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They say that the greatest trick that the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. The same could be said about two of the most villainous men that have ever walked the Earth. Over the years their history has left a trail of blood that many have tired to clean up and only few had succeeded. One craved absolute power in the subtlest of ways while the other found chaos as the only fruit that could satisfy  his hunger. Yet still with such different minds the two have been able to see the same way of how they wanted things on Earth to be but they would not go uncontested. With the rise of the Heroes on Earth, the planet seemed to shine brighter then ever. It was thought to have been through the hard work of those that fought for justice that Earth was now flourishing  but the harsh reality was that it was simply allowed to happen.

Both Gambler and Darkchild's ambitions lead them off of Earth two years ago to a planet called Ninjeta to meet with Hayden Miles a powerful Ninjan warrior. Together the three devised a plan that would benefit each of them in their own way while still given the Earth men the freedom to work on both planets. The first part of the plan was to overthrow Ninjeta and have Hayden take control. That itself happened very quickly when the three gathered their forces in secret and began their assualt on a planet that showed courage but was simply overwhelmed.

In the end after  the planet fell leaving Hayden as its Queen taking her place in Ninjeta's capital city with rule over all the planet. She had also split the planet leaving the cold north for  Darkchild to command and  train a new army of slaves using his chaotic approach. The murky south  was left to Gambler's command with the same arraignment as DC but his troops were trained in a more tasteful and artistic way of killing. This continued on for months and both sides had brainwashed and trained soldiers of Ninjeta while still letting their presence be known on Earth.  Those that opposed tried to continue to fight setting up small units around the planet but if caught by  either faction they were met with death simply because taking prisoners was not beneficial.

While the planet fell a  Ninjeta resistance was formed to fight back but with the new factions and Hayden still around it seemed hopeless. With a severe daily loose of man power and lack of proper leadership they decided to call upon the heroes of Earth. By using frequencies that were gathered throughout all the times that Ninjans have served in different teams on Earth a distress call was put out urging for help. The hope was that the great champions of Earth would come and aid the innocent people of Ninjeta and restore order once again to the terrorized world.

Present Day (Ninjeta)

"It's been 2 day's since we have arrived and the fighting has not stopped since we landed in the North side of the planet. We are sleep deprived, hungry,  thristy and still sick from when Spider drove us here in The Phoenix but we are still fighting. I also have to watch out for Feral Nova she is still pissed and if anyother hero teams show up will they want to bring me in or will the just fight.

The people on this side of the planet are wearing the mark of the Vine Villains which suggest that we are on the side of the planet ran by Darkchild. They are well trained and very powerful given their Ninjan heritage.  The team is spread thin and I can tell that some of them still don't trust me. The distress call couldn't have come at a worse time but nothing good can come from  Gambler, Darkchild and Hayden Miles working together.

The Intel from the Ninjan rebels has been pretty accurate thus far they were able to locate the VV base on this side as well as where Gambler is holding up in the South. Hayden on the other hand would be hard to get to since she is in the capital city but we have to find a way.....

With both of his berettas in hand Kurrent rested behind a berm. The Phoenix was at eye sight distance and was serving as the Veritas base for the battle. They were being bombarded and Darkchild's forces were rushing in but still no sign of the man himself.

Bullets, spears, rocks any and everything was flying towards them and after taking a few deep breaths Kurrent  the stood and began to fire towards the enemy. He  looked to his left and right and began to shout out orders.....MIDNIGHTIST take out the catapult on the left...SLIGHT take the one on the right. The rest of Veritas looked like they already had their hands full and the small ninjan group that was with them. Was trying to reach their allies for reinforcements.  They were already in a huge battle but in the back of Kurrent's head he could not stop thinking about Hayden and Gambler still being on the plant and having an Armies of their own.

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Two Days Ago

So let me get this straight were going to an alien planet that is home to several advanced alien race that have been concurred by super villains from our own planet and were responded to a distress call to go and save them before they wipe each other out from resistances and in fighting and we have to take the modified for space travel Phoenix that me and Spidey just finished not a week ago and haven't even given it a proper field test and we have to leave today did I get everything right? 

Oh ok then just wanted to make sure well Captain Kirk here I come 

5 Hours Later


The back of the Phoneix explodes and causes a large whole. Anything not bolted down soon flies out the whole and into the air of the Planet Ninjeta. It becomes hard to breath and Midnightist seat is rocking losened from Phnoeixthe blast. The bolts fly apart and soon he sees himself flying out the whole of the jet. 12 minutes later as the team gathers around the crashed rubble of the Phoenix Midnightist walks out of the alien wounds hurt. "I hate this planet all ready uuuuhhh". He then faints.

Present Day

For as far as could be seen nothing but fighting was going on. Yet it was strange because even though it was a small war it was beautiful. Not in the way a war monger looks at the blood and gore and thinks the lose of life is some kind of art, but beautiful in that it was an amazing mixture of differences working together and against. The colors and shapes of the different alien species seemed like some kind of mural. If a painting was to be made by a Ninjeta artist and put in a museum for kids to look at talking about a great war that happened I'm sure this would be their favorite one.

MIDNIGHTIST take out the catapult on the left. Thats it theres no more time to gaze, no more time to admire the sights, no more time to try and find something good going on out of all this mess. Its time for body counts and fire and guns and swords and everything else we live day in day out. Its time for fighting.

The man of Midnight gets to work. He finds his target and thinks of what to do next. He looks on at the marvel of Ninjetan weaponry. "I need something big to blow that thing up." Almost immediately an explosion sends him spinning in the air. He hits the ground hard bleeding out his mouth. "D@mmit all this fighting and danger I couldn't focus in on my senses. Its too much fighting I have to keep my focus I can't slip up again if I do well I'll never do it again."

With his focus back he has the speed to dodge the laser fire coming from the Ninjeta war machine. The giant robot armor rolls over the surface of the ground. Midnightist can see the driver and hear them scream " DEATH TO THE OFF WORLDERS". He is aww  as the pilot is just a child. The robotic arm grabs Midnightist in his time of confusion. "Children just a kid he has a VV symbol one of Darkchild's. He's using ninjetan kids to fight probably barely knows how to fly yet so they give em weapons to fight. Sick f$% I'm going to kill him so painfully even he'll confuse pleasure with pain but I need to get out this things grip first."

He pulls out his gun and starts firing but the bullets just bounce of the metal. "HA you human weapons are no match for the superiority of the Ninjetan war armor. I will honor our war farther by crushing with the machine he provided for me to be the best warrior I could be". He would have killed the Man of Midnight had a rouge explosive shot not blasted them both. The pilot lose his grip on the hero and he got back n his feet and so did the Ninjetan child. 

Thats some tough armor. i think I just found something big enough to take down the catapult. Hey you little brat I bet you still wet your paints in your sleep or do you suck your thumb when you have a bad dream." "YOU WILL DIE FOR YOUR DISHONOR YOU ANIMAL" The pilot rolls his war armor at Midnightist. He arms the energy canon on his left arm. He starts firing at Midnightist but listening to his sense the trained hero is able to dodge the blasts. He get closer and closer to the war armor. Finally only a few feet away he releases the blade on his staff and turns it into a spear. Just as the pilot gets ready to fire again. 

He props the spear into the open joint of the arm and lodges the other end in the ground. Stopping the arm from moving. He pulls out a magnetic grenade and sticks it to the frame of the armor.He leaps back as the blasts goes off. The blasts is powerful not strong enough to destroy the suit but it had enough strength to send the boy and the armor flying and crash into the catapult bringing the weapons of war down. "Ok kid first lesson in war try not to throw temper tantrums or papa spank.
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2 Days Ago...

Sitting on the couch, Slight, watched as the other scurried around getting ready. Due to his excitment, he was already packed. The couch springs began to poke through, so he stood up and paced until the others were ready. This would not be his first space mission, nor meeting the people of another race, but this would be his first time on a team. At first when he found out that they, Veriatas Inc, would be going to Ninjeta, Slight didn't really care. It wasn't until he was told that Gambler, Hayden Miles, and...Darkchild, were there. They'd taken over the planet, and were ruling it with an iron fist.

He had to give it to them though, even in thier absence they could, and were still feared by all. This mission however, meant more than just a pure save an opressed people, but much more than that. It had been almost six months since his family was killed by Darkchild. Oh, how he wanted so badly to see the blood of that beast. But he knew that the good of the people was more important than his selfish ambitions. As they boarded upon The Phoenix, Slight could only be reminded of his days as an X-Man, when he would ride in the X-Jet, and get sick. And with The Wondering Spider, driving, there would be no doubt he would vomit.

Slight took his seat, and strapped in. He would have rather flown by himself, but the chance to up the comradery was pricless. As the Phoenix lifted off, he felt a jolt, no doubt Spider playing with them all. But for the rest of the ride, there was smooth sailing, or flying.The black of the night sky was so intense, even moreso than he remembered it. All the little starst that lit the journey way sparkled with vibrant brilliance. It amazed him that although they looked like you could hold them all in the palm of your hand, that they were bigger than the Helios, the star that lit the Earth's sky.

When they arrived on Ninjeta, there was already an intense presence in the air. Like all hope was lost, but hope had only just arrived. Slight had met, Gambler before, but they had never fought, but he knew that he was force to be reckoned with. Hayden Miles however was a mystery to him. There was a lot of stir about her, but he couldn't be concerened about that right now. As the plane landed, the floor door opened up, and formed a stairway to the ground. Slight was the first to get off, he had to vomit. Like he knew he would.

Ninjeta was very much like Earth, there were tree's and waterways, like a park. "Good" Slight thought, wiping his mouth from the vomit. "So, Kurrent, what are we supposed to do...This is many of our first times here, and I myself have no idea what these people look like, or what they can do, do you mind giving a run down?" 

There was no answer. Slight just shrugged his shoulders, and walked over to a bush. He needed to see if the water here was h2o, or some other type of liquid. Holding his hand over the bush, he raised it slowly, and sure enough beads of water rose to the top of the leaves and collected into a ball. Letting it drop, he saw something in the corner of his eye.  It was a rock. There was no immediate danger, or so he thought. Just as soon as the moderatley sized stone hit the cracked dry earth, more and more decended down. It was an ambush. Immediatley, the team put thier game faces on, and Slight was ready, but confused. 

Throngs of Ninjans came prepared to take out the enemy which was Veriatas. MIDNIGHTIST take out the catapult on the left...SLIGHT take the one on the right. Came from Kurrent who had already started firing upon the people. "Right" Slight took to the air, and dodged spears, and rocks. Little did he know that the Ninjans could fly as well. Soon he was running from five of them. They were gaining on him, and when he turned to look back, he was met with another right in his tragectory path. Slamming into the the husky male, the Ninjan began to bear hug him. Squeezing the life out of him. Thinking quickly, he liquified his body and dropped to the ground from about seventy five feet in the air. It just so happened that he reformed ten feet away from the catapult.

Getting there was not easy though. More and more of the VV branded Ninjans came. Slight took a battle stance. Putting his hand down upon the ground, the grass began to drain water, and rais into the air. Slight thrusted his hands forward, freezing the the droplets while they flew. Ice Bullets. They stayed down, and it seemed to have a lasting effect. Presuming that ice was a weakness of thiers, he stood up. Raising his hands into the air, he spread his fingers. Then he slowly brought them down to his side. This was in act to lower the temperature around him. This gave him ample space as the Ninjans began to avoid him. Meeting the catapult, he outstreched his hand toward a tree, and drained the water. Forming a water thread, he hydrokinetically wrapped the thread around the enormous weapon, like he was tying an untyable not. The thread cut through the frame like a hot knife on butter.

"Done" Slight raced back to the Phoenix to aid his fellow team members.

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The End of the Ninjan Revolution

As the blood trickled down her face she saw the impending doom for her race; there was no telling how Hayden became so much stronger than her. The Ninjan Queen glanced around the Chaste Throne room; many of her soldiers were either dead or had surrendered, the famous Ninjan paintings had been tarnished. The halls of the corridor were dripping in blood, the walls of the castle screamed out in pain; death was around every corner; at every threshold a body laid. The Ninjan traitor Zithiniana began to proceed over towards Ziccarra. The epic fight between the two had reached its climatic conclusion. Hayden’s eyes grew a pale white, and Ziccarra Ceased to remain conscious. Hayden Conquered the rest of Ninjeta, with little effort she acesended to the throne of Ninjeta, and assumed the name of “Reina de los Mundos”

The Ninjan world split into factions, Gambler in the south, DC in the North, Hayden in the capital City of Farwick, no sooner than this system was set the resistance rose, and fighting once again claimed dominion over the planet.

Ninjeta Now

The former Ninjan queen walked the same corridor that she once fought for, with the major generals of the Sigma’s walking at a distance behind her. She could only feel her palms beginning to perspire; the anxiety slowly began eating away at her.  As she walked into the Dome Hall, she could see Hayden had left the original design of the hall, it kind of brought a smile to her face, a smile that was eradicated when she saw a business like Hayden.

She wore a business suit, she mirrored a president from earth, but unlike them if she felt the need to kill, Ziccarra knew she would. The Sigma’s closed the door behind her and exited. Hayden looked up from her computer and walked towards the former Ninjan queen.

“Now Ziccarra, before all of your earth Endeavors we were practically family, I’m pretty sure that cell get’s lonely put your foolish pride and join me sister!”

Ziccarra grimaced, this woman who stood in front of her was not whom she once knew, she had been to earth and been corrupted by the humans false sense of justice.

“Correction, I was friends with Zithiniana, I don’t know this Hayden person, and I’m not your sister…” Ziccarra turned her head away from a smiling Hayden. She caught a flash from the eye of Hayden and then quickly dropped to her knees, holding her stomach. She felt a powerful impulse rushing through her veins, and finally it seemed as if her mind was wiped out.  

“Ugh” awakening from her Slumber she was wearing her mother’s old Ninjan War uniform, As she walked from the bunker, she was slightly disoriented, but the scene was real the fighting directly around the Farwick Capital was large scale. Ziccarra could see why Hayden needed her, however she felt the urge to fight, the drive was so strong, it was until she saw the rebels with heavy artillery, which the choice was made, No survivors.

Ziccarra flew into the air and then descended right in front of her enemies, the enemy had been fooled, and if they can be fooled, they can be killed. The resistance began to bow down for they truly thought their savior had come. Sha hit the ground with power the impact caused a rippling effect that halted life in the westward direction around the capital. Looking around the area she could see the enemy had been neutralized.

She gazed with her ocean blue eyes at the first site of Destruction, death, war battles all were a form of art, and Sha was the sculptor. As she took in the moment one of her Sigma’s ran to her with a video call from Hayden.

“Good Job, Now Neutralize those surrounding villages, we don’t need them speaking out against my empire.”  Ziccarra messaged back. “What are we doing with Children?”

After a long pause Hayden messaged back “Do you recall in the bible, when God wiped Civilizations out he killed man, woman and Children to prevent future uprisings?”

Sha raised an eyebrow and nodded, after closing the video chat she turned to her ecstatic army. “Right were going to build a strong hold around the capital by capturing the surrounding villages, As for as Civilians….. TOS!”

Terminate On Sight.

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Two Days Ago....

The world seems gentle, not a villain in sight just their tales to tell.  No problems just optimism, and everyone is filled with joy.  Heroes can rest not worrying of the worst.  All seems calm and all seems well.  Twisting her hair in a teenage girl manor, Chelsea crosses her legs awaiting her boss.  A man of elegant taste, and owner of a billion dollar company, enters the corridor.  "Good evening, is there anything you wish to drink or have Mr. Funez?"  She winks at him, and stands up with courtesy.  "Today is yet again a boring day.  Jayden Salvador came in today.  In hopes of speaking to you about weapons."  Interested in the topic, Mr. Funez shut-down his blue-tooth.  "When did he come in?"  Chelsea simply points toward the main office.  A tall man, broad in strength, and aged with many battles sits upon a seat.  Kurrent, the Excellence of Electrocution has been awaiting Closure, the Conclusion to every Complication.

Walking forward, the doors open, and Jayden Salvador stands.  "Why do you need weapons Jayden?"  The eyes of Kurrent glow as they stare at Mr. Funez.  "Intimidation, will not work here Jayden."  The Most Electrifying Man (Literally)  presses the spacebar on the laptop he brought along.  A transmission plays, and the voice seems foreign.  "Words coming from your mouth would help me comprehend.  Oh God..."  The left hand raises to the face, as stupidity overwhelms him.  Mr. Funez feels like saying no, and that he will take no part in this situation.  Being a super-hero is fun, but risking your life to go off in the unknown is another thing.  "You know what Kurrent, your actions speak louder than your words, but the weapons will take an hour to be ready.  Most will be projectile beams that will allow the users powers to emit through the gun as a single beam.  While other weapons will simply be machine guns laced with adamantium." 

Outside the conference room, Chelsea listens closely.  Her heart pounds harshly, as the thought of death lingers in her mind.  Jayden Salvador was putting Mr. Funez at risk and did he even care?  Was this Kurrent more worried about the weapons or his friend's safety.  No matter, the details or reasons something had to be down.  Storming into the room as if she were a violent thunder storm, Chelsea demanded answers.  "What the hell is going on here?"  She can only see one man, and that is Jonathan.  "If you leave with him, don't expect me to be here Jonathan.  Do not expect the board of directors to allow you to own this company any longer.  You leave Jonathan and this relationship is over!"  Tears roll down her eyes like a waterfall.  It something hard for a man to consume, with all the difficulties in his life, a decision had to be made.  "Do not tell what I can and cannot do."  He closes his eyes, in an attempt to hide his emotions.

The Present....

It has been two days since the team has be on Ninjan planet.  How is everyone breathing seems odd, but if your living than all is well.  Seeing the band of brothers again seems great, but connections aren't that well.  Midnightist acts as if I do not exist, Adam the Wondering Spider ignores me, and Kurrent is to busy acting as the leader.  I know I must stay strong and be a man, but how can I be with a team that might not protect me if in danger?  Every since Veritas United, new members have popped their heads out.  Like Slight and the new Day Hunter.  Men can't be trusted yet...but as long as I'm alive everything is well.  Charging the shield within the spacecraft was easy five hours ago.  So, what to do now that people are yelling at the top of their lungs?

MIDNIGHTIST take out the catapult on the left...SLIGHT take the one on the right.  Orders were being given, as Closure gazed at the skies ahead.  Even after two days, he continued to analyze the area.  Taking objects in order to experiment, Closure needed to be ready for any change in the environment.  The Ninjan were forces to be reckoned with, and battles with that army were indeed deadly.  Sitting atop a hill, Closure simply watched as his "brothers" fought the hordes or warriors.  It was a scene out of a movie.  Where the good heroes battle to vanquish the everlasting evil.  What seemed peculiar, was the label "VV" which must have been created from the dumbfounded mind of Darkchild.  To think he is still living in the days, in which the Vine Villains were glorious.  What that man needs is a reality check, and a good ripping out his heart.  That pervert needs to be tranquilized and put to sleep soon.

Raising his bow, Closure pulled the connecting string.  His eyes locked on a specific target, in hopes of a clean kill.  Midnightist was handling a catapult.  So, in order to be the kind man that he is Closure aimed at the death dealers around the area.  With a gracious release of four arrows.  The adamantium laced weapons, murdered four men running at Midnightist.  He should be happy, and now for the next trick.  The brown eyes of Closure were quickly coated with the color blue.  For now he could see through any solid object.  "I'm guessing the point of this mission is to handle Darkchild, Gambler, and Hayden.  I wonder if these Ninjans are truly as hot as I'm told.." 

Crawling forth, Closure hoped not to be noticed.  He could see the battlefield, and every warrior within.  Sliding his right hand within his pocket, the young man grasped the gorgeous daggers.  That had been created from his own hands, and dangerous for any enemy.  With a smile spreading across his face, a tingling feeling was embraced.  Strong hands locked on his neck, and soon he could see the warrior who laid a hand upon him.  "You coward, I should snap your neck this instant.  Long live the Vine Villains and the death of heroes like you."  Beads of sweat formed on his brows, as a logical maneuver erupted in his mind.  "Do you have balls?"

The warrior disgusted by the answer let go of Closure.  "How dare you!  I will murder you with my fists!"  Trying to catch his breath, Closure noticed a punch lunged at his chest.  The powerful blow hit the intended body part, but with a final attack.  The Conclusion to every Complication used the beautiful dagger held within his right hand.  Throwing it with the last bit of strength he withheld at the moment, the adamantium dagger ripped the skin of the warrior's neck.  Whether it was dead or not, Closure was to busy falling from the tall hill.  Hoping that someone would catch him, Closure quickly manifested a logical back-up plan....he just hopes that he will survive.  "Was that Ninjan on some serious steroids?"

Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail...

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The sounds of battle and the screams of death had faded from the fever pitch that it had been only an hour before. Now the bodies of rebels who had been loyal to the true crown lay half-submerged in the mire of Volando. Several members of the usurping force remained behind to search for survivors to interrogate. Dark-cloth figures moved like shadows through the twisted trees of the bog, each one trained in the art of death by the King of Kings himself.

But there was one shade that was darker than the rest; he had to be if he wanted to live. Slumped down in the hollow beneath the mangled roots of an ancient tree, barely daring to draw breath, was the one-time Ruler of Volando, Diego Delgado; a man better known on Earth as Espada. He has been brought to Ninjeta by Sha to be her royal consort. But with the steep political landscape of the time she had great need of nobles that she could trust, so with a decision that shocked the planet she named the Terran as King of the southern province. Obviously he has plans of his own, but all of them involved staying on the Ninjan Queen’s good side.

While at first his superhuman subjects did not accept him, he quickly proved his worth by single-handedly quelling a small uprising. It was because of the strength that he had shown as King that his soldiers so willingly followed him when the power struggle began; it was because of that that they followed him right into an ambush by the enemy. They were completely surrounded and caught off guard by Gambler’s forces. It wasn’t so much a battle as it was a slaughter. Diego would never forgive himself for it.

Something passed by the tree and Espada pressed himself back, trying to disappear into to decaying bark. After a moment he allowed himself to breathe again and he slumped down to the damp floor. He winced slightly as pulled his hand from his right shoulder and peeled back the damaged armor; during the attack he had been crazed by one of the assassin’s hidden blades. His body suit was made to take bullets and a Ninjan sheared through it. It was not a heartening development. The killer sighed as he placed the bio-carbon fibre strip back over the bloody mess of tissue. The situation was horrible: the South had all but fallen, and as far as he could tell he was the only resistance still living. It wasn’t likely that the North was faring much differently unless the distress calls to Earth had been answered. The fact that Gambler’s men were still looking for survivors and had not moved on to the Capitol yet gave him hope of this.

With a sigh and a grunt he forced himself to his feet and squeezed through the root structure. He had rested long enough; it was time to fight again.

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Two Weeks Ago….

Lana! Lana, look this way! Blow us a kiss! Svetlana, we love you! The cameras flashed and people gathered along the red carpet, it was the first big of event of the season, New York Fashion Week. Decked head-to-toe in Marc Jacobs she strutted down the red walk of fame stopping to pose for the cameras. This was her life, she saved the other part of her life for later thinking, now was all about her. After being on the red carpet for a good ten minutes she walked into the large white tent to see the fashion show. Her seat was in the front row directly in between Lindsay Lohan and Naomi Campbell. Waiting around for the show to start, she began to think of the destruction that was to be caused in the upcoming war; a slight smile crept across her face.

As the show started the lights dimmed and everyone’s eyes glazed over as Marc Jacob’s new collection started trotting down the runway. After 7 or 8 models had walked down the runway, Lana’s eyes wondered to the other side of the runway, where she saw a very elegant looking bachelor, with slicked back blonde hair. Her entire look of happiness and desire dropped into an angered look of rage. That man knew things that he shouldn’t. Alexi Wilkinson. Her entire evening had been ruined; she patiently waited until the end of the show as the reporters swarmed to get interviews. Lana made her way through the large crowd until she reached Alexi. “We have some unfinished business, darling”.

She walked out of the tent ignoring all the reporters; her large sunglasses blocking her emotions from the camera. She stepped into her limo, “The Palace”, and drove off.

Twenty minutes later she arrived at the palace, and found her way to his room, being let in by a maid. There was one rule between the elite and normal people, and that rule is when an elite asks for something you give it to them, no questions. She slipped out of her purple dress, and then her bra and panties; she lay back on his bed waiting for him to arrive. Alexi knew that she had very little patience, so he arrived quickly. The door opened and to his surprise the Russian beauty laid there nude, waiting for him. He didn’t know how she got in and he didn’t care. He quickly got undressed and pounced on top of her. He entered her thinking he was blessed but as the deed went on he would find out quite the opposite.

She whispered in his ear. You’re really good…if only you weren’t so nosey. Suddenly his skin began to grow dreadfully pale and black veins appeared covering the length of his body. He couldn’t even say a word before death took him as company. She pushed him off of her, and got up, putting her clothes back on and fixing her hair. She re-applied her lipstick and went back over to Alexi’s dead body kissing him on his forehead, leaving a red lip stained on him.

She walked toward the door and looked back…”You really were quite good” she giggled.

As she walked down the hall of the hotel, a large smile plastered itself on her face. She knew it was time.

She took out her phone and dialed a number, “What’ve you got as far as deep space transportation is concerned…”


A line of captured Ninjan rebels stood in a line, bound by shackles. There were at least 20 of them that had been captured. Mademoiselle walks down the line brushing her finger against their bodies, one after the other drops dead just from her touch.  You could hear the sounds of bones breaking and the smell of the many diseases swimming through their blood before they just gave in, collapsing.

“Get rid of them!” She ordered

She walked away from them, leaving the ugly scene of the crime.  “Oh Svetlana, when will they learn not to play with fire?” she asked herself. She walked through the streets, the sound of her heels clacking echoed through the streets.  This place was being destroyed more and more everyday…..”Something great is about to happen…I can feel it!”

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From all sides it rushed at her. Crawled into her head, forced itself in through every orifice and tormented her with its pure intensity. Hate. Rage. Lust for blood. It was like she was drowning in abig sea of it. From the first moment on it was like a wild storm that took strength from the little ship that was her sanity bit after bit, weakening her wave after wave. It caused pain not only to her but also to the people around and in the near vincinity.

The planet Ninjeta was beautiful not only in its own right but even taken the high standars she set for her own aesthetic perception. No doubt about that. But with her former mmentor Darkchild controlling the north half of the continent the whole surroundings had achieved a gloomy, strange feeling, more feelable to her than to her non empathic team mates but nevertheless obvious.

Darkchild. The mere mentioning of that name had shook her to the core. She remembered her studying time under him and it were no comfortable memories. Two days ago Kurrent had come to them with his mad plan of rescuing Ninjeta not only from their own ruler and two of world's most dangerous villains but also fro themselves. He was an idiot, a dreamer, a hopeless moth that flew willingly into the flame, a rabbit trying to challenge the tiger, a stupid... Was that her or the emotional impressions that attacked her all the time? She didn't know. Probably a bit of both.

Several months she had been a part of that illustrous assemblance of impressive individuals now and it was not always easy even though they had no mission and honestly Despair hoped it would never come so far but of course this was pure illusion. Veritas stood for action and everyone who joined should know that.

Now that she stood in this battlefield among corpses and wounded, Kurrent yelling orders to her right and Slight and Midnightist taking care of tactical targets, the sweat running hot from her ivory forehead into her eyes making her vision blur this was more clear then ever. So far everything she was able to do while fighting that tornado of emotions around her not to drive Veritas mad and the Ninjans to new heights in battle was to errect light shields to fend off the spears and beams that the Ninjans threw at them while Kurrent played artillery with his two custom made Berettas. Above them the shields that she created glistened in fascinating ever changing patterns of pure white light. But soon this would fade as well. Her usefulness was only of limited durability, specifically so long as she did not succumb to the feelings around her that she automatically absorbed all the time without being capable to stop it. With great power come great limits as well. At least the Ninjan artillery was halted at this point. If she could only...

"There she is! Get the witch!"

Before she or Kurrent could even turn their heads everything she noticed was being snatched of her feet and slammed to the ground. The copper like sweet taste of blood filled her mouth. If it came from an inner bleeding or if she just bit her tongue she could not tell. Somehow some Ninjans had managed to sneak past her barriers and attack her, get her from behind and surprise her. Oh, how insidious! How dirty! How despisable! How...

Her vision still blurred from the hit she had received she only saw the figure abover her lifting a head sized rock. The dizzyness of her current state only made her ironically notice that it had the perfect size of her head, up to the ears. Logical feeling was turned off. Even usual perception was somewhat subdued. Instead she witnessed everything with her special power, her gift and her curse, her empathy. Black and red fro his hatred and rage the strange figure towered before her with blue sprinkles of anticipation and even green sprinkles of lust. Darkchild had indeed trained and corrupted his students well like he had once tried with her. The hate emanated from all that her opponent was. The pure thickness of it was vile, sickening. Actually he revelled in the moment, drawing satisfaction from the moment before he bashed in her skull with that crude improvised weapon. She could feel it. She felt it herself...

A burning fire of red surged through all her veins as the dam broke. All his hate and rage filled her, snuffed out every other emotion in her and drowned her in their horrible might. Suddenly she clenched her teeth hard and her blue eyes burned with fury...

All that was left of her opponent was a heap of ash as she rose into the Ninjeta sky on a pillar of white light, burning her other opponents and everything in a five meter radius after the last image that reminded of them was a black skeleton infront of white flames and their shadows bruned into the trees. It was nothing more than luck that prevented Kurrent from being burned himself as the superior strength of the Ninjans carried them away more than ten feet but even where he stood he had to feel the immense heat.

Like an avenging angel in a gothic attire the Angela Atra throned on that white pillar and screamed at the Ninjans with a voice that was rather made to sing classical operas than to spit out such despising threads. The answer why this happened was simple, the rage on the battlefield had finally overwhelmed her and transformed her into a walking engine of destruction. No more defense for the beautiful girl, all out on attacks.

"How dare you to show the immeasurable impertinence to try touching me, you outerwordly animals, much more the unbelievable cockyness to attempt a homicide at me when all I wanted to do was to come here and help you? You are really suicidal enough to demand a fight from one who is not only an empath and a telepath but also witch of the light arts? I will show you how big a mistake this has been!"

With this words she pointed her finger at one of the massive humanoid war machines that the Ninjans used and called a single sharp syllable. Her eyes already turned on the next one as the first parished in a white mushroom cloud.

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The path to purity once more ruptured, a world with peace exist nowhere, it is a rare entity that provides hope within the hearts of many, but yet they still do not understand the concept of its universal deception. Without the shed of blood , there will be no remission , an  legendary quote used for many years, none seem to understand its purpose or its definition. Thats why we continue to live in a corrupt world consumed by predators who seek to destroy the very essence of freedom. Life goes undefined with meaning, a charade of  contradicting worlds, but most valid, that's how life is.So we accept what comes, then progress to a new chapter.

After departing from the illustrious faction deemed The Hidden Lotus, Raven  was considered a walking corpse, forced to weave through many tribulations to view a news days light, all because of one man, and His name is Jean Luc Lebeau. The King Of Kings  set up a deceptive plot framing the Last Catalyst extinguishing his innocence. He was said to be the theif of the blueprint of  Akira Overdrives recently plotted armor. Raven was clueless about the armor, or anything about the blue prints. He was stalked like a wild fox by Hidden Lotus hounds who showed no remorse to the thought of his existence, he was forced to live a life of solitude with his brigade of mercenaries, searching for The Cajun Assassin who burned his life down to the ground.

It didnt take long Raven to track down his prey, in Peru, a few miles from his base in Chile, he was said to be stationed in the tropics of Iquitos. There Raven was set up to another cunning scheme manifested through Gamblers epic notion, his whole tracking brigade was wiped from the map, and he was forced to fight The Lebeau Legacy solo. The fight was close, both warriors fought with adept agility, exchanging fierce strikes which would devastate the human mind. There clash ended horribly from a massive explosion which destroyed the peaceful radiance of the coppice

Jean was able to escape jungle easily , but Raven wasnt so lucky, he was ambushed by small clustered of Hidden Lotus headhunters, and National Guard soldiers. Using his artful stealth tactics, The  Ex Cloud  Assassin executed relentless attacks which disabled his adversaries in a silent manner, but then he made ends met with a bestial elbow strike crashing into his face repeatedly. He awoke ina a famous hotel by the name of Casa De Fierro, his life was near its terminus, as he met his bounty hunter, as his assailant director pulled a desert eagle to his head, raven was to be saved by his chopper pilot who unleashed a shower of bullets from the massive turret. Bullets reigned throw the hotel killing many people, but Ravens life was ended once more.

When leaving Peru, Raven decided to make a transition, it was time for him to become a hero, power was no longer a strive for him, helping innocent people in need of a Crutch was now his sole purpose in living. Thats when The catalyst decided to take his mentor Midnightist offer, and decided to join the renown team by the name of Veritas Inc. Ever since, raven felt at home, fighting alongside his brothers, he saw all of his comrades as family , he would certainly give his life for them, because that was all the were worth to him, No less.

2 Days Ago

Raven had been in the sparring chamber fighting off various carbon forms of adversaries that were a potential threat. The chamber had clone copies of Dc, Gambler, TheDrifter,Ferro Vida,Boken, and various other powerful Villains. Raven fought against Boken  mostly , his style of fighting was unfamiliar to Lc, so it purposed a problem to him. His submissive jujitus style of fighting  possed no threat to the Malevolent combatant. The endeavor with his enemy was intense, mass amounts of energy was dispersed from Raven, as he struggled to resist the exertion from his feral attacks

Thats when the chamber door opened, and silhouette came through the metallic door" its time" Kurrent said as he made his way back out the door. Raven had already gained knowledge of the mission, and wasnt very happy about The situation/ Gambler and Dc had taken over the planet of Ninjeta. Just knowing that Gambler  was still alive enraged Shun Kai, but he had another shot  at destroying the Lebeau Legacy.


Screams of dismay and anxiety swarmed the area loudly, the pungency of decaying flesh was revolting in the area. Large pieces of debris rested as barricades. The heavens were gloomy  filled with thick Grey fluffs  of clouds that consumed the 3 lunar sphere's. The soil was grainy like sand, but orange like cajun as foot imprints faded into the turbulent wind. Cadaver like Civilians laid helpless in the shell shock, as the bloody war raged like an ongoing inferno.

Raven and the Veritas Rested behind there Phoenix aircraft, sheltering each other from  the ongoing regin of the ninjeta rebels. The Last Catalyst, rested injured behind The phoenix, gripping his right wrist tigthly, as blood drenched his sleeve in a sanguinary matter. He had been injured from a catastrophic explosion which was triggered  from a Claymore like mine. A piece of Debris hit his wrist, paralyzing his hand.

"aAAAAArrrgh....F#ck....aaAAAAAAAArgh!" he grunted as he peeked around  the hind door of the phoenix. Kurrent and The rest of the Veritas were too occupied to get him any medical supply.He could not believe that Dc and Gambler was responsible for this. He had Knowledge of there capabilities, but none like this. Raven  hammered his fist into the ground in anger, this was one battle he didnt want to lose, he already lost one bout to jean, he didnt want to lose another bout to him.

" ive had enough..." Raven rose up from the ground, with debris blowing of his Dark Symmetry armor, his eyes azure with fury, he was ready to Destroy anything in his path. He rushed from around the Phoenix military style crouched low with one hand extended behind hims with a cerulean orb of energy developing in his right hand. As he ran into the corpse filled battlefield. As he took each step towards a horde of ninjetans, he felt the moisture of the blood stain his sock.

He as he made  his way to the quad of Ninjetans , they launched a barrage of  narrow steel projectiles at Raven, with his adept evasive skills, he maneuvered his way throw the Kunai's like a the legendary Morte Rapida , moving his back in any flexible position, then he hammered the ground with the orb of energy in his hand unleashing a destructive shock wave of energy which tore through the earth like a Serpent in pursuit of its prey. The luminous energy crashed into the group of ninjeta sending soaring into the air in their separate ways.

The war was on..

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His muscular body walks out from the shadows, an arm around his lovers waist. She smiled kicking a slave across the face and watching as its jaw hung down blood pouring from its mouth. She fell to the floor on all fours, and grabbed the slave by her chin with a smile she kissed her broken jaw. Drawing her face away from the slave she smiles as her mouth is covered in blood, then with a twist of her hands she pops the girls head right off her neck. Blood splurts from the neck for a few moments before it falls to the ground, Darkchild simply stands watching with a raised eyebrow an glares to Risque.

"Was that entirely necessary?" Risque grabs him by the crotch and squeezes ""Yes, Once your done with your....whatever you call this meeting. I will be in my room." She kisses him hard, and he enjoys it. Once she pulls away his mouth is covered in the blood of the slave, and he wipes it away as he sits down at a large table. A Ninjetan comes to one knee in front of Darkchild "The...others are where you had instructed them to be. Sephirim, and Ferro are on the outskirts of our domain. They tell us the resistance are falling behind, that the ones closest to your highness are recieving great amounts of damage." Bowing his head he asks Darkchild "What of our other Lord your highness, would you like to give him word of our current sitation." Darkchild turns his head to the Ninjetan general "Yes give Gambler word on who and what is attacking the outskirts. Also ask of him when we will begin the March to seize the leader of the Resistance. I do enjoy the silence of our rule before poor excuse for a hero Kurrent got here." The General bows his head to Darkchild "Thank you, your highness."

Darkchild watches as the general leaves "Really need to curb the your highness thing...makes me sound girly." DC shrugs as he watches the computers and the video feeds that are shown. Flicking a switch it turns on the cameras showing his army, their savagry is something Darkchild himself embedded within each of their minds. A twisted smile came to his face as he remembered how he turned the regular soliders of Ninjeta into pure savage beasts. He made it so that even with their savagery they were intelligent much like himself, pressing a button the speakers came to a loud hum waiting for him to speak.

"My Army, the bitter cold will soon wash away as you rush into battle. This war is all but over, all that remains are a small band of resistance. They watch the heavens hoping for your gods to give them a miracle, and nothing will ever come. Because we are the Wicked and we must feed, Let the blood of your enemies cover your bodies!! GO!!" And upon finishing he released his "Hounds" taking to ships and other vehicles they screamed towards the resistance. Darkchild sits back down in his chair, and zooms the camera in on Kurrent and The Phoenix "Dont worry Light Bulb, your peoples suffering will not for long. I will make myself known very soon."
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Location Unknown
2 Days Ago...

After making sure no one could see him, Raker made his way through the small entrance to the ruins of a long-forgotten underground palace nestled on the northern coast of Greece, the palace itself was ancient. Everything from the walls to the pylons to the gargantuan statues of nameless deities around Raker were all rotten and decayed. The stench of Death hung in the air, which was so thick, stale and musty Raker telepathically thanked the Heavens that his species was blessed with the gift of not being required to breathe in order to survive.

For if he had been anything other than an Azuran, he surely would have suffocated the moment he entered this glorified rat-hole. Making his way deeper into the palace, Raker did his best to navigate his way to the central chamber where his contact was waiting for him, however the pathways leading to the central chamber were like one large very intricately designed maze, Raker half-expected the Minotaur of Greek Mythology to show up every time he made his way around a corner and try to kill him so that it might feast on his flesh and sate it's hunger.

After what seemed like an eternity of crisscrossing his way through a seemingly endless maze that appeared as if it had been constructed specifically for the purpose of keeping people who did not belong there out of the central chamber, Raker had finally made it to his destination, his eyes went wide as he stared at the mountains of rotting inhuman corpses piled up alongside the inner walls of the massive chamber.

Raker shook his head and made his way down the stairs while focusing his sight on his contact, the ex-Guardian of the Universe called Scar, who was in the midst of filling up an empty circular-shaped pool that had been craved into the heart of the chamber's marble floors with the thick black blood-like liquid that always flowed from her eyes, nose, ears, mouth and pores.

He kept walking forward until he found himself standing directly across from Scar on the other side of the pool, he waited for her to finish filling up the pool and made sure to remain as quiet as possible so not disturb her while she did what needed to be done, after a couple of moments Scar stopped. The pool was filled and Scar was now hovering up into the air high enough so she could talk to Raker face-to-face.

"You made it through the Labyrinth...that is good. Death has cast it's shadow over the world of Ninjeta and wrapped her in it's dark and cold embrace. Our Lord hungers for their souls and as The Black Incarnate it is your duty to feed Him. Follow the trail of blood left by The One Who Gambles With Fate and The Child of Darkness into the stars and journey to Ninjeta. Aid the Champions of Earth, if you can, in their quest to overthrow these tyrants while also, subtly I might add, bringing Death to those whose souls our Lord hungers for. We cannot allow these Champions to become aware of His existence...or mine." As Scar explained all of this, the black liquid in the pool began cycling through countless images of what was to come during the course of this war. Death, Destruction and even Genocide revealed themselves to Raker and Scar as they examined each and every image closely.

"FLESH AND SOULS...I WANT THEM ALL." a somewhat hush-sounding disembodied voice boomed like thunder, causing the palace to vibrate while it shattered the eerie silence which originally could have been felt everywhere inside the underground palace, the sound of this unique voice was so loud yet so soft at the same time that it had startled both Raker and even Scar herself, if only for just a moment. This voice, the voice of their Lord, was calling out to them. He was screaming, whispering and moaning his demands simultaneously to his two most faithful servants. He was hungry, he wished to consume the flesh and the souls of the Ninjans along with anyone else who would die screaming in the midst of this catastrophic war.

"Yes, my Lord." Raker responded to the disembodied voice of his enigmatic Master in the only way a superpowered mute like him was able, through the art of telepathy. "Your wish is, as always, my command."

Suddenly an explosion rocked the underground palace, the entrance had obviously been blow extremely wide open as the once thick, musty and stale air that had kept a firm grip over the palace for so long was all sucked out at once and replaced by fresh salty sea air, then unfamiliar voices began to echo throughout the entire structure. Voices that were unfamiliar to Scar at least. "Who..."

"Moriarty Thaine...he is a Lycan who has been seeking to destroy me ever since I sacrificed the souls and the flesh of his mate and his offspring to our Lord...and from the sound of it he has brought friends. They no doubt followed me here, please forgive me for not being more observant of my surroundings." Raker said, bowing his head as he did so.

"It is of no consequence, Shadowstep. These interlopers will make fine appetizers for our Lord while we wait for war to erupt on Ninjeta." Scar replied before vomiting out a quintet of Black Lantern Power Rings and telepathically ordered them to choose the most durable and well-intact corpses they could find to reanimate amongst the mountains of the dead which lined the inner walls. The Rings did as Scar commanded and buzzed around like flies until coming to rest on the fingers of their chosen ones.

In seconds five corpses, all perfect specimens, sprung to life and wrapped their decaying bodies in the uniform of The Black Lantern Corps. Scar raised her hand into the air, demanding that they wait for just a moment, the voices of the group of Lycans grew louder as they came closer and then...there they were. Standing at the top of the steps leading down into the central chamber. Moriarty, an unusually massive Lycan growled once he laid his eyes upon Raker, but while Moriarty was focusing on his primary target the other Lycans were coming to the realization that there were greater threats to be dealt with in the central chamber their eyes went wide with fear, all except for Moriarty of course.

"What the...Moriarty! Y-You didn't tell us that S-Shadowstep was...was in league with...them. What were you..."

"SILENCE! They will be dealt with soon enough...no matter who or what they appear to be...but right now all that matters is killing the mute bastard who took the life of your sister, my mate and our children, your nephews and nieces and sacrificed them all to some nameless abomination of nature remember?" Moriarty roared as he briefly directed his attention towards his former "Brother-in-Law."

Raker looked over to see Scar's reaction to Moriarty calling their Master an abomination and when he did he saw a look of rage crossing her face unlike any he had seen before. Raker looked back up at Moriarty with no signs of an emotional response whatsoever on his face. "You have made a grave error in judgment by coming here Moriarty Thaine, now you shall pay the price with your flesh and your souls."

"Get h--" but before Moriarty could even finish his sentence The Black Lanterns descended upon the group of Lycans, disarmed all of them and bound them in chains made from energy constructs. The Lycans roared and struggled with all their might as The Black Lanterns dragged them over towards the pool of black liquid that Raker and Scar had been standing beside this whole time.

"My Lord! We hereby deliver unto you these seven Lycan Males as sacrificial offerings in both your name and in the name of The Power of The Black! Feast, oh mighty Lord! Sate thy Hunger, even if it be for just a moment!"
Scar and Raker chanted simultaneously.

"FLESH." the voice of Raker and Scar's Master boomed as the pool of black liquid swirled around rapidly until it formed into a large maelstrom that began tunneling through time and space itself. The Lycans, save for Moriarty, all began to howl with sheer terror as one incredibly massive arm covered entirely in ancient, black-colored, puss-expelling rotting flesh emerged from the maelstrom and scooped them all up.

Moriarty, the only one who wasn't entirely immobilized by fear, tried gnawing at the rotted flesh in the hopes that the pain of being bitten would be enough to loosen the hands' grip on both him and his companions. But...it did nothing except spew a large amount of rotted puss that burned like acid and napalm mixed together onto Moriarty's face causing the Lycan to shriek as he was set ablaze by what appeared to be Black Hellfire. And so, as the arm began to sink downward back to wherever it had come from, Raker and Scar's Master spoke, indirectly, once more. "SOULS."

Once everything had calmed down, Raker turned to look at Scar and said. "Take me to Ninjeta, Scar. Preparations must be made if we wish to successfully please our Lord."


War had entirely consumed the planet of Ninjeta within a short span of two days following the end of "The Ninjan Revolution." The entire planet was now divided between three factions, all of which were at war with each other as well as with the Champions of Earth who had come to Ninjeta in order to bring down the tyrants known as Gambler and Darkchild once and for all. Raker covered his eyes as a blinding pillar of light incinerated one hulk of a Ninjan warrior and sent his ashes flying into the Heavens.

Raker couldn't see who or what had fired the shot but he could feel a very powerful presence in the area, he could also feel that something really bad was about to happen. Raker started running as fast as he could through the battlefield in a desperate attempt to get as far from the presence he felt as possible. Whatever it was this presence was building up a massive amount of energy within itself and was about to direct it upon an incredibly powerful humanoid war machine the Ninjans called a Single Sharp Syllable.

Looking around as he ran, Raker noticed that there were a lot of injured soldiers, all of whom would have made nice meals for his Master, but there was no time to harvest their souls. The energy build-up was getting stronger and stronger until finally the Single Sharp Syllable erupted in a massive white mushroom cloud and unleashed a powerful shock-wave which sent Raker flying high above the battlefield.

Lucky for him he ended up landing safely on top of very tall tree that had, beyond all reasoning, escaped destruction. Raker checked himself out to see if he had sustain any serious damage but all there appeared to be were a couple of burn marks. It's not like the shockwave had actually consumed him after all. Raker sighed and leaped down onto the ground where he was instantly met by a quintet of Ninjan Soldiers, all of which bore the mark of the infamous Vine Villains, meaning that they were Darkchild's men...well...four men and their incredibly beautiful female leader.

"DIE OFF-WORLDER!!" She roared as she rushed forth to attack Raker with a rather large claymore that not even he thought he would be capable of wielding, moving as swiftly as possible to dodge the first attack Raker unsheathed The Harvester of Sorrow and lunged at her, his eyes flaring with The Power of The Black as he did so. Nevertheless Raker knew that defeating this woman was not going to be an easy task but then again nothing in life was ever meant to be easy.

"You'll make for a very fine meal. I believe my Master will be pleased once he is given the opportunity to feast upon your soft, succulent flesh and to drink away your brightly shining soul."
Raker mused as he brought The Harvester of Sorrow down upon the woman who was already preparing to block the attack with her claymore. As Raker drew closer to the woman time itself seemed to slow down all around him as his Master's voice echoed into being and whispered one single word in his left ear.


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The hall of the VV, 2 weeks ago

There had been many Drifters, some with more impressive feats than others but the current Drifter was more than all of them combined. He was a young man with a good head on his shoulders and experience under his belt, taken under the wing of Darkchild and Gambler, he was ready to forge a new kind of legacy. One made of determination, skill and hate. Hate most of all. 

Training Room, 1 week ago
Whilst Gambler was adorned with the armor of Mighty Magneto, the familiar markings of Last Arrow found themselves draped upon the up and coming Drifter whose bow and arrow skills were matched only by that of the hero whose costume he wore. Pulling back on the bow, an arrow soared like a mighty eagle with more skill packed in that single arrow than any six shooter with a gun, the arrow hit it's target with amazing speed and accuracy. Bright red blood splattering upon the blue and purple costume of Michael Lockhart himself as it hit it's mark.

"Thanks for the extra ninjans for practice Gambler" He snarled into his mouth piece as he fired off three arrows all hitting the left temple of their target utilizing a special ability Drifter had invented only known as Arrow Curving.

"Not ay problem mon ami" Dee Cajun boomed back over his intercom.


The Archer's bow and arrow perched itself slung over his shoulder. As Darkchild, Gambler, and Hayden Mile's empire continued to grow, others sought to destroy it. Just like Veritas whom Jayden Salvador lead with an iron fist, that faction now invaded the north of the planet...

But despite Kurrent, despite Gambler, despite Darkchild...a legend would rise on this day.

"I'm headed north" He whispered under his breath as the Archer made himself outside.


I am sometimes a fox and sometimes a lion. The whole secret of government lies in knowing when to be the one or the other. - Napoleon Bonaparte

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VV HQ 2 weeks ago

For some unknown reason several weeks ago the legendary puppet master Evangeline McDowell had joined a group of villians known as the Vine Villians along with her two partners Chachazero and Chachamaru. Starting as a recruited soldier (Which she found utterly demeaning.) she quickly gained the respect of her superiors and raised through the ranks with her ruthless tactics and large supplies of power. Today was just another day for the higher rank officer Evangeline except for the fact that they had called all the troops together for one reason or another. When everyone was gathered together Darkchild took his place behind the podium as he began to explain to everyone why they were there, his voice booming through the speakers. After a few minutes it became clear what was happening. There was a rebellion going on and they were going to deal with it... mercilously. Sighing Evangeline took her orders and headed for her new post, Chachazero resting on her head.

Present Day VV Forward Military Outpost

Days had passed by after Evangeline had arrived at her new post somewhere in Darkchild's territory. Day after day it was the same thing. Get up, eat, find the new pocket of resistance, crush it, eat again, then go to sleep. The teadious routine along with the climate was starting to drive Evangeline crazier than she already was. Sitting back in a nearby chair with her fur coat covering her Evangeline growned "When is this going to end? This stupid resistance is getting nowhere, all they do is fight pointlessly for a few hours, then we crush them." Sighing deep a puff of white smoke coming from her mouth as she finished "I wish this would just change somehow... get more challenging or something..." Resting her eyes as Chachazero brought the head of a resistance soldier to her saying "This is getting boring Mistress... decapitating them is even seeming to be less fun. Keh, keh, keh!" Tossing the head in a nearby pile of soldier heads. Suddenly the ground began to shake as they heard a loud "Boom!" Evangeline getting up as she said "What was that?! A new resistance weapon?!" Looking out the window of the steel building as she tried to see what had caused the noise. Suddenly she saw it, a large ship by the name of "The Pheonix" Evangeline smiling as she said "Finally... now maybe I can have some fun!" Opening the door as she stepped into the cold snowcovered outside.
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Two days ago


Nova stood before her team yet again, dressed in her normal outfit she stood tall as she smiled at all who made it. It had been a few months since Light Wars, and her wounds are pretty much healed up on their own, with a few exceptions of soreness in some areas, but other than that, Stephanie was back helping out NeVann lead their team once more. The Co-WAL leader began to speak to her team once more, of a crisis that was going on, but not on their own planet... the planet of the powerful Ninjans, a human like race that all grew to have extraordinary powers, Ninjeta. Ninjeta is also the home to a dear friend of hers, a person she thinks of as a sister, Ziccarra, or known as Sha on Earth. The reason she knew about this distress, was because of the last person she wanted to hear from... Kurrent. A couple of months ago, Nova woke up in a tunnel where she was faced to faced with Kurrent, who had tricked her into thinking that he was a rouge hero. The two began to engage in battle, only to have Kurrent end up having the upper hand, and giving the fire goddess two choices. He would allow her to live, but would have to do a favor for him one day, or he could kill her right then and there. Knowing she was defeated, Nova agreed to do the favor for Kurrent. But the favor he was requesting from her now, wasn't one she was expecting.

He explained the situation to her, how DC and Gambler both have been traveling to and from Ninjeta, helping Hayden Miles get into power and the three of them controlling the entire planet. Kurrent's favor from Stephanie, was going to be to aid him and the newly developed Veritas, to get the planet back in control of its people. Stephanie was confused, just a couple of months ago, he wanted to kill Nova and even threaten to kill the entire WAL team, now he wants her to help him save an entire planet? She wasn't sure if she should be relived that it was that, instead of having to kill someone, or to be pissed about the entire situation.

But this was no longer about her, it was about a race of beings that needed their help. Stephanie began to explain how they were leaving to Ninjeta, asking those who can, to come with her, and those who couldn't, to stay behind and protect their own world. She also spoke about the their team joining up with Veritas, and with Kurrent. She knew some of them would protest about the idea of the two teams working together, but like Kurrent told her when he spoke to her.

"You don't have a choice, remember our deal?" echoed through her mind, she could picture his smirk on his face as she spoke to him through the monitor, she wanted to burn that look off his face, but like he said... she had no choice.

Stephanie then turned to The Wanderer and placed her hand on his shoulder. "Wando, I need you to make a portal on Ninjeta, I have a map of the planet, assuming it hasn't changed up too much over a year's timeframe, we should be alright." She then turned to everyone. "Alright WAL, time to Light up the Darkness, get ready! We leave in one hour!"




Flying in the sky's of the foreign planet, Feral Nova's golden flames surrounded her body as she lead WAL towards their destination, to join Veritas in their fight. As soon as the team was teleported on the planet, they have been barbered with enemy forces, since day one and Kurrent quickly got a hold of them, and sent out a signal giving Nova the coordinates where his team was at. Her eyes were focused ahead as she could see the Veritas already in a fight with a wave of Ninjan Warriors. Bullets, spears, bows, and chunks of Ninjeta, some lit on fire some just crashing down around them, coming at the small group. Gritting her teeth she took a deep breath as she yelled forward.

"WAL, help Veritas out! Keep those Ninjans away from their ship! Don't allow them to damage it. And help out where needed." She turned towards the right where the battle was going on. "Time to light up the darkness!" She roared out as she was about to go right into the battle, that is until she spotted Closure being held by the neck by a Ninjan warrior.

"uh-oh..." she whispered as she saw him being thrown off the steep hill while she was at least almost a mile away. Powering up, her golden flames roared as she flew as quickly as she could towards the free falling Clousre, leaving a stream of fire in the sky, a 'pop' could be heard as she broke the sound barrier of the planet, she covering the distance between the two in less than two seconds, as she ignored everything else around her. Stretching out her arms she flew directly under Closure, catching him from mid-air as he was just about twenty feet from smashing into the ground. Upon catching him, her body shift a bit from the force of impact of the fellow hero, but quickly regained control once more as she concentrated on her flames to make sure they wouldn't harm her new allie.

"Need a lift?" She joked as she soared up the hill once more, only to see the one responsible for throwing the Veritans member off the hill was already dead, blood around his body as his neck was split wide open by his dagger. "Nice throw." she said as she turned towards were Kurrent was, only to see a white cloud in the shape of a mushroom suddenly fill a small area in the battle field where the Ninjans were at. "Holy crap..." looking where it came from she saw Despair next to Kurrent. "Remind me to stay on her good side..." Coming down for the landing she put Closure on the ground as she put her flames out at the same time "Thank you for choosing Feral Nova Airlines for your traveling needs, please come again soon." she said to Closure as she smiled at him, then quickly made her way to the Veritas leader, standing next to Kurrent she gave him a glare. "I should punch you in the face right now for making go threw hell..." She was still pissed at him, she wanted to just throw her fist into his skull and then throw him into a lake of never ending fire. But she knew she had to put her emotions aside, the two had the same motive, liberate Ninjeta. Taking a deep breath and trying to relax herself, she looked out towards the battle area. "Alright, Oh Electrifying one... whats the game plan?"

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Secret Silverland division: Unknown to Veritas inc.

“NINJETA?!” screamed complaining the wondering spider as he pop up from his chair before the director of Silverland’s desk. “Is lightning-boy out of his freaking mind?!” rejoined the arachnid. Sitting back on his executive chair Elian takes a sip of scotch and gasping he replies “That’s what he told Sammy, apparently your friend Darkchild and Gambler have been secretly making a lot of intergalactic house calls and it somehow reached Kurrent’s ears.- You know how is Kurrent and Gambler’s long term loving relationship; they can’t be away from each other for long.” “Look Elian, If anyone is going to make cracks about Kurrent that's me, don’t try to steal my thunder, rich boy. But still! That in out outer space!! Adam-No function-Well-Earth-Without!” still complaining the spider then adds “”And what the heck do we know about Ninjeta?!” Elian on the bottom of the desk he leans back with a pervy smirk hiding his face in the shadows and he responded  “Well, I heard is a planet full of supermodels.” “Word?” said curiously the day dreaming spider to his equally perverted boss.

At the background an automatic door hisses open and Sammy walks in the office holding her laptop “Men..” Right behind her a few henchmen are pulling in a cart which carried a large box. Elian and Adam awake from their day dreaming and look over at the arriving Sammy. “Oh, heya’ Sammy, what you got there?” asked the blushing Adam. The henchmen finally manage to park the cart right and they bow before leaving the room. Walking to the side of the cart Sammy fills up Adam on the Ninjeta subject. “Well, since you two forget that communicators exist, meaning that I can hear you, as our Silverland director said Ninjeta is filled with a population of mostly women, but they are no Miami beach “Oh’ I broke a nail” women. They are a proud race and they are incredibly powerful and can rip a person to peaces with their bare hands” Adam as Sammy explains he looks at Elian “Someone fail to mention that part.” Elian smiles but then on the background Sammy’s voice is heard lurking for attention. “Hello! Listen , Adam. Since this is the case, I know you are already strong, but I took the liberty of making you a new suit in case they are everything we fear.” Sammy entered a code and the large box on the cart splits open doors and the spider Sammy and the Silverland director gaze upon s new black and red spider suit as they almost drool out of awesomeness.

The smart assistant to the spider grabs a stick and explains the new features of the new suit. “The suit is triple fiver bulletproof, flame retarded and  your special request after the fight against the clone, it is not affected by electricity.” “Sweet” said Adam on the background, Sammy continues “I know you are proud of how good you can take a beating but the suit also contain vibranium plates, lets hope that helps you keep your organs intact against them; and last but not least, a force shield device added to your right arm. Cost of the suit?” Sammy looks at Elian, for is his budget, “You don’t want to know.”  Calculating the amount of adds the suit contain including the vibranium Elian can estimate a larger than life sum on his head. “Great.. Adam.. Don’t you even dare asking me for a Christmas bonus; because that’s it right there.. Hell, you even ask me for a tip I’m capable of blowing your brain out. Good luck in space and bring the suit back I might be able to sell it to Spider-man.”


Only two day and it already looked like hell, Adam had been filled in into the full situation by their leader and things didn’t look good.. From a perverted mind thing looked awesome, super models in armor running around with spears and giant cats, but it was no time to think this way for Veritas and others were outnumbered in the full meaning of the word. Catapults, odd creatures, weapons, Soldiers this was the dish of the day which obviously was a sour plate to the party opposing the Ninjans.

Running with a spear on hands toward a group of four VV Ninjans the wondering spider fearless he sticks the spear head in the ground and uses the momentum to be catapulted into the air over the four assailants. Flipping on mid air the spider cast his symbiotic webs sticking all four Ninjan on the back “Here goes my not hitting women policy!” grabbing the webs and using his immense super strength the arachnid then twirls around and manage to swing the soldiers around like a sack of potatoes and let go of them making them crash against a bunch of alien soldiers on the way. Gasping for air the spider takes a breather when all the sudden his spider sense activates which gave him the awareness of an incoming threat to his life a very large ball of fire was coming his way “Oh crap!” performing a very large jump and casting his web onto a flying Ninjan warrior Adam manage to catch a ride away from the impacting ricochet. “That was close.” “Human, scum!” The Spider looks up and realized the Ninjan he had webbed was breaking free he quickly let go of the spider web and as he falls he cast a acid web to the face of the evil Ninjan who shrieks ion pain “Shrrrriaaaahh!” as her face is melted by the acid,

The Spider after landing safe he looks up as the Ninjan reveals her bleeding face looking enraged at the spider for the damage done to her appearance. “Ugrrh.. Damn, I’ll never get over that, she was so cute and I mess her up.” “You will pay for that human!” Adam quickly turns around and is surprised with a straight punch to the face by a second Ninjan warrior.

After been dragged several feet away across the landscape struggling to stand after the hit, only words that come to the spider's groggy head are “Can’t we all just get along?” right before he falls in combat stance about to face the warrior....

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The Present...

Birds fly, some squirrels fly as well, even some reptiles, but since do human's fly?  Soaring down, Closure hoped to God that someone with a good grip would save him.  Turning his head slowly, he could see a beam of fire coming forth.  That better be some hero who decided to flame on, because burning alive isn't that great as people see on television.  A hypersonic sound emitted through the air.  It was a pop and there was no time to worry, because last seen on Closure the young man was falling off a cliff.  Hand held his body, as a beautiful woman had a safe grip upon the hero.  She was on fire literally, but his gaze lasted for mere seconds.  "Need a lift?"

It was indeed a joke, and Closure grinned at her.  "Thanks, I would have been human jelly if you didn't save me."   Her super-human name was Feral Nova, as the two soared up the hill, all seemed well.  Until the warrior he fought was dead on sight.  "Nice throw."  she said as she turned towards were Kurrent was, only to see a white cloud in the shape of a mushroom suddenly fill a small area in the battle field where the Ninjans were at. "Holy crap..." looking where it came from she saw Despair next to Kurrent. "Remind me to stay on her good side..." Coming down for the landing she put Closure on the ground as she put her flames out at the same time "Thank you for choosing Feral Nova Airlines for your traveling needs, please come again soon." she said to Closure as she smiled at him, then quickly made her way to the Veritas leader.  He smiles, and tunes his attitude back into serious mode.  Looking down at the dead corpse, Closure noticed that the warrior's armor seemed invulnerable. 

Five Minutes Later...

Walking down the hill, Closure wore the helmet and chest plate of the dead Ninjan.  Whatever the alloy was created from would be tested later, but now was a time for war.  The Son of Thunder was the closest human-being to the Phoenix.  Four Ninjans appeared from the shadows, formed in a defensive pattern, and they ran toward the spacecraft.  "General Xiccari, why are you here alone?"  Closure turns to the warriors.  "Read my chest plate and you will realize I spray painted on it Closure.  Which means one of your generals are dead, and I'm Closure."  With pure animosity, the owner of Funez Industries, lunged two daggers at the warriors.  Two dropped as their necks bled.  While the others like savages raised their swords, and with one instinct in mind Closure ran.  "How did you guys even get here?'  Pushing himself off the Phoenix, Closure threw himself at the warriors.  A sword sliced his left forearm, and another cuts his right hand.  "You people sure are mean."  As the warriors attempted to rise up, Closure plunged his adamantium laced arrows into the left eye of each warrior.  "Suck on that!"  Instantly, Closure kicked the men in the head until they didn't move as if he were a psychotic bully.

Licking the blood of his hands, Closure looked ahead at Veritas and WAL.  Following the leader, Closure reached Kurrent as fast as he could.  "Boss man, what do I do next.  I feel as if my assassin chakras are returning to my soul.  I fear the worst is yet to come wise grasshopper.  Yet, on a serious note in order to survive we must stick together as one unit.  We have never been here before, so splitting into different factions can cause death.  I suggest Veritas Unite."  Turning back, Closure could see Feral Nova.  "I know you, your that girl that usually gets pawned by Sha.  You could be a pure bad-ass if you went neutral.  No, disrespect I just say nonsense when I'm nervous.  This usually happens if I might be in a near-death situation.  I'm going to shut up now, before someone yells at me." 

Revolving back to the war zone, Closure locked onto the running targets.  It is time for the cricket to be the grasshopper, or the student to be as good as the teacher or better.  "Listen up, aim at their necks.  I've handled five of these warriors already.  Got cut and nearly died, by the way I'm bleeding, anyway this seems to be the focal point that will allow us to murder them.  I know some of you have that moral problems, but it is either kill or be killed."  The Conclusion to every Complication, turns his eyes for one moment at Despair.  "Emo girl with the Scarlet Witch powers.  Calm your tushy because I don't need another Disassembled event.  Please and thank you sweet cheeks."  Tick, top, drip, drop, Closure is back on on the block.  Closure tightly gripped his bow, and aimed at the skies.  He pulls back the strings, and with solitude in his mind and warmth in his heart, the Son of Thunder swiftly released the arrows and daggers.  Some hit their targets at the desired location, while others simply missed or had no affect.  Defeating these enemies were a fifty-percent probability of death.  Actions do indeed speak louder than words, but hopefully some of Closure's words would change the mind-set of this fight.  All he could wonder about now, was his dearest Chelsea.  For some reason, Closure began to feel drowsy as more blood flowed from his hand and his chest began to beat at an abnormal rate.  "Kurrent I can't take this...."
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Wolf Pack Stronghold - Scotland

"That's it, Laura!  Well done!" William Greystoke shouted encouragingly to Laura Greystoke.  "Obey your instincts!  Allow your body to react the way it needs to!"  At the moment, both father and daughter were in a very large training area within the stronghold.  They were on a large contraption similar to a trapeze.  Hundreds of feet above the ground, the Lupine Lord was teaching his daughter how to utilize her lycan agility.

From his position, the Hunter leaped out and grabbed onto a trapeze nearly fifty feet away.  Using his momentum, he then propelled his powerful body upwards and let go of the device.  As William's body shot through the air feet-first, he arched is back in a back flip and ended up in a vertical position.  With that, his body shot to the ground in an all out dive.  Suddenly, the Greystoke Legend flipped forward midair and landed on his feet without making a sound.

With a chuckle, he looked back up towards his daughter and said, "Alright, your turn....  Remember, just trust your instincts and your body will take care of the rest."  He then winked and said, "Besides, if you fall, you'll heal."  As Talon stood up on the contraption, the Hunter's heart began to beat faster.  "Come on...." he said under his breath.  "....you can do this, Laura."  With anticipation, he watched as the young lupine princess leaped through the air, swung on the trapeze, then let go.

The Lycan King's heart beat faster and faster as his daughter's body sped towards the ground.  When the moment was right, she flipped and landed on her feet with perfect precision.  Sighing in relief, William went over to her and hugged her with one arm.  "See?" he said with a smile.  "Piece of cake....  Now, let's do that again; but THIS time, we'll extend the boundaries and raise the contraption by another seventy-five feet."

Just then, the doors to the training area opened up and a lycan guard entered and bowed before the king and his daughter.  "My lord," he said.  "There is an urgent transmission from Sector 13 which requires your attention."

After thanking the loyal guard for the news, William turned over to his daughter and said, "Perhaps some other time..... Duty calls."  Then in a more businesslike tone, he said, "Alright, assemble the team and tell them to be at the teleportation pad in thirty minutes."

When Talon left, Greystoke went over to a computer console by the door and opened a channel to receive the transmission.  Sure enough, it was Agent Anderson needing the pack for something urgent.  This, however, was different from usual.  This time, Anderson told him and his team to prepare for a war.  The Hunter then relayed the information to the rest of Wolf Pack so that they might prepare accordingly.  Once everyone was assembled and their equipment was gathered, the entire team teleported to the mountain facility of Sector 13....

Sector 13 Base - Colorado (1 Hour Later)

"You have got to be kidding me!" Greystoke thundered at Agent Anderson.  The two men stood face-to-face inside Anderson's office within the facility.  "So allow me to get this straight..." he said.  "As if we do not have enough problems here on EARTH, you want us to go to some distant planet and solve THEIR problems?"  The Hunter turned away from Anderson with a look of disgust upon his face.  "If Ninjeta wishes to engage in all out civil war, let them.  I do not care what factions of Earth have already gone over there, but my team is not leaving the planet...."

"There's more to it than just that." Anderson said.  "Two of the most dangerous villains of Earth have gone to Ninjeta to help Hayden Miles in her quest to dominate the planet:  Gen Esis and Jean-Luc LeBeau.....  You see, Ninjeta has many unique forms of minerals, resources and technology that make them superior to Earth in a sense.  With both Gen Esis and LeBeau by her side, there is no telling what Hayden might do.  Indeed, she could set her sights upon Earth; and right now, this planet is not equipped to withstand an attack from all of Ninjeta, the Vine Villains, and the House of G all at once...."

"You're right." William Greystoke said with an intrigued look.  "We have to do something."

"That's right." replied Anderson.  "You need to go to Ninjeta and make sure the 'good guys' win this war.  Now, there are already some useful allies there.  Already, there are a group of freedom fighters on the planet that will assist you.  Furthermore Veritas, Inc. has arrived and are being led by Kurrent...."

"Kurrent?!" the Hunter replied in a fierce tone.  "He betrayed his cause and became a criminal!"

"Oh please...." Anderson said.  "Why do you think he allowed your precious Laura to live during their engagement?  Why do you think he never killed any real heroes during his little escapade?  Why do you think he actually sabotaged other villains?  You see, the outside world might see Salvador as a rebel or an outlaw.  However, one needs to look deeper in order to see what a man is REALLY made of......"  He then looked over to the Hunter with a raised eyebrow.

Without saying a word, William simply nodded his head.  In truth, the same thing could be said of him.  All throughout history, the primary belief of lycans were that they were mindless, bloodthirsty beasts which slaughtered the innocent.  It was rare for them to be thought of as being noble, courageous, or just.

The Hunter then left Anderson's office and met up with the rest of Wolf Pack.  After explaining the situation to them, it was agreed that they would all go to Ninjeta..... relentless, ferocious, and united.  All that concerned them at that point was their means of transportation.  Sure enough, Anderson had the answer to their problems as he showed the group into a large hangar located within the facility.  What Anderson showed them next caused the Hunter to say, "Holy $hit...."

In front of them all was an enormous ship close to seven hundred meters long, nearly one hundred meters high, and approximately three hundred meters across.  "Behold...." Anderson said.  ".....The Predator...... the next generation in intergalactic warfare.  It has a complex warp drive which allows it to travel at incredible speeds through space.  Yet, it also has a highly-advanced impulse drive which allows it to quickly maneuver in different atmospheres.  Yet, what The Predator is really made for is assault.  You'll find a large variety of missiles, torpedoes, and repulsor canons among its arsenal.  Its hull is composed of a special alloy with vibranium armor in certain areas.  In addition, several attack cruisers can be launched from the ship for more coverage during ground attacks.  Each attack cruiser carries its own arsenal of weapons including a rotating repulsor canon.  I've also included a special kind of projectile made especially for those Ninjans....."

William was not even about to ask Anderson where all of the technology came from.  Instead, he just accepted it nonetheless.  After gathering further information about The Predator, the members of Wolf Pack boarded and prepared to launch.  A crew of two hundred Sector 13 super soldiers manned the ship and controlled the weapons.  Yet, as much as the Hunter appreciated their help, he still insisted that one hundred of his lycan brethren accompany the group during their campaign.  When everyone was loaded into the ship, two colossal doors opened up from on top of the mountains and The Predator's thrusters powered up and the mighty ship rose up into the sky.

With that, the ship's warp drive powered up and it shot like a bullet outside the earth's atmosphere towards Ninjeta....

The Predator - Outer Space Near Ninjeta (4 Hours Later)

As The Predator sped through space towards Ninjeta, William Greystoke made his way onto the bridge.  The highly-trained super soldiers diligently worked the controls of the vessel which gave the members of Wolf Pack absolutely nothing to do.  After looking around the ship, the Hunter found his team mate Warsman.  Taking him aside, William said, "When we get to Ninjeta, I'm probably going to leave the ship and attack on the ground below."  Looking around briefly, he continued saying, "I'll need you down there with us, brother.  There's no telling what dangers will be waiting for us on the surface and I'll need a warrior with courage by my side. Here, look at this...."

With that, he held up a somewhat strange-looking device.  "This is an energy blade.... a powerful weapon given to us by Sector 13.  It's blade can cut through nearly anything."  As the Hunter pushed in the button, a bright orange blade of solid energy emerged from the handle.  Despite its incredible power, the blade was surprisingly lightweight.  Deactivating it, he then handed it to Warsman.  "Each member of the team has one of these." he said.  "I'm sure you'll have no trouble at all finding a good use for it."

Just then, the Hunter's communicator was paged - it was the bridge.  "Sir, we're entering Ninjan space." one of the super soldiers said.

"Affirmative," Greystoke replied.  "I'm on my way."  Then, paging all members of Wolf Pack, the Hunter sent out a widespread message saying, "Alright Team, we're nearing Ninjeta.  Report to the bridge."

When he reached the bridge, William saw many alarms and sensors going wild.  Super soldiers were running back and forth preparing for battle.  "Heavy activity has been found in the Northern Hemisphere of the planet, sir." one of the soldiers stated.

"Alright," the Lycan King said.  "Power up the weapons and take us in......"

As The Predator entered the Ninjan atmosphere, it was immediately met by enemy fire.  The powerful blasts rocked the ship, yet its hull remained in tact and it stayed on course.  As the surface was scanned, Kurrent and his team were located.  In addition, several other key individuals of Veritas were located as well.  "Dammit!" a soldier yelled.  "The computer can't distinguish between the two Ninjan factions!  If we fire the ship's weapons, we could eliminate friendly forces.  Right now, they're ALL firing at us because they don't know if we're friend of foe  Sir, I advise we use the attack cruisers to seek out and destroy all hostiles.  There are ten of them and they can each transport up to thirty combatants."

"That is what we'll do then." the Hunter said.  "I'll go directly on the ground with a detachment of fifty lycans and drop into the dead center of the battle zone.  Then, two more groups of Wolf Pack will enter the battle zone via the attack cruisers - each group with a detachment of fifty super soldiers.  One group will head to the west and one will head to the east in an attempt to flank the enemy and drive them back. Meanwhile, the attack cruisers can move around the battlefield and give support when needed. Now let's do this!"  With that, the groups were divided up and everyone loaded onto the attack cruisers.


As The Predator neared the ground, it burst through the clouds and into plain sight.  Even though the ship was still under fire, the attack cruisers were launched and sped down to their designated areas.  As that was going on, a large hatch was opened near the back of the ship to reveal William Greystoke and his fifty lycan brethren - each one ready and thirsty for combat.

Without parachutes or any other landing devices, they all jumped out of the ship and free fell hundreds of feet down to the surface.  When they reached the bottom, each immortal landed to their feet, drew their pulse rifles and energy blades, then immediately engaged the enemy in combat.  The King of the Lycan Underworld was at the head of his warriors fighting alongside them.  Even though their foes were great, they would fight on.

On the east and west side of the battle zone, the attack cruisers touched down and the groups were deployed.  In a united effort, they attempted to hold the mighty Ninjan forces at bay.  Amidst the battle, William sent one of the lycans to track down and contact Kurrent to inform him of Wolf Pack's arrival.  He then sent others to track down and make contact with other heroes from earth as well.  As soon as the enemy could be clearly identified, the Hunter would call in The Predator to attack.

The wolves had arrived.....
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Three days ago

As Ripcord sat in the cockpit of the Veritas plane dubbed "The Phoenix", he ran his hand along the controls of the high-tech plane. His containment suit made his sense of touch dull, but he remembered the cold feel of the steel and over a dozen other polymers the plane was made of. It felt good. He was home once more. And amongst friends. Some old, some new, but as long as they were members of Veritas, they were family. Kurrent had sought him out once more to fight the good fight, but with so much time away from the field, Rip had no idea how he would hold up. These were different times they lived in now. He only hoped he could live up to the faith Kurrent had in him and his abilities.
Leaving the cockpit and walking to the warroom, Rip walked in as Kurrent began to speak of a situation on the Ninjan homeworld. This was not the sort of crisis Veritas was made to combat, but the only other option was to let the people of the Ninjan homeworld suffer under the rule of the deady alliance that was formed by Gambler, Darkchild, and Hayden Miles. Ripcord could only imagine the pain and torment the trio had unleash upon all those who did not join their cause. Hayden was a native of Ninjeta. She had a reputation for being a fierce warrior. Gambler and Darkchild were earthlings. They were two of the most vile and underhanded villains to ever plague the earth. If they truly had banded together it must have been for some more than simply taking over the planet. And if they wanted it, it was Veritas's job to make sure that they could get their filthy opportunistic hands. They had no doubt taken their flunkies in the VV and whatever other villains they could find with them. The only thing Rip was sure of was that by the time this was all over there would be much blood spilt. He just hoped that the spilling of some much blood wouldn't change him.

The Present: Ninjeta's northern provincies

As the salty smell of blood found it's way through the mask of Ripcord's containment suit, he stood deathly still. It was only two days since they had been on this newly war-torn planet, and the sights and sounds that he heard would stay with Rip forever. However long that was. The bodies of Ninjans that cast their lot with the VV were piled high, as were the bodies of those who chose to fight against the trio's overwhelming numbers. If Rip could imagine what hell looked like, this would be it. Soaring overhead with a ninjan sword in his hands, Ripcord watched as the next wave of Ninjans clad in VV uniforms made their way toward the joint forces of Veritas, WAL, and the other heroes who had answered the ninjan's call for help. This was getting them nowhere. The villains could send wave after wave at the heroes for weeks. They had to find to dethrone the villains and fast.

Rising higher into the dark Ninjan sky, Ripcord began to speed toward the wave of oncoming ninjans and divebombed toward them as the air around him became superheated in his wake from his energy field transforming it into superheated plasma. Smashing into the group of soldiers burning all those who were caught in the wake of the plasma storm. It wasn't much, but it bought them some valuable time. Swinging the sword into the necks of any member of the ninjan horde that came his way, Ripcord wondered how the other heroes were faring with the newest wave of attackers. The Ninjans were strong combatants, but they had weaknesses just like everyone else. 

Slashing and slicing more and more ninjans than he could keep track of, Ripcord continued to fight. They had come to do a job, and he wouldn't stop until they won or they all were dead. Turning to get a visual on Kurrent, Ripcord spoted the members of WAL, under the leadership of Feral Nova, giving it all they had to back-up Veritas. It was then he knew that no matter what Gambler, Darkchild, Hayden or whoever threw at them, they won't stop fighting until they liberated Ninjeta. There would be no retreat. They would give no quarter. They would fight like warriors. And if need be, they would die like warrior's as well.   

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“You train yourself to hard” “I train myself so he does not have to.”
She replied glance behind her. It had not been long since the girl known as Laura had recently became a Lycan. But with that she gained many other titles. Laura was fully capable of teaching herself she did not need any one to aid her in any way shape or form. Never the less though she was stubborn she could not say no to Hunter if he wished to help her. And deep with in she enjoyed his tutorage and help that he gave her. Though some times she would make mistakes William was different in a way that he did not beat her for every misconception that occurred and there were a few.  But ever since she had taken up her Lycan heritage she knew that she needed to make her father proud. There for things had to change and she needed to be the one to change them.

She stood in the training room stretching herself. Now Laura did not enjoy being above ground. Not that she had a phobia she was just never combatable with it. And so you could have imagined her responses when her father asked her to train her agility over 50 feet in the air. Though the training went well there was always a deep far that she would fail that she would mess up. And when she did she would not know how to react to Hunter. He’d always say “Good Job” “Keep trying” truthfully she felt like she was on one of those teen movies with the oddly over intentional parents. But no matter how bad he was and even a little embarrassing at times she’d get over it. Any way was that not what fathers were suppose to do?

Walking over to the corner of the room she grabbed a white towel and wiped her sweaty face with it. Laura did not usually do this but considering that her father was present she would stay on her best behavior and when he would not be….she’d do what comes natural. Once done with the cloth she threw it over her shoulder and sighed as she stared upward at the magnificent height she had just leaped off of.  It was marvelous the rush of adrenalin the feel of control and the suppleness of landing.  She found it all exhilarating and amazing! To be so ready so graceful she never would have believed Hunter a few days ago but now, now it was all different she was a Lycan and a Princess all the same.

As she looked around at the large room she recalled the other amounts of training Hunter and herself alone had done. As first line of priority she wanted to know how to use weapons much like Hunter uses. Swords, knife est. Though obviously she did not want to intrude any more on his time she started by her self to learn the arts of war. She had discovered that she was brilliant at using throwing knives. Even before she became a Lycan her  aim was stable for he to deal with. Sword fighting was average though she did get a few practice when using Gemini. But the one thing she lacked greatly was archery. Talon thought she could do any thing but archery she had abandoned and failed miserably. She thanked heaven that Hunter did not have to witness her ignorance at that point.

Never the less she trained immensely to get it right but there was something about holding a bow and firing the arrow and don’t forget aiming it. Though she could aim very well being trained in the arts of gunmanship she still was unable to fire a bloody arrow and a bow and it drove her insane. She could not see the logic in it. How would it be possible for her to be a good gunman but not a archer! She knew that sooner or later she would have to consult with Hunter on that matter but soon another one would arrive. She saw Hunter coming back from a recent transmission he had received from…..Sector 13. Although she did not like that place or the corporation she had to comply with being connected with them. That place, no matter what any one would say remained her so much of HYDRA, SHEILD it scared her. Or possibly it was her paranoia getting the best of her or possibly not.

"Perhaps some other time..... Duty calls."  Changing his tone to fit the present situation he sated  "Alright, assemble the team and tell them to be at the teleportation pad in thirty minutes." She nodded her head and quickly ran off toward her chambers which she had so diligently cleaned up after the whole full moon incident. Entering her room she knew a battle was coming she could smell it all over Hunter and feel it in her bones. She was a little bit anxious about going into battle with her new acquired skills and enhances senses non the less she wanted to and she was ready.

Grabbing her uniform of the bed she slid it one. Black Vibranium mixed with a hint a silk covered her body like a second skin. Brushing her hair through she tied it up behind her. It’s length had increased and now was almost up to her rear end. She knew that some day she would need to cut it. The amount of blood gore and guts that this lovely group of locks had endured was not even able to think up. Though she could not really bring herself to do it. Her hair was like….something she could not put into words non the less it meant a lot to her and she did not want to cut it. Sliding on her task belt she inserted an Italian stiletto knife along with picking up her communication device and attaching it to her ear.

Grabbing her leather jacket she slid it on and sighed as she walked over to the dresser to look at herself. Her emerald eyes glinted in the sunlight that entered her room. She knew that there was going to be a lot of blood, bodies, screams and shooting which sort of made her feel weird like she didn’t want to do it……she wanted to do it all. Talon was a Lycan a princess but that changed nothing in what she did and how she did it.

She had not gotten soft she had gotten stronger and she would fight the same way and even worse. Though always doing her best to make sure she was out of sight from Hunter. She craved the call of battle, she wished for the call of death to come upon her swiftly for she would attack and make herself known. Soon finishing herself off she went to return to the teleportation pad. The team was assembled and ready for action and ready for a fight.

Sector 13

Talon stood there against the wall watching Hunter interact with Anderson. She recalled him form  her fist mission with the Wolf Pack. He reminded her to much of fury for her to give a damn about what he said. She looked around at the iron and metallic floor and walls and could not help be flooded with timeless memories of her past, present and sadly future. She recalled the mission her and the gang when on. Even though they worked for the bad guys they were a great team. It was that team that made her as human as they get. She did not fraternize with the members though the did with her. Weapon X squad was her life very much like The Wolf Pack was now. She could see Hunters anger flare but only slightly he kept his composure thought Talon probably would have gutted Anderson fro talking back to her father she retained her composure.

Since the full moon she had not really spoken to any of the members one in particular was Sylver. The Vampire elf. Despite the Vampire part she had come to know that woman as to be a danger and risk and if she was to ever go rough there would be trouble. But that’s how Talon thought. She trusted no body no matter how much it appeared she could never trust any one. So always constant in her mind was the possibility of one of the members going rouge much like Sparada. So she would always calculate what it would take to bring them down. So far Warsman, Sylver and Akwa were the worst if any thing was to happen. But every one on this team were deadly there for she could only hope that things like what happened with Sparada happen once.

"Two of the most dangerous villains of Earth have gone to Ninjeta to help Hayden Miles in her quest to dominate the planet:  Gen Esis and Jean-Luc LeBeau.....” she heard as she lisened in on the conversation  “You see, Ninjeta has many unique forms of minerals, resources and technology that make them superior to Earth in a sense.  With both Gen Esis and LeBeau by her side, there is no telling what Hayden might do.  Indeed, she could set her sights upon Earth; and right now, this planet is not equipped to withstand an attack from all of Ninjeta, the Vine Villains, and the House of G all at once...." There was logic in the cause she liked that. She would never have walked into a situation with out Logic on her side.

As she listened on something caught her by surprise "You need to go to Ninjeta and make sure the 'good guys' win this war.  Now, there are already some useful allies there.  Already, there are a group of freedom fighters on the planet that will assist you.  Furthermore Veritas, Inc. has arrived and are being led by Kurrent....” At that point shock over came Talon. She had no idea that the villain Kurrent had rejoined the good side. Now she was worried. Kurrent was a loose cannon, unpredictable, untrustworthy and…..at this point a lot like her. Letting a sigh escape her she pushed aide her wrath for the once villain and knew that some times choices needed to be made.

Hunter them briefed the pack to the cessation and all agreed to go. But the question of how remained in Talons mind though that was answered very quickly. A smile quickly appeared on her face as she stared at the magnificent beast before her. Talon did not hear what Anderson said she could not this was hers her future this future! And seeing this made her feel like she was home once more in reality 529 fighting the fight for mutant and superhuman freedom. Killing all humans traveling to sentinel space. Stopping the plagues the brood this was it. Her ship. Though it was not the exact replica it almost looked the same. Talon took a few steps toward the giant metallic beast and place her hand on it. So many memories of her world her past. But this gave her hope that possibly she’d be able to return back to earth 592 and fight for freedom once more.

As they began to enter The Predator she glanced over the Anderson with a sinister smile on her and shook her head. With that she entered the beast.  As she did she gasped once more and the superior workmanship of this creation. She did not even know earth was capable. Two logical options formed in her mind of how any of this could be possible. A: They built it by themselves. That was very unlikely the technology was not suppose to be granted to them or even created. B: They stole what they needed. And then she thought up a third option. C: They built it with the help of off worlders. Which she thought post optional.

Then the ship shook slightly as take off was commenced. She felt a lot more combatable going into space with a space worthy vessel. But she took this time to study the controlees incase she would have to pilot this beast. Though that was most unlikely she thought because Hunter would never allow her a child to pilot this so she would continued to dream on as she always did. But that did not shatter her spirit she was ready to fight. This felt to normal to her. She felt like she was back home and that slight little grin remained on her face. She was enjoying all of this every moment.

, "Alright Team, we're nearing Ninjeta.  Report to the bridge." She did not have to be told twice she had remained on the bridge the entire voyage ad did not expect to be moved. As the ship neared Ninjeta space as she could see massive fighting going on at the terrain. The weapons were armed and ready for battle. Though she did not have much time to think of a plan for herself on the way she knew that something would come to her. As they entered the atmosphere she ship began to feel turbulence though nothing that it could not handle. She glanced at the scanners and could see the Veritas  inc. members scattered all over.

"The computer can't distinguish between the two Ninjan factions!  If we fire the ship's weapons, we could eliminate friendly forces.  Right now, they're ALL firing at us because they don't know if we're friend of foe  Sir, I advise we use the attack cruisers to seek out and destroy all hostiles.  There are ten of them and they can each transport up to thirty combatants." She listened intently and looked over at Hunter who accepted the plan of action. She quickly grabbed her energy sword that Hunter had given to the pack and looked at it a moment. “Well suck archery lets do swordsman ship” she said in a girly tone before retaining her seriousness.

“That is what we'll do then." the Hunter said telling the group his plan  "I'll go directly on the ground with a detachment of fifty Lycans and drop into the dead center of the battle zone.  Then, two more groups of Wolf Pack will enter the battle zone via the attack cruisers - each group with a detachment of fifty super soldiers.  One group will head to the west and one will head to the east in an attempt to flank the enemy and drive them back. Meanwhile, the attack cruisers can move around the battlefield and give support when needed. Now let's do this!"  Though she wanted to be with Hunter to protect him she did as he asked.

30 minuets later

Blood, grim and filth covered the assassin as she walked her way around the blood stained land. Her crimson eyes flickering in all direction awaiting others to attack. With her energy weapon in hand she had used it many times and it had sung the song of war to the dead. Her breathing was unsteady though her wounds were healing rapidly Hunter was right she did heal and she would. She stood there standing tall among the bodies of some. Who she could not fully distinguish but if any one asked they attacked her fist and she was defending herself that’s all. “snap” quikcy she tightened her grip on the weapon and crouched only slightly.

In a swift and violent action her sword spun in her had as she gripped it and swung it around her. The weapon sang through the air just as it came in contact with it’s next victim. The individual fell to the ground his body sliced in half. Placing her sword in its sheath the blade disappeared as the handle she placed in her belt. Her intentions were clear she needed to see him again. Though he could have killed her he did not. She knew her mission she was going to complete it along with completing her own agenda. So she began following the scent of the illustrious electrician and former enemy Kurrent to get a hold of the scheme of things.
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Ten eyes of Horus:

Inside the facility the voice of the merc filled the room “But I explicitly told him that I was not going, why do  you want me to go?” Talus Bandit’s temporal owner retaliated “Because we received income from Wolf Pack meaning you are under contract.. Apparently they really need you for this mission and since selling our services is what we do I accepted. Besides, I don’t see the original G’bandit on my cells, we got a deal, Band Lone. Now get your butt in that Sentinel and head to Scotland, ASAP”

Wolf pack HQ:

Not only it was a drag but it was a drag without his unit, P. Rain and Albany would be too far away and the only people the mercenary could trust were the team of Lycanthropes.. “I’m alone.” said the merc as he  braces himself and walked into the teleporting pad which teleported the team to Sector 13.

Sector 13:

This whole thing just gave the mercenary the urge to just run away and disappear, at least in the field of battle with his two trustees watching his back he felt safe.. But this was another level, another world, not to mention that going to  sector 13 been one of the most wanted terrorist in the world was not a very bright idea.

 Good thing the king of merc’s face has never been seen before this would be a first in which the merc was seen out of a combat suit by the team, he was only wearing a lowered cap and dark shades that covered most of his face, all his equipment was in a bag he carried with him at all times. Walking out of the teleporting port the merc walks right after the pack, all that the team and anyone for that matter could see was the merc’s charming smile and part of his red long hair coming out of the back of the hat.

Walking mysteriously with a shadowed lowered head hiding under his cap and shades the Bandit fallowed the steps of his team as he notice the Sector 13 guards staring at him as he walked by with his large bag over his shoulder, the Hunter did all the talking all the merc needed to do was listen and it all came to him.. A very familiar name rang a bell on his conscious… Kurrent was at this distant planet.. Although the rules were to back thunder boy.. Some rule are meant to be broken…Maybe this was the opportunity the merc was waiting for, after all, no one shoots the mercenary king of greatness and lives to brag about it.

Predator: Outer space:

Hunter had brought over company, super soldiers from sector 13 along with a large number of Lycans, not to mention some fancy special equipment. Not far long after the mercenary dressed up in his trademark red and black armor the Lycans handed the mercenary another sword.. What would a merc think? Not only the assassin had two katanas, a scimitar and two daggers, but now he had a Sci-Fi wannabe saber. Shrugging away the question “Why?” the merc simply accepted the gift and just added the saber to his collection.  


Finally, it was time. The large spacecraft had penetrated the planet atmosphere and was already nearing the battlefield at high speed. The Bandit notice as Graystoke had apparently made some sort of strategy, super soldiers & Lycans tagging along in numbers into the battlefield, this was not the mercenary’s way.. His is alone but there is a lot of potential between that sexy human body.

Inhaling and then releasing the air hard the mercenary activated his X-ray vision as he looked to the terrain outside, he moves his head looking at the monitor calculating the speed and height of the craft as he got ready to do things his way.

Crossing the sound barrier after zooming out of the cockpit the mercenary is seen diving through the air at high speed like a meteor in middle of a homing attack targeting a very distant enemy.  “BANZAI!!” cried out the mercenary as he suddenly unleashes his scimitar and at 768 mph the merc reaches his target a flying Ninjan which is struck by the incoming mercenary in mid air and is knocked out and is dropping off the sky unconscious with a scimitar across her right shoulder.

The merc still in mid air as he was protected by kinetic energy he uses his ability and acquire the woman’s blasters, he aims to the ground blasting the energy against the pavement to create a kinetic force and break his own fall by gliding and landing safe on the ground. Running next to the bloody Ninjan woman as she struggles to stand to her feet the mercenary taunts the Ninjan by saying “This is just not your day.” before thrusting his arm while looking at the struggling woman trying to regain consciousness the mercenary sever the woman to peaces with her own blasting ability as the cries of agony filled the skies above.

Taunting his victim the cold mercenary raises his arm in victory as he shouts out "GB, wins....... Fatality." while standing on the blood covered soil.

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Sha stood Patrolling the streets of Farwick Ninjeta, the wind of fates had blown through the city, right now this was probably the safest place on the planet to be, next to the forbidden woods that stretched across the bottom part of Farwick. The Ninjan capital was protected by reinforced steel barriers, with top of the line reinforcements, it was here that the bulk of the sigma army protected.  General Nate had conquered the several small areas around the Capital creating a buffer zone. The night was full of tranquility and solace. Farwick the capital had gone untouched; the Ninjan city still had its vibrant culture from when Sha left. As the wind blew across her neck, she felt the chill of Hayden walking through her quarters. Turning around the Ninjan’s eyes were caught by the bright Gold and Red Armor Hayden was sporting.

“Is that Gucci?” Sha said sarcastically. She could tell Hayden meant business, after removing her helmet she slowly grabbed Sha’s hand and walked towards the side. “Ziccarra, congrats on not having a casualty, I cannot say the same for the other generals” Sha walked around the Golden Leader and then replied. “Thanks, I’m flattered, I cannot speak for your other generals but Nate and I have no room of pu$$ies in our army.” Hayden walked towards the window and pushed the curtains aside and spoke indirectly to Sha.

“I think we should try to calm the resistance with some sort of diplomatic solution” Sha’s eye brow raised and then turned to Hayden.

“Diplomatic Solution?! What the hell we are Ninjan’s, if someone gets out of line you terminate them.” Hayden smiled and then continued. “Your friend William Keystroke, has landed with his team, as well as Kurrent”

Sha’s frustration with Hayden grew her face now red with anger, but not at the new, but for the simple fact, that Hayden was testing her leadership skills.

“Do you actually think I fear them? Trust me, the most badass people you will run into NEVER make an entrance, NEVER gloat, BUT ALWAYS get the job done.” Hayden crossed her arms; she ran her tongue on the walls of her mouth and then replied. “Nova’s here as well”

Sha’s eyes were hesitant, but her voice was powerful and firm. “I killed her once, doing it again won’t be a problem.

Hayden placed her helmet on the table and finally reveled the reason she came. “I’ve set up a transmission that well be shown through Ninjeta, Your going to give my address, secondly I want you to speak to the Ninjan knights and get them to approve of an import of soldiers from The rest of the Empire, Including Tyrain, Xiox, and West new haven.”

As Hayden placed her helmet on, sha responded. “Were going to trust the Ninjan knights? First Gambler and DC now them? You must not want Ninjeta to survive this war.”

Sha walked towards the Ninjan Hall of Classe, the vivid painting and various carpets’ and linen, reflected the importance of this building. Treaties, War declarations and other various acts were preformed here. She had a feeling win or lose, she’d be back here.

As she walked into the dark room, the Ninjan elders took precedence on their high chairs ready to hear the plea of sha.

“Your greatnesses, Ninjeta is under attack not only from its constituents, but also from outsiders, now it is little known to these outsiders that we are an empire, an Empire established by the late Gwen Starks, I ask of you to allow the usage of the surrounding armies of Tyrain, Xiox, and West New Haven”

Sha was almost sure it would be shot down, and it was a fellow “Sha” who did it. Sha of infinite forevers (leader of the Ninjan space sector) stepped from her high chair and addressed Sha personally. “This is a Ninjan conflict, brining other nations into this wouldn’t be fair.”  Sha grimaced, she could not see why they didn’t agree after all it was them who allowed DC and Gambler to team with Hayden.

“With all due respect, SOIF, you closed all transportation between us Ninjan’s and Earth but not between Earth and us. It’s almost like you knew this was going to happen! Whether we win or lose this war I will make sure your head rolls with MINE!”

Sha walked off towards the transmitter and stood behind the podium; her anger was apparent, however she was still able to speak calmly and collected.

“This is my final address to the Planet as a whole, the time for talking has ended, Ninjeta is not only at war with its own sisters, but the same people who enslaved their own race and are chemically killing their own planet, if you are a Ninjan standing around doing nothing but watching these Invaders, you might as well join the resistance, Kurrent, Hunter, ICE …Nova your efforts are futile, the Ninjan’s you experienced thus far are nothing, Halftime is up, and the playmakers are in the game…

With that Sha went to her commander Zenthra, and commanded her to ready the troops. As the golden clad warriors lined up in the ranks, she walked back and forth, with her hand behind her back. With a smile on her face she pointed to the ocean. The white and Gold Sentries began to wade into the water until finally they were gone, there location only Sha knew. As they disappeared, Sha felt a warm pain in her heart, She turned her attention east towards Veritas and Wal.

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WAL HQ 3 days ago

so,that is it,you helped me so much...you was a weapow and almost a friend to me,but it is time to say good bye Matezoide was alone at his room,he was doing something many would consider "insane",he was talking to his own ring I dont know if the others rings can also talk or feel,maybe that is just my natural skill with weapons,your power is gone and there is nothing we can do now,how many Red Lanterns we defeated? 20? 30? heh,it sure was funny Matezoide said as he took his ring and hide it inside a box  I dont know when or if your power will return,but even if it doesnt,you will have a special place among my weapons said the Son of Zeus as he looked as he opened a closet,instead of clotches,the closet had weapows,like his War Hammer,The Spear,even his gauntlets of battle were there,of course, there were still some clothes,but mostly,weapows
How many wars he had fought? Matezoide created a special connection with these weapons,but nothing like this ring,Matezoide finally stopped looking at his "friends" and putted the box on the closet as he closed it farewell...
Now...it is time to train,i feel my skills will be needed on the close future
said the last Spartan as he leaved the room and went to train

2 days ago

Among the others WAL members,Matezoide was called by Feral Nova,he already knew what she wanted...he already could feel they will need to prepare for another war,he smiled and started to listen to Nova,as she explained the situation,until she placed her hand at Wanderer's shoulder. "Wando, I need you to make a portal on Ninjeta, I have a map of the planet, assuming it hasn't changed up too much over a year's timeframe, we should be alright." and then turned to everyone. "Alright WAL, time to Light up the Darkness, get ready! We leave in one hour!"
while everyone looked comfortable,Matezoide couldnt stop thinking he can do that?another planet? however,Matezoide continued silent,if everybody believes on Wanderer,he will and then he rose up from the chair and went to his room,take some weapons

Ninjeta (present)

there has been some time since WAL arrived at Ninjeta,Matezoide didnt expected this,nobody did,upon getting to the planet,they were attacked by the locals,Matezoide couldnt help but compare then to his fellow Spartans friends.
Even then,he didnt knew what do to,but fight where Nova leaded then and that is what she did and soon they found the Veritas and joined them to fight "WAL, help Veritas out! Keep those Ninjans away from their ship! Don't allow them to damage it. And help out where needed." were Nova's worlds and soon Matezoide joined then on they fight
Since killing wasnt acceptable,Matezoide had to fight with his fists..for now,he soon was attacked by 5 warriors as one of then tried to slash Matezoide,the son of Zeus grabbed his sword and tored it in half,only to give him a uppercut right at the face,the others 4 then attacked,but he already expected this and gave a kick on another Ninjan's face,but they were 4 and Matezoide couldnt evade a vertical slash at his back,upon this he stopped fighting and turned around,his eyes became red and before the Ninjan could react his neck was already almost broken, See how powerfull i am?i could have killed your friend with a finger,but this wouldnt have been fun,would it? Matezoide's eyes glowed more and both eyes launched an energy beam,hitting two more Ninjan and burning they throat,but they also werent killed,and then only one Ninjan was still fighting,Matezoide took a sword from the first Ninjan he defeated Lets do it and a sword fight started,to Matezoide's surprise the Ninjan was holding his own just fine,and then the Son of Zeus was striked on the stomach and soon the sword made a hole inside him ....     No world's huh?  said the Ninjan with a confident look,which soon vanished as Matezoide grabbed his neck  i can make my body stronger,and weaker,i just letted you do that,to see your scared face Matezoide smiled as he grabbed his opponent's face and slammed him on a nearby rock,disfiguring the Ninjan's face Nova said we cant kill,but nothing about disfiguration
when Matezoide turned around he saw G'bandit who shouted GB,wins...fatality,Matezoide got a instant liking to this strange person as he asked so,you are a Verita's member?

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The Puppeteer sat in his chair, board and weery of the incompitance that was displayed before him. There was a little skirmish going on, over the dumbest, and most insigificant thing. Who would be the first to attack the new arrivals on Ninjeta? As the two warriors trained by Gambler punched each other and fought, Giapeto had an idea. He'd been working on a two puppets and if they killed each other then he would have two souls out of three. So with that he was contented with the thought. But, the feeling soon left, as they both continued thier useless bickering. Finally he decided to end it. To end them, and collect the souls sooner. He called upon Sonia, releasing her dual fan blades, and cut attacked the two unsespecting victinms. The neck was one of the weakpoints of the beings of this planet, and that is where he struck. They weren't the smartest urchins of the world so it was easy enough to land the attack.

After collecting the souls of the two, he implanted them into two of the three. The dolls were called the Wind Trinity, and he would need one more to finish the group. As he worked he could only think about one thing. Why had he joined up with Gambler? Why did he feel the need? After all, there was nothing speacial about what he was doing, here on Ninjeta. While it was an amazing thing to be on a different planet, it was much like the droll of earth, and it was something that he couldn't bare for much longer.

There were many perks though, being able to boss around the privates of the Gambler regime was pretty sweet. He enjoyed the pure frustration of thier faces. He knew that if they wanted to they could, using their skills, learned from Gambler himself, very well rise up and take away the throne from Hayden Miles, but they weren't that smart. It was a lucky deal for Darkchild, Gambler, and Hayden, to rule over such a people that could be lead so easily. Almost laughable. Giapeto didn't though.

He finished his work, and walked outsider into the courtyard where more trainies practiced the new techniques learned. It was all to obvious that they were a broodish lot, clunky and as graceful as a boulder. Every subtlty they experienced was as if they were tasting a new food of some sort. Continuing his walk, he saw the sky of Ninejea, reminding him of the Earth sky. "God, this planet is just like home. I really dislike home." A sinister smile crept across his face at the comment.

He was on his way to meet up with a fellow member of the House of G. Dark Evangeline. She was a fellow puppet master, and he saw this as a perfect time to talk with her. He'd never met another puppeteer, well, one that was as skilled as she. And also, he was going to her because it was where he knew the new arivals had landed. His day was beginning to look better and better. He finally got to the place he wanted to be, and he spoke to the already anxious Evangeling. "This is by far the worst place I've ever been... But now that we have some company maybe we can finally have some fun?"

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4 Days Ago, On Earth...

A short while ago, Madros, a mysterious supervillain who had spent the majority of his existence working from the shadows, made a very bold move. He came out into the open and joined the House of G, a group led by the Le Beau Legend himself. His reason for doing so was fairly simple. Madros had no superpowers or special abilities, he was just human. A rather brilliant and incredibly intelligent human, perhaps, but a human nonetheless. And in this World with thousands of superpowered individuals... It was wise to try turn the most powerful of these individuals into allies.

And Gambler held the true power in this World... Perhaps not literally, there were still some who could wipe Jean Luc out with a blink of the eye. But Gambler was quite simply the best in the business. And the others on his team were all very powerful on their own. Together they were an unstoppable force.

But Harvey Slade was still just a man... He needed more literal power to accomplish his goals... And he was well on his way to achieving it. Gambler had sent the House of G to Ninjeta, an alien planet with very advanced technology. Madros was planning on incorporating this technology into a suit of armor, to give himself an edge in battle with anyone who tried to resist Gambler's reign. He had returned to Earth briefly for two reasons: One, to put into action a plan he had for a certain group of young heroes; and two, to collect his current suit and some materials to incorporate into its new design.

Dressed in his combat garb, his half orange, half black mask and chain-mail bodysuit, Madros walked through his own headquarters until he came across his storage department. "Ah, here we are." He said loudly, activating the voice recognition command that kept his storage department locked. Passing through that door, he came across another with a large needle protruding from the wall. Removing the glove from his good side, he pressed his palm against the needle gently. The needle extracted some blood and analyzed it. Upon confirming the entrant's identity, the door opened, letting Slade pass through to the actual storage as he pulled his glove back on.

He walked down the long halls, passing many priceless artifacts and weapons, until he came to the very end. His greatest creation, the MC17 Battle-suit. It was his called this because it was his 17th suit of armor, but Madros planned on upgrading it intensely on the advanced alien planet. Attaching the suit onto a chain above his head, Slade pushed a button as the chain whirred into motion, pulling the suit back to the entrance of the storage department. Next, Slade grabbed two barrels of liquid. The first was molten adamantium, kept that way by the other contents of the barrel. While the second, was Solardite. A material that would useless on Ninjeta, but very useful when Madros returned to Earth. Planning ahead was what Slade did best.

Now, On the Planet Ninjeta...

"It's beautiful..." Madros sighed, standing back to admire his work. Ever since his arrival he had been working on his suit, with the occasional assistance of some natives. After all, they knew the technology... And someone had to do the heavy lifting. But now, the suit was finished. Slade could not acquire enough adamantium to create the entire suit, or else he would have done it already. Instead, the suit was created from a Ninjan alloy, which was near indestructible. Madros then created extra plates from the adamantium to cover up the most precious and vulnerable areas of his armor, as well as adding adamantium tips to the clawed hands and pointed feet. The suit was also laced with the bright green, glowing Solardite.

It also used a Ninjan power source, rather than the crude engine Madros had previously used. After admiring the MC18 for a good while, Madros smiled and hid the suit away in his quarters, ready to be used. He then changed from his work clothes to something a bit more... Regal. He wore a black shirt and freshly ironed trousers, held up by bright red suspenders and a red tie wrapped around his neck. Over this, he wore a black dinner jacket, with a blood red flower protruding from the left pocket.

Madros then turned his attention to his monitors. Even on this alien planet, Slade was prepared for anything and had immediately set up cameras and monitoring devices all over the planet. He quickly noticed the action up North in Darkchild's domain and was thankful that the heroes had chosen to attack him first. That way they would have to take out both Darkchild and Hayden's forces before they could move on to Gamber's realm. Still, it was best to alert Gambler as to what was going on, if he did not already know, perhaps he would like to assist Darkchild immediately.

Grabbing his new katana, created from the leftover adamantium and laced with Solardite on one side of the blade, Madros strolled through the headquarters of the House of G, approaching the quarters of the team's namesake, Gambler. Knocking three times on the door, Slade entered the room, head bowed in respect. He was unaware whether Gambler was actually in his quarters or not, but nonetheless, he declared "The 'heroes' have arrived, sir. My sources show me that they have begun their assault to the North, in Darkchild's domain."
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Warzones huh warzones are for earth. How do you describe an alien invasion when you the aliens. I feel like some multibillion dollar movie writer is just turning in his grave because he died to soon to realize he could make the biggest action packed alien movie where we go to the planet instead of them coming here. Well not here I keep forgetting I'm not on Earth anymore. D@mn most human dream of flying through space, but super heroes any good super hero worth their money powers or not gets a chance to go into space. I'm always acting tough but I don't have the heart to tell them this is my first space adventure and I've never been off world. God "space adventure", "off world" I sound like a cheesy comic book or an episode of Stargate SG1.


The man of midnight's thoughts are cut off by the battle cry of Ninjan warrior. He flies through the air holding a Ninjan sword in his hand. He swan dives into the ground stabbing his blade into the surface of his home planet. He misses the black clad alien who had cartwheeled out of the way thanks to a little early warning by his unique sense of danger.As he lands like an angel accustomed to falling from the sky. He draws out his swords ready for a sword fight. YOU FILTHY ALIENS HAVE PLAUED MY PLANET THE ONLY ONE OF YOU WORTHY TO GRACE MY WORLD IS THE MOST POWERFUL OF YOU ALL THE MIGHTY ONE KNOWN ON YOUR WORLD AS GAMBLER.

One of gamblers huh, I'm not surprised a sword fight is something he would like to do. "All right I'm sure your ready to show me some of your superior Ninjan ways of fighting well guess what I'm one of the greatest fighters on earth with any weapons so if you think I'm afraid of you and your martian manhunter fighting style you should just go back to whoever taught you how to fight and tell them you want you money back."

The alien gets into his sword fighting stance and shouts FOR THE G. The Ninjan hovers over the ground then takes off on a flying charge. He takes a swing at Midnightist hoping to cut him down, but the Man of Midnight bends backwards dodging the swing in true classic Neo dodging bullets form. He straightens out his back as the Ninjan turns and lands on the ground thrusting his blade forward. The black hilted sword of Midnightist blocks his thrust. Their blows land with almost incredible force. One propelled by centuries of Ninjan training a evolution the other by mutated human DNA and unknown alien technology.

Their blades cross causing both to stop and stair each other down. They say never look into the eyes of someone your going to kill or their souls will haunt you. One of them will be haunted. Their next few swings test the others skill test the training they have gained from their experiences, test what they may do next if given the chance. Watching them you realize all forms of combat have the same principal. Their is no difference between sharpshooting a target from a hundred feet away or playing a game of speed chess.

" For an alien you fight like a ninjan with skill and honor, I wish to know you name so I may honor you in combat." The Man of Midnight is ready to say his name but he hesitates for a second. He utters a name he has not used in a while since wearing his costume "Peter". It is unusual for a super hero to use his secret identity when fighting an enemy but a billion light years from earth does it really matter? "My name is Z'ecta  of the Sigma's house. "Nice to meet you Z'e PZZZSSSSSSSHHHHHH. Midnightist is interrupted by a shot to the back from a Ninjan energy blast. The shot went right through his chest burning his blood. The Man of Midnight falls to the ground due to his injuries never sustaining a blast from an alien energy attack he may not survive the hit.
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Pre-Section 13

Apparently pretending to be runnin' the obstacle course in basic military training, an "important" fat guy in a suit was being hunted. He had the blood of his bodyguards splattered all on his clothes and face, but had the blood of many innocent people on his hands. There was only one team that could handle what this jerk-off had done with the proper...discernment. He didn't deserve a fair trial or a chance for imprisonment. He would just make more allies. His predator was definitely the person needed to put a hole between his eyes.

"P-Please don't kill me, I'll triple whatever you're being paid, I swear!"

A pause, drag from a heavy cigar, and a smile gleaming red with blood and gold from cheap whiskey. He had helped himself to whatever alcohol was used to get girls drunk and the necks of a few guards before charging into the main office. His body was pockmarked where .50 caliber bullets had smacked him, but he was holding up fine and dandy. In fact, he had room for one more fatality before calling it a night.

"There ain't no contract involved, buddy. Tell ya what though. I'll take yer offer and spend tha money of a night of drinks and strip joints, how's that sound?"

He aimed a pistol the size of a microwave and his target.

"Please don't!!"

"Quit whining, fer Godssakes. It'll only hurt fer a second,"


Trigger down, bullet scraping the tail-end of the barrel, and the gunpowder exploding. Thump. Dead.

"Now where's yer stash?"


Section 13

Hunter wasn't too happy that Warsman had stolen $50,000, but he seemed to lighten up after that hunk of junk GB made the brand-stankin'-new plasma-screen TV into was replaced. Still, he seemed kind of pissed about everything, especially when somethin' called Ninjeta was bein' attacked, er whatever. He let the team tag along. Warsman was too engrossed in finding the biggest collection of firearms he ever saw and had to be pulled away in a chokehold by GB, who was yelling somethin' about lightsabers and fighting Yoda. The spaceship was interestin', though...but needed a new coat of paint and bad. Warsman gagged on the smell of a clean interior and one of the first things he did was set fire to his sissy bed that he got stuck with. Akwa just got damned lucky at rock, paper, scissors. He parked his motorcycle in his room like it was a garage and slept on that.

GB thought it was a vacation and wore a Hawaiian over-shirt over his uniform fer the most of the ride until Warsman got tired of seein' it after the fourth Hawaiian-themed "anniversary"party they threw. Needless to say, it was never seen again...and the airlock never opened anymore. Tha drinks sucked...there was just water and GB's fruit juices. Part of tha time, Warsman thought the water was just Akwa's excuse to play a practical joke...and sometimes that was exactly what it was. Risky was cool though. She had a lot of big guns, most of which were custom-made. Warsman even had a trading war with Risky at one point, during which they offered ammunition and such for weapons they really really wanted from each other. Eventually it just burned out and they ended up with tha same guns they had before. Hunter and Talon were quiet, Nightmare was quiet...and all in all it was a fun trip.


Warsman was fighting GB over who was going out into the fight first, but GB won when he poked Warsman in the eye.

"GAH!! Get back here, ya little-"

He yelled before getting smacked upside his head by some punk-rocker dude with a bad set of teeth and liberty spikes.

"You're not welcome here!!" he yelled.

"I know that ya little frag! But I don't have much time to play, so if you would just go...DOWN!!!" a punch connected from Warsman's left fist and floored tha guy, but he got up and charged again.

His throat slapped against the cold metal of an immense gun barrel.

"Yeah no."

A trigger clicked against the pistol-hilt, and Ninjan-chunks smacked the ground.
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The Ninjan attacking Adam was stopped as the second soldier who was disfigured by the spider’s acid, the soldier pushed the Ninjan back as she thunders out to all those around her “No! Nobody touches the Spider! The bug-man is mine!” honoring her request the Ninjans back down and leave the two warriors alone, Earth's dark Spider vs Ninjeta's revel warrior lady.

Adam realizes that the woman was incredibly angry and he remembered a quote that said “Hell has no fury like a woman’s scorn” as he backs away trying to negotiate with the disfigure woman “Look, I didn’t mean to hurt your face!“ said the Spider before he braces himself then large Ninjan kick stroke the Spider’s chest impacting hard making Adam fall back on the ground. But something was not right as the Ninjan notice the spider just fallowing momentum and rolling backwards falling right back on his feet and right back into fighting stance. The Ninjan there she notice something awkward as she looks around to the Spider’s comrades and notice that the rest were very badly injured from the battle, yet, the spider was still in one peace. “How are you even standing, human?” The Spider chuckled right before he said between his breath “Because unlike the rest of my comrades…. I got a nerdy brunet back home that cares about my safety.”

 The Ninjan readies to attack and then goes running charging her fist and launches a solid punch against the Spider’s chest which crashes against the spider’s body, but it seems to be unaffected. Gasping in rage and amazement the Ninjeta barks out: “How are you still standing?!” Gulping as he looks at the woman’s first against his chest Adam laughing in victory he then responded “Its called Vibranium, Xena warrior princess! Is all over my suit! It helps me absorb the impact force of your attacks.” The Spider then tackles the Ninjan back a few feet and takes two steps fort right before jumping performing his trademark rolling dropkick on the woman sending her back just a few feet away. Adam lands squatting with his eyes opened wide before he stands back up realizing the attack didn’t work as planned “What? Gosh.. You know lady you are stronger than you look.” he said for normally combine with his super strength the rolling dropkick is a finishing maneuver from the wondering spider, but this time it was not the case.

Then Ninjan’s armor was broken by Adam’s rolling dropkick but nothing more. Glaring at the Spider the Ninjan takes off her armor and drops it to the ground. “So you wear a special armor little man, Is that it? Then I shall destroy your armor as you have mine and then tear you to peaces limb by limb, then we’ll see who‘s laughing.”

 The Ninjan unleashed her sword and charges crying in rage once again at the spider who was not sure how the suit works against blades, gasping in concern the spider uses his reflexes and quick moves to dodge out of the incoming thrust from the Ninjan, then a side swipe and the vertical swipe “Stay still!” The Ninjan then raised the blade and like an executioner she swung the sword fort trying to slice the spider like a melon but missed for the spider performed a back flip out of her reach skeptically wondering “Uhh, can’t we talk about this?!”  The Ninjan growling in rage she grabbed her sword and ran after the Spider as she readies to swing the sword once again. “I guess not” AS the Ninjan swings her sword Adam just inches away from decapitation he manage  perform a front flip and jumping over the swinging swordswoman the spider landed behind her and cast acid webs to the evil Ninjan’s back which quickly takes effect on her flesh as her agonizing cry is heard. Adam realizing there was only one way to solve this he unleashes his acid claws… but with remorse.. “Stand down you had enough.” But it was not enough for her for Ninjan don’t back down. The spider lowering his head he lets out his last words to the woman “Don’t make me kill you.” before she jumped at him using her flight and aimed to tackled Adam but is caught in mid air and held up by the neck.. The claws each were stabbed into the woman’s throat, the green acid combine with blood is seen pouring down as the flesh of the Ninjan is deteriorated by the acid. “Warned you.”  Adam not looking for is too much for his own eyes he just lets go of the woman as her body thuds on the background.

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South Ninjeta, Deep Swamp Rebel Headquarters

Stryke had made his way into a Rebel group fighting against Gambler's southern regime. Although he had spent most of his time in the area, he hadn't seen the shifty Darkchild or the Ninjan legendary Queen Hayden. Actually, that was his whole job. Since taking a large leap of faith and joining the illustrious House of G, he had been working on defeating those against the reign of Gambler on the life bearing planet.  It took some time, but his powers adapted to the alien ambient solar energy. A full week before he could muster up a simple blast of energy for longer than a half second, Ethan had deemed the thought a failure the first day. Gradually while his powers reconstructed for the situation, he got a taste of Ninjeta's life style and culture. During that time though, he had been dressed up as a simple commoner, and even Gambler's soldiers had treated him poorly. Later on, those Ninjan's had been 'terminated.'

The whole reason for learning the culture of Ninjan's, was to essentially blend into a Rebel group pretending to be either a Ninjan or a Hero coming from Earth to help their puny efforts. Ethan had chosen the idea of pretending to be a Hero, fighting the good fight. At night he would slip away, and tell of his efforts to his subordinates. He also made sure that they were ready to deal with the resistance without fault. Today was the day he had warned his Ninjan subordinates about, and now they had surrounded the area. Expertly hidden among trees and in the murky mud, they blended in with their surrounding superbly . Stryke himself was inside enemy territory, distracting others with his amazing feats of Energy Manipulation. Using it to dance like fire, making it smooth. After all, that's what some Resistance groups do to lighten the mood when they know three of four men won't come home at night- and never will.

"Wow!! You human heroes are great!"

Ethan smiled sincerely and shrugged his ability's prowess with a hand gesture,"It's all in the wrist Ga."

The little boy laughed," Don't be modest...",Ga was always amazed at what Stryke was able to do. And most of the time, Ethan liked to have a little rascal complimenting him. In the back of his mind though, Ethan knew it was only a matter of moments before the resistance would be stormed with Ninjan warriors. I wonder if I should save this kid from the trauma... Seeing his Father getting killed because he would not cooperate would only crush his heart. He might lash out, and then we'll have to kill him too. I should simply knock him unconscious and come back to get him. When he awakes, Ga will be in a prison cell in the pitch darkness until execution time. I should save him the hours.

 However, Ethan had found a resistance with few men and much more wives and children. This was not a jackpot, the men were the more dangerous ones... They were unpredictable and Ninjan hard headed. That was why Ethan had had several groups detach themselves from the main force and attack and capture the men while they were looking for food or running reconnaissance. Right at the moment, the attack phase was going through.  Some of the women were a bother though, and were amazingly head strong unlike most human women. Stryke had also informed some Ninjan soldiers to deal with the women without hesitation or else be killed by them.

Ethan decided what he was going to do for Ga. He was ready to make sure the boy wasn't going to spend time in fear. Ga was probably already an orphan, his Daddy dead and being dragged in a pile of blood back to the central regime fortress to be burned. "Ga, bring yourself and your friends to my tent immediately to play some human checkers and chess. I'll teach you guy's like I've been promising!" Ga smiled, and Stryke put on a smile too. This boy's last smile had to be in front of me.... Damn little brats. Stryke moved to his rebel tent, and sat inside, the front covered by a blanket. The kid's voices were heard, and as they entered, Ethan was already standing with a stone cold face.

"What's the matter?"
Asked Ga worriedly.

"Oh nothing...." Stryke was a blur, using his body to produce energy around his hands as he immediately unleashed a few punches on each of the four kids that Ga had brought with him after hitting Ga himself in the face and in the stomach at the same time, knocking him unconscious. In an instant, five happy-lived faces with mouths of gold were changed to that of unconsciousness and debilitated frowns. Had the kids noticed and not have trusted him as much, the fight probably would of had a more destructive ending that would not favor him. But because he had used their trust as their own weakness, he had completely obliterated the children. "Poor kids," Stryke whispered to himself as he heard the women and the children screeching outside. Swarms of Gambler's Ninjan special forces troopers poured out of their 'spots' and attacked. Exiting his tent, Stryke saw one of the women hit a man straight in the face, knocking him into a tree.

"Idiot," Stryke yelped as the woman saw him," I told you to deal with these women as men!" Ethan pulled back, and the woman's pace became faster. As she started running at him, Ethan waited. When she was a few feet away, he let loose his chest. Ethan stood straight and firm, and pushed his chest out. Immediately, a blinding white light erupted from Stryke's chest and onto the woman. The concussive, unchecked force blew her back into a few tents and finally into another woman head first into her head. Both women were knocked unconscious from their head trauma. Stryke stopped, there was no need for anything else on his part. The Ninjan onslaught had come quickly and with great numbers. The small resistance the women made were no match against five trained killers.

A few troopers ran by Stryke hastily, he stopped them with his hand." There are a few unconscious children in my tent quarters. Bind them and do away with them onto your backs like the rest."The troopers nodded and swiftly bounded away. "All in a good day's work men. I can finally jump out of this dirt infested clothing," Stryke laughed as he brushed his hands together.

Hours Later-

"So, how many did we take down today?" Ethan asked to one of his many advisers. He was back at 'base camp' resting on a chair with his feet on a table in relaxed position. This was Stryke's domain, and no one would dare come near any of Gambler's soldiers. Freedom was essential, and Ethan had a whole lot of it here. However, he for some reason frightened his subordinates a little. This was shown in his advisers hands shaking as he began to speak.

"About forty Sir. Thirty women and children, the other ten were men that you significantly told us about. There was about seventy, but there were many problems with keeping prisoner's alive, and so a few were killed for their actions," he stopped and coughed a bit," The ten men who were captured shall be murdered in an hours time, and the women and children will be held here awhile. The children shall go first, and the women will stay behind for our fine soldiers enjoyment before they are let go also. Anyone in those groups who gives problems are ordered to be killed."

Stryke chuckled."I didn't ask for a report, Ninjan observer. However, I like the information, and it would be better without you coughing through the middle. Any word from anyone?"

"No sir. No one has contacted you at all.

"Well of course maggot! Their all right down the hall, insignificant whelp! You are dismissed, I'm going to look for our leader Gambler" As the adviser began leaving, the guards of Stryke's room looked over at him. Ethan nodded, and as the entrance was closed, there was a stir of commotion. Stryke stood from the chair and walked to the door soon thereafter, opening it he looked left to see the adviser's unconscious body being led into the 'dungeons.' Looking right, Stryke could see the room to The House of G's sole leader. Marching down the hall, it took him a while. As he entered the entrance, he heard distasteful words.

"The 'heroes' have arrived, sir. My sources show me that they have begun their assault to the North, in Darkchild's domain."

Stryke frowned, it was an inconvenience. So the heroes are here. Interesting... There shall be some tussle with the fools. All is unfair in war, and we have a army of Ninjan's at our whims anyways. Entering the room with his head held down slightly, he saw Madrox, the man he had suspected of saying the words.

"Madrox... It shall be fun fighting the wretches shall it not... We'll get some wartime experience- or at least something better than bait and fish. We need challenges."

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Section 13

Akwa stood with the rest of the Pack as Hunter and Agent Anderson talked in Anderson's office. It sounded like they were doing more than talking. He couldn't make out the words but Hunter seemed to be having a bit of a shouting match. It soon resolved itself and both Greystroke and Anderson came walking out, apparently in agreement.

He raised an eyebrow as they explained what this big war was and more importantly, where it was. Not only were the Pack attempting to solve Earth's troubles it seemed, but they were moving on to other planets as well. Wasn't that just grand!

Apparently, Gambler and Darkchild had both left Earth and had made their way to some backwater planet at the edge of the cosmos. Well, it really wasn't a backwater planet. It's science and technology was in fact, far in advance of Earth's own. But despite it's technological advances, this planet now seemed to be under the control of the two villians. They had teamed up with some sort of local warlord (warlady?) named Hayden Miles. They had joint control of most of the planet. There seemed to be some sort of underground resistance movement flourishing and they were the ones that had called for help.

And so Akwa and the rest of the Pack was being drafted to fight in a war that had nothing to do with him, against people who he really didn't care about, on some planet he had never even heard of before. Well that was just nice!.

At least he'll get the chance to meet new and interesting people. And presumably kill aforesaid new and interesting people. Which was always fun. Maybe, if he was lucky, Ninjans would bleed in ways he hadn't seen before. That would be something to tell his grandchildren later on.

His train of thought was derailed when Anderson showed him what his in the hangar. Akwa let out an appreciative whistle. It was a nice piece of flying machinery all right. No doubt about that. Fully equipped for interstellar war/travel. Probably more for the former rather than the latter. This might be fun after all.

Onboard the Predator, En route to Ninjeta

"Twiddle dum, twiddle dee..."

He sat in his assigned quarters as he waited out the voyage. At first, he had amused himself by playing practical jokes on Warsman but they got less amusing when Warsman shot him in the chest. Luckily, it was with one of his smaller guns. After that he had hung around the bridge pestering Lycan and super-solder alike with:

"Are we there yet? Are we they're yet?"


"How about now?"




"What about no-"

"Akwa! Get out of the bridge!"

After being removed forcibly from the bridge he had moved on to the ships medical facilities where he then proceeded to talk to the personnel there about how they were kind of redundant since a good deal of the Pack were self-healers and one member was already dead. He was bored. The last time Akwa was this bored, he had taken hostages.

Instead, he headed towards the ships Reactor Core but was intercepted and confined to his quarters before he did anything that would lead to the ship blowing up. He had stayed in his room for a good ten minutes before breaking down the door and then proceeding to the Engine Room where he tried to make the ship go faster. Thanks to his reckless button pushing, he actually added to the time spent traveling. He was reaching towards the 'Engine Overload' lever before he was tackled to the ground and marched back to his quarters.

This time there was a forcefield as well as a door. He spent the rest of the voyage lying on his bed vowing vengeance. Little did he know that his actions eventually led to the creation of Section 13 Rule#6412 which was 'In any circumstances, do not allow Akwa to use Section 13 property without being under armed guard'. If he did know, he would've been proud. Hey, at least he got a cool lightsaber out of it. That could come in useful.


Akwa threw himself to the ground as an energy beam ripped through the air where his head would've been. He saw the agressor; a young female Ninjan holding a sword in her right hand with her left hand outstretched. Her left hand crackled and another blast launched itself at Akwa. Or more precisely, where Akwa had been.

He had dissolved into a crawling puddle of water that split itself into two squirming water tendrils. Each tendril went to either side of the Ninjan and reformed back into a humanoid state behind her.


She turned around just in time for his fist to collide with her jaw. Akwa waited for her head to snap back and her neck to break but it didn't happen. The force of the punch would've easily pulverised a normal human head into bloody smithereens. The Ninjan didn't even twitch from the blow.

'Oh..Do you guys have Super-durability? Nobody told me that!"

Her sword came flying in and impaled Akwa in the chest. Fortunately, he was still in liquid form so the sword passed right through him and drove his opponent off balance.  He grabbed her by the chin with left hand and held his right hand out in front of her.

'Open wide!"

With those word, his right hand morphed into a liquid tentacle of water. It quickly shot forward into the Ninjan's mouth. She gagged as the tentacle filled her mouth and began to explore up through the inside of her head.

"Doesn't matter how durable you are honey if you can be destroyed from the inside!"

Streams of water leaked out of her nostrils and ears as the water invaded her cranium. A ninjan brain is a lot like a humans in the respect it needs fluid to live. But like the human brain, the ninjan brain cannot live when there is too much fluid soaking around in her skull. The pressure of the water inside her increased until her eyeballs bulged and popped out to be replaced with streams of water gushing out of her socket. A second later, her entire head burst open in an explosion of blood and water.

"Ewww," he exclaimed as he got sprayed by blood and assorted gooey grey stuff. His right hand retracted and morped back to normal. He got lucky that time. The Ninjan had been to busy gagging and in shock from his invasion of her body to do anything in retaliation. That technique probably wouldn't work a second time.

He looked at the blood that coated his armour. It was red and looked identical to human blood.

"They don't even bleed differently" he grumbled.

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Gerald had reached the planet of Ninjetta and thought to himself “this is what it’s like on another planet? Is this all? It’s not a bit more different than earth is!” as he left the ship. He looked toward the sky..He thought to himself the skies look like they’re on fire smirked and said they started the bloodshed without me? No fair! Gerald had than departed toward Gamblers territory without spotting any Ninjans. At the base camp he was ordered to do patrol Gamblers land check the commotion near Darkchild’s land and of course Gerald did what was asked he knew if he could make a name for himself out here on this world the future may be brighter for him.

Gerald was leaving Gamblers camp to scout out and crush any Ninjan resistance pockets if necessary with a small group of 15 soldiers. He wondered why he was here he was told he would be apart of the next generation of evil. Gerald figured this was necessary if he was going to keep his loved one safe he told the troops with him “be prepared for anything out here men these Ninjans are like nothing you have encountered before.” Wandering deep past Gamblers territory into Darkchild’s Gerald knew he would be in this for the long run as long he was with the powerful House of G.

Gerald thought to himself “I have nothing to fear on this world.” These Ninjans won’t pose a threat to me just remember my training and keep a calm and clear mind. He and his squad reached the end of his patrol rout in a wrecked village he could hear footsteps they were light but he knew trouble was coming his way. He threw a sign at his troops to tell them to stay on guard no matter what. They ran into a room with a light on it to see a peasant Ninjan family making food for them in fear of starving themselves. Gerald kicked the door open and told the men with him KNOCK THEM OUT NOW. You could hear the steel from their weaponry clang against there skeleton as each one of them dropped in fear like flies. Gerald said “we have no use of them anyway finish them off” Gerald witnessed blood splatter across the floor and he thought to himself..It’s like they say war is hell and I need to survive this no matter what he knew he wouldn’t ever forget what he had just saw it stained his mind.

Now that that was done and over with Gerald told his men to sit and wait in the home he said “men wait till these Ninjans pass get ready to fight I want you to give it your all and nothing less do you got that?!” Do not back down regardless of what happens there is 15 of us and 4 of them use this to your advantage and don’t fight like an idiot! Gerald creaked open the door Gerald and his company had snuck right behind them unnoticed when they were behind them Gerald whispered beneath his breath “FIRE” he saw bullets fly into there skulls besides one of them. The leader of their small squad Gerald’s crew said how did we do that?! You knew our regular bullets wouldn’t drop so many of them that easily! Gerald replied “I have connections, boys those are adamantium bullets in your guns there” the troops smiled in glee. It turns out it wouldn’t last for long as they took the rookie mistake of talking and leaving one alive this Ninjan was a mad woman as she literally threw a building at Gerald and his squad crushing all 15 of them like ants because of them being so shocked at how strong she was. 

Proving time

All Gerald could think was, I’m screwed definitely but he knew he had to fight to survive and make it to base safe so he could get through this. From there it began this Ninjan was not to be underestimated and he knew this she ran into him with her fist punched him across the face and sent him flying into a home and he thought to himself “NOT NOW IT’S TOO SOON TO DIE.” He got back up in a rage rushed toward her throwing punches and kicks at her to no avail, he knew this was not doing much damage at all to her she just laughed at his puny attempt to hurt her. The Ninjan female grasped him by the throat and said “why do you fight weakling?” Gerald was mad and he knew it he did not like to be disrespected what so ever and said “you wanna know why I fight? I fight for me my mom and most importantly the HOUSE OF GAMBLER!” as he wrapped his legs around her arm placed his hands on her wrist and broke her arm in an armbar. He knew his time had come to finish this as he was coughing up a rose colored blood all over himself. She was blood lusted he saw an energy form around her hand and she blasted it right at him he ducked right under it and said “if I was still new to my training you might have killed me, but I know all there is to know from my master and if you wanna see me fail what I’ve been ordered to do NOT TODAY.” He said with a glowing red fist he raced toward her as fast as his heart could let him than used his special technique to rip the vocal chords from her neck and kill her. He could hear her begging for air..he left back to the main camp to heal and wait for another task. Big things were happening near Darkchild’s territory and Gambler had to know.

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“Think fast, fight hard and don’t go back” she thought to herself with a mug grin. Her White teeth showed and were slightly sharpened due to the activation of her Lycan powers though she did not transform only retained a more feral appearance than her human one. She had placed her energy weapon away and was now using her own Vibranium/ Silver blade. She made sure that most of her weapons were laced with silver. She did not fully know why she did. It was not like she had anything to fear from the Lycans…she was one. Never the less if any one knew Talon they would know that she prepared for any and all good and bad situation.

Her sword swung through the air slicing through all that crossed he path. Yes. The battle frenzy she had been waiting for was upon her and she craved it. Talon if pushed far enough and determined would go into something know as the Battle Frenzy. Many great worriers of old and recent days went into this state. It was state where she would loose herself on purpose. She would fight the best to her ability almost flawless and ruthless she would become Talon. As she found herself in this state her clutched her valiant sword as she charger toward another flank of enemies.

Her emerald eyes alit with the fire burning in her soul. Her body twisted and turned as she swung with precise accuracy and agility hitting her enemies with full force. Her breathing was deep and heavy though her movements were swift and calculate she did waver from her plan or alter in any way. As she came to a stop in a frenzy she gathered her breath and survived her destruction that she had caused single handedly. Blood dripped from her star light sword which glinted with the light in the sky. Brining the sword up to her face she looked at her bloody reflection and smiled a devilish grin. The crave for blood was heavy on her and she needed it.

As her feet stop mounded in the blood drenched soil she slowly began to walk across the plain. Her hand dangled almost limp on the side of her body. Her sword connected to her belt. Crimson liquid still dripped from her forehead as her fiery eyes darted from one direction to another. As she stepped over the dead bodies of the wounded and dead of the ninjas. Her mind could not fully recall what she had done to kill these individuals but she knew that she was more than capable of it. She knew it every well. As she came to a sudden as she pulled her sword out of her sheath as licked the blood off it with her tongue.

Her cheek now stained with crimson blood as she looked yonder at the battle still continuing. A low grow resonated from her throat. She wisped the blood from her cheek she sat herself down in the middle of this hell hole as a tear slid down her eyes. The recollection of her past reawaken itself with in her. She recalled a battle much like this. With blood, gore and grim all over her, Pieces of intestine and puss splattered on her face as she used the back of her hand to wipe it off. Sitting there she looked over to the horizon and could not help but wonder if this would ever end? Would the pain and suffering that she would cause ever come to an end.

Talon was evil, demonic embodiment of evil. Or so she saw herself. Never the less in coming to this word she began to see herself as something different as…a hero. Though she knew that it would never be. She had done to much for her ever to be called anything but a monster a weapon a….animal. And now that she found herself here protecting the innocent she could not help but wonder what was a hero? Back in light wars when she first met the orphan Nichole she had gotten a great description of a hero. But since then a lot had happened a lot she had committed and even more pain she had gone through. Her life was stained with the blood of the innocent that she could not longer be redeemed for what she had committed.

A Long time ago…….

Standing among the members of the group she could not help but noticed the glared that were made a her. The team was ready though she had become not exactly the best member or at least the nicest one to be around. Slifer the team leader had recently been captured by eneimi forces and if was her fault as least that’s what every one told her. She had been unable to activate the ignition sequence in time and he was left behind. It should have been her. She should have been the one tortured and molested dozen of time over but no it was her she had caused him pain, Her closest friend the man she looked up to, and he still cared for her. But on that day she had made a mistake something she swore never to do again.

4 years ago…..

“Think fast X” Daken growled as her charger toward her fist in the air as he gutted her in the chest. With that he grabbed her by the wrist and twisted it pushing her up against the wall. Unleashing his claws she stabbed it into her shoulder and then her stomach. She grunted in pain but did not scream. Though she could not escape from his grip. He stared into her eyes with that sinister smile and whispered “Sorry kid…I’m his favorite you’re his clone.” With that he retracted his claws and walked away. X23 fall to the floor wiping the blood that had been spilled. She soon saw a shadow over take her and glanced up to see Logan standing before her. “Clean this up!” he said throwing her a towel as he walked away. And she had failed him…

2 Years ago….

“We need to find her”, Talon said angrily. She was in Scots office. On his right stood the deceptive Emma Frost and sitting to his left was Logan. She had no time for games and she made sure that they new it “We will do every thing in our power to find her, Laura. Remember, she was my friend to”, Scot said trying to calm her down. Talon was not becoming any calmer. “If you really cared about her then you will send me to find her. You saw what they did to her; how they changed her”.

The entire time Emma had said nothing but now she was going to, and Talon would have wished that she had remained silent. “Well then let me point this out for you X23. “If you hadn’t joined the school and befriended miss Kitty Pride none of this would have happened”. Talon looked at Emma in a way that would make any one but her quiver. She hated Emma and Emma hated her. In fact Emma had never trusted her. From the moment that Talon stepped through the Institutes door, Emma was always there to point the finger of blame at her. Even though she tried to deny it, Emma was always right, everything was always her fault.

 “Emma that is not true. Talon had been a tremendous help to us and the X Men. How could you say something like that”, Scot said hoping to deflect Emma’s words. “Frost is right. Since Laura has joined bad things have happened and we can’t deny this any more. I can’t deny it anymore”. Talon froze for the person that said it was not Emma; even though she wished it were. No, it was coming from behind her, Talon turned her head and hoped for it not to be but to her devastation it was Logan. The man that she called father. The one man who Talon always thought understood what she was going through but obviously not “Kid, I know this is hard for you. You’re only 14 but they will never stop looking for you”.

Logan then looked at Scot. “We knew the moment that she joined this school that HYDRA would always have a way to find her and get to her, but you never thought that they could do that. I told you Scot what they were capable of but you didn’t listen to Emma or I. You went right along and did your own thing” Talon was shocked. She always knew that Logan was a bit nervous for her to join the team but she never thought that he disagreed. The man who always told her to stand strong, to fight back, to never give up and to never let the bad guys win was now telling her that he never wanted her there.

Talon got a quick look at Emma. She could see that Emma was enjoying this and not doing a good job of hiding it. Talon’s head hung low. She was staring at the floor as if there was something holding her gaze there. Then in a whisper but loud enough to be heard she said, “Scot, they are right”. His eyes filled with sadness but he did not say anything. Struggling to fight for control she said in a more reserved voice “I have caused so much pain and now I will end this”. With a blur of movement, she unleashed her claws and leaped over Scots desk. She broke the window with great force. It shattered all around her as she reached the ground on all fours.  Knowing that they would not be far behind, she quickly got to her feet. She raced into the forest


“Stop!” she screamed while running through the congested forest. Day light was upon her and a shadowy figure she had been following since night fall. Her suspicions were noted as to what it was they why would she have been calling after it? She knew very well the chance it was her mother was impossible never the less her hope would never give way. She had a father now she was going to find a mother. Find her mother. Victoria Elysian, though she had never head that name in her life she was never the less determined to find her. AS she leaped over branches rushed pass thorns the sunlight pierced the ground s she saw the sun emerge. Soon Talon had to suddenly stop grabbing a hold of the ground below her to anchor her.

Sliding over the edge of a cliff she slowly pulled herself upward and onto her back staring out at the sunlight sky. After taking in a few deep breaths she peered over the edge to see nothing but darkness not even the light of the sun entered into that pit that made her all but wonder what lived down there. She knew she would handle it but alone never. The was something going one some one trying to tell her something and it was not human in any way.


Soon snapping out of her daze she stood to her feet and inhaled a deep breath. Her nose twitched as she sniffed the air. The scents of blood was ever present in her nostrils. She could detect her team mate Akwa and Warsman on a near scale schematics. But better to do what needed to be done alone. She did not enjoy fighting along side people. She feared that they would see her capabilities and fear her more than they already did. As much as she hated to admit it she cared a lot about what people thought about her. Talon used their her mind set to change what ever they wanted or wished to change in her.

Her sifting personality were helpful never the less through all the shifting her true personality. Who she really was, was lost and could never be regained. Wiping the sweat and grim from her face she slit her wrist with her sword. Being silver it would not heal back at the same pace never the less. Taking her index finger she dabbed the red water as she brought it up to her face and licked the blood off her finger. Feeling time running out and her mission still not completed she never the less wanted her team mates not to follow her. Though some of them had a knack into finding her on her less than good days.  Though she did not want to fight alone she wanted to fight along side them but she knew that would never be.

No matter what she was called one thing always remained the same. She was a monster and in the battle frenzy would kill all in her path. A tear slid down her bruised cheek as she though of this. Not bothering to wipe it she pressed onward her bare feet scared and bloody along with the rest of her. As she walked onward she came to a halt as she picked up the scent of the enemy….or just a civilian but she could not distinguish between the two because she did not want to. “Crack!” quickly her hand moved to her energy sword as her other hand still held the Vibranium one. She stood in attack position listening for any sound or moment.

…....................................................................................In a rapid action she spun herself around and flipped back. As she landed on her feet she took off in a dead fast sprit. In not only 7 second later a large explosion went up Pushing Talon upward. Retaining her goal she came land accurately on her feet still clutching her weapons. “Snap”….Talon let out a slight grown in annoyance to her ignorance. She had been to busy contemplating her meaning in life to notice she had walked coincidently into a mine field one which was very much intact. Using the weight of her sword she propelled herself into the air as the ground in her previous position went out in flames. As she landed her feet just skidded the ground before she leaped up again followed to another explosion.

And so on it went. In the fast actions of running, leaping and gliding through air she did until she was to clea the mine field. She had been trained for this and was very good at it. Though she knew how to exit this unstable place though she needed to make sure to defuse all the bombs hidden in the ground. It was a fell set trap on ths asily walked into though she would not leave with out the completely diffusion of all the bombs. Even if that meant hopping around like a jack rabbit. She did not want to even know how she appeared to those far off. Random explosion occurring much have been a questionable appearance form afar. 

Grabbing her energy blade she calculated the last bomb to be one hell of an explosion she knew that to get away from it was futile attempt at the least. So quickly thinking up a plan she raced toward the position. “7..6..5….4…3…2..1..” with that she leaped vertically upward and unleashed her energy weapon. Given the amount of force she was propelled with she placed her feet on the hilt of the weapon. It was an energy bean the more energy it took in the more powerful it was. This kinetic energy that the explosion caused the sword would absorb.
And it did. Because of this massive about of energy the sword she used as a gliding device as it caused her not to fall with full force toward the ground. As she neared the ground she retracted the bean and landed on all fours her emerald eyes like daggers in the night. Piercing all around her. She found herself on a hill and walked toward the panicle point where she survived the battle ground. She could see a ship unknown though it looked sophisticated enough to be that of another teams. As she survived the battle ground she picked up to very familiar scents. That know of the Fire Goddess who she…or so better yet X23 almost killed and her dear friend Kurrent.

She hated that man far more than any one else in this reality. But hate and anger needed to be put aside. He was one of the good guys again and she was who she was. She would aid him in any way he wished it. Though she did not know how he would react to having the girl he fought not to long ago ask how she could help him she did not fully disagree with her actions and thought them logical enough. With that she leaped over the edge of the cliff landing as same she would before. Both weapons in hand she ran toward the location. Slashing any enemies in her way in half, or decapitating them which ever one was quickly. Her bales were signing as they cut through the enemies almost like paper. Though through all this Talon had been shot multiple times by numerous weapons and was severely wounded. She knew that she could not continued in first gear most much longer and that she would at least need to rest.

Approaching the coordinates she could see Kurrent and the Fire goddess. Talon took n a deep sigh as she approached to two. Most of her attire was torn cut and torn through and her hair was drenched with sweat and grim. If no one else knew better it would appear she had been fighting like this all her life. Using her fingers she spun her energy blade and placed it on her belt that was still intact. Approaching the two she brushed her hair out of her face and sighed. “The Wolf Pack have come to aid you in your attempt and I will aid you.” Then turning her attention to Kurrent she smirked slightly as she outstretched her hand. “It is um good to have you back sir….”

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Time began to speed up again as Raker's Harvester of Sorrow clashed with The Female Ninjan Warrior's Claymore, he struck with such force that the ground beneath her feet cracked apart, forming a small crater around them both as her feet sank deeper and deeper into the dirt. But with one light push she was able to send Raker flying across the battlefield. He hit the ground on his back and bounced across the grassy, blood-stained, corpse-covered plane. After he had finally come to a halt, Raker got up to his feet as fast as possible to see that The Ninjan Warrior was charging towards him at incredible speeds, he knelt down on one knee while prepping The Harvester of Sorrow for impact as she came down upon him and tried to strike him with her claymore.


Sparks flew off in all directions as the two swords clashed once more, the very ground beneath their feet trembled and cracked apart as The Ninjan Warrior forced all her weight down upon Raker, she was strong...unimaginably strong, stronger than most of the women Raker knew...except for Scar that is. It was becoming nearly impossible to hold her back and so he pushed forth with all his might and forced her off of him. The Ninjan Warrior staggered backwards a couple steps but easily regained her footing in seconds. Raker however was already having trouble getting back on his feet, his heart was beating rapidly in his chest and he was drenched head-to-toe in sweat.

"What's the matter Off-Worlder, can't take the heat?" The Ninjan Warrior smirked as she rushed forth at Raker once again and swung her claymore at Raker like a baseball bat. Performing a series of back-flips Raker barely managed to dodge the attack, but The Ninjan Warrior was already catching up with him and preparing to strike at him once more. Raker blocked her sword upon landing, forced her back and pointed his left index finger at her. Through it he began to channel The Power of The Black and in one swift shot, Raker unleashed his Cero.

A pulse wave of energy slammed into The Ninjan Warrior who, beyond all possible belief, was actually pushing her way through the very heart of his Cero and was approaching him at an alarmingly fast rate. Raker tried increasing the intensity of his Cero but all it did was make The Ninjan Warrior more determined to get within close range. Raker grabbed onto his left wrist tightly and intensified his Cero further but it did no good...The Ninjan Warrior was already upon him and her proximity to him had caused his own Cero to backfire and engulf him instead of her.

Raker went flying to the ground, his skin was literally on fire. By inverting his Cero, The Ninjan Warrior had succeeded in disabling his Hierro as well, the invisible layer of energy which made his skin as hard as steel and gave him some measure of protection against physical attacks, he had nothing to protect him from what was about to come next. The Ninjan Warrior dropped her sword, pulled Raker up off the ground and began violently beating him with her armored fists.

Left Cross, Right Cross, Uppercut and Repeat. That was the order in which The Ninjan Warrior attacked and because of her superior strength and speed, she had a distinct physical advantage over Raker, even though he had spent two whole days on Ninjeta preparing for various strategies that would allow him to quickly sacrifice an opponent and move on to the next, but he never could have imagined the power these Ninjans wielded, it was too much for him to keep up with his opponents relentless attacks. To her, he was now nothing more than a punching bag, The Ninjan Warrior let out a hearty laugh as she eased up on Raker and watched him stumble around a bit.

"Pathetic, absolutely pathetic, did you really think that you could beat me? A full-blooded daughter of Ninjeta and one of Lord Darkchild's Elite? Ha!" The Ninjan Warrior laughed for a couple moments more when suddenly...


"What was--" before The Ninjan Warrior could even finish that sentence Raker was already descending upon her and was tightly grasping her face, he began digging his nails into her flesh and then by simply concentrating he began to siphon off her lifeforce, her whole body began to convulse violently as Raker transferred more and more soul energy from her body into his. His face, though bloody and broken, maintained an expression devoid of any emotion whatsoever even as The Ninjan Warrior began to age more and more rapidly. Within a matter of seconds she had went from looking like a beautiful Amazonian warrior princess to a wretched old hag.

As for Raker, the older she got...the more his wounds or rather the ones that posed a significant threat to his continued existence or his ability to keep on fighting in this war had healed, at the same time his Master began to whisper to him once more. "MY HERALD, YOU HAVE DONE WELL WITH THIS ONE, BUT THE HUNGER...IT STILL GNAWS AT ME. I NEED MORE FLESH. I NEED MORE SOULS. SEEK OUT THE TYRANTS WHO HAVE TORN THIS MISERABLE WORLD APART, TAKE FROM THEM THEIR SOULS AND THE SOULS OF THEIR MOST POWERFUL UNDERLINGS BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE...AND FEED ME."

"As you command, my Lord."


"They will not, my Lord. My own personal activities on and off the battlefield will more than likely go unnoticed by these so-called Champions of Earth, as it stands they have other matters that require their full attention for the time being, also...by feeding you those souls whom you crave the most I am essentially aiding the Champions in their quest to rid the entire Universe of the trash which now corrupts and tears apart this world whose surface I stand upon piece by piece, am I not?"


Once his Master's voice had faded away, Raker checked to make sure that the soul of The Ninjan Warrior he sacrificed to his Master had healed him enough while passing through his body that he would be able to continue onwards. It was then that Raker realized he had lost sight of The Harvester of Sorrow, after taking a moment to look around he found his blade laying on the grass just a few feet away from where he had killed his opponent. Walking over to it, Raker picked up the blade and examined it to make sure it was okay, once he was satisfied with the results he sheathed The Harvester of Sorrow and began making his way North.

Raker suddenly came to a halt and looked back over towards the tree where he had landed in after that Single Sharp Syllable had exploded and launched him Heavenward, the same tree where he was attacked by The Ninjan Soldier and her subordinates...who were nowhere in sight...in fact the entire section of the battlefield was now quiet. There were no signs of life other than plants and several different kinds of animals who had come to feast on the corpses of the fallen. Looking ahead, Raker could see that the other participants in this War, whoever they might have been had already moved their operations a little farther North.

Raker would have to play a game of catch-up if he was going to get to those his Master wished to feast upon before anyone else did. For some reason though, Raker could not shake the feeling that something was about to alter the course of his journey across this strange world. What that something was he did not yet know but he could literally feel it in his bones.
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The air had a crisp chill that Felix had not felt in years, so it was no wonder he felt nostalgic. Especially when so many of his former allies, and even friends, had arrived on the planet in the last few hours to combat the people he now found himself in league with. 

It was strange to think about how much he had changed in just a few months. After his surgery and the deal he made with Mr. Sinister, Ferro had to make the world think he was dead, and the best way to do that was to become a part of the class of people that no one gave a second glance at: the poor and homeless. He saw things while immersed in the dregs of society that made him lose hope in humanity as a whole. Felix had come to the realization that people didn’t need protecting, they needed to be controlled.

After that it was little wonder that the path he found himself on lead him to the spawn of Darkness himself. When the Vine Villains rose anew from their ashes yet again, he gladly accepted the position that was offered to him, just as when he was offered a chair in the House of G. Now here he was in one of the most powerful positions imaginable: the liaison between the two most prominent and dangerous groups on Earth or, in this case, on Ninjeta.

A bestial voice woke Felix from his musings and caused him to turn away mountains that had been captivating him with their grim beauty.

“Sir, the heroes have arrived and have engaged our forces in combat fifty... Miles North of our location,” Darkchild’s soldier stuttered only once through his gritted teeth, still trying to get used to the Terran units of measurement. Considering the raging monster he had become, Ferro could not help but be impressed by the soldier’s sophistication. “Should we send reinforcements to their location?” Felix’s attention was drawn away from the Ninjan brute and to a pillar of light in the distance that had burst into the gray sky.

“Despair...” The word was a whisper in the cold air. He could recognize that power anywhere, even from this far away. He hadn’t known that she had joined Veritas. This would prove to be very interesting. All the emotions of war must have erupted within her. Of course, it couldn’t have helped to be around that obnoxious twit of a man, Closure. Felix had met both him and his father, and in the Fallen Hero’s personal opinion the apple fell far from the tree. He had skill, but compared to Thunderbolt he was a sad excuse for a hero.

Felix shook his head, responding as he began back towards the Temple that was serving as their base camp.

“Our job is to maintain communications between the forces of Gambler and Darkchild. Let the main army worry about the heroes for now.” He could hear the heavy foot falls on the cold stone as the soldier went about his business. There was a good chance that some of the heroes would be headed their way anyway. Ferro had learned to be an emotionless vacuum; something would likely draw Despair to them like a magnet. With the high-flaring emotions all around her, an area of respite would be almost impossible to resist. A Felix was about to enter the ancient stone building he could dimly hear the roar of an intergalactic engine, signalling the arrival of the other player he had been expecting.

His footsteps echoed throughout the halls as he drew up to his seat in the war room, nodding in acknowledgment of Sephirim, his ally and fellow Vine Villain. Across from them sat one of Gambler’s messengers, swathed entirely in black. Without so much as a flinch at the sight of the intimidating figure Felix addressed the killer, his head resting lazily in his hand as he did so.

“Tell your master of the hero’s arrival. And be sure to mention that the Wolf Pack has arrived. Dismissed.” With a small nod he turned his attention to Sephirim. “It won’t be long before the conflict arrives at our doorstep. We should take this time to prepare ourselves for the worst.” Getting up once more, Felix went to his quarters to perform the finishing touches on the specialized weapons he had brought to outfit them. He carefully held a clip of sliver-nitrate injector rounds in the light to examine them, allowing a brief smile to stretch across his face before it returned to its neutral state once more.

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Squeak! The sound of a squeegee slid down a wet, soapy window, leaving behind nothing but spotless glass. A warm wind blew against his short, brown hair, and ruffled his t-shirt and jeans, making the hot sun more bearable. A bead of sweat ran down the left side of his face, gathering at the end of his chin. Having reached its limit, the large droplet of sweat fell, down, towards the ground, story after story, traveling more than one hundred and fifty feet. No harness, no rope, nothing to keep him safe from falling down to his paved asphalt below. He finished the window, holding the bucket at his left elbow, and the squeegee in his teeth, he turned his head to look over his both his shoulders, right and then left. Three kids crossing a crosswalk, an old man exiting a grocery store, a car slamming on its brakes and laying on its horn, and two friends sitting on a bench together, talking with each other. This was Los Angeles.

Gripping the outer wall of the giant building he was cleaning, the young man shimmied along a small edge that protruded an inch from the side. It was not an easy task, his fingers slipping multiple times, but always having at least one hand to hold him up. Finding himself at yet another window, the ten foot tall and wide monster glared at him, as though attempting to deliver a threat. Splashing soapy water from the bucket onto the window, he flinched as ice cold water awakened his senses. Removing the squeegee from his mouth, wiping the morning fresh saliva from it, he brought it up to make the first stroke, when he had a bad feeling, and immediately turned his head to gaze at the city below. Scanning the city in an instant, he quickly located something happening out of the ordinary. A masked figure came out of a bank, carrying a large bag over his shoulder. This was two miles from the building where the window washer clung. Back at the large building, the young man opened the window from the outside, set the cleaning supplies inside, then let go of the building, gaining speed as he fell. It's time.I'm on my way. Out of the side of the building, a large panel opened, using heavy duty hydraulics. Fifty feet from the ground, it would only be seconds until the young man would... Whoosh! A green blur swept through the air, and in the blink of an eye, the window washer was gone. Welcome to Los Angeles.

Covering the distance of two miles in under twenty seconds, the green blur was finally recognizable. It was a large flying emerald dragon, and riding her, was the washer, toting a sword at his side. This was Cly the Dragon Rider, and Esmeralda his dragon. The criminal had just started up his car when he looked out the rear view mirror. "This isn't my day."

Two days ago

Having been a few months since the Light Wars had ended, Cly paced back and forth in his room, thinking how it had been a completely new experience to him and he had not done very much. He slipped the ring over his index finger, thinking of the unhuman power that once coursed through him. An adventure that was. He pulled out a drawer, slipped the ring in, and closed it back up. Now, it's over. Snagging one of his many capes from the closet, the rider slung it over his shoulders, more like a blanket, and walked outside his room to see what was going on around WAL. Don't think you can sneak out of here without waking me. Esmeralda's playful, sarcastic, and serious tone struck him like a rock to the head. Wha...? No! I knew that! I just thought that... She extended her wings, and beat them lightly, letting blood flow freely through them. This happens every morning Cly, why don't you just give up? His jaw dropped, and with wide eyes, he pointed out the window. It's...a...flying breakfast! Esmeralda turned her head to look. There was nothing but empty air. She looked back towards Cly, who was nowhere to be found. Sometimes I don't understand you.

Making his way into the kitchen, he was about to grab breakfast when he heard the signal for a WAL meeting. Huh? A meeting? At... He glanced over at the clock. Eleven in the morning! Whoa!? That is way too early! He grabbed a bagel, cream cheese, and a knife, as he made his way back towards his room. Getting dressed within seconds, he ran through the halls, trying not to be the last one to the meeting room. Skidding in front of the door, he put on a smile, and walked in. Ahhhh! Dead last!? How am I always...? His rant inside his head was interuppted by the calm voice of his dragon. Listen to Nova. He stopped, and listened.

She spoke with such power and authority that it completely captured his attention. "Wando, I need you to make a portal on Ninjeta, I have a map of the planet, assuming it hasn't changed up too much over a year's timeframe, we should be alright." She then turned to everyone. "Alright WAL, time to Light up the Darkness, get ready! We leave in one hour!" Having only heard the end of the conversation, Cly shrugged his shoulders, and said, "Cool, a nice, peaceful mission for once." An array of blank stares caused him to think twice about what he said. "Okay...?" The Wanderer sent him a telepathic message of how they had had a meeting earlier that morning, and gave him the rundown. All at once letting it all out, the rider belted out, "Oh, I see!" He paused. "I had better go grab Valor then." He ran off, out of the room.


Appearing from the portal, the entire team of WAL stood before a battlefield, such chaos that it was hard to describe it in words. Eyeing Veritas, he was about to say something when Nova spoke up. "WAL, help Veritas out! Keep those Ninjans away from their ship! Don't allow them to damage it. And help out where needed." Listening to his co-leader, and temporarily distracted to large battle that raged around him, he didn't detect a lone sniper bullet speeding towards his way. Whoosh! The speeding bullet collided with his right eye, moving at an angle across the right side of his face and clipping the top of his ear off. Eye fluid sprayed out in front of him. "OUCH!!! Why I just got here!? Come on!?" He brought his hand up to his face and covered his eye. He hand began to glow white, bright white. Twenty seconds later, he lowered it, having a completely new eye in its place. Esmeralda, let's go.You are sure you don't want to rest for a minute? Nope. I have to follow orders, otherwise, I could get fired, no pun intended. He leapt up onto her back, and the two sped towards the Veritas ship. The smell of blood hung in the air.

Quickly taking the front lines of the battle, he watched as others around him viciously killed the Ninjans. Having taken an oath never to kill again, he drew his impossibly sharp, virtually unbreakable sword, and held it at his side. This may be war, but I never turn on my word. Emeralda, your choice of what you do here is yours alone. She twirled her body in a complete circle, dodging incoming bullets, rocks, and spears. You speak too kindly. I will refrain from deadly force if possible. This war not only ranged on the ground but in the air, the Ninjans having a lot of ground, ground that Esmeralda would need to take back. Turning his sword to the side so the striking surface would be the flat, he extended his arm, and thanks to Esmeralda's speed and precise movements, he was ablet to take out one, two, three Ninjans that were closely grouped together in one blow, a blunt hit to the side of their heads, strong enough to knock them unconscious, but weak enough to keep their skulls intact. Thud! A spear slammed into the rider, the deadly force knocking him off of his dragon.

Cly! Are you okay? He landed to the ground, and held the spear shaft with his left hand. I'll manage. He paused, then looked toward some of the giant Ninjan war machines. Esmeralda! Try to take out the big guns! She hesistated, hovering in the air like a hummingbird. A Ninjan came up towards her, armed with a sharp sword. Bathing the warrior in fire, she watched the sword melt, along with the armor. Gathering air in her lungs, Esmeralda blew most of the fire out in one gust, then knocked the Ninjan down to the ground below. She took off, headed for one of the big machines.

Removing the spear shaft had been more painful that he had thought. Not only did it have a hooked end, meant for tearing up one's insides when removed, but it was also coated in some kind of poison. Blood spurting from the side of his chest, he continued to fight, with Valor at his right arm, while he held his left arm inside the hole in his side, stopping the gushing blood, and then trying to find and extract the poison. He kept up at it, trying so hard to locate the foreign poison. Aha! He found it, cut a small hole, and forced it out. Doing a small patchwork job to his damaged muscles, the rider felt his energy back, and kept on fighting.

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The odds were overwhelming and it seemed like at this point that tactics and strategy meant nothing. The VV Ninjan force was strong and fierce. Like the man they called their Lord they were vicious and aggressive.  Veritas was doing their best but after two days of straight fighting fatigue was a large factor. Mistake will be made and mistake lead to death in combat. Some how some way the playing field needed to be evened.

"There she is! Get the witch!" was heard by Kurrent over the apocalyptic battle that was going on around him. Darkchild had trained them well. They knew who we were and targeting Despair who is rumored  to be one of the most powerful Empaths in the world was a good idea, too bad them they didn't know how powerful exactly she really was. After a powerful strike with a light bolt her attacker was now dust and even the flesh above Kurrent's bones felt the power of the Veritas Empath.

As he continued to fire with his beretta's he noticed that his marble sized electric bullets did not have the same effect on the Ninjans as they did on people of Earth. Instead of penetrating the skin then causing an electric shock the bullets would just shock the Ninjans. Still it was effective but having to put over 5 bullets in one target at a time just to slow them down was becoming a a strategic problem.  The one good thing that came from it though was that he found a weakness on them, the neck. Suddenly as he was about to move location he hears "I should punch you in the face right now for making go threw hell..."    "Alright, Oh Electrifying one... whats the game plan?" it was Feral Nova. Looking across the battlefield he could see WAL occupying the area taking arms with Veritas and the Ninjan Resistance. He knew why she was pissed, and he couldn't really blame her, this had become a suicide mission and as much as he hated having to bring people into it, it had to be done for not only the protection of Earth but for the Universe.

Before he could speak to Nova his teammate Closure suggested a battle strategy. He suggested that Veritas stick together, it was the right move but it was not exactly the smartest one given the circumstances. The Veritas Leader had to look at the big picture. He knew that Hayden was out there as well as Gambler, this battle although costly was only the beginning. The fact that Darkchild nor the VV Elite had not even stepped in was also a big concern so his response to his teammate was  "No Closure too much needs to be done and we can't all just sit here and be lambs to the slaughter"

Turning to Nova again about to tell her his plan he was interrupted yet again this time by an unlikely ally Talon. It appeared that The Wolf Pack had also answered the distress call. “The Wolf Pack have come to aid you in your attempt and I will aid you, “It is um good to have you back sir….”  she said with a smirk on her face and her hand outstretched for a shake. The reluctant Kurrent secured the beretta in his right hand in it's holster but kept a firm grip on the one in the left. He began to lean forward to shake hers when suddenly he lifted his left hand and began to fire at Talon. The bullets passed through the right side of her face hitting a VV Ninjan on the chest multiple time dropping her on her back. Kurrent walked up to her disregarding Talon, Feral and his teammates next to him and stood over the disabled Ninjan. Lord Darkchild will kill you all she said with a smile on her face, Kurrent then put his left foot on her forehead and used it to turn her skull in a way that exposed her neck. He replied to her in a gruff tone while pointing his weapon at her neck "I'll be sure to tell him you said that when I send him to meet you in hell" Her eyes opened wide and the sound of 3 well placed bullets on her neck was the last thing the follower of DC ever heard. After he looked at Feral Nova intensely hoping that she understood why he had done what he just did.

Quickly he turned his attention to a medic of the resistance. She had long beautiful black hair and was fighting like a champion but the red cross on her shoulder mad her more important then a warrior. "Medic" Kurrent said to get her attention. When she looked at him he said "Set up an aid station inside of the Phoenix with whatever medics and healers you can gather, once you patch up the wounded give them thier weapons and return them to the battlefield" She responded with a nod and moved out with haste, she was a good soldier.

Walking back over he looked at Nova intent on finally speakingto her and  giving her the plan. Once there he said so that everyone around can hear and handing Nova a map with coordinates "That map contain the location of the Ninjeta capital city Farwick, on the SW side of the outskirts of the city their is a rebel group of about 50 Ninja warriors gathering to take the city. I need you to meet up with them and take command. The city has to be taken and Hayden must be killed, Closure go with Nova and and whoever she takes from WAL. As for the rest of use we are going to mount up a strike against the North and South which is probably heading this way." It was a lot to gather so he paused a few seconds to let it all sink in. "Nova I think Sha is there too but remember this can only end one way and Hayden has to be taken down"

The fighting began to pick up as the VV forces continued to move in. Kurrent then took his position pulling his other beretta out again after speakikng into his watch so that all can hear "Veritas, WAL, Wolf Pack and free Ninjan people, we are outnumbered but we are far from defeated. After this transmission form a 360 degree perimeter around the Phoenix and begin to push the enemy back. Believe in yourselves as much as I believe in you and we will be victorious in this batt......" his transmission was cut short by the left hook of a VV Ninjan. Kurrent tried his best to roll with the punch but the surprise of the attack made that difficult. He stood quickly and began to fire upon her with both gun while walking towards her until she fell. As he made his way near her he picked up the sword she dropped as he was shooting her with his right hand after putting his gun away. Using the Ninjan's own sword he drove it right through her heart while she was on the ground. After shaking his jaw left to right test if it was broken he said to himself before focusing on the next target "crazy bitches"

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Ninjeta - Battle Zone

The Ninjans were indeed fast and powerful.  Lycans possessed a form of balance, speed, and precision unlike any other creatures on Earth.  Yet, the Ninjans were proving to be faster and much stronger.  Though their pulse rifles and energy blades greatly aided them in their fight, the lycans were beginning to get beaten back.  One lycan warrior swung his energy blade toward a Ninjan, only to have his arm caught midair and to be literally ripped apart by his foe.  Several of the lycans managed to transform during the battle.  Although each member gained greater strength and healing, it was not enough to stop the mighty Ninjans.

During the battle, the King of the Lycan Underworld stood back-to-back with two of his lycan brethren.  They had been separated during the skirmish and were now fully surrounded by Ninjan warriors of the Vine Villains.  Ninjan freedom fighters were scattered throughout the entire battle zone aiding and assisting where needed, although their numbers were far fewer than the forces of the Vine Villains.  Furthermore, Sector 13 attack cruisers flew around the field as well for further support.

"Lone Wolf Alpha to....." the Hunter yelled into his communicator, just before dodging a powerful Ninjan attack. ".....Attack Cruisers BETA and DELTA!" He then drove his energy blade directly into the powerful Ninjan's chest.  "Converge in MY POSITION!  Repeat!  Converge on MY POSITION!..... BRING THE RAIN!"

The Lupine Lord was then struck directly in the face by one of the enemy Ninjans and sent flying back.  As he landed, his head face-first into a boulder - splitting it open.  Rolling over onto his back, the Hunter quickly extended his energy blade directly in front of him just in time to impale the Ninjan as it was flying through the air towards him.  He then reached up and wiped the blood out of his eyes just in time to see the two attack cruisers flying overhead.

As they entered the area, their powerful pulse canons fired and several missiles launched towards the enemy.  When the missiles hit their targets, a special chemical inside the missiles was a freezing agent.  Once it hit its target, it would quickly engulf the target's body in the powerful freezing agent.  After the target was frozen, the powerful pulse canons would finish the job.  Indeed, that had to be what Anderson meant when he mentioned "special weaponry."

The Hunter's wound on his head quickly healed and he jumped back to his feet once again.  With his energy blade ready, he charged into the battle once more to meet yet another horde of enemy Ninjans who were coming in for another attack.  Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, William spied his daughter Laura sprinting towards the position of Veritas, Inc.  His eyes then noticed a detachment of Ninjans flying directly after her.

"We HAVE to make sure she gets through!" the Lycan King ordered to his warriors.

"Aid the princess!" one of the lycans shouted to his comrades.

With that, they charged after Talon and the pursuing Ninjans.  William's heart quickened as he ran and his eyes focused upon the one Ninjan who was gaining on Talon.  Gritting his teeth, the Lupine Lord let out a deep growl as he intensified his focus.  For him, this was his element.  Like a predator chasing down its prey, the Hunter was poised and ready to strike.  Finally, he leaped out nearly fifty feet.  Letting out a loud roar as he did so, William Greystoke exemplified the ideal predator springing upon his prey.  As he roared, he brought down his energy blade and plunged it into the back of the pursuing Ninjan.

Both the Ninjan and the Hunter then shot down toward the ground and crashed violently.  Several more Ninjans landed upon the ground with their swords drawn and their eyes set upon William Greystoke.  Although he knew he was sorely outmatched, William realized that the Ninjans had their attention solely concentrated upon HIM and not on the Lycan Princess.  Getting through to the other forces of Earth and uniting with them would be the only chance of turning the tables in this battle.

"Go after Talon!" the Hunter ordered to the few remaining lycans.  "Make sure she reaches our allies!"

"But my liege....."

"GO NOW!" the king roared at the top of his lungs.  "I CAN TAKE THEM!"  With that, the Hunter picked up yet another energy sword so that he held one in each hand.  Their bright orange aura matched the burning determination in his eyes.

Gathering his strength, the Greystoke Legend leaped directly into the horde of attacking Ninjans as his lycan warriors faithfully obeyed.  With greater speed and accuracy than ever before, William Greystoke fought off his enemies.  He swung out with the left blade and decapitated one Ninjan, then swung out with his right blade and struck off another Ninjan's arm.  Ducking low, he then spun around and brought the energy blades through the hips of two more - completely separating the upper body from the lower body.  Driving his right energy blade through the chest of one Ninjan, Greystoke raised his left blade behind him to block the attack from a second one.  Then, spinning to his right, he struck off the right hand of the attacker with his right blade, then followed through with the left blade by hacking it directly into the Ninjan's neck.

Covered in the blood of Ninjeta, the Hunter turned just in time to see Talon and the other lycans disappear out of sight.  Turning again, he continued to fight off the attackers and hold them as long as he could.  Suddenly, a cold Ninjan blade plunged into his back and the tip of it came out of his chest.  For a moment, he just stopped.....  looking down at the protruding blade covered in his own blood.....  Another Ninjan blade then plunged into his side....... It appeared as if everything began to slow down......  William did not even cry out in pain......  Instead......  the Greystoke Legend fell to his knees and looked up at the carnage around him.....  slumped lifelessly to the ground..... then faded into darkness......

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Just then, as he took the knife in his hand into the gut of a worthless Ninjan grunt, just as the innards and bowels released into a gushing sensation of blood and horror, just as Warsman laughed as his body was covered in red like a mentally disabled child took a coloring marker to his skin thinking it was a sheet of paper, just as the bodies slumping at his feet numbered more than what he could count on his fingers and toes, something died in his mind. It wasn't a thought or memory, but a piece of knowledge. He lost contact with someone important, someone who shaped what he was at the moment. Laughing through the pain of it all, he bore a twisted smile as he wheeled his neck to the limp body of a Lycan. Not any Lycan inparticular, but just the shape of a large man dying. Somehow, he knew what war meant. Somehow, through all the bloodshed and death, he knew what it meant. It meant revenge.

He raised his arm, knife in hand, but in the other was a syringe.


The needle pierced his neck.


The plunger injected the DNA of one of William's experimental children into his bloodstream. He stopped talking. His teeth grew, sharpened themselves to a grotesque and razor-sharp point. His eyes became animalistic. Instead of fur, like the other Lycans, his skin boiled red-hot and it became like rough leather. And instead of speech, there was only madness. The experimental child William had engineered, long ago before the Wolf Pack was formed, had died. It killed itself from bashing its own skull into the wall. William had told Warsman to use the same DNA if he should die, to use it to give courage and inspiration to those he had left behind.

"NO REGRETS!!!" A bellow, not a yell or scream, but something beyond what humans or beasts could produce.

William had told Warsman that if the serum worked...

There was no mercy from the new abomination. It was mad, insane, knowing friend from foe but without cause other than to rip and tear. Ninjans threw themselves upon it, but only weighed the thing down and caused it pain to move. Slowly, they were tossed away into crumpled heaps of their former selves, incarcerated shells of lifeless tissue and spilled fluids.

...he would die.

Limbs, optical organs, tongues, fingers, teeth, anything that could have been ripped from a Ninjan body littered the immediate area of the creature. This was his hour, the playroom of a demented mass-murderer. When his knife broke, there were more, but when those slipped out of his grip, there were his hands. When his knuckles split, there were his talons. When those chipped off into bloody nubs, there were his teeth. And these did not fail him.


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He lied on the ground of the Ninjeta planet. "It was so far from but yet it felt so much like home. Even in a battlefield the ground was soft and so inviting. The ground must be why people often die during battle he thought. Just to get a chance to lie down stop fighting and just rest for all your life that can make someone give up I think no matter what planet your on. Right now I don't think I would mind dying even so far from home." It seemed like our hero was ready to give up ready to die ready to just lie in the dirt and stop having to fight harder and harder for causes that were becoming less and less his own. 

The Ninjan warrior Z'ecta walked over to the dying hero. "I am sorry that was not the death I wanted to give you. As one of the few male Ninjans I pride myself on having honor and proving that despite my gender I am a fierce warrior worthy of more than just being used to reproduce. Sadly I fear that day has not come despite my rank and there is very little I can do to make up for what has happened to you.  I hope this provides you with some comfort as you pass for no one should have to look upon a battle as the travel to that which is after." The Ninjan removes his cape and drops it over the dying body of the Man of Midnight.

Seconds after the cape is dropped Midnightist stops moving. He stops writhing in pain, he stops struggling he just stops. He lies still as a alien warzone goes off al around him consuming the sky and the ground. He lies there for seconds. 10 Seconds becomes 20 seconds, 20 seconds becomes 30, 30 becomes 40 and so on and so on till an entire minute passes before he get up. He flatlines.

"HUUGGHH" He makes a miraculous gasp for air. He makes his lungs work, makes his heart beat and bump blood through out his body. "What the f%^ was I thinking what kinda nut just lies down and quits well maybe Day Hunter he's a punk but not me I'm not going to die here. I've got some alien parts in me that have been keeping me alive for years. I got super human powers passed down from generation roaming through my not going to be a corpse body so why am  lying on the ground."

He rolls over lying on his back. He still has almost no strength in his body to do anything, but his will to live is stronger than all the machines and muscles that make up his body. "Ok this is not good. The bulk of the battle is going on by the Phoenix and the Wolfpack's ship. I can't get to either one without getting stepped on by one of these supergirl wannabes." He pans his head looking around the battlefield. "Ok that tree line is pretty clear of fighting I need to get there and then radio for support." He tries to get up. First he pushes up his chest using his arms like he was in the gym trying to do a push up. He struggles like a little child. He struggles to drag his leg under his body. 

 He makes it with the one knee. He looks like a building ready to fall down from the stress "Come on come on". He drags the other leg under his body. Soon he is standing on both his knees and hands. He focuses his will to push his body to new limits. He lifts his leg up enough that he can slide his foot on the ground still holding himself up with his arms. He finally makes it. The next leg starts to move he grinds his teeth and looks upward like the pain is so much he can't even bare to look at it. He finally gets both feet under his body. 

He then has only one more step to make. His wound is bleeding more and more but his body is fighting the wound. The pain from the one shot has traveled all throughout his body and damaged it. The Man of Midnight still cannot stop. He pushes up with his arms and his legs his hands his feet his muscles his nanobots all of them work together finally he is able to stand on his own two feet. Still he has no balance. It was like he was a zombie that rose from the dead and like such he is ready to fall over. He stops himself from falling with his right leg and then slowly tries to smile while panting like a dog.

but his smile is short as his left leg begins to wiggle uncontrollably. He once the leg to stay up but the bones breaks from the stress. The pain travels fast. He immediately chomps down on his own teeth blood comes from his lips. Like a movie on rewind he falls to the ground in the same path he got up. First he falls on his knees, then his hands and then the knees give out and he falls on the ground hard. He even hits a rock on the way down. He wants so hard to scream in pain, but he know if he makes noise he will be attacked. He uses his training and dulls the pain. He takes over his breathing, his pulse his makes his pain his servant and reroutes it to something useful something it should be, drive.

"Ok nothing has changed I know where I need to go and what to do no excuses just solutions." He reaches his hand over and grabs the cape of the Ninjan warrior. He pulls it over him to use as cover crossing the warzone. He pulls out two bowie knives and stabs them into the ground. He pulls himself across the alien dirt. Keep his eye on the target a small bit of safety in this fight. He pulls himself more and more like a sider scaling a wall. A burning ninjan warrior falls to the ground right in front of him. "Huh must be that Nova girl think I'm in love." He keeps going trying to make it to his destination.

 He looks around and sees the leader of the Wolfpack fighting the Ninjeta. He fights like the wild animal he is named after he keeps going , but he is ganged up by the Ninjeta and falls to the ground, but Midnightist does not let that weaken his resolve and he still goes on never looking back. "Veritas, WAL, Wolf Pack and free Ninjan people, we are outnumbered but we are far from defeated. After this transmission form a 360 degree perimeter around the Phoenix and begin to push the enemy back. Believe in yourselves as much as I believe in you and we will be victorious in this batt......" 

Sorry K but I'm a little busy trying not to die responds the masked hero really only just talking to himself. His target get closer and closer. It feels like heaven when he slides amongst the big brush and the trees like a snake going to its home. Gets farther and farther in. He is still panting like a dog but breaths a sigh of relief. He presses his hand to his ear. and contacts his friends. "This is Midnightist repeat this is Midnightist I'm wounded and in need of assistance. I"m located directly south of the Phoenix in the tree line. I'm safe for the moment but I'm sure that won't last please somebody anybody come and get me don't care who just just........" He can't finish his statement as he passes out from the blood loss and the pain but with any luck he won't be a victim of the war on this alien planet.
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Two Weeks Ago

Goki walked the long hallways of the House of G base, each wall covered in paintings of Gambler and various other persons. Goki hadnt cared what the man did with his time, as long as Goki was given the chance to kill. Goki wasnt a simple man, he just enjoyed the simple things in life and one of those was killing mindlessly and without remorse. The Ninjetan people were such easy prey and he had to be controlled as to not kill the ones that were under Gamblers rule. Many a times Goki simply waited in his room showered with women, waiting for Gambler to call upon him for a need that only he could quell.

And finally the day came, Gambler came to his room. Walking in he gestured to the women "Please tell da fine ladies to leeve." Goki pointed to the women and then to the door, all standing quietly and without a whine nor a noise and simply left the room.

Goki sat up and smiled to Gambler, mocking his own accent "Wat a pleasure to ave you come to me humble abode." Gambler snapped at him "I dont talk like dat." Goki chuckled for a moment "I take it the resistance is becoming more an more of a problem for us huh? Is it true that their planning on bringing in outside forces?" Gambler said nothing "I take your silence as the prick hasnt felt the need to tell you yet huh? Its a definate hes just like the Darkchild of my world, Seems hes got something over your head huh?" Gambler slowly picks up a pen and it glows and Goki brings his palms up "Sorry, wasnt meant to get to you. Something I inheritated from my father was the great ability to poke at others sores. Just seems he got more up their in the north. But Ill stop talking so you can tell me why you sent the women away." Gambler let a small smile come to his face. Telling Goki that he needed to be out on the field now, just in case if they do bring in more help. And to protect those who needed it, Goki agreed soley so he can be near the woman who had haunted his dreams Mademoiselle.


Goki ran through the battlefield enclosed within a small city, screaming a gutteral battlecry. "Time for a little light show no?" The ninjetan soldiers screamed towards him, his hands cracked with electricity and he moved his hands then cupping his hands together thrusts them forward. A spark of electricty turns into a large sphere and it slams into the middle of the group of soliders, they all freeze in place convulsing violently as the eletricity shakes through their bodies. Goki walks past them down the street eyeing a slender woman in the distance, then snapping his fingers the soldiers burst into a cloud of blood. More continue to slam down onto him, walking down the street a field of energy cracking all around his body in a large bubble. Flicking his wrist ever few moments bolts of a mix of fire an electricity burst from the bubble and slam into the oncoming soldiers. Their rocks an spears bounce off the bubble some if thrown hard enough ricochet back to the ones who throw it. Bringing a grin to his face he finishes off the rest of the ones in his area, and tapping his com link to Gambler "This area is clean, waiting for new location." Tapping it again he falls backwards into a shadow an disappears reappearing in front of the slender woman "Well now, wouldnt be safe for you to be out here alone would it?" Bowing to her "Let me give you a hand Mademoiselle."He looks back up to her with a grin
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In a bold and tactically sound venture three of the Vine Universes most legendary villains united, putting aside their egos and petty differences in a coordinated effort for World domination. But this time it would be different, this time the playing field had been moved, this time......they succeeded. Millions of miles from Earth, deep in the darkest regions of space, Darkchild, Hayden Miles, and Gambler waged a bloody, and ultimately triumphant, Civil War on the planet of Ninjeta. The preemptive strike had caught the Ninjian's off guard, and in less then a year, the war was over.Cutting the planet up into three separate, yet equal portions, Gambler, Hayden, and Darkchild enjoyed the sweet taste of victory. To the North Darkchild reigned supreme with death and destruction. While Gambler set up a more lavish empire in the South. Hayden took command of the outlining areas to the East and West.

For one year the Unholy Trinity operated without interference from so called heroes and their teams. Reshaping Ninjeta as they saw fit, enslaving its people and raping the land. With an unlimited supply of natural resources and futuristic technology the Trinity created thee single greatest army the Universe had ever seen. And with it they had accomplished what no other villain before them had been able to. A World completely under the control of evil without a hero in site and a population to frightened to fight back.It was a perfect utopia. But nothing lasts forever and before long, Kurrent and his hard hitting group, Veritas, arrived on the Planet's surface. Reports of the Wolf Pack being sighted raced across the land like wildfire.

 Un-phased by the arrival of Earth's Mightiest Heroes the King of Kings sat across from three servants and three chess boards, nonchalantly exercising his keen intellect. "Checkmate" he smirked as simultaneously he ended all three games. "You must always be several moves ahead of your enemy mon amis" smirked the Cajun.There had been no sign of Hayden and meanwhile the resistance had gained momentium with the arrival of the Wolf Pack, Vertias, and WAL. They all seemed to be concentrating on the VV stronghold to the North. As always Gambler's ambition cast an ominous cloud over his loyalties. Memories of his ultimate betrayal which eventually led to the VV Civil War flooded his mind as he plotted his next course of action. Rubbing his perfectly sculpted chin the Master of Manipulation was interrupted by an incoming encrypted transmission."This area is clean, waiting for new location." said Goki. Pausing for a moment Gambler considered his options and whether or not to send troops to Darkchild's aid. After thinking it over carefully he relayed a coded message back to Goki. "Listen closely Goki for what I am about to say is of great importance. I want you to take several Council Members to the North and help DC hold off the advancing forces. But dhere is one more thing....when dee opportunity presents itself, I want you to assassinate Darkchild and any members of the VV that you feel would be loyal to his cause.Do not fail me Goki, I do not suffer fools."

Gambler had set his pieces in motion. Making a bold and defiant powerplay for complete control. Now all that needed to be done was to find out if Hayden's loyalty could be bought, or if she would pose a problem further down the road. "Ready my transport" ordered Gambler. "We leave for Hayden's palace within dee hour."

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Hours ago

The light starts to shine though the curtains, starting to slowly light up the room. Jay slowly woke up from the light blinding him in the face, he put his green pillow over his face. He started to slowly fall back to sleep, once that pillow was covering his eyes. He could start to see a woman with long blond hair, she was really beautiful.. He started to noticed around them there was a horrible war going on, he could see members of WAl, Vertias, even the Wolf Pack fighting on the field. He turned to look back to the blonde lady, he was hit by something that knocked him down.

Jay woke back up screaming, while the pillow was in the air, sweat started to pour down his fourhead. His heart was beating really fast, he whipped the sweat off his face as took his Black blanket off. He got off his bed, he grabbed his navy blue slipper, he put them on his feet. Jay Grabbed his bedroom door handle to walk into the hallway. Hallway was empty with no one in sight, but wait a few hours and it will be busy. He walked into the kitchen, Jay went to get a bowl a gallon of milk for his cereal. He pulled out the seat and sat down, he poured Captain Crunch cearel into the bowl. " Hmm i wonder if anyone ever thought if they were real bearies."

A few hours later

Jay was on the couch waiting for Feral Nova to come over and play left 4 dead with him. Then Jay starts to hear a signal for a WAL meeting. " Man i really wanted to play today.... Crap" Jay then walked into the room where the meeting was being held at, he looked at Nova who was about to speak. "Wando, I need you to make a portal on Ninjeta, I have a map of the planet, assuming it hasn't changed up too much over a year's timeframe, we should be alright." She then turned to everyone. "Alright WAL, time to Light up the Darkness, get ready! We leave in one hour!"


Jay was one of the last people to walk out of Wando's portal, then he looked at Feral Nova. She was leading the team in such a cool, but heroic way, she lead the team to their destination the help Vertias. Stephanie then yelled out to the team "WAL, help Veritas out! Keep those Ninjans away from their ship! Don't allow them to damage it. And help out where needed." She turned towards the right where the battle was going on. "Time to light up the darkness!"

"This kind of looks a-lot like my dream.." he thought to himself. Jay flew up into the air, he started to make a telepathic sweep to see if anyone was hurt. He then heard thoughts of a family running really fast. Jay then opened his eyes, on the corner he noticed the family. They were in the middle of a crossover during the fight, Jay flew down to the ground, he landed right next to them. The family had a sad look on there faces, it must of looked like hell to them. Jay then put up a psionic force field, he then sent out a telepathic message to Nova. " Umm i found a family... Where do i take them?"

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As Slight ran back towards his team mates he could see, and here the Ninjan wariors falling. But it seemed as if when one fell three popped back in it's place. From a distance he could see, Kurrent shooting down loads of the VV warriors, and then he saw Talon, and Feral Nova. Would this be his chance to see the great fire goddess in action. Shaking his head, trying his best to stay on task, he tripped over an uprooted treeroot. Slamming chest first into the cold dirt he laid there for a couple of seconds hoping that the enemy would not see him like this. By the time he arose to his feet, there were three guardswomen that surrounded him. It was such luck that they were vulnerable to the cold. Even though it stumped him how well they fought in the snow.

It didn't matter though, because Slight had somewhere to be, and he needed to get there as fast as he could. His hands tingled with power over the element of water. The snow that covered the ground melted instantly, and seeped into the hard frozen ground. But then, quickly, almost a fast as it had melted, the water rose above the ground and took grasp of the feet of the three guards. Slight thought it would be cold enough to effect them, but he was wrong. Simultaneously, the bent down and smashed the ice to bits, and took charge for Slight. Darkchild had indeed trained them to fight like him. Such brutality was his game. They ran, and ran, and Slight stood, and did not move. His plan was to wait until they were close enough so that they could crash into each other.

As soon as they were in range, took flight and jutted into the atmosphere. Like he thought they would, they rammed each other like brutes. It seemed odd to see so many women in battle. Slight always thought that they were the more peacful type, but then again, he had to remember that he was on Ninjeta, a completly different planet. Again he flew over to the Phoenix. It was just his luck that the rest of the VV Ninjans were occupied with the rest of the team. As he landed, he saw that there was still more to do, not like he expected anything else. Closure was suffering from a wounded arm, and Slight could see the woozyness in his eyes. He dashed over to him, after collecting water from the snow patches that were strewn about everywhere. "Let me help you." Slight said giving a helpful smile to his friend, and team mate. After he was finished healing Closures wound Kurrent gave more orders.

Slight seemed to be having wonderful timing this day. "Set up an aid station inside of the Phoenix with whatever medics and healers you can gather, once you patch up the wounded give them thier weapons and return them to the battlefield" Kurrent had ordered one of the Rebel medics to gather healers, and increase the numbers on the feild. Seeing it as what he was there for, Slight said to the Veritas leader, "I'm going with her, all I need is water, and they should be coming back in droves." Without waiting for a respons he darted for the planes opening, and met the lead medic inside. "How can I help?" he said wanting to be of service. "Just start helping, we don't have much medicine, but I've seen what you can do.  Most of these fighters don't even come in here unless they are hurt from the neck down. In other words full body wounds. Can you handle that?"

"I think I can"
he said giving a cordial smile. Just then four Ninjen rebels were brought into the ship. Immediatley, Slight jumped into action, going outside, he gathered as much water as he needed to do full body healings. But, he should have known better, than to think he could handle such a task. Somehow, he always forgot about his fear of blood. Which was in abundance. Still, he inced on, covering the wounds with purified water. The healing process was quick, but it would have been quicker, given he'd opened his eyes. One after another they came and left. Soon, there were less and less than needed his help, but on the battlefield was a different story. He walked down the Phoenix's stairs, to see even more of the Ninjan warriors tearing apart rebels. "Maybe I can take them out from a distance?" Slight, formed a telekinetic mass and sent it in the direction of one of the VV Ninjans. As it hit, it didn't seem to have any effect at all, but it did. The blast, was like a stun. The warrior fell to the ground and writhed for a moment before recovering. "Okay, so that didn't work as I planned"

Just then more orders came from Midnightist "This is Midnightist repeat this is Midnightist I'm wounded and in need of assistance. I"m located directly south of the Phoenix in the tree line. I'm safe for the moment but I'm sure that won't last please somebody anybody come and get me don't care who just just........"  Slight lowered his head in a sigh, as he pressed up against his watches comunication device.   "Im coming, just don't move, or...die." He raced to his comrade and outstreched his hand to a patch of snow. Healing his wound was harder than he thought. As he tried his best to say focused, there were projectiles of all sorts flying above. Slight had no other choice but to put up a telekinetic shell to protect them both from any further damage. Finishing, up, he said "We've got to get back to the Phoenix, I can keep this shell up for as long as I need to, but those VV soldier are going to try everything they can to get at us, So that means we need to move quickly."

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Witht the sharp mechanic sound of metal the two stripes were forced into the two submachineguns in her hands. Deadly the light of Wolf pack's newest toy the predator shone on the blackened surface of the weapons. Two old comrades in bringing death, tested in more battles than she could count. She did not have any illusions about her job, never really had, and this job was to kill. The reason varied but the business was the same. Although this time her current teamleader had taken it to new heights. This time she would kill people on a different far away planet, the planet of her sister in law to be exactly. This way the family was reunited perhaps. Maybe she was cynical, maybe just realistic. The outlook didn't matter, the mission was decisive. Risky didn't feel well with leaving earth to fight some supermodels in space, that sounded like some pervy science fiction movie, but Gambler and Darkchild, two of the people that she had battled for most of her career till now, could not be allowed to establish a power base on a planet from which they could launch attack wave after attack wave on earth. So she made her way to Ninjeta and killed the time through exchanging weapons and ammunition with Warsman before she could kill some ninjans.

Two days later:

Risky stood at the open loading door while the wind played with her short black hair and the battle raged beneath her. The two submachineguns that she had readied over and over again as if it was some mantra rested firmly in her hands, another even older companion, nearly a friend, her dear sawed off double barrelled shotgun had found its usual place on her right thigh, two nine milimeter pistols took residence in two holsters under her arms and a Desert Eagle waited on her lower back. Not to forget the big rifle with the long barrel that was diagonally tied over her back. Of course the little hold out revolver in her left boot and her old army knife, now laced with vibranium, in the right boot were not missing. The black Wolf Pack suit clad her well and clung to her trained body following every subtle curve of her body. Combat goggles covered her blue eyes and supported her with a lot of useful information like number of enemies, distance to the next traget she was looking at and several sight options like nightvision or infrared among others. The jet was to land in a few minutes but Risky did not intend to wait that long. She was Risky after all. One hand at the frame she made her first step forwards and...


Almost shocked Risky turned around. Behind her there were 50 of the giant blue eyed blonnde bimbo babies that Sector 13 called Super Soldiers. Wait a moment, the man who stood before her was familiar to her somehow. She had saved the life of this one once and she didn't think very well of him or his comrades no matter how physically fit they were. The Lycans were one thing but the Super Soldiers... For some reason she didn't trust Anderson or his Sector 13 and this paranoia carried forth on those products of the government agency as well. Rolling eyes she gave the smiling Warsman some yards away a desperate look and focussed on the steroid monsters before her again. Even someone who didn't know her could have telled that she sounded very annoyed.


"Awaiting your orders, Ma'am!"


"Awaiting your orders, Ma'am, Commander Greystoke told us that we are under your commando! So what are our orders?"

Risky was speechless. Was she really supposed to be the commanding officer of those muscleheads? Hunter had to be kidding. HAD TO BE. No this was not true. She coulldn't care about those people as well, surivivng down there would be hard enough without commanding a unit on her own. Desperately she let out a deep sigh. From beside her she heard the dark vibrant voice of Warsman bursting with laughter. If she didn't know him so well now she would have shot him in the foot for mocking her. But suddenly she had a flash of genius and that innfamous impious little merc smile (TM) came to her face once more. A bit insecure the soldier asked again.

"Ma'am? Our orders?"

"How about that one? Think of your own!"

And suddenly she was gone. Gone with a backward swan dive out of the Predator. Wildly grinning she noticed how the Super Soldier looked after her in terror down the whole way to earth. Her loved thundergod Lst Paladin would have loved that image of her, she descending from the sky madly screaming and heavily armed like a valkyrie, a shield maiden of his father. And like a valkyrie she would come down upon her foes and strike them like the wrath of god. Now everything was a matter of luck, the landing, the situation iin which she landed but if there was anything that she had enough of it was luck. She was not only Risky but also Lady Luck after all. And she felt so alive. Now that the adrenlaine flowed freely through her and improved her whole organism this was the time where she really lived, the moments that she really enjoyed more than anything different. Jumping out of a ship into enemy territory was unlike any other thing to her. Life was perfect now, this was her purpose, the thing she was born for and she had no other possibilityy to celebrate this moment as her battle scream:


Indeed luck was with her. Doing a little turn in midair she landed directly in a circle of ninjans on her feet, flexing her knees to absorb the force of the fall. Surprised the Ninjans turned around to her but it was already too late. Bringing her weapons around in a 360 degrees sweep she emptied the magazines on full auto. The lights of the gunfire lighted up the bloody Ninjeta night and let the faces of her victims appear in an almost demonic, unreal fashion. At first they looked amused at how a woman from earth tried to hurt them with a mere gun but that expression quickly changed as the armror piercing bullets which would have been able to penetrate an armored limousine entered their bodies and let little flowers of blood appear right next or sometimes even directly on their fancy VV logos on their uniforms. It needed less than two seconds and Risky was surrounded by a circle of dead bodies. With a bitter grin on her face she threw the empty magazines out of her smoking weapons and quickly reloaded them. Eight dead in her first two seconds in what was called a war. Not a bad result. Still smiling she opened a communication canal to Hunter:

"Okay, Hunter. Arrived on the battlefield. Made a nice entrance and now I'm looking for some better position to support you with firecover from my calibre 50. Once we are done here we gotta have a talk about... Hunter? Hunter? Do you hear me?"

And then the sight that was presented to her let her blood freeze. Hunter kneeled there, impaled by a Ninjan sword like a hero of old. More blades came at him and opened new wounds. it didn't look good. A mean mercenary curse that would even let the experienced soldiers among them blush escaped her mouth as she witnessed how his blood soaked the ground.

Okay, do not loose control now, Hunter's healing factor can take care of that if they stop going at him now. Will they do that? If Mr. cal.50 asks nicely they'll do.

Without wasting another thought she brought the rifle up and fired one shot, ripping the first Ninjan's head off as the massive bullet hit him. The semiautomatic made it unnecessary to her to ready the weapon again. The second shot killed another ninjan, fast and efficient. Still the mad beasts continued to tear at their prey. A third bullet was transported into the chamber and only half a second that bullet was catapulted out of the barrell as well making its way towards another Ninjan's head in deadly precision. Risky was an expert markswoman, shooting was her second nature and even terrible stress didn't affect her. In the midst of battle she could still hit a quarter. She just hoped to be fast enough this time. Hope she would be fast enough to save her friend. The colossal gun send thunder over the battlefield and created a matching soundtrack to her thoughts.

Hunter... don't die on me...

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Two Days Ago: WAL HQ

Constantine sat as Feral Nova stood in font of her team yet again, with a bright smile on her face as filling as her stand. She always warmed his heart when her pearly whites reigned down upon them all. It had been only a few weeks since the light wars ended and Cons violet lantern, which differed from the usual Indigo rings WAL members held, was in a secure showcasing down in his underground lair that was under his London Manor house. They lived in the London manor house because it was closer to their daughters place and Scott's wife loved to visit her grandchildren and family members. It was usually the holidays that had the family busy and meeting up with relatives but Gemma loved turning up throughout the year.

Con wore his usual wear, he did not have a costume like many of heroes and villains that walked the Vine universe, but even so he would be recognizable from his gear, he currently wore his silk red tie, plain white shirt and his black pinstriped waistcoat with matching trousers, he always liked to look smart, and topped off his uniform with a knee length coat and eye mask, which he currently twiddled between his fingers. The coat folded over the back of his chair. Con brushed a hand gently through his brown hair, it felt like velvet on his fingertips. Suddenly the co-leader began to speak up and as soon as her voice rang out the room went instantly quiet.

She began explaining their next mission, she gave a short back story, of how Ninjeta, the home planet of a friend, was under attack from a legendary warrior and with short help from Gambler and DC the place was soon overrun. Their mission was to team up with Kurrent and his team the Veritas Inc., to help take back the Ninjans planet and imprison Hayden, DC and Gambler along with their terrorising armies. Con and Wanderer were ordered to get them there through portals. But first the usual protocal needed to be taken and he had to prepare, so as usual he made a shadow clone to replace him in his house so no suspicions arose about his alter ego.

Present: Ninjeta

All WAL members had passed through the portal into the battlefield only to be instantly harassed, attacks reigned down upon them, but most blocked and countered. Con lit himself up and he watched as Wando and Nova did the same. All guns blazing they attacked, Con struck with perfect form, stepping side to side cutting in at crucial body points, mostly the neck. Ninjans were very powerful people but they were not undefeated. The battle raged on and Constantine saw many fall, including teammates. Soon the wanderer and himself were pushed back to park fire off shots of ice and fire taking down Ninjans together, but not without injury themselves.

It wasn't long until they pushed back and Con saw as friends fell from what he knew it seemed the Lycan King was falling along with the Midnightist. Suddenly by a powerful pair Con and Wando were split and the wanderer was blasted away from him into a pile of rubble. As con fought back harder than ever he crossed the field to reach his friend. Pushing through the rubble and pulling open space to free a friend he burnt away anything he could. Wanderer was ok a little scratched but something else was needed, through telepathy the wanderer informed him that they were needed by their leader, looking up he saw her in the beauty of golden flame. With that Con pulled his team mate from the ground.
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Clang! Swords clashed as Cly and a extravagantly dressed Ninjan warrior, one that stood out from most, bearing the mark of the "VV". Screech! Metal sheered as the edge of Valor cut through the Ninjan's sword, leaving her defenseless. Drenched in sweat, the rider came to halt, turning to face his opponent, who was dazed by the impressive attack. Taking the opening, he performed a quick blow towards the Ninjan's mid-section, an attack that was meant for a distraction, to be followed up by a blunt blow to the head. Just as he had thought the Ninjan warrior had been faking it to some extent, and was able to dodge the first blow. This made the female warrior's head lean slightly forward, right into the blunt attack. Bash! The Ninjan warrior fell to the ground, unconscious. Having another attack thrown at him, he parried the blow, tightened his fist, and threw a left uppercut to the next Ninjan warrior. "Is that all you have got, swordsman?" The crystal clear voice of the hardened female warrior ran past his ears. Kicking the Ninjan away from him, he looked over his shoulder, to see the extravagant Ninjan that he had been fighting, standing tall, appearing to be unharmed. "Far from it Miss!"

Weaving in and out of the chaos of the battlefield, Esmeralda made her way toward a giant war machine. I don't understand why I always get seperated from Cly. Maybe I should get a leash for him. She grabbed a Ninjan with her two front clawed feet, and tore both of their arms off, letting the heavily injured body fall down to the ground. It is hard not to kill them. Ping! Ping! Ping! Bullets collided with her scales, ricocheting off of them. A heavy sucking sound spread out from the machine. One of the cannons, the largest one, began to form a small sphere of energy. Spinning and growing in size, the entire cannon was filled with the energy. Turning her head around, then back, and using her advanced eyesight to guess where the blast would travel, she had no doubt that it was aimed for the Veritas gunship. Sending out a telepathic message to friendies that she knew, she told them, Mayday! That cannon is aimed for your ship. By the size of it, this could be the attack to level it. Her eardrums nearly burst as a supersonic wave cut through the air. The beam fired. All at once, she knew what had to be done. I'll stop it. Flying to its path, she inhaled into her lungs, and closed her eyes. Spark! The inside of her lungs burst into flame. With all of her might, she breathed forth a fire so powerful that it slammed into the beam of energy, and held it back. Losing ground, she was nearly out of her breath, and the power of the attack was still nearly at full power.

Taking hold of Valor, Cly stood his ground, as the female warrior stood before him, unarmed. In an arrogant tone, she said, "It's Captain, not Miss." He gulped. A captain? This could be harder than I thought. He watched her, waiting for her to strike, when it happened all at once. Expecting it, but not expecting it at that speed, his high speed eyes watched her move towards him, but his muscles seemed to move in slow motion, too slow to block the attack with Valor. He felt his jaw crushed to bits by the strength of her attack, spitting teeth out of his bloody mouth. Not letting up at all, he felt her ground him around his chest, and tighten her grip. He felt his lungs crush, every ounce of air squeezed from him. Tighter, tighter, when... A bullet pierced the side of her neck, and exited from the other side. Her grip instantly loosened, as blood spurted from her neck, her main artery hit. She fell to the ground, shaking, holding her hands around her neck. Kurrent blew the smoke from the end of one of his berettas. Breathing in deeply, the rider turned down to the ground, put his hands around her neck, and they began to glow bright white.

There is only one chance, to redirect it. Flapping her left wing, and giving her last burst of flame, the energy blast shot away from her, missing the ship by mere feet. Exhausted, Esmeralda dropped to the ground, landing on a Ninjan with her one ton mass. Oops! She got up off the warrior, who was one of the rare male Ninjans, only was hurt, and attempted to attack her. Please. She swung her tail around, batting the Ninjan in the neck, and sending him flying into a group of Ninjans. Out of the sky, the large machine lost visual of her, and did not want to fire on the ground due to friendly fire. Trampling groups of warriors, she was uninjured, until she felt her muscles and bones tear in half, a strong Ninjan behind her, had ripped the end of her tail off completely. WHY YOU!? One hit knock out. Grabbing the end of her tail with one of her clawed feet, she felt rested enough, and continued toward the cannon.

The Captain's blood vessels healed up, and skin formed over the patch that was missing. Her voice changed to a softer one. "Why did you save me?" He began to say something, letting down his guard, when she thrust her right arm towards his chest. Exiting out of his back, her hand, dripping in his blood, she snarled at him. "Where is your heart! It isn't there!" Cough! Blood sprayed from his broken jaw, and he uttered the barely recognizable words. "I...must...have...healed...it...wrong..." She shook her head side to side. "Foolish creature! You must regret healing me!" A tear rolled down his mangled cheek. "No...I...have no...regrets for...my actions." Her eyes widened. Even in this condition, he still wouldn't break, a true warrior. She pulled her hand out of his chest, and set him down to the ground. "You, are the first warrior I have ever met that could show such kindness." Around his neck, a metal cross, covered in blood hung. "I...only persevere...because...of the strength...that Jesus...gives me." Not knowing what he was talking about, she called out, "Medic!" Approaching her quickly, the medic said, "Captain? This is one of them. Why are you...?" The Captain snapped at her. "Shut up! Follow my orders!" The medic began to patch Cly up. With the last of his conscious energy, he sent out a telepathic message to his dragon. Esmeralda, don't come after...me. He blacked out.

Kaboom! The mighty emerald dragon flew through the large cannon, causing it to explode. Yeah! She circled around, and sped toward the cockpit. Heavy fire shot at her, each wing having two small holes, but not hindering her too much. Glass shattered as she broke into the control room, grabbing the pilot and gunner, and knocking each out. Grabbing the main controls in her mouth, her long, white daggers for teeth shredded them to confetti. A weak telepathic message entered her mind. It was Cly's voice. Esmeralda, don't come after me. She darted out of the machine, just as the entire mechanical construct burst apart. Eyeing the field, she located Cly quickly, surrounded by a large group of Ninjans. Cly!? What happened? Why can't I come save you? She barred her teeth, and blew out a stream of fire. He knows what he is doing most of the time, so I will trust him on this. She sent out a message to anyone that had seen him captured. Do not attempt to save Cly, this is what he wants. She landed near other WAL members, waiting for her next plan for action.

The unconscious body of the wounded knight, Cly, was carried deep into the army of of the Ninjan warriors, quickly lost to all of his friends.

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Feral Nova stood next to the electric ace as he had just finished taking out a couple of the Ninjan warriors. Getting ready to speak to him Closure, the person she saved from falling to his doom, came up to speak with him, telling Kurrent for the teams to stick together. Before Nova could say anything opposing to that, Closure spoke again.

"I know you, your that girl that usually gets pawned by Sha. You could be a pure bad-ass if you went neutral. No disrespect I just say nonsense when I'm nervous. This usually happens if I might be in a near-death situation. I'm going to shut up now, before someone yells at me." And with that Closure simply walked off, leaving Nova shaking her head.

"Is that what I'm known as now? The girl that usually gets pawned by Sha?" She grunted as she crossed her arms. "He's lucky he's with the V's..." she grumbled to herself as she then saw someone from the distance, running towards the two heroes, a girl, with tattered cloths but a fierce look upon her face. "Talon" She smiled at the girl as she pushed the hair out of her face with a sigh.

"The wolf Pack have come to aid you in your attempt, and I will aid you." She spoke in a stern voice, no hit of fear or worry, she then turned to Kurrent. "It is um good to have you back sir..."

Nova then looked from Talon to Kurrent and then back to Talon and once again to Kurrent. "Did something happen while I was recovering?" She was a bit confused but pushed it out of her mind as Kurrent then handed over a map with some coordinates. She looked down at the map, opening it up as she listened to Kurrents plan. "That map contains the location of the Ninjeta Capital City, Farwick, on the SW side of the outskirts of the city their is a rebel group of about 50 Ninjan warriors gathering to take the city. I need you to meet up with them and take command. The city has to be taken and Hayden must be killed," Nova's heart began to pound in her chest, she was going to be in command of fifty Ninjans, fifty lives... who are going to trust her and if Hayden is there... she would have to take her out. From what she understood, Hayden was more powerful than her long time rival Sha, and Stephanie was barley strong enough to defeat Sha only a few times in battle, not to mention, Sha KILLED her once before. Different outcomes of that battle began to play in her head as she then struggled to listen to Kurrent. "Closure, go with Nova and whoever she takes from WAL. As for the rest of us, we are going to mount up a strike against the North and South which is probably heading this way." Nova continued to stand there as she looked over at Closure, his marksmanship and fighting skills WOULD come in handy in the fight. Then looking out she could see her teammates and friends, who would she take with her to the hell hole of Farwick? An almost suicide mission? "Nova I think Sha is there too but remember this can only end one way and Hayden has to be taken down" Nova's body almost froze in place as she heard this, Sha might be there... she might be captured, hurt, there was no way she was going to be able to do this mission, without having to look for Sha, she was like a sister to her, no way she could let her just die and rot. No way in hell!

"I'm going to do whatever I feel I have to do Kurrent..." Nova said as she turned away from the fellow hero.

The area around them became more hostel as the fire power from the Ninjans became more intense. "Veritas, WAL, WOlf Pack and free Ninjan people, we are outnumbered but we are far from defeated. After this transmission form a 360 degree perimeter around the Phoenix and begin to push the enemy back. Believe in yourselves as much as I believe in you and we will be victorious in this batt-" the transmission was cut short, and Nova was ready to get into action.

her eyes immediately darted towards Closure as she walked up towards him. "Ready? or are you going to start ranting about how Sha is stronger than me?" She joked as she turned to her team, her eyes scoping out on who to take to Farwick with her. "Constantine, Wanderer, you two are coming with me and Closure to Farwick!" Before she could begin to make her way to the city her communicator went off. 

"Umm I found a hurt family... Where do I take them?" it was none other than Jay. Nova looked over to see the medic near The Phoenix, the Veritas ship.

"Jay take the family over to The Phoenix, The Veritas ship, there's a medic there who can help them." She paused for a moment. "And be careful, it doesn't look like these Ninjans don't worry about their own kind. When your done there, I want you to stay with The Veritas, and help them out." She said as she turned back to Closure, Con and Wando. "Were going to Farwick, this is the Capital of the Ninjan Planet, and its over ran by the Ninjan forces. There were going to aid the rebel warriors and take the city. The quickest way, is by teleporation, but I don't want to tire you guys out more than you are, so were going to fly there." Nova burst into her golden flames and looked over to Closure, extending her hand. "You need another lift? or are you going to walk the entire way there?" She then pulled out her communicator with her free hand and spoke in it. "With the exception of Wanderer and Constantine, I want all WAL members to stay and assist Kurrent and Wolf Pack." She said as she slipped her communication device back in her pocket. "Ready guys?" She looked over at the three men and took off towards the direction where the map told her to go. As she soared in the air she could see hundreds of Ninjans fighting among each other, blood spilled over the land as piles of bodies could be seen. "I cant believe it got this bad here." She could feel the anger rising inside of her. How could Sha let this happen to her land? How could she just give up? Why didnt she call for help!? Sha knew that all she had to do was ask, and Steph would have been there in a heart beat to help her.

About a half an hour of flying the four fighters finally reached their destination, SW just outside of Farwick city, and there she could already see the group of female Ninjans standing together, with weapons in hand. Landing on the ground she then walked up the group of rebels. "Who is in charge?"

A couple of seconds passed as a tall amazon like woman stepped forward. Her raven hair was tied up in a tight bun as her golden eyes seemed to have a life of their own. Standing at least six feet tall, the built woman stood in front of Stephanie who had to tilt her head back a bit to see her face. "Um... I'm Feral Nova, leader of We Are Legend back on Earth." She then turned to the other three men. "These are my teammates and friends who have come to aid your people on your darkest times, The Wanderer, Constantine, and Closure. Kurrent has sent me to lead all of you into Farwick."

The woman looked over at the three male heroes and neutral with a questionable look. "Men... on this planet they are only good for one thing... and I've heard of you... your the one that Ziccara killed before, right?"

With a sigh Nova hung her head. "Geeze... here too huh?" She then looked back up at the woman. "Yeah, I'm her... but I've beaten Sha a few times myself... just... I could never kill her... I see her too much as a sister. As for the men, trust me, these men, are more than capable of helping you and your people, they are some of the bravest, and skillful warriors I have ever met." She then stretched out her hand. "Come on, let us help you."

The woman looked down at Nova's hand and then gave a small smile as she grasped her hand tightly. "I am Zordaida, I used to be a General for one of Hayden's armed forces, but after seeing that she's willing to sacrifice her own planet for her glory... I couldn't serve her anymore."

Nodding her head, "Its good to have you on our side." she then turned towards the city with high walls and then back to the rebels. "Ninjan Freedom Fighters, the time is now for us to take back your city capital, to over throw Hayden and give the thrown back to someone who will not destroy their own planet to show others that they are worthy to be praised. We can end the battle on this side of Ninjeta today! Let us go into Farwick, and take back what belongs to all of you!" She then burst into flames. "At the darkest moment comes the brightest light!" She took a deep breath as her flames began to grow in size, gritting her teeth she then rose her hands as a large fireball began to grow, sucking up the oxygen around them to make itself more powerful. Then with a feral yell, Nova thrust her hands forward, a blinding light covering the area as her flames smashed into the wall, causing it to disintegrate upon impact, leaving a wide gap opening for her group of fighters to go into the area and take over the city.

Battle cries could be heard echoing across the area as the group of Ninjans began to make their way into the city as Ninjan Armies began to make their way into the area, the two groups of the same race smashed into combat with each other with the four heroes there to help. There was no way Nova was going to allow this battle to be a failure, there was no way she was going to let this group of beings down, she was ready to sacrifice herself for the greater good of this war.

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White flames graced the horizon. There was no other descripton for it. Like a second sun Desapir levitated in a glorious white halo in the Ninjeta sky and let pure energy rain down on the battlefield beneath her. Time after time Ninjans tried to fly up to her only to parish in her destructive blasts. Pure rage fueled her battle prowess and forced the otherwise shy and peaceful Desapir to go on a rampage. She wasn't even able to give of some of the redeeming light that brought her opponents to regret their deeds at the moment, the necessary focus was barred from her in her recent state. Inevitably she gathered more and more and more of the negative emotions in her that made her blast burn hotter and hotter. Now they already burned two or three Ninjans at the same time. Still they kept coming. Like mad beasts they stormed at her and bombarded her with their anger and hatred. And she herself picked it up, made it hers, amplified it and sent it back threefold pushing them to go at her even more, sending out more hatred and anger which she amplified once more. What Desapir feared the most had finally happened again. An empathic loop. Higher and higher the intensity in her near vincinity rose and slowly she felt how it began to warp her mind, actually revel in the slaughter, look down upon the smoking skeletons at her feet and alugh about the the massacre she caused. Darkchild had indeed trained his troups well, that was clearly shown in his former student who stood in id air here with her teeth cleched so hard that blood flowed out of her mouth. And then, just as she was about to give in, to give herself up and succumb to the madness, become nothing more than a rabid beast for all times she heard it.


The voice was only in her mind, echoed through the complex hallways of her mind until it had finall found the little child Despair who had huddled in the darkest corner frightned by the impressions which were heaped upon her with no end. And it was a familiar voice received by her telepathic and empathic abilities. A voice from the past. A voice of someone who was most dear to her. Someone with whome she had exchanged a vow to come to each other's aid in times of need. The pure mentioning of that name evoked contrary feelings in her. Friendship, loyality but at the same time disappointment as one of them had turned to evil. Tears streamed down the child's face in the darkness. No, there had to be a way out of this. There had to be. And with a flash of light she did the only thing that was possible to counter the madness in which she was drowning, the darkness which threatened to crush her: She screamed his name.


The pure shock brought her back to her senses. As of to clear her mind she shook her head and for a moment she lost concentration. And that was a mmistake. a bad mistake. When she managed to focus her angelic blue eyes on the battlefield again the thing she saw puzzled her at first. Three lines, black material, big... Oh no!!!

The fist of the Ninjan war machine hit her hard, as hard as a train to be exact as he flew at her with the speed of a bullet and a mass of a truck. For a short moment she managed to built up a cocoon of pure light around her but it was not enough. Her concentration was shaken by that ghost from the the past and her pitiyable defense broke down. She could see the fist making its way through the shield in bullet time splintering it into a million shards of light that flew into the night like shards of a broken mirror. Although alread slowed the fist hiit her hard on the chin, pain like she had never experienced before and send her flying. Flying far. Pulling a tail of light behind her like a shooting star in the night sky she made her way over the Ninjan horizon. And finally landed where she left a crater about the size of a small house. If it had not been for another lousy force field that she was able to errect while flying she would have been dead. This way she only wished to be.

How long she lay there in torment, between consciousness and unconsciousness, trapped in a strange wonderland of pain and dizzyness she did not know. Mayn ties in her life she had been compared to a fallen angel because of her dark beauty but never before did that comparison match so well. One could indeed think that she was one of Lucifer's companions lying in that big crater after falling from the sky while the amazing light of the Ninjan moon was cast upon her.

After an eternity she got aware of her surroundings again, at least to a minimum. She heard voices.

"Mother, that is one of the outworlders! What should we do?"

"What do you think? We can't leave her here! It's never been our way and it won't be this time!"


More she did not hear as mercyful darkness engulfed her and she lost consciousness completely.

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Two weeks ago

Location: Harujuku, Tokyo

I love Harajuku more than any other place in this violent world. I think fashion city. It's so amazing and wonderful here, I just love it so much. Aside from being where the Harajuku girls present their fashion shows. Its where all the shopaholic come and spend what they have or earn, either case we all get something. Like they say shop until you drop. This is the one place where I fit right in. There're little places in Tokyo, if you know where to go and look, that seem to be both distant and somehow exist on another world. Not that Tokyo isn't its own world anyway, more like worlds within worlds, you can say. And they're quiet as the grave. I never thought I would be visiting and dropping off flowers to both Sindella-ya and my mother's grave.At first I thought maybe this was a mistake, since the guilt I feel for killing and not knowing them, only what I've heard from my grandfather. Maybe the old man wanted a little quiet memorial place for his fallen friends or his daughter, in the amazing never ending land of the rising sun. But when I receive a call from grandpa, he asked me to give flowers to the both, to celebrate them in honor of their life time. What are the probability odds of me coming upon something weird happening right now, tonight? Maybe 1 in 12,790,000. If its me. I'd call that a magic. Odds of ever seeing ghosts of your mother and friend at night, makes you very lucky. Maybe seeing them was a sign of happiness.

Me: Hey its me.
Grandpa: yes?
Me: If you see a ghost smiling what does that mean? Evil or happy?
Grandpa: I'll check on that.
ME: Well I have to go back to America so see you later, bye I love you grandpa.

I wonder why House of G, sent a distress call.


All of House of G is participating in this disastrous war. Never in my life, I thought I would be in this crossover. Waiting in the palace with Gambler with other members while the rest are out fighting the resistance of the Ninjeta. From the looks of it the Ninjeta seem to be winning especially with the help of there allies,  Wolf Pack, Vertias, and WAL. We received transmission from Goki that the area he was at is now cleared and awaiting for orders from Gambler. Our master Gambler has order Goki to take several Council Members to the North and aid DarkChild, whose base has been ravished by the Ninjeta. And Gambler last order to Goki was to assassinate DarkChild and any other members of VV when the opportunity arises. As I walk over to Gambler, I ask, " Is there anything you need me to do?"


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Argh! these were the worlds of a Ninjan after getting hit by magical blast from the Demi-God's hand,as another one sneaked on Matezoide from behind and punched his head,Matezoide smiled and grabbed this Ninjan's hand and broke his arm,if Matezoide wasn't super strong,the Ninjan's arm would more be made of paper I have fought many wars,you are powerful,but aren't a born warrior said Matezoide as he landed a kick in the Ninjan's face,knocking him out,however the Demi-God didnt realised a cannon was aimed at him

Boom!! and a massive amount of energy was sent at the Spartan's direction Wha-- ARGHH!

we hit him! we hit him! said the Ninjan controlling the cannon we hi- before the sentence was even over,Matezoide trowed a rock at the Ninjan's,but he accidentally killed him shut up

Kill him! as another wave of Soldiers came with a guns  there is not time for this,there are more of these cannons around,if it damaged me,what will do to the others?  Shoot to kill!  and so they did,but Matezoide managed to hide behind a rock after getting shot 5 times not bad.. as Matezoide saw a cannon aiming to his fellow teammate Cly's dragon: Esmeralda, no! damn,i cant get there in time...but i don't have to Matezoide took his war hammer and used it to create 6 souls destroy the cannon! as the souls followed they orders,the Son Of Zeus still had one business to take care of...the wave of soldiers and so he did,by punching the rock,making the debris be launched at the Ninjan's direction,knocking out some and damaging others,with incredible speed Matezoide jumped into the air and kicked a Ninjan's into the head as he shot an energy blast at another's gun,destroying it,only to knock him out with a well-placed punch,he then grabbed the other by the neck and slammed him on the ground  What,happened? It was..so..fast however,he got no response as The Spartan placed two fingers in the Ninjan's face,knocking him out pressure points,i love then  Boom!! Matezoide quickly turned around to see what happened,he smiled as he saw the cannon that was aimed at Esmeralda destroyed,he took his twin guns Punishment and Olympian as he smiled  Who is next?

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Decked with 4 pouches across his belt, each lined with 52 cards and 25 poker chips ready to be charged as an explosive should it be needed. On his back laid a satchel filled with an arrows and strapped to that was a bow, truly ready for war...the archer stood firmly. Quietly thinking to himself of days gone by, days he'd spent as an assassin working for rival governments and playing off their own weaknesses, a Wildcard at it's finest. This was what Drifter was and would always be...a surprise waiting to happen. Against the back drop of space and the cold rocky regions of Ninjeta, an Archer walked toward the north before he was interrupted by a signal into his ear piece..."DRIFTER, this is Giapeto. Meet me and Dark Evangeline at once"

"Yes." He replied without hesitation. Being only the tenth member of the council, with Giapeto as third member...Drifter did well to listen to him and listen to advice etc. but still, something seemed odd about the mysterious puppet master. Something that threw the Archer off,  Maybe it was the fact that Eddie had a problem with dolls, maybe it was just the fact of how Giapeto like talking  inappropriately to his puppets. Drifter did'nt know but what he did know was that a plan was being formed as he began his walk, gears began to turn in his mind.  So immediately, With his superior technological mind, he ripped his headset out from underneath his mask and began to reprogram the satelite signals coming into and out of the mouth piece and ear piece.

"Darkchild, Darkchild do you hear me?"
The radio buzzed and spattered sparks as he spoke into it, but eventually the war lord of Sinestros mighty corps. heard him and responded..."Who is this?" The eerie voice spoke back, growling like a roaring lion waiting to devour someone.  "Drifter. You have known many of us "drifters", most of them spineless rats, However I seek to change that.I have intel to suggest that I can bring you two members of the House of G's head on a platter. You see I want to build a legacy...but not with a Cajun...what say you?" The man inquired, hoping to charm the Child of Darkness like a snake. With a smirk and a grin, He accepted Drifter's offer and off Edward Cosokov went, seeking to gather an army of Ninjans to take to the two Puppeteers.


3 hours later.

30 Ninjan warriors decked with bows and arrows all trained by The Malicious Archer himself.

"I'm here" He winked.