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At the start there were many sith in the republic then, the jedi invaded with their "selfless" acts, but us sith saw right through the lies of the jedi, they wanted to take over the republic. The republic voted all powers to them and the sith were hunted down like wild animals, their leader a guy called yoda was voted supreme power. The sith all went into hiding and for 2000 years and darth bane came and rethought the teachings of death reavan. The republic decided it was too risky to vote all powers to the jedi, so they created the galactic senate. 2000 years later sith lord palpatine presented himself as the representive of a system naboo. He then became supreme chancellor. Around 20 years later the sith ruled the whole galaxy.
You can now join The Empire, just go to luke-skyakers profile, by typing recon droid in the search and i should be there, go to my friends list and send a friend request, you have to be evil, and knowledge of star wars is always a good point. and together we can crush the comic vine avengers. You know you want to.