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the Pain Of Being alone

Over the few years i have experienced  a vast amount of pain, Unbearable for the average human species, the Death of  The last Remaining Loved One of my Life had made me the  Must Hollow Cadaverous soul existing on this plant My Dear wife was murdered Brutality in Our village home By An unknown Entity  That was able to escaped The clutches of Justice, This was the most horrific event that has occurred in my life so far, My Lovely wife Was the The core of my happiness, she kept my ire at ease, hearing her beautiful soft Voice Echo the  was my Congruous tune, my Tranquil Music of comfort, My sanctuary. Just Knowing that i will never See her beautiful face again makes my Gut knot Up in disbelief,just knowing That i will never experience  the feeling of her soft lips again Made me Lachrymose. The other half of me was killed leaving less of a person behind, I cant live as a halve, but i have no choice but too.

The death Of Raina Finally took Its toll on me, i  all off the Control i had over my emotions,i let my exasperation Flow out into the world Freely, I began to feel as if the world was abominal and everyone needed to die since i could not Pen point the murder of My wife. I will not be left her to suffer alone in this Peice of Sh!t world, i want other people to experience death and loneliness, this is what this cruel world brought upon my my life, i will kill everyone else before ido myself in. My life is obsolete, so i must  make everyone feel My pain Of Metal suicide. I released my anger towards The people who allowed my wife to die,the people who allowed that creature to get away, i would avenge my Wife in some sort of way


The day was cold and damp, as the clouds parted in the night over my head revealing the stars that were luminous in the dark gloomy sky. The moon was a dull and boring to look at, it barely kept that sky lit from darkness. the smell of seaweed filled the air making me snarl at the scent.as i walked through the cold damp sand the beach water waves rushed into my ankles with a roar,causing me to flinch from sheer coldness of the night beach water.the winds blew strong as i walked flagging my clothes into the wind making me hug my body for warmth. i looked left opposite away from the ocean to see a dark creepy forest, you could hear the wolves howl into the night, the setting made me think of werewolves for an odd reason. the owls created a chorus with the wolves,along with the crickets, it was simply beautiful.

i awaited my opponent in the luxurious setting
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Ziccarra traveled back in time to fulfill her mission, her life from a very young child was filled with death and torment, and misery, they mystery behind what drives people to kill seemed like it would forever stay a mystery. she didnt want to stay in this time forever, it brought back horrible memories of when she was plagued by the demon chaos black, or when she died in the civil war, but she needed to find the one that threatened her future, she was back in a century of turmoil, a century the zero squad,the ice dragons and Mobb deep tried so hard in trying to protect, most of them giving there lifes for a cause that was'nt in sight. she then relized she may have to fight some of these people of this lost generation to find her target.

the ocean had put a heavy feeling in her gut, everytime the waves hit the beach her stomach seemed to just drop and drop, she took her hand and placed it across her midrift not feeling well at all, she had come to welcome pain, because she knew that if she survived it, it would make her stronger, she slowly dragged her feet through the sand, etting the little grains roll of back into the container inwhich they've rested for that last million years. looking up at the sky she kinda laughed at the adventerous souls who had left to explore new world only to get lost and never seen from again. space was a vast place, just as the ocean was a vast place having experienced it so was death, her life just got caught in some type of time loop until a voice told her it was not her time yet,no it wasnt God it was renagade lantern an old enemy brining her back to life,since then she's fought every battle like it was her last.

she took the time to tie up her hair, she could sense things getting abit messy, she didnt know who her opponent was but she knew it wouldnt be easy, why? because nothing in life is. she took of her shirt and walked with it off towards her destination, in her civilizations a woman bearing her breast was acceptable, she didnt care if anyone said anything to her because who was oing to tell her she couldnt. her generation was a bit more mature,men and women were truly equal. as she appraoched her opponent  she could just see him waiting, the moon cast his shadow on the canvas, the shadow on the sand gave him a kind of sinister look. She looked very different from the sha of the present 2008 so she wouldnt come in contact with her, and so no one would mistake the to. she walked up to him and said HI.....I'M SH.....ZICCARA I'LL BE YOUR OPPONENT. SHE REACHED DOWN AND PLACED HER HAND ON THE HILT OF HER LEGENDARY YUREN BLADE,AS SHE EXTENDED HER HAND FOR A HANDSHAKE