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An Uncharted, Unnamed Island in the Middle of the Pacific

She had spent the last month of her pregnancy on a secluded island. It was uncharted and unnamed. Through an innovative combination of technology and magic, both of which were donated by some of her closest friends, this island not only didn't show up on any records, but only those who knew it's express location were actually able to find it. There was a charm on it's coordinates, they were remembered only by those who had been given permission to know them and they were remembered only when needed. It had been an intricate process to combine charms and science, but no measure had been spared. This would be where Cass had made her home for the last month or so and where she would continue to do so. The island was somewhat small, as far as islands went. All supplies were flown in on a weekly basis. There was a grand manor that sat on the top of the island with an exquisite 360 degree view.

It was 6 PM in the evening and the sun had begun to set, casting a crimson-purple glow across the sea-green waters as it dipped below the horizon. Standing in the garden that opened up outside of the stairs that lead down from her bedroom terrace, Cass bent over slightly to smell a rose that was climbing up a lattice. It was just then that a severe contraction overtook her, resulting in her to bend over from the pain, an arm held across her stomach as if that would do anything to suppress the pain that was tearing through her. She'd silently been suffering through what she thought was Braxton-Hicks contractions all day and she was just now starting to realize that the situation may be a bit more serious than that.

Less than a minute later and Halle Romanova, quite possibly Cass's closest confidant and greatest friend, stepped out of the shadows where she had been silently keeping an eye on her. Rushing next to her, she braced one arm around Cass's back and the other was resting gently on her upper arm. "How long have you been having contractions, Cassidy?"

They weren't too terribly close together, even now, but Cass knew that that could change at any moment. Lifting her head up, she looked into Halle's ice blue eyes, a small grimace on her face. "Eight hours, give or take. Thought they were Braxton Hicks, apparently not, though."

"Baby's coming. Can you walk?" There was a mixture of concern and take-charge attitude embedded in Halle's tone. She was a former soldier and quite a bit older than her appearance would have you believe, but underneath that somewhat rigid exterior was a truly warm heart.

"I'm fine. I can walk." Cass was always stubborn, never giving an inch. She didn't know the meaning of the word defeat. Even now, fully pregnant and in labor and she didn't give, although it probably would have been best if she had. Because before she knew it, she was hunched over in pain again, knowing that it shouldn't hurt this much.

"Right. That's enough of that." And with those simple words, Halle braced herself and lifted Cass. You wouldn't realize it looking at her lithely muscled body, but Halle was over sixty years old. She had been injected with a derivative of the Super Soldier Serum once upon a time and due to that, her aging was nearly halted and her body was in nearly superhuman physical condition, allowing her to perform strength feats such as the one she was doing just now.

Ten Minutes Later

Cass was laying in the ridiculously large bed of the master suite. It had been outfitted specifically for this occasion and to make her feel as at home as possible while she gave birth. Halle sat by her bedside as they waited for Dr. Saunders to come and give them the report of how far along Cass was and she was ready at a moment's notice to do whatever needed to be done. Grasping her left hand gently, Cass looked to her, a small smile gracing her slightly plump face despite the amount of discomfort that she was in. "Get Kastiel and Gambler and alert everybody else."

Mostly the two women were just on their own on the island. There was a steady group of highly vetted body guards. Friends dropped in every now and then, but they had both grown to actually love the solitude. Other than that, there was Kastiel. The man who Cass at this point in time regarded as a brother had set up a residence there, to Halle's constant annoyance. Cass could never figure out if the two truly despised each other or if there was some sort of underlying love/hate relationship. All she did know was that the sexual tension could be cut with a knife when they were in the same room together. Two days ago Gambler had arrived on a yacht as big as a house, never one to travel without flair and style.

Pulling out the mobile phone that she always carried, Halle punched in the number for Kastiel. One ring and he picked up, knowing that it was almost time. Never missing an opportunity to grate his nerves, Halle spoke. "High Lord Kastiel, would you be ever so kind as to grace us with your presence. The baby's coming." Cass looked at her and rolled her eyes, shaking her head in amusement. Before he could answer, Halle had hung up and called Gambler, informing him of the developments.

It was then that Dr. Saunders walked into the room. After a quick greeting and a cursory glance at everything, she peeked her head up, pulling off her latex gloves. "You're about five inches dilated, Cass. You've got a bit to go. There should be plenty of time for everybody to arrive here. Are we still forgoing the epidural?" Cass just nodded her head simply at that before she leaned her head back and closed her eyes. She had the feeling that this was going to be a long night.

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Kaligar monitored the screen as virtual life signals popped up and down at steady intervals. The readings for the past few weeks were normal, with the occasional hiccup in speed. But for the moment nothing seemed out of the ordinary. He took a casual swig out of his flask of Symaarian "Grox Vomit," a term used to describe the thick black alcohol produced to keep Guardsmen drunk and happy while in the barracks. He coughed as the taste ran up his sinus cavity, choking his nostrils for a second before the trademark burning sensation of the drink swam into his throat. He sighed, knowing it would keep him awake for another twelve hours. His bloodshot eyes darted across the glass component of the computer, trying to record everything it told him into the reservoirs of his tired brain. The vitals spiked, but the first thought that they were affected by one of the twins sneezing or kicking almost instantly dropped out of play.  
They were ready. 
Sitting there, on the floor outside Cassidy's soundproof door, seemed adequate. He had worried about this moment for almost a year, now, strangely. He had risked life and limb against countless foes, sent friend and family into nightmarish situations, and yet this one event shook his mind the most. Perhaps the fact that he had done so little for her jumbled his purpose of being here. Truly, what had he done for her? Played the shining knight only to hurt her at a later date? He smiled at the paradox, the paradox of them never being truly happy together. The more he thought about it, the more he despised himself for the past. But, for everyone who came in to pay their attentions to the event, he sat still as stone, back to the wall and eyes fixated on the fading sunlight stretching across the rich marble surface of the floor.  
It was not until Kastiel arrived that he made any attempts to communicate with anyone.  
"Get up," he had said to himself as Kastiel stepped into Kaligar's stoic sight with steel-shod boots.  
He followed his son's muscular frame up to his cold, black eyes. His own, icy blue, eyes seemed to confirm a family resemblance. But despite his personal urge to meet respectfully with his son, Kaligar chose to put his face down and hide any hints to his growing personal shame.  
"It's...good to see you, Kastiel." He lied.  
In fact, Kastiel's presence only fortified his self-loathing. Kaligar had denied Kastiel a childhood, put him straight into the military academies, pushed him to making the best possible grades, and literally molded him into the perfect heir to the Lord-General title. He even took Kastiel's interest in Earth away, replacing it with a sense of duty that the Imperium should come first in a Symaarian's life.  
"Good job, soldier boy," he thought venomously.  
"Good job," 
He rubbed the gold laser carving on his flask, the design being his name and emblem the of the House of Roxom. He could not decided whether he was merely venting some latent anxiety into the movement or if he was truly trying to erase it from the flask altogether. 
"Why are you even here? No-one wants you here. You're nothing but a burden to these people," 
He opened the flask, intending to drink, but he paused. 
"You're better off dead," 
He looked into the flask - his last possible mouthful of the alcohol.  
"Shut up. I'll die when I feel like it. There is no reason to stain this day with blood spilled in hatred," 
He drowned his thoughts in Grox Vomit, going back to staring at the floor aimlessly. 
"How noble."

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On the other side of the World, Less than a Week before the Birth 

The recently married couple sleep peacefully in their bed, her head resting against his chest, one of his arms wrapped around her both lovingly and protectively, the only sound audible was from the crickets chirping outside, the sound wafting in through the open doors leading out to the balcony. The moonlight shone through the doors, revealing the two to be the man known only as Mike, assassin and self appointed bodyguard of Cassidy O'Rourke Lockheart, also known as the Dark Huntress. The other was Clarice Michelle Zeraz, the Headmaster of Today's School for Accelerated Learning and his wife. The silence was broken by the buzzing of a cellphone set to vibrate. Mike's eyes open instantly, picking up the phone and answering in a hushed tone so not to wake up Clara. He can't help but grin, Cass would be giving birth any day now.  
"I'll be there within the hour"    
Ending the call before the woman on the other end could respond. 
Carefully he slides out of bed, gently placing Clara's head on a pillow, trying his best not to wake her.  
He walks into his closet, flipping a switch hidden behind a rack of clothing a bare wall slides aside, revealing a wall of various weapons and gadgets. Everything from Handguns to Anti-Material Rifles, Throwing Knives to Spare Teleporters.  
He picked up a duffle bag and began tossing in magazines, and we ain't talkin' people or cat fancy either. .45 ACP, 7.62mm Armor Piercing and Hollow Points, and a few 40mm grenades just for good measure. Then the weapons themselves. He pulled on a simple white t-shirt the placed the lightweight pistol harness over it, two holsters for his custom .45 caliber 1911's at forty-five degree angles. Carefully placing a H&K G36C Assault Rifle in the bag. 
A few minutes later he walked out of the closet, clad in a button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of jeans, despite his casual manner of dress he was armed to the teeth. He silently slid the door closed. He looked over to see Clara sitting up in bed.  
"What are you doing up?" She asks "Come back to bed" patting the spot next to her. "Sorry Honey... I've gotta go... I'll be back as soon as I can" walking over and taking a seat on the bed, laying the bag filled with weapons on the floor beside the bed. "Hurry back..." she smiled at him, looking into his eyes. He wrapped his arms around her "I will, I promise." engaging her in a brief yet passionate kiss "I love you, Clara" She hugged him, "I love you too, Mike" He gently laid her back down. "Get some sleep, I'll be back before you know it..."  She sighed, smiling up at him, kissing him one more time before rolling over and going back to sleep.  
He walked out of the room, looking down at the teleporter on his wrist he activated it. Vanishing from the hallway.  

A Few Days Later, An Unnamed Island in the South Pacific 

The first thing he'd done was go find Cass, checking up on the woman whose shadow he'd been for months. They'd sat and talked for a while but he'd left so she could get some sleep, kissing her forehead on his way out. Now he stood outside the bedroom door, arms crossed, leaning against it.  
Cass was one of his closest friends and even though the Huntress would never admit it, she would be vulnerable during the next few days and he'd be damned if he'd let anyone hurt her. He hadn't eaten or slept since he'd arrived, let alone sit down... but he didn't so much as yawn.  
Cass had her own bodyguards on the island but he there wasn't a doubt in his mind he would stand a better chance against those that might try to do Cass or her children harm.  
The Doctor who would deliver the twins, Kaligar, Azrael and her daughter Serenity, Halle Romanova, and Gambler were the only people he allowed to come and go regularly... and with Gambler he always paid close attention to what was going on within the room, he didn't trust the Cajun in the least. Not since the attacks against Cass at the Hellfire Club where every single attacker was connected to LeBeau. Mike had even gone as far as to threaten Gambler after the event, telling him that if anything happened to Cass he'd hunt him down and make him wish he was dead. 
He looks around the room at the others gathered awaiting the arrival of the twins, he hadn't been as social as he normally was, refraining from speaking to anyone unless spoken too, no conversation would be anywhere near as important as the birth of these children. If some harm came to any of them he'd feel as if he'd failed Cass, and he wasn't about to do any such thing. 
Reaching behind his back and pulling a .45 from it's holster. Making sure there was a round in the chamber before letting the slide go. Sending a resounding 'click' that drew the eyes of several people outside the room. 
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Every week new supplies was flown in and every week something was broken. It wasn't the Symaarian's fault by any means more than half of the time. By now Halle has learned enough tactics to piss him off to the point of a fight. A fight she always craved for reasons unknown. What it was the Symaarian did not know and he would not ask Cassidy thinking it was not important. Since day one Halle called him "interesting" what on Earth made him the perpetual enemy of hers? Worst all he was sure his dear pregnant as a walrus sister found it oh so entertaining not once since the first encounter did she take it serious. "Still wary of hurting and attacking me, Kastiel? Surely you most know I won't call on the guards. You won't kill me because of Cassidy. This is a fact." For once Halle had caught Kastiel in a worse time. He simply walked past which invoked a retort, "Is the big bad Symaarian grumpy?" The sound of footsteps came to a halt. He was so close to escaping her grasp. "It's past midnight and I have no interest in satisfying your craving for me, thank you." She couldn't deny that one. Kastiel never went looking for her. The thought never occurred to him after all that has passed. Unfortunately Halle knew all that has happened. Kastiel was beginning to think she carried his file wherever she went. "The war loving alien who has a gigantic heart. No one makes you stay but choose to. Abandoned the military soon after you reduced to nothing but a soldier. All thousands years of your work gone. Reunited with your two astray sons just to put what little you had of family back together again. Is that your problem, Kastiel? You don't want to be alone? Your ever growing obsession with Cassidy's safety is showing." Something was triggered in Kastiel's conscience. "What I want is my life in peace, Jean dead, Cassidy thinking logically, and my father dead. A petty little thing like you can standby my doorway all night if you wish." With that the door slammed as he went inside his private quarters.  
There encounters weren't always like this. They were stuck on the island for a month so far. The moment Cassidy left the room Halle and Kastiel both had chances to do what they did best. "Petty little girl she is. She your boss? A woman like her?" The guard made no movements. In fact he looked slightly nervous at what was about to happen. "She can't hear us. I'll protect you from the big bad witch." Kastiel waved in his hand dangerously in front of his face and then cold hard steel pieced it. Blood oozed out from his wound and he turned with almost a smile on his face. You're going soft. I was expecting a headshot." Casually he pulled it out tossing in between his hands. "Casssidy wouldn't appreciate that especially if you went crying into her arms like you did first time we met." Secretly this was the best way to spend time in the old Symaarian's mind and so they went at it again. Halle became good at using his strength against him. He fell down the staircase breaking the wooden railing though he did keep the knife hidden during the altercation. Let's just say she also gained a cut along her leg before he landed.  
In present day Kastiel sat alone in the clock tower in deep meditation. All electronic devices on his person were suppose to be off. A persistent vibration against the wooden told him to pick up at an instant. A click was heard the minute she shut her mouth. A small growl emitted deep within his throat as he left. He was going to get her. He can guarantee that.  
At the pace he was going it didn't take long but what he saw other than the occasional guard and empty room shocked him. Why was he here? The man who tried to kill Cassidy numerous times. How dare she invite him here? What was she thinking?! "It's...good to see you Kastiel." No it was not. It wasn't in his mind and Kastiel knew it. He threatened him with his life more times than he could count. Took away his position, banished him from Earth, accused him of heresy, and that is the recent abuse he took from his father. "It is, father. Maybe this time you can restrain from slicing her throat open or piercing her stomach since you know other lives are in their waiting to begin life. Though I suppose you don't care about family or kids much until later in life. I'm glad Serenity didn't have to go through the torture your second son went through." The one thing he was indoctrinated in life to do Kaligar took away. He abandoned Scalar and Corinthos for his duty and it all turned out to be shit. Kastiel had nothing left to say to that man. It was time to stand up for himself. "But I admit, you do try to do the right thing even if it is often misjudged, father." Kastiel couldn't outwardly abandon his own father. Not out of fear but of his own convictions. Without another word he saw Cassidy beyond the door. In flash he was by her side. "This what happens when you have, hybrids. A long painful process..." The doctor shot him a look. Was he suppose to lie? "I mean it's not that bad for someone like you. It'll be over a in flash." He held her hand with an ever growing smile. Lying wasn't too bad when he was trying to be sweet. The Symaarian ignored all else knowing anything could provoke him.

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Singapore: On September 17, 2001.  I bore a child into this world.  I wasn't ready at all.  In my youth this infant had arrived; but one thing was for sure.  This baby was mine and mine alone.  The responsibility was grand, it made my heart sink low.  Tear stained clothing.  Saliva on my cuticles.  How on Earth could I care for another human being?  He breathed ever so gently.  I stared at this boy for hours and for days.  The person he would look for would always be me.  Hard to swallow but the truth slept calmly on my left side.   
In time our hearts had become one.  Intertwined.  Our bond unbreakable but as always the solemn friend of mine had come for a visit.  For years I rested with death, while my son be raised by the ones who were undesired.  And upon my return did this boy run to my left side, clutching me as if he knew my love had never died.  By the hand he toke me, showing me what he had become.  A little monster, with a golden core.  Upset I was but what more could I ask for, this boy of mine was both safe and sound. 
He showed me this notebook of one hundred questions meant for mommy.  Each scribbled word made feel far more sorrowful than the last.  I held him close.  Never did he cry.  His happiness was too strong, sadness was meant for the weak.  He had grown so much.  No longer my baby boy but my little man.  How fast children grow but in the end, he still stays close.  I know this for sure when I awake from forgotten dreams.  He sits on my left side, drawing with his number two pencil. 
"Morning mommy!"  His indoor pitch is excited, he has something to say.  I am pulled up by his strong grip, my genetics, how quaint.  "Mommy, this is of utmost seriousness."  I hold the covers close to my chest, there is no need for him to see what women wear underneath.  I view the picture with a smile but it falls when my eyes no longer deceive.  A picture of a two children...one with an aura of white and the other of black.  Blood lays a trail around these offspring, a window shattered.  Standing is a figure of darkness.  A new generation is what my boy says to me.  What could this represent?  What did this picture mean? 
I want to ignore it but if the tales of my family are anything to go by, then this must be handled accordingly.  I dart for the phone, I must alert my sister.   She has gone through enough.  I will not let her unborn children be hurt.  RING! RING!  I wait for her to answer.  "Hello?"  Speaks the groggily voice.  Has she been drinking or has that Michael character finally exhausted her.  She's changed.  Lighthearted after her apparent death.  But then again we've all changed.  Just look at me...speaking all proper and shit. 
"Listen, are you having twins?"  I say with urgency.  Eyes are blood shot, nerves are tense, and my body quivering.
"No, you idiot.  I'm having a boy.  Why?"  Clarice assures me that everything is fine.  Mike has taken a leave of absence.  While reading his mind telepathically, discovered that Cassidy O'Rourke is giving birth.  I tell her that I love her and she tells me the same.  I cancel the call and my son stands dressed.  He asks me to follow and opens up a closet I've never used.  Inside hung up is a costume I had long forgotten.  My Katanna disguise.  I am unable to look, it reminds me of a time that should have never happened. 
"Timmy, no." 
"Mommy!  I knew you'd say that so in anticipation, I had Bernice tailor a new outfit.  It should be to your liking."  And he was right.  Marching out of the bedroom, he waits in the hallway like the little gentlemen I raised him to be.  Minutes later I am staring in the mirror.  My reflection is of a woman I haven't seen in some time.  Strong, cool, and collected.  If the boy is right, Cass needs me in some way or another.  But...before I go...I need to do something.  CLIP! CLIP!  Hair follicles descend.  A fresh new lease on this life I live. 
Turning around, I am startled to see her.  Clarice concealed by a black robe, her curly crimson hair tied up in a white ribbon.  Violet eyes glimmer as she yawns of tiredness.  "The boy tells me its urgent.  So, I promised him a trip to the Himalayas while your out and about.  I know you and the gal or pals but if she somehow dies, take a picture for me.  I'll cherish it...I swear."  Lifting her little nephew by the waist, the redheaded mystery lightly kisses him on the forehead.  "Oh, I almost forgot..." 
Timmy lands on his feet, I brace myself, Clarice chants a chant only she can utter.  I vanish before their very eyes.  I am sure Timmy is amazed and Clarice will heed to the bargain after a well deserved nap.   
Below the Equator: Seconds later and I arrive in a remote area.  I feel woozy.  My stomach twisting and flopping.  It asks for food.  For now I deny it.  I have been here before, that is for sure but I just don't know where it is...on the map.  Somewhere south, it's awfully hot.  From my pocket, I hold the .65 magnum desert eagle like it's my second born.  The fluorescent waters astound me, a smile cracks onto my face but I wipe it away.  My face returns to emotionless state.
I need to handle the matter at hand.  My thoughts travel forward, I find the epicenter of a mother's worries.  I see a man up ahead.  BLAM! BLAM!  I shoot even though I shouldn't.  I know its Mikepool, pathetic husband of my once lesbian sister.  He is my brother-in-law.  Father of my unborn nephew.  Part me hopes he will die, though I will be proven wrong, the heart wants what the heart wants.  For now it will not be answered.   
Boy, how life has changed.   And soon, up the steps I go.  Closer to my destination.  Held by the slick belt is the picture drawn but minutes ago.  I draw my weapon, aiming at his head.  Urgency is what my son said.  Michael must understand.  "Get out of my way.  I need to talk to Cass." 
I am being disrespectful but...but...but she means a lot to me.  She doesn't know it but she mean too much to lose.  I-I-I love her...like she is an extension of me.  Like flesh and blood..nothing more...nothing less.  The Dark Huntress murdered by real sister when she was under contract from the vile Gloomix.  That even still bothers me so much but here I stand, ready to risk my life for a woman who hasn't done much for me but listened to my heart ache.  Does she even care about me?  Does she feel the same way?  No...I'm sure she doesn't.  Why should she? 
Maybe I should just walk away and forget about this misadventure.  But I will not.  I cannot.  I promised my son this last tale of the heroine called Katanna.  My last hooray he says to me.  For a moment I forget about the past and worry about the life of two innocent babies.  I await Mike's response and it better not be cocky.  Clarice surely knows we would eventually clash.  For a second she will worry for him and then for me, but in the end she will attend to the one who needs her the most.  She will attend to my son and will handle the leftovers if there be any at all. 
A friendship can weather most things and thrive in thin soil; but it needs a little mulch of letters and phone calls and small, silly presents ever so often - just to save it from drying out completely  
Pam Brown 
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Milan Evening

A cool October breeze carried its way into her office, ruffling some papers as it passed by. The room was organized to perfection and styled with excellent taste and expensive pieces, giving the room a swanky design. However it held no warmth, just a cold and uninviting feel. Drumming her French manicured fingernails against her desk, Emma Holland sat contemplating a potential business investment. Things had been quite in as of late, the hallways of the Hellfire Club growing more deserted with each passing day. Although not her usual taste, she was enjoying the lack of activity. It allowed her to focus more on business and family; the two not always mutually exclusive. Peering out the window, she gazed upon the spectacular view. Luscious green hills spanned as far as her eyes could see, painting a picture while the glowing afternoon sun began to set. She had been working a larger portion of the day, stopping only for a lunchtime meal and workout. She jotted down some important factors on a sticky note, pasted it on her computer, and began preparing to leave her office. As she stood and flattened her black mini skirt, a buzz from her BlackBerry resting on her desk broke the silence. Picking up her phone she checked the message, raising her eyebrows in disbelief. She knew it was due sometime soon, but it still came as a slight surprise. Heading out of her office and to her car in the mansions parking garage, she began the drive to a small private jet scheduled in advanced for the short notice departure. Stepping up the jet’s stairway and into the plane, she settled in a luxurious chair; champagne awaiting her. As she sipped her drink the engine roared, and she almost found herself smiling in anticipation.

The Next Day

The island was luscious, tropical foliage spanning from all around her. A relaxing humid climate seemed to slow time, giving the whole island a surreal and relaxing atmosphere. Her stilettos clacked against the flagstone leading to the small house that seemed to be a natural part of the island. It sat back in the trees, the architecture flowing in perfect smoothness with the island’s greenery. As she approached the high security safe house, Emma felt strangely excited for the day to come. She had never been particularly close to Cass, yet she felt close to her in an odd way. They had never spent extensive amounts of time together, nor had they opened up on a deep personal level. Yet whenever she and Cass had interacted, there always seemed to remain an unspoken level of respect. They both shared qualities that had caused them to clash from time to time; protectiveness, pride, and intelligence rivaled by few. Looking back on her more active days in the Hellfire Club, Cass may have been one of the few people she could come close to calling a real friend.

As the sun set on the gorgeous island, Emma reflected on the day. It had been tranquil, the mood of the tropical paradise reflecting the women’s conversations. They joked about various topics, had mutual viewpoints on some, and enjoyed the peaceful silence when neither could find anything to say. The day had not brought on any particularly exciting or dull moments, just calmness between the two. The more time she spent with Cassidy the more her respect grew for her, she possessed a confidence for herself and a passion for her loved ones that Emma couldn’t help but recognize. And as she left the island the same way as she arrived, Emma was positive that Cassidy Starks would make more than the perfect mother.

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The ghostly moon light shone down from a midnight sky. The wind slithered its way into the already stone cold Shadow Squad base. The lightning was dim as the flickering bulbs murmured a deep humming sound. With in the darkness and secrecy of the night a single figure moved briskly through the base. Her footsteps were rapid as she raced from one room to the other searching for all her belongings and anything that mattered. She breathed hastily as her body was trying to keep up pace with her always active mind. “Where is it!” she muttered under clenched teeth but suddenly the turning on of a light caused her to bolt for the exit.

In icy cold wilderness of sky scrapers and paved roads she looked around like a frightened animal and soon was on the move like one, ducking behind buildings, dashing across and behind roads. Doing her best she remained as invisible as possible. All her movement finally brought her to the shore of the Champions Island. Not too far off she would find a hidden one manned air craft that would carrying her far away from here, and she would never look back. The waves could be heard crashing against the shore relentlessly drowning out any noise except for one.

“Dark Huntress what are you doing?” The emerald eyed assassin leaped down from her over looking perch of slanting palm tree. Her eyes shimmered in the moonlight as she approached her former Shadow Squad team mate.”Talon let me go!” Cass’s hair was blown all out or proportion, she looked like she had just jumped out of bed and headed for the beach in a hurry. Laura on the other hand had been waiting here for hours. She discovered the hidden craft about three days ago and since then each night she would come and wait for any movement. Yet she never thought that Dark Huntress would be the one running away.

“Cassidy...where are you going?” The two femme fatal stared each other town, if their relationship was simply team mates the situation might have turned to battle but these two young woman had come to an understanding. “It’s none of your business.” Cass said trying to sound as harsh and cold as the wind that was beating upon them. She turned and headed for the air craft hands clenched head down. It didn’t take rocket science for Laura to know something was wrong. For each step her friend made Talon took the same, ensuring the same amount of distance but at the same time she was not letting the woman of Darkness escape without a reason.

Beside them the waves had not stopped their long ongoing process. They continued beating against the sand, attempting to drown out not only the words, but the footprints left behind. Eventually Laura had gotten tired of playing cat a mouse; she walked briskly toward Cass and placed her hand around her shoulder forcing her to face her. The tear stained cheeks of a woman that she knew only strength and resilience caused her to pause and stare. She had never seen Dark Huntress cry ,she had never seen Cassidy cry but at this moment she began to understand once again that everyone had emotions, whether they liked it or not.

Their long locks were being blown around by the harsh wind that swept past them and clasped its claws into their skin. The moon seemed to look away giving both females what they longed for the most, darkness. To blanket of sky that had been stretched over them there were no starts. No twinkling beacons of hope and light. There was only darkness, and only darkness would know the tale of these two women. Only darkness knew of their pasts and their battles. The only thing preset for all their lives was a simple inanimate object. At least that is what it was. Now it was a creature, preying on their souls and weaknesses. Now it ensured chaos, it ensured its forever hold on these two women would never end. It always ensured that their happy endings would never success.

With hand upon shoulder and eyes staring deep into the other Laura spoke in hushed tones. “Cass I know I have not been the best team mate. And I understand that you and I have well “butted heads” countless times, but if I am responsible for you leaving please don’t-“ but her words were swiftly cut off with an embrace that almost made her mind draw a blank. “Laura please trust me. I have to go.” She muttered through tears and internal agony. Slowly Cassidy pulled away wiping the tears from her eyes as she prepared to leave for the jet. Yet once again Laura clasped upon her wrist. “I’m going with you.” Her voice was serious and determination rang off it like a bell. Dark Huntress froze in astonishment and pulled away.

“You don’t even know where I am going. I can promise you, if you go you’ll never be able to come here to him.” Pain struck Laura’s heart as she thought of War Killer, leaving him behind along with that no good devilish Hesperus why did these people have such a strong hold on her. Swallowing back the pain and memories she let out a deep breath as her emerald eyes glared intently into her friends. “I am going with you despite everything. You are my friend and I do not wish to part like this.” From the look of determination in the Lyrcans eyes Cassidy knew she would not get Laura to change her mind so flippantly. “Fine” she muttered and continued forward.

It was too easy, Laura thought to herself as he followed the mercenaries step for step. With the sound of a click as smile flashed upon the jade eyed warrior as Dark Huntress spun on the sand aimed a revolver at her and pulled the trigger. The pullet slammed into the Lycans shoulder pain coerced thought Talon as she collapsed into the damp sand as the waves washed over her. Clutching her shoulder she cringed due to the pain of the silver bullet that had cut through bone and marrow. “I knew you had found the craft, and I knew you’d wouldn’t give up easily.” Tears one again raided her comrades face as she put the gun in the holster, no doubt feeling regret for what she did.

Laura could only chuckle shooting her friend a reassuring smile. “You are in fact my match .” She said though clenched teeth, but she was not angry. She was amazed, Laura definitely found her match. Suddenly the sound of shouting could be heard beyond the horizon from Champions Island, apparent the gunshot had heard. Laura’s eyes glanced toward the island then back to her friend and the craft. “Go, will be fine. “ She said staggering to her feet ignoring the stabbing pain in her shoulder. Blood slid from her hand downward dripping into the sand below staining it forever. “Cassidy, we will meet again and I promise you, you will not be able to shake me off this easily.” A devious smirk curled around the assassins lips as the two deadly woman shook hands and parted. And That was the last time she had ever seen The Dark Huntress.


The moon lit shores of the now broken Champions Isles had become the Lycans one and only place of solitude. Since the tsunami the Island of the once formidable team of heroes was now shattered into three separate pieces. Every hero on the island had been hard at working mending what had been shattered and trying to rebuild the now very vulnerable place they once called home. Tension was in the air like a putrid stench, as impatience and blame hovered in the air like demons. It was no surprise that the Star Spangled hero and the assassin would come to disagreements but right now it seems like each one was at the end of the others rope.

She sat there her legs pressed against her chest as her arms wrapped around her in an embrace. Resting her chin on her knees she stared out at the darkened horizon looking back to that moment that only brought back tears. The tide had died down but the waves were still visible as they would slowly attempt to climb up against the sand. Yet at the peak of their success they would recoil back to the ocean. Her midnight blue locks rested heavily upon her shoulders as some of it dangled teasingly before her face. It would be morning soon and once again the taunting sun would shine its empty rays upon the already desolated island. They said the dawn would give hope, all it had brought was the memories of the wasted time previously spent.

Suddenly a splitting pain coerced through Laura’s head as she fell forward her nails digging into the damp sand. Cringing in pain she let out a weak cry as she attempted to steady herself. Staggering slightly she tried to regain her composure but she could feel it slowly slipping away. Casting her eyes to the glimmer of light beyond her could see the first days of dawn. On her knees she placed her hand on her forehead as the pain started to slowly subside. Taking in deep breaths she watched as the sun in its cloak of red, yellow stretched its rays across the midnight blue sky. Its light danced liked paint upon a wide canvas as it ignited pastel shades of pink and orange. It was at that awe inspiring moment that Laura remember something she had long forgotten.

Later that day.

“Talon what are you doing!” there used to be a time when his stern voice would cause her to stop and rethink her actions but she was never one to be tamed. Spinning on her heel the emerald eyed assassin stared down her the one person that stood between her and her goal: War Killer. “Charles let me go!” Laura said in a heated tone not about to let her misadventure be to briskly blown aside. With that she continued to walk each step seeming to create a larger chasm between the two. He was stubborn and he couldn’t let things go. Charles unlike anyone she had ever known was nosey he always worried when he didn’t know everything. She would have thought he’d think twice before choosing to get involved with her, someone in which secrets was part of her life style.

“Laura where are you going!” His stern voice followed her like her own shadow as he matched her step for step. His hair was disheveled and he was exhausted. Recently he had been staying up all night, working on blue prints, Ideas and ways of preventing something like this from crippling them again. Right now though his full attention was her, and he wouldn’t just relinquish it like a smoldering flame. “It’s none of your business!” she snarled viciously without even looking back. Entering the hanger bay she chose her jet and walked toward it as it lowered its ramp of entry way. Suddenly she felt his hand digging into her shoulder as he spun her around both their eyes now staring deeply into one another’s.

He was taken aback to what he saw welling up in her once so stone cold eyes: they were tears. Laura knew time was of the essence but she could never just walk away. “Laura I know it has been hard but don’t leave please.” It was sad and pathetic but she loved him and she could not endure shoving him off like sack of flower. She collapsed in his arms hugging him tightly one more time before wiping away the tears and resuming her hard demeanor. She knew he wanted to know what was going on but what could she tell him? That she was going who knows where, to meet up with an old team mate who was due to give birth. And not only will she be there but countless other villains she might as well knock herself out right now instead of telling him.

“Charles please trust me, I have to go.” With that she pulled away and started walking up the jets ramp her hand sliding against the ice cold metal railing. Yet as she was about to enter his hand clasped against her wrist causing her to stop dead still and face him once more. “I’m going with you.” She paused in shock unable to understand if he was delirious or telling the truth. “Charles you do not even know where it is that I am going. And I can promise you that if you go with you won’t be able to remain leader of this team.” She could see that her statement and drilled straight through him as his grip weakened and she began to slowly slid her arm out of is grasp. His eyes dropped to the floor as she was about to turn and go inside when “Laura I am going with you despite everything. I love you and I won’t let you do whatever it is alone.”

She couldn’t help but want to smile slightly. That was the same stubbornness and determination that was in her own eyes the night Cassidy had left Shadow Squad. With those memories she also recounted how her former team mate got rid of her. “Fine” Laura muttered turning on her heel and entering the craft War Killer still following. With lightning precision Talon spun on her heel and grabbed a hold of Charles’ collar pulling him close until both their lips locked together into a very passionate kiss. Her arms were around his neck as she could feel his heart rate elevating. His eyes were shut giving the emerald eyed assassin the perfect opportunity.

Above the Uncharted Island

After that it didn’t take long for Laura to get away. War Killer might have been a valiant hero but he was not immune to her abilities of persuasion. Not that anything transpired because at the heart of it all he was boyscout unlike any other man she had ever known, and even a simple deep hearted kiss cause make him immobile. Laura had piloted the ship to the remembered coordinates and was finally at the location. After landing it at the shore she was greeted and directed by security to the location, after obviously verifying who she was. It was luscious island, simply a tropical paradise in disguise. The manor was something to behold, well furnished and beautifully finished off to the smallest detail.

At the door of the waiting room that was just another door away from Cassidy’s resting area Laura found herself on edge. Cassidy had gone to great lengths to get everyone here yet she didn’t dare walk through that room. She might not have known half the people present but she knew that just by locking eyes she and possibly they could find a thousand reasons why each wanted to kill the other. Instead the emerald eyed assassin climbed upon the room just above Cassidy’s room. She looked out at the beautiful oasis that had been build for this femme fatal and she could only hope that the beauty and secrecy of the location would remain for years to come.

Her friend was about to give birth to twins, with her closest allies and possibly enemies by her side she would do it. Laura couldn’t help but smirk, even with already so much on her shoulders she’d thought of inviting a random comrade that possibly eighty percent of the time she had argued with. Though Laura was happy she was here, she would not have wanted to be anywhere else and honestly she would not have allowed herself to be. Cassidy was her friend, sure they didn’t go that far back but each of their experiences was similar with the other. It was a funny thing but as Laura thought about it they were really very much alike. Lowering her head she took in a deep breath shutting her eyes for a moment as she whispered "If there's a God out there...please let nothing go wrong."

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It went without saying the two of them had very little on when it came to swimwear. Lets face it neither of thim had a worldly excepted few of whats moral. The shear fact the two were on a beach however enjoying the breeze was still odd however. There were no corpses around them no bodies floating in the sea not even a dead seagal. Well maybe there was a seagal but it was very well hiden. The fact was Azra and Serenity had held off the bloodlust for the last weak. Granted there would be hell for someone once this was over fore now though it was tranquil. Alezra had told Serenity that nomater what Cass would not have any drama on the Roxom behalf. This had proven very difficult however.----------------------- Serenity would never admit to it but she had a bit of a phobia of doctors. Not fear persay just fealt uneasy everything the space marine had she inherited naturally. Space marines looked almost obsolete in comparison, if only they could except the means of her creation. Being this hybrid she fealt alot of concern if they didn't try to boost her with enhancers they might just disect her. Pain was fine but being the lab rat was a sad boring tale to behold. Az on the other hand was having trouble walking around comfortably in this place. Howmany lives had she slain over her years? More blood was on her hands than many realized. Any number of people hear could have a grudge. What was more troubling however was not the fights she would of loved those. It was the oxy moron of it all, child of death and to many just death was in a hospital made mostly for a child to be born also known as life.------------------------ So the two remained in their room of choice visiting Cass only once when they first arived and not anouncing they would be around. If Cass so much as hented as neading help they would have been there but in the end they remained out of sight and out of mind. Both denied the fact they were nervous for Cass. Azra had however at one point made her words very clear. "Nobody could do the parenting thing better. Cass she's scene just about everything and what she hasn't she knows a person who has. If she so much as had a single day of rational savings on her money the baby could be enruled into Harvard soon as she graduates high school. More importantly Roxom is a bond not in her veins that kid wont be like us." Ren had raised an eyebrow at that. "I killed sence I was about four, your father and uncle born and raised to fight wars. Now as for you I got leway gave you you're own little world. Lets face it though murderous intent flows in your veins. Niece of mine will be able to get what you had but without presets." Serenity had agreed entirely "Cass would gibe that kid everything and if not someone else would. Her aunt was arguably the sweetest nonsociopath she knew to. For DH it had been months sence they last saw eacother for Ren it had been years. All the warp training had made it so her mom and herself missed little dispite years passing. The young hybrid was exstatic to see Cass again.------------------------ Finally the time came when people were being informed. Initially it was Kastiel, Kaligar and the like to be called but once anyone was Ren knew and so ofcourse the two of them were instantly in the waiting room with them. They changed clothing almost as soon as the anouncment was made and they had goten to the waiting room even sooner. The other guards were hesitant to let them slip by thankfully though Mike was just insane not an idiot and disregarded the others. Blair or ALezra or whatever her mom liked to go by got to Kaligar first. "Symarrian life is war everyone knows this. I can read the regreat from here and it;s not worth it." Serenity chiped in almost as if finishing Azra's statment "nobody in our world holds it against you that we were raised how we were. Mom and I just spent years away in hell all that time I knew, wwe knew that this had meaning and reasoning even if it was hard. Aunt just might be the smartest of the three Roxom women she pieced together. Now quit the sob story would you?" The last part was said by the two of them. ---------- Afterwards it was off to see Cassidy the two women fidgeted with trigers and the like concealing how nervous they were. Soon as the two were in the room they reacted before they knew it. Well to be more precise Ren did. Her black colored eyes stared down the doctor closest to Cass. "Best make sure you don't so much as make her bleed a drop more than she ought to or Operation will be played on you and I wouldn't care if I was doing it wrron" Azra cut her off there. "I won't say Serenity is wrong but I will tell you this delivery best be the most percise you've done in awhile. With that Ren was by DH's side, Blair in the corner practically safe guarding her side of the room even though Mike had the only real entrance. "When this is all said and done I want to hear it all, everything from start to finish in intimant detail. I don't care if the story is boring or not you're going to tell me got it?" Ren after giving a short hug was as close as Cass or the doctors would allow. Put aside the torn jeans, torn rock shirts, knives, bloodlust and the black eyes and black and red hair that suggested she might or was tied to demons and Serenity was actually rather sweet. Az well same could be said but she probably would never agree to it so long as others she would kill were around.

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Two Weeks Ago

Crazy walked throughout the halls of the Champions his body sore, he couldn't figure out why it hadn't healed fully yet. His body should of healed by now, struggling through the fit of pain his body was going through he leaned against the wall. Chevy had came around the corner to see her Uncle wincing in pain, she bolted to his side a look of fear on her face. Smiling wide he tapped her head an messed up her hair, Grendel taking control of his body he calmed the child "Don't worry little one, just getting old alright. Body isnt what it used to be." Forcing himself to stand straight up he smiled performing a trick with his guns and then creating a shadow puppet for Chevy. She smiled but he knew to see through her appearance of innocence, she was smart much smarter than she fooled people into thinking she was.

"Dont worry alright, now I gotta go. Old Hag called for me, you know your mother cant keep her waiting." Chevy giggled "Shes not a hag, your just jealous you cant be as pretty as her." He nodded an kissed her forehead an made his way down the hall, as he heard Chevy make her way out of the hallway he turned around to make sure she had left. His smile turned into a serious look, looking up to the door he had stopped at it read "Medical Bay". Pushing the door open he locked it behind him, the lab was empty an he let out a deep sigh stepping into the full body scanner. The lasers crept up an down his body, soon a computer screen lite up an a full 3D image of his body was on the screen. In small red text the diagnosis was read "Healing abilities are non-existent. Body is turning on itself, decaying rapidly. Soon body will be so decomposed that life will be non-existent." Crazy fell back into the chair, a look of horror filled his face. He continued, typing in "How long until full decomposition?" the computer took a few seconds before it replied "Three Weeks until full body decomposition. Best case of life without constant pain, constant flow of Pain Killers. No way of cure......" Closing his eyes a tear fell from his cheek onto the floor. He took his phone from his pocket an dialed a number, soon the ringing stopped and a woman's voice echoed through the phone "Hello again, been some time hasn't it? Give me two weeks and meet me at the usual place....no I'm not joking. We cant have our score unsettled see you soon....Homicide."


Everyone was here at the undisclosed Island. Everyone from Cassidy's life was here, everyone close to her for the great day. She was to have twins on this day, but Crazy stood silent as he watched everyone give their congratulations a look of sadness on his face. Leaving the birthing room he made his way to where he knew Chevie was, creeping into the room he found the little child sound asleep. She would be angry that she wasn't able to see the birth, He chuckled an sat down in a chair across from the couch the small child was sleeping on, he pulled a letter from his pocket an placed it on the table in front of her. Walking over to her he leaned down an kissed her forehead "I love you Chevy, remember this...I love you." As he finished whispering into her ear he left closing the door slowly an quietly.

The Letter

"My little angel, you are one of the most incredible women I have ever known. You bring joy to everyone you meet, fill their souls with a light that rarely is seen in our world. You changed my life, you and your mother an father gave me a family. I cannot express how thankful for you all in words, but because of this I can no longer stick around. I'm telling you this because in short of a week my body will fully decompose, thanks to my idiotic heroics during the War between Tenebrasque In. I will not let you watch me slowly fade away, I want your last thought of me to be the memories we have together. Chevy in the letter is the key to everything I own, all of it every single weapon and every single dime I have is yours. I know this will matter not without me in your life, but my little girl I cant go on seeing you worry about me.

I Love you sweety, an tell the Old Hag I love her too. An Mike...tell him its not his fault any of this. Bringing me into Section Eight and then into the Champions has been the happiest years of my life, and I will never forget it. Do not try an find me...you wont anyway. Goodbye...see you in the next life kiddo."

Leaving Chevy he made his way back to Cassidy's room, she was finally alone her contractions coming closer an closer together. He stepped into the room an her face filled with a radiant smile, chuckling to her he says "You look like a sunshine with that smile, tone it down its blinding me." She glared at him an flipped him off. Sweat dripped from her brow an he leaned an wiped it off, smiling he touched her cheek "Happiest day of your life huh?" she groaned as another contraction filled her body. He had hoped she was asleep he had something for her, leaning in an kissing her cheek he slid her letter underneath her pillow. She looked at him as if asking what the kiss was for "For being a dumb dumb woman an getting knocked up, its my blessing and good luck charm for you." Smile filled his face as he said it, he loved her in every single way possible. He couldn't ruin her day by telling her the truth, so that is what the letter was for. She would find it soon, an he hoped that soon was after the kids were here. Smiling wide he nudges her with his elbow "Give the kid my name as a middle name, come on Jacob is such an awesome name you cant deny it." She replied with a "No way in hell!" and a loud chuckle. "Alllllright fine! Then just...be strong an remember your a epic woman, so motherhood shouldn't be too hard for you. Alright I'm off, time to let the birthing hippo to have some privacy." Dodging a pillow and a lamp he ducked out of the room.

Sighing deep he made his way out of the building, looking up into the sky rain clouds began to form. "No sh!t...how fitting." Lighting up a cigarette he pulled over his hood an walked away....leaving everyone. Opening his phone he spoke "2 Hours, be there." an he disappeared into the fog that was rolling over as he made his departure.

The Letter to Huntress

"Yeah curse me now because your going to hate me for the rest of your life. I'm dying, not going to sugar coat this like I did with Chevy. My body is dying fast, and I am not the man to go out with a whimper. I am going out with a VERY loud bang. So I want you to take care of those two wee ones inside you...well by the time you read this they will be loud an screaming for you haha.....I love you Cassidy. I always have, an I want you to know that. Not to make you feel guilty for never returning my love, but so that you know that their will be men out there for you who will love you for who you are. Just like I did, so please for me if someone just like me starts giving you advances in the future give him a chance...for me.

Please do not try an find me, when it happens you will know. You know me I'm not one for being quiet, an when I do leave this world an move into the next the whole world will know. Love you Cassidy an give these kids a life you an I were never given, one filled with love every single day."