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Everything just stopped, everything. People got out of their cars to look up, workers, the mayor. They all witnessed the sun, slowly fading away, like it was ceasing to exist. There were no screams, no panic, just awe. People on the outskirts of the city like lumberjacks and truckers noticed it at first, they were the first to scream. The sun was now gone, all was dark, like some sort of nightmare where night is the only thing to exist.

Day one.

And then it just happened, the attacks. People, if they can be called that, just started running through the streets as they attacked Boston's people, lunging at them like wild animals. The first hour was lies, the news saying it was "animal attacks". Police were instructed to tell people to stay calm, stay in their houses. But they were animal attacks, what were the odds? Said the people, of course in their nature to not listen to warnings.

Day two.

Missing posters dominated entire walls, there was hardly anybody outside to see them, more and more vanishing every hour, people claiming that they saw "a man with fangs" or "some sort of group of demons" take their family members, it was about to boil over the edge.

Day three.

They start grouping up, hunting parties. Buildings set ablaze, people forced to run out into the open cold arms of them...Blood ran through the streets, hundreds die, hundreds come back from death.

Day four, present time.

No more police left, no more help from the outside, no more sanity. Vampires, they start creating blockades on the city limits with scrap metal, they are hundreds now, growing and growing with every victim. Pockets of survivors hide for their lives, there is still a majority of living still in the city, but that wont last much longer if there continues to be no intervention...Boston is now a living hell...

Plant man stood atop the prudential building, his red eyes overlooking this supernatural hell that has broken loose so fast, it was time to restore balance...

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Four days.

Four days with no outside aid, with no government intervention, and no influx of external heroes rushing to the defense of Boston and its people. The sheer apathy struck the Immortal as sad.

Did these people truly care so little about each other? In the mans inhumanity to man would be the downfall of the human race, and the rise of the mutant. At least mutants looked out for each other.

And that's what he was here to do.


Franklin Ford, 175 East Central Street.

Amaranth phased through the rear entrance and went to the main office. He placed a small laptop on the desk and opened a program in java. It wasn't anything complex, just a program that would create a one time encryption based on a completely random modular addition. It was called the one time pad, and so long as no encryption was ever used more than once it was proven to be completely unbreakable. It was also cheap, just download any number of programs off the internet and start typing.

He typed up a short message and copy pasted it into a gmail account that had only been accessed once, the day of its creation. He didn't send anything, instead he saved it as a draft. Amaranth then logged out, and closed the laptop.

Then he took a disposable cell phone from his pocket and dialed two pagers.The message was '111'.

The pagers were owned buy two Flock cell leaders. Their only purpose was to tell the cell leaders which gmail account to check.

Once they checked the account they found the draft of seemingly random text. They inserted a USB drive into their computers, booted a de-encryption program and copy pasted the message into the program. It decrypted the text, and they then threw away the USB drives. They were worthless, that gmail account, decryption key, and pager number would never be used again.

The message was simple. Get to a public pay phone, and call the pagers of your cell members. Give them directions to 175 East Central Street. Arrive with all haste.

The Flock was going to defend Boston.

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"WaR TiMe LoSS eVeNT; DaRWiN To aRRiVe WiTH HaSTe To SCeNE."

After a few days of scanning the Authority's tower and yielding nothing, the vampiric event in Boston erupted, and the golden orb of light immediately changed course of action when the event reached it's current severity. The orb soon approached the city of Boston after mere minutes of it's leaving. The orb noted the severe lack of sunlight, and descended to the streets to search for the source or sources of the disturbance, increasing it's size and brightness to lure any living items that may need assistance or punishment accordingly. It slowly traveled through the streets, noting the lack of any life in the areas aside from rats and the like. The object was watched, and tracked, by a band of shadows. They lurked in buildings, and on the roofs; trailing the orb.
 In the first hour of it's arrival, the plotters kept their distance, fearing that the sun itself had returned to smite them. But they soon became increasingly curious, and so confronted it. While the object was traveling past a corner, it came upon a group of maybe a dozen pale skinned humanoids, with bloodstains. The object stopped and began to scan them. The beings began to circle the orb, not feeling the painful burn of the true sun. They smelled no blood, no anything. The object completed it's scan, and released an abrupt message that made several of the vampires jump back. "SeNTieNT BeiNGS, FoRMeR HuMaNS. aWaRe oF THeiR aCTioNS; TaKe PLeaSuRe iN PaiN oF oTHeRS. iNCiNeRaTioN oF SuBJeCTS aDViSeD." After finishing the last word, the object released a pulse of extremely hot solar energy, killing three of the closest vampires, who were reduced to burning piles of flesh instantly. The other vampires wailed and hissed, before four more were blasted and set aflame. The resit dispersed; likely to tell their leaders. Darwin felt no fear; it simply flew into the air, and assessed the next action to be taken.
Concluding after a wide scan of the area that it seemed to be infested with such beings, a full scale extermination would take too long a time and allow too many murderous events to take place upon the few humans remaining. Instead, the object chose to aid in the escape of the remaining humans. The golden orb instantly launched towards one of the blocked off roads leading out of the city. Several more of the hostile beings were guarding the barricade, and the orb incinerating a few made the others scurry away fearfully. Launching itself into the barricade, the Starheart soon started to hover all the metal around, and the scrap and junk began to form the trademark shell of the metal giant. The giant had managed to grow to 20 feet with the available metal from the barricade. The giant levitated into the air above the city, and began scanning to search for any human survivors, so as to release or inform them of a way to escape.
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He had finished his preparations, rigged up all the necessary equipment in place to make history as one of the largest gas attacks to ever occur in modern history. It was grand, the though about his air replacing the bad air breathed by the others. There will be dread, there will be fear and there will be sweet agony. Then the sun began to blot out, and he can sense a foreign feeling of carnage. A more predatorial killing frenzy that hailed from afar, apparently some bastards did not get the memo.

Day one.

He approached at the museum display to pick up an article of clothing, a full gorget and bevor to be worn around his neck. Since he is not taking any chances against those 'leeches'. He is witness as he saw an old couple dragged into the bushes and fed upon, he did not help but he did take notes of their feeding habits. Riding his Merkava Tankbulance for travel also provides yet another layer of safety as modern firepower can triumph over silly outgrown superstitions. He remembers the course on xenobiology on his past and how the lecturer always nags about vampires, doing a 320 essay on them did not help either. Often times he spends driving through people's cars and over authority figures having hard times attempting to suppress the uprising.

Day two.

As the community began to freak out Dennis joined several imageboards to get updates on the current locations, especially 'hot spots' to avoid. Videos are uploaded into shock sites as plenty of these attacks are openly dismissed by neighboring authorities as a new drug outbreak which mirrors bath salts, conservatives stick with a meth/PCP hybrid panhandled by illegal immigrants to the city.

Having no heart Dennis is now in a house which is bolted from the inside out, eating self-made garlic bread with extra parmesan while he makes new flechettes for his Toxigaunts. Gel munitions created by synthesizing garlic, parsley, silver nitrate, aconite(wolfsbane), after dinner mint and blessed water. Since he does not use crosses as he views them outdated. In one of his field-work practices the Poisoner remembers where their tutor used a special mix.

Silver bullet; hex-scored jacketed hollow-point filled with a gel made of Holy Water, wolfsbane, garlic, fugu toxin and curare, laced with dimethyl sulfoxide to provide tractor-solvent Spreading Factor. Traditionalists can also cut crosses in the bases of the bullets, and have them blessed by a priest. .44 magnum 240-grain load over the standard Elmer Keith hunting load, 24 grains of IMR 2400 (the manual says 21.8 grains is maximum).

Which essentially became a must carry pack issued by the College of Arcanobiology, however it was stupid of him to leave this at home.

Day three.

The Tankbulance made short work of three vampires trying to claw inside the carrier, turning undead bodies into really dead splatters on asphalt. Now Rome is studying captured specimens strapped to operating tables, two of them in optimal health conditions as they are fed with children's blood. A substance which is acquired from less than consenting victims as their parents ended up on the wrong side of the pavement. Taking bits of information from his old notes kept in memory, Using his knife and vivisecting.

Torturing them by canine extraction, using bolt cutters. Regeneration is truly a boon as they can provide a near-endless supply of vampire venom to use in later experimentations, also this helps pay off college debt. Sometimes they are fed blood, other times they are fed directly ammonia. Bones are broken and extracted ,eyes are yanked out then bottled, ears are cut away and dried, tongues are forcefully ripped and tested with toxins.

Limbs became missing as they regrew. Rats are fused into their ribcages, hooks are inserted into various orifices. Gaping wounds are filled with insects. Some hallucinogens have been observed to make them twitch and spasm in terrifying screams. Molasses or paint thinner are sent through Intravenous injection.

UV burning is the standard method of euthanasia

Day four, Boston Hell on Earth.

After studying the limits of the vampires and adequately arming himself Rome began his latest experimentation, If he cannot use his poisons to create genocide on a mass scale then he will use his findings to convert every bomb into a vampire killing object. Thus creating a city sized death machine. The leeches have sealed their fates the moment they enclose the entire with metal scraps, hundreds coveting their racial superiority.

He is not trapped in a city with them, they are trapped in a city with him.

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"Night and day merged into one, the sun and the moon became the same as darkness took hold of the land. I watch as the once boastorous city becomes little more then a land of isolation an iminant death. I chose to stay dormant for some time to wait and see if anyone would take charge. Much to the disapointment of the church nobody stepped forward. Hunters of the night ran rampid in the streets at all hours devouring any foolish enough to go all out. The distant scream became the bell of every hour, It's developed into all these people know. They started to flock to the church as sacred ground is the only evident safe ground. This was what my Lord wanted."

"With each passing hour more come into this place to hide and pray. They pleed for forgivness and sanctuary they desperatly wish to be liberated from all thats come to happen to the city. Faith is strong, its come time though for that faith to be given form. If the faith is given life the Covenant's mass grows ever more. And sense nobody has stepped forward to free this city its my turn." The cloaked woman finishes her jounal entry. Pulling a comunicator from a pouch on her bealt she sends a brief message to a few other Coven members.

"To keep it simple nobody plans to come to the salvation of Boston so I find it best to let it be ouselves. May the mass grow in our favor for being the revelation of these people." She hoped a few of those she knew well would come this way. However if by some chance it was only her, that was fine as well. The guidance of these people didn't need a army just one pure soul. Switching off the comm the ghost turned to look at those gathered. "The other priests here will keep you safe from those foolish enough to try something. As for me I'm taking your homes back." The porcelain clean shaved head of the priest pulled the hood over her head. Dress like garb fluttering in motion to a nonexsistant wind, the martyr stepping out into the dayly night.

Vampires roamed roof tops and buildings and any other good perch for what they sought. To stalk and hunt those with no strength of their own. As she apeared before them isolated on the streets they all leapt downwards atleast a dozen sniffing at the air. Detecting the sweet smell of her blood, a thought and the tip of Eve's finger dripped such crimson. They didn't notice the bubbling street, the sound of sizzling earth only the rich color. A creature of the night tackles her, knocked to the ground by the creatures weight. Pearl white teeth glisten before clamping down on her neck. Eve can't help but smile as the man rears back falling apart. The acidic compound ripping away at the creature. Raising to her feet and stretching arms out wide the purest of light radiant and strong as the sun another eight of the night stalkers are reduced to ash. Only three now standing defying to let a priest beat them however the young bloodthirsty hounds lash out. If only they could avoid the arrogance they could of lived. Instead they chose death. Blood to plasma, quick motions and she was surounded by body parts and corpses.

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Franklin Ford, 175 East Central Street.

Amaranth took the laptop back outside, tossing it into the cab of his truck. A monstrous F-250 with a trailer hitched to the back. He climbed into the back of the truck and begin tossing the plastic crates out onto the ground, then hopped down, walked around to the trailer and unloaded it as well.

At last the Flock begin to arrive. One by one, sometimes two by two, in a variety of cars, SUV's and trucks. From many walks of life, but mostly middle class, or lower middle class.

Amaranth puts them to work as they arrive. Each is to go to the crates and take one rifle, each an AR-15 the Court had acquired. They were mostly civilian rifles, due to the popularity of the weapon in the States, its ease of use, and common availability of ammo. The barrels had been shortened to barely eight inches, and most of the rifle was sporting synthetic accessories to reduce weight. For this mission Amaranth had added a under-mounted flashlight and a light gathering reflex scope, sighted in at 75 yards.

Secondly they were to put on canvas overalls, to help protect them from the teeth and nails of the vampires and a light class 3 vest to defend their vitals from any more serious injuries. The vest contained numerous pouches for ammo, a canteen with clean water, and two energy bars.

Five thirty round magazines inside the vest, each loaded with bullets composed of solid sunlight, a fix bladed knife, and a walky talky radio completes their attire.

Then Amaranth orders them to enter the dealership, and take the keys to new F-150. One driver, one navigator in the passengers seat, and four in the bed of the truck. Inside the rear passenger compartment there is a first aid kit, including extra plasma due to the elevated risk of blood loss. Strapped to the back of the passenger compartment inside the bed is a crate of clips, each loaded with the bullets of solidified sunlight, providing each vehicle with plenty of highly effective ammo.

Amaranth checks their equipment and then dials"We're ready. We'll begin the push to the center of town when you're read to go."