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It was sundown.A warm brisk air blew over Rayne as he sat on the edge of a six floor abandoned apartment building roof with a calm and relaxed expression.The sky blazed with fusions of colors, from red to violet to orange and more.The breath taking scenery was something that he always enjoyed.For a while he had known a young ninja by the name of NeVaan, surname Uchiha,who had resembled himself in the greatest and had shown high potential as a fighter.It was time to see if he lived up to that expectation.

Looking halfway back, Rayne shot a confident grill at his opponent.

Alright kid, its time to see what your made of

Standing up, he stood on the ledge of the abused and dilapidated roof.This building was definitely going to crumble before the fight was even halfway over.

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As the sun fell from the sky NeVann was making his way back from a training session, for awhile now he felt a presence of someone or something following him but he paid it no mind as he stoped and looked up to the sky. He turely hated the city but all that was forgotten by the dust it could create, clouds in the sky looked as if they were aflamed dancing in the sky. Soon a breeze began to pick up from behind him sending his hair flapping infront of his face, taking his left hand he brushed from his face as he caught a figure standing on top of a what looked to be abanded apartment building. Alright kid, its time to see what your made of.. seeming to be carried by the same wind the sent his hair flying up did the word crash into his ears. NeVann finally turned his body and looked up to see a man standing atop of the roof with a very confident look about him.

So you want to see what I'm made of, fine who am I to turn down such a request. But seeing that you must already know who I am may I ask, what is your name?

He replied back as confident smirk of his own ran across his face, as he continued to look at the man.

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Kazatoshi..But you can call me Rayne

NeVann was told after watching Rayne's display alittle bit grace fliping off the building and landing before the young ninja. As he looked upon Rayne he noticed there was something very familiar him but he couldn't put his finger on it, shaking his head to focus on the matter at hand NeVann dropped his training bag. Right before it came within inches of the ground he quickly kicked his leg to side sending the bag into an empty stairwell. NeVann figured Rayne want to get this thing started as he was told Well?What are you waiting for kid?Show me what you got!

This should be fun, but remember you asked for this.

The smirk that onces called his face home faded as he reached his left hand behind his back and bringing it back infornt of his body a kunai spun on his index finger before he clinched his fist gripping it tightly in his hand. Then rushing at Rayne the ninja waited till he got within a foot of him jumped up torquing his body clockwise he looked as if he was going to throw a spin kick with his right leg. But that was only a faint the true kick came from his left leg aimed right for the mans temple, then planting his left hand that was holding the kunai he bent his right leg and as quickly as it bent he shot it back up trying to catch Rayne's chin before spining on his hand and land back on his feet. But that was not the end of his attack as his touched NeVann pushed off darting pass Rayne's side where swung his kunai in a backhand motion planning on leaving a cut across the side of Rayne before stoping behind him in a keeling postion, he stood to his feet standing back to back.

Do you wish to see more?

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So you want to see what I'm made of, fine who am I to turn down such a request. But seeing that you must already know who I am may I ask, what is your name

The words that the young warrior muttered brought a luminous smile to Rayne's face.Looking down at the young ninja that looked oh so familiar he replied:

My name?

Without the slightest of hesitation, Rayne had already been gliding through the air in a free fall somersault.As he descended from the six story structure, his open GI flapped and wavered with the speed of his descent, hair swaying elegantly.As he hit the floor, a small Thooft sound was heard as he touched the concrete street, his knees bounced from bent to upright as he gathered his composure.

Kazatoshi..But you can call me Rayne

A smirk stretched out on the Dark Slayer's face as he answered the question of his curious soon to be opponent.

Well?What are you waiting for kid?Show me what you got!

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As the young eager fighter cast his bag aside he stated simple words:

This should be fun, but remember you asked for this.

Grasping a kunai from his back, the young ninja maneuvered the blade in a swift motion, showing his obvious expertise with the weapon.In a quick instant the young ninja named NeVaan had already taken to the air above Rayne, jerking his body in a gymnastic play, giving the appearance of an oncoming right kick.Rayne easily deflected the blow with his left forearm but the next attack he wasn't as prepared for.Within the split of a second, the ninja's left leg had targeted the side of Rayne's head.Bringing up his right hand, Rayne had been able to block the fierce blow with the back of his right fist.As the kick collided with his defense, Rayne grunted from the force of the attack.The young ninja was strong, and by the looks of it, this was going to be an interesting battle.

Transferring himself back up to posture on an impressive spinning handstand, NeVaan stood back to his feet and dashed back at the Dark Slayer with the intent of bringing his blade across Rayne's torso.Seeing the oncoming strike from a mile away Rayne quickly sidestepped the slash from the deadly ninja.Gliding to his left, Rayne paused for a second to look down at his abdomen.Suprisingly, a small nick had found itself opening up on the right side of Rayne's stomach, his whit GI with a small tear as well.

Impressive I must say.Now It's my turn

Grinning avidly Rayne commenced his onslaught of Jyuuken styled attacks.Darting at an extreme speed Rayne brought back his left arm and extended an open palm thrust towards the chest of the young warrior.Following up, Rayne brought around his two legs in a series of round housed kicks aimed at NeVaan's face, which was trailed by a mid right elbow to the abdomen.The speed of the oncoming attacks were none short of ultimate speed, and not even the most agile of martial artists would be able to avert the blow easily with so much as a single scratch.The battle had officially begun.

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Standing back to back with Rayne atfer his serise of attacks he could tell that he wasn't going up a normal fighter, the defleting of his kicks with one arm wasn't a simple feet. But it seemed that the man was was going to enjoy this fight as well as he said Impressive I must say.Now It's my turn NeVann just smirked as he turned around and saw the slit that was made in Rayne's Gi by his kunai. As the wind began to pick up his hair danced infornt of his face and dark brown eyes as they filled with excitement of battle, but soon that excitement would turn to focus as Rayne rushed with blinding speed. Rearing back first Rayne extanded his arm with an open palm at the ninjas chest, overlapping his wrist to form an "X" throwing them at Rayne's wirst and sidestepped to his left parrying the palm sticked aimed for his chest.

Your a spee...

He went to say but was cut off as he saw the fighter body shift and spin going for a round house, ducking right before the kick reached his face he spun planing on countering with a kick of his own. NeVann's hair moved freely like it was trying to escape from his head as he came up with the back of his right leg, but he was unaware that Rayne was already going in motion for a second round house kick. Like two tree trunks their legs collided with one another, yet the recoil of the impact forced him to spin back performing a full 360 before stoping and catching his balance. The recovery time it took him to finally balance himself cost him greatly, before he knew it there was a pain in his stomach that was caused by Rayne's elbow. The air in his lungs ran out like it was finally freed from its prison while his eyes widen and his pupils dilate then contracted, the force of speed and power that was use sent him flying backward. Sliding back with his his left knee slightly touching the ground every few inches till he finally stop slumped over with his left arm pressed against the ground and his right arm across his stomach trying coax the air to return back to his lungs.

Starring at the ground he realized the warm ups had just ended and the real fight had just started, finally breathing normally again his head rose up and starring at Rayne was not the dark brown eyes from a mintue ago no these were a bright crimson red that had three tomoe that looked like extra pupils reviling his Sharingan was activated. Then without a word or any expression on his face he seemed to disappear only leaving behind dust, dirt and pieces of trash that was on the sidewalk to roam around in the air. Displaying not teleportation but raw speed not his fastest yet but still an impressive amount he reappeared infornt of Rayne unleasing three font upward kicks in a bikecycle peddling type fashion, before landing and throwing a serise of round houses and sweeps. Sending out four of each high then low his left leg extended out came back in and then extended again, hoping that out of reaction Rayne would predict the last sweep and try to avoid it but the last one NeVann threw was a faked and with great speed sprung up quickly channeling a mid amount of chakra into his clinch fist. In a jumping corkscrew motion he went to force his fist into Rayne's chin, before landing and performing five wide backflips to put a nice distance between the two.

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As Rayne's elbow connected with NeVaan's stomach, the young ninja was sent skidding back in a crouched position while trying to retain his breath.When NeVaan had revealed his bowed face, something had changed.His eyes had glowed with a crimson flare, a burning passion for battle.Using sheer speed and quickness, the young warrior managed to appear in front of Rayne within a matter of split seconds in a miraculous demonstration of his tremendous agility.Rayne had found himself defending against an onslaught of kicks and sweeps that the young shinobi had thrown at him.The first kick had connected with Rayne's chest sent him a few feet into the air, the following sweeps and kicks were defended as Rayne used his vast reflexes block the attacks.The last sweep launched by NevVaan had been a feint attack in order to trick the Dark Slayer into defending his lower region and it had succeeded.Thrusting forth his right fist in a corkscrew manner, the powerful young shinobi landed his punch directly into Rayne's chin.


Rayne thought to himself as the punch made its way to his jaw.He knew he had no time to defend and all he could do was brace himself for the bone shattering punch to come ahead.The punch collided hard with his chin sending him flying backwards in a torpedo like spin.As he came close to the ground, Rayne put forth his two hands in a hand stand position, using them to vault himself into a back flip recovery.The combatants flipped simultaneously at the same time, giving themselves the mirror image perspective of their opponent.As Rayne stood back in his battle stance position, he felt and tasted a warm salty liquid run down the side of his lip.The kid's jab was no joke.He was serious now.

Okay.Looks like you've got some speed on you kid.But lets test how quick you really are!

Within a flash, Rayne blazed through the distance between him and NeVaan and halted in front of him for a mere second and grinned a deathly smile.Fading like spirit departed, Rayne teleported behind the young ninja and unsheathed his katana with a deadly silence.Holding his blade like a dagger he brought it down upon NeVaan's chest with a tremendous deadly speed.

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As his bone crashing punch connected and went to backflip away NeVann had no clue that slayer had recovered and was doing the same, if anyone was standing and watching the two it would have been hard to tell which was which if they were wearing the same clothing. As the two stop the stared at each other in their respective fight stances, when Vann noticed he drew first blood as he saw a thin stream or red run from Rayne's mouth. Being stared at so seriously he wondered what Rayne was about to do next, Ok.Looks like you've got some speed on you kid.But lets test how quick you really are! Rayne told him, then moving like a beam of light the dark slayer appeared standing face to face with him. The Sharingan could barely keep up with the quickness that was just dispalyed, at this point timed seemed to slow down if not stopping completely as he clinched his right fist and went to deliver another punch. AS his fist cut throught air to meet his opponent face, Vann was surprised when it looked like Rayne fade just phased through it until the image of him just faded right infront of the young ninjas eyes.

What the...

Was the only words he could get out as he truning around only to meet the cold edge of Rayne's blade, the slice was so swift that he didn't feel it til seconds afters the damages was done. Once the pain began to set in Vann felt his body go numb for a breif moment as his kunai left his hand being pulled to ground, a crimson coat began to cover his white shirt quickly consuming it in no time at all. As the numbness went away the pain kicked in forcing him to slump over placing his right hand over his chest, the pavement under him got a shower of blood and as the pool started to grow it ran of into the street. Struggeling to control his breathing his right hand still over his chest started to glow with a light blue tint before changing to a orange redish color, the air around his hand began to heat up as he channled more fire elemental chakra to his hand and then extending his index finger he ran it down the cut on his chest. GUHAAA!!! he couldn't stop himself from screaming out and the smell of burning flesh filled the area as he closed the slice running down his chest stopping more blood from escaping his body. While still shaking a bit he made his way back to his feet and leaped backward a few feet, landing as his hand came together in the form of a tiger hand seal he stood there closing his eyes and started breathing in deeply. The atmosher around his legs became slightly visible as he focused his energy and couched down slightly, placing his right hand around the sheathe of his sword he poped the hilt of it with his thumb when suddenly his eyes opened.

So blood for blood huh, but you drew more then I did. So lets even it out.

He then vanished again as if he could use a teleportation aswell and reappeared behind Rayne slicing at his back. This was only the begining of his blood dance attack waiting for the balde to touch his opponents back he would continue moving at this speed to leave cut after cut at different sposts wanting to draw more blood from Rayne before, before appear ten feet away and turning his sword were the blade would face outward runing down his arm he made a set of hand seals and inhaled deeply before exhaling Katon: Gôkakyû no Jutsu, "Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique" rushing out of his mouth came a huge flamed ball twice his size directed right at the slayer planing to engulf him in it.

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What the?...

As Rayne vanished before the young ninja's eyes,he let out a half ended statement of confusion.Reappearing behind the young shinobi in a split second, Rayne commenced a devastating, piercing stab with his swift vibranium chokuto aimed at the right side of NeVaan's chest.The stab had connected with its target, blood sprinkling forth as it sunk into the young Uchiha warrior's chest.Making use of his immense speed once more, Rayne darted with an invisible agility several yards away.Avoiding a vital point, the wound that he had inflicted upon the ninja had not been dire and Rayne's only intentions had been to slow down the agile warrior.

The young shinobi was hard spirited.Trying to control his breathing as much as possible, NeVaan performed an extremely painful yet intelligent move.Using his elemental technique of fire, the young shinobi ignited his finger in a small ember like flame and began to seal his wound by burning the open gash, preventing any further bleeding.The agonizing process had been so painful it even caused the strong Uchiha prodigy to cry in pain.

Taking back his battle composure, the young ninja master began a seal of ninjustu.Crouching down, almost as if he was bowing down, the young Uchiha clicked open his katana from its scabbard.Opening eyes that blazed with anger, NeVaan muttered

So blood for blood huh, but you drew more then I did. So lets even it out.

Unexpectedly, the quick shinobi had managed to close the distance between himself and the Dark Slayer within the blink of an eye.Launching forth a devastating slash with his katana, he managed to slice through the surface layer of Rayne's flesh along with his white GI.Blood spattered out as the blade sliced though Rayne's rear, stretching out from his right shoulder blade to his lower left back.As the blade bit though his flesh, Rayne turned his head to the young ninja who had managed to wound him with a look of surprise on his pale face.The attack had been so unpredicted that Rayne could not even manage to use his lightning fast reflexes to his advantage.Acting on battle instinct, Rayne brought about himself into a defense position and began to block the oncoming bombardment of slashes and slices form the young Ninja.


The sound of metal banging against itself echoed through the now empty streets.Sparks flickered violently as the two blades met in steel combat.With every swipe that the young shinobi prodigy dished out, Rayne found it harder and harder to defend against the onslaught of hacks and slashes.NeVaan's blade found itself once again nicking through the skin and flesh of the Dark Slayer's chest shoulders and abdomen, blood spewing forth with each cut.Squinting and wincing with pain for each wound and gash that was made, Rayne attempted to retreat from the young Uchiha warrior.

Once more that Ninja master, teleported with his raw speed and appeared ten feet away and began chanting words in Rayne's first language:

Katon, Gôkakyû no Jutsu

The words had translated itself to Rayne's brain, Fire Release, Great Fireball Technique.Rayne's eyes opened with concern.

Damn It!!!

Rayne yelled as the blazing sphere etched its way closer and closer to the Dark Slayer.Thinking quickly, Rayne produced a defense counter in hopes of reducing the damage of the cataclysmal blaze.


The Japanese words translated to Lightning Blade Barrier.A surge of blue electrical current fluctuated around Rayne as he shouted out the words to his defensive technique.


A large explosion erupted as the grand blazing fireball crashed into the Dark Slayer.Flames and static energy fluttered around the vicinity as if they had been free spirits released on the celestial plane of the afterlife.

After losing consciousness for a few moments,Rayne found himself imprinted in a nearby building complex between two 3rd floor windows.Hanging by a steel beam from the collar his GI, the cloth slowly ripped and Rayne began his descent back to the battle scarred streets.Landing on one knee, he softened his landing with an outstretched hand.Regaining his stability, the Dark Slayer reposed himself and stood back on his two feet.His once fresh white clean GI now stained with blood and burn holes.Rayne grabbed the left side of his chest and ripped off the damaged cloth that had once covered him from bareness.As the wind picked up, the GI blew past the right front the Dark Slayer's figure revealing a chest littered with slices and sword bites.A look of resolute solemnness on his darkened face.

No more games kid, its the real deal now.

The skies darkened and clouds grew gray.Lightning danced along the heavens making a sound that had resembled the echoing of the earth being split in two.Rain poured down atmosphere heavily washing away the blood and smoke that had covered the Dark Slayer's body.


Bolting off at fearsome speeds, Rayne dashed at the young Uchiha warrior and unleashed a god splitting slash.Disappearing Rayne reappeared several feet behind the young ninja and repeated the same maneuver.Reproducing the same attack over and over Rayne came at NeVaan from different angles with each strike.And like a faded hallucination Rayne faded out of sight and emerged in the sky, his blade held out to the heavens, he shouted in a bone chilling tone

AMATSU RAIKIRI TENGAI GOKUSHA!!!(Literally:Heavenly Lightning Dome Prison)

As the soul shaking Japanese words echoed throughout the flooded urban streets, a thunderous bolt celestial blue lighting struck Rayne's chokuto.Descending with the wrath of an infinite electrical hell, Rayne came down upon NeVaan with an electrical blade that could after potentially striking him, erupt into a volcanic like obelisk of electric power that would stretch out into six pillars of blazing torrents of lightning that would reduce all structures within a 100 foot radius to rubble.

As the Dark Slayer descended his eyes locked with the young shinobi.A look that read,

You better survive this!

Written in his crimson glare.
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The flames erupted from the Shinobi's mouth roaring as molecules of oxygen ignited on its path to Rayne, with the massive ball of fire leaving his mouth NeVann view of the speedy slayer was cut off. See that it wasn't a blast the flames escaping from his mouth began to fade as the burst drew Closer to Rayne, and as his hands rested at his wait for the impact of the of his attack he heared the Rayne yell out in his naive tongue RAIKIRI SHOUHEKI!! with them looking so simular NeVann was not surprised when heard the words. His intrigment was more focus on how many other element could Rayne control, he had the ability to command four of the five elemental type but his thoughts were cut short as the collision of the two forces created an explosion. Trying to stand his ground the young ninja crossed his arms in a over lapping fashion as he was smacked with the press of air, sending him sliding backwards before hugging around and picked him up for the hold of gravity before slaming him into a near by car. His torso hit the top rear passenger door causing the glass to break and him to ricocheting upward he tumbled in the and flipped in the air, where he was caught stomach first by a light pole in a horse shoe like fashion. As he hung from the light pole the traces of embers and lighting sparks that breifly filled the streets and sky started to fade, shaking his head Nevann tried to clear his mind as he placed his hands on the pole and lifted his left leg to chest when he heard a cracking noise of metal begining to giveway. The light went into motion of falling backwards when he leaped from it summersaulting and landing one kneed on a car almost in unison with Rayne who had fell after leaving the imprint of his body in one of the buildings.

The two warriors get glare at one another for moment not noticing the havoc and destrection they had cause thus far, their mark was left over numorus blocked. Water mains slowly flood some areas while cracked pavement fliped car, glass and other debris fill others. Once again in unison the two made their way to their feet he sword pointed downward the tip of the blade was only inches above the roof of the car he was standing on, he then noticed Rayne's face took on a darker nature then before removing his burnt and torn shirt that danced in the night sky as it swayed to the ground and in a angered tone he yelled out.

No more games kid, its the real deal now.

And as soon as the words left his mouth a cover of dark clouds filled the sky that was just begining to revile a blanket of stars. The ninja thought you himself that tonights sky was going to be so nice, after looking up to the clouds that started sweeping sending drop after drop of rain to the earth until a full out pour began to fall. His clothing stuck to his skin as they soaked up water, he raised his left hand slid aside his dripping wet hair that was sticking to his face infront of his eyes. The roaring sound of thunder echoed and the sky lite up with lighting running around playing tag with the clouds, then lower his head to focus back on the now seemingly angered slayer. The blade of his sword quickly covered itself in a white tint glow as it filled with wind natured chakra, and pierced a hole in the roof of the car eventhough the blade was still inches from the roof. Darting from the car the press from his speed sent the car flying backwards as fourth of it was cut off do to elemental wind nature to cut through almost any thing. Grabing the handle tightly with both hands now he slash at the same time causing their blades to meet, but as he recioled back and went for a second attack Rayne had teleport behind him and attack with a move simular to NeVann's blood dance repeatively cutting and slicing the shinobi in different areas from different angles. A orb of air pressure surrounded them deflecting the rain drops from touching the two as Rayne continued his high level speed attack before appearing over NeVann's head with his sword pointed to the clouds as if he was going to stab one of them before peaking in there naive tongue again.


In amazement all he could do was look up as a bolt of prue lighting was absored into the slayer's sword, quickly realizing that if he didn't come up with something fast he would for surely be done for. NeVann closed his eyes can crouched down with his sword infront of his face as he was still holding it with both hands, then quickly springing back to a full erect state and yelled out.

Hachimon!!! the first gate, Opening

As his body overflowed with chakra his body release a high level of energy confuse drops of rain sending them back upward before they could reach the ground a his feet.

You thought I was fast before, bring it Rayne so what that light show was for!

His tone was that of excitement but could easily be taken as mocking, Rayne then desented down as free roaming sparks of lightling danced off the slayer's sword. Cracking under his feet the pavement raised up to about knee level before the young ninja leaped at Rayne leaving a half foot crater in his wake. There eyes locked when doing so it seemed that he was being told to live through this by Rayne who eyes now had a look of crimson like his own, then diagnally slashing upward he slamed his sword into his fellow warriors. The wind chakra that was flowing through vibranium sword voided the ligthing surging through Rayne's, feeling random discharge shocks from the light he didn't pay it any attention because he figured the wind that was being released from his sword had to be cutting like little blade on the Slayers body. His soggy hair stayed stuck to his face as he pushed away and headed back to the ground below, as he landed in a three point stance his eyes never took its place off of power opponent that stood before him. Raising to his feet NeVann slid his sowrd back into its sheathe and then clinching both of his fis at his he yelled out.

Second gate, Rest open!

Without even looking like he moved an inch he appeared upside down under Rayne sending an onslaught of upward kicks to send him even close to the heavens as he took bot of his hands and reached behind his back drawing two kunais and three shurikens and tossed them at the Slayer not really aiming to hit him. No his intent was to wrap the wires that were connected around him causing them to Stab Rayne in his chest, while NeVann appeaed right behind the wrapped up Rayne and grabbing a hold of him in a bare like hug then arching his back to send them back to the earth. As they fell he got them in to a rotating motions driving them down fast as he plan to ran Rayne head first to the ground through the very building that he saw he standing on for the first time, as they drew closer ina corkscrew spining motion the young shinobi screamed out.

Omote Renge!!!! Front Lotus.

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As the Dark Slayer descended down upon his target with the wrath of a lightning god, the young combatant began his own attack, using an offensive as a defensive.With extraordinary power and speed the talented shinobi erupted from the ground with such intensity that it left the floor beneath him in a fairly sized depression in the street.


You thought I was fast before, bring it Rayne show what that light show was for!

The two almost identical warriors blasted off at each other in what seemed to be almost bullet time or faster.As they darted towards one another, a meteor like tail of wind surrounded them as they flew at blinding speeds, repelling raindrops and giving them the appearance of comets that had flew into the atmosphere.As the two combatants collided, an explosion of calamitous energy fulminated outward, surrounding the two fighters in a clear sphere of oscillating energy.The orbicular invisible shield that surrounded the two battlers raged with fierce winds and static energies.Rain repulsed off of the dome of power that encased the warriors, seeming as if they had been pulled away by a magnetic law.The energy that raged around the Dark Slayer and the Uchiha prodigy, blazed freely in a torrent of wind slices and electrical surges.It had almost resembled that of a level 5 hurricane.

As the two stood in mid-air, stalemated with swords in hand, their opponents elemental chakra attacked its enemy deviously like a cynical demon.As Rayne felt his blade grind into his competitor's sword, he felt nicks a slices dance their way across his face, the blood being carried away with the fierce and unforgiving wind.Although the slits and scratches would have originally made Rayne flinch in pain, Rayne had developed a lust for battle which made him discard the feeling of pain.His blood began to boil as the majestic battle raged on.A grin of amusement at the duel that was at hand finding itself stretching out upon the Dark Slayer's visage, his crimson eyes lighting up with a glimmering luminescence of passion and ecstasy.

As they departed from the deadlock stance mid-air, NeVaan landed back down to the ground in a tripod bent stance while Rayne floated back upward with a slow graceful elegance.The almost demoniac smirk that Rayne displayed, expanded and grew wider.

Sheathing his sword back into its holster, the young shinobi clenched his fist with ferocity as he yelled out a technique:

Second gate, Rest open!

In half the time it had taken for a person to take in a breath of air, the ninja genius had instantaneously appeared under the Dark Slayer, mid flight and began a barrage of upward kicks aimed at Rayne's face.Using his combat intuitiveness, Rayne defended from the series of kicks with an x shaped forearm guard.As the blows connected, Rayne felt the raw might of the attacks as his bones shook with recoil.After the onslaught of kicks, the Uchiha phenom launched a bombardment of projectile weapons which included two kunais and three shurikens.At first it had appeared as if the ninja genius had lost his precision and aim as the projectiles grazed right past the Dark slayer.

Hah! Your losin it ki-GYUH!

As he was about to finish a sarcastic statement aimed at the talented shinobi, he had been interrupted by a groan of agony of his own.The two kunai which had phased pass the Dark Slayer found themselves now embedded in his shoulders, one in his right and the other in the left.The shurikens had also found a home in Rayne's skin, burying themselves inside of his shoulder blades and lower back.Without explanation, NeVaan appeared behind the Dark Slayer, grabbed him in a tight hug like grip and began a death defying maneuver which had the pair twisting upside down in a vortex like motion

Omote Renge!!!!

The young Uchiha screamed with a tempestuous tone.Spiraling downwards in such at fast pace at this angle, Rayne knew that this move would prove to be near fatal if succeeded.Thinking of the only solution to his dire predicament, he performed his own formula to the combat equation.

RAIKIRI HASSHIN(Lightning Oscillation)!!!

The Dark Slayer yelled out as a highly concentrated surge of electrical current flowed through his body and manifested itself into a light blue ambient aura that extended outwards a few feet singing raindrops as they fell from the mourning skies.

Breaking free of the young shinobi's grip, Rayne executed several backward somersaults in an attempt to put a distance between himself and his opponent.As he landed on a nearby six story building, Rayne began to pull out the blades which had been implanted into his skin.Grunting and wincing with each pull of the blades, Rayne managed to remove all of the ninja tools which had been lodged into him.

Panting and gasping for air in heavy breaths, Rayne slouched over in his standing position.His shoulders slumped over and arms dangling lifelessly, his soaked black hair covering the majority of his grimace.Blood now cascading freely from countless wounds all over his torso and back, the Dark Slayer stared head on with the Young prodigy with a crimson glint in his eye and a look of fatigue.

Heh...Heh....Heh...Not bad kid, not bad at all.

Rayne commented at NeVaan with a smirk while pausing for his breath momentarily.

I guess I gotta step my game up then huh?

Forcing himself to stand back into a battle ready position, Rayne began his next offensive.Holding his left hand in front of his face while bringing chokuto back with his right hand, he began to charge his blade with fierce electrical power.His hand began to vibrate as the capacity of energy channeled in the blade grew more.Murmuring to himself


Rayne sprung up into the heavens and unleashed his next attack

Kyoubou Raikiri Suraisu!!!(Raging Lightning Slice)!!

As the Dark Slayer shouted his attack, an immense discharge of a boomerang shaped slice of lightning soared through the gap between himself and NeVaan.The power and size of the attack had been so enormous that the clouds above had been parted in two while nearby structures and buildings began to crumble under the whim of its destructive force.

As the Dark Slayer floated in the air descending slowly, a mixture of determination and weariness lingered upon his battle scarred face.He thought to himself.

Damn..This has to end soon, Or I wont be around to give the kid some training after the battle.

In a sarcastic tone.His true goal had been revealed.But only with a bitter silence.

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Post Deleted.

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As the two went cycloning down to the earth mixtures of wind and water helixed around two, drew closer to the top of the roof NeVann fought hard to ignore the strain that opening the first to gates put on his body. As each gate opened it turned off the fail safe that brain places to stop his muscles from over working themselves, this is a great coast even if it does multiple his speed power over ten time what it was when they first started the battle. The echos of thunderous booms of the storm was unheard by the Uchiha as his only focus was to continue to hold his grip on The Slayer, being tired of the two fighting gravity the earths pull became stronger as the rotation picked up drilling them faster to the ground. Only a few feet from impact he knew he could on just alittle longer, to bad Rayne had know plans of of smacking a building head first. The two had to have had heart rates of over 1,000 beats per mintue, he felt the blood rush through out his body trying to hold in more oxygen flowing. A muscle in NeVann's right arm began to spasm then quickly followed by his whole body as he was in cased in a electrical pulse after hearing.


Next thing the ninja knew was that he was being repaled him from the Slayer with only five feet left from impacted, only managing to brace himself he placed both arms over his head as he crashed to the roof top leaving a crater imprint of his body. Only seconds after that the force of water and wind that followed them down buried itself into his back, he laid there motion less for a momenttrying to gather himself after using that double edge sword attack his body was overly fatigued. But being overly bull headed and prideful the young shinobi clinched his pulling a mixture of gravel and water into his hands as he struggled making it to all fours, his arms shivered not do to the fact that he was covered from head to toe in water. His left arm collapsed causing him to use his forearm to provent him for going face first back to the ground, NeVann managed to to raise his head and gaze upon his oppenent right as he finished his summersault and smirked at the shinobi while looking a little fatigued himself.

Heh...Heh....Heh...Not bad kid, not bad at all.

His head droped once more as he began to heavily breathe until Rayne words echoed in his head.

I guess I gotta step my game up then huh?

Surpirsed that after all that they just put each other through that the Slayer still had even more to offer, Rayne was truely a warrior to admire but NeVann refused to just lie down. Rage built up in his body as he looked up once more and in a soul chilling toned yelled out.

I am not a kid! if you can step up your game so can I! Gate of Life open!

A sphere of pure chakra cocooned itself around him before vanishing in a blast of light illuminating the roof of the apratment building. The energy flowed them as his skin took on a redish tone showing that his blood-oxygen level and increased, his hair then beat the laws of gravity flowing upward above his head as he discharged more energy. His eyes still filled with rage the tattoo on his back had felt this and actived first turning red before spreading over the left side of his body then setting it changed to a shade of black dark as coal. He then slowly returned to his feethis clothes flapped and swayed as he made thre hand seals.

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!

Three clones of NeVann appeared in a cloud of smoke all barring the same trible like seal on their bodies and releasing almost the same amount of energy as the orginal, Then in unison they replied back to Rayne who had his sword infront of his face consuming lighting into it.

Hai! we are ready, the question is are you?

The three clones stood infront of the shinobi as Rayne unleashed anothermonsterous lighting attack that seemed to take on the form of a boomerangas it quickly ripped through the distance that was between them as Rayne then began to levitate higher and higher back to the sky. as the first two clones stood side by side the third ran up behind them and using them shoulders it catapulted itself at the Slayer followed closely by NeVann, that had just missed getting hit by the powerful attack. Reaching behind him the clone grabbed onto Vann's arm and sling shot him pass Rayne to distract him long enough for the clone to appear with fist balled up and reared back, then thrusting forward with all it's might aimed it for Rayne's face to send him flying back where the would then appear behind him throwing a elbow in to his spine sending him in anoher direction. Continue this onsalught over and over delievery kick, knees, elbows and punches before uing a palm thrust to the Slayers back sending him traveling upward at an desending NeVann. A bright blue orb in hand that was the size of a basketball, lead the way to Rayne's chest. Eventhough size in size one ould never guess it carried the destructive force of a typhoon see the ball was raw chakra swirling around and condensed in to that orb.

You a strong warrior yes, and your techniques are amazing. But before I end this I need to kow why me? is this nothing but a test to you! If so for what?

Then darwing back his right hand that held the spiraling sphere he lunged it forward aiming for the dead center of Rayne's chest.

Rasengan!!!!("Spiraling Sphere")

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As Rayne unleashed his devastating crescent attack that ripped its way toward NeVaan, the Uchiha prodigy had already begun his offensive.Exploding with a power so fierce, the young shinobi had been encased in a sphere of a luminescent light that erupted throughout the vicinity of the battle scarred city.As the energy of his opponent flowed through the area around him, Rayne became stricken with awe as he witnessed NeVaan's ascension in power.The energy from the youthful ninja seeped into the Dark Slayer's body filling him with an indescribable emotion.

This kid, he's really somethin else!

The words echoed through his mind as he continued to look on with NeVaan's metamorphism in power and appearance.It almost seemed as if everything had slowed down, the attack that Rayne had unleashed drifted through the air slowly as NeVaan's skin darkened to an indian red.Black markings creeped out from a tattoo on his back like insects sliding over a smooth surface.Finishing with his small physical transformation the skilled shinobi performed a series of hand maneuvers which resulted in three exact duplicates of himself appearing right by his sides.

Hai! we are ready, the question is are you?

NeVaan replied with a confidence, his increase in power giving him ego an obvious ego boost as well.After his small remark, the young Uchiha began his attack starting with a clone propelling himself towards the Dark Slayer, barely evading his ruinous attack.NeVaan followed the clone with another in close pursuit.The talented shinobi leaned his hand back, allowing the clone to take hold of it.Once the clone had a firm grip, NeVann catapulted him passed an unsuspecting Rayne in hopes of distracting the Dark Slayer.As the clone that had been launched by NeVaan etched his way by Rayne's side, The Dark Slayer grinned with an eager look in his eyes

Not this time!!!

Extending out his left arm, Rayne managed to clothesline the clone that had been intended to divert his attention.As the copy connected with the extended forearm of the Dark Slayer he dispersed in a cloud of smoke with the sound of a loud Poof.Focusing his attention back on the oncoming clone and closely following NeVaan, Rayne gathered his guard in a cross shaped X to prevent heavy damage from the fierce incoming punch.



The Dark Slayer screamed in pain as he felt the bones in his arms fracture from the power of the blow.The might of the clone's punch had not only been enough to break his bones but also strong enough to penetrate his guard, connect into his chest and send him flying back through the air.As he soared through the air, blood spilled from his open mouth, forming into droplets from the velocity of Rayne's backward ascension.After a few seconds the clone had reappeared behind the Dark Slayer, halting his flight through the atmosphere with a destructive elbow crushing the bones in Rayne's back.As his nervous system sent the message of extreme pain through his body, Rayne's eyes widened to a shocked state.Saliva and blood spewed forth from the Dark Slayer's mouth as he opened his mouth gasping for air.The crushing blow sent Rayne flying forward, but only to connect with the clone once again delivering a kick to Rayne's mouth launching him in and upward horizontal path.The onslaught continued as the clone managed to brutlally knock Rayne all over the place with punches kicks and elbows in a pinball fashion.The speed at which the clone maintained had been immeasurable, he was able to toy with the hasty Rayne who had taken the greatest and utmost pride in his speed.Launching him upwards with a fierce thrust to the spine, the clone finished his task in the battle.As the battered and bruised Rayne ascended into the heavens, NeVaan appeared from the azure with a bright blue orb in hand 

You are a strong warrior yes, and your techniques are amazing. But before I end this I need to kow why me? is this nothing but a test to you!? If so for what?

Cocking back his arm, NeVaan launched his his spherical blast into the center of the Dark Slayer's chest.


The spiraling sphere embedded itself in Rayne's chest, he began to descend in a vortex motion, whorling rapidly to the concrescent streets below.


As Rayne's body impacted into the ground a large cloud smoke covered his perimeter in a mushroom form.After a few moments had passed the smoke and debris subsided revealing a hair-raising sight.Entrenched in a 10 foot deep crater, the Dark slayer laid lifeless, his body outstretched  covered with bloody wounds, severe bruises, and dirt from the debris of the wreckage.His eyes open and seemingly lifeless, he thought to himself

Its over already?Damn...I really thought I had it in me to show this kid a thing or two.I guess not.Not a bad way to go, It was an honorable defeat.

Rayne himself had even conceded to the thought of defeat.But as he began to accept the loss, a voice echoed in his mind.

Tsk...Pathetic, is the what you call a battle?You are weak Rayne.Use my power.Submit to your darkness!Show this boy what it is to be a true warrior!!

A crimson electricity began to dance across the fallen Rayne as the words from his darker half echoed though his conscience.

Hmph, you know, your actually right.But I don't need your power this time around.My goal isn't to hurt the kid but I'll show him what a true warrior is without killing him.And I'll do it my way!!!

Gripping his fists tightly, Rayne began to assimilate energy from the celestial plane.Small particles of light traveled into his broken body healing his body from the physical abuse he had received.The wounds and dirt began to slowly fade away as Rayne gathered himself and stumbled to his feet.As the his wounds finished healing, the energy began to enhance his faded stamina.Not only did the celestial spirit power heal his dire injuries it also amplified his original power capacity.Standing to an upright position, Rayne stared at NeVaan with a fierce deadlock look.Pure white, transluscent wings manifested from remaining spirit energy spread out like a hawk's.

You've done well kid.You've proven yourself worthy of being my legacy.But allow me to conclude this first.

Shuuryou Amatsu. (Literally:Divine end)

Vanishing, Rayne reappeared in front of the Uchiha prodigy thrusting forth his index and middle finger at the young shinobi's chest at a godlike speed undetectable by the most keenest of eyes.The attack would blast forth a spirit beam through NeVaan's chest, going in without creating any physical damage, on a spiritual scale, collapsing his spirit power and chakra, rendering his techniques useless and his stamina energy empty if not withered.The blast would destroy and eliminate any other physical object beyond him, leaving a scene of a huge crater like path in its wake.

Its over kid.

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Ascending past Rayne to the upper atmosphere  Vann focused the chakra he need, he never looked back to see if the Slayer would easily defeat his clones. That was the level of confidence he had in his abilities,  the rain just deflected off his body as he came closer and closer to entering the dark grey clouds.  Before becoming engulfed he heared Rayne scream out in agonizing pain and he knew that the onslaught had began. breaking through the other end of the clouds NeVann found himself short of breathe, not do to the lack of oxygen around him. It was the sight of the moon in full glow that shine had played and dacned on the surface of the clouds that denied its glow from reaching the earth below. The vicious attack that was being delt to Rayne could be felt vibrating through the clouds. Knowing the timing of his attacks he looked at the full moon once more

Well my clone should be sending him myway any second now.

Arching his back and twisted his body slightly Vann flipped backwards as the earth grabbed back on the chains of gravity bringing him back to the earth, his eyes he went over which attack would be better in this case. At the rate he waqs falling he knew if he used the Chidori it would be more then enough to finish this fight once and for all, but he had no intention of kill the Slayer so he went with the Rasengan. Though it had the same power as a catagory 5 typhoon it would still be easier to control see that the ball was nothing more the his raw chakra. Passing through the clouds he fet the condensation all around him it was soothing for the most part before he felt it trun in to water drops as the a large hole opened in the clouds like some sorta portal that spit out the young ninja. His eyes open as the roar of thunder echoed, extending out his left hand a a blue orb formed in his hand that glew like the full moon that sat behind the clouds above him. Then launching his palm forward he drove the orb into Rayne's chest sending him spiraling down to the earth with tremendous speed and force.

As he watched the Slayer crash to the ground with enough force on the impact that created a crater that seemed to be about 10 feet deep, NeVann landed on a roof top of a surprisingly still standing building. The think amosphere that was being destorted around him had fade along with the reddish tint that coated his skin,  his body once again become covered in water do to a large cloud burst above head as if the heavens were crying for Rayne who laid there lifeless in the hole his body made. NeVann's body was completely fatigued do to opening the third gate making the clones and using the Rasengan in a that short of a time. The only reason his was still able to stand was do to the curse seal that that covered his body, the rain had finally stopped and the clouds slow began to fade as beams of moon light cut through sky filling the streets. NeVann walked over to the edge of the roof and looked down at nother person he didn't mean to slay but some how he couldn't avoid it not know the true intentions of Rayne.

He was a respectable warrior, I'm sorry the world had to lose him...

After giving his type of last respects Vann turned around and went to walk off, this way untill he felt a soul chilling spike in energy coming from where the slain Slayer body rested. His body began to shake in pure amazment and disbelief, he knew he flt Rayne's life force and engery fade to almost nothing. Eventhough his body was pretty beaten up after the exchange that took place minutes ago, the young ninja became excited that he found someone that could take the abuse he just delt out and not only live but to have enough will power and desire to continue fighting. Reaching the ledge once more he looked down and their crimson eyes locked, Vann could tell that  this was reborn Rayne all the damaged he delt the Slayer had completely vanished. The pure white energy that resonated off his back took the shape of wings, the shinobi knew this wasn't good especailly in the shape his body was in but his thoughts were soon interrupted by Raynes words.

"You've done well kid.You've proven yourself worthy of being my legacy.But allow me to conclude this first."

Before the words the Slayer told the Uchiha could be processed in his head, Rayne appeared before with speed so great that even the Sharingan couldn't fellow it. Vann's eyes widened as he gazed upon the overshadowing Rayne.

So this is what true raw speed is...  wow he's really on a different level, what... what are you....

The words just left his lips without him even thinking, by time Vann went to back away is was already to later, he felt Rayne's index and middle finger touch his chest and for a split second he felt a rush of emotion run over him. He figured this was how his life was going to end now so closing his eyes he accepted his fate, he was even unflinched after hearing the words.

"Shuuryou Amatsu."

And before he knew it there was an eruption of energy that flew from his back and destroyed over three fourths of the build and leaving a huge crater behind him. Feeling his body be drained Vann fell backwards surprised that he lived through an attack like that let alone had no enter nor exit wounds. Hiting the ground he landed in a pudle of water sending up a splash that took the outline of his body. His eyes blinked a few time as he laid motionless, all the energy had faded even the small amount he use to conceal a little blue daimond like seal that rested between his eyes.

....Infu...Infuin: K...a....i, "Shadow Seal: Release" ....

Some how he musterd up enough strength to utter out those words, the blue seal on his forehead lite up and formed a new design that overlapped the one from his curse seal. Unlike the curse that was red and flowed like lava over the left side his body this one was blue rippled over his face like a still standing lake that someone had throw a few rocks in.  The seal on his forhead what a small amount of chakra that he would store up incase something like this would happened. Though it wasn't alot it was enough for him to make a hand seals to cast the only jutsu that could possibly save him at this moment.

Sōzō Saisei ("Genesis Rebirth")

A green aura surrounded Vann, his cell began to regenerate almost instantaneously. After the jutsu was completed the green aura faded along with the seal that covered his face leaving nothing but a reborn Uchiha. Making his way back to his feet the stared into Rayne's eyes once more, as his eyes locked on once more the curse seal began to spread from the left side of his body. As the seal moved over him the gaps in the flamed design closed and started changing the tone of his skin to grey, his ravened hair slowly became as white as the purest of snow while the whites of his eyes turned as black as coal, as the transformation completed a black four point start appeared in the middle of his face. This was his level two transformation of the curse seal.

Very few people has ever forced me to this form, to tell the truth I dont really care for this transformation but I refuse to go down without pulling all the stops.

As the two stood before each other one looking that of angelic while the  other that of demonic,  Vann's power and speed increased to levels that he didn't really know the limits too.  Then place his  hand to sheathe of his sword   and without a word or an indication of his hand moving the sword left it sheathe but NeVann wasn't holing on to the handle. The but of the handle flew up aiming right under Rayne's chin to stun him, Then jumping and twisting his body the shinobi planed to throw two quick kicks into the Slayers gut while making hand seals at the same time, but those two kick wasn't it. Using the torque of the spin from the first two kicks as his foot touched the roof top he would continue the motion and deliver one more kick releasing an amount of chakra from his foot as it connected to put more force behind his attack. Then he would finish it off by taking a deep breath as he finished the hand seal and exhale out a large fire ball that was four times larger then his own body that moved at great speed as it fellowed the Slayer, the Uchiha  famous jutsu that was a right of passage to adulthood  but this fireball was a on whole new scale.

Katon: Gôkakyû no Jutsu, "Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique"