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Every man has fears, no matter how admirable and impenetrable they seem, fear exist somewhere in his heart, etched on his soul even. Light's fears were rooted deep in his diluted psyche. Fears that most assassins hug tightly too themselves. Fears that only existed when they were alone, in utter darkness; tugging the bed sheets tight, trying to escape the cries of mourning mothers. The shrieks of men and children, as they stared death in the eyes. These noises put Light to sleep every night since his first murder. Every night after that introduced new voices and less sleep. Things got to the point where Light ceased sleeping. But then he was haunted by images, bleeding corpses, men, women, and children pleading for their lives. Their souls were intertwined with his and they would be with him until death. Light pleaded, with god, to relieve him of such a burden.... And this is marked Light's first step on the road to redemption...

Dead leaves crunched under The Azure Avenger's crisp black and white shoes. The strong breeze mixed with the gaze of a twilight moon gave an eerie feel to an already awkward place. The ghastly broken down houses had engravings that seemed to glow a bit as the mystical moonlight embezzled the carvings, making the words and architectural style visible in the thick black fog of darkness that lay around this sanctuary for the dead. He maneuvered his way through the area, his body being guided to a familiar power, its embrace depressing. This was the feel of Final Arrow, Light's old master. This man was fear, was power, was knowledge. Inside his twisted mind was a list of unsympathetic maims, killings and atrocities no one with moral value could commit. Villains were frightened by his name and heroes minds were rattled by his presence. Yet Light stood directly in front of him, there eyes locked. This was the beginning of the struggle. Them eying one another, searching for some sort of weakness or fear. Light's eyes glistened with hope. Hope that he can make a change, and be relieved of these burdens that lay heavy in his heart. Stepping closer to his powerful mentor he spoke with great valor.

“You were once my idol, as you remember I forced my way in to your life, doing all that I could to make you my teacher. And you taught me well, through pain and knowledge you gave me the skills necessary to be an amazing villain. But what you did not do Arrow... maybe one of your most foolish mistakes, was not fortifying my mind against the harms of the atrocities I've committed. Not all are as insane and psychotic as you are, very few are. Most are the simple, sympathetic people, with morally righteous souls. I was one of those people. Killing the people I killed tormented me in ways maybe you could not imagine and this torment is the reason we stand here today, at odds with each other. That is the reason I stand on the side of justice. That is why I'm here to bring you along the Road to Redemption Arrow. I would prefer you come willingly, but I'm not afraid to use force.... With that said, make your move my old friend.” Light bit down on his lip and clenched his fist tight. He was ready for a war with his former master. Everyday after his resignation from LaS and the lost of the love of his life, Miyobi, he prepared himself for the fight with Arrow. Honing his powers and abilities to there uppermost point of potential, ready to relinquish the dark lord of his life if redemption no longer seemed like an available. But Light had hope. It led him to this confrontation and he hoped it would lead him towards the results he wanted. This was his final step on the road to redemption, failure was not an option...

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Arrow listened not showing an inch of emotion, Autumn had come early killing all the leave and laying at the feet of the two beings that now stood amongst  a hollowing scene. This town had once bustled with life . over in at the end of the street behind Light was an old newspaper shop where Mr Anderson sold penny sweets to the children. Arrow could almost remember the screams of them as he tore them apart. The blood of the dead had long ago slept into the old wooden  buildings.  Turning to light he could not help but let  a small smile cross his terrifying features. Arrow seemed to lean against an invisible wall, as if the air itself was his support. His long red jacket fitted almost to perfectly and from underneath a large black top hat to red eyes peered over to Light and his voice broke. The sound of almost a thousand screaming souls seemed to escape with each word.

“Hello Light. I wonder who is more the fool me who taught you or the man seeking redemption with threats. Yes I trained you but you. Yes you are the one who choose your path! so is it you wish to blame me for your past crimes as I did not help you cut off your emotions to a world of hurt and pain. Yes I think that would be the easy way to look at it. But now I find myself wondering how much you really have changed?”

Arrows trade mark smile filled the air as he stood up right and moved closer to light. One thing Arrow always knew was how to work with the minds of others. He had no plan to fight light in fact he did not care if he lived or died this day. All he knew was the plot and the play. He always liked to watch the world turn and twist sometimes he even enjoyed writing his own tale now and again. But with most writers his ego would grow and so would his need for description that was never needed. Much like the tale he now had in front of him, The master facing the student who now wishes to atone for his crimes , So he blames the one man he can. Not the man he should blame.

“I mean I do not kill for reason, I am neither evil or good! But here you are judging in the name of your lord the one you prayed to for forgiveness and i highly doubt she told you to bring me in. SO what is it you seek my approval of how you are no longer in my shadow. How you have grown past  me . In truth I do not care and I do not want to know what you have to say. Now as for the will I surrender I find it a doubtful outcome of this talk. I do not surrender to men who do not know who they are. Or cannot face their own dark past. You knew what I was when you sought me out those years ago.”

Reamaing still the smile still along his face Arrow almost laughed.

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Arrow's words were sharp like knives, each once slicing away a piece of Light's fragile mind. Emotions were raging inside him like a whirlpool. His hands loosened grip and his shoulder slacked.  He assumed a stance similar to his antagonist, a sort of relaxed position. Gazing around he could see the blood smeared on the walls and the hinges of doors broken. Windows were cracked, charred bodies littered the ground, this could only be the doings of Arrow.  His menacing mind is one of the few that could lay waste to civillization in a manner such as this and consider himself good or evil. A statement that could only make the crazy look crazier. But maybe thats what Arrow wanted, to be crazier in the eyes of others. Either way, Light was afraid and angered by Arrows words and had a few for the evil incarnate.

"Its funny because I don't think you listen when you talk final.  How can you believe killing without a reason makes neither good nor evil. The fact that you have good and not kill for a reson in the same sentence is comical but to say what you truly shows how sad a being you are. You think the former king of hell is not evil? I believe I know who I am better than you do Arrow. For you to refuse my offer and believe a joke proves that as well. But enough words Arrow, someone with your mental capabilities cannot be swayed by my words along, like shaping a hard diamond force must be applied. That's exactly what I'll do."

Light's heart pounded as he left his relaxed form and the wind in the area picked up, cricling the two. The tornado surroudnded the two, pulling debris into its path and trapping within the winds. Any attempts to leave the area would lead to a person being skinned alive by the shards of glass and the wooden planks. After setting the stage Light created two swirling balls of air in his hand, the balls began to morph turning a light bluish color. Heat seemed to be rising from the blue objects as they spoun faster and faster in his palms, he looked up at Arrow and winked. "Ever touched water that boiled at 2000 degrees?" Flinging his arms out he launched the heated water balls at Arrow with amazing velocity, as they spun threw  the air they picked up more and more, causing the water to become encased iun pure wind power. Whether or not they connected with the target as soon as they touched the tornado they owuld bust open giving off an area blast with a wide radius. To try and ensure some type of connectivity, Light tried to raise the gravitational pressure specifically around his shins, ankles and feet, to prevent him from lifting them and getting away. Light reached into his jacked and pulled out two daggers, holding them with the blade pointed to the back of himself. he assumed a fighting stance and awaited Arrow's response.  
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He...won? Light actually defeated... Arrow? No it didn't feel like it, but it happened. Light beat Arrow, yet he lost much more. Every word that left the man's mouth was true and as the Azure Avenger realized the consequences of his victory, he dropped to his knees in shame. Tears escaped his eyes as he cried alone in death and darkness. Simpering and weeping as reality ripped away at his heart. Thinking he had escaped all that he once was, thinking he had become something better, all those thoughts reduce to nothing by his old master's analysis. Trying to face his master was a crucial mistake. Light couldn't handle the truth and Arrow took advantage of that. Arrow ripped his mind apart and left with a loss anyone could be happy with.

All over Light's body trembled, he was slowly losing control and his trembling was causing tremors throughout the carcass filled ground. Shaking the town, causing more damage. Even now he craved destruction. Here in this dead zone, his body seeked to wreck and destroy. He was no hero. He was no human. He was as evil as all those he judged. To think he defended a town filled with evil caused him more pain. Light let out a violent shriek before thrusting his clenched fist into the solid pavement. Repeating a mantra as he cried, "I failed...I failed..."

Light was hysterical at this point, bellowing inaudible words, repeatedly slamming his fist down on the ground. They began bleeding and he watched the blood drip from the crevice in his palm and into a crack in the ground. More blood dripped and it began to folloow the root of the crack. Similar to a red stream or river. The blood had a certain luster to it, twinkling in the moonlight it ran its root until the crimson liquid touched a charred body. Light, still reveling in self pity, was oblivious to the miracle working effects of the blood that ran through his body.

The once eviscerated body had been restored and life had been returned to the woman. his eyes widened and his jaw dropped at the sight of this. He glanced back at his bloodied hand and back over to the trail the escaped blood had followed. It had continued on the path and revived more people. Even restoring the buildings. As people walked around they spotted him and gathered around him, asking what was wrong and were they okay. He could feel all the mixed emotions, while some were genuinely concerned about his well being others scowled behind veils.

This brought about the question, was it right to restore the lives of villains? Arrow had slaughtered these people for their crimes, god has done the same in the past. Yet heroes never kill villains. Why are we taught mercy, when what see as absolute justice shows none? Would this mean god is not the ultimate judge of whats right and whats wrong? In a world with beings that rivalled the power of god, would that make less of what she is? This situation brought up questions Light could not answer. One thing it made him realize was that Arrow words did not hold the weight they once had. And Light's outlook on right and wrong was forever changed, his master had taught him a new lesson and he was glad for it.