sounded in her mind, but it was the truth. She was the heir to The League, of course he was going to put time and resources into her, he would be remiss in his duties if he didn't. Cass could feel the eyes of the grown men on her. She wasn't even five feet tall. Her long crimson hair fell nearly to her waist and her large green eyes added to her youthful look. Her hair was the one luxury she really allowed herself, everything else was about functionality. Her clothes were skin tight and black to allow her better movement and a higher degree of stealth. Her boots were each outfitted with a knife that slid out the toes when she triggered a switch inside them. Inside the sheaths at her waist were her two beloved kukris and strapped to her back was a masterfully crafted katana. She specialized with bladed weapons, the kukris specifically. They had been a gift, made by the world's premiere crafter....he had found himself the victim of a mysterious "accident" at the hands of Gambler after completing them.  
Her hands were resting on the hilts of her kukris as she stood with her back to Surreal, watching the young boy out of the corner of her eye. She was wary of him, nervous almost. It was not a feeling that she enjoyed. He was quickly rising through the ranks due to the superior training he was receiving, training superior to everybody but her, that was. Their parents had a tight bond, they were always by each other's side. They were pretty much partners. Their children however did not share the same bond. They had been raised as rivals and as rivals they would stay. The rivalry benefited each of them, however; it pushed them both to do their best in an attempt to outshine the others. "You shall face him last." The regal voice belonged to none other than Surreal. Of course. Both Cass and Damian were two peas in a pod and nearly equally skilled, it only made sense that they'd end up facing each other. Walking into the middle of one of the circles she drew her kukris and waited for her opponent.  

Present Day 

She used her twenty minutes well just as she had always been taught to. Every second counts, especially when you're on a mission or job or about to begin one. Standing in her bedroom in the apartment suite that she had in the mansion, she looked down at the open pack on her bed. It was time to load up the weapons and equipment. Despite her telekinesis, Cass always felt more comfortable with weapons in hand, it had to do with her training. Although she was taught how to effectively use her powers in combat situations, she was also taught how to handle weapons and fight by some of the world's masters and if she was being honest with herself, she enjoyed the violence of it. She walked over towards her closet and opened the doors. Pushing the clothes out of the way, she revealed a built in armory. It was highly customized and fitted with state of the art tech. Nobody was getting into with the exception of herself or Ethan.  
Carefully selecting her favored Five seveNs and a semi she carefully placed them in her bag with extra ammo for them and zipped the duffel closed. Cass made quick work of stripping off her regular clothes and left the leggings and sweater in a pile on the floor as she walked over to the dresser and opened the second drawer from the top, the one where she kept her "uniform". Her fingers slipped a little on the slick wood as she pulled it out and quickly got dressed. Walking over to the bed she grabbed the duffel bag off of it and slipped it over her shoulder. She was about to walk out of the room when the feeling that she had forgotten something came over her. She stopped dead in her tracks and took a second to think. Ethan. Of course. Whenever she went out of the country on a mission she always left him a little note. He knew that she was part of something that others weren't privy to and he respected that. But she also let him know enough about her jobs that he didn't have to worry. Dropping the duffel on the floor she walked over to the bedside table and grabbed the notepad that was next to the phone. She scribbled a quick little note to him, something cryptic but comforting at the same time, signed it with a "Love, Cass" and was once again on her way out the door. 
She was of course at the jet before either of her teammates. She was half-expecting them not to show. She didn't know Despair well enough to be able to make a judgment one way or the other and what she knew of Hesperus, well she'd be surprised if he didn't show. There were similarities between the two of them that were almost uncanny and if she had gauged him correctly then he would thrive on this mission, it would be right up his alley. Her duffel was on the cement of the hangar floor next to her and she was checking her watch every few minutes. They were scheduled to leave in seven minutes and she was more than willing to leave without either of them if they couldn't be bothered to make it in time. Lifting her head up at the sound of footsteps her eyes met Hesperus'. Good. He had shown up.There was a look on his face, a smile. It somehow seemed out of place.  A few minutes later and Despair had shown up as well. Good, now they were ready to go. 

Several Hours Later...

The flight had been long, longer than she had liked. Cass disliked flying for much the same reasons that she disliked magic. She didn't have any control over it and she preferred having control over her surroundings at least a little. She had absolutely no control over the plane and it drove her just a little bit nuts. Pulling out her Blackberry mid flight she started going through some notes. She had been collecting information on some people and several sources had really managed to pull through. As she had started scrolling through the new information the plane seemed to hit turbulence, but something was off. She had looked up from her phone and then from Despair to Hesperus. He was doing...something. She hadn't been quite sure what, as far as she knew he had no powers but this wasn't natural.  
She had tucked it into the back of her mind during the flight, making note to talk to him about it afterwards. Cass sat back in her seat as the jet landed. Despair rose regally and strode out like she owned the thing. Watching Damian she smiled to herself. He was hiding his weapons and doing a darned good job of it. If she hadn't known that he was armed it would have been hard for her to spot. Securing her guns in the dual shoulder holsters, the sheathed kukris at her waist and the katana strapped flat against her back, Cass exited the jet behind her two teammates. "Please tell me we're here for interrogation. I'd rather not waste too much time in this sty. And I doubt they would be holding Sarah here. Besides, I think all of us are in the mood for beating information out of whatever scum we can find." 
She narrowed her eyes in irritation as she looked at him. "No. We're here to sightsee. Maybe pick some flowers and take pictures. Write a journal entry or two."Her voice was heavily laden with sarcasm, a habit she had picked up from Sov and from Crazy. "And don't think that I didn't notice you playing with the plane mid-flight. I'm a telekinetic, Hesperus, I can tell when people are screwing around with things, moving them against their will. That's a plane, you don't mess around with stuff like that especially mid-flight!  You pull something similar to that again and we're going to have words." She checked her weapons before she started walking, her new teammates by her side.  
She wasn't familiar with this place at all, she hadn't had time to do research. They were in a small village, one full of straw huts and slums. It was a morbid place to live, very little technology and even less resources. It should have been entirely unremarkable, but there was something lingering in the air, something that felt more than a little off. The town was a little too quiet. There should have been some sort of bustle of activity. Red flags went off in her mind and she gestured to Despair and Hesperus to move in closer to her. She had the feeling that an ambush of some sorts was coming. Her instincts were good, she had learned to trust them at a very early age. "Something about this reeks of a setup." Her tone was fast and hushed and she did her best not to convey her worry. 
Suddenly out of nowhere an armed combatant appeared. Before Cass could draw her weapons and fire he was already letting loose with a barrage of bullets. They were in the absolute center of the village, there was very very little cover anywhere. Their best bet was to slowly retreat back in the direction that they had come. The hangar or even the woods surrounding the town would give them a more defensible option. The bullets were flying and she made the mistake of stepping off the side of the barren road that ran through the center of the small town. The road was a worn path, nothing much more. No pavement, just bits and pieces of gravel. She was attempting to return fire as she walked backwards, giving herself and her teammates more room. It was then that her foot tripped a wire that had been strung across part of the road. The second that it happened she knew they were f*cked.  
Despair and Hesperus were within twenty feet of her and she had absolutely no idea how well they'd handle the brunt of the explosion. The telekinetic forcefield that she had erected in time protected them, although they could still feel the heat from it as she was thrown on the ground by the force of the explosion itself. She landed on her back and could feel a rock digging into her spine a loud ringing in her eyes. "F*ck this," she mumbled to herself as she automatically reached for the gun that was lying about seven inches from her hand. "I so do not have time for this." 
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Standing outside Champion Comics on the corner of Summers Street, in Champion City Victor Kincaid was reading his newly acquired mint condition Sovereign Son issue one. Vic had been looking for this issue for the last four months ever since he saved enough money to actually buy it and although opening it would degrade it's value the young fan couldn't help himself.

Victor was teased constantly in school, not because he was a comic book fan, in a city built by and named after a super hero team everyone was a comic book fan; rather he was teased because he was such a huge Sovereign Son fan. The girls in his class looked up to people like Mistress Redhead and Cellphone Girl, while the boys preferred the likes of Nighthunter and Eclipse.

Victor tried to tell the other kids that Sovereign Son could take down anyone, even someone as strong as Eclipse. Out of all the members of the Champions Of Peace Victor believed that Nighthunter, although he possessed no powers would give Sovereign Son the greatest challenge. Nighthunter had a plan for everything. Victor was sure he had already devised multiple ways to counter and incapacitate all the members of COPs should they ever end up on the other side of his Justice. The only reason Sovereign Son wasn't in the spot light like his wife MR and Nighthunter was because he was the leader of Shadow Squad the convert division of COPs, Shadow Squad did all the dirty jobs for the Champions of Peace, stuff they never wanted advertised. The other kids just laughed at Vic, saying 'there's no such thing as Shadow Squad.

Not many people knew that Shadow Squad existed. The only reason Victor knew was because he belonged to a fan site called Champions Viral. CV was run by a guy called The Wizard, he knew everything about COPs. Even the fact that Mistress Redhead and Sovereign Son were expecting another child, that there is a foreboding prophecy surrounding Eclipse and his brother and much more. The Wizard would post something new about the team each day.

Immersed in his new comic, Victor was beginning to image himself fighting beside Sovereign Son and Shadow Squad. Just then Vic's phone peeped, taking it from his pocket Victor saw he'd received a new email. The title of the email was COPS, at first he assumed it was some news from Champions Viral but the return address had been blocked. Opening the email Victor read "The Champions of Peace are in need of your help, Victor. -The Wizard"

"How could I possibly help COPs." Victor thought. In response to his thought the Wizard wrote, "Your more important than you think.""Holy crap, you can read my mind." Vic said, this outburst drew the attention of the other pedestrians on the corner of Summers Street. After a moment Victor received another message "Mistress Redhead has been kidnapped, she's being held at a warehouse in China. Sovereign Son is already on the scene but if he doesn't get some back up soon he's going to lose his wife and their unborn child.” Victor's heart began to race, his mind went in to panic mode “What can I possibly to to help rescue MR when Sovereign Son can't even do it.” The Wizard replied “I'm going to send you to Nepal find Crazy Eights and tell him he has to two time it to China. Come to the ally next to the comic shop.”

Without a second thought Victor did what the Wizard asked, although his parents were very adament about not talking to strangers Vic had spoken to the Wizard many times over the past two years he'd been frequenting CV. The ally was covered in shadows, “I'm going to open a portal for you, go through and find Crazy Eight's he'll be traveling with two girls.” A voice called from the back of the ally. “If you have abilities why aren't you helping?” Victor asked. “Theres not time, Now go!” Came the reply as the way opened before the boy wearing a black shirt with the COPs shield and an S that resembled a serpent in the center, this was the logo for the Shadow Squad, Vic wore the shirt to raise awareness of the awesomeness of Sovereign Son, now he would wear it while he helped the man save his wife. Victor placed his new comic in his back pack pulled the straps tight and jumped through the portal.

Victor emerged in what he assumed was Nepal panting heavily, and shaking fiercely. The young boys teeth began to chatter in the cold as he surveyed the area. Taking not of quickly disappearing tire tracks Vic proceeded forward up the mountain, he could almost make out the shape of a temple on the peak. After about ten minutes he reached the end of the easy part of his journey, the road ended, he found a jeep parked where the tracks stopped there were two guides who didn't speak very good English and what looked like a baby dragon in a cage.

Shaking off the dragon, Victor tried to breech the language gape and find out where Crazy Eights was. Apparently the man had left an impression because the guards put a lot of emphasis on the CRAZY and pointed up the cliff face toward the temple. With a deep sigh Victor started climbing, fifteen minutes later he reached the temple entrance and collapsed in the snow. After taking a moment to regain his breath, Victor entered the temple, he didn't have to look very hard there was a trail of bodies left in the wake of Crazy Eights.

Reaching the center of the temple Victor found two girls one still a teenage but old then Victor was, the other very young but there was an aura about her that made Victor weary of crossing then kid. Both the girls were fighting the remaining guards while in the chamber behind them Victor could see a man facing away from him a blade in each hand with an arsenal at his feet and a man with a badly scarred face before him. “Crazy Eights.” Remy whispered. The mans skin was like rock and is stance was ready, Crazy taunted his opponent allowing him to make the first and perhaps his last move. Unsure how to proceed without killing himself Victor looked back to the teenage girl, On his second glance at the teenage girl, Victor knew her “Cellphone Girl” he thought. Her wings were fluttering in the air as she dodged incoming attacks while sending a few attacks of her own. The child in her pink suit played with the guards as if they were toys, one moment it looked as though she was dancing with them a huge smile upon her lips the next they were limp on the ground.

As he took a step toward the young girl, Victor collapsed to the temple floor a blood churning scream escaping him. "My head..." Victor said his voice strained."Get your as up kid, its time to fight." Victor spoke in a voice not his own, as his entire body began to tingle. The pain in is head was excruciating and Vic was unable to move his own limps. Victor's body moved without his premission, his hand reaching out and picking up a gun from on of the fallen guards. Victor tried to no avail to stop his body. His reflexes quicker than they usually were Victor took aim at a guard charging the young girl and with the accuracy of a seasoned marksmen Vic shot the man twice between the eyes. Before the guards limp corpse hit the ground, his comrades turned their guns on Victor releasing a volley of bullets at the boy. With super human reflexes Victor dodge most of the bullets. His mouth was open wide in awe of what his body was doing, Victor felt like a puppet while someone else was pulling his strings. Fast as he was Vic couldn't evade all the bullets, a group of them hit him square in the chest, propelling him onto his back. Amazed that he was still alive Victor quickly patted his chest, finding it whole. Looking down at the hole in his Shadow Squad shirt Victor found a bullet embedded the the tip crushed, pounding on his chest it felt as if it were granite and looked exactly like the rock skin of Crazy Eights.

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Water dripped down the bars in her cell window as the ice around the building began to melt in the midday sun. Pacing the room stretching her arms and legs the caged ex mercenary breathed heavily against the cold and pulled the thing blanket offered her, around her shoulders. Her breath smoky as she paced, anger and worry building inside her as the sun shifted further, the days stretching and still her team had not found her.

Worry hit her yet again, she trusted her team, trusted them more than anything, but they were still starting out, the Skrull war had caused so many issues among them there was still some unrest. They were days off completing the final construction on Champion City and ready to open their home to the rest of the world, an island Utopia that would help to bond the team while also allowing civilians a secure private location away from fear and war. Her kidnapping was the last thing this team needed, more unrest and more worry and distrust, and she prayed and hoped that it would not destroy them.

Pausing as she heard movement down the hallway she backed against the wall, a protective hand lying on her pregnant belly. They had given her three meals a day, always shoved through a slot in the bottom of the door, simple meals of bread and tea, and some fruit. Whoever had her was not interested in letting her die of starvation at least.

A key jangled in the door, her brain jumped into fight or flight mode as she realised that this may be her one chance to get out of this place. She crept into a shadow area of the cell as, behind the door slightly hiding her body crouching low ready to fight. Light filled the room as the door opened, a young girl entered her body low carrying the tray as her hand was out in front of her searching for the wall “Here’s your food Miss” a soft voice came out of the girl’s throat and Sarah paused in her attack.

 The girl was so young, Sarah moved out of the doorway slowly as the girl swung around with the tray raising it high and swinging low, smacking into Sarah’s raised arm as she did, the food flying across the room, splattering against the wall. The blindfolded girl had moves, without her vision she had sensed Sarah’s movement and had been trained to retaliate.

A tussle ensued and the girl was down quickly Sarah’s foot on the back of her head, she had been trained but her skill level was not up to par yet. Releasing her head Sarah reached down to pick the girl up and hesitated as the girl winced, a tear falling down beneath the blindfold Sarah’s grip on her arms loosened as she spoke “Who are you?” the girl sniffled slightly her body frozen in fear “plle…ple….please don’t kill me” the girl whispered, her body strong and firm as she tried to stay strong. She had been taught well Sarah thought, but something was wrong. Looking around the room Sarah gently pushed the door shut, not allowing it to catch as all worry of escaping vanished as her focus became this girl, and something was not right with this girl. Her motherly instincts took over as she sat cross legged on the floor, pulling the girl down with her, careful to listen out for others in the corridor “Talk to me, tell me what happened, why you are here?”

Boom Boom spoke, her words coming out thick and strong as she finally found someone who could help her, get her out of this place. Sarah listened to her while watching the door, careful to make sure no one would walk in on them. Her story was a horrid one, Sarah was heartbroken for what the girl had been through “ Sweetie, I have a place you can go, somewhere safe that will help build you up, keep you strong and protect you” Sarah could hear movement in the hallway, guards heading towards them, probably looking for the teenager.

Pulling the girl to the side and grabbing her shoulders she stared at the blindfold “You have to focus, I will get us out of here but you have to listen to me, I’m going to go out there and I am going to kill the guards, once that is done you have to help get me out to the top” the girl nodded quickly as the sound of footsteps got closer. The pair jumped up, Boom Boom standing close behind Sarah as she moved into the space behind the door, the footsteps paused at the semi opened door and Asian accents exclaimed at each other before barging into the cell. Reaching up to slam the metal door against the first guard, knocking him down and tripping over the other one, these were simply trainee’s there were dim witted, but she knew there was heavier artillery outside these walls.

Grabbing onto the girls hand she swept out into the hallway, pushing the door shut against the two inside and slamming it, but not before pulling their thick coats off them and donning one each. Boom Boom slid her hand along the walls, leading them out, while staying close to the cold stone and metal. Sarah followed the girl upwards taking in every aspect of the building as she did, her mind raking over who it was that had done all of this, Teenage assassins? Asia? Guards dressed all in black. Sarah froze as Boom Boom tried to pull her forward, shock hitting her as she recalled a great battle that almost killed her not long ago, her breath out of her for a moment a giant explosion could be heard overhead the sound of voices and clamour her mind ignored the girls protest as she wrapped her head around who it was that had done all of this, she whispered “Surreal” her husbands adopted sister, she was the only one who could have caused all of this, who would have done all of this. 

  Turning to the girl she shook it off and squeezed onto her hand, "we have to move, now" adrenalin and fear driving her forward as she prayed that her team was somewhere close, otherwise they were screwed.

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From one moment to the other the world made no sense anymore. Where seconds before a simple agricultural Mongolian village had been now a new inferno resided. People fled in terror or huddled in their shady huts. Their fear tore at her, attacked her mental barriers from all sides and tried to invade her mind. Like a giant wave it threatened to drown her.

Only her dedication to find Mistress redhead and the conviction that she drew from her two companions prevented her from cowering down and giving in to the urge to sink down and cry like a little child that she felt deep inside. But no, she would be strong. She would not the others down. Would not disappoint them. Like them she would beat her fear and stand up to the threat.

But she could not. As the bullets buzzed around her like bees and the chaos unfolded she was frozen, caught by the conflicting emotions around her. Too much in her head. Not voices. She could have dealt with that. No, emotions. Emotions that triggered various reflexes. Flee, fight, scream, cry… Kill.

After all that time in hell and fanned on by the wishes of her two team mates the fire of killing burned bright in her only held back by the slight rain that fear was. With a gesture she could have burned that strange attacker to a crisp but something held her back. Time to get rid of that.

With an act of titanic willpower Despair focused her unbelievable powers and reached out for the other two, attempted to sup from their strength again. Do it for the Mistress. Do it for herself. But without the picture of an abused and caged Sarah Lockhart before her inner eyes she would not have been able to do it. It was like trying to harness the ocean with nothing more than a sieve. She could feel it flowing through her, filling her, only partially held back by the restraints of her own conditioning from the light arts.

Only to be broken by Dark Huntress as she shoved her into the dirt out of the bullets’ way. Undignified Despair landed their in the dust of the road and lay there. A fallen, broken angel in the vulgar depths of human filth. An angle with a serious rage problem as her concentration over the power within her was lost. With brute unstoppable force it gripped the cold rage of Dark Huntress and Hesperus and hammered it into her head, coerced it down her throat till she thought she would have to choke from it. It filled her whole body till there was no Despair anymore, only that red.

The explosion and the flying debris came unexpected, like heavy hail they battered at Dark Huntress’ telekinetic shield in a cacophony of booms and crashes. To her they had lost their significance. The last deadly shrapnel already reduced a cow to bloody shreds when she rose into the air in a blazing white halo, Nano’s bullets bouncing off from her light shield. With tiny explosions of wood dust they impacted into the huts around them, penetrated the simple facades, smashed furniture within and further plunged families into trepidation.

A glorious light white telling of Despair’s mastery of the light arts filled the fighting scene, her silky black hair flew in a heavy breeze, her eyes glowed from her own power. Within people tried to hide from the light that shone into the deepest parts of their souls. Fiery orbs of white appeared in her hands, read and eager to burn the attacker, purge him on the most basic level.

But Nano would not have been the mercenary he was if he had been stupid. For ears the man under the skull was a top fighter and had earned his reputation over and over. Despair did not notice the quick click on a button of his I-pod that the Musical Mercenary made but it was fatal. From one moment to the other Rave resounded from his ear pieces and effected his nervous system in the way not possible for any other person. Quicker than Despair could react he charged at her, pushed by the fast beats of the electrical music cross jumping from façade to façade to confuse her.

With success. The Angela Atra had not conjured a single blast as she witnessed in bullet time how the skull domed mercenary closed in to her, one fist thrown back to deliver a breathtaking punch as the music in his ear phones changed to rock to supply him with superhuman strength.

In a breathtaking display Despair’s shield shattered into radiant shards that rained down and burned up shortly before they touched the ground. Under normal circumstances a strike like that would have been enough to crack the skull of a petite girl like Despair like an egg shell. Her luck was her shield. It took enough force of that punch so that it only hit her hard enough to knock her out of the air and let her drop to the ground dazed and with a developing black spot on her left cheek.

With another act of willpower the young girl forced herself not to go unconscious, to remain in this world before it would be her end. How she succeeded she did not know but she did. Still she needed a moment to focus, to regain her inner composure and as she was able to analyze her environment on a self-aware level again. And her eyes widened. She looked right into a gun barrel.

As she lay there between the shady wooden houses of this Mongolian village Nano stood over her and was only a second away from pulling the trigger. She could see her own terrified reflection on the lenses in his mask and very well knew it meant certain death…

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Five Years Ago...

Holding his wakizashi in a reverse grip, Damian hooked his blade around his opponent's, twisting the long sword out of the way and leaving the trainee-assassin completely open, unprepared for an attack. Not losing his momentum for a second, the young boy leapt forwards while leaning backwards, delivering two kicks to the chest of his enemy as he ran up their torso, before slamming the ball of his foot right into their chin. Damian continued into a backflip, landing smoothly on his feet as the young ninja was sent toppling backwards and swiftly removed from the arena, dragged by two assistants. This all happened within three seconds, after the student had made his first move against the spawn of SaDiablo. Completely unphased by the assault, Damian looked around the room expectantly, as his teacher snapped her fingers and two more attackers leapt forth. One wielded a spear, while the other favoured dual axes. 
Cool and calculating, Damian immediately analysed the situation. The spear was long enough to cover almost half the diameter of the arena, it would be a big problem if left too long. The axes, while powerful, were slow, short and easily evaded. With this in mind, the young Rayne moved across the ground, his feet almost gliding over the floor as he slid closer to the one with the spear. The assassin lunged forward, attempting to jab his weapon through the boy's ribcage. But the small killer had incredible reflexes, and parried the blow with ease, using his katana to knock the point of the spear to one side. With the wooden pole now easily accessible, Damian pulled his leg close to his chest and lashed out with a harsh kick, so powerful that, when it hit the spot in between the assassin's hands, it caused the spear to snap in two. Not only that, but the power from the kick caused the spear to collapse inwards, and the two shattered halves were embedded in the assasin's chest in a flash of red. 
Confident in his abilities, Damian didn't bother checking to see if this enemy was incapacitated (he was) before turning to face the axe-man. The boy had timed his attack perfectly, as the second killer was on him the moment he turned his head. He ducked out of the way, to the side, as one of the axes crashed into the wooden floor with such force that it got stuck. With a roar of anger, the burly assassin swung his second weapon horizontally, aiming to take off the head of the boy who would become Hesperus. Ducking once more, Damian held his katana up at an angle, causing the assassin to blow his hand into the point of the blade. The shock caused his grip of the axe to loosen, as he let go of the axe and it was sent spiralling out of controlling, slamming into one of the poles surrounding the arena. Meanwhile, using his wakizashi like a whip with speed and precision, the younger assassin created deep cuts on each of his enemy's limbs, causing him to release his aze and stumble backwards, howling in pain. Using the handle of the first axe as a springboard, Damian then flew high into the air, raising his fist, as he smashed a flying punch into the face of his opponent. 
These two were also dragged off, and the next set arrived, three at once this time. Now only the red-headed girl remained outside of the arena. Damian was eager to finish off these assassins quickly and face her. There were three assassins coming at him from the front, left and right. One wielded sais, another had a bo-staff and the final assassin used the katana. Glancing left and right quickly, Damian crossed his arms over his chest, and then snapped them outwards, flinging his daisho in opposite directions. With a roar on either side of the boy killer, it was obvious he had hit the targets. The sai-wielding assassin had a katana straight through their shoulder, while the wakizashi had penetrated the thigh of the one with the bo-staff. The kid stood still, waiting for the final attacker to come to him, as the katana user charged straight for him, sword held high above his head. At the last moment, Damian surged forward, as the sword was brought swinging down with great speed. Falling flat onto his back and sliding across the floor, Damian raised his legs as he headed straight for the assassin, slamming his heels together on his opponent's hands. He continued to slide, bending his legs so he could slide through the gap in his enemy's legs. The assassin lost his grip on the sword after the unconventional counter, but the katana didn't lose any momentum. It slashed through the air where Damian had been lying only moments ago and then continued on its arc upward, until it came to a rest in the delicate area between its owner's legs. 
Damian got to his feet, smirking, as the final assassin was carefully lead away from the arena, swearing as he tried not to agitate his own blade too much, as it waggled between his legs like a dog's tail. The assistants removed the boy's weapons from the other two assassins and they were handed back to him, as he stood in the centre of the arena, waiting for his final opponent, the one who would truly test him. The other were amateurs, a warm-up for the young killer. This was Gambler's greatest student, just as Damian was Surreal's. They had met and sparred before, but never with weapons and never too seriously. Twirling his swords in his hands as he felt the eyes of Gambler and Surreal pierce his body, the giant-killer waited for his next would-be victim to begin the battle. He preferred countering and using the enemy's attacks against them. It made him feel like a badass.

The Present Day...

"No. We're here to sightsee. Maybe pick some flowers and take pictures. Write a journal entry or two." Dark Huntress sighed, her voice dripping with sarcasm, before turning more serious."And don't think that I didn't notice you playing with the plane mid-flight. I'm a telekinetic, Hesperus, I can tell when people are screwing around with things, moving them against their will. That's a plane, you don't mess around with stuff like that especially mid-flight!  You pull something similar to that again and we're going to have words." She checked her weapons and then lead her group away from their transport. But Hesperus wasn't just going to accept criticism, even from someone he respected as much as Cass. 
"Excuse me for getting bored." He rolled his eyes as the three of them made their way through the 'town'. "It's not my fault we had to take the plane because the team doesn't have enough teleporters. I could have actually teleported us here myself, if it wasn't for the terms of my being on this team. I'm forbidden to use my powers directly on any member of the Champions of Peace. So you can blame Eclipse for the long, boring flight." 
Cass said nothing in reply, merely gestured for her companions to come closer to her, as if something was wrong. Ignoring this gesture, Damian continued to walk at his own pace. Still, he heard Dark Huntress whisper "Something about this reeks of a setup." and replied with his usual confident smirk. 
"Who cares? Even if this is an ambush, it's nothing I can't handle." And in response to these words, a man in a skull mask appeared suddenly and started firing a barrage of bullets. While his partners tried to dodge these bullets or return fire, Damian just grinned and stood exactly where he was, arms crossed over his chest. A bullet flew towards his forehead, but before it could make contact, some unseen force caused it to change course and bend around the boy's head. The force continued to act, as the bullet span round and round... Thanks to Hesperus' gravitational control, the bullet was now orbiting his body, along with every other bullet which got close enough to him. Deciding he might as well have a little fun rather than attack the target immediately, Damian made his way over to Despair and Dark Huntress to see how well they were coping with the attack. 
As soon as he was close enough, however, an explosion suddenly erupted right in front of him. Taken comletely by surprise, he had no time to react, yet for some reason he was unharmed by the trap... Looking over at Cass, he saw that she had erected a telekinetic shield to protect her two allies while she took the brunt of the explosion, landing painfully on her back. Seeing her in such pain filled Hesperus with rage, for some reason, and he felt the sudden desire to shove his boot down the throat of their attacker. Well, he felt more of a desire, anyway. Looking to Despair, Hesperus was about to make some sarcastic comment when he noticed what the emo-girl was doing. She was standing, glaring at the man in the skull mask, surrounded by a dazzling white light. Her hands were radiating large spheres of the light, ready to burn the stranger to a crisp. 
And then, suddenly, the tables had turned. The man with the skull mask had covered an incredible distance in no time at all, shattered the light which shielded Despair and was now holding a gun to her head, as Damian watched in shock. That was when he realized he knew who this assassin was. His name was Nano, a mercenary who had recently come under the employ of his mother... Surreal SaDiablo. As Hesperus realized who was truly responsible for the kidnapping of Sarah Lockhart, his reality came crashing down around him. For the past few months he had been a member of the Champions of Peace, living among heroes. He was there as an infiltrator, there to betray the team and kill his sworn enemy. But Damian had forgotten that. He had grown so accoustumed to his new life that he had forgotten his mission entirely, forgotten who it was he used to be... 
A moment later, Nano's weapon fell to the ground, pierced by a dozen bullet holes. Damian had used the bullets still orbiting his body to destroy his enemy's gun before he could put Despair out of her misery. There was no time for Hesperus to dwell on who he truly was, he had to take down this assassin. Nano himself had dropped his gun, switching back to his rave music as he weaved out of the way of Damian's bullets, as his music shifted to rock and roll midway through a kick to Hesperus' gut. The young killer tried to hold back the blow with gravity, but Nano's strength was too great and his knee plowed into the boy's stomach. He stamped his other foot onto the kid's left foot, as Damian felt his toes break, followed by a powerful punch to the face, shattering the kid's nose and causing blood to erupt out of his face. Damian blasted Nano away with a roar and a gravitational pulse, withdrawing his dual weapons as he followed, swinging them with his usual accuracy. But Nano was listening to classical music now, and he moved with grace and flexibility, weaving and ducking out of the way of Hesperus' slashes as the boy's rage increased. "Let's rock." Nano chuckled, pushing a button on his music player as heavy metal began to flow into his ears. 
Then, Nano screamed. It started with a scream typical of the lead singers in your average metal band, accomanied by head banging, but soon the volume increased, louder and louder, until an ear-splitting siren was permeating the entire area. Hesperus fell to his knees, clutching his ears in pain as his swords lay abandoned in front of him. Too occupied with trying to stop his eardrums exploding, Damian couldn't do a thing as Nano reached down and grabbed his katana, still screaming, and raised it into the air. The assassin was about to bring it crashing down when Hesperus opened his eyes,grabbed the ankle of his enemy and yelled: "Sucks to be you!" Nano was surrounded by a green tinge and then, in a flash of green light, vanished into thin air, as the katana fell back to the ground. Damian had a feeling that Nano wouldn't be a huge fan of the Sahara desert.
Getting cautiously to his feet, careful not to put too much weight on his left, Hesperus spat blood out of his mouth and wiped his face with his cloak, turning to face his partners as he knew what he had to do. "I'll be right back." He said simply, as he too vanished in a flash of green light, reappearing somewhere else entirely. He was outside one of the many facilities belonging to his mother. Sarah was bound to be held in one of these and logic dictated that Mike would have gone to the place his wife was most likely being held. So when Damian found Mike, he would find Sarah. He checked four locations until finally, he came across one with a hole in the wall, and spotted Honor Girl disappearing inside, as the sounds of battle began to echo throughout the area. 
Returning to Mongolia, Hesperus appeared right next to Dark Huntress and Despair, throwing away the rules Eclipse and Redhead had given him when he joined and seizing the hands of both girls. His cheeks flushed red slightly as he felt Cassidy's soft skin through his glove, but the green light masked this colour in his face as the three of them teleported back to China, where Sovereign Son, Tempest and Honor Girl had just infiltrated the outer level of the facility. Hopefully this was the one housing Mistress Redhead. As soon as they arrived, Hesperus released his partners and ran towards the gaping hole in the wall.

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Crazy looked the man in front of him up an down, he smiled wide as he spoke out loud. “Phil, Mary, Zeek go!” The moment the words were uttered his body went super sonic, the power of Phil in control pushing his body to its limits. He felt the friction of the air on his skin, it burned slightly as he rushed forward the knife in his hand. Spinning the knife around he lunged forward coming back to real time seconds from One Shot, the man reacted with such speed he either guessed where he would end up or he knew exactly where he was going to move to. He stretched his hand out gripping Crazys wrist “What? How?” with a swift an fluid move One Shot gripped tight then tossed Crazy over his head without a single moment of hesitation. Crazy rolled into a knelt position looking One Shot over in disbelief “Well…that was…awesome!” Inside his head the others screamed at him “What that was simply epic!” as he argued with his other selves he watched as a group of men circled a young man. He took his attention off his foe watching the boy get tossed across the temple. His body slamming into the wall “Poor kid, wonder who he was.” Crazy stood up then looked back too Oneshot who was now standing in front of him “You done yet?”he spoke before he slammed a gun into Crazys nose.

Crazy stumbled backwards holding his nose, he screamed at him “What the hell, I said no f#cking guns you jackass.” He looked over to his now open duffle bag “Well I kind of brought that on myself didn’t I?” One Shot smiled before letting loose a volley of gunfire aiming at Crazys vital organs. Without hesitation Crazy turned into his rock skin form slamming his fist into the ground, a shockwave spread from the spot he punched. A large wave kicked One Shot into the air throwing off his aim, as he was airborne Crazy rushed below him an slid to his bag pulling out a rocket launcher. Firing once he watches as the rocket explodes in front of One Shot, with a smile on his face he watches as the dust clears…..nothing falls to the ground. Behind him he hears a gun cock “Well, that really hurt. Lets end this, the missus will be pissed I let you guys get this far.” The man was insanely fast, Crazy could hear the sound of blood dripping to the floor he waits for the white light closing his eyes. But nothing happens, all is heard is the sound of stone grinding against metal. He turns around to see a small figured kid with rock for skin standing between himself and One Shot. “Mary how did we not see this coming?” he asked as he stared to the kid. He had the same skin as Marv, he looked him over seeing remnants of CPG in his skin faire flakes on his back showing what would soon be wings. “He copied our powers.” Crazy smiled widened “Boy you get any other powers?” the boy shook his head “Well, good then. Because this is going to be sweet, keep him held.”

The boy known as Kincaid held onto One Shots hand gripping it tight with the strength of Marv’s powers, One Shot protested “Boy let me go, Ill let this off as a fluke you could live. Just let me kill these three, you don’t need to die as well. You weren’t part of the job, let me go.” Kincaid smiled gesturing to look behind him. He looked over Kincaids shoulder no longer seeing Crazy Eights, he sighed before turning around. “SUPER SONIC ROCK PUNCH!!!” Crazy screamed with a wide smile, using Philips speed an Marvs rock body he slammed a fist into One Shot going 300 mph. The moment his fist made contact One Shots body spun as it went airborne, spinning like in a cartoon before slamming into the wall behind the three men. Crazy smiled watching One Shot twitch, he then looked to the kid who was holding back laughter “HEY! If the thing can say things like ITS CLOBBERING TIME I can say cool sh!t too.” He looked back seeing CPG and Chevie wiping the floor with what was left of the army sent to kill them. Crazy sighed looking to the kid “Sorry kid, MR isn’t here. It was a trap.” Kincaid smiled wide “I know where she is, she is in China. I was given exact coordinates; she’s in a warehouse in…” Crazy put his hand over the kids mouth “Tell me now, our friends waking up.” Gesturing to One Shot.

Crazy input the coordinates into his watch, MR had given him a special teleportation device. He had whined for weeks about how everyone’s was the same he wanted something different. His was made to look like a watch; the hands on the watch were middle fingers something Crazy liked very much. The two weren’t always on same page about liking each other, but they were family nonetheless. He told Chevie they were going to find her mother now, she jumped for joy smiling as Crazy readied the device. “Alright everyone get in close.” The team that he now led closed in around him, he looked at One Shot who was struggling to get up “Oh by the way, should of checked the bag. I never leave home without a little semtex.” He flipped off One Shot as he pressed the button to teleport them away, the moment they were clear his bag exploded bringing the entrance to the gave down with it. Trapping One Shot in the cave, hopefully for a very long time.

Finally they were where MR was, Zachariah spoke up he could read MRs mind she was close. Crazy gripped his Katana by its hilt pulling it from out of one of his duffle bags. He switched hands holding Chevies “You ready little one, mommy’s in there.” He pointed with one of his fingers wrapped around the katana. Chevie ran into a now gaping hole in the side of the warehouse without further saying anything. Crazy looks to the other two “Well follow the little girl, she gets hurt its our heads.” He smiled feeling better now that they were closer to getting Sarah back. He runs full tilt into the warehouse, ready to kill everyone an everything to get to his friend.

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Looking at Honor Girl he pointed to the side of his head knowing that she would have the same tech in her mask as he did. Mikes eyes hummed and a small screen lit up in front of him, it saw past stone and gave heat signatures of any and all combatants in the area. Already it showed his allies in a green aura and any unknown elements showed in red. Mike took his time taking in the surroundings that his over eager companion had shown by simply blowing into the warehouse, destruction lay around him, but Mike knew his sister and he found what he was looking for, ancient markings carved into the very stone of the building that the younger member had entered. The visor ran threw the runes matching them with everything in the C.O.P’s data base and came up with each one, they where binding runes, once you entered the building you would be unable to use powers of magical or genetic origin. Mike swore as a four lifts pinged open and a flood of crimson ninja’s entered the room. Mike broke out down to Tempest’s side and hoped honor girl had as well.

Surreal’s hand had been played. Any team that teleported in here now would find themselves without power fighting against a force of well trained combatants. They could not send out a warning, they where already being jammed, Mike turned to Tempest “Stay close, your powers won’t work within this building and im guessing that we can’t get out of the building once we have entered.” There was nothing to gain from telling the Young Champion that his actions had been to brass, he should have waited before entering the building. Mike blocked a blow coming from one of the Ninja’s his knife causing a spark with the sword of the warrior in front of him, with a quick movement of this other hand the mans chest caved from the force of the palm technique. Mikes eye watched all around them, there was only a hundred and fifty of them and they could rush the team of three with little effort but they where holding off. Waiting for the back up, several of the men attacked and then backed away, trying to gauge their enemies.

This is what Surreal had planned for; it had nothing to do with Mike and his family. She needed to test her newest students to see who was weak and who was strong. Sparrow had been a distraction to keep mikes mind from reaching the conclusion too early, this room blocking out powers, once you entered you could not leave she had planned it all perfectly. Mike swore at himself for being so stupid, and turned to the other two, “They are not as trained as I first thought, hold your ground, give the others time to breathe when they get her, explain the room and keep moving.” Mike smiled, it was not just a test for the enemy but one for the Young Justice and the Shadow Squad, Surreal wanted to know their weakness so she could later exploit them. Mike fought on and turned to honor girl “Remember you can use your belt, im sure it has all types of gadgets.” Turning to Tempest he nodded “Im going to override the teleporters and bring the last team to us, no point waiting. For them now, this was where she was, this was the start of it all. “Hold your ground, give the others time to breathe when they get her, explain the room myself and honor girl will cover you, once they get their bearings send Dark Huntress team to me we will continue the fight while you and Crazies team find my Wife, im putting my trust in you don’t screw it up.”

Mike blocked several heavy attacks before pressing the buttons on the arm of his suit, the air hummed behind him as he flew into battle, buying tempest time to explain what was going on to the others. Honor Girl and Mike fought side by side holding the line waiting for DH and her team to appear, more ninja’s kept coming out of the lifts. “We need to get those lifts cut.” Mike nodded at Honor Girl, “You want the hundred on the left or the hundred on the right?” her heard his daughters voice "OMG NINJA'S" okay Crazy do your thing and get my wife.

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Cellphone Girl, Crazy, Chevie, and Kincaid now appeared with Sov's team, with it being their job they ran to go look for Mistress Redhead. Blair followed Crazy as he lead the way, Chevie ran on the left side of her, while Kincaid as on the right of her. Blair's long hair flowed in the wind as she ran, she would have flown her way but didn't want to be caught off guard by a ninja or two. 
Looking towards Chevie, Blair could feel the strong vibrations her heart was giving off from knowing that they'll find her mother. It was amazing at how much a girl could go through at her age, which made her want to keep on eye on her as much as she could. When the team was out there fighting earlier, Cellphone Girl of course fought for her survival, but she mainly fought to protect Chevie, if anything would have happened to the girl on her watch, or even with any team member Blair would never be able to forgive herself.  

Running down these plain halls seemed like eternity, which was actually just a few minutes. Clearing her mind, Blair tried her best hear echos that might have been going on through the halls ahead of them, or at least the vibrations of a voice that had been traveling, then her her eyes opened wide. "I hear a voice.. two voices... Not only is it MR's.. it's.. Oh My God." 

Blair ran faster catching up to where Crazy was, turning the corner Blair saw Mistress Redhead standing with a teenage girl that stood in a blue Evanescene T-Shirt, and a black mini skirt with long black hair that barely passed her shoulders. Blair blinked once to see something different, a girl with a yellow blindfold over her face, her black hair was now down to her elbows, and instead she wore yellow and black clothing.  
"Chloe.." Cellphone Girl ran to hug the girl tightly, as Chevie ran to hug her mother. "I missed you!" Both Chevie and Blair said. Turning to Mistress Redhead, Blair spoke "How'd you find her?.. Thank you.." A silent tear fell from her left eye.
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The trio group stayed crouched down right outside the building, Nicole's heart beat quickly in her chest as she took in a deep breath. Her yellow lenses picking up dozen of guards just patrolling outside... she could only imagine how many were inside.

"Any bright idea cause know would be a good time to share them if she's in there then what are we waiting for lets go" Tempest asked Mike as she waited to see if he would respond.
But before anyone could say anything, a ground shaking rumble could be heard as lighting suddenly lit up the sky. Honor Girls' eyes widen as she looked over at Tempest as he flew into the sky, leading a hurricane right into the building!

"That... is seriously cool." Nicole spoke to Sovereign Son, knowing well that he wouldn't respond to what she said. By the time the storm calmed down, everything was... a mess! Trees laying on the ground, water puddles everywhere, the building broken open, it was times like these when Nicole wished she had powers.

Swiftly the two made their way to the building, crawling and jumping over the small obstacles left behind by The Weather Man.

 "Which way" Michael asked SS.

Not even a word their looked around for a moment, making sure they were going to be heading into the right direction.

“Stay close, your powers won’t work within this building and im guessing that we can’t get out of the building once we have entered.”He spoke as they began walking into the building, the two Young Champions followed in closely.

No powers? Sweet! That meant that Honor Girl had a slight advantage here! But she REALLY didn't like the 'We can't get out once we have entered' part... could have totally done without that. 'Shouldn't we wait for the others?' she wanted to ask, but a kunia cam smashing into Mike's blade! Sparks flew as Nicole jumped up a bit from surprise, man... she needed to step up her A-Game! As the lone Ninja fell to the ground, Honor Girl smiled in victory for Mike, only to have her eyes widen in shock. DOZENS... no wait, it was like.... HUNDREDS of Ninjas came rushing at them. "MORE Ninja's? REALLY!?" Nicole blurted out as she preformed a back flip, dodging a blade of a Ninja while kicking it in the chin. Landing on the ground she watched as one went rushing towards Tempest, with his powers gone, she didn't know how good of a fighter he was. She pulled out a line and attacked an Honor-Rang on it, throwing it at the Ninja and wrapping it around its ankles as she jerked hard, forcing the deadly warrior to the ground as she rose up the metal weaved line with both hands and blocked another blade attack, pushing him back with a grunt.

“They are not as trained as I first thought, hold your ground, give the others time to breathe when they get her, explain the room and keep moving.”He smiled at the two and Nicole couldn't help but give a goofy grin back. Ducking, jumping, punching, kicking, back-flip, front flip, her gymnastics and marital arts class finally fully paying off. She felt so cool right about now, and Mike... omg talk about freaken awesome! It felt like she was back with Honor Guard taking down gangsters in the city, only about a billion times more thrilling, dangerous and over all just bad@ss! Taking a moment to breath she could hear Mike speak out to her.

“Remember you can use your belt, I'm sure it has all types of gadgets.”

HER BELT! How could she FORGET about her belt? Oh wait... maybe it was because Ninja's were trying to KILL her, yeah... she was pretty sure THAT was the reason why she forgot, thank you Captain Obvious! "Right!" she responded back. Flipping one of the pouches open she reached inside one. Looking over to a Ninja she yelled out. "FEEL THE STING OF MY-" she pulled out her choice of weapon. "Handcuffs?!" she blurted out, she REALLY should have taken the time to remember what object was in what pouch. The Ninja's fist came flying at her face as she yelped, shifting to body to the side as she slapped one of the cuffs around his wrist, with anger burning in his eyes he then threw out a kick, but still holding onto the other cuff she slapped it around his ankle, forcing the Ninja to the ground in a very awkward position. "Oh yeah!" She yelled out in victory as she suddenly felt a kick to her chest, sending her flying into a wall, her head slamming into it as she groaned with pain. "Ok... that hurt." she mumbled as she pulled out four freeze pellets and threw them to the ground. Upon impact the ground in front of her froze in place, causing the group of Ninja's coming after her to lose their balance and come sliding into the wall next to her. With a chuckle she jumped back into battle, wielding her bo staff as she landed next to Sovereign Son, the two managing to keep the Ninja's at bay.

She could feel her body slowly becoming exhausted from fighting off wave after wave of Ninja's. Her suit helped her with that, but a suit could only do so much.

 “We need to get those lifts cut.” Mike made a comment towards Honor Girl. Taking in a breath she nodded.

"I'm on it." she pulled out two explosive rangs, one for each lift.

“You want the hundred on the left or the hundred on the right?”

"I'm right handed, so I'll be different for once and go left." She spoke as she chucked both of her rangs outward, each of them flying through the air as they made impact with the lifts, with an explosion of fire, the lifts falling down into the unknown abyss below them. The already broken building began to rumble, small rubble falling around them as flames quickly died out. "That should do it!" she spoke proudly as she heard a high pitch yelp.


That cry of surprise alerted a group of Ninja's who were on Nicole's left side. They rushed over towards her like a cat to a mouse, and knowing the young eleven year old didn't have her powers, Nicole quickly reacted. Pulling out a couple of electric rangs she chucked them quickly at the group, impact was made as their bodies suddenly stopped running and were forced to the ground. With a grin she looked over at the newest group to arrive. "Crazy, Blair, Chevie." she spoke, acknowledging them as she suddenly swept off her feet, her body hitting the ground hard as the ninja pulled out a kunai, ready to jam it into her head. Bringing her legs up she kicked the man off of her and rolled back to her feet, jumping back into action as 'Team Crazy' went off deeper into the building to look for their leader, Mistress Redhead. All Nicole could do, was pray that she was ok. 
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"Ugh." She let out a quiet moan, the rock continuing to dig into her back. Her eyesight was wonky from the explosion. Her vision was a little too bright and there were stars dancing in the corner of her field of vision. She could feel a burn on the side of her face healing and man did it hurt like a b!tch. Arching her back she rolled onto her side and then gained her knees. Her movements were slow and a little unsure, her legs unsteady beneath her. Blinking rapidly a few times she looked around, checking to make sure that both Hesperus and Despair were relatively unharmed. 
She watched the fight, feeling completely useless. Her vision was still shoddy, taking a shot right now would be more dangerous and foolhardy than smart. Cass had pegged Despair for an emo girl with cool mind powers....that would teach her to go making assumptions. She couldn't help but smile to herself as she watched the girl deal with their opponent. She may have judged it too early, though. "Despair." The word trickled out of her mouth as she watched in horror, Despair down and on the ground. Cass was about to leap into action, consequences of bad shots be damned, this was her teammate, but before she could do anything, Hesperus had already taken care of things.  
"What the...." The words were murmured to herself as she watched in awe. Damian...he was something else. He was an amazingly skilled hand to hand combatant and fighter and on top of that, he wielded quite a heavy duty power set. She watched as Hesperus fought him, holding herself back. It was hard for her not to enter the fray when a fight was going on, despite the fact that Hesperus was handling himself just fine. It was then that the tides turned on Hesperus. Who the hell was this guy? He was kind of a beast. Cass made a mental note to ask about him later, as both Hesperus and Despair seemed to recognize him. Gaining her feet, Cass held up her gun, she was about to shoot this guy through the back of the head as he was distracted with Hesperus, but before she could do anything Hesperus recovered with a surprise attack and all of a sudden, the enemy was gone. 

Cass was about to walk over to him and ask if he was okay; she couldn't have somebody severely injured possibly compromising their mission (or at least that's what she told herself, she refused to admit the fact that she might be worried about him), but before she could do anything he was gone, saying that he'd be right back. "What the hell." She looked over to Despair as she walked towards her wanting to make sure she was okay and wondering if she had had any idea as to where the hell he had gone.   
It seemed as if he had returned nearly just as soon as he had disappeared. Popping in next to her and Despair. Before Cass could do anything or ask any questions he had grabbed her's and Despair's hand. Finally! Some action! Cass was chomping at the bit. Obviously her mother hadn't been in Mongolia. She was assuming that Hesperus had somehow found out that she was here and as Cass looked around, it seemed that that suspicion was confirmed by the company that was there. He dropped her hand and ran for the hole that was in the wall. She was irritated that he knew something and wasn't sharing it, but she understood the need to act quickly and was confident that she and Despair could figure things out quickly.  
Her hair streamed out behind her, whipping her in the face as she ran after Hesperus nearly as fast as she could. She held hope that Despair was able to keep up. Cass' guns were gripped tightly in her hands and she was ready to open fire upon targets at a moment's notice. As she entered the building her eyes met with those of Tempest. She was definitely in the right place. He looked a tad unsettled but sure of himself at the same time. "Give me a sit-rep. Now." The order was barked out fast and roughly. She didn't have time to be nice and she needed to know exactly what the hell was going on. Her keen hearing picked up on Chevie squealing about ninjas and the adrenaline started pumping through her body. "Speed it up."
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Standing among the rubble Sovereign Son and Honor Girl took in their surrondings while Michael searched throught the rubble but there was something off putting he didn't feel right since he landed it felt like he had lost a sense waving his hand in front of his face he wasn't going blind nor was he going deaf he just felt discnnected from nature. Mike finally spoke "Stay close your powers won't work within this building and im guessing that we can't get out of this building once we've entered". Looking gravely back at Mike Michael *gulped* but before anymore could be said Mike took off heading through the front doors of the building while both of the Young Champions followed swiftly. 
Walking through the entrance a ninja appeared from the shadows and lunged at Mike their blades connect and sent a shower of sparks into the air in a matter of seconds the ninja was on the floor unconscious. Taking a deep sigh of relief Michael brief moment of respite was short lived as an army of ninja's descended upon the heroes a shout from behind made Michael jump "MORE Ninja's REALLY" and in that moment he was distracted by Honor Girl it had cost him. 
The blade that was thrown at him sliced through his flesh as if it were paper and left a very deep gash that started to pour with blood. Spitting some of his own blood on the floor the ninja that had attacked him was being draged away by Nicole. Smiling at the thought of her helping him he landed a triple backhand spring to avoid another attack by two more ninja's concentrating on not being hit Mike shouted with a smirk on his face to both his teammates "There not as trained as i first thought, hold your ground give the others time to breathe when they get her explain the room and keep moving". Back flips, Cart wheels, Hand springs anything he could to do keep out of the ninja's path for once those fifthteen years of ruthless gymnastic training had paid of they could even touch him. 
Mike turned to both smiling this time he spoke to Nicole first "Remember you can use your belt im sure it has all types of gadgets" with a nod she went back to kickig butt. Back to back now Mike gave Michael his orders "im going to overide the teleporters and bring the last team to us, hold your ground give the others time to breathe when they get her explain the room myself and Honor Girl will cover you, once they get their bearings sne Dark Huntess' team to me and we will continue to fight while you and Crazies team find my wife, im putting my trust in you don't screw up" with a slight nod Michael ran from the scene heading outside to meet up with the others. 
Pushing through a set of doors Michael found himself back outside looking towards the gapping hole in the wall that he had made earlier, Hesperus jumped through the whole first followed by Despair and The Dark Huntress heading down to meet them Michael and The Dark Huntress came face to face "Give me a sit-rep now" she said rather sternly "Okay so far all we know is that Mistress Redhead is somewhere in the building Crazy, Cellpho....." "Speed it up" she barked out at him "Fine but were gonna have to run to get to Mike and Nicole". All four of them sprinted through the entrance "As i was saying before i was rudely interrupted" With a annoyed look at The Dark Huntress. 
"Mistress Redhead is somewhere in the building, Crazy and his team are off to find her ive been ordered to follow them and help anyway i can, Mike and Nicole are fighting off like a hundred ninja guys and there holding their own. Thats where you guys come in they need you help" the four stopped just at a fork in the corridor "Their that way but they've told me to warn you none of us have our powers so were working with just our skill and whatever we've got Good luck" 
As the team ran of towards Mike and Nicole, Michael made his way deeper into the complex searching through corridor after corridor hoping to ind Crazy and his team he struck luck there was a excited shout from the distance "Chloe" his eyes perked up and he knew that voice it was CellPhoneGirl following the direction of where her voice came from he saw them for the end of a corrido Crazy, CellPhoneGirl, Chevie and thay had Mistress Redhead with them along with another girl wearing a Blindfold "Guys Guys over here come on we gotta get out of here"

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Victor hit the floor his heart pounding, his mind racing. “I just killed someone, ended their life. What the hell is going on.” He thought. The shock of his actions cost him his concentration and with it his impenetrable skin. One of the guards pick Vic up off the ground and threw him into the stone wall of the temple. Falling back to the cold floor Victor's entire body ached, his heart yet raced. He had to get that skin back, to fight or he was sure to die here and now. The guard advanced toward the boy again, this time pulling a gun.

Victor looked toward Crazy Eights who was still locked in combat with a man known as one shot. Once his focus was completely on the man Vic's skin hardened once more and his body was no long his own to control. Standing Kincaid's hand shot out grasping the mussel of the pistol as it barked off a few rounds. Squeezing hard Victor caused the weapon to explode on his wielder. The guard pulled his hand away quickly. “Hi, I'm Caleb and that's the wall.” the voice which came from Victor's mouth said as he sent his left fist into the mains chest. The guard was thrown through the and a crashed through the wall falling to his death.

With a moment to breath Victor gazed toward Cellphone Girl who was in the middle of a fight with multiple guards. Her wings of light fluttering rapidly as she soared from one target to the next. Victor felt a tingle on his back before looking to find feary like wings of his own of a blueish hue.

Seeing an opening Caleb took the opportunity to sneak up behind One Shot. After the signal from Crazy he grasped the man around the waste holding him steady. Crazy proceeded to give the man the old one two punch knocking him out. Now that the enemies were out of the way Victor was able to give Crazy the message about MR being in China. Victor joined the team as they swiftly departed on their rescue mission.

China, Now

When they arrived in China, Sovereign Son had ordered them to find his wife. The SOVEREIGN SON, Victor found himself so dumbfounded that he couldn't even find any words. It was surprising no one questioned the new addition to Crazy's team. But under the circumstances it was understandable they were heavily out numbered and fighting for someone who meant a great deal to all of them, Victor was sure there would be time later to figure what would become of him.

Having discovered these powers it was amazing but always very scary, what would this mean for his life. Would he be an object of someones experimentation like so many other mutants? Was he even a mutant or something else? Would he join the Champions of Peace and fight along side his hero? These thoughts and more went through Vic's head as he ran with Crazy Eights, CPG and the young girl. As they turned a corner they saw her. Mistress Redhead, Victor's breath caught. She was magnificent even after being kidnapped and held captive she still carried herself with such dignity and grace.

A blindfolded teenage girl stood with her, the instant CPG saw her she ran to her over taking Crazy and yelling “Chloe....I missed you!” hugging her. At the same time the young girl ran into the arms of Mistress Redhead. The heroine embraced her tightly, putting two and two together Victor finally realized that this girl was MR's daughter. Kincaid stopped standing beside Crazy “So how do we get out of here?” he asked the man as dozens of highly trained guards came in surrounding the group on all sides.

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The satin face-mask shifted across her face as the plane hummed through the air, the group of exhausted Champions all paired off in their little groups, she lifted the mask from her face and turned to look at Mike and Chevie snoring beside her, Chevie’s head resting against his arm. Smiling at the pair she looked over at the rest of the members, her eyes lingering on each of them as she started to realise just how much she loved all of them in their own ways, the Champions were fast becoming a family and after 2 years of being a unit some had even formed stronger bonds and relationships.

This trip had picked up a couple of new recruits, Chloe and Blair were settled in the back of the plane their heads together in deep conversation, Chloe looked good, already she looked better than when Sarah had met her deep in the underground city. The young womans face had already got some of it colour back in her face and her smile was as wide as the window they sat near, Blair was so joyous to have her friend back, every part of her was beaming and glowing, her hair was almost shimmering.

In front of them, his head tucked into his chest with earphones strapped to his ears sat the other new recruit Victor, she knew little of this kid, other than he was incredibly talented, Mike had trusted him immediately which was enough for Sarah but there was something lacking in his face, he seemed so sad, so lost.

 Making a mental note to follow up on his background when they got back she turned her head to land on Cass and Nicole, the girls were curled up on each other, a shared ipod between them she could vaguely make out some hard metal coming out, her thoughts focused on her daughters trials and the future that she was making inside the team, Sarah and Mike had already made the decision to add Ethan to the Shadow Squad, aside from the obvious reasons of his talent and skill. She knew that her daughter was starting to really care for him and Sarah wanted so badly for her daughter to be happy, she just hoped Ethan was up to the challenge that lay ahead of him.

Nicole snorted in her sleep and rolled over against Cassies chest, her face falling down into her daughters cleavage. Sarah laughed softly to herself as she thought over the training routine she had running on her system, she had been Nicole’s mentor for only a short time but the girl was progressing perfectly and Sarah was nothing but pleased with her.

Despair and Hesperus sat opposite the girls, Despairs head rested against her palm as she looked out the small window, Sarah wondered as she often did of what was going through the girls mind. To be perfectly honest she was slightly creeped out by Despair, she loved and cared for the girl, but could never quite connect with her and had not as yet had time to do that, she promised herself to make the time once they got back.

Hesperus was a moody little brat, his nose pressed into the large book in his lap, she read the cover and shook her head “Sun Tzu Art of War” a book she was almost certain was above his age limit, but she knew it was something he would devour with glee. She was scared of him, scared for his future, she tried very hard to do as Mike did and trust him, but the recent treatment of her at his mother’s hands did not help to make that any easier. Surreal had kidnapped and left her to rot, Sarah knew why she had done it, in the end the sister of her husband always had goals that far exceeded what you could expect, Sarah was fairly certain that Surreal was building something bigger than just kidnapping the leader of the Champions, Surreal was far more deviant than that and Sarah could not help but wonder if Damian was the key…

Looking up she realised that Damian had been staring at her, nodding his head sharply he turned a page in his book with a lick of his finger.  

Forcing a smile on her face she turned at the sound of Crazy and Michael arguing over what type of weapon would be best used against a horde of Chocolate bunnies she raised an eyebrow and rolled her eyes, the pair of them making her smile as she watched the man who was the godfather of her daughter.

Ice Bird swooped as the landing gears started to hum, the group rousing themselves as the plane announced their arrival in Champion City. Overhead lockers slammed as each of them collected their luggage, Victor and Chloe following behind as the others scooped them up and lead them off to see their new homes.   Mike was loading their new car with their luggage as Chevie and Annabelle who was being unloaded from the back of the plane were bonding again, Sarah moved her hand across her belly as she waddled to the car, sliding in the front seat as Mike clicked the two in tight in the back she suddenly groaned as the seat under her flooded with water, shock slipped through her as she realised she was in labour, Mike his eyes wide leapt into the front seat and raced them off into the nearest hospital.

Sarah bit through the pain and almost laughed at the fact that she never seemed to get any peace.