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 It was a relatively Beautiful Night  In the city of Manhattan, The stars emitted the  Emitted the dark sky altering The original color of the sky To a Gloomy Indigo Color,  The Dim Luminous moon Provided Low moon light for the Lively City, The Wind gust rubbed Against archers face gently Like a Baby's soft touch. The Scent of damp Cement Filled the atmosphere from Early showers,The sky scrappers illuminated the city with Phosphorous  Colored Lights that attracted Tourist. The Cars And Pedestrians  Created an Uncongrous Tune That Echoed  throughout all of 42 st. Archer needed to get a good view Over hte City Before Departing tot his stealthy attack on christian rivera.

Archer stood  On a Highly Stature Building Overlooking all of the  Citizens of Manhattan, it was One of the least crowed days of alll. archer enjoyed watching The ant sized People walk the streets of Manhattan in pursuit of thyre errands, watching it from such a high elevation made it quite interesting, he always sat on the ledge a Roof top and stared at people. Archer was Use to the High altitude, most marksman had to undergo it to become a more Adroit archer. He wasnt fond  Of being at such high uplift But , over the years he grew accustom to it. It was time for archer to travel to Dead locks Hotel Room for a sneak attack.

Ealier Today

Archer was Heading to Lexicats Nin  Lives Coffee shop for breakfast  Before Leaving to work. In Archers realhe is Called Moses Xavier and  is a bank teller In emiigrant bank. He headed through The glass doors of the coffee shop Craving for a Boston Cream Doughnout, along with Hazelnut black coffee.The coffee shop was filled with people, it  as he mazed through people Impatiently ,the line grew longer and longer. he Finally reached the line, but it was extremely long, it was so long that it curved its way towards the entrance of the shop. Moses then heard loud yelling  way in the front of the line, a Man dressed in Purple attire Was yelling at The Coffee shop Clerk. the man Looked like a lad back person , a ladies man.

The argument went on becoming more intense, Moses finally decided to confront the guy because he was Delaying the line,m  he tapped his shoulder gently with a large Untroubled smile. The man  Quickly turned towards Archer in a Vehemnt matter, Archer had a feeling this wasnt going to go very well at all. The man punched archer in the face So hard That the impact of the punch jerked moses head back makng him crash into a lady behind him, the onslaught wasnt over just yet the man Charged at the recuperating moses and kicked him Vigorously in the abdomen, making moses drop to the floor hugging his stomach.

The man the darted Of out of the Coffee shop Cursing angerly into the air, A women came towards archer and helped him stand up,his stomach ached from the fierce on expected kick,  Archer did not know why this happend, all he wanted to do was resolve the situation that the man had with the clerk. after the women aided  expressed her concern, she then told me  me some information about the man. his name was Christian Rivera and he was staying  a five star hotel called R'mone  In Manhattan. The hotel was located on 34 street and his  hotel rrom was b14. She knew this information because she was staying at the hotel,.

Back to present

It was time to Leave towards the R'mone hotel, archer took his Bow From his quivel and shot an arrow towards the surface of a building that was diagonally from the one he stood. the arrow had a rope attached to it, he then swung himself down into the middle of 42 st into the street. Popel screamed in shock as they saw Archer swing down from high altitude, he swung overhead of 3 cars before landing in the middle of the street. as he landed in the Street you could hear the friction of The cars tire and the tar of the street, archer had landed infront of the path of cars Causing  anger over safety> then you could here the sound of Crushing metal and glass, a car accident was caused because off archer.

archer then fleeted dwon the street apathetic about the car crash he had caused. he made a fe sharp turns around corning scaring people with his awkward outfit. Things like this was a general habit for Archer, he didnt mind it, it was part of his life. archer finally reached 34st and he was right in front of the hotel, he shot another rope arrow towards a building vertical across the street from the r'mone hotel, the rope pulled him up the building like a stressed elastic string, he sprung up into the air over the rooftop of the building across the street from The hotel. He somersaulted into the air fashionably before lading on the rooftop in a 3 point stance.

Archer Withdrew his binoculars and began to scan the 14 floor windows of the hotel, it took him about 5 minutes to sight his Perpetrator in the center of the row of the 14 floor windows. archer took his crossbow out and equipped hi Explosives bolts, he then aimed carefully at the window ere Christain was staying, his hand began to sweat nervously because of the though of the massive explosion that would occur after his shot. he pressed the trigger of his crossbow I  hesitation and watched the bolt  fly though the air at Indescribable speeds towards his adversary's  window

i hope this lands....

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