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Post your role playing parts here.

Deadpool caught the familiar smell of the teleporter on his belt reemerge from nowhere into the mercenary hangout, the Hellhouse.  He felt his wounds from the job slowyly reheal and heard the noise only he could hear as tendons sewed themselves up.  He thought back to where he got these powers, his crazed father, and the tortures he had to endur.   His mother...

"Honey I'm home!!!" He tunefully let out, taking a step and dripping blood from his black-ops boots on the floor. 
"Hey Wade!"  Bob nervously said.
"Hey Bob!  How's everyones favorite house pet?"
"Fine I guess."

Deadpool approached Patch who was sitting in a booth looking at the mission log computer. 

"Did you get the money?"  He anxiously asked.
"Yeah, yeah.  Twenty-three dead guards, five dead cyborgs, and one sniped out CEO.  Here's your money you tight wad!"  He layed down the brief case and let Patch take his share. 

Afterwards, he walked over to the table where he and Weasel usually sat for a cold one in the lunchroom area.  Deadpool plopped himself down on the chair.

"Hey, Weas!"  He said pulling out a wad of cash for Weasel.  "Here's your split."
"Thanks Wade." Weasel looked uncomfortable.

Deadpool proceeded to take out his high powered sniper rifle and his spiked knuckle graspers.  He unsheathed his blood soaked Katana and inspected it.

"I need more fuel for the gas powered sniper rifle," he said.  "I pumped up all of the gas for one shot.  You should have saw his head explode, it looked like a volcano!  Except volcanos don't have guts!"  He said while wiping his katana with a clothe.  "The new automatics performed well."  He continued as he checked his sidearm for any smudges of bloodstains.
"Good Wade."  Weasel strained.
"What is the matter Weasel?" Deadpool asked. "Did you hit puberty?  I can tell you a thing or two.  Never..."   Deadpool stopped. He looked over Weasel and spotted a familiar face.
"Assassination."  He mumbled.  "Trying to get my weapons deadler again?"  He reached for his knife.

Assassination turned to face him.  "No,no,no Wade.  I was only having a conversation."

"That's all it had better been." Deadpool replied.  "I wouldn't want to have to beat your @$$ again."

"Whatever Wade"  Assassination responded.

Deadpool carried on and Weasel lightened up to see they were done. 

Deadpool then ordered up a bottle of whiskey from Blind Al and looked at his mission tracker. 

"Hmmm.   It looks like we got some newbies here today on the announcements."

"Yeah, they are supposedly pretty good. "  Weasel replied.

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After been some time in the Bladed Angels Solitude Island Elian felt it was time to go for reasons that only he knew. He left a note to his former leader Thanking him for the gift telling him he appreciate all he did but a merc must chase after his own vision.  Elian was once more on the road thinking on going back to R.O.R whit his step sister  and help her out for a short while. Bandit could have gotten there in record time opening a scar into reality but he decides to make a road trip out of it to think about his future. Bandit’s powers have double to some that sounds like a good thing, but not for Elian the stronger his powers get the more the Evaristo curse consumes his soul.

Riding his motorcycle through the high feeling the breeze flowing through his long Jacket Exposing his arsenal to the incoming cars, even if it was obvious they were no looking at his weapons the Custom design Hayabusa was hard to not to spot it, it was a riding beauty, shiny like Beyonce’s butt on baby oil.

The Bandit Hayabusa runs on gas and on energy but the battery was low and Bandit was running low on gas it was a long trip. Stopping on a gas station Bandit uses his shape shifting to change his appearance then take off his biker helmet and puts it on the bike and walks in to pay. Outside the gas station a bunch of thugs seem to gets too attracted to the bike there were six of them, one of them smile whit a cigarette on its lip “check it out boys." The thug sat on the bike and Bandit saw him, Elian pays the money and then pays for six lollipops and he walks out the mart in the gas station looking at the thugs all around the bike. "Nice ride huh fellas?" Said Elian. The thug on the bike laugh saying “ Too bad that I can’t say the same about the rider.” all the thugs laugh and Elian laugh along.
"Na seriously man, get off my bike I got a lot of mileage to cover."
The thug laugh replying.

 "yea that is true so start walking while you have your sane legs boy”

 Elian smiles at the thug’s comment. "Something funny boy?" Said the thug as the other five surrounds Elian. "Well funny will be your faces in about ten seconds after  the beating I’m about to give you losers."" All the thugs laugh “Get’ him!” yelled the leader.
 Elian then shape shift to his real look to intimidate them. The bluish dead skin and the visible veins on his face are shown. “UGH! What the hell are you?!” Elian then unbuttons his jacket and his full arsenal comes to visibility. Elian points at the leader “Run as far as you can and you might live!” the fatso gets up from Elian’s bike and goes to his own bike. All the thugs were fleeing away. Bandit drew a smirk on his face “back to killing” as he disappears into thin air.

Couple of minutes later there is nothing but a bloody massacre in the gas station. Elian puts on his mask and fills the motorcycle whit gas. The owner of the station was still in shock whit his mouth wide open. Bandit puts the gas hose on the holder and gets on his bike, he switches it on and accelerates riding off the gas station. While Bandit leaves the gas station the owner looks around all the thugs were hanging on a fence dismember off their legs and whit a lollipop on their bloody mouths.

The mercenary of greatness was going at high speed on the road whit a smirk under his mask. He seem to be approaching some goal. He lets go of the handle holding the bike steady whit his right hand. He grabs whit his left hand one of his hi-power guns, Bandit then honk and the lead thug couldn’t believe his bike mirrors, he slightly looks back over his shoulder (BANG!) A bullet encrusted right between the biker’s eyes. The bike loses control and rolls around on the pavement. Elian was coming so fast he had to stop a couple of yards away. He dismount and puts the gun on his holster then grabs the last lollipop and unwrap it while he walks to the thug’s body.  Elian squats looking at the bullet hole, he grabs a camera and takes a picture of the dead man’s face. He was then going to put the lollipop on the body’s mouth but stops his hand before it reach the dead man ’s lips. “you are not worth my lolly” Bandit puts the lollipop on his own mouth and grabs some kind of container, opens it and pours gas on the body then throws a lit wooden match on it. Bandit walks away to his bike putting on his helmet while the body begins to burn. The mercenary of greatness mounts his bike and switch it on  looking back at the burning body
 “Hey look is Johnny storm, not so human torch now are ya!” Bandit laughs to himself and accelerates riding on to his way.     

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The alarm clock buzzed repeatedly as Mr. Smith continued to hit the snooze button. Slowly he raised his head up off of his pillow looking to his left where his wife laid next to him. "Good morning Mrs. Smith!" he said kissing her on the cheek and rolling the soft linen sheets off of his firm body. One foot after another he placed his feet softly on the ground. The spongy feeling of the carpet tickled his feet. His eyes were still a little blurry as he glanced around the room. He stopped for a second before he got up admiring his wife’s beautiful body. Her soft skin almost glowing from the sunlight shinning in from the bay doors. The sheets were slightly pulled back from where he had gotten out of bed revealing Mrs. Smith's soft but muscular back. Mr. Smith couldn’t help but smile as he watched her roll over covering herself back up with the sheets and looking at him. Mr. Smith's mouth opened as the words rolled off of his tongue "want some coffee love?" A cozy Smile confirmed his question as he stood up extending his arms stretching his back and walking into the kitchen. His feet slid across the floor showing he still wasn’t awake enough to lift his legs up and walk right.

As he turned the corner in the hallway to go in the kitchen a slight chill rose up his spine. The hardwood floor in the kitchen was always cold and served as a way to help wake him up. His feet could be heard from below as he made his way across the cold kitchen floor to the coffee maker. Upon opening the can of coffee his nostrils tickled as the aroma filled the air. "MMmmm nothing like a fresh cup of coffee to get your day started!" Slowly he began making the coffee opening up the fridge pulling out some milk placing it on the table. His laptop lay on the counter next to coffee maker so that he would always remember to check his messages. Mr. Smith was a bit of a neat freak and always liked to have a order in the way he did things. Every day he would wake up and make some coffee and check his messages for any jobs that may come up. Just like every other day he would see his messages and leave them be until he finished reading the morning paper. Everyday the same thing. To most he and his wife seemed like the average couple. Hardly fighting and doing normal things like walking out to get the paper in his white boxers waving to the neighbors on his way back into the house.

The Smiths had an amazing front they lived in an upper class home in the suburbs of Las Angeles. Mr. Smith appeared to be a lawyer at a top law firm and Mrs. Smith was a accountant at a top brokerage. They never seemed to do anything out of the ordinary. Once Mr. Smith was finished with the morning paper he grabbed his laptop and a cup of coffee and walked back into the bedroom where Ms Smith was up and about getting ready for the day. "Here ya go Mrs. Smith!" he said handing her a cup of coffee just the way she liked it and making his way back over to the bed. Slowly he sat down placing the lap top on top of his legs and checking his messages. "Hmmm apparently Oliver has a job for us in the city dearest" he said cracking a smile at his lovely wife. "A senator from apparently someone voted for the other guy" Mr. Smith said laughingly clicking his mouse pad hitting the accept button.

Oliver was their middle man. The guy had a knack for finding trouble or at least finding someone that had a problem with someone else. When the Smith's turned on their agencies they found it hard to get work seems how their firms were at the top of the crime syndicate. Then came Oliver a short sniveley little man that wore thick glasses. How he was always able to find work for the couple was beyond Mr. Smith but he didn’t really care as long as the work kept coming. Slowly he placed the laptop on top of his dresser and made his way into the bathroom where his wife was getting ready. He softly wrapped his arms around her waist kissing her neck and looking into the mirror staring at her eyes. "So what do you say Mrs. Smith the normal routine you distract him take out his body guards and i take the clean shot?" A devilish grin came across his face as he continued to look in the mirror.

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Mrs. Smith was sleeping soundly as the alarm clock loudly began to buzz. She made a soft grunt sound as she attempted to cover her ears from the sound that wanted to wake her from her slumber. She could hear the hand of her love, Mr. Smith, continually hitting the object that was causing her to stir from her sleep. "Honey..." She mumbled as she turned to face the opposite direction of were he was. "Just turn it off." She said as she could feel him slowly shift his upper body from the bed and lean over her.

"Good morning Mrs. Smith!" he said in a cheerful his soft warm lips gently pressed against her cheek as she couldn’t help but turn her head and make a soft smile at him. He was such a morning person, opposite of her, she was a night owl, she enjoyed the nightlife.

She then felt him slowly rolling himself up from the bed, now sitting on it. She continued to lay as she then began to feel the suns ray's from outside shin upon her bare back. She snuggled the blanket that covered her as she then rolled over to face him, laying on her side she moved a couple strands of her brown hair from her face and smiled back at him. "What some coffee love?" he asked her in a suave way. She didn’t even have to say anything; a simple smile gave him the answer he needed before he stood up, stretching out his strong arms that were wrapped around her not too long ago. Because of his angel standing by the window, the sunshine allowed Mrs. Smith only to be able to see the silhouette of Mr. Smith, the outline of his perfect muscular, body was viewed in her eyes.  She watched him walk off, shuffling his feet across the carpet floor. Mrs. Smith then let out a soft yawn as she stretched out her arms and slowly sat up, still keeping the silky covers wrapped around her as she slowly moved her body and dangled her feet off the bed, grabbing her dark purple silky robe from her night stand and wrapped it around her body as she stood up, allowing the blankets to fall back onto the bed.

As Mr. Smith got the paper, made the coffee and checked his messages on his laptop, something which he did every morning, she did what she did every morning. She pulled her long brown hair back and picked up a tie from the draw of her nightstand and tied it back. She smiled as she began to hum a happy tune, walking around the bed and pulling on the sheets, straightening them out as she made the bed, making sure everything was perfect as she finished up fluffing the pillows, setting them down as she then walked off to the closet. As she went to her walk in closet she clapped her hands as the lights turned on, a small bedroom size closet was full of cloths and shoes, the right side was full of Mr. Smiths clothing while the left was full of Mrs. Smith. She began to pull out cloths from both sides of the closet. A sharp looking black pinstripe business suite with a white button shirt and a baby blue tie to go with it for the Mr. and for her, a charcoal pinstripe trousers suit with a off white button shirt. She began to iron the cloths as she could hear the door from outside open, Mr. Smith going out to get the paper as a few seconds later she could hear him call out to the neighbors and greeting them as he walked back in. When she was done ironing the cloths she gently set them down on the bed as she made her way to the shower.

Stepping upon the cold floor of the shower she gave a small shiver as she turned on the water, at first it was freezing, whatever sleepiness she still had was immediately gone in almost an instant as she let out a small yelp. A few seconds warmth began to hit her back as she felt her body begin to relax. She then leaned her head back and felt the warm water rush through her hair and down her bare backside as she reached over to her 'So Sexy' shampoo from Victoria’s Secret and began to massage the soap into her hair as she rinsed it out and did the same with the conditioner and then began to wash her body with the bath sponge. When she was done she reached out from the shower door and grabbed a hold of a towel and began to dry herself off inside the shower as she then wrapped the towel around her head and grabbed her other bathrobe and wrapped that around her body.

She then began to get dressed, now in her work pants and a white undershirt she was now putting on her off-white shirt as Mr. Smith came up to her from the kitchen and handed her, her first cup of coffee for the day. "Thank you Mr. Smith." She said as she gently took the coffee from his hands and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She held the cup up close to her nose as she took in its sent. She soft smile curled upon her lips as she took a sip of it. "hhmmmm" Came from her as the warm coffee ran down her throat. "Black, just how I like it." She said as she walked over to the bathroom and began to fix her hair while Mr. Smith sat down on the bed and began to check his messages on his laptop. "Anything today honey?" She asked as she began to brush out her hair.

"Hmmm apparently Oliver has a job for us in the city, dearest." he said to her. She looked through the bathroom mirror and was able to see a sly smile come upon his handsome face.

"Oh?" She said as she set the brush down for a second. "What poor soul will be at our mercy?"

"A senator from California, apparently someone voted for the other guy." he laughed as she joined in with the laugh as she then began to put her makeup on. She then watched as Mr. Smith came up from behind her and felt his strong arms wrap around her waist, holding her close against his own body. She let out a small noise of appreciation as she moved her hand to the back of his head and gently ran her fingers through his short hair. "So what do you say Mrs. Smith, the normal routine? You distract him, take out his body guards and I take the clean shot?" A devilish grin curled upon his lips as he then looked at her through the mirror still.

She then turned her body to be face to face with him and placed her hands upon his muscular bare chest as she leaned in and gave him a soft kiss upon his lips and pulled back. "Sounds like a plan honey." She said as she then gently pulled away from him and continued to get ready, going back into the closet, only this time, she went in to get something other than cloths. As she walked in she then said in a firm voice. "Mrs. Smith." Just then a small square of the closet floor slowly began to make its way down into the ground, with Mrs. Smith on top of it. She stood there as the floor finally stopped only to have her in a dark filled room. "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" She said as the lights turned on to revile a large room filled with weapons of all sorts. Guns, knives, whips, explosives, maces, swords, daggers, blow darts, anything you could think of, it was down there. She then began to make her way around, picking up some weapons as she placed them inside a bag. When she was done she then stepped on the small platform once more, and it began to rise once more, sending her back into the closet as she walked back out. Mr. Smith now taking his turn in getting dressed as she then made her way to the bed and slowly began to lay out their weapons.

"Honey, I got your favorites, there going to be right here next to your tie and please, try not to drop your ear piece in the toilet again, their getting rather expensive." She said as she gave him a playful laugh and began to strap on her own weapons underneath her clothing. Her knives, LadyHawks, blast knuckles and then lifted the pants of her suit and strapped her bersa thunder .380 around her ankle as she tucked her favorite whip inside her suit case along with her lock picking equipment right next to her planner. "Is there a set time for our little get together?" She said as she walked back to the bathroom were she left her coffee and picked it back up, taking a another sip of it as she watched her love fix his hair.

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Lionheart was at his private dojo in Connecticut. he was helping train his best friend RANDOMM in hand to hand combat. he had been doing this for two weeks straight for 6 hours a day every day but saturday because RANDOMM seriously lacked H2H skills. after their latest session Lionheart goes in the bak dojo and meditates to relax himself and to help him stay sane. he barely ever gets any sleep because he was training and always working on his powers and improving them. he knew something was gonna happen soon and something big so he had to be prepared. About two hours later he he heard a huge crash and it sounded like it came from the weapons dojo where RANDOMM was currntly practicing with sensei Yu. he heard a lot of clangs and screams so he immediately went to his room to get his dagger but was interrupted by two of the dragondeath clans leaders.
"stop. do not resist or we will be forced to fight you and maybe kill you if we feel like it." one of them said

"You dont have a chance at even hitting me" lionheart replied
then they both tried to punch hm at the same time but he spinned around one of them and caught the other. he then pulled the fist towards him and punched the guys elbow and shattered his elbow and arm bone. he then leaped off the wall and hit the other guy in the face with his knee and knocked him out. the other guy was screaming in pain on the floor so lionheart grabbed him and threw him out the window into a river. he thenn grabbed his daggers and boomerang, and ran to the weapons dojo where RANDOMM and sensei Yu were.  he saw them fighting about 4 people of the dragondeath clan and two members lay dead on the ground already. he ran in their about half speed did three swings with the daggers in each hand. about a half second later the other 4 members lay dead on the floor without even knowing what happened.
"thank god you showed up i was about to lose all my stamina" RANDOMM said. Lionheart ignored him and looked out the dojo and saw about Thirty other members running towards them. "stay here" he told Yu and RANDOMM. he then ran into another room and waited for the others to follow him which they did. once they ran into the room llionheart said "Catch me"  and ran towards the wall and right before he ran into it he stopped and turned invisible, making it look like he ran though the wall. five other followed so he moved and they ran directly into the wall knocking themselves out. he then threw his daggers at the rest and they tried to block it but they failed and killed them. "This is getting too easy" lionheart said and right as he was about to get out of the room and dojo the second highest ranking clan members walked in and got in a tiger stance so lionheart went into a serpent stance. the leader then swung at him with a tiger claw and lionheart swiftly moved out of the way knowin it could easily knock a normal person out so it would do a little bit of damage to him and grabbed the leaders adam apple but the leader saw this coming and knocked his hand off before any damage could be done  and tried a double tiger claw but lionheart ducked and punched both sides of  his rib cage breaking them. the leader then fell instantly and screamed in pain but lionheart solved this problem by poking him on the side of the head, knocking the member out. he then went back to the back dojo and began meditating again.

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After hours of riding his motorcycle heading to Vine city. Elian decides to take a breather, not that he needs it but his legs were totally numb, he had been sitting on his bike for so many hours he couldn’t feel his legs. Elian was thinking of a penthouse in high class hotel but then he remembers that he is packed he has a full arsenal of weapons and explosives it would never go through a metal detectors. The killing happy man then takes a small detour, he was going to keep the budget low for once. Driving his motorcycle to the highway he come across a small hotel called the Margaret hotel, it look more like Margaret‘s trashcan but it will do. Riding his motorcycle inside the place Elian dismount his Hayabusa, he tries to stand on his feet but he just falls on the ground. “Gosh! This ride is getting my nuts more together.” Elian then tries to get up, he leans on a pillar and use it as a support, he could feel the blood rushing through his legs it felt like if many ants were running through his legs. Walking funny he takes off his helmet, using his shape shifting abilities he was able  to look normal. Elian walks in to the counter and rings the bell several times just for the hell of it.

The owner gets up from the back room. (bell) Ting.. Ting ..Ting.. Ting.. Ting.. Ting ..Ting.. Ting.. “I’m coming, hold on!” Yelled Margaret the owner of the hotel she was cooking she lower the temperature of the strove and looks for a towel, but Elian likes to have fun in his free time. Ting.. Ting ..Ting.. The land lady gets out of her kitchen wiping her hands whit a towel yelling “COMING!”TING!. Margaret comes out the door mad yelling “What the hell is wrong with you?! Didn’t you hear me saying I was coming.” Elian leans on the counters with his arms cross whistling like if he didn’t do nothing and hear the lady’s statement and he replies., “Eww lady you have a hotel to run, this is no time to get busy.” Margaret looks at him angry seems to have a lousy sense of humor, Elian then ask her for a room but she says they are no vacancy. Elian seem to be puzzle by the lady’s reply and he looks outside the door. (crickets) There is only a truck, a cars and Elian’s motorcycle in the whole parking lot. “Well, I know what you’re full of lady and it comers out your rear end, stop playing and get me the best room in this trashcan.” Elian draws a pack of cash and he could swear that the woman suddenly had money symbols on her eyes. <($.$)> Margaret then had a sudden change of personality, she was treating Elian like if he was made of gold.

“This is the best room in the whole place, also the cleanest and the bathroom works fine you should be comfortable here sir.” Elian looks at the room, it was like if he was about to sleep in a soup kitchen “Well I guess I’ll take it.” Elian gives the lady the payment “welcome to Margaret’s hotel.” The lady then sniffs the air “what is that smell?” she ask and Elian said that it smelled like burn @ss. The lady then looks at the office door and smoke was coming from it “My kitchen!” the lady runs back to the kitchen it was all in flames, she uses the fire extinguisher “Damn you!” she yelled out loud. Elian laugh and close the room door.

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He woke up in his room in a hotel. He sits on the edge of the bed and thinks for awhile. He was very tired after the trip yesterday. He stood up and walked slowly into the bathroom to get a shower, he went to shower and was there in about half and hour. When he gets out of the shower he heard some funny noise from the lobby Ting Ting Ting Ting he laughs and walks out of the bathroom with the towel at his waist. He got dressed to his boots and jeans. He went to the wardrobe to get his leather jacket. He got dressed and took his two desert eagles, he went to the desk in his room and started reloading it. He putted it in the jacket and walked out. When he was at the front desk he walked past some strange guy.

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A few hours later Lionheart awoke from his meditation. He had been alerted something was found on one of the five members that had gotten knocked out.  It was a note that said HELLHOUSE: For Only The best Assassins and Mercs. The note said basically was in the form of a postcard not saying anything. He wonders about what G'bandit was doing, he wanted to spar someone that actually had skill and could match him at almost every skill and better at some. he also wanted to talk to him about this hellhouse thing and get his thoughts on it. so he walks over to RANDOMM and sees if he can get in some sort of communication with him. RANDOMM says "yeah of course it may take me about a half hour thoughi've got a little work that needs to be done but ill get to you in a little while." Lionheart looked at the clock that was on the wall near his fifth medal and it said 8:30pm he then looked at RANDOMM and said "no problem"
 he then walked out of the room and started walking down a hallway and a lady approached him asking about what to do about the guys that had been knocked out. "send them back where they came from" the lady knew what this meant so she turned around and looked away. he kept walking and took a left into another room and got some water. he then sat down and kept thinking about this hellhouse thing it intrigued him. "hey i located G'bandit for you come into my room" lionheart got up and did just that. When he got into his room he sawa huge computer "it took this long to locate hiim on this thing" he said "no, i said i had other things to do. it took me about a minute to get his location. you dont have the best service in the world either" he replied Lionheart then said "G'bandit can you here me?" than waited for a reply

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Elian was resting on his room in the Margaret’s hotel. It seems like it was nothing but another night of nightmare for Elian. Drops of sweat ride down his face, he was groaning and moving around the bed breathing heavily desperate when a loud voice is heard “You are mine!” Elian stand up on the bed and holding his gin aiming at the wall. His eyes were wide open and his nerves all rattle it could be seen at plain sight what ever he was dreaming of was not pretty.

His personal ringtone then can be heard all over the room, Elian looks at the phone on the night table asking himself,
 “Who the hell has my number?” he ask himself while he grabs the phone. "G'bandit can you here me?”
Elian had no idea how it was done but he had been spotted, Elian recognize the voice he was spotted by no other than the warrior Lionheart someone he thought he would never hear of after he left the Bladed Angels. G’bandit then quickly checks outside the window been careful he did not like to be contact by anyone at all since he is a free agent, making sure there is no one around and that his room is clear out of bugs he answer the phone saying the first thing that pop into his mind, “Lionheart how the hell did you found me?!”
G’bandit puts on his Bluetooth and jacket. Bandit  seem very paranoid thinking that if Lionheart could find him in the hell hole he was sleeping in so could a assassin.

Bandit was still unmasked, he opens the room door and steps outside holding his gun on his right hand looking at his surrounding. Maybe he might have been over reacting but in the merc world you can never be too careful. The area was cleared there was no one around, Elian just lean on the wall awaiting for Lionheat’s respond. 

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lionheart had been waiting for G'bandit's response for about a minute before he answered. "lionheart how the hell did you find?! me" he said sort of worried. lionheart chuckled for a second and responded "i have a friend who has some pretty high tech stuff so, yeah but i wanted to talk to you about this HELLHOUSE thing i found on a clans member that had tried to attack me. i guess its supposed to be a place for mercs and assassins and some pretty high trained ones at that. i wanted to talk about it with youand see if you knew anything about it." lionheart ten sat bac in a chair rabbed a water out of the mini fridge and waited for the bandits response.

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"i have a friend who has some pretty high tech stuff so, yeah but i wanted to talk to you about this HELLHOUSE thing i found on a clans member that had tried to attack me. i guess its supposed to be a place for mercs and assassins and some pretty high trained ones at that. i wanted to talk about it with you and see if you knew anything about it."

Elian was still in position to react at any disruption, looking around for any movement he then activates his night vision ability to have a sharper view of his perimeter. It was not that he did not trust Lionheart it was more that he didn’t trust even on himself. Bandit then replied to what Lionheart had stated, “The Hellhouse? No I’ve never heard of such thing, I been out of the game for a couple of weeks, that is why I left the Angels I needed to slits some throats.. But I really have no clue about the Hellhouse, I could find out if you want I’m not doing anything.”

But it was more than just Elian offering himself to do public service to someone just like that, other than the terrible nightmares he also didn’t feel secure in the hotel no more he was having the feeling that he could be been watch, a terrible feeling. Ether way Bandit felt safer on the road. Elian then turn the door nob and gets in his room. He was speaking through his bluetooth this gave him the liverty to starts packing his small luggage. the missing link then caries his belongings to his motorcycle and mounts it while awaiting on Lionheart’s reply.
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“The Hellhouse? No I’ve never heard of such thing, I been out of the game for a couple of weeks, that is why I left the Angels I needed to slits some throats.. But I really have no clue about the Hellhouse, I could find out if you want I’m not doing anything.” lionheart thought baout this for a second and replied "yeah go ahead and do tat try to be quick if you dont mind, also if you dont mind id like to meet face to face it makes me feel more comfortable if we do it that way." lionheart then sat back down and took another sip of his water and thought about this hellhouse some more.
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"count me in too. I'll stick with lionheart on this one," RANDOMM said. "I'm done with any hero bits for now anyways, and mercing sounds fun. Besides, these things can get ugly, and I'm beginning to like ugly."
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""count me in too. I'll stick with lionheart on this one," RANDOMM said. "I'm done with any hero bits for now anyways, and mercing sounds fun. Besides, these things can get ugly, and I'm beginning to like ugly.""
lionheart looked at Randomm and replied "people always do my friend, people always do"
"come on G'bandit answer back, dont got much time man" then he took another sip of water
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RANDOMM went back to his computer. "Well, I've got a few things here on Hellhouse, but nothing reliable. Just junk on conspiracy theory/supernatural websites. I definitely think we're gonna need G'bandit's full assistance here." RANDOMM sat back and sighed.

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"G'bandit looks like we will need your help on this one, the supposed "smart guy" cant get any real detail on what this place is"
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After hearing lion heat’s offer Elian switch on his motorcycle and put on his helmet. Then he walked the motorcycle backwards while pulling the handle to the right positioning the motorcycle to the hotel gate. He then replies, “Well listen man I can’t promise you anything by now you should know I hate been track or compromised..also I like taking my time in my work” Elian then looks at his watch then he adds, “Listen I’ll call you back in five hours whit the answer to your question OK bro.. See ya!” Bandit hangs up and quickly turns off the phone then opens the battery chamber and takes both the batery and ship out of the phone, this will ensure that no one is tracking him by the phone no energy in the cell means impossible to be tracked. Elian then puts his phone away and accelerates riding to the gate of the hotel, but there was something fishy about that place. Dismounting his motorcycle bandit then grabs two of his canisters. Then he teleports to the office and sets one of the canister. He then throws another canister to another area and teleports mounting his motorcycle, the canisters were powerful explosives. Just one was powerful enough to take down a couple of stories in a building. The demolition man then riders out along way through the street leaving the area.


Margaret’s hotel was blown out of the map by the Lolly bringer. 

On the road. The mercenary of greatness was on the move once more asking himself what was the deal whit this hell house conspiracy that had grown in the streets, why is it so special that Lionheart had to track him down just to talk about it? The king of the mercs was now headed to the heart of the city. He arrives at a private club called the 48 club. The facility had a private parking and two sections one allowed to costumers and the other allowed only for VIP 48 members, the prettiest part… a back door. “I guess I’ll start here.”  said the deadliest player in the game whit a smile on his face. The killing happy man dropped his jacket showing his arsenal that shine at the presence of the full moon and neon lights on the club, walking to the back Bandit shot one of the security, he arrives at the door and notice a man looking through  a hole, bandit placed the gun right on it. the man could see the bullet on the gun, he open his eyes wide in shock. The Bandit then pulled the trigger. the man fell in a bloody mess to the floor while the rogue of redemption broke through the door aiming his guns at the club personnel while saying "KNOCK, KNOCK!" in a amusing tone.

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“Well listen man I can’t promise you anything by now you should know I hate been track or compromised..also I like taking my time in my work” “Listen I’ll call you back in five hours whit the answer to your question OK bro.. See ya!” 

lionheart heard this and kind of figured he didnt need to reply back to him. he then hears a crash sounding like it came from the fronht of the dojo. he got up instantly "what the hell was that" he yelled he then ran out of RANDOMM's room and and down the hallway and then turned left againand stopped. he was in "shock" he saw nothing except burnt rubble in front of him, and saw a marking of the rival clan embbedded on the ground. "Those MotherF*ckers, now im going to make them bleed and burn and be in agony before they actually die"

That would be a little bit of payback he thought, he had lost many students and teachers. half of about ten years work just demolished. my payback will be very unpleasant. 

He couldnt wait for G'bandits response so he could tell him what happened. he then walked into all the rubble to see what he could find. he saw few bones and hoped that it was because they got out or something but he had a gut feeling they had all burned so badly. how could this happen without him knowing about it he wondered. he was pissed. "these guys just seriously crossed the line." 

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“Of course I should have known, you never say anything unless you absolutely have to. Anyways what can I do you for?”

“I need to find a place, it’s called the Hellhouse. What do you know?”

“Ah the Hellhouse huh? I haven’t heard the name recently; however I do know the place you are talking about. A place for assassins and mercenaries to train and meet as I recall.”

“Right, I already know that, just tell me where it is”, Lunacyde rasped in a deep, menacing tone. Johnny couldn’t see the expression on his masked face, but he could sense that Lunacyde wasn’t fooling around.

Johnny glanced down the empty hallway thinking hard. “Well from what I remember it is located at 111 East 12 Street, but my memory is getting a little sketchy these days. I will make sure to keep my ears open for you”. He turned back to Lunacyde only to notice that he was no longer there.  He had disappeared just as abruptly as he had come, like an inky shadow in the blackness of the night.

(One minute Later On the roof of the building) Once again Lunacyde had taken to the rooftops. He was moving quickly from building to building, effortlessly, as graceful as a ballerina, deadly as a viper. Suddenly he noticed something odd. A large group of armed men were attacking a poor homeless man. He could overhear their conversation from his perch high above them.

“Where is he? We know you know where he is! Now just tell us and we will let you go back to sleeping in that dumpster.”

“I …I…I don’t know what you are ttt…talking …about,” stammered the poor bum.

“Fine have it your way”, replied one of them, probably the leader. He motioned to a couple of the other men and they raised their guns.

Lunacyde sprung into action at the sound of the man’s words. He sprinted and dove maddeningly over the ledge, catching an air current with his cape. He glided smoothly towards the group of well armed strangers. They didn’t notice his dark form in the air until it was too late. He dropped down into their circle letting a cluster of throwing stars fly before his feet had even hit the ground. The stars clanked loudly as they disarmed the men, knocking the guns from their clutches. The panicked men began to attack the eerie figure in midnight blue.

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RANDOMM followed lionheart out to the site of the explosion. He saw the burning rubble, the charred remains of the fighters, and the looks on lionheart's face. RANDOMM knew that this would not bode well for the attackers. They left their mark, which meant that lionheart knew where to find them. RANDOMM had already researched the rival clan, and knew every safehouse and headquarters in the immediate area. Dust was still settling from the explosion, thick and grey, and the debris was still burning brightly. This would take major restoration, after the fires were put out.
WHAM! A piece of debris fell from the air and laid RANDOMM out, whipping his head forward and slicing him open with a gash going all the way across his back from his right shoulder to his left hip. It was just the kind of wound required to put out the fires. RANDOMM flash froze the entire area surrounding him and lionheart, and cauterized the gash on his back. It would require medical treatment, but that would have to wait. RANDOMM had some power control, lionheart was mad, and the ones responsible for the attack were probably nearby. RANDOMM ran back to his room quickly and grabbed some jars of chemicals that he used as weapons (makeshift bombs, acids, smokescreens, etc.), and returned to lionheart.
"Ready to go after them? I've got a pretty good idea of where they are right now," RANDOMM said to lionheart. G'Bandit would be calling in a few hours, but this was more important, and wouldn't take too long.

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"Ready to go after them? I've got a pretty good idea of where they are right now," RANDOMM said to lionheart. Lionheart lokked at him in a fearful glance and said "you got all the info we need to seriously cripple these guys?!." LIonheart asked. "its gonna get quite bloody the way i do things and you should already know that, first tell me where this clans best marketing districts that they control are i will take care of that you get all the minor stuff they like to run things as if they were a gang, and make sure they burn. but we will also have to try and not kill any innocent people during this. see if you can find the fastest way way to get in and out of there, i dont want any of your powers to fail you if you have to use them " LIonheart then grabbed two daggers, a sword, 10 shuriken stars and one pair of nunshucks.The swords blade was about four feet long and the hilt about 1 foot long. he couldnt wait to just see the masters' blood across the walls. but with the grand master, he would beat him to a pulp in hand to hand combat. it just would be a very bad day for a lot of them. he then walked back out a and headed east to where the fastest trails to getto the marketing district was. it took him 5 minutes to get their going almost at full speed. but when he got there he found the same thing that had happened to his dojo, just bunt rubble everywhere, bodies in decay, and the smell of burning flesh. he instantl grabbed his cell phone and tried to contact RANDOMM. "Hey something is going on around here man, everything is destoyed, did you go arond here or something." lionheart joked. "we need to find out whats going on and fast, what is going on with you? have ou done anything yet, as in have you attacked the enemy yet? also has G'bandit contacted us yet?"  He turned around and started running the other way. he was just so puzzled about what was going on and he also was very curious about this HELLHOUSE, apparently he was right something did happen something very big and confusing.

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                They rushed at him in fear, swarming him and violently attacking. He kept his cool as they converged upon him. He let fly a fist full of throwing stars. The swarm of razor stars imbedded themselves in the attacker’s bodies with a light thud, leaving the men shouting in pain. They were caught in a moment of shock. Some of the men just stood there, others viciously attacked him. He dodged a right cross, meanwhile unleashing a wicked uppercut, transitioning into a swift leg sweep taking the feet out from beneath three different thugs. He tucked and rolled evading a plummeting blow with a lead pipe. He sprang and pounced, blocked and dodged, kicked and struck, his body a fluid instrument of destruction. A smattering of bloodied bodies lay at his feet, and he battled on.

By now some of the smarter men that remained had regained their firearms. Blam!...Blam!...Ratta-tat-tat….Blam! The sound of gunfire filled the street, guns flashing, hot lead screaming through the air with reckless abandon. Lunacyde dodged each shot with utter precision, tip-toeing and pivoting, slicing through the air effortlessly. He ducked a spray of bullets, and they struck a couple of the thugs standing right behind him. He then lunged at the remaining gunmen, twisting and jumping to the side avoiding another volley of lead.

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"I'm ready, and don't worry about my powers failing me. Even I don't understand more than how to activate them, and I'm smarter than the entire enemy clan combined. I've got three maps of all of their safehouses in my room." RANDOMM went and grabbed two of them.

"They're marked in red X's. I've also circled in blue the places that are likely training areas/dojos, and X'ed in green their businesses. It's been too dangerous for me to actually investigate the possible dojos, so I'm not sure which of them are really from the rival clan, if they exist at all, but all of those are the most likely places. I also don't know where you'll find the master and grandmaster for sure, but I've marked their possible main headquarters locations on there too. Those are black X's, with the number of guards and security measures in place written next to them. I figure the one at the northern outskirts of the city would be the most likely place to look for them, since it's even got a holographic projection over a vibranium door to keep the entrance from being seen. That one's going to take some work to get into, though, so I suggest we start by clearing out the nearby areas for the ones who actually attacked us. We might even get some better info, so we've got to leave now. We'll meet up back here in about three hours, so get as far as you can in that time, alright?"

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"alrite. thanx for the info. im going to their businesses first and see what i can find says their is about 130 guards around the whole east block of the map ill go to those. you go west. get as much info as you can. ill also check out all the training dojos and areas and ill tell you what i can find. three hours is pretty short amount of time so be quick and smart. not that i need to tell you that. be at the rooftop in three hours. the back dojos' rooftop no real bloodshed until we find out whats going on were you able to grab any details or info that would hint on a possible rebellion or some kind of war?."

Lionheart studioed the map for about a minute so he could recognize where he was going. as soon as he finished he ran off in the east direction where he would have to cross through a forest but that wouldnt take too long. "Bang bang bang, pow , pow, pow."  gunshots were fired right in front of him. he instantly rolled left and went invisble.  he then ran behind a tree and started searching in the forest for anybody or anything. about five minutes later he spotted people in trees and under leaves, and behind objects  about 400 feet in front of him. "these guys are good" he thought to himself. "it took me this long to find themhe didnt want to start too much action yet so he ran up the tree he was behind and very stelthfully began jumping across tree to tree and some times running from tree to tree. he stopped when he heard some guy with a very dep voice say "where did this guy go, weve been searching out there for about 15 minutes and weve seen nothin, he just dissapeared" another guy replied "we better hope he dissapeared or Saint will kill us. hes on streak of terror i mean, theres a war going on out there between him and Apostle." 

Lionheart knew these names, Apostle used to be his friend but was corrupted by the rival clan, he was the reason lionheart didnt get rid of the clan a long time ago. he was nice respectful and didnt start violence unless he had to. SAint on the other hand was a complete terrorist who loved blowing sh*t up and f*cking things up. they had been working together for about two years now and hated it. he figured they finally got tired of each other and bad things started happening. He quicckly left that spot and ran out of the forest. he then found a spot in an alley that had no camera's no men and basically just nothing, he made sure of it. he then quickly relayed the info to RANDOMM and then left the alley and went into the businesses like he said he would. he was undetected everywhere he wentbut he had to be careful because gunshots were being fired at random and he didnt know if explosives were being used. after he searched through all the businesses he found that Apostle tried to force Saint out of leadership and Saint didnt take that to kindly. he also read through a article saying there was some third party that called themselves the demilition men under the leadership of Sun King. he looked at his watch and saw that he only had 15 minutes before he had to meet at the rooftop. as he aproached the forest he saw a platoon of men standing in front of where he needed to cut through the forest, they had heavy weaponry and looked pretty serious none of the saida word. they're skin was painted totally black. so he had to think of the fastest way to get rid of them. he remembered he had ten shuriken stars on him, so he grabbed one of them and threw it at the guy that was farthest to the right. it cut right through his head and blood started gushing out. everyone immediately ran over to him and started calling people for help. lionheart ran past them and got across the forest in about ten minutes. he quickly ran to the rooftop and waited for RANDOMM.

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Wade took the data sheet from Weasel glaring at it.  He had been waiting for the next generation of assassins to finally reveal themselves and now they had come out.  The list included the backgrounds of all canidates and their code names.  The names they had chosen were interesting:  G'bandit, Lunacyde, Lionheart, RANDOMM, Hudson Hawk, and a couple named Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  Grimacing, he looked up from his paper to his weapons dealer, Weasel.

"Assemble our ten best men.  We need to see what these guys have got.  We're going hunting."

Wade walked down a dimly lit corridor to a titanium reinforced shield door with the family crest enscribed upon it in crimson color.  The retina scanner popped and out and the door slid open, revealing a darker room with a glass case in the center of the room.  The glistening case possessed a uniform in red in black, the Deadpool mantle, that beckoned to Wade as he approached.  The two candles that flickered in the presence of dark, the ceremonial Hand candles from his past, were the only sources of light.  Wade typed in the access, Weapon X, and the clear casing slid open.  Wade reached in and delecately grasped the Vibranium weave suit and methodically clothed himself with the colors of death.  He felt stronger in the uniform, he felt his family with him and the sorrow he went through to gain it.  He turned and a spotlight hit in the corner of the room where multitudes of  weapons bathed in the golden light.  Deadpool approached watching the dust float down from the light.  He scanned through the rows of assorted weapons, neatly locked in their postions.  He unclasped the lock of the Dragons Tooth spiked knuckles and connect them around his hands.  He scanned the Katanas and chose his favorite, his first assassination sword made of Adamantium and pure golden hilt.  He connected the carefully made sheath for his sword, made from the finest leather and pure black, around his perfectly sculpted back.  He grabbed the techno-shruiken, made by Weasel, from its clothe.  He connected his weopon holders and black and res belt around his waist.  Adding grenades, throwing stars, knives, pistols, and two automatic machine hand guns to his arcenal, he approached his teleporting chip and connected it to its server.  Hearing the wizzing sound and then the click of the connection he made his way to the refilled gas powered sniper gun and strapped it to his back.  He the attatched the image inducer to its socket near his belt and turned to leave and rally his men.  Tonight will be a good night, tonight only the strong will live.

Deadpool walked up to a stage under the gaze of the select few assassins and mercenaries in the dark lit room.  Weasel handed Deadpool his Bluetooth, who slid it under his mask.  The mercenaries looked ready.  Good He thought.  This is what I have trained them for.  He then began to speak:

"Hello my faithful men.  You are the select few I have chosen for this special operation, meaning you are the fiercest of the fierce and the elite.  You will prove yourselves tonight by hunting down the next assassins of this family.  They are spread throughout the central grid of the city, living their lives without knowing what will happen.  Fight for your lives for these assassins must prove themselves and the only way for that to happen is if they kill you.  You must be strong for you are to crop out the weak but if you do not return, know that your actions here will be remembered.  Now hunt them down without mercy!  And return to bask in your glory!  The strong will live!  The weak will die!"

The small congregation bellowed in return: The strong will live!  The weak will die!

It was loud.  Defening loud.  How could so few be so faithful.  Because of me He thought, Because of me.They are ready. 

The the black ops helicopter engines roared to life in the helipad near the back of the base.  The group of assassins boarded the craft, ready to die.  Deadpool noticed nothing.  He was focused and concentrated.  He went through his catalog of fighting skills and armed combatants visualizing every move he could make to finish off his targets.  He would be dropped off at a hidden dojo in the city and kill those inside and the structure itself.  The dojo was run by Lionheart, a skilled combatant who was having recent dealings with rival groups.  He then would be taken to the last known area of the rivals leaders and kill them all so they would not interfere with their goals.  After completing this assignment he would track down the one known as G'bandit, who was particularly interesting.  

He boarded the craft and the highly trained pilot flicked the cloaking switch and the sound switch turning the choppers into the beast stealth fighters ever thanks to Weasel.  The chopper approached the first drop off of the night.  It was in the vicinity of the man named Lunacyde.  Four men stood from their chairs, weapons glistening.  The hatch opened and cool air and city lights engrossed them.  Deadpool silently shook eaches hand and bid them farewell.  

"Good hunting, my brothers."  He said.  "And return."

The group expertly jumped out of the copter landing without an noise.  Their mission had begun.

The chopper then reached each drop off point and the men became fewer.  They dropped off in their designated areas.  Every next generation assassin now had spies in the form of the Hellhouse assassins and mercenaries to watch them and eventually encounter save Lionheart and G'bandit.  The mission was successful thus far.  Deadpool looked back to each member of the squad he was left with:  John, an orphan left at their door since the age of two.  Daniel, Wade's apprentice for years.  And Zack, his best friend throughout the years besides Weasel.  These men were his family but they were deadly.  He had faith in them.  

Lionheart's dojo was the next droppoff point.  The hatch opened and Deadpool looked over the edge virtually invisible.  This first section of the Lionheart mission was Deadpool's job.  The perimeter of the dojo was surrounded by many ninjas and trainers.  Deadpool looked through his night vision scope scanning for Lionheart.  Nowhere to be found.  He must be in the dojo Deadpool thought.  He took aim at the trainer standing at the door.  PNNNT!  The shot blasted through the targets head splattering blood on the windows.  The others around him stood in shock and scattered wildly, rushing for the door.  Deadpool jumped out of the helicopter and sailed through the air while firing his sniper gun.  The assassins in the helicopter stood in awe as Deadpool hit everyone of the intended targets through the head.  He gracefully landed on the wooden floor outside the dojo.  He walked to the entrance to the dojo where he could hear the panicked yells and clattering of weapons.  Keeping his eyesight on the dojo, he heard a shuffle behind him and sidestepped close lining an attacker with ease.  Deadpool slashed through the attackers face spraying blood onto the floor.  The attacker fell with a dull thud.  Deadpool continued and telported inside the dojo and into its rafters overlooking the group of scared weaponsmen.  

"D-Do you think he left? One questioned.

"I don't know, check!"  Another replied.

A figure walked timidly to the entrance of the dojo and  SHUNK!  A silver throwing star landed in the back of his head.

"Boo."  Deadpool muttered from the rafters drawing his Katana.  He flipped off the rafters dodging throwing stars and landing on top of a trainers head smashing it into the ground.  He hacked through the attackers expertly dodging blows with ease.  He spun 180 degrees turning his sword and jabbing upward and connecting  his sword to flesh.  The sword two ripped through tendons and arteries flinging blood.  He turned and blocked two attacks with his sword and and and swiped a bladed fist of spikes in the air severing two bodies.  He heard the whistle of a sword from behind bent his body backward, parallel to the floor dodging the blade.  He then punched fullforce in the attackers abdomen, his superhuman strength ushering his hand all of the way through the body painting gore on the ground.  Finished with that attacker, he faced the one behind the fallen one and smoothly decapitated him.  The body of the dacapitated one fell in unison with the punched one.  Deadpool sheathed the Katana and smiled.  

"Didn't have to use my regenerative powers at all."  He then searched the dojo for Lionheart only to realize he was at another dojo.  

"Well at least there is a message."  Deadpool reasoned.

He exited the dojo, windows dripping with blood.  The helicopter landed and he hopped on.

"Impressive."  Daniel said.  "Only 16 seconds."

Deadpool grinned again.  He loved this.

"Okay the target tranferred to dojo possibly earlier this evening.  Try to make your presence known."

"Understood."  They replied.

They disappeared in the shadows.  The helicopter took off to the rival clans base of operations.  Disguised as a pharamaceutical company, they secretly were drugrunners and gangs, unfaithful to the art of the ninja.  They were a thorn in Lionhearts side and he needed to be focused on Deadpool's men.  That meant the leader needed to die.  The helicopter approached the building undetected.  On infared the top floor housed only one life, the leader's.  

"Pilot, turn us at 360 degrees at your fastest speed!  Open the hatch as well!"  Deadpool yelled on the intercom.  

"Whatever you say."  The pilot nervously said.   The helicopter twisted and the air rushed around Deadpool.  When the hatch view turned toward a window on the top floor released from the handhold and let velocity carry him through the window.  Perfect He thought.  The glass shattered and a startled Chinese man fell out of his chair.  Deadpool expertly landed and unslung some rope from a pack.  He walked towards the sweating Clan Leader and lifted him up ringing the nose on the rope around him.  He dragged the rope and him and tied it to the ceiling fan. 

"You don't deserve to live."  Deadpool said.

"P-Please!!"  The Clan Lead mustered.

"You are weak."  Deadpool replied and switched on the fan.  It whirled his body around while he strangled for the rope around his neck.  After a few turns the body went limp.  Now for the message Deadpool thought.

Scaled the building wall and attatched explosive devices along the surface in a pattern.  After doing so he boarded the helicopter and they took off.  As the hatch was closing Deadpool pressed the ignition for the bombs.  BOOM!  A flash of white light appeared and flaming letters appeared on the building:  The Hellhouse

Deadpool refilled the gas in his sniper gun on the flight to G'bandits area.  The dropoff point was met and Dedpool stealthily landed on a roof.  He spotted G'bandit's motorcycle.

This is going to be fun

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RANDOMM was set to go. He headed out north, to an area of abandoned buildings nearby, on the southern outskirts of the city. The building was third in from the street and one in from the last  building on the city, before the terrain gave way to a more wild environment. As RANDOMM  was approaching the first floor, he got a message from lionheart regarding information he found on the rival clan.

"When we get back to the dojo, I'll scan the info and look it over," was the reply RANDOMM gave. He spent a few minutes watching the windows and doors for anything slightly out of place that might signal a booby trap. Finding none, RANDOMM decided that it was time to enter. The bombers weren't even willing to stick around long enough for anyone to catch a glimpse, so RANDOMM assumed they were pretty weak. They also went to this closest safehouse, which signalled that they weren't very smart, since RANDOMM's observations of this place had been noticed once, and although he hadn't been identified, the occupants were much more wary and suspicious of observers, closing down almost all signs of activity.

Sneaking in wouldn't be a very logical solution, seeing as the enemies were assassins, trained in stealth, sneak attacks, and unconventional fighting. RANDOMM was extremely intelligent, but he didn't really have much experience in that kind of combat. A more direct approach, bringing his enemies out in front of him, would be much more suitable. RANDOMM threw a jar at the brick behind, and as the jar was about to strike the wall, hit it with a bolt of lightning, detonating the jar and opening up an 8-foot hole in the wall. Creating my own "entrance" works nicely, RANDOMM thought, especially since I won't be going in that way. He lit up some boarded up windows on the second and third floors with flames, and blew more holes in a few places up and down the side of the building, including one at the corner of the wall and the roof. RANDOMM also threw smoke bombs in through all the openings, and proceeded to jump through the closest first-floor window. The building, in order to seem abandoned, still had wooden floors, which RANDOMM proceeded to light up in lines moving in zigzags away from his chosen path to the center. RANDOMM also lit up the ceiling with flames, giving off plenty of light. He used his "telekinetic" powers to blow some more holes in walls, and then walked through to the center of the room. A well-conceiled trapdoor lay there. RANDOMM flashfroze the door, then blasted down. RANDOMM took a small flare, lit it up, and threw it down, then followed, using his "telekinesis" to slam everything around him back. He knocked over the occupants of the room, three black-clad warriors with the rival clan's symbol ghosted in black on their breasts. A small bolt of lightning through one's forehead ended his existence quickly and painlessly; his entire body collapsed, with a scorched hole in his forehead. A second already lay almost dead, unconscious with blood steadily flowing out of a large smashed-in section on the side of his head. The final enemy was sprawled out, but quickly trying to get back on his feet. RANDOMM used his "telekinesis" to blow out the man's eardrums, and the man floundered, flopped, and rolled on the ground, trying to stand without any sort of balance or equilibrium.

"You're the unlucky one, pal, because I'm going to burn you from your lungs out," RANDOMM said nonchalantly, "and trust me, it hurts." The man, still trying to get to his feet, though without any semblance of success, suddenly fell back, writhing in pain as gouts of flame poured out of his mouth and nose. His flesh began to burn, and his eyes started wobbling in his head as the heat began to melt the fat keeping them in place. The heat in the nasal cavity evaporated the mucus protecting the brain, and quickly evaporated the fluid that it was floating in. As the man's brain began to shrivel and dry, blackening, his eyes popped out of his head. Then RANDOMM completely conflagrated the body, leaving only smoking, charred bones where the man was. RANDOMM flash froze his body, and surveyed the room. There were documents there. Most likely, none were of any worth as far as real information went, but other things about them could help. RANDOMM made a cold barrier between his hands and the documents, picked the papers up, and placed them in a larger pouch on his vest. He quickly rifled through the bodies of the first two, then prepared to leave. RANDOMM has no immunity to fire, so he had to plan his exit carefully to avoid getting killed by the building that he lit on fire. He was also running low on energy because he had done so much over the past hour, and really needed to recharge before using his powers again, which prevented him from putting out the flames. RANDOMM quickly surveyed the room to see if, by some chance, there was a second route out, and was in luck: a small metal door was in a corner. RANDOMM opened the door and went inside, only to find the armory. Weapons could be useful, but not at that moment, and none were anything beyond RANDOMM's capabilities to obtain regardless.

RANDOMM went back out and climbed out the trapdoor. The building was really starting to catch on fire, but the original hole that RANDOMM had blasted in the building was untouched by flames, and there was a direct path out. RANDOMM bolted for the hole. As he passed under the wall, KKREEAK-SMASH! The ceiling collapsed behind him. There might still be a lookout on the third floor of the building, but RANDOMM wasn't worried, as there was no way for that person to survive short of him being superhuman. RANDOMM looked at his watch. Ten minutes until I need to meet lionheart, which gives me just enough time to get there, he thought. As RANDOMM got out of the alley behind the burning building, he heard what sounded like fireworks and looked up. "Hellhouse" was emblazoned in white light on the sky. This might be something worth investigating, but RANDOMM was in no shape to follow the light, as any further use of his powers would leave him unconscious, and possibly dead. He made his way to lionheart.

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Lionheart was waiting patiently on the roof of his dojo before he saw a huge blast and the word HELLHOUSE in the air. He quickly stood up and thought what the hell was that. he looked around the his location for about a minute because he had heard something. "creeeek" there it goes again, now iknow something or someone is here. he thought. "show yourself , you cowards" he said. but noone answered. "beep beep beep" oh sh*t he thought and he jumped instantly as the whole roof under him blew up. and he was shot up about two hundeed fet in the air and his shirt was on fire. he quickly pulled off his shirt and threw it, he then positioned himself to land. CRASH his feet hit the floor and he rolled instantaneously.
hmm im a bit impressed. he thought as he got back to his feet. "shing" he knew that sound. it was a sword being taken out of its holster. he quickly looked to his right and saw a guy running at him with a sword and then looked to his left and saw another guy doing the same thing. as they both approached him one stabbed and the other slashed with their swords. Lionheart quickly moved out of the way of the of both and grabbed the hilt of the sword that had stabbed and thrust it into the guy that slashed and he fell instantly. "now your turn" he said to the other guy who was already in a fighting stance. he quickly threw a punch intended to hit the guy in the face but it was very swiftly and smartly blocked which surprised lionheart as he was nearly hit in the face but dodged it. Lionheart backed off. "who tought you your martial arts " he asked, but the man stayed silent. "Ah yes the quiet game lets see how long you can last" he said.
The man then threw a punch at full speed, and it was above peak human speed so again he was impressed but he quickly hit the guys fist with his using some strength, and the guy dropped to his knee's grabbing his arm. LIonheart and the man both knew his arm was broken, again the man stayed silent. the man got up and went into a different fighting stance, the "delta" fighting stance he liked to call it , because so many military men he has fought use it. it was efficient and powerful but not that quick. the man jumped up about ten feet and got ready to throw a punch. Lionheart saw this coming so he also jumped up grabbed the guy in midair, put his palm on the guys chest and slammed him through three peices of thick rubble that came from the walls and indenented the floor. "i cant fail him, i caaaant" the man said quietly as he died. "i knew it wouldnt take you long to lose the game" lionheart said. he looked to his left again because he saaw the other man that had a sword stabbed through him get up. the man threw his sword at lionheart withas much force as he could and said "say goodbye b*tch" . lionheart grabbed the sword and said "goodbye b*tch" the mans jaw droppped. Lionheart then threw the sword back at the man and it sliced his head clean off. no blood even spattered out of his neck, it just dripped out.
"crack crack crack crack" lionheart heard another person running at him. he turned towards the guy and the man stopped and instantly pulled out a gun and started firing. lionheart instantly grabbed a piece of the wall and used it as a shield. he then threw the "shield' at the man and it crushed him between a tree. he then sat down looked at the time and thought only only five minutes until RANDOMM should be back.  

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Coco nights private club, El mercenario de Judas had many questions and he wanted answers, by this hour he had already torn four locations related to mercenaries and mob lords in the city asking about the big rumor that haunted the streets.. This so call Hellhouse. No one wanted to cooperate so the killing happy man was force to make them cooperate by force. The Coco night private club was already under the mercy of the king of mercenaries.

Three bullet wound men were left alive in the club one of them was the owner the other was the bar tender and the third was one of the personal body guards of Cuco, the owner. Other than those there was another soul in the club a unharmed waitress that was cowering behind the bar. Elian stepped forward and kick a gun that was laying on the floor away from any of the present, lowering his combat shotgun the mercenary walked toward Cuco who was sulking on a corner holfing his bleeding shoulder. “Stay away!” Cuco yelled at Elian, Bandit looked at him and laugh then told him he was in no shape to be making any demands, then the rogue warrior rose his left leg and stomp Cuco’s wounded shoulder. “Ugh!” The shout of pain of the mob boss could be hear loud “scream all you want, I’m not leaving with out a answer.” stated Bandit as he saw Cuco squirm in pain. Elian ask him once again to tell him what he knew about the rumor that was running around of a place called the Hellhouse.

The mob lord sighing in pain he spoke “I have heard of it, people have come here mumbling about a organization trying to build a empire in the city” Elian then lands his leg on the shoulder “Ugh!” Elian ask who is the one sponsoring the mercs and stomps on the wounded shoulder. “AAH!” Cuco yelled in pain and then replied that he didn’t know and that he could never operate something so big. Then he added that mercenaries had been killed in the city, all that he could tell is that who ever it is operating had a special task team on his grips.

Elian then stomps once more on the mob boss’s wounded shoulder then he swiftly draws his sword and stabbed the same bleeding shoulder whit it, using his super strength he bolt the mob boss to the floor, then he ask the agonizing man, “anything else?” Cuco had tears dropping from his eyes, in a crying tone he replies to Elian's last question, “I told you everything I know!” the man sulks and then adds “Now leave!” Elian looks to the man and it seems he was telling the truth, Elian acts like he was walking away but then he drew his Laser gun and shot the bartender and the guard then he looked at Cuco and aimed the laser gun at him. Cuco shouted a high, “NO!” Elian then lift the gun and laughs at the mob boss, “You should off seen the look in your face!” said Elian in a mocking tone. Bandit then place his laser gun on its holster and walked over to the bar he looks over to at the woman and told her to scram, the woman went running out the club yelling in fear.

The king of the mercs then took off his mask and grabbed a bottle of champagne he sat on a stool and twirls the stool around looking at the owner. Elian holding the bottle up he speaks saying, “I don’t know Cuco.. I’m thinking, should I let you live or should I just shove this bottle of champagne down your throat?” Elian is not a alcoholic type he does not drink, but just to get Cuco even angrier he grabbed the most expensive bottle, then arching his back he place it on his mouth and drank as much as he could, then he made a massive burp. “you are disgusting.” Cuco said with a disgusted face.

Elian then looks at Cuco and dropped the bottle to the floor shattering it into pieces. “Well Cuco you just help me make my choice.” Elian shape Shift to his rotting original form and teleported very close to Cuco’s face “Let take this for a test drive shall we?” Elian grabbed Cuco by the neck and looked into his eyes. El mercenario de Judas’s eyes then glowed in a deep bluish flame, Cuco yelled and yelled in agony while his mind was being destroyed by Elian’s stare.

After destroying the man’s mind Elian drops his body to the floor. Then he grabbed his mask and puts it on, “you should off stayed with your mouth shut.” the killing happy man dropped a lollipop marking his killing location and was walking to the door when out the sudden the door is blown along whit the whole wall, Elian is dropped back by the impact of the explosion and slammed on to the pavement. The king of mercs was laying on the floor, he looks over to the destroyed wall but he could not see perfectly what was happening, a smoke screen was blocking his view.

“Seems like my search is over.”  

The Allen acrobat then perform a back roll and using his arms he push himself up performing a double handstand then landing on his feet, Elian stands on the middle of the location with both his arm crossed.

“Go! Go! Go!” Elian could hear a apparent commander ordering what could be the special team that Cuco had talk about. The team of mercs cross around the night club with heaving fire power they aim and fire at Elian having no remorse. “I will treat you as you treat me.” Elian vanish from the team’s sight then reappeared in the outside of the club taking care of the backup first, the switchblade slashed through the competition using his ninja sword leaving no man alive in the outside. “No back up, now to the main dish.” the team was wondering the club looking around “Where did he go?!” Elian then reappeared exactly at the placed he had disappeared from, “Hello boys!” the team all looked as the merc “There he is Shoot him!” the team did as commanded and shot Elian down to the ground, the blood flows through the floor Elian is apparently killed. “What was the big deal about this one?” the team mumble and laugh at the dead so call King of mercs.

“He is down! Target have been neutralized.”

The team leader reported then awaited orders, but something was not right “Sir?!” the leader awaits a response but no one replies back. The leader then points at the team and orders them to keep their eyes open, he then walks outside just to find out that the other personnel awaiting outside were all slaughter. “What in the world?!” The leader then runs back to the club reporting that the second unit had been taken down. “What the hell is going on here?!” the leader then enter the club. Gasp“Oh my lord.” the team he had left at the club were slaughter only a single apparent comrade was standing cleaning his sword. “You never saw it coming.” Elian’s voice is heard coming from the only man standing on the room. The leader looks behind Bandit and there was nothing but blood on the floor were Elian’s body was suppose to be laying, “What are you?!” The team leader ask the mercenary of greatness in a spooked tone. Elian points behind the team leader and replies “I am the unknown king, that everyone fears.” the team leader looked back and a second bandit was slit’s the leader’s throat open. The leader kneels holding his throat he slams on the floor, with his last strength the Leader look and notice Bandit shape shifting back to normal.

“I’m the f#cking missing link!”

Elian then walk out the club and the second bandit stabs it self and vanishes into thin air, Elian grabs a communicator from one of the dead team members. “Where are you so I can bash your face in.” Elian spoke through the communicator and awaited a respond from who ever lead the group.           
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"Haha.  You think your tough and in a good position?  I could''ve killed those men when I was five with a popcicle stick." 

Deadpool slowly and confidently walked toward the smoking club.  The light bounced brightly off his crimson and black uniform that beckoned and smelled of death. 

Deadpool continued,  "I have been tracking you for awhile.  A couple of months really.  I know where you've been, what preferences you have and even what time you get up to get some cofee.  I know all about you.....We know all about you.  There is nothing you can do.  Join us or die."

Deadpool approched a glistening motorcycle.  Deadpool could see it was G'bandit's.  Sparks covered the sky from the cinders of the club.  

"Join us or die G'bandit.  Or should I say Elian?  How's sis these days?"  Deadpool unscrewed the black nozzle to the gas canister and placed in a black cylinder into the tank. 

"No reply?  Ha.  That's funny.  No response from the 'Worlds Greatest Assassin".   Ahh that is rich.  Maybe the 'Worlds Greatest Known Assassin'.   Deadpool paused and rolled the motorcycle into the street.

"Madness is the method, Elian.  Lets start it off with a bang!"  Deadpool climbed onto the motorcycle and revved it up.  He puonded the gas and got in the zone.  Eyes fixxed forward he gunned the bike upt 100mph and teleported ten yards before the entrance.  Returning a few meters back he pulled out a black clicker shining menacingly in the dim light.  He saw the motorcycle slam through the door and he pressed the clicker. 

"Lets see what he's made of." He mumbled.


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Lionheart looked at the time. RANDOMM was late, Where the hell is he? he thought to himself. he looked around everything was destroyed. just rubble and pieces of the dojo scattered everywhere. i mean if you count  having three feet of a wall that stood ten feet, he had something. he walked around. looking at all the charred pieces of his dojo, everything had been ruined. Everything. Lionheart looked for anything he could find of use and there was nothing. So, he decided to look at the men that he had killed, to see if he could find anything of use to him. First he checked the guy that had been squashed between the tree and the cement "shield" lionheart had thrown at him. The tree had about a a footdent in it and blood dripping through out all the bark. there was even somesome bone that had been stuck to the tree.The shield had been covered with blood also, but nothing that was of any use. The guy looked terrrible. Internal organs had came out of his stomache and his body was squashed bones had poped out. and it smelt terrible, lionheart moved the guy and realed the man had sh*t himself. lionheart ripped off a part of his pants and put it over his nose and mouth. he looked around some more and didnt see anything useful but a gun and some clips fully loaded with bullets, so he grabbed it. he also saw a strange symbol on the mans left shoulder. He couldn't really make out what it was because there was blood and miscellanious body parts all over. But he wiped it off and realized it was an upside down v-type thing. He decided there was nothing else there so he turned around and began to walk away.   "Beep" lionheart heard a noise.

He turned around very fast and walked right back to the guy. he heard the noise again. he didnt see anything on the mans body, so he started lifting up all the rubble around him and saw a black walkie-talkie type thing with that same logo that had been on the mans "armor" in red tape. He quickly grabbed it and looked at it. Hopefully this will lead me to the leader of these pushovers he thought. He pushed the button so that he could talk and said. Hey, whoever or whatever this is, prepare to get your teeth kicked in. ii will not stop till everyone of you is dead. he then waited for an answer. Is this the HELLHOUSE? or something else.

This is just getting very confusing. He was getting very impatient and angry also. He decided to just start punching and breaking all the rubble. He crushed it until it was dust. He wanted answers and he wanted them now. 

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Elian awaited a reply through the mechanical communication device, yet he got one better. The scum behind this whole operation actually came out of hiding and walk right toward the deadliest player in the game. The man wearing a mask matching a black and crimson suit then shows off his talking skills speaking as approach the Bandit,   

"Haha.  You think your tough and in a good position?  I could''ve killed those men when I was five with a Popsicle stick."

Elian tilts his head down having a smile under his mask and the urge of laughing, thinking of hundreds of ways he could kill the red and black ninja. Bandit did not speak, he just stood there watching the talking skills of the man running his mouth,

  "I have been tracking you for awhile.  A couple of months really.  I know where you've been, what preferences you have and even what time you get up to get some cofee.  I know all about you.....We know all about you.  There is nothing you can do.  Join us or die."

Elian was believing the merc’s words of him been tracking him until he notice many lies on his words and he realize this had to be some sort of a speech. Elian crossed his arms and just kept staring at the mercenary who just didn’t shut up, he reminded Elian of himself except for the threatening parts.

The ninja after threatening the mercenary of greatness, he approach a motorcycle and unscrew the nozzle of the gas tank and dropped a canister into the tank of the motorcycle. Bandit couldn’t be more confuse of what the ninja was doing. Then the ninja added more to the past threat,  

"Join us or die G'bandit.  Or should I say Elian?  How's sis these days?"  

Bandit looks up to the sky while sighing asking himself if then ninja was ever going to finish his bad guy routine. Elian just lowered his arms leaving them dangling waiting for the ninja to finish what ever it is that he was doing with the motorcycle. The keep rowing his mouth now insulting Elian’s recognition.

"No reply?  Ha.  That's funny.  No response from the 'Worlds Greatest Assassin".   Ahh that is rich.  Maybe the 'Worlds Greatest Known Assassin”

The man finally shut his mouth and rolled the motorcycle on to the middle of the street. "Madness is the method, Elian.  Lets start it off with a bang!" said the red and black ninja, all that Bandit could think off was that the ninja needed his tongue cut out and a cork screwed to his mouth to shut him up. Deadpool then mounts the motorcycle, switch it on and revved it up to high speed toward a place and teleported off the motorcycle making it crash and was trigger to explode by the assassin leader.

Bandit didn’t understand what just happened but was dying for the ninja to shut his yap box, the mercenary of greatness then finally let out the laugh he had been holding since the man began talking, Elian laugh holding his abdomen and almost laughing out in tears.

 “I bet your dying to know why I’m laughing, anyway, I.. think I’m mad so let me give you a mild demonstration of who you are dealing with and after it when you are pouring blood I will tell you a couple of things that are in my mind.. Specially the really funny one.”

Elian then gets ready posing in taijutsu stile, “Lets go!” The mercenary of greatness dashes toward the red mercenary feinting a punch but when he gets close to dead pool he just vanishes in teleportation, right before the mercenary’s eyes. Elian is not seen for a several seconds nowhere around putting into action his tactics. After several seconds the Samoan backstabber reappeared in a split second attacking Wilson on its back. Elian was twirling on the air like a twister holding on his right hand a ninja blade on reverse grip, bandit intended to slash the red mercenary’s back, the damage would be a wide open wound on the back from left shoulder  to the right.

Elian then would land his attack and crouch, then right at that moment he would make a mild front flip from the crouching position only inches from the floor and try to kick the ninja on the back using his enhance agility and strength. After that Bandit would stand on his feet and step twice backwards getting distance from his opponent standing ready on a sword defense position waiting for his opponent’s move.            


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bump i loved our posts in this RPG mrs smith

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Oh you found it! Our posts were so in sync with each others, it was almost scary lol

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just like our gameplay on halo!!!

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o_O yeah... o.o just like Halo! lol that was scary too xD damn it, I need to fix my internet so we can play with each other T_T

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for real. its all because we RPG trained together. lol. I know right or at least be in the same party stupid internet

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We trained with the best! ^^ damn it.... but thats soo much of a hassle.... I'll have to figure it out lol 

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lol yup yup. i agree i would much rather play with you so i could drive you around in the hog. like when you get ODST we could play firefight and kill tons of covies together i love drivin the hog

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LMAO well if the game is like how you said >_> I'm most likely going to die very easily lol I go rambo all the time in shooting games xD 

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lol well you can go rambo all you want in the back of my hog im a hell of a driver. depending on what game i play i go rambo or stealth halo always rambo

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Wohooo! xD Then you drive, I shoot! And together we shall RULE! lol or just last for a couple of levels until I mess up and cause us both to die a horrible and painful death xD 

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but guess what!!! you get extra lives like in mario!! haha so we can get right back in the hog and go again

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YAY FOR SUPER EXTRA MARIO LIVES! lol Then we'll kick some major @ss xD then die again xD

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lol dont be so negative. you know what talking about memories remember chev chelios haha that was fun!!

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LMFAO! I had no clue that was you! xD I remember! We kept kicking him out of the thread cause he was running around without cloths on xD LOL omg I NEED to find that lol

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O_O Omg. lol Yeah I loved this RPG, I kicked serious ASS! XD