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The village slept, not disturbed at all by the environment. The birds were quiet, and the wind did not stir. High above, the moon, full and waxy, shone brightly down onto the quiet town. It's simple stone roads and quaint houses showed that they knew of technology.

Directly beside the village was a straight vertical cliff-wall, and at the top of that lay the plateau, which was a entirely different story. The grass here was wild and untamed, rising high. No paths were marked here, and no trees barred the way. The land was flat and long, wide open space by a mile in all directions. In a half-circle, the rise was blocked by steep, jagged mountains, but the other half of the circle was cut off, the cliff dropping steeply down by a thousand feet.

It was here that Sparda waited, standing at the very edge of the drop. He looked down, not moving at all. He waited patiently, his robes billowing behind him as the wind kicked up for the first time in hours. His opponent would arrive, very soon no doubt-and the battle would begin.

The town would be in for a show tonight.

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Sparda finally turned away from the cliff to face Psysis. The rather young man was meditating for the battle. Sparda made a small sound of recognition at this, before spinning his sheathed katana around to his other side, where he layed it to rest with his hand gripping the hilt.

"Try as much as you want.....the end result won't matter", he told the fighter. His eyes began to glow a dull red.

Pulling the katana out of it's sheath, he stepped forward towards his opponent. The blade glowed a dark crimson, overshadowing the fact that the outside of it was made of hardened, sharpened silver. He held both his sword and sheath in a combat ready position, clearing the distance between them slowly. His eyes flashed a full red then, for a moment, and he bounded forward, heading towards Psysis.

Coming closer, he flipped his katana around to hold it inverted, like the sheath. Then, he performed a uppercut motion with both weapons, bringing his fists up beside his head to create a full arc.

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"Try as much as you want.....the end result won't matter". Psysis could detect the arrogance in Sparda's voice, a big mistake for the eternal as Psysis had been known to be an unpredictable opponent in the past. Raising his head up, he could see that Sparda had aleady decided to make a move, charging towards him at remarkable speeds. Preparing himself, Psysis' blue eyes started to glow brighter as the purple sparks that surrounded his body moved faster and intenisfy is psionic strength.

Jumping to his feet, two purple blades had  appeared in Psysis' hands, moving to block the strikes committed by Sparda. Crossing both his blades infront of his chest, sparks flew as they made contact with both the sheath and katana of his attacker. Deciding to immobiize his attacker, he dropped down into a crouched position and swung his crossed blades outwards, cutting towards the inside f both Sparda's knees while jumping backwards to protect himself from being exposed to a downwards slash. Standing up, the blade in his left hand had vanished from sight while he switched holding onto his right blade into a "reverse grip" style, with the blade running alongside his arm.

"Your arrogance is your weakness Sparda."
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The punk was fast, that was for sure. With a speed that was not entirely unexpected, he blocked Sparda`s blow while simultaneously countering and clearing distance. Smart.

With two blades slicing at his legs, Sparda did the most logical thing-jumped. He pivoted while leaping into the air, flipping sideways while spinning like a top. He landed and skidded about three feet, uprooting grass. Suddenly, he felt a tingle in his leg, and looked to see a tear in his robe, and a bit of blood spurting out.

``Hmmph``, he remarked, quietly.

He listened to Psysis`s retort, showing no emotion as he listened. On the inside, though, it definitely irritated him. He was going to rip this kid in half.

``A weakness that you will fail to exploit``, Spard responded, dusting off his shoulder. Ìt won`t be the only thing you`ll fail at tonight``. Smoke began to crawl up his arm, covering the limb.

Thrusting his arm forward, he unleashed a blast of dark energy, firing at the ground in front of his opponent. The projectile exploded as it hit the dirt, spraying it up and covering the area in dust. Wasting no time, Sparda leapt forward, slashing with his sword three time in midair-first being horizontal, the third vertical, and the fourth on a diagonal line. With each slash, a wave of sharp energy shot out, mimicking the movements of the cuts. Sparda moved towards the smoke anyways, waiting to see how it all played out.

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Famliar pain had started to make it's prescence known within Psysis' head, its constant pressure against his temple forced him to react and lose his focus on the situation at hand. Shaking his head and tensing up his muscles, the pain felt as if a hole was being drilled into his brain. Noticing that Sparda had begun to initiate another attack, he tried to ignore the pressure within his mind and watched as a cloud of smoke enuglfed Saprda's entire arm, but keeping the same shape as if it had replaced the limb.

Sweat had started to run down Psysis' face, revealing that the pressure had begun to take a physical toll on the mutant as he struggled to ready himself while a high-speeding enrgy projectile made its way to his position. Making contact with the ground inches away from Psysis' body, the force blew him backwards near the edge of the cliff. Struggling to regain his bace from the explosion and the growing pain of the mental attack within him, he didnt notice the comming energy strikes from Sparda's blade, each of them making contact wit Psysis' psionic field.

Thankfuly, the field had absorbed most of the energy from the attacks but the force of each strike resulted in pushing Psysis over the cliff's surface, plunging him into a fatal fall.

"Come on, you gona let yoursef get beaten so easily? Adapt, Jason.... ADAPT!"

The pressure had finally vanished from Psysis' mind mid-way of the fall, allowing him to focus on landing safely. Swinging his body around vertically a hundred and eighty degrees, his feet made contact with the ground. The impact from the fall caused the area to shake.

As the dust that had instantly appeared from the impact had begun to settle, Psysis found himself within a crouched position, the durability of his psionic field had saved him once again. Looking upwards towards the top of the cliff, he could see the smoke that the explosion that caused, keeping him from seeing his opponent but suddenly he had become distracted as the villagers had already left their homes, curious of the situation.

"Get back to your homes, all of you." The villagers didnt respond to his comand, looking at his body and the energy that surrounded it. "Go back to your homes now or i will kill you all. Actually..." He generated another psionic blade and lunged towards the crowd, hacking at anyone in his way until stopping upon a little girl, petrified with fear. "Sparda! Lets finish this down here or the rest of this village will perish starting with the litte girl." Placing the blade against the girl's neck, he crouched down to her height. "he's got twenty seconds to come don this tall cliff or you get to see mommy and daddy in heaven." He looked over at couple of nearby dead bodies, holding each other's hand.

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With a certain satisfaction Sparda watched as Psysis fell off the cliff. Slowly, he walked to the edge of the drop and looked down just in time to see the crater that the kid left.

Then he noticed the trail of bodies, which lead him to notice Psysis and a little girl. Honestly, a girl.

Sparda muttered something before sliding his hand down his face in frustration. He also heard the mutant's demand, which wasn't much of a problem. He walked off the cliff.

Diving downwards with his arms beside him, and the wind blinding him, he saw the ground rush up to meet him in a matter of seconds. Absent mindedly, he flipped forward to stand straight up, and hit the street. The ground shook and dust sprayed up as another crater was made into the pavement-there would definitely be repairs after tonight.

Brushing himself off once more, Sparda stepped out of the crater and towards the girl.

"I've seen cowardice before, but this definitely takes the cake", he remarked as he stepped over the bleeding body of a villager. He shook his head and made a "tsk" sound repeatedly.

"Oh yeah, just so you know.....for holding up that girl, I'm going to kill you, you son of a bitch"

With no more words, he began running as fast as he could towards Psysis. Simultaneously, he flipped the sheath around, and hurled it with all his might and as accurately as he could straight toward his opponent's head, just over the child. Following that, he dove forward, soaring low over the street but fast, clearing the remaining distance quickly. He also flipped around his katana, and performed a horizontal slash aiming for Psysis's throat.

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He was very serious to the little girl as he counted in his head while watching Sparda make his way down the cliff, making a crater as his body mde contact with the ground. He silently whispered in the girl's ear that made her burst into tears while he stood up straight as Sparda approached.  

"Oh yeah, just so you know.....for holding up that girl, I'm going to kill you, you son of a bitch"

Smiling, he took a few steps forward. "Your a ten seconds late." He turned around and gripped the hilt of his blade with both hands, raising the blade over his head, he slashed downwards upon the girl, only for him to be knocked over by the force of Sparda's sheath. Looking up from the ground, he watched as the ittle girl ran into the vilage, fearing for her life.

Juming back to his feet, he looked around trying to see where Sparda had gone off to. As he turnd back towards the streets, Sparda had appeared right infront of him, slashing towards Psysis' throat. "Oh..."He was suddenly interrupted as Sparda's katana had striked against his neck. The blow had knocked Psysis ino a nearby building with it collapsing ontop of him.

From the rubble of the broken-down house, Psysis appered. The shocked look on his face revealed that he didnt know what happened as he checked his neck for any wound or blood.

"Nothing, I knew my field could take impact damage, energy projectiles, but i never thought it could do this?" 

Looing back at Sparda, he let out a sigh and approached the man while holding his arms held high. "Well.... this was... interesting... what do ya say? We part ways and leav....." Interrupting himself, he closed his right hand into a fist where the aura of a psionic knife had generated. Singing the psionic-emitted arm like a punch, the knife headed towards Sparda's head, intending to shut down his foe's mind.

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Even if Psysis was serious about his surrender, Sparda didn't know whether or not he would've accepted it. Probably not. As Psysis had been talking, he moved forward with his hand ready on his katana.

The punch came unexpectedly, and Sparda was caught off-guard. Nonetheless, he began to dodge his body sideways. But then his cut leg gave out-probably as a direct result of the cliff dive and the leap. Instead of sidestepping, he fell down to one knee, and the knife jutted into his shoulder with a spray of blood. His arm tingled, and then he could not feel anything. Not good.

He gave out a gutteral growl from the short pain, before he tossed he regained his composure and leapt backwards. At the same time, he tossed his katana backwards, and now with his free active hand, he shot out a dozen scatter rapid-fire bursts of dark energy towards Psysis. Landing, he caught his spinning katana, twirled it so that it was held in a invert grip, and performed a slash. A wave of dark energy burst from it, diagonal. It merged with the scattershots and gained power and size, and barrelled towards the mutant with ever-increasing speed.

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Backing up after his psionic knife had cut into Sparda's shoulder, Psysishe seemed confused. "I didnt intend for that to happen, must've intensified it so that it would cut through physical constructs. Hey, Sparda, i'm sorry, i just wanted to shut your mind down for awhile so i could leave. But i can tell your mad so lets... Finish" With his right arm at his backside, a psionic katana appeared in his hand, holding onto it's hilt in the inverted "reverse-grip" style like before, allowing the blade to run alongside his arm, ready for Sparda's offensive.

As the cluster of energy projctiles approached at high-speeds, Psysis swept his right arm forward, whipping his blade forward from his backside in a broad arc, deflecting the projectiles into different directions. He noticed as Sparda landed on his feet and caught his katana, holding it in the same inverted fashion as Psysis.

"I see we prefer the same style of sword figting, havent noticed it before..."

Concentrating on the psionic charges within him, he kicked off the ground with tremendous force. Ripping through the ground, he charged at the injured Sparda as he whipped his blade from his backside and left go of it's hilt as it his arm extended outwards, letting the blade spin through the air towards Sparda's neck.

Following the blade towards Sparda, he pulled back his arm and generated another psionic knife from his closed fist, decreasing its intensity so that it could only cause mental damage. Close enough to Sparda's body, he let the punch fly towards Sparda's head incase the spinning psionic katana had missed it's mark.

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The kid wasn't bad at fighting-whoever had trained him had done it well. Sparda made sure to note that he would kill that guy too after this. Psysis deflected all of his projectiles, sending them flying all over the street , where they crashed into houses, stands, and street lights. Dust, concrete, and sparks flew everywhere, making the street a very cloudy place for a few seconds.

"I didnt intend for that to happen, must've intensified it so that it would cut through physical constructs. Hey, Sparda, i'm sorry, i just wanted to shut your mind down for awhile so i could leave. But i can tell your mad so lets... Finish"

Sparda growled at this.

"You don't have the right to apologize, you pathetic excuse for a warrior", he spat out.

The katana now came flying towards him, and Sparda readied his good arm.  With a reverse slash, he battered it away, the collision sending sparks flying. He was knocked off of balance for a moment, and this, as it turned out, helped. Psysis was coming in for the attack, and so Sparda fell, letting his body go straight to the ground.

The arm with the psionic blade passed in front of his face as he fell backwards, and Sparda slashed upwards at the arm with a small grin on his face and with as must speed and power his good arm could muster.

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Noticing as Sparda had fallen to the ground and slashed upwards at Psysis' exposed arm, he kicked himself forward as the blade made contact with his shoulder. This time the blade didnt bounce off the psionic field, it broke through it, cutting through the back of his left shoulder and out underneath his collar bone. Psysis was extremely tired, causing his focus to decrease and therefore, his psionic field had become weaker.

Landing a few feet away from Sparda, he slowly raised to his feet and slided the blade out of the wounds, tossing back to its rightful owner. Wincing in pain, he tore off pieces of his shirt and covered the wounds, grabbing his shoulder with his other arm revealing his pain. "I'm no warrior, just a kid who was forced to live like this. This is who i am!"

Turning around, he started to walk away from Sarda.

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Sparda pushed himself up in time to catch the sword. He himself tossed it straight into the air, and raised his good hand to where his sheath layed. It shot towards him, righted itself and floated in midair as the katana fell back down and slid into it. Sparda grabbed it with a swipe of his hand, and held it by his side.

He watched in silence as Psysis walked away, before raising up his hand and firing off a burst of dark magic. He deliberately aimed to the left of Psysis's head, and the shot missed, flying past the mutant and exploding against a wooden wall in a cloud of smoke.

Now, thinking he had the mutant's attention, he spoke.

"Not bad kid. I'll be seeing you around", Sparda told him.

With that, he stepped away, over the wreckage and carnage of the scene. Blood, dirt, and smoke were all bathed in the pale light of the moon, illuminated in all of their characteristics. A sight both terrible and oddly beautiful and calm. Done reflecting, he  then pressed a palm against the concrete, and was covered in a cloud of dark, dense smoke. It folded in on itself, and with that, he was gone.