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Sheng's face grew a puzzled expression as he watched the man shoot a green ray towards him. "Oww" He coos under his breath. The ray darts through the air before shooting strait through Sheng. It effortlessly traveled through the fighter, whom stood frozen. However, as Eric drew close to attack, Sheng started to fade away; revealing the truth. The frozen Sheng was a hologram left behind by the real fight, whom, now, sat on the opposite side of the ring.

"Whoa, bro....that was close, as well. You're a full bag of tricks." Sheng smiled as he sat far from his Eric. "We might need more room if you're gonna be blasting people. This crowd might need to get back as well." Sheng warned the crowd around him as he sat in place.


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@superstay: Eric pulled out a silenced pistol and unloaded 7 rounds at Sheng before jumping into the shadows and vanishing preparing for a sneak attack

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"Now we have guns?..." Sheng stated to himself with a smile on his face. He watched the bullets dart towards him as he started to stand up. Seeing the bullets, Sheng immediately back-flipped over the crown. In midair, he vanished in a mist of smoke. The mist faded as the martial artist hid in the club.


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@superstay: Eric walked into the club his goggles down and now red instead of green.... he scanned the crowd of people and froze....looking right at sheng

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Shadow sat at the end of the bar, "Get me my usual...". He watched, as the bartender walked away, before turning to face away from the bar. Leaning against the bar's railing, he stared at the raw looking crowd. "Well, this is a uncanny setting, isn't it?" asked Olli, sitting on the stool next to Shadow. The Dark suited man stared at the magician, whom was also dressed in a dark suit. "It actually I-" he began before a puff of white smoke shot out from behind the counter.

They both looked at the fading smoke. "Why..." began Olli, before an anxious Sheng popped up from behind the counter. "Hey, bros..." Sheng joyfully announced as he picked up the Scotch bottle and the Whisky bottle that the bartender had. He poured the suited men a mixed mug of Scotch n' Whisky. To which, they both stared at him with still faces. "Where did you come from? Shadow asked before gulping down his drink.

"He fighting that gentleman, over there" Olli nonchalantly stated, while Sheng agreed with a "Yeah", as he pointed at Eric. Seeing the gesture, Shadow looked over at the opponent of the martial artist. "Oh..." The suited man stared at Eric, "Well, why are you here?". He looked at Sheng, whom smiled back, "I noticed guys over here; So, I had to say hello...".

"I think he's waiting for you" Olli nodded to the frozen figure, eyes glowing as bright as car headlights. "Intense fella, huh?" Shadow joked as he noticed the green eyes of fury that the man stalked the club with. To this, Sheng huffed, "You're telling me, the dude tried to stab me with a storm of needles". "Beautiful..." Olli blankly muttered as his eyes stalked the shadows of the club. As Sheng watched Olli's weird reaction, he pushed out, "well, I have a fight to get to...". He flipped over the counter and as walked through the crowd.

Olli stared at him with a smile, "I wonder if he knows that that man is out of his league?". He looked over at Shadow, "I highly doubt it...Sheng it a simpleton", he got in reply. "Hmm...note to self, buy a white wood coffin, with dragon carvings, one you get home", Olli said to himself as Shadow raised a brow to it.


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There it was.

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(OoC: Memories...my first RP was in here...I was, so, not good)


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@superstay: FALLENprophet and me were tiiiiigggght lol.

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Yep...I wish I was a better RPer, back then. So that me and Prophet could of had a good battle...


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(bumpy bump bump)

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