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"Ladies and Gentleman! Please remain as calm as you can in this moment of crisis. I will start with the cold facts of the situation" Standing in the Lobby of the Newark Head Quarters, the CEO of Animus Corp Presses his thumb to his pointers center knuckle

"Mammoth City Has been overtaken by a beast standing over....400 meters. That's roughly the height of the Empire state building. Not only is it large, it can spew an acidic neon blue compound from it's mouth, and has what appears to be some time of pincer on it's tail...as well as opposable thumb like talons"

The crowds gasp was more unison than an orchestrated choirs hymn, "I'm not done."

"He clicks his fingers again "In a bay area of California known as Carmel, another existed the sea. This one stands at 600 meters. Thats OVER the size of the empire state building by roughly 150 meters. This one has denser skin that American fighter jets can't penetrate, and where our local Grendel spits acid, this one fires it, in the form of fluorescent plasma. He also stands on two legs "

"Our worst case, not as a state, a country, but a people...is in Japan. Standing at 1000 meters high, weighing several million tons. "

"This one, we call Hygd- The mother of all Grendels. She's got two smaller arms beneath the first two, opposoable thumbs like our Grendel, an ear shattering sonic scream, and spiked tail. We suspect she may have some type of electric abilities as well. After receiving word from the Japanese branch based in Tokyo their last message was regarding a blue light, then radio silence. Based on it's trajectory we believe it's heading for the Japanese Alps. We believe the Second is heading towards Utah, and our own we're not quite sure."

Jumping down from the stage and rolling up his sleeves Thomas Newcastle opens his palms in the air, his ear piece glowing to signify the broadcast had started.

"LADIES AND GENTLEMAN of these United States with able bodies. I was not set to unveil these marvels until the time was right, until the world's governments could be trusted with such machinations. But we've been hit with a curveball and we need our best batters on deck. Maximus, my co-president and grandson has worked with these machines extensively since their inception and believes their ready for use, and he's ready to train those who are willing to pilot them. "

The floor of the building opens up, right in the lobby. From below rises a black man with a metallic armor on his body standing on a curved dome like platform. Looking around he takes a deep breath and extends one arm. Immediately a giant version raises from the ground in perfect sync, cracking the foundation with the edge of it's fingers

Walking in place the dome begins to rise with a heavy stomp, until finally revealing the full machine.

"We have a total of five of these machines based world wide. One in LA. Two in Japan-- Though with no capable pilots-- and this one here. Now if you believe yourself strong enough, capable enough to fight these things raw hide. Do it, we need you. But if you want to be in side one of our mechs, just step forward." With hands on his hips and eyes looking directly into the crowd with an absence of fear " Which one of you is willing to fight? "

Looking into a now apparent hovering camera he asks the question again, this time the broadcast going worldwide. "Which one of you is willing to die"


Meison Calidus, previous King of Atlantis, holds no sway in the meeting halls of Atlantis as the archmagistrate revvs the crowd with fears of their own, "The humans, WILL blame us for this! For Poseidons sake the beast came from the depths not far from three of our own clans! We ourselves can't even rule out inner treason. "

A man with black hair and a blue robe, sometype of priest stands, "This is the will of the gods! Man has had too much time to waste away the surface world. We deserve it, and this is mother Ocean giving us the oppotunity. I say we strike now!"

Yet another stands, a woman in purple scales, "No. We must view this with knowledge, not blind faith. Our sciences have come far, there are answers we simply need seek to make sure all sides come out the least scathed. Ours and the humans. "

Meison watches in a tattered robe leaning on one elbow, disgusted with the disunity of his people. Yet he notices the Japanese Ningyo tribe hadn't uttered a single word. Odd, considering they were not only the ones who stood to gain the most, but the most separatist of the entire empire.

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After waking up in foreign waters, the Aquarian Queen finds herself living on the outskirts of Atlantis. Urged by King Meison not to interfere with the happenings of humans, Starla exiled herself to the outskirts of the Empire. She now finds herself in the middle of what looks like an attack on humans. An attack from who?


She swam virtually unaffected by pressure; her ability to become one with the ocean allowed her to swim parallel through the benthic zone, without so much as a stomachache. This region was much like herself, dark, clouded; and more or less lonely. It was different from the entire ocean, where other areas saw abundant life; this zone saw nothing, but darkness and silence.

The organisms down here, did not get the blessings of the Atlantean Empire, instead they received scrapes and other less nutrient filled foods to fend for themselves. Atlantis was everything she could’ve wanted, but she saw its inhabitants the same way they saw humans. Between the different factions, there were those who were extremist to the presence of outsiders; that sentiment made her a loner. Her efforts to keep to herself were often thwarted by the former king; who would request her company to simply mingle.

Swimming in and out of the ocean trenches, a shift in the stream drew her attention upward. Shooting upward moving at 80 knots, the only trail she gave off was visible in pressurized bubbles quickly speeding through the oceanic zones.

The once dark bowels of the ocean underbelly began to brighten, the sun’s rays beam down on the surface. Breaching like the mighty whale, her eyes befell the monstrous beast terrorizing the Nippon nation. The destruction rose over the horizon, whatever the beast was; it was water-based. Dropping back below the ocean surface; the young Aquarian streamlined for Atlantis.

Limiting circulation to the brain and other organs, to slow the heart to 10 beats per minute to conserve oxygen, and collapse the lungs and rib cage to withstand the pressure; she dove deep into the ocean trenches in humanoid form.

In midstride she stopped, surely the Atlanteans already knew about it; but why wouldn’t anyone already be attacking?

It was exactly what she figured, from what Meison explained to her, Atlanteans and Humans had never gotten along; it appeared the lost continent would leave the humans to fend for themselves. “I’m not Atlantean…” she thought climbing the pier.

From this close the wretched beast appeared to have descended from Olympus, the feeling of inadequacy struck her; there was nothing she could do by herself, but die. The mammoth monster pulled its head back letting loose a deafening screech.

The paralyzing burst of sound moved through the city expediently shattering glass; jumping between down civilians; Starla cast an ice shield to protect them. “This isn’t good…”

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The Titan of the Oceans continued to enjoy himself in the Elliot Bay of the city of Seattle .He always enjoy watching the jellyfish going next to the concrete wall that separates the ocean and the city. The sea life in the bay , and the ships leaving and coming in always distracted him from what he was doing here the first place.That was Pike Place Market , he loves fish and enjoys eating them too even if it seems weird for him to do that.

When walking down the busy street with his armor ,cape and his trident on his back still on him ,he got strange looks from people but what he did like was fish and he would go to Pike Place Pike for that fun every time.He walks around getting smile and posing pictures for people who wanted them, he might not be famous superhero but he is always gets notice here because he has been here a lot of the times when he is not helping out in the ocean.

While posing for a picture there was a commotion on going on and someone said about monster coming out of the ocean.What he notice on the tv that monster were coming out of the sea and that people are getting about it already.He never knew that this would happen he though that he would be more careful in the oceans and make sure nothing bad would happen that would endanger the world itself.When he heard the new there were a few suspects that came to mind and one of them were Atlantiean Empire that could of cause this to happen but now he would deal with a monster problem and get to L.A. and deal with it now.

"Sorry folks but looks like I have some cleaning up to do in L.A." He said with a smile on his face but inside he was serious about ending this right now.In his mind he though this might be a Altantiean super weapon that they have lock up some where but now was not the time for Atlantis but to save the city and defeat the monster.

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Tombstone was a quite paranoid ghost. He had long kept tabs on the Kaiju threat. Kaiju weren't a problem isolated to certain cities or the creations of a select few supervillains or a handful of visitors from the briny depths or space, beings with such power could never be expected to be as containable as hurricanes or earthquakes. They were living, breathing giants of flesh and metal or metal and wires. They were trouble.

The newest outbreak of Kaiju attacks in Nathan's mind, confirmed his suspicions as he sat at a computer in the Crypt, his personal underground lair. Clasping his fingers together in a Pyramid, he watched the carnage unfold with a look of grim determination across his dead face. The dead were piling up in California, and the local military, police, and even hero population just wasn't cutting it. He remembered when the Axis powers and Allied nations created or summoned their own Kaiju and mecha.

He recalled the attack of the so called "Nazitherium" on coastal Texas, the rampaging assaults of the great japanese dragon Ryokou, or that elemental the Italians summoned. He recalled the many Kaiju attacks that had happened in the mean time. Make no mistake, Kaiju had long been a part of this world, just as much as metahumans. But this was on a different scale.

For one thing, he remembered most Kaiju being in the fifteen to hundred and fifty meter range, but these were far, far larger. The smallest was four hundred meters, one was actually a kilometer tall, but the one he was observing was about six hundred meters, a titan of flesh and bone that seemed impervious to all assault. Not if Tombstone had anything to say about it.

He knew that if the military and metahumans couldn't cut it, they would resort to the Nuclear option after fighting it out across multiple cities. And that he couldn't allow. It had to be stopped here and now before it could be allowed to damage any more cities. It had to be stopped so that it's weaknesses could be determined. But he couldn't start at the six hundred meter one...he realised as he looked around and looked at the one in mammoth city.

This was where he was going to start.

Entering his dead flier and alerting auxillary crypts in california to prepare other vehicles and gadgets, Tombstone punched commands into his flying craft and had it rise into the air, turbofans and SCRAMjets pushing it off the ground before sending it rocketing forward as fast as this futuristic VTOL craft could go, fully loaded with all the armaments he'd need to take the fight back to these monsters, which he had a gut feeling were just the first wave of what could be an all out invasion.

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A daemon system a galaxy far, far away

The clang of a shrieking Chaos blade against metal, the thunder of a hammer against a skull, the roar of a defeated body crumpling to the ground, the roar of an explosion and splitting earth. These were the sounds made as John brought his hammer against a Daemon of Khorne, the raging Bloodthirster snarling as it brought it's eternal blade down, wanting nothing more than to see this boy dead, but the armored figure neatly sidestepped the swing of the chaotic weapon before rolling beneath the whip crack of the rage monster.

Grabbing the whip of the creature with his shield hand, the heir of breath yanked the bloodthirster closer with a simple tug before pulling it downwards, springing upwards hammer first in a wide swing that connected with the bovine faced Daemon's skull. Only through the power of the Eternal blade it carried did it remain in this realm after coming into contact with the hammer, but the second hammer swing knocked the massive greater daemon to the side, hellish teeth being knocked free of it's mouth in a spray of blood before the hammer came crashing down on it's skull.

As the beast fell downwards, John kneed it in the chin to knock it's head upwards to face a final hammer blow directly into it's nostril before sending spiraling tendrils of winds spinning at a hair's breadth under the speed of light, sheathed in a blue covering that speared the Daemon through it's limbs and chest, then yanking outwards to rip the Daemon's body apart, sending it's essence howling back into the nightmare realm it called home.

And with the defeat of the last bloodthirster, the roaring warp currents that surrounded the solar system which had been diminishing steadily ever since John arrived finally died out, liberating the worlds trapped in the grip of Chaos for so long. His gleaming armor stood unmarked by the horrors it had went through and his mind had held firm against the assault of the ruinous powers. It was a small victory, but a victory nontheless he thought as he noticed a shift in the wind.

One of the cultists, enraged by the loss of their daemon land, was charging at him, trying to get the drop on him. But simply increasing the air pressure around him until he heard a distinct POP! took care of the Chaos maddened heretic well enough. But as the thirteen year old decided to stretch, he was interrupted by the crackling of an astropathic message accompanied with a superluminal vox-cast; ah yes the Imperium liked to put in redundancy for it's messages.

"+I trust that you are finished with your excursion?+" The powerful voice of Varitus Moloc chimed in across the psychic and tachyon wavelengths.

"Hey, what's up Vari?" John said cheerfully, a grin plastered on his face beneath his helmet.

A sigh came out before the response did. "+Monitors on Earth have detected...unusual signals. Biosigns in excess of those deemed natural for Earth+."

"Like, how far in excess?" John said, frowning a bit as he did so.

"+Standard Bio-titan sizes on Earth range from twenty five to a hundred and fifty meters. Monitors detect biosigns consistent with entities of four hundred to up to a kilometer in height, and there could be more on their way. As you know, our policy with the Homeworld is noninterference but yet...+" He paused briefly

"+This may very well be beyond their abilities to handle.+" Varitus said, frowning in the midst of his sentence.

"On it!" John said enthusiastically, already spinning up his hammer to get some more travel speed.

"+Are you sure?+"

"Oh hell yeah! Up, up, and AWAAAAAYYYY!!" John responded before hurling his hammer forward and zipping off far faster than light could ever hope to travel, with one destination in mind, that blue-green third rock from the sun.

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Sirens. Sirens were all to hear. Ambulances, cops, militiary. All the isrens welcoming the newly arrived threat. Big vicious creatures of unkown nature, ripping through cities, destroying anything they face from around the globe. California had the smallest yet the most durable one. ''All units to the Carmel bay! All units...'' The police radio had been saying the same things all day. Major Orm had been stationed there too with all the other squads. Everything that men can throw to an unearthly threat was there to stop this monster. People were wondering their origin and why did they come to surface. Some people said they were sleeping, some believed it's a government project gone wrong but there was another possibility that no one mentioned. Atlantean Empire.

Tywin walked out from the barricade that his squad made. ''Major Orm! Where are you going? Majo... OH f*ck it! Tywin! What the hell are you doing!'' Tywin knew how stupid it looked from his partner's perspective but he was not sure how to explain what he should do. ''You know nothing, Sully. This is the time where we depart.'' Tywin pulled out his rankings and threw them. he smiled as his hand moved to his handgun with an instinct. He was trying to avoid the seas for a really long time and he had nearly forgotten what he really was. The creatures should have been from the Atlantis. This wouldn't be the first time they tried to sink the earth. His very presence on surface was caused by another attempt.

Tywin moved his hand as he was holding something invisible. ''Don't f*ck me with these John Snow speechs and come back here you...'' His partner stopped talking as a big golden trident came out of nowhere to Tywin's hand. Trident of The Seven Seas had once again returned to the hands of it's rightfull owner. The Son of Neptune's presence was no secret anymore as all the sea creatures had felt his return. ''Farewell, Sully! Till we meet again...'' Tywin said as he jumped. Flying for miles with one jump he turned in the air. Pointing his trident towards the sea, he dive in. For the first time for over a century he had come to ocean. Fighting off the monsters would be irrelevant if the Atlantis was behind this. For that his course had been chosen.

Piercing the deadly ocean with his Trident, he swam with an enourmous speed. His allready fast swimming capabilities augmented with manipulation of the water, he was peerless in speed. He felt a little guilty with the joy he felt whit being in the ocean once again while all the things that were happenning right now but there was no lying about the joy he was feeling. All those year living on the surface seemed so distant, now. His mind was at peace for the first time. The exile had returned to oceans.

Finding a place near the entrance of the royal place of Atlantis, he stood. Sea creatures span around him for greeting the Sone of Neptune while the guards came towards him for stopping the Kingslayer, the exile of the seas. Without changing his godly posture he looked at guards around him. ''I don't want any nuisance! I need to see the king, get me to him!''

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The massive mother titan of the lizard army had finally made her way further inland. Mangled men lay dead and dying between her luminescent teeth like leftover meals as her howl sent a rattle through the ground itself. Whipping down tall buildings with ehr massive tail while grabbing jets out of the sky and throwing them like paper planes at one another it was clear she had ahigher intelligence than the others.

The further inland she went the slower she got, the snow begins to show under foot, the cold air making her breath like the tubes of the titanic in motion spewing grey smoke. Yet she never stopped unless absolutely necessary.

Carmel California

beating back the beach head back to street level the second to largest had set itself into the ground and began to chaotically fire bolts of acidic plasma with high velocity at the police force below forcing them to disperse. Jets make their attempts with an impressive payload but it was useless, the beast had no way of being forcibly moved, only kept in position by it's preservation instincts. Finally it rises with a breathing chest and it's instincts taking full control, opening it's arms on hind legs to unexpectedly drop two large leathery wings from wrist to pits, and take off into the sky. Slowly at first, then picking up enough speed to climb into the graying clouds

Mammoth City

"Fuel Systems?"

"Booted. Mobility test?"

"Full function."

"Helmet view?"

"Crystal clarity"

"Your all go. Good luck Max. Remember, don't let it hit you with the acid. we're not one hundred percent on tinsel strength yet. Stick to the plan and we'll come out of this in better shape than we started."

"Haven't deviated yet have I? Step back I want a running start. Thruster fire, thruster fire on site!"


"The King is no longer! We do not want nor require-" The archmagistrate begins with boastful energy while passing through the city gates standing on a golden wagon until a pressurize grip crushed his elderly shoulder "I gave up my seat, do not speak as though I can not take it back at my leisure. " Throwing the old blue man into the rail of his podium Meison removes his hood and stares at the half breed of a different nature. "Why do you come to Atlantis General Orm. You know the law; Two hundred years is your penance for your attempt on my life. "

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He arrived at the destroyed beach and seeing the police and military trying to fight and failing to stop the creature of the sea.Aquarius look around seeing where the monster left in it's wake desultory cars a few bodies here are never a good thing to see.He came here to stop the monster here from causing more destruction.He saw the monster produced wings from it's good and started to fly above the clouds fighting the Air Force in the sky.This no got more difficult and he needs to figure out how to get it down to the ground or at least close enough to jump on it and attack it.He is now more determine to bring this creature down and kill it with his trident , behind his helmet was a face of a angry titan .He heard the noises from all directions around him and the damage around him he knew this needs to ended now.

He continued to think of a plan to get it down form there.It hit him like light or at least his lighting to be more clear and this plan was all he have right now.Pulled out his trident and aimed right at here he last saw the creature going though before dispersing into the clouds.He aimed with his trident and shot three burst of lighting from his trident and hope that the lighting would hit the creature.The lighting itself came form his trident originate from the magic that it was blessed by the titans themselves .He was never a good shot but he did practice al ot with his weapon to get better at it.

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The first sign of Tombstone's entrance into the fray was his Dead flier raking at the creature's back with a brace of missiles, Krak grenades, and arcs of powerful electricity from it's tesla cannons as it screeched in, making a deadly strafing run as it pulled out of it's dive and leveled out it's flight, sweeping around the area as he waited to make another pass, his craft moving much faster and more maneuverably than any military jet.

His craft screeching like the damned, he fired out a set of missiles carrying burrowing warheads to inject the creature with nanites to try and analyze the creature, then send him the data, then once finished with their analysis, try to attack it's cells. He only hoped that the creature's immune system wasn't capable of handling inorganic attackers, or that the secondary adamantium drillheads he was using were able to pierce the creature's hide in the first place.

He had his craft circle strafe around the beast, continuously firing grenades at supersonic speeds into the creature to try and hammer down it's hide while missiles and electric bolts also streaked out of his black VTOL craft, never letting up in their continuous rain of fire. When the clip ran dry, he had the craft retreat behind a building his scanners determined to be empty, waiting for the craft's ammunition teleporters to bring in fresh ammo while he loaded in a new clip, flying back into the fray with another barrage of firepower that would light up the night sky, always taking care to avoid it's mouth or tail.

He'd like to think that he was doing something to hurt the creature, but he wasn't sure. Luckily, reinforcements in the form of automated Tombcycles, Grave runners, and dead fliers soon arrived, and the secret Tombstone motor pool was put into play. The self driving motorcycles and tank like cars moved around the creature in erratic patterns, letting loose their heavy munitions into the creature while the Dead fliers started to strafe and circle the creature like flies around meat.

Each time they ran out of ammo, they would attempt to retreat to a safe distance, wait the five seconds for new ammo to be teleported in, and then resume the attack pattern utilized by forty tombcycles, twenty grave runners, and nine other dead fliers, all lead by Tombstone in his primary craft as he went in for another strafing run to keep the creature distracted, in pain, and hopefully wear down it's defenses.

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The young Queen, involuntarily quivered with each step; the beast would only cause more destruction, and more people would die in its wake. With each turn of the tail, a building fell; with each deafening screech window shattered.The amount of people that were running for their lives had dropped catastrophically, as more and more of them ran; more and more of them died.

Pushing her hands underneath her, the Aquarian Queen; crafted a makeshift Ice vessel and pushed towards the location of the massive titan. She was no hero, this was not her job; the worlds heroes were so concerned with mutants and non-mutants, that the very people the sworn to protect her dying.

Swirling in-between the legs of the massive titan; she quickly crafted walls of Ice to halt the progression, but this was to no avail. The sheer size and power of the monster allowed it to effortlessly power through the ice constructs.

Landing just a few feet away; the Aquarian Queen actively thought of another way to topple the beast. “Can I shock it?” She said, turning towards a nearby power line. Pushing her hands forward, in another futile effort she pushed a powerful beam of water at the monster; however this time she was aided by the power of a psychic.

“You look like you can use a HAND!” a blonde woman screamed, circling the monster; with yellow energy burning from her hands. “You attack it high, I’ll go low!” Starla screamed back, pushing her hands forward again, the young Queen resorted back towards the ice wall.

Maya Lopez, member of the Trinity caught on and sent a massive burst of photon energy; hoping to put this monster on it’s back.

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@the_undying_tombstone: @_aquarius_:

Outskirts of Utah- One hour after Carmel Bay rising.

The jagged backed grendel takes blow after blow while trying to fly forward towards some unknown destination, but the quick succession of shots began to take a toll on it. Energy depleting with each wing flap, neon plasma pouring down onto the city below and melting the terrain beneath it.

Flying cars and planes with skulls embedded in the frames let loose rockets and pelleting fire, it screeches at the insects then notices with one of four eyes the darkening clouds over head as they begin to crack with lightning. It was far from intellligent but it was encoded in it's nature to understand electrical patterns in the air for survival, this was clearly unnatural.

Whipping into a cyclonic spin it manages to smash several of the ships before rocketing into the ether. A bolt of lightning skimming it's sides and leaving a black scorch with the smell of overcooked salmon, yet it did more good than damage as it electrecuted the ships surrounding the mega sized monster. Then one clean shot broke through the thin membrane of it's wing and he went limp with one lone flapping wing cushioning it's descent. The sound was like hiroshima's atomic bomb as it falls nearly 20,000 feet to land on an entire highway and dozens of vehicles, many of them the opposing vehicles that fired from ground level, "SKWAAAAAA" Nobody knew if these creatures felt fear, envy, rage, but it was clear in that chilling scream it felt one thing; Pain.

Mammoth City

"I can't keep this up!" max screamed into a head geared microphone while holding the titan an arms length away with recurring massive flurries that broke the sound barrier. A flow of neon blue acidic saliva spewing in globs onto the buildings on either side, each shattering window finished off with the melting of it's frame

At the HQ Animus watches from his office with a team and make shift systems analysis machinery, "Sir he's burning through the core at an accelerated rate, if he doesn't put it down or gain a reinforcement within the next 20 minutes...We're all done."

thomas was shaken for the first time in a long time. A call to arms to the entire state and country, and nobody came to stand for the right to live. Interesting.

He couldn't leave the post or the entire thing would unravel, the side effect of keeping the atomic giant machines so well gaurded. Nobody knew how to operate the diagnostics except himself. "Get us some back up damn it. Anybody, loop the frequency to every satellite circling over head and replay the same message from earlier. My grandson can;t die...we have too much to accomplish."

Japan- Nearing the Alps

The chill of it's legs was nothing abnormal. It lived and breathed zero temperatures, but the ectric sting that ran up it's back made the mother grendel howl in pain. Instinct took over and she finally froze in a fight reflex, a paripheral catching sight of a high yellow speck. It turns in what seems like forever yet a sharp movement to barely miss the atomic flyer and exhale her exhaust fumes. Attempting to chase the woman back towards the city she finds herself unable. A thick coating of ice actually thick enough for her to need to exert. The force of the kick was so powerful chunks of thick iceberg like quality hurdle through six buildings leaving a still motion of it's turns made in the structures before dragging across the road into the long trench made form the sea aall the way to the massive mother's current position.

It tried to swing at the flying woman but it was futile, it was too slow and the woman was too fast. Finally annoyed enough it takes a deep inhale raising it's chest a quarter miles length. The expelled shriek was immediate, incapacitating villagers and city commuters below, some even bleeding from ears and eye sockets.

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in the center of tokyo the otaku emperor as as he lixed to be called had been rigging up another of his fiction themed contraptions in this case a deep sea drone that looked like a water pokemon. as the hundreds of tvs in his sanctum played various tv shows a news report blistered about a kaiju attacking and reports of the same happening all over the world, not to mention the reports of the giant robots that would be being used to fight. while most people looked at either the kaiju in fear or the robots with hope the emperor simply looked at it all with excitement and anticipation. the 16 year old began hitting keys on his computer and the lights came on revealing that his water drone was in fact a kyogure the legendary water pokemon and that he had a groudon and a rayquasa as well. the man then got to a microphone "attention all those who can hear my message even those in a panic I am the emperor an no not the one of japan much better. i am the emperor of the fictional realm master of the unreal and 2d and bringer of those to the real world i am preparing to engage the hiant kaiju currently going for the alps i will be using my best toys and will und doubtably win but in the event i lose i would request assistance to make things more fun id also like to make a request to the american military commandor for all infor he has on these things it will be good to know any secrets he might you might be hiding goodbye." with that the young boy hopped into his green dragon drone though it was only the size of a truck but had a few surprises but before he left he set up his kyogure to send his message throughout the ocean. as the young man traveled towards the alps awaiting a call from the american military only one thought was in his head, and i though today would be boring

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@maximus_newcastle: @the_undying_tombstone:

When he first was in this battle against this beast he thought that he would be alone in this fight but others joined the fight against this beast of the sky.He fried electricity burst at the beast but hit the new arrivals which were strange flying vehicles with skulls on them.This machines were firing at the flying beast with rockets and who knows what at the beast of the skies.

He is worried about the new arrivals and that he didn't kill of them in the attack .The beast itself did some damage at the new arrivals whether there are friends or foes for but in this fight there are on the same side , for now.Then the scream that must come from the beast scream like nothing he heard a creature scream but the scream is a scream of pain and something hit the beast and it started to crash down from the sky .

The beast itself crashed down with such impact that when it land on the highway it broke the road and the remain vehicles around that area.The beast was hit in the wing and that must be the reason that it crashed down.The scream and the impact made the titan out of it and a little bit confused when the beast went down and the screams of pain that the beast made like it maybe didn't wanted to do this and it was forced to attack the surfaced if this is the case the would track the people responsible and bring them to justice.

He started to run to the beast with speed and determination that he would jump over cars and other things in his path. He got some water around him to form some armor around him , just in case he is attack or needs to engaged it again.He slow down when he got closer to the beast and saw one of it's wing damage and a burned mark on one of it's sides.He got his trident in a ready position and with the water that he got from the ocean moving around him like a eel moving around.

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@maximus_newcastle: Now deciding to take a closer look at the things Tombstone decided to read the data he took from the drill missiles, having lost a quarter of his initial vehicle fleet to the monster's wrath. He wisely kept a distance from the creature as he looked very closely at it, only two see a pair of streaks fly through the night sky, prompting him to narrow his empty eye sockets.

But he returned his eyes to the data screen, determined to know more about these...creatures.

Some time ago

John stopped himself before a ship pausing for a moment as the silvery vessel scanned him before allowing him entrance. Dispersing his body into air, he flowed around until he found what he was looking for; a girl in a yellow and orange dress sitting and meditating, watching the entirety of the universe flow before her.

"I know you're there John." She said with a smirk playing on her lips.

"Oh darn." John said, snapping his fingers as he reformed into something solid.

"You're here to ask me if I'd come with you to fight monsters on Earth." She said, once again her knowledge of the future proving to be impeccable.

"Heheh, yeah!" He said, laughing a little, having long gotten used to his Girlfriend's clairvoyance.

"You do know that we'll need to be careful. This isn't some lifeless or enemy inhabited world you can freely crush." She said, a bit of her hood lifting so that she could meet him with her eyes.

"I know, I know. Hold back on planets with people." He said, nodding and smiling as she got up and called forth her suits of armor in a series of yellow flashes of light.

Waving her wands in a circle, she formed a portal between the ship and Earth and stepped through it, and once John did the same, the two streaked through the sky, flying over to Mammoth city and a few miles above Tombstone's plane as John pushed a little further ahead and slowed himself down before the Monster as he rose his hammer over his head, flexed his torso back and then brought it crashing down towards the creature's head for a powerful hammer blow to start things off.

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“Adios!” Maya screamed, watching as the gruesome beast reared its head back; teleporting behind Star; she quickly teleported again. Maya’s efforts got them far away from the initial impact of the beast’s howl; but were still close enough to feel the pain of the deafening screech.

The streets flaccidly folded over one another like waves, the screech violently dispersed cars, debris and even humans. Maya’s photon shield proved to be ineffective against the force; the streets snatched them both of launching them into a pile of rocks.

“I-I, Hope your plan was to get its attention” Star muttered, the strain in her voice apparent now that the beast had landed a blow.

“Not…exactly”. Maya replied rising to her feet. The Trinity had just secured Evander Slade’s helicarrier; to ensure the Trinity’s future plans would not be hindered; she willingly entered this conflict.They both stood shoulder to shoulder with one another, attacking was a priority; but the destructive beauty of this beast was unparalleled.

From all areas around them, the sound of building crashing against the, surface sickened Maya. “It’s just like the tower…” she thought.

“Stand back…time to fight fire with fire” Maya’s body suddenly grew massive; her once smooth skin became littered with fur. Her pageant winning smile, transformed into a saliva filled snarl.Running full speed at the beast, the now ape Maya grabbed a pointed building and attempted to stab the huge beast.

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Mammoth city- Just across the Bridge to Old Grimm City

"Skwaaa-!" The massive yell of fury was cut short by the thonk of a large hammer on the monster's thick skull, sending it's neck downward into it's torso to recoil forward like a tortoise. In it's daze Max take's a second to regroup and look to the new comer, surprised to see this small boy nearly lay low the titan "Thanks, I was almost down his throat! Now get somewhere saf- No."

Looking back towards the Grendel he realized it had already began a retreat- directly across the river into Grimm City, swimming at such a high speed combined with it's height, it reached the shore almost immediately. The mech was a prototype and Max couldn't walk it across the bay. He was fcked. he may as well have been a paraplegic in a burning building


Laying with it's beak half attached and neon acidic blood spewing from it's mouth in gallons, the monster tries to tilt it's head to survive with short panicked breaths. It tries to fend off the skullion, meanwhile it looks to the sea shifting hero, and a sadness hits it's eyes. Like a pet watching it's owner scold him as it hacks up more blood.

Meanwhile the readings return to the tombstone. Trace amounts of nanites are shown in the blood stream.


Shoved backwards with so much force the mother Grendel slams into the alps face, snow falling in gigantic iceberg dollops across the two and rolling past shoulders. An avalanche begins to quake as the pillowy storm of white rolls down the tip and grows like a storm wave, smacking the ground and rolling into the seven cities surrounding the mountains.

Grimm City-

The boy was fast, his hammer hurling him into Grimm after the beast like a rare true blue hero as it enters the center of the city and beginjs biting several floors off of the old Crime Father's Ritz Carlton headquarters.

Max unlocks the harness connecting him to the machine and opens the skull hatch to watch the battle. "Thomas. We've got some back up but...This doesn't make any sense, it was like it made a point to cross the river. Like it was aiming at Grimm...'

Animus Corporations-

"Aiming...? We need to study one of them right awa- Mother of god! Everyone get down!"

Ducking behind his desk and hitting a button Thomas falls through his private elevator shaft towards the lower levels, as the monster explodes into a plume of acidic blue neon, speckles of the blood hitting every point of Old Grimm, melting the city into a stain of liquid concrete and steel that floated downward into the center of the city where the beast once stood, seeping backwards in the trenches of it's wake to file into the bay water.


With one last sorrow filled look the beast gives a high pitched squeak, before a death rattle. Immediately as it's bio-luminescent eyes dim, it melts into a puddle, burning an acidic hole into the ground that causes a sink hole that drags down everything in it's area, beneath the sewers, past the tunnels beneath, well into the hard earth to a black depth.


In a gripping death lock surrounded by whipping snow and falling ice the two push each other at a stalemate.

The mother monster using all four arms to push while swinging it's tail at the unexpected giants torso of thick fur with not much gain though not much loss. Just as it begins to summon a second wind of strength- It goes limp.

Simply falling out lifelessly.

it's back presses against the tundra growing an electric blue, it's body forcibly becoming rigid, head shaking slowly, then building, building, until it explodes backwards into the foot of the mountain. The devastating impact so intense it disintegrates the snow and leaves only a gaping stone crescent hole in the mountain face. The heat of the explosion melting the fround bound settled snow, melting it into the massive trenches of the giant of giants' tracks, leading directly into the Pacific ocean.

Newark- six months later

"Ladies and gentleman...we hold this ceremony as a remembrance, of those who lost their lives on G-day" In front of a large clothed statue Thomas Newcastle gives his speech. "This memorial was erected with the help of the willing craftsman of the cities attacked, as well as my funding, which I seek nothing in return for. It's the least I could do. To the rest of the world who may be watching now, or later,we've received payment plans and proposals from most major governments for our mechanized suits and are shipping them sometime the next month. Being that many of the working class of Grimm and Mammoth have been left without homes, we are proud to offer them at least work in our factories. This new contractual obligation with these countries, which prefer to remain nameless, will help us rebuild our cities, starting with Grimm. Our mother city who so desperately deserves our attention, now so more than ever. In japan, we've given our sympathies in the form of absolutely, free mechs as well as golems to help clean the desolation from their streets." The cameras begin to shutter loudly as the crowd moves forward with microphones, "We have already sent over 2,000 golem who are working through endless days and nights to build a foreign HQ to overtake the procedures and manage the relief."

Meanwhile, beneath the Corporate domestic offices of Animus Corporations

Maximus sulks in a long leather chair, rubbing his head and replaying the events from start to finish in his mech's visual and audio dome. Again, again, and again. trying to assume what he would of or could have done differently to ensure zero destruction.

His eyes open widely beneath his palm, what moments ago were depressingly slow hands, now jolt upwards and begin to tweak the controls

"zivernzrupgd-" He presses play "Mother of god! Everybody-" He pauses and rewinds "Mother of god! everybody-!" He pauses.

Looking at the video and watching the timer for the audio blink he realizes, Thomas shouted in panic, some ten second before the beast exploded.

Grimm City-

The sheet had been pulled down to show an artistic rendering of the city at it's brightest point in history, with the names of each of the fallen civilians of the day pressed and soldered into the windows and streets where they spent the best moments of their lives.

"This memorial will ensure we never forget our pasts. Not only that, but it will stand to help us remember, why we must move forward- because they would want us to. Because we can't wallow and pity ourselves, is that the Newark way, the Grimm City- the Mammoth- the NEW JERSEY WAY? No, I say, never. We will continue on, will rebuild, and we will renew these cities, to their statuses, and beyond."

Stepping off the stage to an uproarious applause Animus gets into his limo and takes a deep breath. Pouring himself a glass of scotch he crosses a leg, a thin lipped smile creasing his face. He raises a glass to a shadowed figure across the sofa like seat "To the future"