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A blind young man who was tasked with an important courier message began to make his way through the town of Winhill up to Balamb Garden with an envelope which contained the invitation to a secretive yet highly traditional martial arts tournament to a highly skilled emotionless Gunblade Specialist named Squall who was a local legend because of his excellence in his respective military field.

A beautiful young blond woman dressed like an accountant straight out of Wall Street makes her way to Langely Virginia.  She has acquired a government contractor badge which gives her security clearance to enter the Central Intelligence Agency.  Once she gets through security she makes her way to the Intel gathering section and drops an envelope into wall box labeled Lee Kang, the print on the envelope is marked by "The Kumite" seal.

Your battle will take place aboard a deserted battleship which has been lost at sea since World War 2.  May you fight well.

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It was early in the morning when a courier arrived at the doors of the Balamb Academy. He was blind and carrying a message for one of the students there, it was an invitation for Squall. The halls were quiet this early in the morning as a teachers lead him to where Squall was. Each morning he got up early and headed for the training hall to practice his fighting arts. Squall had become a master at the Gunblade and he trained with it regularly, constantly. As the blind courier entered Squall stopped and walked his direction, he took the envelope from him and broke the seal, reading its contents to himself.

"The Kumite" his mind whispered as the read the directions to the fight. It would take place on a deserted battleship, out in the middle of no where. A boat would be waiting for him at the docks, to carry him to the battleship. A battleship that had not been heard from or seen since World War 2. The tournament was one of a kind, and only the most recognized and talented fighters in the world was allowed in. They were chosen well ahead of time from a secret organization which watched over them for years. Anyone who showed promise in combat prowess they had a file on. They knew of their strengths, their weaknesses. It was all for who would hold the title of the Worlds Greatest Fighter, a title that Squall would earn soon enough.

As he arrived to the docks it was late at night, the trip had been a long one and he had left his fabled gunblade at the school. This was about you, not your weapons and he did not want to break any of those rules, or even be tempted to by bringing his weapon with him. Showing the invitation to the man at the boat he lowered his gun on Squall and let him climb on board. Even then the trip on the boat was long, the boat shifted and swayed over the oceans waves. Hours passed and the ship was finally in sight, it looked like hell and that it would sink at any moments notice. The second Squall had stepped off the boat to climb onto the ship the man took off. Leaving him alone, deserted just like the ship.

Squall stalked over the boat, looking for tactical advantages he could use later on if things got too rough. There was no sign of his opponent. He had arrived first and could easily hide among the rubble here to take his rival by surprise. But where would be the fun in that Squall thought. He wanted to be the best, to prove that he IS the best so he waited and sat.

The moon was high in the sky as Squall sat there with his dark jacket pulled around close to him. It was a cold and unforgiving night as the wind blew and the ship swayed in the ocean. He got uncomfortable at times and walked around, stretched out and warmed up. He was waiting, waiting for what might be his most important fight to date. Soon it would be time to fight.

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A man in a dark suit and blacked out sunglasses makes his way to the drop zone. As he walks in stride another man walks past, with out a word or a look the a file changes hands. The file that is handed to him that contains a picture and a name, but along with his usual assignment was a sealed envelope. As Lee sat in his car he put a red X over the picture of his latest target, mission complete, and cleaned his dagger. He pulled out the evelope and used his dagger to break the seal. Kumite was written on the top of what was an invitation.

Stories have been passed down generation to gerenation in his family about the great underground tourniments that are Kumite. Warriors from the world over are choosen to fight in hand to hand combat. Men die to prove that they are the best of the best. As Lee sat in his car a smile came over his face and behind his shades his eye began to glow brighter and brighter.

The Next Day
The sound of a helecopter filled the air as he rode in the back eyes closed sleeping. Ancient battles of his for fathers played out in his head as he dreamed. When they arrived at the dock were he was to met a boat, his eyes popped opened and he didn't wait for the hele to land. Jumping out he landed on the dock invitation in hand. As the boat took him to the battleship were he would fight for his life and pride Lee changed. Taking off his jacket and shoes, he stripped down to just his black pants and a white t-shirt. Not only had he changed his clothes but his mind filled with the memories of the past, he became 777. They had arrived.

T7 crept slowly onto the boat knowing that his opponent would be waiting. He didn't want to be suprised, but he was. Squall the man he was fighting was sitting out in the open waiting.  As he appoached Squall T7 eye burn red heating his body as he contained the energy, he pulled off his shirt, revealing his chisled frame. Then suddenly he stopped.

Bowing low with his hands in front of him, T7 spoke.

I am a wanted man.
They have sent men after me.
Big men from all over the world
From Europe
From Asia
From Africa........and you will fall just like the rest.

He stood at the ready, ready to fight, to die, to kill............

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I am a wanted man.
They have sent men after me.
Big men from all over the world
From Europe
From Asia
From Africa........and you will fall just like the rest.

 Once the words were spoken he waited no time to set into his fighting stance. He looked ready to fight from the word go, and Squall was not going to disappoint him, not here, not tonight. The stranger was known as T7 or at least it was one of the aliases on the invitation. The man looked fit and had a burning red eye, Squall could almost swear he felt the heat come off from his body in the cold night air. The ship swayed as Squall stood to his feet and cracked his neck left and then right.


Were the only words spoken out of the young mans mouth in a reply to his opponents boast. With his quick and highly trained reflexes he dashed towards his opponet with a series of strikes heading towards him. He was low in his stance with his left leg in the front and bent. A quick jab was thrown out towards T7's face. His two primary knuckles were headed straight for his chin, ready to check and see if his jaw was as clear as his boast. But that was only the first strike of many he would throw that night, and many would come soon after. The second the jab was thrown out another strike came, but with his other hand which was cocked back on his hip. The reverse punch came at T7 with incredible speed and was speeding straight for the man's solar plexus. This attack was thrown to take the wind from his enemy, for if he can not breath then he can not fight. As soon as the arm was extended Squall set out with his last blow, a swooping roundhouse kick which was aimed right for the side of his head. The in step of Squalls right foot was heading straight for T7's left ear, his knee chambering and snapping his hip for that extra power and speed.

Squall was no novice to fighting hand to hand. He knew with his combinations that he had to keep his opponent guessing, which is why his blows changed levels with each strike. The head, the body, back to the head. His hands would have to keep working to protect himself from the onslaught of blows that Squall had sent forth to topple his rival in this match.
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Waiting for the movement of the young warrior T7 bid his time, taking every effort to study the young man, who would be his killer. Watching his stance his push off and even his speed he judged the attack and ability of the warrior. T7 watched his opponents shoulder knowing that it would lead the punch. One jab came towards his face with a quick pop of the arm, and T7 could see the whites of the man's knuckles bearing down on him. He smoothly slide to the right just enough to avoid the first jab and duck under the second that quickly followed. The two warrior moved together like a dance their bodies keeping time together. Squall spun with a reverse punch and T7 spun at the same time trying to get out of range of the hit. All that his spin was shift the attack away from mid chest to his ribs. A loud thud could be heard as the hand of his opponent landed soildly against the barrel chest of T7. The hit stung and would leave a rather large bruise but it didn't crack any ribs. 

T7 was still recovering from the hit to the ribs when he saw a foot coming towards his head. There was very little time to react, but T7's instinct took over. His back foot remained planted as he let his front foot fall forward, kicking it out towards Squall's plant leg. This caused T7 to split onto the ground  lowering his body just enough to avoid the round house to the face. Once in the split position, he windmilled trying to catch Squall's legs in between his in hope of gaining position for a leg bar.

T7 didn't care if the fight went to the ground or stayed standing, he was in for the kill.

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His opponent was able to duck and spin underneath Squall's jab, making him miss the attempt to slam into his face. However that spin had brought him closer to his second strike, the reverse punch which was headed right for the man's solar plexus. The change of his positioning had caused the technique to be off course and crush into his now exposed ribs. There was a loud smack as the sound of flesh smashed against one another. That unforgiving punch barreling in to his midsection. Squall knew it would only be a matter of minutes before that side bruised up and started to affect his breathing. He did not feel the crack of any ribs, but even a bruise rib was cause for delay. Could give him that one chance he might need, that one opening to finish the fight.

The roundhouse continued to fly through the air and it had looked like it was on target. The man was stunned from the reverse punch and had little to no chance of escaping the on coming blow. But then his warrior instincts kicked in and the man kicked out low towards Squall front leg in a sweeping manner. The roundhouse kick went sailing above his head as he swept Squall's leg out from under him. He came crashing hard against the deck of the ship, a loud thud echoing throughout the chilling night sky as he crashed in the floor and let out a sound of pain. T7 had kicked his legs out in a windmill fashion, spinning in an attempt to grab Squall into a leg bar. The man was wanting to take the fight to the ground. He thought to try and win this with a submission, or to break Squall's leg.

But Squall was no stranger to the ground game, he had studied it just as much as he had his stand up. The moment he crashed against the ships floor he curled in with his legs, keeping them out of reach from T7 and spread open. They were now set out in a guard position, and if T7 moved any close he would attempt to lock him in to the guard. A place where he would bide his time and wait for his chance to change position, to find the opening he needed to punish him, to submit him, to break him.

Another concern however had also caught Squall's attention. When he hit the floor the ship started to sway. An eerie sound called out from the ship as it moved along the ocean's waters. It had been abandoned for some time and was not used to the movement and unrest. If things got too out of hand there was no telling what would happen with the ship. For all he knew this might turn in to a fight in the water, with the both of them trying to escape with their lives as the ship sank into the deep depths of the ocean to never be seen nor heard from again.

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Standing over Squall, who was in a  guard position, Triple7  felt the movement of the massive boat. The salt water and the time had taking its toll on the huge craft. Rust and holes were thoughout the whole of the ship. Water flowed freely throughout the lower decks, and fish and other animals had taken it over as their home. The movements of the combatants had been the first on the upper decks since the ship was functional and even the light feet of the two warriors aboard cause a chain reaction throughout the entire ship.

As T7 backed away from Squall, knowing that he wasn't in a good position to break his guard., he heard a skeech behind him. Feeling the movement of the ship below his feet he turn towards the noise only to see a helecoptor racing towards the two warriors. The blades of it were circling slowing as the old med. evecate hele, rushed up to him. T7 could get out of the way, and move into the only position he could. Jumping into the helecoptor he ran through the middle of it jumping out the other side. As he exited the other side he turned to look and see it large rusted bird heading right towards Squall. Triple7 couldn't see Squall as the hele, rushed past then off the edge of the carrier splashing down into the cold dark ocean.

Triple7 could feel the the first rock of the boat and he knew that move were to come. He judged from the lean of the boat, which that the side that the chopper went off of was starting to fill with water and very soon would be going under. T7 ran uphill of the once flat boat, towards the other end trying to stay dry as long as possible. He could still not see Squall.

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He laid there on his back the ground of the carrier hard and cold, staring up at his opponent waiting for him to make the mistake and to come down at him. But then his eyes widened as he saw a helicopter coming in from the distance. He started to think F#%$ what kind of crap is this. Then the ship screeched and howled in the night sky. It swaying heavily as the Chopper closed in, then once it was almost down upon them T7 jumped up and through the doors of it. Crossing to the other side and leaping out.

Squall quickly kipped up to his feet as the chopper got dangerously close. He leaped into the air and grabbed on to the bottom rungs. He instantly pulled himself in close to it and swung from the bottom to the other side. With a spring from pushing his feet against it he flipped and hurtled into the air to land safely on the other side. Or what he thought was the safer side, all just in time to see the helicopter come crashing down. Something had gone terrible wrong as it got closer to them and it jerked and nicked part of the ship. It caused a violent chain reaction, and spinning out of control the chopper went smashing into the dark water. The instant it impacted the  crashing waves and giant explosion fired off. Flames flickered up into the night sky as the shrapnel went flying throughout the night sky. Pieces of the chopper came crashing into the already shaky ship, the blades slashed into the carrier and opened up a large portion. Huge waves started to engulf one side of the carried as water flooded into the side now holding the massive hole.

The ship started to keen and keel over as the water poured in. Squall finally got track of T7 as he ran uphill of the ship, he was escaping from the water that was now flooding the boat. Things just got worse, a LOT worse for the both of them. But he still new this was about a fight, there here, this now, could prove to the entire world that he was the best. Determination in his eyes he charged up hill of the boat, yelling into the dark sky as he ran closer to his rival. With a leap into the air he attempted to tackle T7, a jump that if landed would send the both of them tumbling over the side and into the dark depths of the ocean.

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Running up the once flat deck of the ship he could feel the heat of the explosion on his back. It was a strange feeling, the bitter cold in front of his and the inferno behind. Turning, when he heard the yell of Squall coming at him, he caught the blow of the tackle right in the stomach. The impact knocked T7 off his feet landing hard on his back the two warrior rolled and slid down the deck searching for grip as they slid and tumbled down towards the fire and water. Gas the spilled out of the hele was now floating on the water bringing fire and water into the mix.

T7 feet fell over the edge of the boat as he was able to grab a hold of the edge of the deck with his hands. Hanging there in the dark he looked to find Squall, he would not let this warrior die in the cold water, he would die only by his hand. T7 looked down to see the burning hele caught on the turbines of the massive ship. He dropped down onto one of the areas that was not currently on fire. Looking up with the fire rising around him and the cold water splashing at his feet he called out to Squall.

Get your ass down here!

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Squall's shoulder smacked straight into the midsection of T7, both of them went tumbling to the ground with a hard impact. The ship was sinking and and half of it was now arched high up into the air as the water poured in on the other end. T7 was grasping around trying to find a hold to grab. Gas flowed over the water and ignited with the flames, blowing a large puff of fire and smoke into the air over and over. A large reign of fire engulfed the water below.

T7 had grabbed a hold of a ledge on the deck, hanging there he searched about and dropped down on one of the massive turbines that was not caught on fire. Once he landed he looked about and yelled out to Squall. "Get your ass down here!" There was nothing he could do about it, he had no choice as the ship  tilted more, loose debris fell from the ship's deck and crashed into the dark waters that were ablaze in fire. Squall was dangling like a fish on a hook as the ship started to sink more and more with each passing moment. He looked down at T7 as he yelled out at him, wanting him to get down there so the two of them could finish what was started that night. Then without a sound a large box crashed into Squall as he hung there helpless. The impact made him lose grip and he went crashing into the waters below. The fire scorched his skin as he dove into the water which instantly doused them and cooled him off.

Holding his breath he swam under the dark waters unseen by his foe. he circled around him from where he had smashed into the waters and then climbed up out of the water onto the same platform which T7 stood safe. The moment he climbed up he dropped down into a low kick. His legs spinning out from under him in a sweep aimed at the man's knee's. He was going to topple him, knock him off of this platform and move the fight into the cold water. There he would drown him in the deep blue see, that is if the under tide didn't doom them both. The huge ship was sinking and it wouldn't be long before it pulled them both under with it.