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The Matrix has you...

The girl woke up, blinking at the flashing text on her otherwise blank screen. She stared at it for a long time. Leaning over, she typed in:

What is the Matrix?

Then she waited. The cursor flashed once, twice and slowly text began to form on the screen.

The Matrix is everywhere and it has YOU...

Jerking awake, the girl stared at her alarm as it buzzed angrily at her. Late, she thought with a sigh as she rolled out of bed and grabbed her uniform for school. She'd be having a discussion with the head on tardiness again but then she thought they were all idiots anyway so it didn't matter.

As she dashed out of her house, she saw a dark windowed car on the other side of the street. It had been there for days, just sitting, staring at her house. She hadn't seen it anywhere else, just here. With a shrug, she ran off for the bus.

The car door swung open and a woman dressed all in black shining leather with mirrored sunglasses stepped out. Her skin was so pale it was almost green and something like binary dimly reflected in the lenses of her shades. She stared at the house for a long time before almost smiling to herself.

"The Matrix has you..." she whispered. The light seemed to bend around her and suddenly she shot up into the air, her black coat fluttering around her.

The Matrix is everywhere. You can be anything you want, from an Agent, to a rebel, to a rogue program. Let your imagination run wild. Be plugged in and be liberated. Take on an Agent and see if you win. Just remember the Matrix is the key and it has you.

Let's see how deep the rabbit hole goes...

Official RPG Rules apply in this RPG read them before you begin.


Let's keep the OOC in the OOC thread which I'll create in just a sec.

Enjoy peeps!

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Many programs had gone rouge, Have you ever hread of Vampires, Ghost, werewolves and demons, It was not long after the sky was darkend that some of us realised the war had been going for to long, Some programs got deleted others fled ad hid, The oracle being one of us!

Some pray on the humans growen in the fields , Others play with them and all the others stay to themself, My name is rifter, A rouge program who tries to bring hope, Have you hread the stories of people seeing Angles, Well that was me, I have hidden for along time, Popping up and moving on, But something big is coming, something that could change everything!

It is no longer time to hide, It is time to spread my wings and fly!

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Wind against her face, she could see the code, feel it ripple against her own, teasing at her, sensuously ruffling it. The buildings and cars all raced below. The whole world was binary to her, it reflected in her eyes and over her lenses as she stared around her.

Into the heart of a city, the leather-clad flyer soared, dropping down into an alleyway. She straightened herself up and sauntered out, her eyes fixed on a cafe opposite where a man waited for her. A smirk on her lips, she dropped into the chair opposite him.

"Rifter," she said with a smirk.

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Donnie...Donnie...Donnie...it's time...come...the gates await...destiny awaits...

Destiny...what is destiny? Is your destiny predetermined? Do you create your own destiny? Must you follow your destiny? Do you have a choice, is life already set in stone? Whatever the answer is we will never know it, destiny cannot be explained, it just happens. My name is Donnieman v5.1 and my destiny is to be the savior of my kind, the human race. A wise man once told me, destiny is realized when one is prepared to accept it.

"You ready to do this?" James asked.

"You know I am, let's do this thing" Donnie answered.

Donnie opened the door and crossed the threshold, they were inside, the easy part was over.

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Rifters eyes lifted from the news papper , They where as blue as the depths of the oceans and would melt the heart of any mortal, throwing the papper in front of the new arrival he smiled back "I have always wondered where they get the storys from , have you not"

Picking up a fresh cup of tea , it touched his red lips as he sipped ,Looking over the cup, as the cup moved away "You can feal it to cant you, Something is coming, we will not be able to hide much longer, We have never really seen eye to eye, But it will not be long before agents are on each of our heals."

Pushing over a cup of coffe, "Letus talk of what the matrix holds for to old rouges shall we"

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Lifting the cup, she sipped it and smiled. "Perfect." She slid off her glasses. Her eyes were perfect black spheres with lines of green code sliding up and down. In the very depths, two pin-pricks of pupils stared at him. "It's coming. I can feel what you feel. They're getting bolder. One came too close to my target last night. When was the last time an agent confronted you directly?"

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Spectrum was waste. It was what he dealt with and it was what he was made from. You see there are places in the Matrix where Programs go to dump unused code or exicuted programs. He was a result of this. For the entire history of the Matrix programs had been dumping in the same spot. It was only when this code holding area was full that it happened. Random bands of code began to form together giving life to a new program, giving life to Spectrum.

He was all the bad bits of old and unused programs, used to make something new. He was the "Binman".

He walked quickly down the road, slowing down as the cafe came into sight. He looked both ways and crossd the road. He didnt need to look, but agents were more vigilante now.

He looked at the pair at the table. He knew both of them, well new of them.

He pulled over a chair and sat on it with the back against his chest.

"I take it your aware f whats coming?"

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Rifter face froze "two days ago" leaning forward , The thought of that day came back, "Two of them, They seem to be upgrauding them, Anymore then two I would have been in trouble" Taking another sip of tea!

"The program seems to know whats coming, But so do the humans, there seems to be more then ever before, On both sides, Where on earth do we fit in" He looked at her, His eyes scaning her "I see your code has changed as well, Our we all preparing for what is going to happen next."

His hand slipped over the table to hers, " We have been friends in all of this, What will you do,I fear this will be the end of us, But im sure as hell taking some of the Agents with me"

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She touched her fingers to his, her smile barely brushing her lips. "We will fight to keep our lives," she told him honestly, "and I will fight at your side, as always. We may not always... see things the same. But we rogues are all we have."

Their conversation paused when the other program took a seat. Walkingstone's nose wrinkled as she looked at it and she sat back from Rifter, her glasses returned to cover her eyes. "We are aware, the whole Matrix is. What we do about it is up to us."

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Spectrum looked at Rifter. He had obuisly interupted something, but he didnt praticularly care.

"The Agents have been upgraing like hell. thev been in and out of the dump dropping off old copies. Theyve made serious advansments over the past two months. The good thing is that I can incorperate these old verions for whoever wants them, but that still onw t be good enough, theyll allways be one step ahead."

He ran his hand through his brown hair. It was mid length and lay at eye level. Raising his hand for a waitress he ordered a coffee.

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Looking at specturm Rifter smiled, Specturm was a chaos program at heart, Always looking for a good way to mess with the system, "I am going to look for the oracle, We could use her guidance" Taking another sip of tea, "i need something stronger" A shot glass appeared infront of them all, "one shot for the road, The three of us meeting is going to draw some attention".

Slaming down his glass , A cheeky smile broke his cheeks one that Stone had growen use to , "Anyone fancy a trip down town, I have a tip that she is at some old high rise there", Two blue wings broke from his back, "Seems we have all been upgrading he winked"

With two flaps he was in the air, to any passer by it looked as if a bird had just taken to the air!

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Spectrum downed the shot galss and threw it on the floor. It smakshed on contact. He backflipped from his chair and kicked his chair. It flew across the room and crashed into the tiled wall, fragment flying every where.

He landing with precission wis long coat trailing behind him. He shouted to Rifter,

"Lead the way, bird Brain"

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Gunfire rained through the doorway. The agents released an immense volume of fire toward Donnie and James. Without thinking, Donnie leaped onto a wall and began to run across it toward the crowd of agents. Time seemed to slow down flew from the wall, his foot connecting with virtual flesh. He was graceful in combat, he didn't think he performed, it was all natural to him. He grabbed pistols, cracked skulls, shot them, broke them, crushed them, embarrassed them, he angered the machines. He was the human savior, here to crush their mechanical oppressors.

"Man, good thing you're on our side Laughs, Id hate to face you in combat" James said.

"Please, don't flatter me. You did pretty good as well, you held your own" Donnie replied.

Donnie saw an agent on the ground, he was still alive, gasping for air and his eyes shown an intense hatred.

Laughs "You hate me. Get over it, the time has come agent, we will be avenged" Donnie spoke.

"Never, you are going to die, one way or the other, the machines will make sure of that" the agent spat.

"Such trivial thoughts, destiny is on my side" he said and with that he brought his foot down on the agent's head, ending his virtual existence.

"Shall we continue?" Donnie asked.

"After you" James said.

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Rising gracefully from her chair, Stone smirked. The smashed tiling merged back together, no one even noticed it. She took two steps away from the table and shot up into the air. "Keep up, Binman, don't slack. And keep down wind of me," she added with a laugh that sounded like a cackle.

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Two grey man sat at the door, They looked like twins, Each in matching black suits and ties, Slicked back hair and sunglasses, "The new program has arrived", They both spoke at the same time as the bronze door handle turned.

A bright light filled the room as a pale man entered the room, He was very diffrent from the two in front of him, A long balck jacket hung down to his ankles, A raven top hat sat on his head and his eyes where crimson red, A white shirt with the top bttons undone showed a marble white chest.

"We have" The agent was cut off "Do not speak to me lesser program I do not need your help" the two agents began to shake turning from Human to code, Then exploding in a shower of green code, "You are obsloete the Arrow program is now running"

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"Down wind, I think not Sonte" Spectrum laughed. He was silenced shortly afterwards. New arrivals at the dump, he was getting signals. A new program, Arrow. It had come.

Spectrum stood unsure of what to do. He would go to the Oracle, she would know what to do.

In a blaze of shimmering light he faded away to nothing. He was part of the code now, traveling through the 1's and 0's, flying upgrades took up to much room, this was quicker and less troublsome. He followed Stones code to the apartment.

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the dust parted as rifter began his decent to the roof, Turning he looked at Stone with worried eyes then to Specturm, They had both felt it as well, A new program in the Matrix it felt like an agent but was diffrent, Something was wrong.

"You both felt that , Time is no longer on our side" moving forward he pushed open the grey door leading down a urnie stained hall, A brown door sat at the end of the hall, Staating to run, He feared what would happen to his fellow rouges if this program was what he thought it was.

Skidding to a stop as the door opened, "Hello , come on in my dear." The old lady had not changed, Just her skin "Hello Oracle, it has been a long time, Can ", "The tea is out with two coffes I belive that is what your friends want"

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Stone glanced at Spectrum, concern flitting for only the briefest moment across her pale green skin. The new presence had crashed through the virus's mind, binary code scoring her features as it did, only to fade back almost to nothing. She jumped down the stairs, her coat billowing around her, and skidded to a halt just inside the Oracle's apartment. "It's been... too long... Oracle."

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The agents were no match for him, they each attacked and each was inevitably cut down. Donnie was more than they could handle, the Matrix was his sandbox and here in The Matrix few were his superior. His coat flew around the room as he danced acrobatically, showing off his skill.

"That was easy. He laughs James, the road ends here or you, return to the base, I'll handle it from here" he spoke.

James picked up the phone and disappeared, logging out of the Matrix. Just then Donnie felt a presence, they were not agents, they were something else. He ran up the steps, The Oracle was in trouble and he would put a stop to it...

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RIfter felt the pressance thundering up the stairs behind them, "You are excused " He looked at Oracle as she closed the door turning , He watched the man run towards him, "There is no spoon" he siad with a smile.

"Who are you" Rifter knew the man in front of him was human but his code was all over the place, "I am in no mood to fight, We all come to her for knowledge nothing else, She is more our friend then yours!"

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Spectrum launched himself down the stair well. Landing in a cloud of dust that instantly vanshed in a green himmer.

"Well, look who it is" The Oracle smiled.

"Hey im not some reble. Now show me some skin" He held up his hand and slapped it against hers, walking past she swep it to her side palm facing towards him. He did the same,

"You still got the moves," He laughed hugging the woman. She had changed but it was in her nature to do so.

The Oracle had been liks a mother to Spectrum she had fostered him as a young child fresh form the dump. It was good to be home.

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Donnie looked around, he saw The Oracle along with three other unidentified beings. She seemed calm, they imposed no harm upon her. This cooled him off a bit but he was still not convinced.

"Who are you?" he asked the man. He looked at him, saw his code, he was a typical rogue program.

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"my name is rifter" Opening the door behind him, Oracle stood and looked down the hall, "You should all go he is coming " As she spoke the gap between Rifter and Donnie became dark as a top hat began to appear from the matrix itself, "Stone get Oracle out of here, Specturm go with her."

Time to test my upgrades he thought, Rifters code changed dermaticly, He watched as the man came from the ground, His code was amazing and scary!

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Stone placed a hand Oracle's shoulder. "Come, old friend," she whispered. Her skin was changing, more of the code was showing through the closer the new program came. What little could be seen between the flashing lines was completely transparent until she almost blended with the background code. "I know somewhere safe. Binman, keep down wind," she said teasingly as they backed out of the apartment.

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"Always with the wind," he smirked follwing her.

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Arrow stood in the centre of the two of them, Saying nothing he began moving towards Oracle, She after all she was his goal, each step seemed to rock the very matrix it'self, He was something new something dangerous.

then he stopped looking over his shoulder at Dman, And back at rifter and stopped solid, Not even moving the world was going in slow as if the whole matrix was watching what was going to happen next!

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He was not afraid, now was the time for him to prove himself. He closed his eyes and removed his sunglasses. When he opened his eyes he revealed wall of code contained where his eyes should be. He removed his coat and let it wall to the ground.

"The time for action is now and it is your turn to make the play" he spoke to Rifter.

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Rifter did not have time to answer , THe program moved with ease and speed knocking rifter into a wall, with a spiining round house, As his feet touched the gorund, He was staring at D-man, The long jacket swayed to a stop at his feet.

The red eyes ran with programing , Striaght form the CPU itself, "Very intresting", The Arrow program stood looking at D-man, waiting for a movment, But then Arrow turned watching Rifter stand, "You are no normal rouge , nethier are your friends, I have the information I came for, next time we meet, will be the last"

Then slipping back into the program he was gone,No code sat where he had been, As if he killed it all!

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The whole ordeal was being watched by the whole Matrix,but one pair of eyes had a duty to keep it from happening,two new programs had already been made the last 24 hours,he was the third,program"Protection".The program was to be activated when the Oracle was in a threatning situation,thus came Marcus.Above the building that stood D-man,Rifter,and Spectrum was Project"Protectition".His all black outfit was glimmering in the glommy light,his bullet proof vest was equipped with an array of firearms.

Hed have to follow at least one of the three,the one that would stay closest to the Oracle,knowing he would be sensed he decided to make his prescence known .Jumping from the roof,he landed softly and his entrance was sure bring attention to him.

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Post Deleted.

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The man was at his computer. He went by Sol, it was his screen name for hacking. He had just finished a transaction....a big one. He grinned from the payment that he would receive. He shut off his computer, and got ready for bed. As he walked to his large bed, his computer flashed back on.

"Huh?", he wondered aloud. He walked back to the computer. It read one sentence.

The Matrix has you.

"Uh....okay....", he said aloud. He was creeped out. He suddenly had a extreme urge to leave his apartment. He got dressed, and stepped out his room. He took the elevator down the the bottom floor, and was surprised at what he saw. Three men in black suits stood in the middle of the lobby, looking facing the elevator with sunglasses on.

One walked towards him.

"We've found you.....Sol", he said, emotionless. Sol was stricken with surprise. "Come with us......we just want your help", he said.

"Whoa......first of all, my name ain't Sol. It's Frederick. Second, I've got rights, you can't just whisk-", but he was cut off as the man grabbed his arm and tossed him across the lobby towards the other men. Frederick slid over the hardwood flooring.

The men moved towards him. Suddenly, bullets flew through the glass doors, and hit the agents in the hit, except for the one that tossed Fred. A woman clad in black ran through the front doors, and grabbed Fred's arm.

"You're Sol, right? C'mon!", she yelled as she hefted him up.

"How does everyone know that name? I must be the worst hac-", but he was cut off as a bullet flew towards him from the one remaining agent.

He slowly moved towards them.

Sol-Fred-and the woman ran out the doors.

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beeping noise then a flash of light

A figure is produced from the light. Part monstrocity part machine.

It tilts his head to his side. Looking upon the beings walking around in front of him.

Humans? It thinks to itself.

But they have been controlled for so many years. How can they?

It looks deeper into the beings in front of him. And realizes their all data nothing more, just as if he was in a computer.

*Data? * A grin creeps its way across his face.

Data is to be processed and consumed

The man/machine walks up to a small boy.

"What is your name child?"

Gabrial. The little boy exclaims.

"Gabrial. Hmm that will work."

The machine man puts his hand upon the boys head. CRUNCH

" Not your name anymore. Gabrial is I. I shall go forth to find out what i truly am."

The being now known as Gabrial disappears within its surroundings.
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Every once and a while somebody escapes. They get away fom the Matrix, and get unplugged. Brandon was one of them. He was running from two Agents, who seemed to fly down the street. Brandon ran faster than he ever had before, blurring the lines of reality. A yellow bolt crackled around him, as he barely outuns the Agents. As he continues to run, the bolt expands, and he dissapears into empty space.

As he wakes in a red pod, he gasps for air and pulls out his plugs with all of his might. He is evacuated, right into a random area. Scared, he hears somebody say "The time for action is now and it is your turn to make the play." Brandon was scared, so he brought the earth around him in an armor-like fashion. He spoke to the men, asking "Who are you? Where am I?"

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the black operate kinetic energy nulifier or B.O.K.E.N. program was suppose to store all information of what they found in space. after learning all he needed to learn B.O.K.E.N. went rouge. he seperaterd himself from the original programing and excaped into the matrix. he developed power over kenetic enery. he could use it for either energy blasts or strength. The B.O.K.E.N. was waintinig and ploting for the chace to control the matrix and destroy his creators with there own programs.

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This strange world that was made out of a technological matter called The Matrix, is where the Weatherman would come to next. What was he seeking for in such a strange place? Why did a man who did not let anyone touch him, would come and let a world have him?

"I can feel the answers... the separation... Closer." - he whispered to an Agent standing beside him.

"Join us." - he offered his hand to him, as they both stood on top of a huge skyscraper, looking somewhere below.

"Why do you want me? I'm not a program."

"Exactly." He walked over to him, placing his hand onto his shoulder, as if they were partners, even friends.

"You know how to reach us." The Agent vanished.


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his body was shacking the kick was like being hit by a hundred agents, Luck to still be able to move, Changing his clothes to a black pin stripe suit and a red tie, He put on a match hat and smiled, as he pulled out a pear of Black lensed Oakleys x-wires, covering the coding his eyes, It also hod his code from everyone.

Looking over a D-man, "Um so that got of to a good start" Waving to see of D-man would follow he set of after Stone and specturm, Jumping into the coding , He sent out a line to Stone "We got a problem Oracle still with you pet, Also see if she know where the Key maker is, I think he could help the Humans".

Rifter was not really a fighter, But a planning program, Full of knowledge , He had a plan for a plan, Always taught to be twenty steps ahead, he was one of the first rouges as where stone and Specturm, Oracle was like a mother to the three of them, "Specturm, Do you know where any of your chaos friends are hiding, We might need help"

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"Oracle is with us," Stone said, her hand still on the Oracle's shoulder. They had reached the secure location but were all still on edge, all except Oracle who seemed calm and almost cheerful. "I will ask. Hurry." Stone was a program of little words and little need for expression, when she was scared, her sentences would shorten to as few words as possible. "Oracle..."

"I know where the Key Maker is," she said with a knowing smile. "Why don't you sit down, dear, and I'll make teas and coffees?"

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Graham was backed up against a brick wall, the gutter run off from the block of flats above him splashing messily down onto his coat. But that didn't matter, nothing mattered but the barrel of the gun. Not even the agent pointing it at him. He knew he was dead, no man had ever fought an agent and lived. Only the select few stood a chance, those who believed and Graham didn't believe. Not down in the bottom of his heart.

The agent smiled slightly, just a lifting of the corners of his mouth. A strange emotion for a machine to have, humor. The gun fired in the alley, once, twice a third time and Graham crumpled backwards into the wall, disappearing through the seemingly solid code. The agent tilted its head and strode forwards, placing his hand on the wall where Graham had been.


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From within the walls he watched.

He saw many things. A woman called Stone is the main matter that caught his attention. Her actions showed both bravery and a sense of fear. He wanted to study this one more before he consumed her data. But first he needs to gain some sort of sustainance. Gabrial leaves the walls around the one called Stone and appears in a major city.

Again he finds humans abundant, yet these seem to be more human than data. How can this be he thought to himself.

The world around self is changing drasticly. Gabrial walks up to a woman and asks " What is this place?"

She looks at him as if he was a moron. " This is Zion, our last safe have against the machines. How can you not know, what are you?"

Gabrial never thought of this before, the question was pondering to him. He came into this world with vast knowledge of the past but not of the present. His memory banks show that the humans should have been long gone, and that his "mind" is a pestering program which tells him to kill this woman right on the spot. But somehow he disobeys the order.

" That is a good question my lady. One that i shall have answered soon."

He again disappear into the shadows of the buildings.

He appeared before the one thing the humans never dared step against. The main machine. The all knowing computer a sort of "Watcher" if you will.

"Unit 2432! Why have you not accomplished your goal?"

What goal?

" The destruction of the one called Stone!"

So thats what my order was.

" I dont know. But i have a question for you overlord. Why have you given me the form and partial mind of a human."

We did so for the sole reason of integrating you into the humans world unoticed nothing more.

" Well i have disobeyed your orders. And will continue, have a good day you have given me some of the answers i want."

Unit 2432! Come back here.

" My name is Gabrial. And in the way of the humans i have observed this is all i have to say to you."

Extends middle finger And vanishes into the shadows, hoping overlord will not track him.

Overlord: It seems as if we have another problem.

A man from the shadows appears " Dont worry he will fulfill his orders either way.

Later the being known as Gabrial again appears within shadows next to Stone unnoticed, wanting answers he steps from the shadows.

" Why was i sent to kill you?" He asks without knowing what Stone will do with his sudden appearance.

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Spectrum heard Rifter. One of his upgrades allowed him to hear through out the Matrix, bbut he could filter te irrelevent stuff out.

"Head to the dump, talk to the machanic, hel know whats on the production line" He said to himself.

A cell phone apeared infornt of Rifter. It rang. It contained theat message, once heard it would dissapear againn.

Spectrum sat down at the table as the Oracle fixed the Teas. He looked at Stone, she was quite beautiful. She looked worried and for good reason.

Then several things happened at once.

Spectrums head dropped as if in a trance saying,

"A new program, Gabreil, rogue, motives unclear. also the B.O.K.E.N program has gone rogue, motives unclear. The agents are recruiting...." He jerked his head upwards his breath gone.

"Things are going down hill." He said looking at Stone.

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The Dump was, well, a Dump.

Larged black fences ran around the grounds. At the gates there was a sign.

"Rustys Car Reapair" was writen on it in scrathy black lines.

A gruff looking man walked through the gates. At his sight to two german shepards lay down on the ground in submission.

He walked past them weaving his way along the oath that was wrought through the countless mountains of rusted cars and parts. He walked down untill he arrived at a run down garage. Stepping through the doorway, missing a door. There was one gray character sitting in the customer area.

"Tommy, whos this" He gruff Machanic shouted.

A young boy rolled his body from under a car he waorking on,

"Down graded agent program, there good" He went back to work. Fitting in old car parts into the one he was working on. He rolled out againn, this time standing and sitting in the car. Closing the door he turned the key and the car abnged into life. A green shimmer was seen in the passenger seat as another gray man appeared identical to the one in the customer area. Getting out of the car the GRay Agent went and st beside his counterpart.

Tommy stood beside the Mechanic.

"Good job," He Mechanic grumbled as he went to work on another car beside the one Tommy was working on.

It was then that the screen at the service activated with the following message,

"A new program, Gabreil, rogue, motives unclear. also the B.O.K.E.N program has gone rogue, motives unclear. The agents are recruiting...."

"Spectrums gotten another update" Tommy shouted over the noise of the hak-saw.

"I know, Now get to work" He Machanic shouted with out coming out form under the car. Tommy obliged and got back underneath his car.

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Donnie was confused, he didn't like being confused. He gathered up his coat and returned his glasses to his face. He began to follow Rifter, interested in obtaining answers to his questions.

"What's going on here? I want answers, who are you and what do you want? Also who the @#$% was that guy that just kicked you into a @#$%ing wall" he spoke irritated.

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Stone gave Spectrum a curt nod. Spinning around, she grabbed the creature at her side by the neck and lifted it from the floor. In a hiss, she breathed, "Kill me? I am nothing to you." Then her left hand formed itself into a long spike and she placed it near the program's eye. "Who sent you?"

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Wow strong woman.

" I call it Overlord...well i did. until i walked away and flipped him off. I was created for one purpose, your destruction. But i find the idea....missing something. Why would i destroy something that i cannot consume. If you are not data their is no need to destroy you. I find your existence itself very intriguing."

Looking at her hand around his neck.

" Please put me down."

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"Not data," she sniffed as she dropped the thing and stepped away. She wiped her hand down her leg. "I am beyond data, above it, beneath it, through it." Her hand reformed and she half-turned from the creature. "I do not know this Overlord. Spectrum, do you?"

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" Hmm really."

Gabrial thinks to himself about the thought of consuming something like her. If it were data

" I have not come for anything other than collecting data. And to tell you the Overlord has made plans for all of you. He knows all of you and were this place is. He is especially interested in you Stone."

And yet i want these beings of fleshiness to strive against him. Hmmm must be my human part of me.

Gabrial looks around wondering Are these fleshy things going to do something or sit on their butts

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It was dark in the streets of New York. Sparda walked with his black coat billowing behind him. Concealed on his persons were two pistols and his sword. He had to be prepared.

Today he was freeing one.

He turned and walked up the steps of the apartment building. Everyone lived in apartments in New York. He walked into the lobby, keeping his eyes open. If any Agents were in the vicinity, the whole purpose was lost. He walked into the elevator, and pressed the Sixth floor button. While the elevator rose, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a cell phone.

"Operator", he said into it.

A voice responded, familiar. "No Agents in your area, you're clear. Let's grab this one and go home".

"Affirmitive", Sparda said, and hung up. The elevator stopped, and Sparda stepped out into the hallway. His room destination of 613. He turned into the main hallway, and turned. He saw a bird flutter by the far window. He continued walking to the room.

Another bird fluttered past the window.

"Oh, sh!t....", he said aloud. His phone rang, and he picked it up immediately.

"ABORT! There's been a system glitch, run while you can!", the Operator yelled into the phone. Sparda hesitated. He heard the elevator, being called down to the bottom floor. Then Sparda hung up, and ran to the room. He kicked open the door.

Inside was a standard apartment room. It opend into a kitchen/living room space, and off to the side was a bedroom and a bathroom. Sitting on the couch was a young lady. She had blond hair, and was no more than 24. She jumped up as Sparda kicked the door down.

"Who're y-", she started, but was cut off as Sparda grabbed her arm.

"If you wanna live, come with me", he said and started half-pulling her out the room. In the hall, Sparda heard the ding! of the elevator stopping. Two Agents walked into the main hallway, looked at Sparda and the woman, and began to draw their guns.

Sparda pulled out his pistols, and yelled at the woman. "Into the room, go go!"

She complied, and ran into the room across the hall from hers. Oddly, it was unlocked. Unexpected side-effect of the glitch, Sparda guessed.

The Agents fired.

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"My name as I said is rifter, I am a rouge program" he did not have time for this but At the same time needed the Humans , If ever Programs and Humans could work with each other he would have to live with there faults and they would have to understand Programs have limits.

"From what I can tell , the thing we just met, Is a new type of deletion program, It simple terms, He now knows how fast we are, So we will need to be faster, he even knows how smart we are, So we to move, Time is against us".

"If you wish to a speak to Oracle then come with me, As far as I can tell, you are more then able to keep up, There is something about you human, But most of all we wil need to work with each other" Turning he zoomed away towards Stone and Specturm a new program had arrived next to them!

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Unlike the inhabitants, Weatherman could see past the fake world created by the machines. He could travel back and forth with ease, and now he was standing inside the enormous pod chamber, where billions of people resided, sleeping inside the pod, unknowing of the true reality they were encased in.

"I see you are becoming acquainted with this world." - one of the Smith agents appeared behind him.

"I saw what you do to the people that resist and understand your program, why didn't you try and stop me?" - Weatherman asked, while scanning the entire population of the pods.

"Because... We know of your power. We also know what you seek in this world. You seek rebirth. If you let go of the body you have now, you will perish, that's why you cling onto Death's presence, to live." - the agent moved closer to Weatherman, standing right beside him, looking onwards.

"What you seek is not here. We placed it somewhere, where you can't even find it. If you wish to receive it, you must eliminate this woman. Her name is Stone. She can provide to be quite a nuisance, as you will see later. She keeps escaping us, but I believe nothing can escape Death, correct?" - He spoke without any emotion, in a calm manner.

"Let's just say, I do not wish to destroy her. Her time isn't of the essence yet, she has quite long to live." - Weatherman became slightly irritated.

"Now you see, you know when she dies and I cannot change that, no matter how hard I try to destroy her. But you... You have the power to shorten the... "Candle of Life" I believe is the expression. Oh, and, you may be able to kill me also, but that would only cause your goal to be destroyed also. I'm sure you wouldn't want that, after searching for so long." - he smiled, his grin reminding Weatherman of a filthy pig.

"Kill Stone." - Agent vanished, knowing that Weatherman would not need any more indications. His task was set.


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Graham floated lazily between two walls of code in the deadzone where nothing, even the programs, dare to tread. The greenish glow given off by the flickering symbols covered him, bathing his wounds and infecting his mind. Whispers of conversations both had and to come filled his head, beating against the inside of his skull. Deep down in the black, Graham screamed.

The sidewalk pressed hard into Graham's face, the cold stone seeming to draw him in. An old lady was looking at him worriedly.

"Are you all right young man?"

Graham sat up and smiled,

"Im fine, thank you."

She nodded and toddled off, going about the errands that she needed to do. Graham stood up stifly and brushed himself off. He needed to find the Oracle, she would know what had just happened. He pulled out his phone and dialed a number.

"Hello, operator."