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A man sits on his marble throne surrounded by two creatures they(appear to be in an organic looking ship).The man is wearing two odd looking gloves(the materal looked like an insect's shell that was pianted gray) with round mouth's on the palms,they where attached(by some organ-like tubes) to a backpack made of a thin membrane-like sack that appears to hold some kind of red gooey substace,he has a helmet on,made from the same materal as his gloves,he wears no shirt but he does wear purple spandex pants,boots made from the same stuff as his helmet,and a long torn purple scarf.The creatures are human sized,have back jointed legs,scales,clawed hands with opposable thumb's,and beaked,lizerd like heads.The man spoke to a bunch of small silver worm-like creature's with large glowing antennae "all vigilantes'hero's'and thug's.I am Mark Seath a.k.a the Dark Lord.I have gathered you here to preform a favor for me.When I was a boy being raised by my father in our european estate an unknown vessel crashed near our house this vessal hosted an alien overlord.the monster killed my father and attempted to kill me,but luckly I was able to stab it with a pitchfork.Regardless years later the alien searching for they're leader found me and named me they'er leader,well some of them anyway most of them are siding with the true heir,Dark Deity.I am currently at war with them,that is why I need your help.my rival Dark Deity has captured my.......good freind jane.I would look into it but my troop's would perish if I did not lead them.Go to DD's palace and retrive her.If you do not have superpowers or an identity i have five serums and names.

crossbow:laser blasts

sword:super speed

mace:super strength


shield:force field

your opponent's have tech that is bolth ahead and behind our own.they have no machine's instead they use living being's as tool's(which is why we must communicate in such a manner)."with that he dumped the worm-like creature's on earth hoping someone would hear the message incoded on the antennae.

rules of this RPG use an original character or use one listed obove(each one can only be used by the first person to pick them.)