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Chapter 1, The Attack!


[Time=3:30 P:M]

A large booming sound was heard as a large menacing alien walked out the clouds of smoke that hovered near the wreckage that was with in the ruined streets.

There were a dozen squads of U.S soldiers and a single M1 Abrams tank that stood between its way from the fleeing civilians "My name is Ripa, conquer of a hundred worlds...lay down your weapons and I assure you a quick death" the alien creature spoke arrogantly and ominously.

The soldiers stood there ground "So be it!" Ripa shouted as he charged at them surprisingly fast for his size, a tank shell was launched and came in direct contact exploding shrapnel everywhere. No longer than a split second the projectile slowed Ripa down "OPEN FIRE!" the officer in charge shouted, thousands of rounds of ammunition from automatic rifles and the machine gun on the tank struck Ripa, their efforts were in vain however the bullets flattened against his armor like magnets failing to even scratch the paint off..he alien crossed two streets blocks by the time the military forces ran out of ammo.

Two plasmas blades activated from his suit and with frightening speed he began cutting down faster than they could see or think, only five men managed to reload their weapons by the time he finished the majority "HAH!" Ripa scoffed arrogantly in his deep demonic voice"Is this all that you humans have to offer?"

Before the ruthless alien could receive a reply from the humans a familiar voice was heard,"Ripa 'Moramee, you are under arrest in the name of the Promethean government" turning around Ripa saw The Jackal famous bounty hunter and deadly warrior.

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“We make our own monsters, then fear them for what they show us about ourselves.”

He sat on the edge of the cliff in complete silence; the only sound was the rustling of crusty, orange-red leaves blowing in the soft, gentle breeze. It was but a moment in time, a fragment where peace actually existed. But peace was something that could not constantly exist; peace was subject to change like everything else in the universe and change was the only thing that was constant.

Then change occurred as thunder erupted off in the distance - man made thunder. The Goliath of a being stood up on his two bare feet, compressing the soft, dark earth beneath them. His brow narrowed as his eyes squinted towards the direction of the sound, and he could smoke rising up in front of the low sun.

The city needed him; he was a hero through and through but not the one they deserved. He wasn't appreciated, was feared, called a monster but yet he would give his life to save any single human life on the face of the planet.

With his powerful legs he bent and pushed off with immense strength, leaving deep impressions into the soil. He soared through the air, and landed 3 miles away on a roof top and immediately started in full stride in a fast sprint. The roof soon came to an end and again with his powerful legs he lept high into the air and landed on the road at his destination.

Destruction lay everywhere, the bodies of brave soldiers lay littered amongst the ground, smoke bellowed where attacks had struck; it had now become a battlefield. The few remaining soldiers were still firing upon what he could now see was presenting the danger to the city. It was a monstrous, alien creature...much larger than Ajax. Ajax was not used to being smaller than most things on Earth, but size did not matter to him. He would defend this city to the last beat of his heart if he had to.

With a thunderous voice he shouted, "I'll handle this now men, get behind me...now!" Following that he let out a massive roar and took off at a sprint towards the alien.

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The soldiers obeyed with out hesitation running to cover as Ajak charged, The Jackal remained awe strucked as he saw Ajax sprinting at Ripa however he quickly returned to his former composure and kneeled down while bringing up an alien rifle and aimed it at Ripa.

For some reason it felt or seemed as if Ripa was smiling, the plasma swords soared at heats hot enough to instantly melt through tungsten but he deactivated them and instead grabbed the U.S Army tank with one hand showing off his immense strength and raised it over his head preparing the smash it on top of Ajax with a hundred tons of force as the hero closed in the distance.

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As Ajax ran at a full sprint the alien beast displayed his incredible strength by lifting a tank that weighed 62 metric tons straight into the air with just one hand. Ajax's speed did not falter at this display of strength, and he certainly felt no less confident. Just as he reached the colossal alien the tank came thundering down from above upon Ajax.

He stopped fast, digging his feet deep into the pavement causing dust and dirt to be kicked up in the air. Ajax braced for the massive impact, arms extended as the tank collided with his meaty, enormous hands. The force was stunning; it nearly staggered Ajax and caused him to sink over a foot into the pavement. The inhuman muscles throughout his body flexed and strained throughout his body, veins popped out, his teeth were clenched, but his eyes were full of determination.

Ajax could not stay in this position for long, he was very aware of that. He began to think fast about how he could turn the tides of this match and then it came to him. Despite his gigantic size compared to that of human he moved with lighting speed. He slipped out from under the tank in a spin, the aliens balance was then forced forward and Ajax took advantage.

He jumped using his powerful legs and came down with two powerful, olive green fists held like a massive hammer upon the left knee of the alien. The force of the blow coupled with the alien being off balance would surely bring it to it's knee's.

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Ajax's move proved successful the spin had caused Ripa confusion, while he was distracted the blow came to his knee but surprisingly null damage however it succeeded in knocking down the alien beast

"I Impressed, finally warriors I can use against the fore runners"Ripa spoke casually has he activate his plasma blades from the ground

The Jackal a.k.a. Rook saw enough "Green man, get out of the way!" Rook shouted urgently as he aimed the gun at the grounded Ripa, Rook's alien gun had been building up a bolt of plasma.

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As expected the alien was brought to his knee's but quickly recovered and spoke, "I'm impressed, finally warriors I can use against the fore runners."

Ajax braced himself for the next attack; but then he realised he could not allow his opponent to go on the attack. Despite Ajax's incredibly durability, going blow for blow with this alien was not the best form of attack. He was certain of one thing however...he was much, much faster than the alien. He needed a distraction first and just as the thought finished his distraction had been fulfilled.

Another voice spoke, "Green man, get out of the way!" Ajax could not notice where it came from or whom had said it but had to seize the opportunity. Immediately he picked up the remains of the tank he had been struck with; he lifted it up above his head with just as much ease as the alien have previously done and with a roar of strain, threw it towards the aliens head.

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@.Ajax.:The bolt of plasma was released in unison of Ajax's attack, the bolt struck the remains of the tank as it hit the down Ripa, a powerful explosion concluded from the combo there was first a bright blue flash and than the explosion of derbies every where, Rook quickly headed towards the small crater that formed from the explosion and looked down "What?" he said confused as there were no remains

a misty blue cloud formed over head and Ripa appeared "Of course, that's how he's been getting around so quickly a teleportation device" Rook murmured to himself as he looked at Ripa's direction.

"You two make fine warriors"Ripa said as he dusted off crushed concrete off his shoulders apparently unharmed from their combined attacks"I am not here to do mindless killings, but to recruit an army to fight the Forerunners, the death of those men were necessary to bring out the more powerful forces of earth" Ripa seemed to speak calmly unlike before."However, I can tell you two won't come willingly so I'll have to defeat you both"Ripa rolled his neck and started to have white glows appear on his armor

Rook turning to Ajax shouted"Green man, he's a boggler they gain great power through a mode known as Rage we must stop him before he activates it!"as Rook spoke his gun started changing until it was much larger and even looked like some alien rocket launcher"If we don't were going to be fighting for a long time"

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Ajax's attack was ruined as the tank was blown to pieces by a massive plasma blast which created an enormous explosion. Ajax shielded his face against the the flying shrapnel as it harmlessly bounced off his skin like spit wads a young boy would try to hit his friends with. As the dust calmed, a crater where the alien stood lay empty. How could such a beast move so fast? Despite Ajax's intellect, he was incredibly confused by the aliens disappearing act.

Ajax soon found his new target as he began to speak; the alien could teleport and now he was above Ajax. The explosion proved pathetic against the alien as he cleaned the dirt off of his body effortlessly. "You two make fine warriors.I am not here to do mindless killings, but to recruit an army to fight the Forerunners, the death of those men were necessary to bring out the more powerful forces of earth.However, I can tell you two won't come willingly so I'll have to defeat you both"

Regardless of Ajax's brutish appearance he was certainly capable of intelligent thought, more so than most humans even but he had to think now and think quick. Then, as he began to formulate a plan the voice he had heard earlier sounded again, "Green man, he's a boggler they gain great power through a mode known as Rage we must stop him before he activates it!If we don't were going to be fighting for a long time."

It was another alien, although extremely different from the massive foe; the biggest difference being his much smaller stature. Ajax quickly scrapped asking questions and figuring out who these "Forerunners" were or even this alien ally that presented himself. He had to take down this evil alien before he could become stronger.

With an incredible battle cry and pounding of the chest like a silver back gorilla, Ajax thundered forward and snatched a car like a child picking up a dinkie and fired it at the alien faster than a major league pitcher. The car had barely left his hands and he was in the air, fist ready to connect with the aliens face.

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Ripa simultaneously jumped towards Ajax, his plasma blades activated and with impressive show of skill he sliced the car in half that was thrown, as the two closed in Ripa thrusted his blades forward hoping to impale or wound Ajax before he landed a hit.

As the two were in the air Rook took careful aim with his weapon and fired not a moment too soon, a plasma bolt more powerful than the previous but at the same time incredible small like a baseball struck Ripa with perfect aim on his left arm breaking his balance and thus aim of blades, this simple shot pushed Ripa's aim off course giving Ajax a clean shot to Ripa's skull and removing him from harms way of the plasma blades.

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Ajax trailed the car that he had tossed as he glided through the air. As expected, the alien sliced through the car with ease and Ajax drifted up in the air through the debris and sparks from the destruction of the car. As he passed through the cloud of black smoke, soot littered across his olive green skin with a vicious look upon his face, he could tell something had happened.

The other alien had made a successful attack and thus caused the enemy to loose balance which gave Ajax the perfect opportunity. It was then the jade giants colossal fist collided with the skull of the foe which created a shock wave that cracked through air.

As Ajax began to drop down back towards the ground, his foe's right arm swung around like a right hook in boxing and collided with Ajax. The strike had incredible strength behind it and sent Ajax hurtling into a nearby skyscraper where he crashed through several windows and walls and came to a sliding stop on a carpeted floor of the office building.

The green behemoth staggered to his feet, shaking the fragments of walls from his body and looked directly across the buildings floor and traced his way back out towards the window. The people in the office building looked at him with horrified faces but not one asked if he were alright. The strike had been powerful, but Ajax had been dealt much worse. He took off in a full sprint again towards the window he had crashed into and launched himself off the edge aimed on a crash course towards his enemy.

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The sound of Ajax's fist colliding with Ripa's armored head, even though Ajax striked first Ripa still managed to get a powerful blow before getting sent down to the ground

Ripa landed on a bus and went clean through, shaking his head he quickly regained his composure and jumped off the wreckage of the bus with ease...Ripa shook his head as sound still echoed in his ears, watching Ajax jump back out Ripa scoffed slowly having his visibility started to decrease significantly until his alien camouflage tech made him invisible to the naked eye, Ripa than quickly sprinted to the nearby abandoned mall as if he had planned to lead the duo there.

as Ajax landed Rook spoke up quickly and ran to him as his alien rocket launcher changed into its previous form "Green man wait, let us take a few moments to strategize, I feel as if Ripa is going to lead us into a trap"

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The alien attacker had avoided Ajax's flying crash course from the office building. As a result he crashed into the wall of a concrete building directly across from where he had jumped and thrusted himself off the wall and landed back on the pavement again with ease.

The other alien approached the green behemoth; the ally alien. He spoke, "Green man wait, let us take a few moments to strategize, I feel as if Ripa is going to lead us into a trap"

The jade giant looked down upon the alien, who was significantly smaller than Ajax. He responded, "My name is Ajax, and lets make this introduction quick before this Ripa destroys anymore. I can assure you that I am no simple man or a simple minded monster but a horrendous creation of a intelligent man and a ferocious monster. What kind of stuff can you do? Do you know any of his weaknesses or have anything that can take him down? I can provide the distraction if that is the case."

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"We must pin him down" Rook pointed at the sky "there is an orbital satellite my team has in place that will transport him away and into a secure location" giving a serious face he spoke ominously "we only have once chance we can not afford the satellite to miss if not we will have to waits several hours and we don't have that time"

Rook began charging his gun "Ripa will be invisible, and he's already near rage mode so be careful"