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Wolf Pack Stronghold - Scotland

William Greystoke made his way through the hallways of the large estate.  He had just finished a strenuous training exercise in the simulator and had just received word of a transmission from Sector 13.  While on most occasions the Hunter would not give a high priority to such a circumstance, he was expecting this transmission for quite some time.  Along with many lycans all over the world, Greystoke had enlisted the help of Anderson and Sector 13 in finding the one man who endangered the life of Greystoke's adopted daughter: Gambler.

When William entered his quarters, he opened the console on his desk and Anderson appeared onscreen.  "Any news?" the Hunter asked, cutting straight to the point.

"Yes."  Anderson replied on the other end.  "It appears that we have some intel of a deal or something that he is associated with.  We're not sure who exactly is on the other end of that deal, but chances are the world would be a little better off without them.  I'm sure you'll know what to do."

"Agreed." Greystoke said.  "Infiltrate the area, kill all who stand in my way.  Got it."

With that, Anderson gave the location and time of the meeting to him.  Right away, William contacted some of his most-suitable lycans for assistance.  Usually, he would rely on members of Wolf Pack for assistance.  However, he knew how crafty the elusive Cajun truly was.  He did not want to risk the lives of his team mates on this mission, and also he would need the best trackers on earth - lycans.

First, he contacted a Navajo Skin Walker by the name of War Eagle.  War Eagle was nearly three hundred years old and possessed a vast array of knowledge in regards to tracking.  Not only did he draw strength from his lycan abilities, but also from his many years with the Navajo.  William Greystoke and War Eagle had met and even fought alongside each other in battle during World War II.

Along with War Eagle, the Hunter also brought along Raze.  While Raze was somewhat looked down upon by some, he was not to be underestimated.  While some lycans are meant to be alphas within a pack, others are meant to simply be betas - members who assist the leader.  Such was the case with Raze.  For several hundred years, Raze fought loyally by Lucian's side.  In truth, had it not been for Raze, the Corvinus Clan of Lycans would be nearly impossible to reunite.

In addition, Greystoke brought along two lycan soldiers who had fought by Lucian's side against the Death Dealers for nearly one hundred years.  While they had lesser experience than other lycans, the Hunter himself was less than one hundred years old.  Therefore, he decided to bring them along anyway.  Despite being so young, the two lycans displayed extraordinary combat skills.  In the end, Greystoke would only be bringing those four lycans along.  He wanted to keep this mission small, organized, and have it go down very quickly.

While in his quarters, the Greystoke Legend began to quickly prepare for his rendezvous with the LeBeau Legacy.  Dawning his signature black uniform with red accents, he put on black vibranium chain mail to the chest area and upper arms.  It would protect him against anything serious, but would also allow freedom of motion.  Packing a quiver full of arrows and various arrowheads, he secured it and his disassembled bow to his back.  Both ends of the modified compound bow could easily be connected in the middle of the handle and blades could be attached to make it a melee weapon as well.  Also on his back were two large vibranium knives.

The Hunter then hung his legendary Lycan Knight on his belt.  Then, as if all those blades and his adamantium claws were not enough, he attached a concealed blade of high-carbon folded steel onto the outside of his right arm.  Through a certain movement of his wrist, the eighteen-inch spring-loaded blade could be extracted and retracted.  As for the finishing touches, a ten-inch ballistics knife was concealed in his right boot.  Armed to the teeth, the Hunter knew never to underestimate his opponent... especially one as cunning as the legendary Jean-Luc LeBeau.

With that, the five lycans rendezvoused at the teleportation pad within the mansion and teleported to the coordinates which Anderson gave them.

Near the "Meeting" Coordinates

Once they had teleported into the surrounding area, all five individuals broke out in a quick sprint.  Reaching speeds of over fifty miles per hour, the five immortals sped across a wide open area outside a large metropolitan district.  Even with all of his weapons, the Greystoke Legend raced ahead of his fellow lycans for he was eager for combat.  Up ahead, the ground began to slope down and there was a set of barred double doors.  A large chain held in place by a pad lock secured the two doors.

While the other lycans began to slow down after seeing the sight, William Greystoke grit his teeth in determination and charged ahead faster, reaching speeds of over sixty miles per hour.  Letting out a ferocious roar, William leaped up into the air in a flying side kick.  In an incredible display of strength, the Hunter managed to literally kick down the metal door, break the pad lock, and snap a link in the chain with the powerful kick.  Still charging ahead into the tunnels that went underground, Greystoke was followed by his fellow lycan brethren.

Suddenly, as the Lycan King stepped past a certain point, a massive barrier shot up out of the ground and separated him from the rest of his group.  The barrier had to be at least four feet thick and was composed of a nearly-indestructible metal.  When Greystoke took one of his vibranium knives and tried to cut away at the wall, only a small indention was made - barely visible to the naked eye.  Indeed, it would take days to cut through.  To make matters worse, that same metal composed the tunnel wall and ceiling.  The floor was made of something else; not metal, but different.

As William turned around and began to sniff the air, a hologram suddenly appeared before him.  It was none other than Mr. Sinister himself.  With a raised eyebrow, the Hunter listened intently as the hologram began to play a message.  In the message, Sinister was basically giving a monologue about how each individual was brought there for some kind of test.  It was also revealed that the individuals involved would need to literally fight their way out or else lose those who were close to them.

When the message finished playing and the hologram deactivated, the Hunter sniffed the air once more.  Instantly, he could tell that he was not alone.  Utilizing his senses of sound and smell, he began to find out who exactly was down there with him.  Immediately, he began to identify certain individuals.  Doing this was not only meant to identify enemies, but to also identify potential allies as well.

With his weapons ready, the Hunter began to slowly make his way through the darkness and into a living Hell...
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UPLOAD COMPLETE.......echoed the voice of a computerized female inside of the Dark Veritas headquarters . Inside a room full of the latest technology and tech that has yet to be revealed to the world stood Kurrent with a smile on his face. He looked down at his watch after he detached it from the computer and realized that he had done what none have been able to do. Not only did he penetrate The Hottness' firewalls but he got even more sensitive information regarding heroes and villains alike. This information was not known to many and it went into more detail then the information that Kurrent already had. The reason Hottness had not used it yet was a mystery and now no one will ever know but Kurrent would put good use to the information.....very good use to it.

The mission in Dark Veritas was now complete and he was now one step closer to greatness. Still he would not leave peacefully, before leaving the room extended his right arm out towards the computer systems and let out a large electric stream that destroyed everything in the room. No evidence, no more information and absolutely no mercy, had The Hottness been at the HQ he would have been dealt with too but that was a small fork in the road the real mission was complete. As the fires started and the hard work of many went down in a blaze Kurrent said aloud "Looks like kings to me" then nonchalantly walked down the hall wall towards a bay window. Once he neared his walked turned into a hover and the hover turned into acceleration. With jet fire speed he flew out the window as the fire alarm bean to ring and his injustice was seconds away from becoming apparent.

Using the armor he  flew like he had somewhere and as always that was the case. He landed in an alley way when he saw who he was supposed to meet. It was an informant, one that had been on Kurrent's payroll for some time now.  The Electric Ace looked at the informant aggressively and spoke first."Do you have the information" he said and was followed quickly by the informant replying"yeah I just got off the phone with the guy that was trailing him he is near the Morlock Tunnels". The look on Kurrents' face said a thousand words and none of them were good, "What the f#cK is he doing in the Tunnels" he said while sneering. "I don't know man he is heading that way, that is all I know" was the response of the informant. Kurrent looked at him directly in the eye and spoke "You better not be f@cking with me because if you are.......its not going to be good news for your sister, you know the one that is 15 and in Ms. Davis' English Honors class right now, shes a good kid isn't she but I bet I can make into a bad little......do I need to keep going?" The eyes of the informant opened wide and a fearful look came across his face "how did you....." he said but was quickly halted by Kurrent when he said "SHUT UP" Then he threw a roll of money at the informants chest as he took a hover keeping eye contact until he was high enough to turn around and fly off.

Morlock Tunnels

The Tunnels were a terrible place. They reaked of sewage and trash and were occupied by the worst mutants that existed. It didn't matter though, the person Kurrent needed was in there and nothing would keep him from accomplishing what he had his mind on. Suddenly as he walked down the dark area an Hologram appeared in front of him and began to speak....."Greetings my play things. As some of you may have guessed you have been brought here for my own pleasure. There is only one escape from these tunnels and you must all fight your way out. Or you will all be buried alive, be helpless as your friends and loved ones are picked off one at a time. Comply with my rules and you will save their lives, failure to will kill them.The tunnels have been specifically designed to resist against your powers. There will be no blowing your way out of this scenario. Hidden away in this dark wet place are dozens of waiting traps for each of you. But more importantly you will have to fight one another for your survival. May the best man...Or woman, win".

When the hologram faded The Excellence of Electrocution was not in a good mood. He was not sure what to make of it but the only thing he could think of was the film Battle Royale and that he was now somehow caught in this game. Still he couldn't help but wonder if his target was in the game as well or who else would he have to face off against. Not thinking too much of it he took flight keeping his body vertical and moving at a moderate pace through the dark tunnels. His mind was on his target and not on the clown that thought he could use him for his own pleasure, and anyone else that got in his way, well.......they better hope they don't.

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24 hours prior

RING......RING.......RING!! The phone echoes throughout the home of the band of Mercs known as Section Eight. "Will someone f@#king get that?!!" The ceiling to the living room rocks and plaster falls from it as the other two members Surreal and Mike have another round of lets get made at each other an shag like rabbits afterwards. Crazy Eight lays on the couch sobering up from a very long night of gaming an drinking. His head raddles as he stands up "Dont worry Ill f@#king get it. Sooner or later he is going to BREAK and you will have to resort to my crotch rocket for your daily dosages!!" Mumbles under his breath "Whore." Surreal shouts down "Cold day in hell before I use something that tiny!!" She stands at the top of the steps wondering why it had gotten so quiet downstairs. Crazy is usually cussing her out left an right after a joke like that and all of a sudden Crazy skids across the floor to one end of the room grabbing cloths an suitting up into his more drastic attire then skidding back grabbing Betsy an Gladis before holstering them. Then he looks up the stairs to a half naked Surreal "Get some cloths on wench, Time to make some money. And get the boy toy ready too, that is if hes still got feelings in his legs." Mike shouts out "Shut the f@#k up, still got enough feeling to shove my foot up your arse!!"

Savage Land, Tunnel system A56 Present

"So without telling us exactly why we had the job he said "Want 50 million dollors?"
Crazy walks slowly his night vision on and turns around looking to SS "Ummmm yeah more or less. I mean he added in who we would be up against but....i kinda...forgot. I was mostly just focusing on the money. Although I do remember him telling me they were all metas to some degrees." Surreal without a word pops Crazy upside the head with the butt of her gun. Rubbing it he flips her off "Dont worry I know Im so beautiful you cant help yourself, your forgiven now will you two shut the f@#k up." SS thinks of smacking him again but is stopped as they see off in the distance two of the metas walking down separate Tunnels. Then slapping his own forehead "Oh yeah those are Kurrent an Hunter I think. Wow....that better be some real nice money fresh too." SS taps Crazy on the shoulder an points to Kurrent without a word an then points to himself then to Hunter. Surreal looks to the both and nods without a word disappearing into the darkness of the tunnel system, they all have comlinks and she tells them shes leaving the tunnel to do as Sinister had asked keep the information of the "Players" updated. Both SS an Crazy bolt off in two separate directions following tunnels that come ahead of the Kurrent an Hunter. As each come out ahead of their quarry their slapping small objects on the walls, then facing each they both have a smile on their faces.


"Well you know what I have always wanted to know what a wet dog smells like, and quite frankly you smell like absolute sh!t." With a chuckle SS stands in front of Hunter with a wide grin upon his face shaking a detonator in his hand. "Now we will see how a animal reacts to being caged."

Crazy Eights

Skidding to a stop in front of Kurrent he falls over slamming his face into the wall. Standing up quickly he brushes himself off an almost gags as he puts his hand in something brown an disgusting "Alright hes gotta up the money if he thinks im going to work in this sh!t...no pun intended." Then looking to Kurrent "Sup Light Bulb, No offense alright but he pays much more than you ever would for a job. Farewell." Holding up the detonator he smiles.

Both Men press the button and the walls of the tunnels both Kurrent an Hunter are in explode sending debris everywhere. And some slam into Crazy as he screams running the opposite way saying "No one told me it was C4!!! Mike I'm going to f@#king kill you!!" The explosion collapses the tunnels both targets were in sealing their exit from those tunnels, hoping to force them back. Crazy runs around the tunnel following the detour and comes to where SS would have been at the end of the tunnel, finding only his walkie and his favorite gun laying underneath the debris. His eyes widen "Uh-Oh.......Surreal you there?" She chimes in "Yeah why?" He stutters "No reason just wanted to know if you were okay." Its silent on the other end for a few moments before she asks "Wheres Mike havnt heard from him after the explosion he alright?" Crazy stares at the pile of rubble and looks around finding a set of foot prints leading away and he sighs mumbling "F@#king prick, leaves me here to deal with the lot of metas.....c@ckstain."  Then tapping the comlink again "Yeah hes fine hes just....making the rounds." The line goes dead as shes ignoring him he looks around finding none of the other Metas around he follows the tunnels hoping to find the others "Okay gotta get this over quickly so we can get our MONEY!!" pulling out Gladis and Betsy he follows into the darkness.
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On the infirmary level of We Are Legend HQ, isolated from all the other rooms and offices inside the building, was a bleach white sterile room, where only authorized personnel where allowed to go. The only ones that had authorization to go into this room, was Nurse Hope, authorized medical staff, and Uchiha NeVann, to everyone else, this section was closed off. This area was Guarded by the Black Ops WAL member, Cover, who made sure no one dared to try and sneak into the room.

The reason why this room was on such high alert, was because it held the severely wounded Stephanie Ardor. In the middle of the white tile room she was laying in a sole white bed the same one she had been in for a month now, since the ending of the Light Wars. With surgical tape over her eyes; there where tubes, wires and needles placed all over the young fire goddess. Oxygen was being sent directly through a tube, down her trachea into her lungs, unable to breath for herself, a machine was now doing the breathing for her as the gash in her chest was still left open, with a thin sterile plastic sheet over, to heal on its own as IVs where on both arms, sending the much needed fluids that held her daily doses vitamins and minerals, with a mixture of the pain medication marcain. The beeping of her heart monitor could be heard echoing through the room as her chest slowly rose up and down, but other than that, her body seemed life less, as if whatever was laying on this bed, was only a shell, nothing living inside of it.

But what was a lifeless body to one person, was a weapon of mass destruction waiting to be awaken to another. In her deep slumber where not even her bright and happy dreams could reach her, a voice did... a dark... cold, spine chilling voice echoed through the darkness of her mind. Making her want to hide deeper within herself as the room around her slowly began to dim down into its own darkness.

"Stephanie Ardor, my dear, dear Steph. The Fire inside of you could burn an entire planet to its very core if you just let loose, unleashed that inner fury that's inside of you. I want to see this world burn, awaken my child".

As soon as those words were spoken, as if on cue, Stephanie's body began to spasm, jerking on the bed as she struggled with the restraints that where holding her down on the bed and gaging on the tube that ran down her throat. With a grunt she pulled up her left arm, sending the restraints off as she immediately went for the clear plastic tube, pulling it out as quickly as she could. Because of the force of the removal of it, this caused her to gag even harder, forcing what little food she had in her stomach to be forced out and off the other side of the bed. Tossing the tube she gasp for air as a stench filled her senses, a sewer like smell as she used her right hand to snap off the left arm restraint. Now fully sitting up she groaned as she felt the tugs of the IVs. But first thing was first, she reached up to her eyes and gently peeled off the clear surgical tape that covered them, allowing her to finally see for the first time in a month. Her eye sight was blurry as she rubbed them a few times, trying to adjust her vision. As she finally opened her eyes as she saw... darkness.

Filled with confusion she tore the IVs, monitor stickers and restraints on her legs off with no problem as she turned her body to the left, her legs dangling off the side of the bed as she tore off a electrical grounding pad that was stuck on her thigh. Nova then slowly stepped down into... something wet... and... gucky. Trying to speak, nothing but a raspy mumble came out of her mouth as she sighed, her throat still raw from the tubing. Now standing on her own shaky legs she blinked her eyes a couple of times, as she finally adjusted to the scene around her. It looked just what it smelled like... some sort of sewer tunnel.

'How the hell did I get here?' she thought herself as she then remember the last thing that happened to her, Talon, Stephanie took the blast for Talon... and Nova should have been dead. With her eyes widen she ran her fingers over her chest, which was fully healed! Her jaw dropped with amazement as she couldn't even find a scar on her chest. 'What the hell is going on here, where am?' ran through her mind as a pail figure was seen standing before her, just the sight of him made her stomach turn. 'Oh crap! Am I dead!? Was I such a bad hero that they sent me straight to hell?!' she began to panic until the figure began to speak.

"Greetings my play things. As some of you may have guessed you have been brought here for my own pleasure. There is only one escape from these tunnels and you must all fight your way out. Or you will all be buried alive, be helpless as your friends and loved ones are picked off one at a time. Comply with my rules and you will save their lives, failure to will kill them" Taking a better look at the figure, it turned out to be none other than Mr. Sinister, she had never faced him before but always heard stories about him, and it was the same voice that she heard right before she awakened.

'Ugh... I might as well be in hell...' Looking around she couldn't tell what the walls of these tunnels were made of, but Stephanie was going to do what she did best, blast her way out of this place. 'I'll just blast or bash my way out, and go to WAL, I doubt ALL of the members are taken, their not stupid to fall into a trap like that.' She thought, getting ready to try and power up for the first time in a month, until the holograph figure spoke again.

"The tunnels have been specifically designed to resist against your powers. There will be no blowing your way out of this scenario. Hidden away in this dark wet place are dozens of waiting traps for each of you. But more importantly you will have to fight one another for your survival. May the best man..." he then paused, as a smirk crept upon his face. "Or woman, win". Just like that he was gone.

'Great... like waking up in a sewer tunnel and greeted by a man who is in desprate need of a tan, wasn't bad enough...' Then, finally, something that Sinister said hit her. 'Wait! There are others!' she thought as her eyes widen. If she could find someone, anyone, maybe they could work with each other, help each other out. 'I'm in no real condition to fight on my own, but I cant just stand here, that wont do any good... come on Steph... what to do... just think!' she then heard a small 'roar' like sound come from her stomach. 'Oh god... what I would do for a cookie... I wonder if theirs a little shop down here or something...' her mind began to wonder off until she shook her head, trying to re-focus. 'NO! No cookies! Not right now, cookies AFTER beating down Mr. Sinsiter.'  then looked down at herself... still dressed in the white hospital gown. 'Ok... first thing is first... I need to get out of this and into something more fire proof.' She slowly moved away from the bed, her legs shaking under her as she moved through the cold moist ground with her bare feet, only to see a table not too far away. On this small worn out table, was her outfit, nicely folded. She didn't question the cloths as she stripped herself of the white gown, the chill of the air hitting her bare skin as she slipped on her usual black jeans, red tank top and light black jacket with her boots as she folded up the white gown and slipped it in the pocket of her jacket. She was about to walk out, but then looked back at the bed, and quickly made her way towards it.

'Might be able to use some of this stuff to my advantage.' She tore off some of the wires, and stuck them in the pocket of her jeans, as she grabbed four IV needles and held them in the palm of her hand, raising up her temperature as the metal slowly melted down into a small bracelet. Slipping that on her wrist,  she also snatched up the electrical grounding pad that had been on her thigh. Kneeling down into the... waist of the tunnels, she lift up her pants as she slapped on the pad to her lower leg and tied the wire around her ankles. Standing back up and with a smirk on her face, she was now ready to face whatever Mr. Sinister had in plan for the young hero.

Clearing her throat she slowly shuffled through the tunnels, making her way to dry ground and a wider area to walk through. Slowly walking she made sure her internal radar was on, no way anyone was about to do a sneak attack on her, as she also used her infrared vision around her in case anyone would try to use the darkness to try and conceal themselves. As she walked she was then faced with a fork in the road. Standing there Nova sighed as she looked into the tunnel on the right, which was very dim, and a thin mist was drifting in the air. Then to the left which was pitch black, and water dripping down from pipes could be heard. 'Ok...' she then covered her eyes with her left hand and lift up her right hand, pointing at the left tunnel, moving her hand back and forth as she began to do what all first graders do when faced with a challenge. 'Ini, mini, miny, moe, catch a tiger by his toe, if he hollers let him go, ini, mini, miny, moe!' she lift her hands away from her eyes to see that it was pointing to the pitch black tunnel to the left. 'Like hell I'm going in that tunnel!' she then turned to the right and walked into the dim, misty tunnel instead.

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The life of a hero never seemed to stop or slow down. At least not for this one. It had only been a few short days since the funeral of Nighthunter and Renegade Lantern, a month from the titanic battles of the Light Wars. Now back on earth he thought that for once things would slow down, but that was when he had heard Kurrent jumped ship on them. He had joined the ranks of the Villains. Immediately Andy began to wonder what damage he could cause. The files he had kept while leader of Veritas on all the unregistered Heroes could be fatal. Would he do it though? strike out against them, or sell the information to the highest bidder. What was Kurrent up to? These were all questions that Andy would have to find out, and soon.

Just as he was about to head out of the Mansion for the day his phone began to ring. He had finally gotten a lead on Sector 13, the group that had plagued his past so often, turning him into the super soldier that he is now. Suiting up Andy left the mansion behind, the coordinates to the Intel that he had just received put their secret base at a warehouse near the docks on the south side. It would be a few hours drive to get there. Using the telescopic powers in his Visor he leader of the Ice Dragons began to check the perimeter, the place didn't seem to have any guards posted on the outside. Slipping from building to building he made his way closer to the back door. As he reached the door he could hear the whispers on the inside, of mean talking about mutant 395. The same code that the Sentinels had given him those years ago when they abducted him.

Deciding to get to the bottom of this fast and the drop on the people inside Andy busted through the door. The moment he locked was breached and enormous blast went off. The star spangled hero was sent hurtling end over end backwards from the sheer force. His momentum carrying him through the next building as the warehouse he had tried to enter went up in flames. Trying to shake off the effects he began to rub the back of his head, his entire body ached like he had just been hit by a mach truck. As he opened his eyes all he saw was a fist, hearing the words "Nighty night boyscout".

When he came to the ground was wet, a foul stench rushed up his nostrils as he noticed he was in a dark tunnel. Moments later a hologram image appeared. "Greetings my play things. As some of you may have guessed you have been brought here for my own pleasure. There is only one escape from these tunnels and you must all fight your way out. Or you will all be buried alive, be helpless as your friends and loved ones are picked off one at a time. Comply with my rules and you will save their lives, failure to will kill them. "The tunnels have been specifically designed to resist against your powers. There will be no blowing your way out of this scenario. Hidden away in this dark wet place are dozens of waiting traps for each of you. But more importantly you will have to fight one another for your survival. May the best man..."Or woman, win".

"Mr Sinister". Instantly Andy was in a foul mood, even the slightest thought of this sadistic man made him grump. How much he had toyed and played with his life for Utopia. Slowly Andy then started to evaluate his surroundings, to figure out exactly what he had walked into. Who else was down in these dark depths...

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"Sup Light Bulb, No offense alright but he pays much more than you ever would for a job. Farewell."  said a man that presented himself in front of  Kurrent as he was a on the move. The Electric Ace had never encountered  the man that had just picked himself up from the ground from a fall.Yet it seemed that he knew him or at least of him. The man was grasping some sort of device in his hand as he spoke. It was hard to tell what it was from the dim light of tunnels but his final word painted a picture of disaster that was followed by an explosion that caved the walls in and sent debris flying in awkward directions.

When the high decibel sound of the abrupt explosion hit the ear drum of The Excellence of Electrocution he reacted defensively. Using the Hott Tech Armor he raised an electrical cylinder around himself that hindered the debris from causing any major damage upon him. As the shards smashed on the electric force field Kurrent looked around vigilantly. This attack on him would not pass with out consequence and once he spotted the assailant his fury would be overwhelming. When the dust settled, much to Kurrent's dismay he was gone and the way he came in was blocked. After taking a minute to gather his bearings he thought to himselfabout the man that trapped him, I know his face, it's only a matter of time now.

With nowhere else to go Kurrent followed the path that seemed to be made for him. Not only was he on a mission and his intel lead him there but he was begin baited and caught up in some sort of game. This did not sit well with him for he was not a pawn.

He continued on through the misty tunnel carefully, keeping close to the metal walls, something he could use as a weapon if needed. Suddenly he heard footsteps that were rather close and stopped quickly then took a knee. By using his electropathy he was able to distinguish the distance of the person that was very close and decided to  read their electrical impulses to see if he recognized them. The impulses reminded him of the sound  of firecrackers and he instantly knew who it was. "Interesting" he said in a soft tone as made a large electrical ball on his right hand.  While gritting his teeth he looked at his left as and rotated it around as if he was inspecting it and thought of what the hologram had said "There is only one escape from these tunnels and you must all fight your way out"

Closer and closer the foot steps got and without thinking twice Kurrent shot up to his feet and pointed his arm straight out in front of him towards the oncoming person. In a cruel tone he said "Hello Feral Nova" and release the electric ball towards the WAL Leader before taking a defensive stance in preparation to fight his way out.

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As Greystoke made his way through the tunnels, he caught the scent of Mike Lockhart.  Previously, both men had been black op's of Sector 13.  Because they had worked together in the past, the Hunter assumed that he could count on Sovereign Son as an ally in this situation.  Silently, the lycan began to race through the tunnels toward the scent of the Section Eight leader.  However when one is faced with an uncertain and potentially lethal situation, assumptions can get them killed.

"Lockhart," William said as he came into view of Sovereign Son.  "It's good to know I'm not the only Brit down here....."

Sovereign Son replied saying, ""Well you know what?  I have always wanted to know what a wet dog smells like; and quite frankly, you smell like absolute sh!t."  He gave a chuckle and then held up a remote device.

"Mike?" Greystoke said with a raised eyebrow.

With a smile that said "f@ck you," Sovereign Son said, "Now we will see how an animal reacts to being caged...."  With that, he pushed in the button on the detonator.  In a split second, William's eyes widened as he picked up the scent of the stable plastic explosive C4.  When faced with an oncoming explosion, people usually consider three basic options:

  1. Avert the initial detonation (i.e. Stop the evil man with the device, save the day, etc.),
  2. Avoid the blast in order to form a new strategy (i.e. Disappear, uses the blast as a distraction, fake one's death, etc.),
  3. Attempt to simply escape the blast altogether (i.e. Get the Hell out of there.).
However, for some individuals there is a fourth option: Take the blast head on.  In circumstances like that, accelerated healing / regeneration is a lifesaver.... literally.  One can take the blast, even take enough damage to be "killed" by it, feign death, regenerate, then come back with a quick and unexpected counterstrike.  In this instance, William Greystoke thought that the fourth option would prove to be most useful.

With a powerful leap backwards, the Hunter tucked his body into a ball midair.  With the vibranium chain mail protecting his torso, his heart and lungs would not take any damage by debris.  Certainly, uncovered areas would take damage; but for the time being, the lycan king would just take the brunt of the damage.  His assumptions had allowed him to walk into a trap.  Now, he would go through a pain.  Yet, pain was better than death altogether.

The tunnel which he was in collapsed when the C4 was detonated, and the massive explosion sent debris flying everywhere.  Nearly a full minute after the blast, a pile of debris began to move and the Greystoke Legend emerged.  Tilting his head to the side, his neck cracked loudly.  Meanwhile the cuts, bruising, and burns all over his body began to heal.  Judging by the stench of Crazy Eights, apparently the rest of Section Eight was now in league with Sinister as well.  That meant one thing for the Hunter:  When it was time to make Sinister pay, Section Eight would pay as well.... even if they were mercenaries.

William grit his teeth and let out a low growl as bits and pieces of debris came out of his skin then fell to the ground.  From now on, all assumptions would be cast aside.  Sovereign Son would be dealt with in due time.  However, the Hunter had other things to worry about.  Section Eight was just one wild card that was thrown into the mix.  That meant that there were more wild cards up ahead.  That meant there were most likely several traps in the area to complicate matters even further.

Yet, in his current predicament, the King of the Lycan Underworld would not allow himself to become anyone's prey.  Indeed, if there were forces at work trying to kill them, he would become just as ruthless as they were.  He would go on the offensive and strike first.  After all, that trait was what made him the Hunter.  In truth, he would do anything necessary to gain an advantage.  Therefore, William Greystoke sniffed the air one last time.  After gathering the scents of many individuals, he then set out to locate none other than Andy Summers.  In actuality, the Hunter had no intention of slaying the Star-spangled Hero.  Instead, he was about to gain the upper hand in this conflict by gaining an ally.
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As he felt the leather tighten round his hand he felt a tang of guilt as he looked up at the derby above him, “Sorry mate.” He whispered just enough for Hunters sense to pick it up. No doubt Greystroke was still alive and had gone through a list of options that would best suit him in this situation. But the aim was not to kill, but to direct and move each of the pawns in the game. As he pulled on the other glove he remembered the last time he wore this costume, He had just returned from training Nighthunter. Reaching out in the dark he found the bow and arrow that made him famous. Tonight at this moment he was not Sovereign son but Last Arrow. His radio sparked in his ear and her angelic voice echoed down his ear.  “Mike you okay” she had been worried about this plan from the start, “Im fine Surreal just a bit….Wait you did tell Crazy I was going to dive into the under tunnels when the explosion went off” the line went dead and then all he could hear was a mix of laughter and mumbled words “no but he is freaking out about telling me your dead.” A small smile cracked out from under his mask “okay im moving onto step two and Surreal don’t worry I will be fine.” Walking up to the rusted ladder that lead back to the tunnels he began his ascent back into the game.

“Hello Feral Nova" His voice was easy recognised Jayden Michael Salvador , A master in hand to hand combat with an electrical personality so to speak. Many knew him by different names, Master of Levis Tractus, The Peacemaker but to most of us he was known as Kurrent. Once a hero Mike had met Jayden once or twice as Last Arrow, his Intel was right Kurrent had changed now wearing Hott Tech Armour developed by the Hottness he stood challenging Stephanie Ardor one of the younger heroes on the planet, At the age of twenty two she had earned the respect of her peers and had some of the most terrifying powers at her finger tips. He was lucky enough to have a small device made by the US military that would hide him from her radar sense. Biting his lip he reached for his arrows and stopped he was not here to help her, as much as he wanted to, he could not and from the information he had on the young Feral Nova she could more then hold her own against Kurrent. “Honey are you recording this”. This was their job to watch the combat and record the results, every inch of the tunnels was covered in sensors and camera to record power out puts and fighting styles and if they did not catch the action, each member of Section 8 had been fitted with contact lenses camera just to be on the safe side.

Placing his hand back at his side he watched, Greystorke would soon be finding his target and it was up to Crazy to follow the battle on that side, they were not to get involved unless it was ordered or they had no choice. Damn feral was still unsure of her powers and would no doubt hold back, not knowing what she was capable of, where Kurrent would show no mercy and if it came to that then mike would have to step in. Mike had faced some of the most dangerous people to grace the world. He also knew that Gambler was somewhere in the tunnels and with him came a large wild card factor, they had already made sure the tunnel he appeared in lead straight to a battle ground just to be on the safe side. He sat silently watching and recording and just hoping the young hero could do what was needed to beat Kurrent.

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Days had passed since the day of the funeral and yet Chaos Agent couldn't get his mind away from the conversation he had with Andferne and the realization that he deep under had developed a desire to become a hero once again, reforming the Zero Squad was the first step he would take to make the world a safer place with the group of heroes that he had gathered he knew that lighter times were ahead or that atleast if the darkness was to come once again that Earth would be ready to fight back. Chaos Agent remained sitting above a stone gargoyle looking at the building that was in front of him, waiting for the right moment to come, suddenly Jason received a calling directly to his new power suit.

-What is it?-asked Jason with an angered tone, he worried that the calling could be detected and give away his position, he then turned at the surroundings to make sure that he was wrong.
-The invitation card that you received, I checked it again and it has the traces of Mr. Sinister's DNA all over, you are walking into a trap.
-I know
-And you are still going?
-Sinister wouldn't do a mistake like that, he wants me to come and he wants me to know it is him, why I don't know nor I care.
-So you are going to walk without powers or teamates into a set-up of one of the world's greatest villains?
-That's right
-Aren't you supposed to be the master tactician?
-I'm also supposed to be dead-and after saying that Jason hanged off the phone and grabbed his gauntlet to move to the roof of the building in front of him, as he started to gain momentum he realized for a short moment that he had never encountered Mr. Sinisterin the past and that every knowledge he had about him was from just data that he had gathered through the years, yet Jason knew that data wasn't necessary accurate and that any warrior both ally and enemy alike are more than simple data, the less powerful guy of the room can beat the power house with the right weapons, strategy and damn stupid luck.

Just before Chaos Agent was able to reach the roof he grabbed one of his weapons and used it to break one of the windows of the top levels as a way to create an entrance for himself, after that he jumped right into the floor where he found an empty office, moments later big machines started to appear from the walls and they started to shine brightly, suddenly an incredibly strong flash made it impossible for Chaos Agent to see for a few moments, when he finally was able to open his eyes he realized that he wasn't in the office anymore, instead he could perceive horrible smells that made him start to smell with the mouth.

Jason then pressed his ear, attempting to communicate with his mentor in order to get a better understanding of the situation. "What are my current coordinates?" asked Chaos Agent in the intercom but there was no response, frustrated he decided to try once again. "You copy me? What are my current coordinates?" he then decided to give up on that and started to walk around the place until an hologram of Mr. Sinister appeared.

"Greetings my play things. As some of you may have guessed you have been brought here for my own pleasure. There is only one escape from these tunnels and you must all fight your way out. Or you will all be buried alive, be helpless as your friends and loved ones are picked off one at a time. Comply with my rules and you will save their lives, failure to will kill them. "The tunnels have been specifically designed to resist against your powers. There will be no blowing your way out of this scenario. Hidden away in this dark wet place are dozens of waiting traps for each of you. But more importantly you will have to fight one another for your survival. May the best man..."Or woman, win".

"Guess I'm not alone after all, if there are heroes here we can make an alliance, if they are villains...well it's not like the world couldn't spare a few of them." said Chaos Agent to himself and then started to move around the place, knowing that anything and/or anyone could be waiting for him at the other side, he had to prepare and protect himself and yet he couldn't help but mock the fact that he was supposed to be scared because his powers couldn't be used to help him. "With the story of Summers and Mr. Sinister it's almost sure that he'll be here, guess I could look for the boyscout in order to get his help, ironic really though."

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Walking down the metal tunnel her eyes slowly glared through the darkness, her heart pumping quickly as Stephanie suddenly heard footsteps coming from ahead of her. Her body tensed up as her eyes widen, not with fear, but with amazement, with a sigh of relief she began to walk quickly towards the figure before her. "K-kurr..ent!" she managed to speak out, her throat stinging as she ignored the minor pain and began to smile. 'Hell yeah, Kurrent! Oh man, looks like the big guy upstairs still has some love for me.' she thought as she then got a better look a Kurrent, she then began to slow down, something... was different... and not the good kind.

"Hello Feral Nova." The electric ace spoke out to the fire goddess, his voice was in a dead, cold tone, sending chills down Nova's spine as she suddenly saw sparks fly from his hand and right towards the WAL leader. 

'What the hell!' Nova panicked as she quickly crouched down as close to the ground as possible, throwing her hands over her head, allowing the electric ball to zip above her and down further down the tunnel. Looking back up she looked towards the man who she thought would be 'friend' in the tunnels. "Whats... going on?" She spoke as she saw Kurrent in a defensive stance, as if ready to fight Stephanie. She wasn't sure what was going on... last Nova knew, the electric one was a hero, a friend, but now... he looked like he was ready to kill her. 'I guess I've been out longer than I thought... and here I thought I was on the grace list of the big guy.' Looking at the metal walls all around her she knew she would be dead within seconds of fighting The Electrifying One if she didn't do something now, and fast. 'Alright... time to heat things up.' Nova thought to herself as she closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. "Kurrent... I dont want to fight you." She then opened her eyes, focused on the man before her. "But that doesn't mean I wont chop off your other arm if I have to." a smile curled upon her lips, she knew that would push some sort of button, after all, he didn't look very happy to be here, just like she wasn't. The entire time she was speaking, Nova was already attacking, with her feet firmly on the ground she had been quickly heating up the metal all around the two, making the enclosed tunnel like one massive oven, temperatures already at 100 degrees and climbing.

Standing there she continued to smile, the heat having no effect on her what so ever. 'Looks like I still got it.' Not wasting time she crouched down slightly and made a fist with each hand, pulling them to her side as she grit her teeth. Her eyes began to glow white as she reached deep within her, feeling her power coming to her. With her body now glowing she let out a feral yell as she threw her arms up, her entire body erupting in a blazing heat of wild fire, and since the two were in a tunnel, it there weren't very many ways for her flames to go, rushing right towards Kurrent. As the blast of fire slowly died down, Feral Nova was seen now standing covered in her golden flames, her glowing white eyes still glaring out towards the Electric Ace. "Round Two?" She chuckled as she got into a fighting stance, even though she was showing nothing but cool right now, inside, she was totally, freaking out. 'Don't freak, don't get distracted, don't screw up, I mean, hell, its just your life on the line... again... thats all. No big deal, after all, its just Kurrent, the same guy who totally kicked your butt in the KOV, but hey, times change, and... I got a bit stronger... maybe by some miracle he got weaker.' she stood there as she continued looking at him. 'Yeah f#cken right... and I'm the Queen of Timbuktu.'  
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Before him was just a single passageway. The darkness in it barely lit with dim light from luminous bulbs above. Clusters of them broken leaving pits of darkness in scattered areas. Seeing his shield laying there on the ground where he had woken it was clear that this was meant to be a fight. Otherwise why leave him his shield, why not just take it. Andy hated feeling like the prey in some stupid cat and mouse game worked up by Sinister again. He had hoped when LstPaladin fought him in the mountains of the Savage Land it would be the last he saw of him. Wishful thinking...

Picking it up in his left arm and gripping onto it tightly the lone Ice Dragon started down the path with careful steps. His Visor was being used to its fullest in these surroundings. His eye sight taking on a low light vision, heightening everything that he saw even in this dim lighted area. Even his hearing was amplified by the devices within the visor, allowing him to teach the simplest of sounds. There was lots of commotion however down in the sewers. From running waters, or faint footseps. Keeping a steady pace he started to enter an area that was split with two more tunnels. However just at that moment he looked down at his feet and then saw what it was that caught his attention. A fine trip wire that was now breached. His eyes widening he tried to leaping forward. Just as he did an explosion from both sides detonated. Propelling his body violently forwards. The area he had entered in was now caved in, smoked was kicked up filling the entire chamber as he coughed. Andy could feel his body reel in pain as he was pounded by several large bricks in the process. He couldn't help but think "Damn! That's twice today that you have been caught in an explosion unaware. You must be getting slow"

Shaking his head and picking himself off of the ground once more Andy made sure to remind himself he would have to pay more attention to things. It was obvious now that the entire area was trapped. Looking at the two paths before him now he had a choice to make, down the right side, or down the left. Just as he was about to make his decision he picked up on a faint sound, foot steps? "No he thought, no one could move so stealthy in these tunnels" But then he realized it had to be someone else. His luck wasn't that good. Settling off towards the side the star spangled hero got into a low defensive posture, his shield out in front of him and his visor ready to glow, firing off a deadly optic beam if needed. It was time to find out who else was down here with him.

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"Kurrent... I don't want to fight you, But that doesn't mean I wont chop off your other arm if I have to."

She truly was a Fire Goddess, having the ability to make The Electric One's blood boil with just a few wordsand a smile. Even the temperature in the room was rising and it quickly dawned on him she was not just talking she was buying herself time. Soon she was in a crouching position and her body was cover in flames. While keeping true to her name she let out a feral yell and instantly attacked. A large flame traveled through the course of the tunnel directly towards Kurrent, with an impulsive thought he put up both of his hands in front of him and took a hover as his suit could not withstand more of the burning metal on the floor.

From his hands a large electric stream that quickly shot around his body came out covering him from Nova's rage. All he could do was sit in there and wait until the fire subsided from around his protective shield. He couldn't help but think, Feral Nova has stepped it up..........good. When the fire was finally extinguished Kurrent's body heat was at fever like temperatures, not even the cooling system in the Hott Tech Armor was enough to withstand the force of Feral's gift. He dropped his shield showing he did not fear her power but kept his hover noticing that Nova was fully "flamed on".

A pause between the two combatants occurred, it wasn't hesitation not with that pair, it was more like sizing each other up. She seemed cool like she would take the step needed to get teh job done, that is what Kurrent wanted to see and he thought this is going to be interesting. Quickly he ascended forward towards her all the while thinking that she had to of heated up the metal by touch. Still in motion he moved his right arm up and kept his left at his side charging them both with his powers working on landing a devastating punch on the fiery lady. Yet he had other plans, when he was about 5 feet away he deviated the punching hand and placed it in front of him with the palm down. From his hand shot the large electric bolt but not at  Nova at the metal floor that she was standing on.

The floor was already heated which made Kurrent take a hover and it was obviously not effecting Feral but with would that be the case with thousands of volts of electricity flowing through it. It was not something that he wanted to chance so with his left hand that had already produced an sparking electric orb the Master of Levis Tractus lunged forward toward the mid section of the burning Nova making sure that he followed thorough extending his body to capacity.  With each foot that he got closer to her he felt his skin burn even more but he fought like he was out for blood and had nothing to lose and a man with nothing to lose is in fact a dangerous one.
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Like a ghost, the Greystoke Legend raced through the tunnels.  As he ran, William sniffed the air for anything out of the ordinary.  His keen senses not only allowed him to pick up the scents of individuals that had been in the vicinity, but also explosives.  If the scent of an individual was somewhat "looming" in an area, it was most likely an indicator that they had spent some time in the same spot - more than likely setting a trap of some sort.  Most remote / proximity-triggered explosives use either heat sensors, motion sensors, or trip wires in order to accurately obliterate their target.

The Hunter then reached back, knocked an arrow in his bow, then drew it back so that the compound mechanism was set into place.  With his bow raised, he made his way through the tunnels.  Most would have thought it was simply a way to take down any enemies that would come his way.  However, while this was one reason for doing so, there was yet another reason as well.  In dark tunnels, trip wires are often too risky a maneuver because without the proper seeing instruments, the wrong targets could become susceptible to the trap.  If all hostile forces were out of the tunnels, it would be a different story.  The trip wires would have been an excellent idea.  Yet, with hostiles still in the tunnels and susceptible to their own trip wires, use of the devices was probably suspended.

Therefore, because of a vast majority of motion / heat sensors within the tunnels, an arrow would be most effective.  In his quiver, William Greystoke had a special arrow prototype developed as a makeshift reusable flare.  The shaft was hollow on the inside and could be filled with any flammable liquid the user desired.  The liquid would then be slowly dispensed in order to keep the tip of the arrow burning once ignited.  The flame could be modified in size and could be shut down when needed.

Carefully, Greystoke reached up with his left-handed index finger and pushed the button which ignited the tip of the arrow - illuminating the tunnel which he was in.  He could smell the presence of others still lingering in the area.  More than likely a trap was set.  Aiming carefully down the tunnel, William loosed the arrow and sent it speeding down the dark tunnel with blinding speeds.  Heat sensors would be triggered by the brightly burning tip of the arrow while motion sensors would be tripped by the actual motion of the projectile whizzing past.

Three clustered explosions went off down the tunnel as the arrow flew past, striking the indestructible tunnel wall and falling to the ground.  With a satisfied smile, the Hunter made his way further into the tunnels - following the scent of Andferne.  The Star-spangled Hero's scent was getting stronger and stronger.  Fairly soon, William's ears picked up the sound of Summer's heart beating.  Like a fingerprint, most individuals have a fairly unique heartbeat.  While the rhythm quickens or slows down due to emotional factors, the beat and rhythm do not change at all.

At that moment, the King of the Lycan Underworld emerged through the smoke and into the view of Summers.  Crouched behind his shield and having his visor powered up, the hero was obviously ready to fight.  "Why so jumpy, Summers?" the Hunter said with a somewhat bloodthirsty smile.  Dropping down his hood, Greystoke revealed himself to his comrade.  He then embraced the hero by the arm and said, "We got our work cut out for us.  Sinister has the whole place wired with all sorts of traps.  It appears that he has acquired the aid of Section 8 as well."

Nodding to the hero, he continued by saying, "Apparently, only one of us can come out alive from this mess.  If we team up, we might last longer.  Personally, I say we hunt down Section 8, get some intel on what's really going on, and get the upper hand.  Once we identify all the nearby traps, we can use them to our advantage."  As he went on describing his strategy to Andferne, it became apparent how different the two actually were.  While Andferne was a "True Blue" hero, the Hunter had a different mentality.

There were no levels of authority, no boundaries, and no dictated laws of morality.  Rather, Greystoke knew what had to be done and would do it at all costs.  He was his own authority, he set his own boundaries, and he chose his own code of ethics.  If he had to take a life in order to survive, then he would not hesitate.  In an ever-changing, closed- in environment, William Greystoke was right at home.  Having things closed off did not only mean that he had no means of escape, but that his enemies had none either.  Truth be told, the Hunter was not locked in with them..... They were locked in with him.

"Alright mate," he said to Andferne with a chuckle.  "You ready to take a life?  If we stick together, then we'll come out on top of this thing...."

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As the flames died down, she glared up at where Kurrent was at, a electric shield around his body as he was hoovering up from the ground. Gritting her teeth the fire goddess knew it was going to take more than just a quick display of fire works to take the Electric Ace down, and she was ready to do what it was going to take. The two continued to focus on each other, no one moving a muscle she kept her face as calm as she could, as Kurrent looked as if he was ready to kill her at any moment. With her heart pounding in her chest, the two continued to wait, and then, without warning, he was on the move right towards her.

Pulling her arms up she quickly got ready to defend herself as he moved his right arm up, ready to land a punch at the young hero. She held up her arms, in a 'x' formation, ready to block the attack that the fellow fighter was about to unleash. But at the last second, he opened up his fist, his palm facing the ground, and with a blue glow, an electric current smashed into the metal ground.

'Sh!t!' Ran through Nova's mind as she could see the electricity rushing towards her from the metal ground. 

With a quick boost of her flames, the co-Wal leader floated up from the ground, her feet only inches away from the metal floor as the electric wave shot pass her, she could feel the metal inside her being drawn to the electric energy as small waves of electric shock seemed to jump from the metal ground, and to her. It felt like nothing more than a sting, but still made her muscles contract a bit. It was still too close, a second later, and she could have been already done with the fight. While being so distracted with this attack, her eyes suddenly widen as she heaved forward as her eyes looked down, seeing Kurrents fist smashed into her abdomen. Even though she was on fire, he still went through with the punch, even though his attack would do damage to him too.

'This is more than just a fight to him. He wants me dead.' she thought as her feet landed back on the ground, stumbling back a bit, being thrown off balance by the impact. It caught her off guard more than anything. Not waiting to give The Electric One a chance to get a breath in, the female hero then made a fist with both hands and rushed towards Kurrent, her left fist pulled back and ready to strike, as her right one was held more towards her waist.

Throwing her mechanical left fist forward she aimed for the dead center of his face, his nose. But at the last possible second, she bust her fist into a torch like flame, concentrating the flame and narrowing it to a fine tip to do more damage. She then thrust her right fist forward, aiming right in the middle of his chest, using all her strength to try and rattle the villain inside the armor. If the impact was made, Stephanie would also try to inject a massive amount of heat into The Peacemaker chest, more towards his lungs, if she was quick enough. Her fire raging around her body as she continued to keep the temperature inside the tunnel continue to rise to a dangerous level. She didn't have to hold back in here, there would be no one else effected by this fight but him for all she knew and she was ready to give him all she had.

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The fight was escalating to dangerous levels. The way it looked Feral Nova would not hold anything back anymore and if it came down to it she would kill Kurrent right there on the spot. This was not the Nova that he faced before. Although her physical toughness has always been there the mental state to do what needed to be done without hesitation was not. Now it seemed like it was, she was ready and in whatever way you want to look at it, it made Kurrent smile.

Like expected she came at him with a wrath and speed that he could not contest against. With a left she came towards his face and connected breaking his nose and instantly causing a wave of blood to seep from it over his mouth and jaw. Then she lit up again and landed a right hand that knocked Kurrent back a few feet onto the ground. Had it not been for the protection of his Hott Tech Armor he would have indeed suffered a far worse fate then a  bruised pectoralis major the punch caused.

 While on the ground he saw that she was not done, her body still engulfed in flames and the rising temperature in the room was a dead give away that she had a plan but Kurrent had had enough and surprisingly began to laugh. The grimace on his face that was covered in blood suggested that he was in pain yet he laughed. His laugh was soft at first then grew loud until the point before hysteria until he suddenly stopped and picked himself up of the ground. "You are about to kill me aren't you Feral Nova" he said as he wiped over his mouth.Not waiting for any type of response he spoke again"You are about to kill me and you don't even know it"

By this time he expected Nova to be highly confused and maybe even angry but he still continued to speak. "You know that I am not going to let you do that to me and I think you also know, no I pretty sure you know that with this metal around us I am at a higher advantage then you. With a thought I can magnetize your beautiful cybernetic body to any wall in this death trap and turn it into your own mausoleum" for a second he stopped talking and began and extended his arms out to both sides and walk backwards. They began to glow a light blue color and instantly the walls began to magnetize. He was sure that Nova could feel it pulling her in against the wall but he only wanted to show her that he could not actually do it, so he quickly released the magnetic field but continued walking.

"But I am not going to do that right now Feral Nova, right now I am going to make you an offer. In return for me sparing your life I will come to you in the near future with a "favor", you will comply with what I ask of you and it we will be done and if you do not......I will kill you.....but first I will kill all of  WAL one by one in front of you until their is none left"
by this time he had made his way to a split in the tunnels and was far enough that Nova could  not see or get to him before he went in a tunnel. He chose one and went in feeling every bit of pain that Nova had caused to him but confident that Nova had a lot to think about before she would follow.

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With her flames roaring around her, Nova was standing over the Electrifying One, who was on the ground, crimson warm fluid covering his entire face as the fire goddess was glaring down at him, breathing heavily. It looked like Steph had the upper hand, Kurrent was already on the ground, but then... he began to laugh. Her eyes narrowed a bit at him, as she took a step back, what was he planning? Why was he laughing? It didn’t make sense, he should be in pain, he should be groaning in pain, glaring at her, furious at her, wanting to kill her right this second. But then as quickly as the laughing came, it stopped, Kurrent standing up from the heated ground.

"Your about to kill me, aren't you Feral Nova." Nova's eyes looked at him in confusion, she didnt understand, kill him? "You are about to kill me, and you dont even know it." Stephanie's eyes widen as she heard this, she knew she was going to have to take him down by any means necessary but… that would mean kill him. She stood there for a while, thinking as she then narrowed her eyes at him.

“I would be doing the world a favor, getting rid the kind of scum you have become Kurrent.” She could feel her heart race, was she really going to try and kill him? Even if it means sacrificing herself?

"You know that I am not going to let you do that to me and I think you also know, now I'm pretty sure you know that with this metal around us, I am at a higher advantage then you. With a thought I can magnetize your beautiful cybernetic body to any wall in this death trap and turn it into your own mausoleum.” She suddenly couldn’t move, her body frozen in place as she could feel the metal walls around her pull on her body, at metal that lies within her. She let out a frustrated groan as she struggled to just stand in the same place; she could feel her muscles tighten around her as her flames slowly died down. Nova then understood right then, that he could kill her in a heart beat if he really wanted to. He had planned this out… and at that moment, she knew it, and knew she was at his will. Unable to even move her head, she watched as the Electric Ace began to walk off deeper into the tunnels.

“Kurrent…” she grumbled as she struggled hard to break free from his grasp, but as hard as she tried, no matter what she did, she couldn’t. She was using all of her strength just to stay where she was at, even talking was hard. Expecting this will be her final moments, she closed her eyes tightly, waiting for whatever kind of pain that the now twisted minded Kurrent was going to unleash on her. But instead, she heard his voice yet again, cold and chilling, she could hear his smirk in his tone of voice.

"But I am not going to do that right now Feral Nova, right now I am going to make you an offer. In return for me sparing your life I will come to you in the near future with a "favor", you will comply with what I ask of you and it we will be done and if you do not......I will kill you.....but first I will kill all of  WAL one by one in front of you until their is none left" By the time he was done talking, his grasp on her was now gone, allowing her to stumble forward suddenly, dropping to her knees as she made a fist with each hand, making it so tightly that her knuckles began to turn white.

What was she going to do? Was she really going to make a deal with the devil? Or die here… in the place… without seeing her loved ones, friends… family ever again? And if she does agree… but doesn’t go through with it… everyone she cares about would be killed. The young hero knew what was at risk, her own life, she knew she was a dead girl if she would go back after him, and was she really ready to die at 22? To never see NeVann’s face again, his bright smile, his soft touch, the sound of his voice whenever he said her name. Or her twins, Sozuko and Hotaru, was she really going to leave them motherless? Then Sha came to mind, her Ninjan friend, sister… if she died right now, she knew the Ninjan Princesses would find some way to kick her @ss for doing so.  Lastly was WAL, the team she poured her heart and soul into, she didn’t want to leave the team she has known as family all this time. Was she being selfish for thinking this? For thinking about herself, her life that she still wanted to live? What would everyone say when they found out that she made a deal with the likes of Kurrent? Would she ever be forgiven? She couldn’t answer these questions, but she knew what she should do and what she wanted to do, which where two different things.

Standing back up, her legs were shaky as her breathing was uneven, tears were running down her face from actually being so scared, she honestly thought she was going to die then and there. Wiping her tears away she looked up at the direction that Kurrent walked off to, taking a step forward she lit up her right hand, its flames dancing around her fist as she leaned forward to continue to walk, to after the Electrifying One and as she was about to push her weight forward… her flaming fist then went out has her body immediately turned around and walked in the opposite direction of where Kurrent was walking off to.

The Fire Goddess, would live to see another day, but at what cost?

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Chaos Agent kept moving swiftly around the tunnels in search for his supposed opponents that had been gathered thanks to Mr. Sinister, he didn't have all of his equipment nor a knowledge of who he was facing, making it impossible to make a strategy to fight whoever he was up against until the moment they faced. As Chaos Agent kept trying to make contact with either Mr. Hamilton or his team without having any success he noticed two figures in the shadows up ahead, he grabbed his gun and prepared to shoot at anyone in front of him, he however desistated as soon as he realized who were in front of him.

Andferne, the man he had manipulated without his knowledge into killing him and Hunter, a rising legend that he knew only from files. Great leaders in their own right, outstanding fighters and maybe possible allies. "It's nice to see a familiar face and another who I hope to call a friend one day" said Jason as he guarded his gun on his pocket and showed a hand position that suggested that he didn't have any atention of fighting. "Mr. Sinister is a manipulator and someone who won't accept anything less than complete victory, so unless we find a way to get out of here alive we'll have to play by his rules, any suggestions?"

Chaos Agent then interrupted himself as an idea of how to leave the tunnels came to him, the plan was simply using the nanobots on his power suit to move the atoms of the metal on the walls as a way to build an exit, he then closed his eyes in order to try to acomplish his plan, suddenly unknown to the two people around him, dozens of nanobots started to move to the walls trying to acomplish said goal, however just before they were even able to reach their goal a sudden electric discharge was freed against them destroying the nanobots at contact.

Jason simply looked at the others in dissapointment knowing that if there was a way to escape he wouldn't be the one to provide it. Chaos Agent then looked at the end of the tunnel where he knew that in any moment anyone could come from there, it could be a great hero that would help as an ally or one of the worst villains that would make their staying in the tunnels even harder than ever before, no matter who appeared from there though, one thing was certain: They needed to take action inmediately to defeat their common enemy or face each other in exchange of their freedom.

Chaos Agent simply looked at Andferne and Hunter again trying to get a response to his situation on their eyes but as far as he could tell they were on the exact same situation than him. "Maybe we can negotiate with him" whispered the former Nighthunter to the star spangled hero as he grabbed a USB device from his pocket. "Mr. Sinister is one of the greatest scientists in the use of DNA and cloning tecniques, one of the best. As great as his clones are they aren't more than a shadow of their real self, I created Jake making the one perfect clone but at the same time was able to alter his DNA to make him better than the original, atleast in theory. Maybe we can trade this information on the USB for our freedom before we kill each other out." mentioned Chaos Agent trying to make Andferne and Hunter realize what he was really implying just using his body language, then he looked around all over the place in search for a camera.

"I know you heard me Sinister" yelled Chaos Agent to the void in the darkness. "We have never met but as a fellow scientist I'm sure that you desire this knowledge, the ability to not only duplicate perfectly the great heroes and villains of this world but to also be able to manipulate and exploit those powers to a potential that the real ones will never reach, come here and try to tell me I'm wrong. Our freedom for the information that you desire, a fair trade in my opinion. You have 20 minutes to show up and accept the deal or we'll find our own way out together and we'll take you down. The choice is yours."

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Setting in his defensive posture the Star Spangled Hero saw a dark hooded figure emerge from the smoke and shadows. "Why so jumpy, Summers?" said the figure as he removed his hood. "Hunter" voicing his recognition of the man he still did not lower his guard until he was certain of this ones intention. "We got our work cut out for us.  Sinister has the whole place wired with all sorts of traps.  It appears that he has acquired the aid of Section 8 as well." Doping his shield down to his side Andy stretched his neck. "Tell me about it, twice now I've been blown kingdom come. But why would Section 8 be working with Sinister?." Pausing for a moment he chuckled "Money, or adventure". The two unlikely allies began to talk of different strategy's that could be employed to escape the tunnels, or at least come out on top. Truth be told however Andy was not sure how much he trusted this one. What kind of code of honor did this one have? Could he be trusted to watch his back?.

Just then they were both broken from their conversation with one another when yet another figure appeared from the tunnel."It's nice to see a familiar face and another who I hope to call a friend one day". Looking at his old team mate Andy began to wonder what exactly Sinister had in mind. He listened as Jason went over his proposal to Sinister. His plan seemed sound enough, but would it take? Andy began to wonder when his old friend had become so straight forward. To be honest he was surprised and pleased to see the initiative he was taking. "You have 20 minutes to show up and accept the deal or we'll find our own way out together and we'll take you down. The choice is yours."

Waving his hands in a motion to have them all move in closer Andy started to whisper "I don't know why Mr Sinister has brought us all here together. But you can guarantee he has a plan, a reason for doing it. I'm not sure we will be able to bribe our ways out of this. Of course if we stick together I don't see how he is going to make us fight one another. There is strength in numbers. If Sinister wanted that information then why take all of us? why not just take you and torture you until he could pry it from your mind? There is something else going on here and I say we find out who else is down here with us."

Stepping forward Andy then took point and moved for them to flank him on either side. "Keep an eye out for traps, maybe even secret niches or doors. There is no telling what Sinister has come up with down here". His shield once more in front of him Andy kept his eyes in front of him and his ears open. There would be no more surprises, he was done with getting blown up today.

Almost an hour went by as they passed through countless tunnels. The Hunter picking up on a scent that they followed for a while. Each of them stopping when they came across trip wires, or pressure plates. Chaos going to work dismantling them to clear the way in case they needed a hasty retreat. It has to of taken months to prepare these tunnels like this. Sinister has something big planned, he wanted them down here for a reason. But was it to have them down here, or to keep them out of the way from something going on top side...

Turning the last bend they caught site of a fourth figure. A young woman who was slowly walking, her head seemed to be lowered, saddened almost. As they got closer it was apparent that she had been in a struggle. "Nova?" he whispered, then took steps forward. "Nova what happened?"

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With her head hung low Stephanie continued to walk through the tunnels, she was already regretting what she did not even two minutes ago. That deal that she made with Kurrent... she should have never even THOUGHT about it, she should have gone after him, she shouldn't have given in so easily. Never in her career as a hero has she given up in a fight so easily, but then again, she was never threatened like that. She was Looking down at the dry blood on her fists, tears of anger began to build in her eyes as she grit her teeth, she was so into her self pity, that she didn't even realize that there were three other figures now standing before her. But it was a soft whisper, that snapped her out of it.

"Nova?" Her head shot up in a startle as she immediately burst into flames, making a fist as she crouched down, ready to fight. She then realized it was none other than Andy talking to her. "Nova, what happened?" She watched as he took a few steps forward.

Just seeing the true blue hero gave Nova some sort of relief. She immediately put out her flames, and lowered her fists rushing towards him she hugged him as she buried her face in his shoulder. "Oh god Andy its good to see you." She pulled away as she then looked at the other two with him; Chaos Agent, leader of Zero Squad and Hunter, leader of the Wolf Pack. Nova quickly made her way to the two of them and gave them quick hugs as well, she was so relived right now that there were good people down here. After pulling away from the quick hugs, she stood there as something then clicked in her head.

"Um... this might just me being a total blond right now, but did you notice that all of us here, are leaders of our teams?" She then looked down at her bloody fist and sighed. "Kurrent is also here... somewhere. I-I ran into him." She didn't look up at the heroes and neutral before her. "B-but he got away from me, I-I didn't know he was evil now... he attacked me and caught me off guard, managed to get away. I'm sorry..." She wasn't necessarily lying to him, she was telling him the truth, they did run into each other, and he did get away. She just never mentioned how, but the guilt of not telling him was already eating at her. But how the heck was she suppose to tell Andy? 'Andy, Kurrent's here, I was fighting him, but I made a pack with him so that he'll allow me to live, its nothing too bad, I just have to do whatever he says's when he needs me, which might mean me having to turn on my own team, maybe even you, but hey, at least I get to live... for now.' she sighed. "Yeah... right..." she mumbled to herself as she looked back up at the three who seemed to be looking at her. 'Crap...' she thought as she tried to think up something. "So... does anyone know WHY where here? Last thing I remember, was that I was on some planet, with my Indigo Ring, fighting X-23, and getting hurt really bad." She looked at the three men. "Or how the heck we get out of here?"